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MNM's Solstice Dystopian Happy Horror Show / IC / Closed

PostPosted: Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:59 am
by Main Nation Ministry

"Soon, things will be set in motion. The world will get their courage and embark onto the madness that we show. Their valor and pride will be the ones to lead them. While the degenerates will only have to be the ones to watch from a distance. Our event for peace will be the day that we do not burn. Even if we do.."

"We will be burning together.." The Leader thought, as he looked through his window in his office at the Ministry.

Main Nation Ministry presents...

With Socialist Macronesia as CO-OP.

SOLSTICE Dystopian H A P P Y Horror Show!

Starring Special Guests....

Kiu Ghesik...


Azur Deutschland...







Western Fardelshufflestein...


and Langenia...

The Day Before It All Begins

Princess Keller Harrington woke up in her bedroom to a bright sunny day. There was a bit of a heatwave, but the AC in her bedroom was cranked up to it's highest. She already was getting dressed in her usual clothes, as she went out of her bedroom to make breakfast. Her mother was already in the bathroom, trying to wash the sleep out of her eyes. "Good morning, mother." Keller said, as her mother said good morning to her back. "Good morning, father." Keller said to the picture of the late General Winston Harrington that was still on the wall.

Being downstairs, she was eating her breakfast of cornflakes and milk, as the news were blaring from a radio. "We're pleased to announce that preparations for the Solstice event is to be commerce tomorrow! May we celebrate our pride among the summer, so we can present our valor! In other news, the Leader has announced that more of the national budget will be spent onto much important topics, such as our fine military, meaning that our brave troops will be getting more guns!" Keller rolled her eyes from what the radio was saying, as she got a text message from Dorbi Truman, the Secretary of Foreign Relations.

Truman: We need you to confirm some intel we have received on several Solstice guests. I need you at the Ministry at 9 AM sharp.
Keller: Give me half a hour.

For Solstice, she figured it would be a bad idea for an event like this, but she had already heard of who was planning on showing up. She still wanted to give some comfort to the guests, since they were familiar to her. Her friends Jessica Madden and Charlie Huxley would be happy for them, even though the former got amnesia from Halloween.

At a private conference room at the Ministry, Keller Harrington, General Emmanuel Jones, and Dorbi Truman were going over some dossiers that contained information on the nations that had guests attending Solstice. "I already briefed you two on the matter, but we already seem to have a bunch of high-profile VIPs who are going to expect hospitality from the nation itself." Truman explained, as he was presenting the dossiers. "I already have soldiers on stand-by to identify the VIPs, but they are definitely going to want some privacy." Jones said, which Harrington remarked, "Which we barely have."

"First up is our dossier on Socialist Macroneisa." Truman said, as Keller already remembered who might appear. "Here we go again.."
"Something wrong, Keller?"
"I already know who's showing up. John Ross."
"You mentioned him to me once, Keller. Tell us again." Jones said, as Keller explained. "Right. John Ross is the President and ruler of Socialist Macronesia. He might still be the most wanted man in Western Fardelshufflestein, after what he did during Halloween. He's a playboy, but he has his own share of secrets. Even though, I hadn't been at his Christmas party, Jones was told that things were apparently a disaster there."
"Right...about that.." Jones said, as he explained about the other guest from Socialist Macronesia. "The other guest is Nate Burton. From what was known from one of our own soldiers Jerald Grubic, there was a murder that was committed by Burton. Jerald gave details on Burton's appearance, which matched the dossier, allowing us to identify him. It's reported that Burton might be mentally unstable, judging by information from his application."
"Why would he be unstable?"
"Don't know, but hadn't you encountered him back in Halloween, Keller?"
"I did, but he was more of hired security to help Ross. I'm sure Nate wouldn't do anything reckless. We can keep a close eye on him. As for Ross, the Leader is obviously going to want him dead, if he encounters him again.
We also have 4 other people coming from Socialist Macronesia. Two of them appear to be a part of Ross's force as operatives." Truman explained, though Keller figured that Ross was simply bringing his own security.

"Next, we have the nation of Kiu Ghesik. More tribal based from the looks of gathered information, but we have about 4 guests from the nation coming." Truman said, as Keller knew who was definitely coming. "There was this woman I could relate to. Her name was Ari. Both were us were soldiers, though Ari is still a warlord. The last I saw of her, she was dating John Ross. I'm sure she will be happy to see us. Well..."
"Well what?" Jones asked.
"There was that time she was violently assaulted by Jessica.."
"Oh.. Right.." Jones said, as he felt uncomfortable. "Does Jessica know or-"
"I recommend her quick about that, if they run into each other."
"Right. Moving on."

"There is the nation of Brettenwald. One of the guests appears to work for a magazine, which is someone we still must treat like the rest of the guests, since they are foreign press. The other 3 guests are royalty with two princes and one princess."
"I think the last time I saw one of them, they were a catgirl? One of them had white hair.."
"The less we talk about catgirls, the better we go through this, Keller."

"Keller, do you remember meeting a set of twins back in Halloween?" Truman asked her, as he opened up the dossier for Azur Deutschland. "I met them. They were witches. Friendly ones. They showing up, aren't they?"
"Yep. With their child."
"Wait what?"
"Uhmm.. We don't have actual intel on the child itself, but they are bringing them to the Solstice event."
"I think they mentioned their child to both Jessica and Charlie.."
"That's not all. There are reports that a 4th guest from the nation is coming to the Solstice event. A reported witch and a powerful one at that. Be very careful, Harrington.."

