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Postby Todlichebujoku » Sun Mar 17, 2024 4:57 pm



Another week, another lyric sync. Though, fortunately, this time all the contestants were involved. The Lich Queen knew she had to continue bringing all that she could muster to stay in the competition, so she had to continue serving what she brought last week. She sighed. No rest for the wicked.

With her latest performance on the ElimiNATION stage, the Lich Queen has opted to take a more personal note, exploring the struggle with one's inner demons, and the need to reconcile one's traumas and insecurities with the rest of their self. She has decided to have the watershed moment of deciding to control her demons, instead of allowing her demons controlling her, to shine as the pivotal point in the song.

Weary eyes gaze in reflections
Grieving all, that might have come to pass
Silent cries, sequestered from the world outside

Hunted but I can't hide, far too familiar
In these depths I'm searching, for a glimpse of light to mend my soul

Now I stand to lose it all
Open the gates and unleash the shadows
Quell the tides, I must prevail
And seal this rift that birthed a sea
I wield the pain and misery
No longer shall I turn to flee

The darkest side, of me
I see I must redeem
Healing, this harrowed heart
Take back this darkest side of me
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Postby Todlichebujoku » Fri Mar 29, 2024 3:03 pm


Here she was in the grand old finale. Der Tod had hoped to make it this far, and even if she did not win, she'd gotten to experience all that the special edition had to offer. Her icy extravaganza of an entrance. Her Art Nouveau host bid with Natti LaBelle, Depression, and Vacuum Cleaner. Her heights with the joke entry, "Ugunnustan And Me" and her dark take on the album cover for Izmedu's "Zaključan". Her low with her sweet pop direction for "Makeup" and the ensuing lyric sync with a song well familiar to her. And most recently, her splash of cerebral commentary on the lyric challenge and the following dramatic and introspective final lyric sync. It had been such an exciting adventure, and she was looking forward to her final effort on the show. What would it be? Her query, shared with the other finalists, would soon be answered as HaruPaul unveiled an album cover on the big screen.

"Supernova". What a title! The Lich Queen in fact had a winning song by that name, one of her prouder moments in the World Hit Festival. Of course, HaruPaul's work had a very different vibe to it - instead of aching for a close companion torn away by time and space, this "Supernova" was about being the starring act of the universe. And the part given to her? A very rhythmic set of lines, almost verging on rap in their delivery. In effect, it was more reminiscent of her WHF effort "Solo" where the rapper Yulimi expressed her dominance over, and liberation from, the other members of her former girl group which had disintegrated in a messy and dramatic implosion. She had some fun lines in that song, and the queen hoped to channel that energy with the poetic nature of her own "Supernova" in this final challenge.

So, superstardom. Der Tod loved to write about astronomical subjects, she was something of a spacefarer herself. Something of one. Alevian Avanate probably jaunts out to space every day to piss into the stars or some such. The Lich Queen wasn't quite there yet. Her temple-fortress on the moon was enough for her, for now. But back to writing. Between her own "Supernova" and her more recent WHF winner "Home", she'd flexed her cosmic muscles a fair bit, and was ready for another go at the subject, this time turning from wistful angst and toward something more of a dominant power anthem. The lines given to her had a great rhythm, and she was vibrating with excitement at the opportunity. Aha, here we go. Radiance. Divinity. Undeath. All concepts she was personally familiar with. Technically she had enough respect for the gods to not actually claim divinity, but she could still put on an act for entertainment's sake. Would she win this finale? Probably not, as Alevian Avanate was putting every single atom of his soul and being into victory, and Natti LaBelle had proven to be a very effective underdog. But she was going to do her best.

And soon the writing was done, the choreography practiced, the lights and cameras set. Time for the action.

For the first time, Der Tod is perfoming on stage with the other royalty, together in a single song. How fun! But now, she has to make an impact immediately ahead of Alevian's verse. Could she do it? She'll certainly do her damn best.

