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The Insurrection

Postby Delogie » Sat Apr 09, 2022 2:16 pm

The Senatorial Building, Roifain
April 9, 2022 A.D., 2:25 P.M.

“Get to the bunkers, quick,” yelled a soldier, “there is an angry mob outside!”

Everyone was moved into their shelters, with the president being under heavy guard. The sound of the Ilinoyi soldiers firing on what was actually peaceful protesters could be heard. Shooting, shouting, and screaming continued for several minuets, when all went silent. After a little-while, the doors was opened. When President Hermann looked at them, he silently gulped. He, along with others, was brought into the Senatorial Meeting Chamber.

The Chamber was filled with thousands of people, all of whom was tired of the Government and what was perceived as corruption. Over where the President would stand, stood a man in buckskin shirt and pants, with raccoon hat on-top of his head.

“By the decision of the People, you, Mr. President and the Senate, are all under-arrest. And we, the People, form a new, provisional government,” the man said, “and our first act will be to form a peace delegation to discuss surrender.”

The Senators and the President was taken away to be held in Prison. As they were escorted out, they saw a few dead soldiers, some captured, and many on the protester's side. He hung his head, knowing what will happen to him.

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An Agreement

Postby Delogie » Fri Apr 15, 2022 2:58 pm

The Village Meeting Longhouse, the Village of Tahoma, twenty miles North-East of Glen Awtomatig
April 14, 2022 A.D., 11:25 A.M.

“Only if it guarantees peace, and if all parties agree,” said the Ymerawdwr, wearing his traditional outfit.

“Good, we have finally came to an agreement,” said High King Geremia.

“After 5 days of discussing, we are close to peace,” Revan thought, “we will be a whole nation once again.”

“I would imagine those loyal to us three will plan it,” the Ymerawdwr asked, nervous of the agreement.

“Yes,” said the head-delegate from Ilinoyi, “though Anigi and Sini is unlikely to join, for obvious reasons.”

“Okay,” the Ymerawdwr said, “you all are aware that, after this, you all will need to be arrested, along with all forces and all ‘important figures’, as well as certain prisoners from the Ilinoyi prisons being tranferred to us and all PoW’s of my side being released to us as well, correct?”

“Yes,” they all answered.

The Ymerawdwr nodded and told a slave to inform the Imperial Provisional Government of the news.

“There is a long road to go,” he thought, “the three of us must agree on a constitution then I have to break the news. But how?”

He then thought up and idea and brought the High King and head-delegate aside to tell him.

Lonicams Restaurant, Llanfair
April 15, 2022 A.D., 8:40 P.M.

Mairead wore a red, sparkling dress. She opened her small purse and reread the note Revan gave her.

Hi Mairead,

I have great news to share, I will meet you at Lonicam’s on the 15th aroung 8:50 P.M..

She put the note away and continued to wait. After two more minuets, she saw the man she loves, Revan Scardonet. He had a bit more of a beard compared to after she saw him last, before the attempt on his life. He waved to her, and she returned it.

“Osiyo Lady Duwarth,” he said, bowing.

“Osiyo, your highness,” she greeted in return, as-well-as returning the bow.

“Are you read,” he asked, giving her his arm.

She nodded in approval, smiling. The two walked into the door, with the receptionist seeing them and motioning them to follow her. She took the two of them to a semi-outdoor area that could only be considered a porch-sun-room mixture. The lights were of a warm yellow, brightening the area. They sat at a round table and began looking at the food, drink, and appetizer.

“What was the news you wanted to share with me,” she asked her love, of which neither her nor the other Women shared, despite them feeling the need to.

“I will share after we order our food,” he said, “do you want an appetizer or go directly for a meal.”

“Probably best to go for the meal,” she said, “so that we don’t stuff ourselves before we eat.”

“Probably a good call.”

The two continued looking, and put their menus down. Soon after, their waiter came to them.

“Hello, I will be your waiter,” said the woman, “is there anything you want for your appetizer?”

“No,” said Lady Mairead.

“Are you both ready to order,” she asked.

Mairead and Revan looked at each-other.

“I am,” he said.

“As am I,” said the Lady.

“Good, what can I get for you both,” asked the waiter.

“I will go with a Chicken Steak,” said the Lady.

“What two sides,” asked the waiter.

“Mashed potatoes and mac-and-cheese, please,” she replied.

“And what for you, your highness,” asked the waiter, looking at Revan after writing the Lady’s order down.

“I will have a large plate of spaghetti with marinara sauce, with the bread being a buttered-up baguette,” he said.

“Any sides,” she asked.

“Uhhhh, how about fries and mashed potatoes. Yeah, I will go with those,” he replied.

“Good, now how about drinks,” asked the waiter to both.

“I will have a Dr. Pepper,” said the Lady.

“Same for me,” said the young man.

“Okay, I will be back and bring your drinks and rolls here in a bit,” said the waitor.

“Will you tell me now,” Mairead asked.

“I will once we get our drinks, I am quite thirsty at the moment,” he replied.

After a few seconds, the waiter brought their basket of rolls and their drinks. The drinks, like normal, was served in whine glasses, unless specifically requested otherwise (as is stated in the drinks section). Revan drank a bit of his and then cleared his throat.

“Peace is around the corner,” he said, “I have not revealed this to the media and I do request that you do not either.”

“How is peace around the corner,” she asked.

“Seluia, Ilinoyi, and Ganaquaia all agreed on a peace treaty where they will, willingly, surrender to and rejoin us. The treaty will be signed once a final constitution is agreed upon,” he informed her.

“What of my father,” she asked, a bit worried.

“Unfortunately, he will have to be placed under arrest and will have to be tried,” he said, sorrowfully, “but I will make sure his quarters is comfortable.”

“Is there no way for him to be free,” she asked.

“Only after an investigation and a trial.”

They continued to talk. Their food came to their table. Once the waiter was in the doorway. Revan got up.

“What are you doing,” Mairead asked, confused.

“Something I must do,” he replied.

He got on one knee and brought out a small, black box.

“Lady Mairead Georgia Duwarth, we have known each-other nearly as long as we have been alive. I have grown more and more infatuated with you as we grew, even during the time we have been apart. I ask, no pray, no beg for you to become my wife and make me the happiest man in the word,” he said, while opening the box.

A crowd of people watched from inside as their Emperor proposed to the woman he was best-friends with. One of the women he loves so dear. The inside of the lid was a bright white. The ring was golden with a large diamond on top, and several topaz gems around where the diamond sits, due to topaz being her birthstone.

She put her hand around her mouth in shock. She never thought this day would come, especially Revan proposing. She began to cry and then nodded her head.

“Yes,” she said with tears-of-joy rolling down her face, “yes I will marry you.”

He put the ring on her left ring-finger, where it is supposed to go. He then stood up and turned to the crowd.

“She said yes,” he happily yelled.

The fiancées embraced each-other and went around. Soon after, they sat down and ate their meal.

“There is some people you should see,” he said, looking a bit guilty.

The Unchel Palas, Llanfair
9:33 P.M.

The couple arrived to the palace, happy as can be. Before they entered the building, Revan began to feel guilty and hoped that she would understand. They then entered the building, and they saw her father and the head diplomat of Ilinoyi.

“Father,” Lady Mairead exclaimed in immense joy.

“Greeting daughter,” said the High King, also smiling.

“Today is the best day in my life,” she said, “Revan proposed to me.”

“Oh,” he said, “what was your answer?”

She stepped back and shown her the ring, “it was yes!”

She began jumping up and down, before slowing down and stopping, realizing where they were.

“Wait,” she said, “why are you here and who is he and why is he there.”

“Guessing your fiancée has not told you yet,” her father stated.

“Told me what,” she asked.

She turned toward Revan, “what were you supposed to tell me?”

Revan looked down, in shame. Feeling like he has betrayed her.

“As a part of the agreement for the peace and their surrender,” Revan explained, “I was to marry you.”

He looked up and continued, “if you want to end our relationship and forget me, I will understand.”

She felt slightly torn. For a second she believed that he didn’t love her.

“What I will say is this,” he said soft enough so only she and he could hear, “I love you Mairead. I love Cait, Gráinne, Currie, Nandag, Cadilyna, Mallory, and Hinata as well. I know you all feel the same about me. And I have a strong feeling you all discussed it as well.”

She thought for a few seconds, then answered, “I need some time to think.”

She then went to the bedroom she was using before. Her footsteps and her opening the door then closing it can be heard from the living room.