"We also have some new nations to encounter. First, we have a guest named Kotera from the nation of Wuchu. If Wuchu is a nation that is. They have some sort of social media presence, where they are described as an anti-nihilist."
"I have a feeling that the Leader isn't going to get along with them.."
"Luckily, they seem to only want a pina colada, like we're Kahe Island."

"There's Yathmir Safayrdluf from the nation of Leskya. Not much that we can obtain about him, however he seems to be an ally with Wuchu. The revolutionary type, also, but he shouldn't be causing trouble."

"We have Sven Vasa from FenexOrg and Shimazu Akatora from Shin-Makai. One of them appears to be a puppet nation, but all that we can find is that Vasa seems to be suffering from a possible illness, while Akatora is revealed to be a cannibal."
"Why am I not surprised that one of them is a cannibal?" Jones asked Truman, as the latter was closing up dossiers. "Well, we live in a nation full of violent activity of all sorts. We're sugarcoating everything here in the nation." Truman complained, as Keller knew that he was technically right.

"There is the Baroness of the Ramadhan Family named Valeria. From where she comes from, it appears to be a theocratic monarchy." Truman said, as Jones expressed concern. "Theocratism is something that we're against."
"Let's not worry about that. We got enough people from different religions coming."

"Lastly, we have a future-tech coalition leader named Leo Berge from the nation of Zeloria. Definitely probably going to show up in a spaceship. We might be post-modern tech, but this is going to way different when you have an astronaut coming to the nation."
"Speaking of space, what ever happened to our space program?" Keller asked Truman. "I think they cut some funding after things with the Callister moon didn't go as planned." Jones said.

"And as usual, we should be prepared if any delegates from the other nations send in their applications late. They might show up at the morning of the Solstice event, but we will still have national security be on their guard to help escort them." Truman said.

"I think with all of the chaos that everyone has been through, we can still manage to get everyone to survive one day in the nation. Ok, one day is an exaggeration, but we can still not scare them off." Keller said, as Truman had opened the folder again, as he was checking Ross's dossier. "About that.. It's about Ross."
"What about him? We already know that the Leader might kill him."
"It seems that Ross is requesting that a wedding takes place in Main Nation Ministry."
"A what?!" Keller said, caught off-guard to which she immediately guessed who was probably the person getting married. "Ari..." Keller muttered, as Jones was trying to see the real issue. "There isn't anything wrong with a wedding in Main Nation Ministry, but the state religion is the Universalized Occult of the Many Moons. They aren't having a Christian wedding in our nation."
"You don't get it! I'm trying to save those two from the Leader! If he hears that Ross is throwing a wedding, he's going to crash it!"

"Keller, wait." Jones stood up from his chair to comfort Keller. "We can still protect Ross and his bride. We can use some loopholes to get the Leader off their back." Jones explained, as Keller clenched her fists. "...I....I trust you both... But I know he's going to do his worst!"
"Don't worry, Keller." Truman said, as he closed the folder and dossiers, before cracking his knuckles, "There are ways to kill the bloodlust and sheer madness of the Leader, but like we all said. We need through near end-of-reality events, attempted coups, and terrorist attacks. We can give everyone a happy ending for tomorrow." Truman said, but for Keller, there was a sense of doubt she felt. She needed someone else to get rid of what trying to consume her from the inside.



"Hello? Masami here?"
"Keller? Is that you?"
"Yes. I was wondering if you could be with me tomorrow."
"For the Solstice thing that the Leader is doing?"

"Yeah. I know you might be busy, but I was thinking that we can spend the day together." Keller said over the phone, as she was in the living room of Jessica Madden's place, where she was sitting on the couch. "There isn't much for me to do tomorrow. I heard there is a ball that's happening in the city?" Masami asked her. "Yeah, it's at the Siren Gala. I didn't know you were interested in dancing.." Keller said, as her face was starting to redden. "Why not? I'm up for dressing all fancy." Masami said, where Keller could tell he was smiling on the other end.

"You're going to look like a dork in a suit, you dummy.." Keller said. "It's funny how you still call me that." Jason replied. "I see you tomorrow. I'll text you in the morning on where we can meet and what time."
"Ok. Sleep tight, Harrington. Tomorrow is going to be a wild ride for you."
"I make sure it won't. Bye." Keller hung up her phone, as Charlie Huxley was getting herself some snacks, as she sat next to Keller, since she wanted to watch TV.

"You're bringing Masami tomorrow?" Charlie asked her, as she overheard the conversation. "I'm not going to be alone. You and Jessica are going to go all out by being celebrities with the other guests." Keller remarked. "I'm just concerned that things are going to be bad, just like Halloween." Charlie said, reminded of what she had to do during Halloween to save her girlfriend's life after that time she got possessed by some bunny suit and violently assaulted Ari. Charlie still remembered Ari and some of the other guests, but there was one person who forgot still.

Jessica Madden. After the suit wore off after Halloween, she had a thing of amnesia which made her forget the events of that fateful Halloween night. She forgot about the incident at the ball. She forgot killing the Leader (though this is what the Leader wanted to make sure). She forgot her own girlfriend nearly burning her alive, though that suit was flame-resistant as hell. Along with forgetting that she violently beaten a warlord woman to a pulp and breaking several of her bones.

