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Our Noble Ties That Bind (Closed)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 10:31 pm
by Cartoonia
Hello! This is a private closed RP between me and AHSCA, but feel free to read along if you’d like!

Gallager, Cartoonia. November, 2021

The streets of Gallagher were cleaned up for today’s ceremonies, as the cool breeze of November blows through the city. It has been years since Cartoonia planned an official state visit, especially from their allies. This year, Her Royal Highness Duchess Marcella has agreed to visit Cartoonia as an official state visit, for about a week or so. With a schedule of ceremonies and leisure, it was going to be a great time for all involved, especially since… … ya know. That was neither here nor there, nor important. What matters is the pleasure and comfort of Her Royal Highness. That is what Cartoonia is known for in the region. Hospitality and Entertainment. At the Supreme Leader’s Estate, The rooms were all being cleaned out for her Royal Highness’ arrival to these fair Cartune Isles. The household servants rush throughout moving things in and out, for this would also be the first time a visiting head of state has a chance to stay within the residence of Supreme Leader Kudo in the guest rooms. True, embassies of visiting dignitaries act as their residence here, but oftentimes, dignitaries of higher notoriety such as monarchs and other high-ranking heads of state have the chance of living in the guest rooms of the estate or stay at the Kiddington House, often larger than their embassies.

With all different variables in place, there is always one big constant. The arrival ceremony where the Supreme Leader meets with the visiting dignitary. Both a military, musical, and diplomatic spectacle that reaffirms the ties that bind two great nations. The honor guards of the armed forces gather in front of the Estate grounds, two military bands also gather. The Supreme Leader’s Own Cartoon Marine Band plays ceremonial music, and the Central City Preußische Armeemarschsammlung Band brings a little bit of history and tradition brought in Cartoonia. Along lines, crowds of AHSCAian tourists and ex-pats, supporters of monarchies, and students from the public schools gather to greet the visiting duchess. They were fortunate to be here today, and wouldn’t be possible without the COVID vaccine made mandatory to all citizens, which has proven effective with 99% of the Cartoon population fully vaccinated (and it helps that there are no cases of COVID within the Cartune Isles).

“Sir,” said Captain Terrance “Toast” Bazaar of the Supreme Leader’s Personal Sentry, The Histeria Rifle Regiment. “Honor guard is all ready. Crowds have begun to gather. And government officials and dignitaries from the AHSCA embassy have also arrived”.

“Excellent. I’ll be down there in a few minutes”.

“Yes sir”. He salutes and leaves the office. After a very hectic year, Supreme Leader Jimmy Kudo was looking forward to a single week where he can relax, enjoy himself, and be as gracious and hospitable to their guests from overseas. Instead of the military uniform he usually wears in other ceremonial occasions, he wears his blue suit and red bowtie.

“You seem excited about this aren’t you?” Rachel, his wife replied.

“Of course, it’s her majesty’s first visit to our isles. We are very close allies, so it’d be nice to show some of that hospitality, especially because of the past few months”. He kisses his wife on the cheek passionately, Rachel blushes. “It’ll be good to not think about any events going on. I think we all need this”.

“You’re right”.

“I got a fun week ahead of us. A few concerts and plays here and there, and of course a special retreat into our mountain residence, and a few spots in the different provinces”.

“Sounds fun”. Both Jimmy and Rachel leave to the front of their home to greet their guests from abroad.

Meanwhile, Port Dickson. Crowds of onlookers wait at a designated port for which the Duchess and whoever else being brought along with her was scheduled to arrive in. A line of guards and secret service members line against the docks and gangways intended for the use of Her Royal Highness. Among the folks in the crowd was the welcoming committee, set up to welcome foreign dignitaries in official state visits. Leading the committee is the Chief of Protocol, Mr. Tenya Iida, the party leader for the Anime-Cartoon Liberty Party. Guards consisting of marines and sailors line the walkway, to salute the incoming dignitary.

The ship enters the port. The military band plays fanfares and ceremonial music, including the nation’s welcoming piece By Land and Sea, as the ship moors onto the dock. Soldiers on the walkway set their ceremonial weapons down and salute the duchess.