As the chorus wraps up, the queen has stealthily evaporated backstage. Suddenly, a brilliant flash of light fills the stage, revealing her entrance, astride a flying white pegasus bedazzled in shimmering rhinestones in starburst patterns of gold and silver, and partially adorned with plates of chromed armor. She herself wears a silver headpiece structured in a starburst (similar to this), and is clad in a chromed silver armor outfit, her makeup being metallic in shades of silver and gold. Around her, the stage is dark, aside from little twinkling stars and the stark white lights that shine upon her and her pegasus, sparking bedazzling points of light all around. She opens her verse with bravado and flair befitting that of a celestial knight

Blinding the heavens on my astral steed
Can you catch my rays coming at light speed

Radiating light, she unsheathes a sword and toys with it, even while on the back of the pegasus in midair, with the sword reflecting beams of light in various directions as she twirls the weapon about her strangely deft undead fingers and wrist. How does she manage it with the up and down motions of the pegasus flapping its wings? She has clearly honed her abilities well

Scorching out the haters with my art divine
I'll go blaze my path, make my stars align

A wide corridor lined with fire spreads from the back of the stage toward the front, as the Lich Queen gestures forward with a shimmering sword, her winged steed landing on the floor and approaching the edge of the stage, before stopping midway. With her free hand, she makes a twisting motion out toward the stage screens, where the stars shift position in time to her motion. She is creating her own destiny, not waiting for others to determine it for her

Always a pain to be my enemy
If you shoot me down, not the end of me

She smirks daringly with intense eye contact.. and is then hit with a large blast of red pyro sparks, seemingly obliterating her. The pegasus barely has time to lower itself to dodge the attack, before it turns out that she has actually swiftly and suddenly risen into the air to deliver her last line without missing a beat, unveiling her own pair of wings that are wreathed in flame, looking downward with an eyebrow cocked, as if saying "you thought I was done for, didn't you?"


Rise on phoenix wings, from a deadly fall, I fly

With arms serenely spread and a satisfied smile, she rises out of view in all her winged and flaming glory, amidst a fusillade of fire bursts that sequentially erupt from around the edge of the stage, giving way to a wall of flame that obscures all the stage behind it. It soon cuts out to reveal an empty stage, ready for Alevian Avanate to make his solo entrance.

And that was that for the challenge. Whatever happened next, she was at peace with it. She'd gotten all she came here for, a gauntlet to run with various fellow personalities in the WorldVision sphere, creating shared memories and a wide spread of creative works, and of course making it into the final. She hasn't lost her touch after all these years! It was a bit unfortunate that she would probably not make it to WorldVision 113 as she had hoped, due to her wide spread of commitments and a few unfortunate surprises, but there is always next time. As the slogan of one of her favorite WorldVision editions went, the show must go on!
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[violet] wrote:You are my go-to nation for long names.
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Challenge Seven | Finale

Postby Gallicelestia » Fri Mar 29, 2024 4:17 pm


Alevian Avanate (Gallicelèstia)



Alevian Avanate out of drag

"The second contestant to reach the finale is...
Alevian Avanate!"

Alevian can't fathom that he's truly made it to the finale. Although Gallicelèstia has only just debuted at the WorldVision Song Contest, he has come far in ElimiNATION. In the weeks that followed his enigmatic introduction on the red carpet, the mystery of who Alevian Avanate is has been unshrouded, and now, the resolution of this story is nearing. He's always been a competitive person, but that alone doesn't guarantee success. Often, it is best to hope for the best and prepare for the worst, though he hasn't always stuck to that rule. There were several instances when he considered leaving the competition. Some people might have also perceived him to be a bit full of himself. Still, he thinks that his refusal to lyric sync would've been justified, had he placed in the bottom two of episode four. He's lucky that he didn't, he surmises.

He wasn't surprised when HaruPaul announced that Natti LaBelle won the challenge. It made a lot of sense to him. Even if one disregards Natti's work from that challenge entirely. There were always going to be three finalists, thus, from the point of view of the production crew, all finalists having comparable track records and two wins might make for a more exciting finale, and, therefore, be desirable. It gives them the wherewithal to crown whoever they want, provided that they do well enough in the finale. Though, apart from that her work in that challenge was also quite good. Unlike him, comedy seems to come naturally to Natti. Nonetheless, he was glad that his commentary managed to somewhat resonate with the judges. That's progress compared to whatever happened in week three. If he couldn't see the flaws in "Float" himself, he might even have believed that the production crew wanted him to lyric sync that week, for whatever character arc they had in mind for him. However, that point is moot, as he does see the flaws it had. All he could do for now was to hope that whatever the production crew of ElimiNATION had in mind for the finale would benefit him. He has had his own set of ideas of what they could have them do. More than once, his premonitions were awfully spot on. Wait and see, he coaxes himself. He definitely wouldn't give anyone any suggestions for challenges that would put him at a distinct disadvantage.