“I guess we may need to get back to discussing a new agreement,” Revan said, with his head hanging low.

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Peace and Trust

Postby Delogie » Fri Apr 15, 2022 4:08 pm

Lady Mairead’s Temporary Bedroom, Unchel Palas, Llanfair
April 15, 2022 A.D., 9:38 P.M.

Mairead sat on her bed, attempting to make a decision.

“He didn’t lie, nor did he tell me the reason why,” she thought, “does he not trust me? I don’t know. Though, now that I think about it, there is no good way to suggest it.”

She sat there for three minuets, before calling the rest of the Women of Revan.

“I have big news,” she said, after calling Currie, “Revan has proposed to me, and I said yes.”

She began to hear a lot of congratulations.

“Though, there is a problem. He did not tell me the reason why he did it was to secure peace and end this war. I feel like he may not trust me,” she continued.

“I think there is no good way to say it before doing the act,” said one of the women.

“Yeah, what would you do in his situation,” said another.

Mairead thought, then answered, “probably the same thing.”

She was silent for a few seconds, then spoke again, “I will go through with this.”

The women cheered.

“Oh, one more thing,” she said, “Revan told me that he loves all of you as well.”

The women continued for a minuet, before ending the call. She ran down the stairs to Revan, standing in front of him.

“Despite you not telling me, but realizing there was no good way of saying why, I have decided to go through,” she said.

Revan began to smile and they hugged each-other.

“Now, we must start discussing a wedding,” said her father.

“I think May first would be perfect, what do you think dear,” Revan asked Mairead.

“Yes, that would be grand,” she replied.

“That is only sixteen days away,” said the delegate, “I don’t believe that is enough time.”

“The way I see it,” she said, “the sooner the marriage, the closer the peace.”

“What she said,” Revan said.

“We will have a lot of work ahead of us,” said her father.

“We will get started tomorrow,” said Mairead.

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Wedding Plans

Postby Delogie » Sat Apr 16, 2022 7:35 am

The Unchel Palas
April 16, 2022 A.D., 9:22 A.M.

Revan and Mairead sat at the table, just a few minuets ago, Geremia Duwarth and Cicero Anderson, the delegate from Ilinoyi, went to seperate rooms to talk to their respective governments about the agreement. Revan expects to hear from the Provisional Government soon-ish.

Mairead continues to talk and make certain plans for the wedding. Even though neither wants a large wedding, they both know it is expected and could unite the people. And they both know certain people must be invited to the wedding.

“The main people I can think of is Emperor Louis Philippe II Bonarte of Haltoria and Prince Michael I Kleinberger-Ontarilainen,” said Revan.

“Maybe the Pope,” Mairead asked.

“I am not Catholic, are you?”

“No,” she replied, “I am Chicphileh.”

“Same for me.”

“We should send some to the nobles that stayed loyal to the Provisional Government.”

“Yeah, them and the Clan Chiefs that stayed loyal, including the new ones that took over when a previous one left.”

“What of the Furbish monarch?”

“I am sure that he is busy with a few things. I do not know if he would even want to travel all this way for a wedding.”

After a few seconds of silence, Mairead asked, “so, what do you think of children?

“Uhhhh,” Revan began to think, he never had a thought that he would ever have a significant other, let alone a child.

After a few moments of silence, he spoke, “to be perfectly honest, I have never thought about having any offspring. I don’t think I will ever be ready, but I think I will do my duties as a father once that time is reached.”

“I think I am the same,” she said, “I have always thought how great it could be to be a mother, even if my child is adopted, but I never thought and still don’t believe I am ready for a child.”

The two continued going over the plans when a phone rang. Revan got up and went to the phone.

“Osiyo,” he greeted.

“Greeting your highness, it is Senator Kincaid. I have called to inform you that we will wait for the suggestions by the two factions, and will meet them via video-call. From our understanding, they do tend to attempt to keep things civil with their governments,” said the voice on the other side.

“Good,” the Ymerawdwr said, “thank you for letting me know.”

“I am at your service.”

The Ymerawdwr hung up, going back to his soon-to-be wife to continue to discuss the wedding. After an hour, Cicero and Geremia came back into the room, telling him what the senator told him.

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Moralistic Democracy

Postby Haltoria » Sat Apr 16, 2022 2:35 pm

Location Unknown

Divisional General Fayed of the 22nd Heavy Division stands in front of the other officers present, smoking a cigarette. This was the first time they had all gathered in one place in months, and for good reason.

“Well, gentlemen, it seems our timetable has moved.”

“No shit,” one of the officers replies. “The hell happened with Qesnes?”

“I have reason to believe he was intentionally killed. They’re on us.”

He snaps his fingers. Immediately two soldiers enter, dragging in a bloodied and battered Haltorian officer. “This is Brigadier General Quentin, Qesnes former chief of staff,” Fayed says, turning to the soldiers, who forcefully tie him to a chair. “And a traitor.”

Quentin raises his head, spitting out blood before speaking. “You and your lackeys have no idea what you plan to do. You’re bringing ruin to the peace the Emperor took years to achieve.”

“Now,” Fayed continues, ignoring Quentin, “I will show you what happens to traitors.” He pulls his pistol out and shoots Quentin through the head. The soldiers pull his limp body out of the room.

“Anyone else? No? Good. Now, where were we?”

Fayed turns to the table, where a map of Gatineau lies. He points to the centre square of the city. “Currently the city is preparing for the celebrations on the tenth anniversary of the end of the Haltorian Civil War. Qesnes had operatives infiltrate the crews constructing the various stages and other things necessary for those celebrations. Although I will not say any more about this, for operational security reasons-” several of the officers look to the spot where Quentin had been moments before, “-once the plans set up by Qesnes are complete, we’ll move in and secure the city (to restore order, of course).”

One of the officers speaks up. “How do we think the reactions of the Emperor’s cronies will be?”

“The Carsillians are only concerned about the damned Cazdians, and the Chinese only care about oil, and we’re better off without them,” Fayed replied. “But if everything goes to plan, they won’t have time to react.”

“If that is all, I leave you to make preparations. I’ve already received permission from the General Staff to move my division positions closer to Gatineau. Once your units are moved to key positions across the nation, prepare for more orders.” He throws his cigarette in the trash. For the Republic, gentlemen.”

For those who are wondering, I'm Greater Niagara, I've decided to use this account for future RP posts as Haltoria.

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An Unknown Traitor

Postby Delogie » Mon Apr 18, 2022 1:01 pm

The Courtyard of the Unchel Palas
April 18, 2022 A.D., 2:22 P.M.

The Ymerawdwr sat on a bench in the courtyard. He looked at the plants that was growing. There are flowers of all colors. He begins to smile, imagining himself and Mairead at the alter. Her in what is likely to be a white wedding-dress, himself in a black tuxedo. The populace does not know of the wedding, or no-one has spoken of it, which struck him as odd. From the corner of his eye, he sees General Coille walking toward him. He stands up and gives a salute, once the General gave one.

“Sir,” the general stated, “we have received reports that the city of Glen Awtomatig has attacked some of our troops. More reports has stated that they seem to have the flag of Anigi flying.”

“I thought they were neutral,” the Ymerawdwr stated.

“They did claim that. Do you want me to send a corps there?”

The Ymerawdwr thought for a moment, then spoke, “no, I will lead the Army of Northern Virginia there myself.”

“We will first stop by the Idenburg temporary villa and see if my cousin wants to get his forces ready for what they will face,” the Ymerawdwr added.

“I will inform our forces immediately,” the General said.

He left the area to go to army command center within the Hexagon. Revan then went back in to inform his beloved of what has happened and what he is going to do. He entered the kitchen-dining-room hybrid, where he saw her sitting and making plans with help from Lady Cadilyna and Lady Nandag.

“Greetings ladies,” he said with a smile, slightly bowing, “I need to talk to Mairead for a little bit.”

“Excuse me ladies,” Mairead said, getting up, “I will be back soon.”

The two of them went to the living room, and Revan turned around to her.

“What is wrong,” she asked, “or is there some news?”

“Some news,” he said, “the city of Glen Awtomatig was secretly a part of Anigi.”

“Weren’t they neutral?”

“They were,” he confirmed, “but that is not all. I and, possibly, Adrian will be leading our armies to capture the city. I won’t be gone for long.”

“I don’t want what happened in Loindan to happen again,” she said in a stern voice, “be careful.”

“Ain’t I always,” he said.

The two hugged. They held each-other’s hands and he left to grab his uniform.