“Wow,” one of the members of the entourage, Representative Tamaki Suoh says. “Haven’t seen a sailing vessel as big as that before. Must have come from the age of sail”.

“That’s because the United Island States is rooted in tradition. Kind of like us in a way. We both embrace tradition with a sprinkle of progressivism in society. We share a worldview of preserving technology that works and granting more freedom to all peoples more than ever before. You traveled there haven’t you?”

“Oh, that was before I was elected as a representative of Cartoon House for Ouran”.

‘And you’ve seen first hand of the traditionalism in terms of technology that they to partake in. Our bond is strong, and free trade continues with our faithful ally”. Jubilant cheers from onlookers as the Duchess’ ship anchors in the port. The gangway is opened for her and her entourage to step down onto Cartoon soil for the first time.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 6:36 pm
Rather surprisingly, Duchess Marcella had not yet made her own formal visit to Cartoonia. The nations have had great relations for quite a while now and had plenty in common but well whatever glad it was now instead of never! Recent events were not the greatest and certainly threw Marcella into a lot of unflattering scrutiny, how other nations took to the news when she stared down a vote of no confidence, remained to be seen but obviously Cartoonia wasn't scared off by it. One would think this had left Marcella in a melancholy mood but surprisingly enough, no, quite the contrary she was probably as cheery as ever. Why? Well because the rumors of her finding a new love were quite true indeed, well why not, it seemed Aurelia moved on rather quickly from Marcella so only proper Marcella move on from Aurelia and not wallow. Right now, Marcella was wanting to keep it a bit quiet, not drag a man she met during the festival into the spotlight just yet. Plus, after what happened with Aurelia, maybe a good idea to take it a bit slow for a while.

This trip, Marcella wasn't alone because she had with her, obviously two of her bodyguards, Lady Asuna and Lady Sayaka, both of whom accompanied her and Gisella during their visit to Astares Amauricanum. One would almost think Sayaka was promoted to Crimson Knight now but she was still a Cerulean, not that she was complaining. Deputy Foregin Officer for AHSCA, Roshin Tendo, curious how Noir the actual foreign minister, always seemed busy or unavailable for these state meetings, well oh well. Officer Shizuka Gozen was here to document the trip, opting to do it herself this time rather than pass the assignment along to another journalist of the State Press. Of course Marcella's handmaiden Yoshi was along for this trip. And one more special little guest, Hibiki the daughter of Marcella's new beau (yeah that's right a man this time around) a potential future stepdaughter for Marcella. Cute as can be, small and full of energy. What happened to her mom? Well if you ask Hibiki, her mama died when she was still a baby, that was the story she knew and was told but awful truth was her mom ran off somewhere. Marcella knew the truth as did little Hibiki's papa but for now, Hibiki didn't know, it's how he wanted it. Over all, a good ensemble here, some for the state and some just for Marcella.

Okay that's a lot of backstory to get through. Now onto the present day at hand, the geat thing about Cartoonia was they were well aware of AHSCA's preferences and welcome Marcella to sail on in by sea instead of insisting on a quick arrival by air. Perfect, lovely! Arriving on the HMS Carp. It'd been a journey of about 4 weeks, some days of fierce storms with the ups and down and plenty of rolls to the side but just as many great days of sunshine and blue skies and calm seas so it wasn't all bad. Marcella, sporting a cute bob cut, her hair been cut the first day of the festival to go blend in at the village of her trusted guard, everyone else dressed and ready to march on down the gangway to their warm welcome by Cartoonia.

Marcella waved to the crowd of onlookers, cameras of the media and press to let them grab pictures of her and the group with her. Her first steps now onto Cartoonia, what a welcome, this was great day and a great place to be. With the Kudo's there Marcella could give a proper greeting to their hosts "Your Excellency, Mister Kudo, thank you for having us. Milady Kudo, thank you for also coming to welcome all of us. Mister Suoh, how lovely it is to see you here as well." Roshin did well to prepare Marcella for whom among Cartoonia's government would be there to greet them. "And to all the lovely people of Cartoonia, I'm delighted to be here on my first visit to your country."

PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 7:13 pm
by Cartoonia
More cheers were in order, as newspaper cameras and live television news cameras were all on the duchess and the entourage from the United Island States. The Supreme Leader and his wife smiled at the arriving dignitaries

“Oh, the pleasure is ours your Royal Highness” Jimmy replies, both him and Rachel bowing in respect as they always does to visiting monarchs. “we have been looking forward to this state visit for several months. I’m glad there is time now at last!”

“It’s been a while since we had an official state visit, not including private visits of course. We are delighted to be hosting visits again and from a faithful ally as well, especially since the whole pandemic going around. I’m just glad that it hasn’t touched us”.

“It’s a true miracle dear. Now, then. Let us take you and your entourage through a short tour of a few sights in our capital before we head to our estate for our more formal ceremonies, and so you can rest your sea legs and unpack?” Jimmy finishes off showing his hands to a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantom IV limousines.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 2:38 pm
"A tour would be delightful as a little rest from our long voyage. I'm glad for a change I got to sail into a place instead of flying. Nothing against the miracle of flight but I'm still a woman of the sea." On that note of the pandemic, Your Excellency, I'm glad you fine people were blessed with being spared the worst of the pandemic where many nations have not been as lucky, including Kyrenaia." While AHSCA and Kyrenaia may not be on the best terms right now that didn't mean Marcella didn't empathize with the difficult situation. "And thankfully the UIS was spared too and we've been blessed with a robust vaccination program by our friends so all is well. Including all of us, so we're all set."

Hibiki's eyes looked on in amazement and wonder about the lovely looking car, "Wooooow this is so fancy!"

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:58 pm
by Cartoonia
“Yes, I have heard of some of the disasters that fell upon other nations during the pandemic. Some more worst than others” replied Jimmy solemnly. “But, I am glad your nation got out of it unscathed” he added in a more happier tone. “I believe the future is bright for our planet. But enough serious chit chat, allow me to escort you, your Royal Higness”. All peoples involved were all escorted inside the limo. Jimmy smiles at the young child’s comment.

“Yeah, we do love a bit of old fashioned fanciness. I guess you can say that our nation is quite similar. We do like to use old fashioned machinery, though of course we do some internal upgrades to keep up with the modern world, but we do keep the style. It’s a bit more classy, and we do love class. Oh, I’m sorry. I never got your name child”. Jimmy’s attention returns to the duchess.

“You Royal Highness, I hope you wouldn’t mind me asking, but this young child is apart of your family correct?”

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 11:55 am
"Oooh my name is Hibiki" Hibiki said pointing to herself, with her eyes still darting around to catch every passing sight.

Marcella was torn, tell the truth or fib? Her honesty certainly came back to haunt her with the whole situation with Aurelia but yet again, honest to a fault. "To tell you honestly, no. Not yet at least. Since everything that happened between me and the Royal Family of Kyrenaia, I've started to move on and now I'm seeing someone new and Hibiki here, is his daughter."

"She's really good friends with my papa! They met during the Festival!" Hibiki grinned.

"I'm trying to keep it a bit quiet for now, I don't want a big fuss. But yeah I've grown fond of him and Hibiki here. I thought she too might like to see a far off place like Cartoonia so I'm bringing her along."

"Aaaand I kind of begged and pleaded. It just sounded like so much fun to go to some place with Miss Marcella!"

PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2021 8:15 pm
by Cartoonia
“Does it now? Well, it’s certainly nice to meet you Hibiki, I’m sure you will have plenty of fun here”. With everyone in the limos, the cavalcade leaves the port, making their way through the main boulevard of the city, with the flags of Cartoonia and AHSCA lining the lamposts of the street.

“Well, I won’t press onto this matter further. Seems personal. So let me take you on a brief tour of the city center before we reach my estate”. Jimmy points outside as the cars pass through European-esque, Beaux-Arts buildings that housed the shops and restaurants of the main boulevard.