When Madden asked what happened that caused her lack of memory, which was strange to her, since she doesn't normally black out, all Charlie and Keller said that the night was wild back at Western Fardelshufflestein, where Jessica had a mania-induced fest. Jessica did get nervous, since she thought she might have accidently consumed some alcohol, but both Keller and Charlie seemed to have vague memories of the event, other than having fun. "About that.. Both Ross and Ari, even the twins are coming over. So we would need to reintroduce them to Jessica, since her memory was wiped from Halloween."

"What would Ari do if she saw Jessica again?" Charlie asked Keller. "I think we can tell Ari quick that Jessica had amnesia and forgot about Halloween." Keller suggested. "You think she will take it well?"
"I hadn't seen her since that Shindig. I.. I'm sure she will be fine. Jessica isn't going to be her concern, since.. since.."
"Since what?" Charlie asked.

"Ross and Ari are getting married here."

"They're WHAT?!" Charlie was actually surprised at this, since she knew about the relationship with the young Ari and Ross, but she didn't imagine that the relationship would stick. Especially since Keller saw Ross as destructive. "I know. It's been like 7 or months, though. I hate the idea, but I think it's important we make sure they are happy." Keller explained, where even though it was a while, Charlie agreed. "By the way, where's Jessica?" Keller also asked her. "The Leader didn't want us to wear anything risque as he describes it. So Jessica is out with a friend to get clothes for us to wear."
"You're not actually going to wear anything smutty, right?"
"Of course not! I suggested to Jessica that I wear a lovely summer dress!"
"And Jessica..?

"She... didn't tell me, but she said that she will keep the Leader's promise, so she doesn't get killed." Charlie said, as she was a bit nervous, but she knew that her girlfriend will be safe from the Leader's wrath. Keller could only hope that things will the Solstice event would not go to actual hell. Well, there IS a portal to Hell not far from the residential sectors and Bright Falls, but that's a different story. Night was approaching, as Keller went back home to rest for tomorrow.

For now, the arrival of the Solstice guests was starting to take place.

Airstrip One

"I'm in position. No visual of any Solstice guests." a soldier reported, as he was stationed at the arriving terminals of Airstrip One that was near Bright City. An onslaught was notified of a list of VIPs that were said to arrive to the nation for the event tomorrow.

"Any aircrafts sighted?"
"No aircrafts, copy. I heard some of them might bring their own aircrafts to the Airstrip. Radio in anti-aircraft communications to make sure we don't kill any civilians."
"This is Double Tango, come in."
"Double Tango. What's the situation at the cross-dimensional hub?"
"We definitely have some guests who have portal technology. We're picking up readings of high energy within the gap between one fabric of space and time."
"Possibly. However, these wavelengths are unlike the ones that are common in future-tech nations. They are still stable enough for traveling across the multiverse."
"Make sure to direct any guests that are confirmed to be on the roster. Copy."

At Airstrip One, it would be one of the places that showed how radical the nation would be, considering how it's a totalitarian dictatorship. The inside of the airport was sleek and clean, bordering on the verge of modern, though the architecture was similar to brutalism. There was lots of security around this airport. Sure, airport security was normal for other nations, but it look like it was obviously all around to ad nauseam. There were soldiers patrolling the terminals, dressed in green camo uniforms and helmets, holding assault rifles made for itchy trigger fingers. For the looks of them, it was best not to get in trouble, since some of them from several glances looked aggressive.

The trip to get past customs are a hassle. Guests had to present their passports, where they were baffled to learn that their baggage and luggage were to be searched for contraband and weapons by some inspectors dressed in typical airport security garb while wearing blue gloves. The guests then had to go through a strange machine that was a mix between a X-ray machine and a metal detector. The machine was stationed there to show if there were anything inside the human body that could have been smuggled. The last procedure was more simple, as the guests now needed their fingerprints taken, along with a picture to be taken so it can be inputted into the database to help identify the guests as foreign.

Exiting the airport, there were some shuttle vans parked outside for the guests, so the drivers can take them to the hotel. It was a quiet ride to the hotel, though the city which glowed neon and other bright colors was visible in the distance. There was a bit of unease, since things were more of a surveillance state than anything. However, it could be the jet lag starting to get to them.