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Capitalist Paradise

Postby Gagium » Tue Apr 19, 2022 8:37 am

Preface: This declaration was ratified in a 41-24 vote by the High Anikgan Tribune following a three-hour session that occurred on the Morning of the 19th of April, 2022, at the behest of the Hon. Staffbearer Malimma Cayyakoga. This session of the Anikgan Tribune was convened following what the adoption of what been coined as 'Executive Order 19/4/2022 A' by Czeily.

Official Declaration of the Tribune of the Anikgan Federation, signed by the Hon. Staffbearer Malimma Cayyakoga, in coaction with the Hon. Great Anganit Pipsait Tipvigut

This Tribune stands in solidarity against and fully condemns the Federal Republic of Czeily for their unprovoked aggression towards the Anikgan Federation, the Federated Principality of Fluvannia, and the United Provinces and Territories of the Furbish Islands. These unprecedented and bellicose sanctions, which unnecessarily place Anikga and Fluvannia as collateral damage in Czeily's steepening war being waged on an economic basis aginst the United Provinces and Territories of the Furbish Islands, include a complete embargo of oil and petroleum products from the targeted nations as well as steep import taxes in excess of 3300% on numerous fronts. Furthermore, these actions implement hostile penalties to the affected nations through limiting their activity in financial sectors dominated by Czeily as well as aggressive measures taken to prohibit commercial vessels from operating within the boundaries of Czeily.

As such, the Tribune of the Anikgan Federation has found it fit to issue a letter of diplomatic protest to the Federal Republic of Czeily on the basis that it has been found that these sanctions only serve to diplomatically isolate and harm Czeily on the global stage, and will only strengthen ties between the Anikgan Federation and its allies and associates abroad. The Tribune urgently recommends that the Federal Republic of Czeily reconsider and rescind their measures that have been levied against the Anikgan Federation, the Federated Principality of Fluvannia, and the United Provinces and Territories of the Furbish Islands. It can only be reasonably assumed that some sort of error was made in the authorship of Executive Order 19/4/2022 A, as no reasonable explanation can otherwise be found as to Czeily's apparent aggression and belligerence against two neutral powers whom have merely entered into a free trade agreement with another sovereign nation.

However, if Czeily does not reconsider Executive Order 19/4/2022 A and rescind these rancorous sanctions within a 24 hour period, then it is the view of the Tribune of the Anikgan Federation that similarly extreme and unprecedented measures must be taken against the Federal Republic of Czeily for their aggression and threats made to the peoples of three sovereign, democratic nations. In anticipation of Czeily's response, however, the Tribune of the Anikgan Federation, in coaction with the Hon. Great Anganit Pipsait Tipvigut and his Directors, has found it fit to authorize the implementation of temporary measures that shall be in effect until Executive Order 19/4/2022 A is rescinded by Czeily. These measures shall include the following:

I. All commercial vessels belonging to entities based in the Federal Republic of Czeily shall be expelled from the territory of the Anikgan Federation. Furthermore, all commecrial vessels seeking to enter the territory of the Anikgan Federation shall be turned around. In effect, this constitutes a complete ban of imports from entities based in Czeily.

II. Citizens of the Federal Republic of Czeily residing in the Anikgan Federation shall be barred from doing business with the Bank of Anikga. Furthermore, entities based in the Federal Republic of Czeily shall be barred from doing business with the bank of Anikga.
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The Bonding of Cousins and the Siege Begins

Postby Delogie » Wed Apr 20, 2022 3:48 pm

The Idenburg-Villa-of-Seluia
April 19, 2022 A.D., 12:23 P.M.

“I will go,” Adrian told his cousin.

“Good,” Revan said, “I will inform my soldiers. Do you have vehicles or do I need to make room in mine?”

“We have some, not many though,” he said, “but we should have plenty. I will go ahead and inform my soldiers.”

After a couple of hours, Adrian’s two bags was loaded into his vehicle and they continued to the city of Glen Awtomatig. By 8:09 P.M., they were half-way and made camp there. They arrived to the outskirts of the city by 5:32 P.M..

The Command Camp, the Outskirts of Glen Awtomatig
April 20, 2022 A.D., 5:57 P.M.

Adrian’s bags was put in his tent. After the soldiers that moved them in there and closed the flaps behind them, one of the bags opened up. Out came Princess Hinata Idenburg. She dusted her clothes off and snuck out of the tent. As she was sneaking, she ran into Adrian and Revan.

“Uhhhh,” she said, embarrassed, “hi?”

“Why are you hear and how did you get here,” asked Adrian in a stern voice.

“I snuck in one of your bags, and I am here to make sure you both stay safe,” she answered.

“You was in a bag the whole time,” Revan asked.

“No, I was out of the bag when we stopped and made camp last night. I got back in it before anyone was awake,” she answered.

“Okay,” Revan said, “you can stay here, but you stay in this camp. We don’t want you to get hurt. We are near an active war-zone.”

“I will,” she said.

She then followed the two of them as they discussed their plan.

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A Walk Through the City

Postby Delogie » Tue Apr 26, 2022 9:10 am

Glen Awtomatig
April 24, 2022 A.D., 10:32 A.M.

The city surrendered, with the government’s leaders having been captured and arrested. Revan and Adrian rode through the city to the City Government Building, a large sky scrapper in the middle of the city. As they went through the city, they saw large pits and destruction of everything. The bodies of the city’s defenders laying on the street, with their armor making them looks similar to robots from a film or show. They saw kids cower in the destroyed ruins of the city.

When they arrived to the building, the soldiers exited first, then followed by the two monarchs, both in their formal uniforms. The two climbed several flights of stairs. When they arrived to the correct floor, they were tired. They saw a large pair of doors open.

The entered through the doors and was in a completely black room. There was a throne that was on a raised platform. The throne looked as if it was made for someone twice or even thrice his height. He could not tell what material it was made of, no matter how close he got to it, deciding it was either stone or metal. He turned his head to another pair of open doors.

The Akina and the Ymerawdwr went through those doors and saw the people that ran the city, all in handcuffs. Behind them was a large, red tank with plants inside of it. He could not tell what it was, deciding to let the right people check it out for themselves.

“You must be ‘the Mayor’ that I have heard of,” said Ymerawdwr to the taller man.

“I am,” he said.

The man wore all-black. Next to hims was a shorter man.

And you must be Gerallt McDevitt, the founder and head of the Momen School, correct,” the Ymerawdwr asked the shorter men.

“Yes, I am,” he confirmed.

“As you both know, you are under arrest and will be investigated and tried for any and all war crimes, as well as other crimes,” the Ymerawdwr told them.

He and the Akina left the room to return to the camp. Adrian decided to lead his forces back to the villa he was borrowing, while Revan decided to take the First Corps of his army to Llanfair, in order to prepare for his wedding.

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The Wedding Shock

Postby Delogie » Sun May 01, 2022 5:15 am

Scota Hill, Outside of Llanfair
May 1, 2022 A.D., 10:22 A.M.

Revan stood at the alter. He wore a black tuxedo and his hair was combed. He had butterflies in his stomach. He had not seen his beloved ever since he left for the siege. The Pastor, in the case of a royal wedding was the High Priest of Chicphileh, stood in-front of the alter, preparing everything for the wedding.

After a few minuets, the Bridal Chorus began to play. He looked down the aisle and saw Mairead being walked down the aisle by her father. She wore a white wedding dress. He noticed that her hair was still red. He guessed that she just wanted to keep her hair looking like that instead of her natural light-brown hair. Once she reached the alter, the song ended.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the High Priest began, “today we are here to wed these two under the eyes and by the grace of the almighty God. Revan Trey Domhnall Scardonet, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do,” Revan said, with a smile on his face.

“Mairead Tynged Duwarth, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband,” the Pastor asked, facing the young lady.

“I do,” she said smiling.

“Is there anyone who, for whatever reason, sees a reason as to hwy these two cannot be married,” the High Priest asked everyone.

After half a minuet of silence, the Priest then announced, “by the grace of God, I name you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The people began to cheer while the newlyweds went in for the kiss, then he opened his eyes…

He looked around and saw he was in a room. He could not tell where, though. The room was in natural tones. It looked as if it was made of stone with some trees and plants everywhere. He saw a man standing in the left corner looking at something. He looked to the right and saw a group of four people sitting. He could not tell who any of them were. His eyes began feeling more heavy, feeling as if he woke up from a very long rest. He sat slightly up and began to rub his eyes.

“Where am I,” he asked aloud.