“We have just left the port and entered the historic downtown area. These buildings have been designed in the style of European architecture of the day, very ornate and grand. These buildings have been standing since the late 1890s, including that hotel to the right”. He points to a Victorian-style hotel, at the same height as the other buildings along the boulevard. “That is the Liberty Hotel, the oldest established hotel in Gallagher”. There were more rows of buildings coming up, but these were not the stores and restaurants. These were townhouses of a lavish neighborhood.

“Now these townhouses belong to many of the prominent Gallagher politicians and politicians who often stay here. Overthere,” he points, “Is Number 30, the home of the head of our government, the chancellor, who is currently, Mr. Nigel Uno. You will meet him once we arrive at my estate for the official welcoming ceremony”.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 04, 2021 3:01 pm
"I'm sure she will. Miss Miki here will be her attending security detail with her always." Marcella gestured at the second bodyguard next to her who gave a smile, always happy to be doing her duty, "Naturally Asuna here will stay with me. Hibiki should have fun and she can't have fun being stuck with the same boring old meetings day in and day out."

"Mmmm" she nodded still with her wide ear to ear smile.

"Perfect. Your nation does go back a great deal as I understand, it still has so much old character left in the streets I can still feel all the history leftover. This is a wonderful city you have."

"It's very pretty" Hibiki agreed.

Now it was Deputy Tendo's turn to get a word in. "Looking forward to a welcoming ceremony and meeting Chancellor Uno."

PostPosted: Sun Dec 05, 2021 12:52 am
by Cartoonia
“Ah, I am sure the chancellor would be looking forward to meeting all of you too. Especially upon his initiative, he too invited two candidates for your house speaker during your elections to his home in continuing great relations with us”.

Continuing on their way, the motorcade passes through one of the greatest symbols of Cartoon power. A large roundabout surrounds this area, a plaza with fountains and at the center of all, which is also the top of a small hill is a grand ornate gothic-esque building.

“That building over there in the center of this roundabout,” Jimmy begins, “is the center of Cartoon politics. It’s what we call Cartoon House. The legislature of the government. It was once the colonial governor’s mansion back when we were a colony in the 1880s, but since our independence, it has served as the center of federal politics”. Inside the plaza was a row of 5 ceremonial artillery (3-inch M1902 field gun), where the men and women of the 4th “Honorable” artillery company load blanks as is tradition, (the tradition being that whenever a foreign dignitary visits the capitol, 5 blanks are shot as a 5-gun entrance salute for the dignitaries) and fire up in the air. With that, the leave the roundabout to some large nice homes on the eastside, leading towards the Supreme Leader’s estate.

“We’ll be at the residence shortly soon, as soon as we pass through this neighborhood”.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2021 6:42 pm
"Oh what a beautiful building!" Marcella said

"It's so pretty!" Hibiki said leaning and forgetting a moment about the window there giving a slight bump "Oof" But it didn't hurt much she still kept her wide bright eyes peeled about everything. Her attention also turned to everything in the car as she ran her hands over everything and anything. "There's a lotta houses and building and all kinds of places"

PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2021 11:27 pm
by Cartoonia
“Ah yes, these suburbs are a great feature to a bustling capital like ours. Right here, these are the more upper class areas of the suburbs, so you would tend to see larger mansions and stylized homes on this side of the city. There are other suburbs in this city where the homes are smaller, but quaint, charming, and cozy. You’ll find many homes of all sizes in this town. Speaking of sizes, it looks like we are approaching my estate”. And indeed, they were there.

The gates of the roadside leading to the estate open, with sentries saluting the leaders as they pass by. On the lawn, the honor guards, cleaned up, with brass and shoes shining on this slightly chilly but sunny November morning. Spectators gather around the lawn, while the band plays the ceremonial arrival music. The Supreme Leader’s brother, the successor to the Supreme Leadership, Sho Rolston Kudo, stands in front of the home, red carpet and all, behind the reviewing stand that stands before the honor guard.