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by Brettenwald
"Ugh, fuck me." A slim young woman wearing skinny jeans, a Dark Side of the Moon T-shirt and a pair of bright blue Chuck Taylors with mischievous blue eyes and an untidy shag carpet of blonde hair groaned as she cracked her neck before stuffing a lurid Frederika Langeden paperback thriller, a pair of headphones, and a neon pink Hydro Flask water bottle into a tired backpack. "At least you get legroom on the train. I swear I'm putting us in first class for the return trip if it kills me. How are you holding up, Patya?" As a matter of fact, Patyudri was rather the worse for wear after spending the better part of twelve hours in a coach seat in a 777: tired, claustrophobic, still scared from the flight, and generally fed up with modern air travel. Therefore, all her girlfriend got out of her was an annoyed yet still adorable "mrh" as she stretched out her luxuriant, floofy tail in the aisle...and immediately got a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. "Aww, someone's a grumpy little cinny rol," Raya teased as Patyudri went bright pink and stammered out a thank you for getting her backpack out of the overhead bin. "Come on, let's go. I need to teach my legs how to walk again." Predictably, security was something of an issue where the weeb laser was concerned. Raya was too busy explaining that no, it wasn't actually a weapon in the strict sense of the term to notice the smol catgirl going rigid from shock and fear at the sight of somebody who looked horrifyingly similar to Nate, though upon further inspection it wasn't actually him. "Look, just watch this, okay?" She switched the safety off and beautifully sniped the Subway cashier at the other end of the concourse. "See? No physical harm done. Think of it like a party trick." Thanks to their plot armor, the security people thought this was perfectly fine and Patyudri was allowed to keep her weeb taser with no questions asked, since they thought it was just a stun gun and she had the sense not to correct them. After getting their pictures taken, which was a hassle since the jackass running the booth flatly refused to believe Patyudri's cat ears were both real and non-detachable and having their fingerprints taken as well, the pair was finally free of security and ready for an exciting adventure in quite possibly the weirdest nation the rol had encountered on a long, strange trip in the 21st century...

This was a big moment for the pair, of course. It was one that had arrived after six months together, time spent by Patyudri both in Aurinel's decadently louche concrete rainforest and Temku's relaxed, foggy Old World seaport sprawl, and a chance excursion by Raya to Patyudri's work at Sweet Tides Bakery to get snacks for the magazine's annual "chuck ideas around for the next publishing year" meeting slash brunch slash mimosa-fuelled party that brought them both together. Going off to a foreign country together was a big step and it had taken every ounce of Patyudri's blushing, flustered and stammery self-confidence even to ask Raya if she wanted to go in the first place, but luckily she'd been able to take a couple of days off work and was more than happy to go along with her. She was excited to meet Ari, of course, any friend of Patyudri's was a friend of hers. Ross was probably going to have an ego like Idi Amin's and look like a washed-up rock star, and the notorious Mr. Barton had had to come up in conversation so Raya was unfortunately aware of the fact she was maybe going to die a slow and excruciatingly painful death at his hands if he saw her with Patyudri. Maybe. The rol's fretting about Nate was interrupted by the sight of a familiar figure: a larger-than-life young man with platinum blond hair slicked back in a funky half-D.A. half-side part wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt who broke into a huge grin when he saw her. "Patyudri! You made it!" Crown Prince Marco gave her a hug. So did his brother Paris, a rail-thin guy with glasses who looked kind of depressed, and their sister Helena, a tall, slender and pretty young lady in a short skirt and a long jacket made three. "Oh, you got glasses? They look good on you," she added brightly after pulling away. "You must be Raya, I've heard a lot about you." Patyudri blushed magnificently as her girlfriend laughed. "Hopefully only good things, your highness."

After Marco insisted that honorifics could go to hell since this was an event between friends in a foreign country, Patyudri held Raya's hand as the unusual little group made its way through the terminal. "How was your flight?"
"Twelve hours in coach, enough said. For my sins."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that," Helena commiserated. "Why don't you two fly back with us? We've got all the room in the world, you wouldn't be imposing at all."
"Oh, thank you so much, that'd be wonderful. I'm sure you all get better in-flight snacks at the very least." Thanks to the royals not acting like royals and Raya's general chillness & bonhomie making everyone feel at ease, even Patyu and even in these less-than-friendly surroundings, the journey to the bus line via the baggage claim seemed to take almost no time at all. Or maybe it was because the guy writing them for this post wanted to hurry up and get to the wholesome reunion stuff already, who knew? Regardless, they seemed to be the first group here, behind an extraordinarily average-looking guy approaching middle age who Paris couldn't quite place in his memory.

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by Western Fardelshufflestein
Wilhelm heaved a sigh as he peered out the window of the private jet, slipping on his aviator sunglasses and rummaging through his carry-on bag to extract his passport. Like many Oceanic countries, the passport was a shade of blue. WF's in particular was a vivid cobalt, almost the exact color on the national flag, with the nation's full name displayed in gold lettering above the etching of the royal coat of arms. Below that was the word "Passport" in Fardelshufflesteinian, then in English and German with the latter two in a smaller font. Intriguingly, at least to Wilhelm, the color of the passport was similar to that of Sao Tome and Principe, or Barbados; unlike the aqua of Fiji' and Tuvalu's passports, the shades of water lapping against the shallow sands not far from the shore, his own country's passport resembled the deep ocean, the unspoken travail over open waters thousands of kilometers in the wrong direction.

Passport in hand, he zipped up his backpack, stood, and hefted it over his right shoulder. He threaded his other arm through the remaining strap as he walked toward the exit and descended the stairs. As expected, the tarmac was crawling with soldiers; Wilhelm had been forewarned airport security here was at least as rigorous as it was in the States, and American airports were infamous for their over-the-top customs checkpoints. This was almost entirely due to 9/11, plus a smattering of gormless attempts at sneaking in bombs, and the process was jarring to anyone unused to 't. He'd only been to the United States thrice in his life, perhaps twice too many, and the customs had been frightening all three times.