"There's lots to think about: lyrics, staging and roleplay, but that is to be expected of the finale of such a show!"

"Supernova" is a dance-pop track and has a cosmic theme. Great, this might actually work out in his favor. With Gallicelèstia's colonies across the solar system, he's in a unique position in the finale. He's been to space once, or rather he had a class trip to the moon. Fondly, he remembers the introduction to astrophysics at the Gallicelèstian lunar settlement. This challenge might improve his odds, he feels like it's more tailored to him than his competitors. Yet, that doesn't give him an excuse to underestimate his foes, he'd need to bring something fresh and inventive. In his first confessional, he had doubted whether she'd make it to the finale after her initial introduction. First impressions can be quite deceiving. Though even then he already knew better than to underestimate Der Tod the Lich Queen.

I need to approach this performance strategically, no doubt. It is reasonable to assume that Der Tod the Lich Queen may rely on magic for her performance. Natti LaBelle may make use of her talent for comedy again. He knew that he needed to come up with something to outdo his competitors. It would also need to be creative, encapsulate his identity, and reflect his story on ElimiNATION. If he goes for something too cosmically-themed it might end up being too generic, whereas it might also backfire if he disregards it entirely.

Eventually he decides what he will do—his performance and lyrics will reflect the nuances and dualities that exist within him. He deliberately forgoes adhering to the syllable count of the original, instead, ensuring that his own lyrics fit the timing. He infuses his lyrics with references to his story in this competition and pop culture, hoping that it will be enough to entertain and convince audiences and judges alike that it's him who should be crowned.



Inspiration for outfit 1

Tucked and standing at 6'1 feet tall, the drag artist wears an ensemble in blue, embroidered with motifs of stellar constellations, adorned with hundreds of diamonds manufactured from the Venusian atmosphere and pearls from the Gulf of Celèstia. The avant-garde garment hugs Miss Avanate's body in all the right places, accentuating her cinched waist and lean physique like she is the goddess of love. Her porcelain skin is enveloped in silver body makeup and sheens underneath lace that covers her arms and legs. Small shoulder pads bestow a dramatic, regal air upon her. Flowing fringes attached to the sleeves reflect the nature of space where things are still bound by the laws of gravity in the vacuum. Her pointed white 7-inch high heels have an abstract shape, reminiscent of the music video of Lady Galli-Galli's song "Capo Asso". Usually, she would either sport a blonde wig or have styled her natural blonde hair, however, Miss Avanate has opted for a sleek, straight black bob instead. She has contoured her angular face to exude femininity, glamor, and fierceness. Her lips and eyeshadow are blue. Sapphires and white pearls decorate her face. White 5-inch acrylics are glued onto her nails. Each one features a different ornament, representing the Gallicelèstian colonies all across the solar system. Various designs are among them, a crescent made from the sands of Luna as well as other constellations and moons, created with diamonds from Venus and minerals from the Asteroid Belt.

With her head held high, her feet carry her onto the stage. The taste of success is bittersweet. "Does it always come at a cost?" she wonders. Right there where she takes her place among the stars, she knows she's the last one left of her team from week two. Back then, Koolona Allegra and Chanel Superior impressed Miss Avanate, not only with their work but most importantly with their innate charisma and lively personalities during the team challenge. Despite being competitors, Alevian soon started rooting for them, hoping to see them succeed. Developing a hosting bid together planted the seed of a dream in her. That it could be Kaloona Allegra and Chanel Superior—the two queens she grew to care about—whom she'd be in the finale with. That it would be the three of them fighting for the crown. That dream was soon to be crushed.

Only a week after the second challenge, her joke entry failed to resonate with the judges, their reception instilled fear in her. That week would be the end—her story would be cut short, and she'd only have herself to blame for it all. She was forced to confront the cold hard truth that not everything would turn out to be gold by virtue of it being her work.
Fortune was on her side, as the lyric sync performance saved her from the impending doom. She escaped that fate but found her overconfidence replaced with anxiety and dread, afraid that she'd repeat her mistakes sooner or later. That, once more, she'd be forced to lyric sync. She has concluded that had her underhanded strategy come to fruition in episode three, it might have been Der Tod the Lich Queen whom she would've been up against. Both of them would've been determined to ascertain that they'd get to stay. The outcome of her strategy could've been far, far worse.