The band reaches the climax as the limo reaches the front of the estate, sentries and officials all around.

“We’re here now. Here, let me introduce you to some of our officials” Jimmy says as he extends his hand out in a gesture of politeness, as others were leaving the vehicles to begin the official welcoming ceremony.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2021 12:14 pm
"You'll never find homes quite like the ones here, right Hibiki?" Marcella asked her and she gave an enthusiastic nod in agreement as their arrival was met with grand fanfare of music playing, a real toe tapper for sure and lively band music. "Delightful, you're reception is really kind." Marcella thanked Mr. Kudo as it was time to step out of the limo in order they formed their little posse, Marcella at the lead with little Hibiki at her side, following closely behind Roshin, and bringing up the rear their two guards.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2021 2:37 pm
by Cartoonia
“Ah yes, excellent”. Jimmy exits the vehicle along with his wife and the Duchess. He is soon greeted by his younger brother, next to him were other prominent politicians of Cartoonia, mostly in government and mostly from the Chancellor’s cabinet.

“Welcome back Jim,” Sho stated happily, both coming in for the embrace.

“It’s great you can join us little bro” Jimmy replies, turning over to the duchess.

“Your Royal Highness, this is my dear little brother, Sho Rolston Kudo,” he says gesturing to his brother as he too bows in respect. “I believe he had visited the island on vacation during one of the festivals two years ago”.

“A pleasure to meet you, Your Royal Highness”, Sho says as he extends his hands in a handshake.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2021 2:48 pm
"How delightful to meet you all, thank you for welcoming all of us here. May I introduce my own little guest of honor here, Hibiki. A close personal friend of mine. And my Deputy Foregin Officer, Roshin Tendo who will be helping out with our matters of state business. Shizuka Gozen, she's my Information Officer"

"As well as handling all matters of our culture and information. Lovely to meet you. You toured our lovely islands, I hope you had a nice time."

PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2021 4:25 pm
by Cartoonia
“It is a pleasure to meet you, I had a wonderful time at the festival in 2019. It gave me some rest and relaxation from the elections that were going on that year” Sho replied happily.

“A pleasure to meet you all, I hope this week will provide a nice relaxing vacation as it is an official state visit” Jimmy says greeting the guests. The bugles, horns, and drums of the band play the ceremonial fanfare, which was a call for the honors to begin.

“Your Royal Highness, if you would please follow me to the reviewing stand. The playing of our national anthems will begin, which will also start the welcoming ceremony”. They proceed to walk up to the reviewing stand. After the band finishes the last chord of the fanfare. Drums roll as an offstage announcer booms through the speakers set up on the lawn.

“Ladies and gentlemen, The national anthem of The United Island States of AHSCA, followed by the national anthem of The Democratic Republic of Cartoonia”.

By this time, the 21-gun salute from the Supreme Leader’s Cliffside Costal Artillery begin, as the national anthem of AHSCA, Islands of the South Seas play, which is followed by Toonlumbia, the Gem of The Ocean. After the honors, Captain Terrance “Toast” Bazaar, shouts “PRESENT! ARMS!” as the soldiers and sailors of the honor guards stand at attention. The captain proceeds to march to the reviewing stand to escort the Supreme Leader, and the Duchess.

“Sir, Your Royal Highness,” he states. “The honor guard is ready for inspection. But first, introductions with the Chancellor, the Attorney General, the Cabinet Secretaries, and the Cheifs of Staff. Please, right this way”.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2021 4:15 pm
"I'm so delighted you enjoyed yourself and our lovely lands." Suzuka agreed

Marcella nodded "I'm certain this will be a fine and restful trip. Again you have all our thanks." The next big event was the national anthems to be played, Island of the South Seas, perfect rendition by the band. All the events were perfect and showed Cartoonia's warm welcome for the guests from the UIS. "Very good." Marcella nodded both approval but also just to acknowledge they would follow as instructed.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2021 3:26 pm
by Cartoonia
Captain Terrence leads both the Supreme Leader and the Duchess down the lawn as the military band plays a march, Rainbow and Snow which will play on repeat until the leaders return to the review stand. Many of the spectators and visitors to the ceremony were taking photos and videos from their cameras, the press were doing that too on their cameras. Now here comes the first governmental greetings.