Here, customs were far worse. After confirming his identity and his passport, which they of course cross-referenced with what must be a roster, they combed through every compartment of his backpack, going through even his clothing bag by hand despite the fact that they scanned it all via X-ray. Then they gave Wilhelm a full body scan with a machine larger and more complex than anything he had seen in America. He held still as he was gruffly instructed for the entire process, but 'twas all he could do to keep from shaking. Why had he agreed to do this again? How were they friends with these people? And what purpose was served by his visiting a psychotic dictatorship? He felt slimy and disgusting, the revulsion similar to how he felt when he regarded his old self. His younger years were nothing to be proud of, and the memories still haunted him, the horrific way he'd treated his parents and Allie sometimes keeping him up at night.

As though he were a criminal, the security personal fingerprinted him against his consent (though he had consented in a way by flying here) and snapped a picture. He was in their blasted system now, marked as a foreigner, an alien from a minute nation hardly anyone gave a damn about.

He didn't let himself tremble until the ordeal was over and he was standing outside by the shuttles. Part of him wanted to take out his cell phone and let someone know he'd made it through customs safely, but the security had almost certainly bugged his device. He couldn't confirm that detail, of course, but 'twould not surprise him if they'd had. So he remained there, trembling like a leaf, violated and raw and somewhat traumatized. And he'd have to go through 't all again when he left this hellhole, and would likely be scrutinized in every building he entered. The lavatories, he imagined, weren't spared. In this place, privacy was a figment of the imagination, freedom impossible to grasp. Individuality eliminated from the national mindset, macerated and spit out in a jumbled clod of militaristic collectivism. This, by definition, was a fascist state.

He spotted a throng of individuals who were vaguely familiar to him, plus Catyu. Fortunately, there was at present no sight of that bloody prick Ross. There was a minute woman who seemed to resemble an anthropomorphic feline, though Wilhelm knew through experience 'twas not enough to trigger his animal allergies, and a trio of extremely fair twenty-somethings whom Wilhelm identified as being from Brettenwald. They were separated from him in age by a generation, or almost a generation; he was on the verge of middle age, and they all still had plenty of youthful years left, though the nomads admittedly came from a place where they had much shorter lifespans. Hopefully they all lived long, fulfilling lives, preferably without the poison of Ross, not knowing death for a long time.

Wilhelm turned away from them and fixed his gaze somewhere on the horizon. A light wind ruffled his dress shirt, which was long-sleeved but made from thin material, perfect for traveling by aeroplane from the wintry chill to summer. If he got lucky, he could ride in a shuttle bus by himself, or at least in a sparsely occupied one. Realistically, this would not be the case. He'd have to sit next to someone seventeen or so years younger than he whom he vaguely despised, knowing fully well his seat partner had a similar affection for him. This trip, he was beginning to realise, was a massive blunder; he should have stayed at home and passed up the "opportunity" to be with Alastair.

Allie...oh, Gott. If something happened to him whilst Wilhelm was away, he would never forgive himself. He made a promise he would never leave his brother's side, and had told Allie many times he would be there at the very end. Now, he was an indeterminate number of kilometers' distance from Alastair, more or less breaking his promise. Abandoning his brother yet again.

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by Socialist Macronesia

some random ass valv
night o'clock at night


He knew he was dreaming. That part was fairly evident. What the dream was exactly was the part that was more confusing. There was him and Ari and Jacob and Alex and some catgirls and a shadowy figure-- er, two shadowy figures and church bells were ringing and he was dancing with Ari in what appeared to be a peaceful meadow with flowers and laughter and--


Something hit him in the head. He stirred upright and groaned. Rubbing his eyes, he managed to get out an inquisitive yelp of surprise and confusion. "Wha-- who--" Looking to his right, he realized that he was not in a peaceful meadow but rather what quite possible could be considered the saddest-looking bed he had ever slept in. Well, that could've just been the desire to go back to sleep talking, but he still thought it was very sad looking. And of course, there was Ari. Ross smiled. Seconds later, he took a second pillow to the face and fell off the side of the bed with a resounding thud. The impact knocked the breath out of him for a second.

"J... Jesus, honey, what is it?" He muttered a couple curses under his breath, rolled over, and opened his eyes.

He saw her distinctly sun-tanned face peering down on him from atop the bed with an air of curiosity and perhaps concern. She began to speak. The first few words he did not recognize, but he was sure that he heard some form of "Are you okay?" or "Are you hurt?" or "How the hell did you manage to do that?" He rose to his feet.

"A... Ari... I'm fine... I think. I hope."

She smiled. "Good. Now change. We land soon. I'm not letting you show up to this event in your pajamas, honey. You don't want to be the laughingstock of the international community... well, any more than you already are, no offense."

He tried to swing a pillow at her, but she caught it in midair. "Ross..."

"Alright, alright. Excuse me for a few minutes." He walked around the airbed to the bathroom. This was a VIP transport variant of the VALV, so it did have a fairly spacious master suite. He changed out of his pajamas (literally just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts) and into a tailored suit he'd picked out for the occasion. It was always a good idea to dress your best when meeting new people, and authoritarian dictatorships weren't any different. As he examined himself in the mirror and tied his tie, he wondered something.

"Hey, Ari," He called out from the bathroom. "You mind checking on the others?" There was a pause.

"That was... uh... kind of why I woke you up."

"What do you mean?"

"I think someone got... well, shot."

Ross flung the door open. "What?!" She put her hands on his shoulders and tried to calm him even slightly.