As Alevian Avanate examines her surroundings, her eyes catch a glimpse of Der Tod the Lich Queen and Natti LaBelle. She maintains a neutral expression, she won't let her resolve waver. In her posture, she carries her resoluteness and persistence, not giving her competitors the satisfaction of seeing any sign of weakness in her. Miss Avanate won't let herself be intimidated by anything, not even these two queens.
Despite the pressure to show the judges and fans what she truly is made of, and why it is her who deserves to win, she can't help but ponder how the events might have played out if only it had been Koolona Allegra and Chanel Superior in the finale alongside her. She wouldn't have minded if one of her friends had been declared the winner of ElimiNATION. But the threads allotted, woven, and cut by the fates did not allow that to manifest in this existence. For all it's worth, she hopes that one of them will be named Miss Congeniality, at least. Perhaps they could get their redemption at some point in the future if there were to ever be an All-Stars season?

Focus, she reminds herself silently. Even up against her friends, Alevian would've still aspired to win. Though in that version of the story, the finale would've been a bit like playing a friendly. The stakes wouldn't have been nearly as high as they are now.
Being up against two formidable forces to be reckoned with only reinvigorates her zeal to claim the crown for herself. Yet, before the first challenge had even started, the newcomer had already made it clear that she'd be in it to win it. Victory remains so far, yet is so close. Der Tod the Lich Queen and Natti LaBelle may have a better track record on paper, but all of the three finalists have two challenge wins under their belt. She surmises that the results would likely be decided by their performance.

Preparing for the finale, Miss Avanate felt like she was gearing up for the last battle of a war, the one that would decide her fate. Can she weaponize her weaknesses? Or will her weaknesses corrode her weapons, the 'sword and shield' she has wielded throughout ElimiNATION? Does her peak lie in the past? It is the stars that shine the brightest that always burn out the fastest. Those bright stars do not tend to die without one final demonstration of their might. After the supernova, they then either turn into a black hole or a neutron star.
What am I? Am I one of those stars whose death beckons destruction? Am I one of the smaller stars whose light lasts longer, whose power never suffices to create something that will be remembered by anyone?

She is lost in her thoughts just like she has lost count of how many times she rehearsed the performance—the intricate choreography, the twists—hoping that her aim is true and that she'll hit the mark. She has promised herself that this will be her moment, whatever it takes. She will avenge her fallen friends whose absence lingers as they do not stand beside her in the finale. She feels as though she owes it to them, that she must be crowned for it all to have been worth it. That she has failed them and those close to her unless she manages to win.

As the beat kicks in, all her doubts and fears are gone, and she becomes one with rhythm. Her solo segment begins right after Der Tod the Lich Queen's. Regardless of the outcome, Alevian manages to feel proud of how far she has come in these marathon games, but there are much worse games to play. May the odds be ever in her favor in this finale.

Segment 2 (1:04-1:18)
Alevian Avanate Backing Vocalists
Hey girls, it's Miss Avanate!
Clowned around but learned from it
I changed the game, I split the sea
I put the ‘Poe’ in poetry
‘Open your heart’ to the ‘MOAB’
(The mother of all bitches)
Your Majesty is out for blood
Get hooked on me, 'cause I’m your drug
And just like ‘snow,’ I’mma land on top

For a split second, the stage is engulfed in darkness, until Alevian Avanate steps out of the shadows as if she is emerging from a nebula that had kept her hidden. Mirroring her arrival on the red carpet, a wind machine recreates the effect of the helicopter blades. Her hair blows in the wind. With zest, juxtaposed with tinges colored by her innocence, she delivers the first line "Hey girls, it's Miss Avanate!" Her starting pose looks as if she's about to strut on stage and treat it like a runway, with her nails aimed in the direction of the judges. The LED screen behind her and blue lighting transform the stage into a foreign landscape, inspired by the remoteness of the outposts in the Kuiper Belt, farther than any other human has ever been from home. The illusion of an enigma that synthesizes both aggression and kindness parallels her duality as a performer and person. In her, intersect the graphs of these antitheses that cannot exist without the other. As the line ends, her contradictions blend and fade into gaiety, she smirks and waves her hand at the audience but then redirects her attention toward the judges again whom she winks at.