“Your Royal Highness, this is Mr. Nigel Uno, the Chancellor of the current government, and alongside him is the Attorney General, Mr. Conan Edogawa”.

“Your Royal Highness,” they both say, bowing in respect. Nigel reaches out his hand for a friendly handshake.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I had a wonderful talk with your two candidates in your country’s election last year. I continue to look forward to warm relations”.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2021 11:23 am
"Mr. Uno and Mr. Edogawa, what a great pleasure it is to meet you both. I heard of your productive meeting with two of our nation's Senators, I'm glad you were impressed with them. I'm also eager to explore our relations further along."

PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2021 12:11 am
by Cartoonia
“I too am eager of what the future holds in regards to our strong relations. I believe something great is bound to happen between our two nations”. Continuing on with the greetings, comes the cabinet secretaries. Not all of them however, but some of the more prominent.

“Your Royal Highness” Jimmy starts, “Here are some of the cabinet secretaries of Mr. Uno’s administration. We have our Secretary of Defense, Mr. Ludwig Belischmidt,”.

“A pleasure to meet you, Your Royal Highness”

“Secretary of Education, Mrs. Marge Simpson,”

“The pleasure, Your Royal Highness”.

“Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Raphtalia Iwatani,”

“An honor and a privilege to meet you, Your Royal Highness”.

“Secretary of Child Welfare, Ms. Lisa Simpson,”

“A pleasure, Your Royal Highness”.

“And the Secretary of The Interior, Ms. Kuki Sanban”,

“I hope you’ll enjoy what our little corner of the world has to offer, Your Royal Highness”.

“Not all of the secretaries are present since most of them are in important meetings at the moment, but I’m sure you’ll have a chance to see the rest tomorrow” Jimmy states.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2022 6:42 pm
"Of course, I would imagine how much they all have to do. For those of you who took the time out of your own busy schedules to pay us greetings, thank you so kindly, it's truly a great pleasure and honor to meet all of you, see all the men and women who help the Cartoonian government tick. I'll be excited to meet more of your cabinet tomorrow but for now, shall we move on?" She smiled

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2022 9:41 pm
by Cartoonia
“Of course ma’am” Captain Terrance replies. He guides them through the honor guard for inspection, each regiment representing the armed forces of Cartoonia as the band continues to play. First up was the coast guard, the 23rd Coast Guard Unit of Gallagher. The captain of the unit shouts commands and the soldiers and sailors stand at attention and salute both the passing Supreme Leader and Duchess, and this would continue with all other guards as well. Next as the air force, the 4th Air Force Regiment of Gallagher. Next, the marine corps, the 12th Marine Regiment of Gallagher, the navy, the 4th Naval Guards of the Gallagher Fleet, and the army, the 23rd Infantry Guards of Gallagher. After the inspection, Captain Terrance turns to both Jimmy and Marcella.

“That is all for the inspection, after meeting with some of the civilians, i.e. citizens, school children, and I believe AHSCAian ex-pats, you will be back at the reviewing stand. It’s been an honor serving as your military guide”. He salutes them both, to which they salute back. On the return to the reviewing stand, there were opportunities to shake hands with the citizens that have gathered to welcome the Duchess, including school children, tourists, a few small time politicians, even a few ex-pats.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2022 12:22 pm
"And it's been a delight to have you as a guide. Thank you again." She thanked him, turning back to the crowd and waving again to everyone. It seemed a few islanders indeed were there, islanders who could be here for any number of reasons but she still smiled warmly they were still her subjects in some fashion or another even here in good old Cartoonia.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 09, 2022 6:30 pm
by Cartoonia
Once the greetings of the civilians, they returned to the reviewing stand, the military band’s percussion rolls off, signaling the band to cut off the music.