"It was uhhhh... probably nothing." She pushed a few wayward strands of hair out of her eyes. "Don't worry ab--"

Ross threw the door to the hallway open. A soldier saluted him. Ross didn't bother returning it. He stormed down the hallway to the secondary passenger section and slowly opened the door. Sean was sitting up in his chair, alert as always. Sarah was groggy but awake. Alex was typing away on his laptop like nothing had happened. And Jacob was lying on the ground with a half empty champagne bottle.


Jacob's eyes twinkled when he saw Ross. "Oh... hey, boss. We're about to land in, like, a couple minutes."

Ross raised an eyebrow. "Did you hear a gunshot on this plane?" Jacob burped.

"Probably just me popping the cork on th--"

"Jacob, firstly, do you know how much that costed?"

"They say if you have to ask that, you can't afford it." He rolled over and promptly began to snore. Sarah, who was even slightly more awake now, threw a book at him. He winced in pain and rolled over. "Alright, alright, I'll get up."

"You better." She smoothed out her shirt. "What time is it? What's going on?"

"Forget it. Alex, did you hear anything?"

He didn't bother to look up from his laptop. "Nine-millimeter, probably fired from a pistol. Came from the back. Of course, it could've also been a gasket blowing. Or a screw falling into a engine. Both are likely."

"Why didn't you come get me?"

"I figured it was Ari blowing your brains out for using up all the hot water."

Ross turned around and walked out of the room. He sighed. It was always something on this plane. Luckily, it seemed that whatever had happened wasn't going to kill them, at least not yet, and that was really all that mattered. He returned to his room. Ari was sitting on the bed waiting for him. He slid next to her and kissed her on the cheek. "It was just the plane falling apart, honey. No reason to be concerned." He felt the aircraft begin to level off from its decent. That really could only mean one thing. They were landing. Thank God.

And then the plane touched down and all of the pillows in the room hit the ceiling and Ross felt like he was flying for a second and not only fell off of the bed again but always also hit with several flying pillows. The VALV did have very good shock absorption, but that really only helped in very slow, careful vertical landings. Any force going forward, like a normal landing one would do on a runway, would do some funky stuff to the occupants. The R&D team working on the SVALV was trying to remedy that, but for now it would have to be what it was. And then Ross remembered that he was on the floor in a tiny space between the bed and the wall and was now covered in pretty much everything that had once been on the bed, which luckily was mostly soft objects and not any, say, brick collections. But he was still wedged up and all tangled and the more he fidgeted the further he was stuck inside the all-consuming blob of fabric.

"Goddamn it." Ari was peering down at him again.

"It looks like you're stuck. Also, cursing. Tsk tsk." Ross had to resist the urge to use some harsher language. He flailed around for a bit, but eventually Ari managed to fish him out of a pile of blankets, sheets, and pillows, with his body and pride mostly intact.

"Let's try to make it outside without having to go to the hospital, okay?" Ari told him with a grin. Ross grabbed his suitcase and Ari grabbed hers, and together they made their way off the plane and into security, along with the four other Macronesians. The security at the airport wasn't anything the Macronesians weren't used to enduring. Ross and Sarah made it through relatively uneventfully. Alex made it through with a little fuss over his multitool. Informing the official that he could kill people with his bare hands much more easily than with the use of a tiny couple-inch multitool knife blade seemed to both put them at ease and make them a little concerned. Sean used the same excuse for trying to get through with a combat knife. They weren't having it in the slightest until Sean pointed out that they were allowing a catgirl to bring a fucking taser or something into the country. And besides, Sean was the most responsible out of any of these people. His service record did attest to that. The guards didn't let him through with it, but they did agree to hold onto it for him until he returned. He knew it wasn't an act of kindness; no, it was mostly because they needed all hands to deal with Jacob's luggage. It was enormous, and about 50% necessary items and 50% items that were explicitly forbidden to bring into the country. But several boxes of illegal fireworks, crates of booze, and Tupperware containers of literal ivory later, he was allowed to pass through, albeit with a much lighter suitcase. Ross would've asked where all that stuff had come from, but the more important question on his mind was why the hell he thought it was a good idea to bring any of that here.

And finally, they were all on the other side. Ross looked out around the area. It appeared that... Paris and Marco, right? Of Brettenwald. And there was... Catyu and some woman Ross didn't recognize... actually two he didn't recognize.

"Oh, look, Ari, it's Patyu. We should go talk to her, we haven't seen her in what, seven months? And maybe the other Brettenwald delegates. See how they've been." Thankfully, he didn't see Wilhelm, whose angsty contemplation time had saved his life and perhaps his appendix.

Ross strolled over to them and jumped into whatever conversation might have already been happening with total disregard for things like privacy, wholesomeness, and normal introductions "Hello! I know we've met before. Marco, and Paris, and... Patyu..."

"Patyudri." One of the women he didn't know corrected him. It didn't take long for the pieces to fall into place inside Ross's mind... and probably Ari's. Ignoring the awkwardness that he had just caused, he moved on. "So uhhh... er... so what's your name?" He stuck out his hand to the blond woman that had corrected home earlier. She looked like she'd come out of a modern day coming of age film. "I don't recall knowing you. Have we met before? I'm John Ross, President of Socialist Macronesia."

PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2021 12:07 am
by Brettenwald
Socialist Macronesia wrote:"Oh, look, Ari, it's Patyu. We should go talk to her, we haven't seen her in what, seven months? And maybe the other Brettenwald delegates. See how they've been." Thankfully, he didn't see Wilhelm, whose angsty contemplation time had saved his life and perhaps his appendix.

Ross strolled over to them and jumped into whatever conversation might have already been happening with total disregard for things like privacy, wholesomeness, and normal introductions "Hello! I know we've met before. Marco, and Paris, and... Patyu..."

"Patyudri." One of the women he didn't know corrected him. It didn't take long for the pieces to fall into place inside Ross's mind... and probably Ari's. Ignoring the awkwardness that he had just caused, he moved on. "So uhhh... er... so what's your name?" He stuck out his hand to the blond woman that had corrected home earlier. She looked like she'd come out of a modern day coming of age film. "I don't recall knowing you. Have we met before? I'm John Ross, President of Socialist Macronesia."

"No, though Patyudri's mentioned you. Kiraya Tamlin, though just call me Raya, everyone does. I believe-" after the handshake, she rummaged in her handbag and handed a stunned Ross something that looked like a cross between a Glock 17 and a chrome-plated Super Soaker- "this is yours. One of Helena's friends," she continued after the Princess introduced herself as Marco & Paris' little sister, "tore it down in order to reverse-engineer it into something more user-friendly." She briefly showed off Patyu's weeb taser and gave him an impressive business card: tastefully thick and impossibly white, it sported a debossed blood-red TG on the front and read VALENTINE TEISSEDRE, PRESIDENT & CEO with one personal phone number on the back in the same ink. No address, no email, no hours and nothing else because if you knew, you knew. "Helena tells me it's a one-off for now but that if you'd like to buy the design she takes everything from American Express to blood diamonds. Anyway, Patya doesn't need it any more so we figured you should have it back. Sorry if it's confusing, by the way. Patyudri's her actual name, I just call her Patya since it's cute. Like her." As usual, Patyudri immediately blushed.

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by Zeloria
Leo was in the docking bay of the Lincoln habitat, one of the more bigger habs in Earth’s orbit. Leo was pretty excited for what he is about to do, he is going to be one of the few people that will travel through dimensions, straight to an alternate Earth where this strange nation exists called: “Main Nation Ministry.” Before he enters his ship, his robotic assistant wants to ask him a few questions: “Mr Berge, the Main Nation Ministry is a pretty infamous dictatorship, you sure you don’t need some extra security.” Leo looked back at the Assistant and answered back: “First off, can you please just call me Leo. Secondly, I’m not that important.” The Assistant gives of as much of an surprised expression as it could with its camera eyes, and responded. “Leo, what do you mean with not that important, you are literally the leader of a vast Interstellar Federation. I think you are definitely important.” Leo quickly answered back again: “I mostly do speeches. The reason why I became a coalition leader in the first place is because the Federal Democratic Party thought that I will be good figure-head, and the Governing Network unofficially supports me because they thought that I will listen to them more often because I don’t really care about politics.” The Assistant said back: “But you ARE listening to them more often because you don’t care about politics.” Leo silently stared at his assistant for a moment and answered: “I mean yes, of course I’m listening to them. It’s their job to advise me.” The Assistant replied with: “But you said “they thought”, as in: They used to think that, but they were wrong.” Leo, again, silently stared at his assistant before saying: “I need to go, bye.” He entered his ship, turned on the engines, and left the docking area of the Lincoln Habitat.

On the edge of the Solar System, there is a gate that’s build to open holes to other dimensions. That gate is as big as the gate build to travel to Andromeda in the HIP 3039 system. Leo sees the starting sequence of the gate as he approaches it. First, some lights at the edge of it starts shining, then in a bright blue flash, the gate itself gets activated. Even though the ship window is build to block out light like that, Leo is still glad that he decided to fly with sunglasses on. In the middle of the gate, a large blue portal has appeared. Leo gives full thrust ahead towards the portal and enters it. Although the transit wasn’t very long, it still wasn’t very pleasant. During it, the ship shook pretty violently and he had to reroute a lot of power to the shields to prevent damage. After a minute, his ship gets spit out of a blue portal in this alternate dimension. He looked at the HUD on his window, and saw blue dot that represents Earth. He pointed at it, activated his warp drive.

Leo entered the atmosphere of this alternate Earth, looking for a place called “Airstrip 1”. Airstrip 1 was apparently a place where he could land his ship. He finally saw something resembling an airport, although the architecture was something he would describe as: “pretty ugly.” He saw some airplanes on its runway that definitely didn’t belong to the Main Nation Ministry. There was even a private jet, so his spaceship from the future probably wouldn’t be too out of place. He landed his ship on the runway, and stepped out of it. He then stepped inside the airport of security stuff. The security here was very strict. At first he had to show his passport. “No problem” he thought as he grabs his passport from his belongings. Then his stuff was searched for contraband and weapons by airport personnel. Leo was a bit more baffled by this. “Couldn’t they just use a machine that scans your luggage or something, or don’t they have that technology yet in this dimension.” Next, he has to pass through a metal-detector/x-ray. It went smoothly for the most part, only problem was that Leo had to explain that he has “nano-cybernetics.” Last thing he had to do was a picture and fingerprints. He didn’t mind those, as leader of a pretty big nation, you have pictures of you taken constantly. After that was done, he exited the airport and saw a bunch of shuttle’s with some interesting looking figures. One of them seems to be some sort of catperson. Leo wonders if she’s an alien or mutant or something. Most of them look like pretty normal people. One of them seems to be a couple between a well-dressed looking man, and a Central-Asian looking woman. Some of the guests seem to know each other. He then decides that the best course of action is to simply insert himself into the group and pretend that he knows them for years. He looked at the group, and said: “Hey it’s nice to see you again.” Hopefully none of the guests will figure out that they have no idea who he is.