As she proceeds with the next line, "Clowned around but learned from it", the setting remains the same, though the LED screen shows a needle popping a red balloon in the barren environment. Meanwhile, her backing dancers arrive to join her side. Allusions to her performances as the dancing clown as well as her lyric sync weave into the choreography. Miss Avanate feigns to be slipping, but one of the male backing dancers catches her. They use the forward momentum as the man leads Alevian into a standing split.

Now she is surrounded by six men and six women, her backing dancers/vocalists who symbolize her 'coven'. They present a united front, supporting Miss Avanate for the third line "I changed the game, I split the sea". They were white bodysuits with golden threads and silver linings. Their bodies orbit Miss Avanate as she dances in the center, never missing a beat. The quick cuts of the cameras capture their choreography from various angles and distances while Alevian and her 'coven' dance in front of a mirror. The back-and-forth in the symphony of their movements creates the illusion of two equally matched covens competing with one another. As the group turns around halfway to face the audience directly, the cosmic display on the LED transforms into a whirl that repels the waves of her backing dancers. They recede from Miss Avanate as she struts forward.

The cameras zoom in, focusing on her lips as they move to spit out her next words. Her voice encapsulates her sass and unwavering resolve when she raps the next line, "I put the 'Poe' in Poetry". The cameras zoom out, she is dancing with her entourage of twelve backing dancers. The whirl behind them has calmed, but it still flickers as they arch their backs and do body rolls. The intensity of their hip movements is emboldened by the double entendre on 'Poe'. Her backing dancers then arrange themselves to form the shape of a heart.

They continue to dance as she continues with the next line, "‘Open your heart’ to the ‘MOAB’". She switches up her delivery. Her voice resonates throughout the venue as she sings the 'Open your heart' reference to the hosting bid in an operatic style. With fury, she raps 'to the MOAB'. She stands tall and her backing dancers move to the side and lean forward toward the audience. The stage is drenched in white light from above, spreading out from Miss Avanate, overwhelming the other-worldly display. The cameras cut between the two lines as the backing dancers/vocalists chant "The mother of all bitches", thereby changing the meaning of 'MOAB', which originally refers to 'the mother of all bombs'.

The landscape glimmers in a galaxy of reds and blues. With syncopated, fast footwork and synchronized arm movements, their choreography reflects the nature of "Your Majesty is out for blood". The backing dancers are caught in the orbit of a star that shines bright. If they dare to cross her path, the sun will scorch their surface and drain the air they breathe. The backing dancers cower as they find themselves at Miss Avanate's mercy in this drama. She's the goddess who towers over them, and her spirit changes from vengeful to cunning, playing on her reputation.

As she proceeds with, "Get hooked on me, 'cause I’m your drug", the cameras focus solely on her, mesmerized by the sensuality in her movements and vocal tone. With the cinched waist of a temptress, she seeks to seduce others, to entice them with her allure. The lights turn purple as the fringes on her sleeves oscillate in the air and frame her beauty. Like everything in the universe, she is doomed to wither. Nothing lasts forever, and one day, everything across the void will have decayed as entropy is not merciful. But who will love her when she's no longer young and beautiful?

She moves forward, attuned to the rhythm, she dances as she sings the last line of her first segment, "And just like ‘snow,’ I’mma land on top". The landscape changes to a snow-clad forest in space. In her deliberate movements and lyrics, she references 'snow' in the sense of drug abuse as well as Coriolanus Snow from the Hunger Games prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Toward the end of the segment, Miss Avanate launches herself into a high jump and lands on top of a pyramid, which her backing dancers had coalesced into during the penultimate line.

Segment 3 (1:38-1:51)
In this cosmos where the fates collide, -lide
I'm celestial and my reign is nigh, nigh

After the chorus, the second segment of Alevian's solo begins. The LED screen and lighting act in synergy, creating a cosmic landscape that transcends the performance itself and permeates the air. Amidst her backing dancers, Miss Avanate's moves are synchronized with theirs. Her vocals are impeccable as she ad-libs a complex melody to demonstrate her masterful technique. Her movements and those of her backing dancers weave a story of two 'galaxies' on a collision course, fated to unite into one, like the Milky Way and Andromeda. As their movements accelerate, and the two galaxies finally collide, Alevian Avanate's attire transforms and her wig falls off. Pyrotechnics add fire to fuel the drama unfolding on stage.