The man in the left corner went to a man he did not see standing right next to him and said something in his ear. That man then exited the room. The group of four stood up and walked toward him. He was then able to tell the group of four was all women. All five people then stood around his bed.

“Welcome back to the land of the living,” said the man that was in the left corner in a heavy Dixon accent.

Revan was then able to see more clearly and saw that the man was General Raibeart Eideard Coille. The man that commands the Army of Northern Virginia when the Ymerawdwr/Unchel-Brennus was not commanding, otherwise commanded the Second Corps of that army.

“Where am I,” Revan asked again, “and what day is it?”

He looked to the group of four and saw who they were; Lady Nandag Dianna, Lady Cadilyna Beinnard, Captain Cadi Ahearn, and Secretary Gráinne Droit. They looked as if they had been crying for months at this point.

“You are in the hospital section of the monastery here on the Isle of Avalon,” said Lady Nandag.

“And today is April 1st, 2022,” said Lady Cadilyna.

He began to be confused. Last he checked, it was May 1st, not April 1st.

“I thought it was May 1st, not April Fools Day,” he said.

“Yeah, it is April Fools Day,” Gráinne said, showing him the date on her phone.

Revan sat up a bit more, confused and feeling a bit off.

“You may have been dreaming,” Cadi remarked.

“It seems I may have been,” he said, attempting to hide his disappointment.

He then turned to his General and asked, “what is the state of the War and of the Empire?”

“The War is all but won,” the General informed his liege, “the Senate, who declared themselves ‘Ilinoyi’, as well as the monarchs and clan chiefs that declared themselves ‘Ganaquaia’ has been captured and surrendered.”

“How did that happen exactly,” Revan asked.

“In Ilinoyi, their government was overthrown due to the people they ruled over beign sick of the war and wanting to join the Empire. As for Ganaquaia, most of their leadership; specifically their High Queen, your mother, and her heir, your half-sister; was killed in the Siege and Battle of Shilago. They had a difficult time choosing a new leader. There was talk of making Geremeia Duwarth their leader, due to him being a famous fighter pilot, but he declined. The Clan Chiefs that left formed a council and agreed to surrender, since they were being pushed back and it was a matter of time before they were captured.”

“Guessing there is other sides or another side?”

“Yes, a group of fascists declared themselves ‘Anigi’ in western portions of the Empire, and on the island of Iliniwek, of which they completely control. A group of communists declared themselves ‘Sini’. They control various pieces of territories that belonged to former Coalition members, mostly controlling areas in the far north.”

“Back to Ilinoyi and Ganaquaia, when did they surrender?”

“Around February 12th for both.”

“What of the Idenburgs? Adrian, Hinata, all of them?”

The General looked surprised, “They are in a villa near the Scota Villa. It was offered to them by your brother, Lord Protector and Prince Sieffre Scardonet.”

“Where is my brother?”

“He is in Llanfair with the Constitutional Convention and with the Provisional Government. As for news on that, I do not know of anything.”

Revan began to think, then asked, “how long have I been unconscious for?”

The General thought for a few seconds, then spoke, “since Christmas Day.”

“How many days is that?”

Gráinne spoke after everyone was quiet for a few more seconds, “97 days.”

“Thank you,” he told her.

He then began to feel even more off. He began to feel his beard to notice there is nothing there. It felt like the rest of his face.

“Can I borrow a mirror,” he asked the group of five.

Gráinne got her compact mirror out of one of her pockets in her red trench coat and handed it to him.

He looked at himself. He had no facial hair and his hair was cut down. He wasn’t happy about it, but he wasn’t mad about it either. He closed the mirror and gave it back to Gráinne.

“Thank you Piper,” he said, calling her be her nickname.

They all heard the door open and looked at that direction. A man with the robes of a monk and with the tonsure haircut that is associated with monks walked through.

“Greetings, your highness,” the monk said while bowing, “I am Brother Nicodemus here at the Isle of Avalon Monastery. I was the one that oversaw the caring of you.”

“Thank you good monk,” Revan said, smiling.

Brother Nicodemus walked up to the Emperor and began to go through a check-list, which took a few minuets to complete.

“When can I leave,” Revan asked the monk, before he left the room.

“Well, your highness,” the monk said, “that entirely depends on how fast you recover. It seems that you are able to talk well, but there is still walking, running, writing, and other basic tasks.”

The monk then left the room, closing the door behind him.

Revan then looked at General Coille and asked, “so, what all has happened since I have been unconscious?”

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Leaving the Hospital

Postby Delogie » Mon May 02, 2022 2:38 pm

The Monastery on the Isle of Avalon
April 6, 2022 A.D., 7:22 A.M.

With the help of General Coille, Revan walked hobbled out of the monastery. He still had some issues walking with a cane, but it wasn’t too bad. His cane was made of cherry wood, made in a similar way as it was in his “dream”. The handle, collar, and ferrule was made of a golden-looking brass. He went onto a boat and sailed for a small port.

After they arrived to the port, he was then taken to his Colt Atwood Limo, this one was made to survive nearly any and all occasions and disasters. As he rode, he began to think of how Mallory looked like, or how she may have been described from what he heard while unconscious. He was still not used to this world, he keeps waking up and half-expecting to see Mairead laying next to him. He wished to be unconscious again, since he was happy.

“I wonder if I should tell them,” he thought, “tell them of what I experienced in that other world. The main one I should tell might be Mairead Scar… Duwarth.”

He continued to debate on if he should tell them or not, before deciding to wait for a better time. A time where he knows there is peace, a time where he does not need to spend a heavy amount of time looking over the nation.

By that afternoon, he arrived at the Scota Villa. He exited the limo himself and began to walk to the entrance. He could hear the ferrule hitting the stone pathway with no problems. After he entered the foyer, of his villa, he saw his brother standing there.

“Sieffre,” Revan exclaimed, going in for a hug.

“Revan,” Sieffre returned, “it has been a long time. I am glad to see you are alright.”

“I am glad to be back,” Revan half-lied.

The two then ended their hug to go into the courtyard.

“Do you want me to have a way for you to speak and work with the Constitutional Convention and with the Provisional Government directly from your office,” the Lord Protector asked.

“Yes,” Revan answered, “I will like to continue working on a new constitution starting tomorrow.”

As they walked through the courtyard to Revan’s office, he noticed a soldier standing guard at where Mallory was in his dream. He did not see a light on. He did not tell anyone about her, mostly to be on the safe side. He decided that he will go there soon.

They then entered the office. Revan looked around and saw the room was how he left it long ago. It was completely clean with him being able to see the woods and hills from his window.

“I assume you have heard about the Idenburgs,” Sieffre asked.

“I have heard, I am glad they are safe,” Revan confirmed.

“I have allowed them to borrow a nearby villa, I hope you do not mind.”

“I do not mind, I am glad they are close.”

Revan then took a sigh.

“I will leave you to set everything up,” Revan said, opening the door.

Sieffre nodded and began to grab a slave to help set everything up. Revan went to the soldier he noticed and looked at the door behind him.

“Soldier,” the Ymerawdwr asked, “why are you standing guard here?”

“I was ordered to sir,” answered the soldier.

“Is there someone or something in there?”

“There used to be a prisoner here, but she was relocated to another place once there repairs of the place was done.”

Revan was disappointed, he hoped to have seen what she actually looked like and to get to meet and know her.

“Could you please step aside,” he asked the soldier, who obliged.

Revan then opened the door and saw it was abandoned. Nothing was left. He saw the vague imprints within the dust of where she slept and had her clothes. He decided that he will meet her once he is better able to travel. He closed the door and left for his room.

He lain in his bed for a little bit when he heard a knock at his door.

“Come in,” he said aloud, sitting up.

In came Adrian, the Akina of Logar.

“Greetings Adrian,” Revan said, getting up to hug his cousin.

“Hello Revan,” Adrian said, returning his hug, “good to see you up and around.”

“As it is for me to see you,” Revan said, ending their hug, “I am sorry about the state of Logar.”

“I wish it did not happen, but I do hope that I will be back on my throne over there soon.”

“As do I, as do I. So, how may I help you?”

“I will need your forces to help take my nation back,” Adrian said, “the Republican Government have caused suffering and death among my people, I want to end that and help my people.”

“We will help once our war is over,” Revan said, “and once everything involving a new government is done.”

“My forces has been able to help with some of your battles, but they will not be enough. I do hope your war ends soon so that we will be able to take my throne back.”

“As do I. Now, is your family safe?”

“Yes, though Edward is still in jail, waiting to be tried.”

