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The Great Works of Kylaris [Kylaris | Canon | IC ]

Postby Kylaris » Mon Mar 28, 2022 2:19 pm




The Great Works of Kylaris is a regionally-sponsored thread devoted to showcasing the creative talents of great Kylarites from around the world. If your nation has a Great Work of art or literature, be it poetry or prose, a short story or even a painting, this colloquium is for you! Consider this thread a resource for helping to showcase the artistic talents of some of the great persons in your nations' histories.


1.) Only Regional Members Currently Residing in Kylaris May Submit A Great Work.
Not a member of the region, but looking for a new home where worldbuilding and storytelling are highly prized? Consider Kylaris!

2.) Observe All NationStates Content Guidelines & Rules For Submissions.
An obvious rule, but a sacrosanct one: please try to keep all paintings, poetry and prose to a PG-13 rating.

3.) Please Refrain From Posting Newspaper Articles Or Full Roleplays In This Thread.
This thread is meant for shorter works or excerpts of works. Have an idea for longer stories? Consider Regional News Thread or Vox Populi as alternative resources.

4.) If Posting Excerpts From A Previously Posted Work, Please Link To The Original Work In Your Post.
If you have a series of posts relating to the same work, give a link to the various entry/entries so that readers can follow along!

5.) Pleae Use The Provided Template Below For New Work Submissions.
We want to know as much about the work as we do the inspiration behind it! When submitting a new work, use the info template below!

Code: Select all
[align=center][spoiler=WORK SUBMISSION][blocktext][box][hr][/hr][img][/img]

[size=250][color=#Bf0000][b]INSERT NATION NAME HERE[/b][/color][/size]


[size=105][b]— Name of the Work —[/b]
[ Insert the Name of the World Here ]

[b]—Type of Work —[/b]
[ Insert Type of Work Here, i.e. Painting, Prose, Short Story, etc. ]

[b]— Name of the Work's Creator(s) —[/b]
[ Insert the Name(s) of the Work's Creators Here]

[b]— Date of the Work's Creation —[/b]
[ Insert the Date of the Work's Creation Here ]

[b]— Brief Synopsis of the Work —[/b]
[ i.e. What is the piece about? Why did the creator(s) make it? ][/size][hr][/hr][/box][/blocktext][/spoiler][/align]

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Les Rivages d'Azur, the Shores of Azure

Postby Caille-Sartoux and the Azure Coast » Mon Mar 28, 2022 7:18 pm


La République Souveraine de la Côte d'Azur


— Name of the Work —
Les Rivages d'Azur, The Shores of Azure

—Type of Work —
Azurenne Sonnet

— Name of the Work's Creator(s) —
Darcy Culai d'Aguillon

— Date of the Work's Creation —
Circa 1601-1602

— Brief Synopsis of the Work —
Gaullican explorers had first set foot upon the shores of what is now Côte d'Azur in May 1560, sailing from the northern shores of Asteria Inferior in an effort to circumnavigate the continent. The dream of finding a land route through the mighty Southern Asterian Range remained elusive however for another forty years, until a scientific expedition from Sythes (in modern day Satucin) managed to cross into the Skybreaker Mountains along the southern face, emerging into the Thauvin River Valley that would take them to the lush coastal plains and the Gaullican trading post of Sartoux.

One of the members of the 1601-1602 expedition into the Skybreakers was the chronicler Darcy Culai d'Aguillon, who was tasked with taking detailed descriptions of the flora and fauna encountered along the route into the southern country. In his private journals however, the writer committed numerous poems to posterity, recording in vivid detail his experiences coming into the ‘land of azure shores’. His most famous, Les Rivages d’Azur, encapsulates the spirit of adventure and exploration that drew many of the first Gaullican colonists to the country.

Culai d’Aguillon was among a number of early Gaullican poets who would popularize the Azurenne Sonnet. Instead of fourteen lines written in five-foot iambic pentameter, the Azurenne Sonnet would combine twenty-eight lines, following a reverse rhyming scheme (ABAB | BCBC | CDCD | EE | FF | GHGH | HIHI | IJIJ). Though many poets continued keeping to the traditional pentameter, some – like d’Aguillon – would vary his meters depending on the subject, establishing the Azurenne Sonnet as a more versatile entry into the world of Kylarite poetry.

Portrait of Darcy Culai d'Aguillon by Emilian de Couthiers, 1610.

‘Twas light which brought to thine eyes majesty;
Upon the grand redoubts we stood in awe,
To spoil this land would be a travesty!
Thy azure shores as renowned as His Law!
We set upon her soil before the thaw,
Towering crests bid us on through the pass;
So unworthy, we men of thatch and straw,
Bask in His handiwork of clay and grass!
Verdant fields and valleys long did amass,
Like empyrean dreams waxing might’ly;
We hearken to her shores, seas smooth like glass,
As if Eden doth manifest o’ so brightly!
Do mine eyes deceive me with such splendor?
We shall tarry here in God’s great render!
O’ that I may remain in this glory,
The picturesque setting of our story,
To find the gates to Heaven, praises be!
Were we kept from this land, shackled and blind?
In this country the waters set us free!
Should we leave here, what left is there to find?
Blessed be the Creator, o’ so kind!
Thine eyes are open, ready to receive
That which Satan could never hope to bind,
Paradise, which the worm wouldst deceive
To keep us bound, wert not His great reprieve.
Draw forth and trek, ye pilgrims, now draw near!
For all that seek grandeur, dare to believe;
In this country you shall find mercy here.

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