Inspiration for outfit 2

Like a star reborn from the debris of a supernova, Miss Avanate emerges from the collision, wearing a second outfit, and a long blonde wig with a golden laurel wreath. The LED screen and lighting act in synergy to create a piece of heaven on earth. Underneath the first outfit, she had kept a white bodysuit made of diamonds, pearls, and lace, now unveiled to the audience and the judges. Translucent fabrics cover her arms, decorated and shaped to resemble abstract wings.
Invisible strings guide her ascent into the air, all of the emotions that have built up in her during these past few weeks reverberate in her voice as she belts out the words. Though as a bright light spreads out from her clothes and laurel wreath she also hopes that her own ascension is distinct enough from Der Tod the Lich Queen's. Alevian Avanate has picked herself up piece by piece, she has mended the mirror. She is become an angel, a phoenix, a Mockingjay. Having faced adversity, her rebellion to usher in a new era is not a sign of destruction, but of rebirth and perseverance. Alevian Avanate, the celestial queen from Gallicelèstia, has risen from the ashes. As she flies above and blows the audience a kiss, she is ready to protect her realm, her people.
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WV 112 - 4/25 (Debut)

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Postby Natanya » Fri Mar 29, 2024 5:02 pm


It was week 7 of ElimiNATION, the final week. Last week had not really been too much of a shock to Natti. It sounds cocky, but when by luck and circumstance a serial lyric-syncing Vartugian called Vacuum Cleaner, of all things, manages to get to the semi final, well it's not that much of a stretch to assume their luck will finally run out. And it did. Now, winning the penultimate week? That was a surprise! I mean, Natti was confident with her commentary task, but the surprise group lyric sync really through her for a spin. Could one of the others have lyrics that put them ahead altogether? Apparently not! And that made Natti very, very pleased indeed. After that first week win, she'd felt like she had spent the entire series chasing that coveted second. Der Tod got two in a row, and then Alevian got his second one straight after. It was paranoia inducing that close to the final, so getting that week 6 win put her mind at ease, partially. It meant all 3 in the final had 3 wins. It also meant Natti was the only one with no Bottom 2s. But it also meant the competition was fierce. This would be no easy feat.

Putting all the paranoia in her head over the final ahead aside for a moment, Natti tried to just enjoy the fact she was even there at all. As she's said before, she didn't expect to get so far. Many didn't expect high things from her, or Natanya as a nation. Especially not after so long absent from any WorldVision branded events at all. The field definitely looked more open at the beginning than it could have, a lot of the big WV hitters either missed the deadline or passed on participating, with a couple of them being invalidated due to sending judges. This meant the smaller field of competition comprised of some veterans powerhouses and some hard to predicted newcomers. And then Natti, from comfortably mid-table Natanya. The Teesdexxian odds companies didn't expect much, neither did what remains of the Besenian ones. Even Natti herself set her goal as "get further than the Vartugian joke at least". A goal that turned out surprisingly hard to accomplish, but one she did. Now she was stood here, being told the final task. Given a shot at winning it all and taking that shot right to the heart.

HaruPaul waltzes back to his pampered dressing room and the remaining three are brought to sit at the werkbenches. A feature on the new Haru song. A verse each for them to write, costume and stage for a performance in a week's time. This was equally exciting and utterly nerve wracking. Natti had never been on a proper release before, not even as a feature. So while this feature is technically "the cast of ElimiNATION" (despite it just being 3 of them), it was still very cool to see her face on that single cover regardless. A single verse though. Natti had sort of predicted the final week would be some kind of full package challenge, but thought it might be full original songs. The shortness of a single verse each almost made it feel harder. Much less time to shine, much less time to make an impact that screams I'm the winner. She had to put all this doubt aside and just focus on working on it. Can't stumble at the final hurdle, of course the final was going to be hard! Depending on how you look at it, she got lucky with the choice, the last solo verse. Freshest in the judges memories. Not first like Der Tod's nor split like Alevian's. But last means she has to make a splash to overshadow those who come before her, and stand out from the Haru's finale of the song afterwards.