“Once he is tried and your land is taken back, I will request that his punishment is carried out under your banner. I would imagine that you may put him on trial as well.”

The two continued their conversation for a few more minuets, before Adrian left the room.

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The Courtyard of the Scota Villa
April 7, 2022 A.D., 12:05 P.M.

Revan sat on one of the benches with General Coille.

“So,” the General asked the Ymerawdwr, “what was the origin of the name ‘Seluia’?”

“Well,” the Ymerawdwr began, “the name comes from the Tsalagihi word ‘Selu’ meaning ‘corn’ or ‘Maize’. So the name literally means ‘the Land of Corn’. It started in the land of the Tslagi in a smaller village. The village fought back against a city and, eventually, conquered it. The small nation grew over time and became an empire. The name Seluia stuck. As you know, it was considered a benevolent empire, one comparable to the kingdom and, eventually, empire under King and Emperor Arthur. So, I decided to name the empire after that. I think I may have the people vote on a final name once this war and a new constitution is decided. There is several other empires and kingdoms that is considered benevolent similar to Seluia.”

“I also have a question for you. From what I understand there was a prisoner in that room,” the Ymerawdwr said, pointing at the room he remembered Mallory stayed in, “who was it and where are they now?”

“We did have one there,” the General confirmed, “but do not know her name. It seems that she was too terrified to tell us her name or her story. We found her in a near-ruined plantation. The mansion had busted windows and a make-shift jail cell that we saw her in. There was other cells in the cellar, with no idea as to why those were there or why she was in that one. She was heavily guarded, but we know not as to why. The soldiers seems to have been Sasannian Special Forces. They were all killed. We moved her here, mostly at the suggestion of the Lord Protector, while we rebuilt a large part of of the mansion. She was moved there once the rebuilding was finished. While she was here, she planted all of these plants and helped them grow.”

“I would like to visit her some point soon,” the Ymerawdwr said, “to thank her personally and to learn more of her story.”

The Ymerawdwr then got up and walked away. He recently began being able to use his cane even less than before, but is still needed. He walked into the foyer of his of his Villa and sat on one of the chairs.

“Should I see Mairead,” he thought, “it might be best for me to wait, at least until I am ready to talk to her.”

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A Hard Night’s Sleep

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Revan’s Office
April 8, 2022 A.D., 11:22 P.M.

“I can’t sleep at all,” Revan said in a quiet voice, sitting back in his chair, “why can’t I sleep?”

He began to think that it may have been better to have stayed in his bedroom instead of going to his office.

“Maybe because you are having a hard time figuring out if you are in a coma or not,” said a voice.

Revan jumped as soon as the voice spoke. He looked around and saw no one. He then looked toward the window and saw a shadowy figure sitting on the table.

“Who are you,” Revan asked the shadowy figure.

The figure brought their face forward into the moonlight. Revan then saw the figure was a man. He had a white-gold blonde hair. His eyes were that of brown and green. The man looked young, reminding Revan of how his cousin Adrian looked quite young for his age just a year or two prior.

“I am… a friend,” the figure said, in a sinister voice reminiscent of Palpatine from “Seren Cogaí”.

“Do you have a name,” Revan asked the figure.

“You may call me… William,” the figure said.

“Okay ‘William’, how do you know I was in a coma, or even that I was attempting to figure that out?”

William then got up and began to walk around the room, “it is quite simple, many know you were in a coma. Granted not everyone, but many. It has been rumored for a while. As for why I knew that was on your mind, it is quite an easy bet that you experienced quite a bit of life in your dream, if it was a dream.”

“Are you suggesting that this is a dream,” Revan asked.

“I don’t know, is it? Who says this is not a dream and that was the real world?”

“And who says this is not the real world,” Revan snapped back.

“Quite true my friend,” the shadow man said.

The man went back into the moonlight, where Revan saw more of him. He wore black robes and some sort of quiet boots.

“What if I told you there may be a way to find out if this is a dream or if this is real life,” asked William.

“Continue,” stated Revan.

“Theoretically, if you were to ‘end this dream’ in a forceful manner, like how one may attempt to escape this realm on their own, would it not lead to you waking up,” William asked, now throwing and catching a Fuji Apple that Revan had gotten from the fridge and placed on his desk.

“It may be possible, but, if I am in a dream, that may be the same as me giving up. And I don’t believe I have to tell you what would happen if this is real life,” Revan stated.

“Looks like it is getting late,” William said, taking a bite out of the apple while leaning on Revan’s desk, “it may be best for you to go to sleep on this.”

“I suppose you are right,” Revan said.

He got up and went to the door. He opened it and turned to where William was, to discover he was no longer there.

“Where did he go,” Revan wondered.

He shrugged and shook his head, deciding to head back to bed.

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Field Test

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“What,” the Ymerawdwr asked a soldier that came in.

He turned to his screen, which had the entirety of the Constitutional Convention, and stated, “forgive me, ladies and gentlemen, I am needed in the field. A large army was discovered near Glen Awtomatig. I have given my suggestions and my preferences. If I am absolutely needed, you know where and how to find me, and I do not mean the hospital this time.”

He gave a slight chuckle and ended the call. He looked at the calendar.

“The 9th of April,” he thought, “after eight days, I can walk without a cane, and I can run with little problem.”

He dismissed the soldier to inform his army and he went into his room. He double checked his uniforms was in good shape and packed them. A gray tunic, cool gray pants, and a gray overcoat or jacket. He then added his gray kepi, his gray stetson, and his Pickelhaube. As he packed, he thought of the time he spent with Lady Beinnard, Lady Dianna, Captain Ahearn, Secretary Droit, and Doctor Finley. He loved them, even though he still did not want to admit it. He hoped that, one day, he will marry them, though he doubted they would.

He then looked in the mirror and thought, “why would anyone want to love and marry someone as ugly as me.”

He finished packing, when Lady Cadilyna Beinnard entered.

“I heard the news,” she said, “I don’t think it is a good idea for you to go.”

“I will be alright,” he reassured her, “this is not my first time. It probably won’t be my last.”

“Last time, you were unconscious for months,” Lady Nandag Dianna said from behins Lady Cadilyna.

“I will be more careful this time,” he said, “I think I will be okay.”

“At least take Captain Ahearn and Doctor Finley with you,” Lady Nandag suggested, “at least to be safe and not sorry.”

“As long as you both don’t become jealous and will be happy, then fine,” he said, not noticing the two women blushing.

“Is it agreed then,” he asked.

The two women looked at each-other and nodded in agreement, then saying, “yes, it is,” to him at the same time.

“Alright,” he said, “I’ll make sure to say my goodbyes when I leave.”

The two women left. During the brief peace of quiet, he considered himself lucky that they care for him so. Wondering if they feel the same way as he did. His eyes then became wide, remembering the letters that was addressed to them. He wondered why they did not bring it up, or if they actually got it. Soon after, Akina Adrian entered the room.

“I will go along with you,” Adrian said as he entered the room, “I have my men with me and they can use some more experince.”

“I will go along with that,” Revan replied, “Captain Cadi Ahearn and Doctor Currie Finley will be coming along with us to keep an eye on me.”

“It’s alright with me if you bring your girlfriends,” Adrian said with a smile.

“They are not my girlfriends,” Revan replied with rosy cheeks.

“So you just have a crush on them,” Adrian asked.

“N…N…No,” Revan said, getting nervous and annoyed, “and no more about that, agreed.”

“Sure,” Adrian said, trying to hold his laughter back.

“Now, go inform your soldiers and have them be ready to leave tomorrow morning,” Revan said.

“Alright General,” Adrian said sarcastically, giving a slight salute with his right index and middle fingers.

“He is right,” Revan thought, “I do have a crush on all of them. I love them. They know it, and it seems they may have not told anyone, probably just themselves. I do not know if this is real life or if I am in a coma. It may break my heart further if I become involved with them and it turns out to be another coma. I will not know for a while.”

He placed his bags on the floor. The plans was being made by his generals and all that was left was to get ready for the next day.

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The Flat-Top Hill

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April 13, 2022 A.D., 9:45 P.M.

He saw the hill had a flat top. He continued to walk up the hill and to the edge. As he looked over it, he saw that it was a cliff. He reckons that the drop was, about, twenty feet. He then looks at the distance and up at the moon shining down on him.

He then looked around and saw an old tree stump, with a fully grown tree next to it. He walked over and placed his lantern down on the stump. He walked back a couple feet and saw that the light looked blue to him as well. He then looked back toward the valley and began to think of the battles that his men just fought. Battles that he lost little-to-no men to death or injury. It made him think that he was in a coma, since he would imagine that he would have caused some due to his youth and inexperience with battle. He then took off his kepi and began to pray.

