Discription of rp for Texkentuck Civil war Here

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Discription of rp for Texkentuck Civil war Here

Postby Texkentuck » Mon Nov 22, 2021 8:05 pm


How to play-
This is a detailed roll play-
This is a roll play that simulates troop movements as well as the take over of points on the map. Use the rules below to do troop movements. For an invasion paratroopers may be dropped anywhere on the map but be sure to read where the defensive is and how many troops. If troops land in a square that's undefended assume that square is conquered. A conquered square may be taken back by troop movement.
Lets say you want to take the city of Polaris, Polar Boreal.
Texkentuck Using the nation states calculator stated that their are 1000 troops in Polaris. You know to win polaris you will need to drop more troops. Also Polaris is close to the ocean. Short range missiles can travel 5 squares and can destroy up to a troop force of 200. If your nation decides to drop a ballistic missile take into consideration that the missile may be stopped. In real life time from 10 min of the post of a missile launch with in that time frame the opponent may rp that it was shot down but if it's been an hour. The missile hit and that is that. Also to take Polaris your nation may rp the dropping in of troops. But to land tanks their has to be the take over of an airfield or rp that the c-130 landed in an empty field. If a square is decribed as being overpopulated or shows that it's a city like Dominion Square. You will have to take an airfield. A place like Polaris is just a town and invasion of such a place wouldn't be hard. Once troops land in a square you rp with that nation the war. After the battle is rp'd the winning nation calculates the new calculation of how many troops in that square. Those troops can rp being flown to another square or decide to progress across the squares in which you report which square a day. Troops may move one square a day unless the rp being paratroopered.
p.s. when firing a missile edit the post so that the time may be seen when the missile was rp'd. Also if you respond at any time of missile strike pryer to 10 min be sure to edit your post so we can see the time that you stated it was deflected.
An Example of reporting an invasion of Polaris is written as here
Code: Select all
Nation Name:

Invasion type check boxes
Short range Missile strike []
Long range Missile strike []
Nuke Polaris. A nuke destroys 5 squares in diameter[]
A missile or nuke may be stopped if the opponent responds to comment 10 min. from strike. Also to participate in nuclear warfare you must make a grid map of your nation for the same opportunity to strike back.
Square for invasion:
Example: Polaris is in D7
Once troops are in a square you may move 2 squares a day. Tanks and armored vehicles can move 5.
Lets say after the battle the 2000 you invaded with after rp with Texkentuck won. But lost 1000 troops. Next day. You can report that you moved that force of 1000 from D7 to D9. Or any square from Polaris.

Describe the actions taken: Moved an aircraft carrier into D1 and moved to D2.
p.s. short range missiles can only travel 4 squares. Next day move to d3 or also dv then rp a strike.
P.S. To use a long range missile. Must post a grid of your nations map and list sites for attack as well. So Texkentuck can have the opportunity to rp back.

After you describe your actions the opponent may be able to respond by sending troops from one square to your square to take it back or just allow for it to happen. This is how rp is played out with the movement.

Also lets pretend you took Polaris with with 2000 troops but did an missile strike and Texkentuck responded 20 min later. A missile strike killed 200 troops so Texkentuck must rp with 800 troops. Only after the battle can Texkentuck rp a take back or counter attack and this goes for all opponents.
Also as troops are killed off in rp. From the total troop number count that is calculated into the equasion. Once all troops from either side are gone. Their is no more rp and one side claims victory. Using the maps I post will show you what is available to invade. Use the maps as if it's like your nation using satalites to see what to invade.

How to calculate troops for invasion using nation states calculator-
First go to this website-
You find out the total number of troops by typing in the name of your nation and getting the total troop count by looking at military and reserves-
The example is using Texkentuck-
Texkentuck has a total troop count of 103,753,010
That means that's how many troops we have total throughout the nation. For a nation wishing to invade you will be subtracting from the number when troops are killed. Same for troops on defensive.
If your nation wishes to have tanks-keep in mind there are usually a crew of 4 in a tank unless you rp that the tank is new and you must rp atleast 2 troops to a tank. If Texkentuck wanted to have no troops and all tanks which would be dumb that would mean that I would do 103,753,010 divided by 4. That means I could rp 26,000 tanks total with no military. When rping troops with tanks keep in mind the number you have reported in the squares must align with troop number. Below is how many people are in vehicles. In rp of the squares. There must never be more troops in calculation that your troop count. When troops are rp killed. You must subtract from that number and guarantee your opponents are doing those calculations too. War Is Hell.

Troops to vehicles - When doing calculations in rp-
Aircraft carrior=1000 troops with 45 jets- jets can travel across 20 sqaures from carrior. Or rp landing into an airport that is taken over.- can travel 4 squares a day.
battleships- travel 4 squares a day and can launch a missile four squares a way.
Tanks= 4 troops on board unless it's stated it's a modern tank with 2 troops- can travel 2 squares a day
Armored carrior vechiles- [rp they can kill up to 10 troops in a square] can make 6 troops in a war zone safe from being killed by troops-not tanks]- can travel 2 squares a day
ground troops can travel 1 square a day on foot.
Paratroopers may be dropped in anysquare. but once dropped rules for movement apply. Also some squares are more defended than others. I explained enough just will set up the rp and get this going.

How to see all the targets I can attack-
- There will be a map like the one above showing you where the capital is. Airfields, bases, and weapon facilities.....Yes Sir or Mam

Before the war I will have my troop calculations and on the map you will be able to see where all my troops are stationed. It's like checkers but with RP. Also Texkentuck is playing defensive and offensive. We will be moving troops into the 3 states. Also you will be able to see what's defended and what is not. Also texkentuck has a missile train that moves 20 squares a day and will list squares with the track. Your nation will be able to see all my troops. But my nation doesn't know if you will invade or push us out of the 3 states. The 3 states that succeeded are safe for your military to land.

This is a close up of the states who are succeeding from Texkentuck- It's safe for troops to land in these squares because there are no Texkentuck Troops in these squares. These states are currently standing there ground with a weak force that will be dealt with on November 27th. The 3 states are Vallhallaland, Articland, and Redland. They have currenlty declared themselves "The Peoples Republic of New Norway" They intend to institute a Vonvorkinfrotworst style government lead by the emotions of Communists in the nation. Very much so if the states are taken over the opposition forces will be able to decide what the government will be and possibly there may be another civil war. Or the two nations will learn to live with the atrocity on it's border. The real question that will be seen in RP is are the nations that's for the succession going to plan to invade Texkentuck or just hold forces back from squares in those borders?. Only War will tell.
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