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Texkentuck National Holidays and Traditions

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 5:01 pm
by Texkentuck
The nation of Texkentuck has holidays throughout the year. The nation also celebrates feast days in their local church's which some in the nation take seriously by prayer to that saint and by holding a veneration at the church's throughout Texkentuck. Texkentuck also has military parades of national pride in all major cities in the morning. The Texkentuck flag is raised and lowered at 7am in the morning with the national anthem played at noon and the retiring of the flag at 7pm. It's national law for citizens to pull over their car wherever and to show respect by standing in the direction of the flag retiring. Veterans of the Texkentuck Armed forces salute.

January 1'st is New Years day. Most businesses close this day- In politically non-correct terms it's referred to as hangover day. Also most buisness work employess half days for just 2 weeks after for re-cooperation and to remind people that the new year is new and to move slow into the new year.

April 7th is the day celebrated for being the day the first Nomads crossed onto the continent. People still go to work but wish each other a greeting of fellow nomad- remember liberty, religion, and freedom. People celebrate in the major cities which become a wild party.

May 13- All buisnesses shut down to remember the message of our Lady of Fatima and most go to church.

June 12- Monarch Day- Citizens celebrate the birth of the first Texkentuck government in drafting a constitution of the government having a day to reconize the first President Walt Schirkophf and the second elected Monarch Guy Red. Citizens also celebrate the fact that President Bram W. Schirkophf has overthrew the corrupt parliament in 2001.

July 2nd is UCCR Day- The celebration of the Texkentuck Constitution and the birth of Texkentuck enjoining the nation to the Union Conservative Capitalist Republic. The Flag of Gholistan is in all military parades. People continue to go to work. It's a day to celebrate capitalism.

August12 - Armed Texkentuck Forces Day- This day celebrates all who serve in the Texkentuck Armed Forces- Most buisnesses are shut down and the militarized parades in the cities are more of an event. The flags of the Texkentuck Armed Forces branch flags are encouraged to fly for 3 hours in place of the National Flag.

September 22- Viking Day- The group who were decendents of vikings in Texkentuck definitely celebrate. Many in the nation wear viking hats to work and go around town looking like vikings. Some men grow beards for the month of September. It's a month for people to act savage out of good fun. People walk around shouting YORG as a greeting........Some people get headaches because people blow viking horns in traffic, and in public for no major reason. It's an outlandish day but tradition. Some people scream stuff like fight the hord....Laugh maniacally. No one knows what that means but it said it has to do with Lead Zeppelins song the Immigrant Song. It's played all day everywhere. It's actually the craziest holiday. Citizens have flocked to Vallhallaland, Texkentuck to party. On this day in 2002 youth flocked their and destroyed the capital city for the heck of it with drunkeness in the streets and set fire to the city. The local government called in the TFS to get some law and order. After that year the state of Vallhallaland made sure to prepare for wild partying and to stop people from setting fires screaming and acting like vikings. The most rememberable figures was a shirtless viking with a lot of piercings and tatoos and a midget who were on film burning buisness after buisness laughing and screaming fight the hord! Viking.....Then the small midget of a viking would blow the horn as he set fire....They had a crowd behind them shouting burn baby burn!! Lot's of insane laughing and blowing of the viking horns..........Many intosicated/drug fuled that day. People now on this day think of this event as they celebrate....

October 31- All Saints Day- The nation celebrates by childerne dressing up as good angles and saints. The children travel from house to house for candy. Also people celebrate the death of their loved ones by dressing up in the city as skeletons. Families set the table for food and empty chairs in place with relatives names in place to remember their life. Also on the weekend after the 31st grown ups celebrate by having big parties in which they dress up like characters who are scary from horror films or just dressing up.

November 10 through 20 is Fall fest- Children and adults celebrate by having a big dinner on the 10th. Businesses are closed all this week. Their are events having to do with hay rides, apple cider visits to local orchards and what the people make of celebrating fall.

December 24th Celebrate Christmas eve and December 25th celebrate Christmas. Citizens put up Christmas Trees.