The verse was explicitly meant to be about yourself. So Natti tried to be assertive in a playful kind of way. Lyrics that would actually work in a song, but also work as a shout of confidence to the judges, and the other contestants, about how much she wills it to win. Attempting a balancing act between the commercial and the competition. It is going to be an official release, so it needs to sound like one. With a title like "Supernova", she also knew she had to throw some space-themed words and references in there as well to keep with the songs theme. Just hopefully the others wouldn't do the same ones! Now all that was left was the big stage performance. How could she pull off a winning moment in just 18 seconds? But she had some idea's of how she could try...

The small second part of Alevians section of the song ends, and into Natti's part the song immediately cuts. She'd been dancing around in the background thus far in the song, and so that it where the camera cuts too. To the side of where Alevian had stood, Natti stuts outs in a long black dress, form fitting to the curvaceous silhouette inside of it with a split up the side to allow some movement of the legs. She also wore a black funeral veil to go with it, as if daring to suggest that it was the other queens' funerals. A line of male dancers, all also in black, stand between her and the camera at the far-right side of the stage, stood slightly to the side of each other so all were visible from closest to Natti up to the man next to the camera. With the short first line, dragging the song away from the ethereal Alevian, they one by one turn 90 degrees from facing the camera to facing Natti as she quickly powerwalks by, making her way from the central stage at the back to near to the front of the stage. Once she makes it, they now all follow her as their leader. Diverging their arms all around her as she sings about lighting the sky, with little spotlights in their hands to make a ring around Natti. More of a Halo than a burning up meteor, but it certain lit her up at least! Keeping with her dancers following behind, they all lay slide their hands down different parts of Natti's body for the third line, with her shooing them all off when she brings the heat. This causes them to all jump back, faux-shocked by the heat in their blood, and run past Natti on the final, shouted line of this first half of Natti's verse.

My time now, bring all eyes on me.
Lighting the sky like a meteor,
Natti makes you scream for more,
Bring the heat, heat in your blood,
It ain't love, just physical attraction!

The black outfits of the dancers running past doubles as a quick transition to the next shot of the staging, revealing that as the ran past, the ripped off Natti's silky long dress to reveal a much more revealing mini-skirt and crop-top combo. Reminiscent of her red carpet dress at the beginning of the whole competition, the mini-skirt was black on the outside with a red lining inside, matching the Natanyan flag. Similarly the crop-top was a deep red with black stitching. The veil was now also gone, replaced with long, flowing ginger hair which was difficult to tell if it was a wig or Natti's natural. The lack of a veil blocking the way also revealed Natti's make-up. She was sporting a classic deep red lip. A crystal blue eyeshadow was paired with the most striking yet subtle detail, the yellow eyeliner. More references to the national colours, they were tied together with a fake tattoo, actually a small eyeliner drawing, of the black eagle positioned just below her left eye like a Natanyan teardrop tattoo. It was small and subtle enough to not seem too much like tacky footie fan face paint but just large enough that it could still be appreciated by the audience on the other side of the camera. A patriotic showing done with beauty and class. Playing with her backing dancers, now all facing centre stage along with her, one spins around on her left, revealing a stylised Llaltese flag on the back of his jacket. Natti strikes a dramatic, classic Hollywood Diva-esque pose. Then to her right spins an Achaean flag much the same, but this time Natti cosies up to the saucy Achaean. Not for long though, as once again she shoos them all away with in for the kill. However instead of just stepping back, they all fly back in a faux explosion. To end her verse, their personal spotlight, now all over the stage, light again, merging with the backing LED to create the illusion of a galaxy, with Natti stood right at it's centre. Some sparks of pyro flew up for extra effect, it is ElimiNATION after all.

Llaltese class, Achaean skill,
That's right boys,
I'm in for the kill,
One touch and I'm all you can see,
Not only your world, but your whole galaxy!

Natti's personal dancers quickly scarpered to make way for HaruPauls, but Natti stayed stood there for a second, happy with how she'd done in this final and hopeful she'd pulled off a final worthy performance. Quickly snapping back into gear, she ran back into position to finish off the song with the other queens.
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