Internal revoulution turns Allrule into an Empire!

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Internal revoulution turns Allrule into an Empire!

Postby Allrule » Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:43 pm

The Allrule Times
Allrule becomes Empire!
Today, revolutionaries that were in favor of turning Allrule into an Empire marched into the Governmental House and shot President George Blarsmarck dead. At first, the wounds did not look too serious, but reality later became clear. The governmental forces surrendered at 6:23 PM. Self-appointed king John Bismarck sent a letter to the Global Democratic Federation declaring Allrule's resignation. "Democracy is a foolish system, used by weak governments that are too foolish to realize their, what the people need is a strong leader, who can and will always lead them to victory!",Bismarck said. He fancies that the new Allrule Empire build itself from the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires. Born in 1980 to two monarchists, Bismarck grew up with seething hatred for democracy. Now he has put that hatred into action. He is not, however, with hatred for the people. "In a democracy, the people could elect a leader who would treat them like toys. In this monarchy, however, they will have a leader who truly cares about them, and can never be deposed.", Bismarck comments on democracy. "Typical monarchs claim to care about the people, but once they actually get into power, they widely abuse it at the expense of-guess who?- the people! I am a rare monarch who actually sticks by it when I say I care about the people.", Bismarck also said.
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The Allrule Times
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