“Dear Lord up in heaven, I thank you for my men having lived in these last few battles. I pray for this conflict to end as soon as possible. I pray for an eternal peace for this land. The people have experienced even greater hardship within these last couple of years. In the name of your son, Jesus, ah-men,” Revan ended while bowing his head.

He stayed kneeling on the ground, with his hands still in prayer and his head bowed.

After a few minuets of silence, he heard that voice again, “have you made a decision?”

Revan stood up and turned around and saw William again, “I have not, and I will not until this war is nearly won.”

“And if this is the dream world, it will be causing you stress for no reason, possibly killing you in the process.”

“Perhaps, perhaps not.”

William then began to walk up toward the monarch, “if you do not figure it out soon, your beloved wife may become a widow.”

The comment took Revan by surprise. He knows that if he is now in the coma world, that he may not ever see his wife again. But if he is in the real world, he might be able to visit that world in his dreams, or that some of his dreams would become a reality.

He then turned toward William and spoke, “I will need more time to make a decision and to make my own judgment. If it causes me too much stress and I pass on, that will be on me.”

“Fine,” William said, annoyed at the non-decision.

Revan turned back to the moon before looking back at William, just to see he was gone. Revan looked north and saw the main, large tower of Glen Awtomatig. He began to remember what happened last time in the other world and prepared himself for any and all horrors. He has received confirmation two days prior that the city was secretly aligned with Anigi the entire time, the first rumor of many to have been confirmed. He then grabbed his lantern and walked back down the trail to the camp, thinking it to be best to get some sleep.

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The Siege Begins

Postby Delogie » Sun May 08, 2022 5:05 pm

A Mile outside of Glen Awtomatig
April 14, 2022 A.D., 1:13 P.M.

Revan entered Adrian’s tent. He, Adrian, was in the middle of unpacking one of his bags when Revan entered.

“Is this your first siege,” Revan asked.

“No,” Adrian said, “though I don’t have your experiences. You’ve been on both sides of sieges.”

Revan notice a bag was shaped weirdly and thought he saw it moving slightly.

“We should speak with the generals on the plan,” Revan said, motioning Adrian to follow him.

Adrian followed his cousin and they left. After a few seconds, the bag Revan noticed moved and opened. Out came Adrian’s younger sister, Princess Hinata Roselle “Rose” Indenburg. She dusted her clothes off and began to look through Adrian’s stuff. She then noticed that she would have to continue to hide in the bag. She then poked her head out of the tent and saw no-one around. She then exited, stepping as quietly and sneakily as possible. After a few seconds, she ran into Revan, which caused her to fall on her behind with some dust and dirt flying a bit.

“Uh-hem,” Revan coughed, looking down at her.

“Uhhhhhhh… hi Revan,” she said, attempting to sound cheerful, “good to see you up and around. I haven’t seen you since you were in a coma.”

“What are you doing here,” Adrian asked angrily.

“I wanted to come along and keep an eye on both of you, especially you Adrian. Mother is worried about you,” she answered.

“Sure,” Adrian said, not entirely believing her, knowing her feelings for Revan.

Adrian then turned to Revan and asked, “how did you know she was in there?”

Revan began to remember what happened in the other world, making him think he was in the dream world even more, then he answered, “lets say I had a feeling.”

“What should we do with you,” Adrian asked to Rose.

“It is not that safe for her to go by herself, or to go with a handful of soldiers, there may still be bushwhackers and there my be pirates near all roads. I think she should stay, but only in the camp where it is safe. What do you say Adrian,” Revan asked.

He thought then answered, “I suppose you are right.”

He then turned to his sister.

“You will stay in the camp unless told that you can leave, or, unless, you have to leave due to a battle here,” Adrian ordered, “I want you safe.”

“Okay,” she said, “I will.”

“Now where will she stay,” Revan asked, “my camp is in the south, we are in the east.”

“The south and west camps are, probably, the safest,” Adrian reckoned, “I think it would be best if she is in your camp. Do you have an extra tent?”

“No,” Revan answered, “and I know no-one else does, they are all being used. She can stay in mine for now.”

“I am alright with that, what about you Rose,” Adrian asked.

“I am alright with that,” she answered.

“Okay, then come with me,” Revan said.

She followed behind Revan.

Revan then turned to Adrian and said, “I will meet you at the meeting.”

Adrian gave a thumb up, showing he got it. Revan then mounted his horse. He reached his arm down to help Hinata up. She got up there and sat behind him, putting her arms around him to help her stay up there and to not fall. He saluted Adrian, with him returning it, and left for his camp in the south.

After a little bit, they saw the army’s battle flag flying as they entered the camp. He rode up to his tent and dismounted. He helped her down by picking her up by the hips and placing her down on the ground.

“I am guessing that you did not bring any extra clothes,” Revan asked, entering his tent.

Hinata, following close behind him, answered no.

“Okay then,” he said, “I have some pants, dress shirts, and other normal clothes in that drawer there. I don’t want you to wear any of my uniforms. If any more is needed, I can grab an extra military uniform for ya. Probably the parade uniform will be the only ones available. Feel free to use those if needed. As for sleeping, I have only the one bed. I will sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag.”

“We are adults,” she said, “we can sleep in the bed together.”

“Okay, I have to go to a meeting, behave and do not cause trouble. If anyone bothers you, let me know and I will take care of it,” Revan said, exiting the tent and mounting his horse.

“I will. And Revan,” she said, “thank you and please be safe.”

“It is no problem,” he replied.

His horse then reared and he continued with a smirk, “and ain’t I always safe.”

He then rode off to the east camp for the meeting. He beard having grown out a bit more, since he began letting it grow again. He wondered why Adrian doubted the reason that Rose gave.
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The Capture and Déjà Vu

Postby Delogie » Mon May 09, 2022 4:03 am

The South Camp
April 17, 2022 A.D., 5:29 A.M.

Revan awoken from his slumber. Despite the sound of artillery, he and Hinata was able to sleep soundly. He looked at her smiling face and noticed she was still asleep. He smiled, thinking about how she looks adorable while asleep. He then got out of bed as quietly and carefully as possible as to not wake her up. He grabbed his new clothes and walked to the men’s showers. He took off his old clothes and took a shower. After a few minuets, he dried off and put on his uniform for that day, a lighter shade of cadet gray.

He walked out of the showers and went to the officer’s open tent to eat breakfast. When he arrived to the tent, he placed his kep on the table and took his jacket off; revealing his brocaded vest, white shirt, and his black string tie; and put it on the back of his chair. He sat down right after.

As soon as he sat down, he was given waffles, already cut up, with syrup on said waffles. His drink was a cold Dr. Pepper. He began to eat when he saw Rose walk down. She word her dress, which she cleaned down by a creek the previous day. The dress was of green and red, with black and gold lines here-and-there. Her light brown hair flown in the slight wind. He began to remember when they were younger, how she would stick by his side around him. How she had a crush on him.

She then sees him and walks toward him.

“I was wondering where you went,” she said, sitting down across from him.

“I got up and took a shower,” he said, “now I am having breakfast. I fyou want something to eat, ask the cook. Same for if you want something to drink.”

She got up and went to the cook to placed an order for food and drink. After a few minuets, she returned with pancakes, already cut up, syrup, and chocolate milk. She sat back across from him and began to eat.

“What is the plan for today,” she asked.

The other officers looked at their monarch, before going back to eating. Believing it is not a good idea to talk about strategy in the open.

“Well,” he began, “I have received reports that we may be able to take the city by this afternoon. Their walls seems to be built to keep things in and not out.”

He took a drink and continued, “and I will be leading my men from the front, in hopes to take what is left of the city.”

“It would be safer if you stayed behind, same for my brother.”

“I am aware, that is why he will stay behind. I am expendable, he is not. And I want you to stay behind as well. You can help around the camp. I would recommend changing into something that is not a dress like that. Even though they wouldn’t complain as bad, your mother and brother would still get after me if it is destroyed or damaged.”

“Any ideas on who may need help?”

Laundry, hospital, cooking, and a few other things,” he said.

He finished up and wiped his mouth and beard to be rid of any syrup and food crumbs. He then finished his drink. After that, he got up, put his jacket and white gloves on, then placed his kepi on his head.

“Will I see you again,” she asked worryingly.

“Perhaps,” he said, waving.

“Be safe,” she yelled.