“There is one more performance, your Royal Highness, before salutatory speeches” Jimmy replies. Up next then, comes fifes and drummers dressed in the style of another country’s military, part of the Central City Preußische Armeemarschsammlung Band. This roots from tradition of an agreement before the year 1900 for different countries to train militaries down here so the colonizers could focus on other matters.

IRL, it was the German Empire

These bandsmen were not wearing the standard uniforms of the military, but rather an ornate style, tricorne hat, green and blue overcoat, white trousers, and black long boots. They begin marching in formation, playing a march from that country, Der Dessauer Marsch. They form little shapes on the field, and before the performance is done, they form an iron cross. The field commander shouts military commands, They continue playing music, first a roll-off Lockmarsch, and at that time, the rest of the band appears from the left, dressed in a blue uniform with a spiked helmet, the fifes out front, and this old fashioned band at the back, they march off, playing Preußens Gloria, passing the review stand. As the band leaves the lawn, next would come salutatory speeches from each of the heads of states.

“Ladies, gentlemen, good friends of Cartoonia. I wish you all a good morning this fine November day. I am proud to celebrate the noble ties between our Democratic Republic, and the United Island States. We share a common history. Of independence, freedom, and tradition. As nations march forward, we look to our past and learn from the great mistakes of those times. We provide trade and culture to our great nations and as nations look down on us, we stand strong no matter what stands against us. And so we stand in greatness in the greatest traditions of all nation states, the official state visit, from our good friends from across the seas. Your Royal Highness, members of the AHSCAian delegation. On behalf of Cartoonia and her people, we welcome to the Democratic Republic”. The short speech concluded, friendly applauds and cheers were in order. Next was the duchess’ turn to speak.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2022 10:50 am
Marcella sat listening to the further warm welcoming and then it was her turn to speak. Walking up to the podium she cleared her throat.

"Good day to all in Cartoonia, not just here in this little part of it but across the great lands you call home. On behalf of the United Island States, I'm delighted to be here. Many well know the troubles that occurred early in the year, and truly it wasn't my proudest moment of Duchess. It wouldn't surprise me to have some among you wondering if I should be here, if I'm fit to continue leading the UIS. It's understandable, but I've taken my lumps and I've learned the hard lessons from it and I've grown stronger as a leader as a result. It's truly evident that His Excellency, Kudo reached out to me to invite me to see his lovely country. What will come of this meeting I can assure you it will end up a lot better than my meeting with the Sultanate." She gave a beat. "Truly, I expect wonderful things to come from this gathering with them today. I expect to see all the wonderful things of Cartoonia on my visit here. Many fine Cartoonian citizens have paid visit to our islands as tourists and while I'm not exactly a tourist, I know I will feel just as at home as if I were one. I'm glad this time I get to see the lovely nation of Cartoonia in its glory. A rich diverse land of many people and many amazing minds working together to make your own society. We have a lot in common and we have a lot that makes us different but we all share the same love and zest of life. A desire to show the beauty of our culture to many around us from the lands far off. Together it's those similarities that make us who we are. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm delighted to be here and thank you for listening, I'm looking forward to my time here in the Great Cartoonia nation."

PostPosted: Fri Jan 14, 2022 8:31 pm
by Cartoonia
The crowd applauded for the wonderful speech, and the Supreme Leader applauded as well. The heads of state both shake hands in camaraderie. The brass and percussion of the band perform a fanfare while the leaders step down from the stand and into the Supreme Leader’s estate. As soon as the delegation were inside the enterence hall, the band finished off the ceremony with the playing of the National march Bravura with the honor guards marching back to their respectful barracks. With the delegation inside and the public ceremony over, there are the private ceremonies held off camera. Inside the grand entrance hall were ornate decor, with paintings of the Supreme Leaders, both its first and current. In the middle was a small table, with ornate floral arrangements and a guestbook.

“That was excellent Your Royal Highness” Jimmy says. “We hope that you enjoy yourselves as we show you what our country has to offer”.

“Your Royal Highness” says the Chief of Protocol, Mr Tenya Iida. “As is standard protocol, all dignitaries must sign the official guestbook”.