He continued to walk toward his horse, mounted it, and rode away. She continued to stare at him with a worried look. An officer then walked up behind her.

“You love him, don’t you,” the officer asked.

She looked at him and replied, “how did you know?”

“You give that look,” he said, “and I believe he has similar feelings for you and a few others.”

“Are you sure? How would you know if he did?”

“I have been around him for a long while. It has long been rumored and that he has dated or is in love with several women, including you. He has, at times, quietly talked about those women, including you.”

She looked back toward the direction Revan left and smiled.

“Thank you for telling me this,” she said with tears of joy.

“It is no problem ma’am,” he said, tipping his kepi, before turning around and going back to his duties.

She decides that it is best to start helping the camp followers. She began to help with making food. Then she began to help with the laundry. When bodies started to come into the camp, she began to help with caring for the wounded.

The East Camp
3:26 P.M.

Adrian sat around, waiting for word on the city and on his cousin. Ever since his sister has been staying in Revan’s tent, he has been wondering if the two has become closer. He knows that she still has feelings for him, but does no know about Revan.

“I hope,” he thinks, “that if she has started on the road to becoming a mother, that he survives to, at least, be the father.”

He stood up and continued to look through his binoculars. After a few minuets, an officer ran up to him.

“Your highness,” the officer said, saluting his Akina, “we have received word from your cousin. He said it is safe for you to go into the city with an escorting patrol.”

“Good,” the Akina replied, “get a vehicle ready, I will go in immediately.”

After a few minuets, some soldiers loaded onto an armored transport, with Adrian following behind them.

As they drove through the city, he sees pits filled with bodies with white masks. He could see writing on them, but could not read it from that distance, but he believed to not be good. Adrian then saw destroyed buildings, with people hiding in their destroyed homes. He sees the bodies of many dead Anigi soldiers throughout the streets. They all look the same, with armor that makes them look robotic. After a few minuets, they reached the entrance to the large sky scrapper. His soldiers disembark from the vehicle, with Adrian leaving last.

“Revan, good to see you,” he said, “what happened here?”

“I am not entirely sure,” Revan replied, “there is bodies with white masks. There is a different descriptor for each. Below those is the term ‘imperfect’. They were killed for, pretty much any and all reasons. No matter their age, who the love, or any other reason they could think of. We have captured the Mayor and those that work for and with him. He will tell us what all he has done and ordered.”

Revan entered the building with his cousin close behind him. They took the elevator up a few floors. When it arrived to the correct floor, the doors opened to a hallway. They walked down the all-black hallway and entered into a large room. On top of a small platform was a large, black throne. It looked to be made of a black stone.

They then went through the doorway at the back of the room. What they saw horrified Adrian. A large aquarium with something dark red inside of it. He could see plants with those masks all throughout the aquarium. One of them said “Old” with “Imperfect” under neath it.

“Is this,” Adrian began.

“It is blood mixed with water to make it a bit easier to see through,” Revan confirmed.

“What happened here,” Adrian asked in complete shock and disgust, “why… just why?”

He looked to the right and saw the mayor and the ones that help him.

“Mayor Colum Hermann, do you care to explain this,” the Ymerawdwr asked.

The Mayor stayed silent.

“What about you John Aiza,” the Ymerawdwr asked, “you work for him and is one of his two main helpers.”

John was silent.

“Or what about School Master Gerallt McDevitt,” the Ymerawdwr asked, “and you can tell us about what your ‘school’ has done. What happened with those hundreds, no, thousands of kids that has ‘disappeared’? And why there is more than twenty bodies found in your grounds with many more still being found?”

Gerallt McDevitt was silent.

“How about anyone else,” the Ymerawdwr asked.

Everyone was silent.

“Men, take them into the mobile jail centers, they are our prisoners,” the Ymerawdwr ordered.

The soldiers saluted him and took them away.

“This is horrific,” Adrian commented.

“They were planning something massive,” Revan explained, “I don’t know what, but I know they were planning something.”

The two began to walk out of the room, when Revan continued, “something else we have discovered is that the Momen School has been attempting to brainwash the populace. They may have been attempting to form a large cult.”

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News from the North

Postby Delogie » Mon May 09, 2022 12:40 pm

The Southern Camp, Outside of Glen Awtomatig
April 18, 2022 A.D., 9:22 A.M.

Revan, Adrian, the Generals, and other high-ranking officers meet around a large table in a large tent. On the table was a large map of the area in and around Loindan.

“Gentlemen, Loindan is surrounded by land. Sini forces has artillery in positions that prevent our ships from getting supplies to the city,” the Ymerawdwr said, placing risk pieces where the Sini forces are positioned.

“We also know,” General Coille began, “that their command is 37 miles east of their lines somewhere in the woods. So there is a possibility to cut their soldiers from their command by land.”

General Coille placed a small block at a specific place in the woods and continued, “this is where a large mansion is. It holds a prisoner that the Kingdom of Sasannia also held. It has been repaired and we had soldiers here. I have not heard back from them, this might be where this army has set up their command. This area is a very dense forest. Their best and most skilled soldiers are said to be in their head quarters, while the majority of their foreign volunteers are on the front lines with their worse soldiers.”

The Ymerawdwr then grabbed a few gray pieces and began to speak, “General Muldoon, I want the first corps to attack from the west. General Coille, I want the second corps to attack from the east. It would be best to have your encampment at the half-way point between their forces and their command. General Collins, I want the fourth corps to attack from the south. I will lead the third corps against their command.”

The Ymerawdwr then turned toward the Akina, “Adrian, I want your forces to stay here to help with clearing the wreckage, rebuilding, and helping the local populace in other ways. This would be good practice for you and your forces. When we liberate Logar, you are likely to have to deal with something like this quite often.”

“I will stay then,” the Akina stated.

“Half of the Army of Northern Virginia’s medical corps and a fourth of the engineer corps will stay to help out,” the Ymerawdwr continued, “is this understood?”

“Sir yes sir,” the officers yelled.

“Good, dismissed.”

After the officers left, Revan began to put everything away.

“Revan,” Adrian began, “be careful.”

“I will be,” Revan reassured, “I want you to keep an eye on Cadi Ahearn and Currie Finley. I just need to convince or order them to stay.”

Revan left the tent and began looking for the two women. He found them near the mess tent.

“Cadi, Currie, I have a request for you both,” he began, “I want you both to stay and help with efforts here.”

“What about you, we are supposed to keep an eye on you,” Currie stated.

“I understand that, but both you and your talents will be more needed here. The people have went through terrible times and the city is, mostly, destroyed. I need you both to help Adrian here.”

The two women discussed and then agreed. They hugged him before he left. He then went into his tent, where Rose sat.

“I want to go with you,” she said.

“It will be far too dangerous. It would be best if you helped your brother here,” he said.

She begrudgingly agreed to stay. Revan then began to pack his stuff for transport.
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The Second Battle of Loindan

Postby Delogie » Tue May 10, 2022 2:32 pm

Near the Command Headquarters, 37 miles east of the Sini blockade.
April 23, 2022 A.D., 11:44 P.M.

The forces arrived over an hour before. A portion of the engineers, cooks, among others was left to the camp areas to make the camps; while the soldiers began their attacks.

Revan’s forces is near the mansion, having had to go in on foot due to the dense forest, unable to use most vehicles. He signals some of his squad to follow him. A large portion of his army will attempt to attack and distract the communist forces, while his squad sneaks into the house and captures any and all documents, before firing on them. They believe the prisoner was taken elsewhere, due to a transmission from them to their government that was intercepted.

They wait inside the bushes, waiting for the attack. After a few seconds, the attack commenced. They waited for the soldiers to pass their position. Once they did, the squad stunk into the back of the house.

The entire squad split up, with Revan going down the stairs, looking around. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he saw a large, long hallway with jail cells lining the walls. He began to walk down, looking into each cell for anything. Once he reached the end of the hallway, he was hit in the back of the head with a pan and he fell.

“Owww,” he said quietly, “dang that hurt. Where did it come from?”

“From me,” said a woman’s voice in Dixon, “I suggest that you surrender commie. I will not be executed!”

“Commie,” Revan asked, “I am not a communist, I am a part of the Provisional Empire.”

“Are you hear to rescue me,” she asked.

“I didn’t even know there was any prisoners here, we thought they were, if any was still around, transferred within the last week or two. But I will make sure to get you to safety,” Revan promised, “as long as you don’t hit me with that again.”

“I will do my best,” she said with a smirk.

“Follow me.”

The two went down the hall way and up the stairs. He men having begun to fire on the communists.

“Found anything,” the Ymerawdwr asked.

“Yes sir, quite a few documents,” the soldier said, “this is, indeed, the headquarters. Looks like you found something, or should I say someone.”

Revan began to fire on the communists.

“Get to safety,” he told the woman.

As he told her that, he was shot in the arm and went on one knee.

“Are you okay,” she asked.

“I will live,” he said.

He then looked up at the soldier.

“Take her back to the camp,” the Emperor ordered the soldier he spoke to, “I will cover you both from here. Everyone else will cover your from out back.”

Revan then began to handcuff the prisoner.

“HEY,” she yelled.

“It’s for your, but mostly our, protection,” Revan reassured, giving the soldier the key, “go now.”

The woman and the soldier ran out through the back door into the woods. Revan got back up and continued firing on the communists. After a few minuets, the remaining Sini soldiers surrendered, including their commanding officers.

The Third Corps returned to the newly made camp. Revan, along with the rest of the wounded, went to one of the medical tents. After a little while, he was back ouot with a bandage over where the bullet was extracted. He then went to his tent and entered it. He took his armor off, followed by his jacket and shirt.

“Who are you,” he heard the woman’s voice.

He turned around and asked, “why are you in here?”

“Oh, it’s you. Why are you in here,” she asked in return, “this tent belongs to the Ymerawdwr of Seluia.”

“I am aware,” he informed her, “after all, this is my tent.”

Her eyes went wife, realizing what she did.

“I apologize for hitting you cousin,” she said.

“Cousin,” Revan asked in confusion.

She then got up and put her hand out to shake and introduced herself, “I am Princess Mallory of the house of Peterme of the Kingdom of Sasannia.”

He then began to remember the other world, and remembered how she cared for him, and how they were falling in love.

“She looks exactly like she did in the other world,” he thought to himself, “how did I not see it? Probably because I was attempting to not get killed.”

He shook his head before going too deep into his thoughts and memories.

“It is a pleasure to meet you,” he said, shaking her hand, “I am Ymerawdwr Revan III Scardonet of Seluia.”

“It’s a pleasure,” she said, “I do have to say that you look far more handsome in person than what pictures I have seen in the past and have imagined now.”

Revan began to blush, “thanks, I… I… I guess?”

She smiled.

He cleared his throat and asked, “why where you in that house?”

“I guess I should start in the beginning,” she began, “my family was in, well what is now, Dodoia after the Great Coalition War of the 1900’s. We moved to the lands of the Sparrowgull and helped them in every-way we could, seeing as they were one of if not the most powerful nation, faction, warlord, whatever you wish to call them. We helped them in secret. When the Republicans overthrew them in the late 1970’s, we helped the Republicans. I was born on April 13th, 2003 at our home. My brother, King Medraut I Peterme, was born before me on February 14th, 2002 at our home as well. In 2006, we, secretly, returned to Sasannia. Our Father was offered the crown, but he refused since he did not wish to reign. He passed away in 2012. My brother accepted the crown and became the secret king. He told me he would get the permission of the Unchel Brennus once he was a bit older. On September 11, 2013; as you know, your father passed away. He decided to wait to get your permission a little while. On October 2, 2021; I went to my brother and asked him for permission to formerly request permission for him to hold the throne. He said ‘you will not or else I will do onto you as’ he did with your father. I don’t think he was going to tell me he ordered the killing of your father. Once I learned that, I was going to inform you of his place in the assassination. He then ordered his guards to take me prisoner. He placed me in our old home that our mother and father raised us in. I kept a garden there. In December, some-point after Christmas, I heard my guards killed. I knew there was many Sasannian soldiers around and I thought my brother sent them to kill me and my guards to leave no witnesses. I was terrified. Your soldiers rescued me. They kept me there for a few days before taking me to, what I was told was your villa. I did not speak to anyone, since I was still scared. I thought if someone knew who I was, they may want me dead. Eventually was I brought back to my home. I was told it was fixed up, and it was. I stayed in the house, with soldiers guarding me and giving me my supplies. One day, I think a few weeks ago, I heard gunshots. I looked outside and saw your soldiers was killed. I was put in a cell with little food or water. Their commanders began to debate whether or not to execute me, after they discovered who I was exactly due to some old hidden documents I did not know of, which your men, also, got a hold of. They were planning on doing that later today. They sent out a transmission to make anyone listening think I was transferred, believing they can lay a trap. Early today, they prepared the gallows outside my window, then they… assaulted me. After they did that, while I heard a large commotion and a lot of gunshots, I grabbed a pan I kept hidden with me and broke out. Luckily the cell and the door was old enough to be broken. I snuck out and waited at the end of the hallway. After a little while, you came down.”

“I am sorry,” Revan said, comforting her, “You are safe now, but you cannot stay here, it is not that safe here. Here before long, I will take you down to my villa. It is nice, comfortable, and far, far away from the front lines.”

She nodded her head with tears still in her eyes, “thank you.”

“Don’t worry,” he told her, “you will not be tortured or anything like that, you will be safe.”

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Postby Delogie » Wed May 11, 2022 5:18 pm

The Scota Villa
May 5, 2022 A.D., 12:45 P.M.

Currie, Cadi, Mallory, and Rose disembarked from the transport. Revan followed soon after. Once his stuff was unloaded and brought to his room, the company that escorted them left to meet the rest of Third Corps in Glen Awtomatig, to help Adiran and his forces in rebuilding, clearing debris, defense, etc.

The group of women split up, with Rose going to the Idenburg Villa, wearing her dress she cleaned herself down by the river. He did wish that she would have left him sleep instead of bothering every few seconds while they were in bed. He then followed Cadi into the Scota Villa. He saw Mallory standing in the doorway of the room she slept in in the other world. He then walked over toward her.

“Thinking about that being your room,” he asked.

“I like it, I might do that,” she said, looking around.

“Guessing you will need more clothes,” he said, “if you want, you can go down to one of the local towns and get something for yourself. There’s a few places that hold more… noble clothes. I’m sure one of the women would love to go with you. As for money, just ask and I’ll give you some.”

“Thanks,” she said, “and thank you for saving me.”

“No problemo.”

Revan left and walked down the left pathway, checking the entire Villa. When he reached the end of it, he then wend down the right pathway. On one of the benches, he saw his wi… friend, Lady Mairead Scar… Duwarth. He began thinking of the other world. The love they shared, their wedding, what would have been his first kiss. He then begins to walk to her. She sees him, gets up, and starts walking, then running, toward him. As soon as she was within arms reach of him, she gave him a hug, with him returning it.

“Thank God you are alright,” she said, giving him a large hug.

Revan starts to become overwhelmed with emotion, feeling as if he was with his wife in the other world. He continued to hug her.

“I am glad to see you are alright,” he said, attempting to not cry.

The two begin to talk about what has happened since he woke up, with Revan not mentioning the shadow person, nor the other world.

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A Decision to be Made

Postby Delogie » Thu May 12, 2022 2:15 pm

Revan’s Bedroom
May 12, 2022 A.D., 10:52 P.M.

Revan began to think about the previous few days. About how he has spent more time with Mairead, Mallory, Cadi, Nandag, Cadilyna, Gráinne, Currie, and Hinata. He is in love with all of them, he wishes to marry all of them. He knows it would be expensive since, in Chicphileh, you must donate a certain amount for each marriage when already married to one person, with it going up further and further each time. Most of the women, minus Hinata, decided to stay in the villa for a few days. He begins to smile.

“Tick tock, tick tock,” said the familiar voice of William, “it is time for a decision Revan.”

“I thought we have agreed to wait until the end of the war,” Revan said, sitting up.

“It may have been years since you have became unconscious in the other world,” William stated, “perhaps your wife has formally left you and remarried. Not to mention, you are falling in love again, you must decide before it is too late.”

Revan began to sweat with nervousness. William walked in front of Revan and pointed toward a cabinet.

“In there,” William said, “is one way to figure it out. Perhaps you Buntline Special will do the trick.”

“What if this is the real world,” Revan asked.

“And what if it is no,” William retorted.

“Revan says a woman’s caring voice.

He recognizes it as the voice of Mairead.

“Come back my beloved, come back my husband,” her voice pleads.

“My wife,” Revan says, looking up, his voice being of a scared, broken man.

“You must make a choice, your highness,” William states.

Revan began to heavily sweat and shake. He considers the choices carefully. To attempt to force the end of the coma, or to stay to see if this is the real world.



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