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by Nekkko
A Solstice Plane appear to be approaching, However the crewmates inside weren't any of the Guest's invited, however were Spies from the nation of Nekkko, They were sent on the mission to do one thing, See what was happening, Their fellow Communist like nation has been acting very suspicious lately, And they just wanna make sure they weren't planning anything bad, The Spies inside the plane were getting ready, while eating some luxurious food for doing their part, The Head of the Spies, who was a head in a vat that was keeping him alive, was piloting the plane, as his brain was being transported into a USB, once the download was complete the Spies put on their Military Spy Gear that was able to have them blend in without being seen, One of the main spies, Agent Havard, grabbed the USB and placed it into his pocket and zipped it up, before all of the six spies jumped out the plane in action, deploying their parachutes that had also been made too blend in with the surroundings so they wouldn't be seen, however, the plane would explode the moment they all sprung out, looking like the plane was shot down, that would give them some time to get in safely.

"AGENT HAVARD! ARE YOU READY?" Agent Chaz asked before Havard gave a small but serious nod, as the spies all deployed their parachutes, The reason for this whole spy thing was because that a meeting with several nations didn't seem correct, that and this was Solstice, They weren't careful with hiding their Civil Rights violations, Unlike the Glorious Nation of Nekkko which has been.

Three of the Spies landed on top of the Elsinore Palace, while the other three landed outside to make sure nobody was coming.

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by Socialist Macronesia
Nekkko wrote:-snip-

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by Azur Deutschland
Sylvia, Julienne, and their daughter, Phym, stepped carefully through one of their magical portals, arriving into the realm that served as a home to Main Nation Ministry. They carried on through the terminals relatively calmly, only glaring and giving looks to those who looked strangely at Phym. The twins presenting passports, having their fingerprints taken, photos recorded, going through metal detectors... It was relatively standard, but still a bit of a hassle. Though, that didn't really bother the twins all that much. They just wanted to have a little bit of fun and relaxation. Julienne was still a bit worried that this probably wasn't the best place to take Phym. Sylvia reassured her that she wouldn't let anything terrible happen to the three of them.

After that ordeal, the three girls walked along to a gathering of people, noticing some familiar faces along with some new faces. The twins both sighed when they laid eyes upon a particular person. We just want to relax...

A little bit after Sylvia, Julienne, and Phym walked away, another figure crept out of a portal. She looked around for a bit before smiling softly to herself. The tall woman strode along, casually walking past guards, not even caring to stop and let them fingerprint her or take her photo. When the soldiers tried to stop her, she just smiled even more. Though her lips were curled into a friendly shape, her eyes told a different story. They twinkled with something that spoke of her power. That seemed to pacify them for the time being... So, she walked on, seeking a particular group of people. Oh, where do you go, my sweet grandchildren?

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by Socialist Macronesia
Ross slipped the laser and business card into his coat. Ross wasn't exactly sure what so called "modifications" had been made to the design other than the fact that it now appeared to be optimized for shooting oneself, but whatever the hell else had been changed, it probably wasn't good. Scratch that: definitely not good. For now, though, he was less worried about the laser and more worried about whether or not they'd be able to make it to the hotel without being detained for treason or something. But surely detaining a foreign dignitary wouldn't be something the government here, no matter how authoritarian, would consider. It was one thing to publicly execute traitors, it was another thing entirely to execute the presidents of foreign nations because they did something the government didn't exactly like. "It's nice to see that some things haven't changed. Anyway, I suppose I should introduce everyone. This is Alex--"

A smile came across his weathered face. He stepped forward and shook the hands of all of the delegates. "Pleased to meet you all."


She did a little wave and perhaps made a few coy smiles at Raya and Helena. "Hi."


He nodded from the back of the group, then went back to scanning the area; Ross knew he was probably memorizing all of the patrol routes of the soldiers outside the airport, along with their names and eye colors. Ross had told him to lighten up and have fun; evidently that suggestion had gone unheeded. Or perhaps this was Sean's idea of fun...

"--and Jacob."

Jacob grinned. "The one and only!" He patted Ross on the back, then whispered into his ear, "Say, where the hell are these people from again?"

"And then of course, we have Akhens-Ari, my fiancé, of the great, noble, and underdeveloped Kiu Ghesik. I think that's everyone. So how's Brettenwald been? Anything interesting happened since the last time we saw each other? I mean, Macronesia's been pretty normal. I've gotten to spend a lot of quality time with Ari, Alex is back after uh..." That would be a very long story, and one that couldn't exactly be explained without bringing up... certain things that only certain eyes were allowed to see. So he evaded the subject a little bit. "...his extended vacation. Got to hear a lot of his stories about his time in Afghanistan. He ended up taking up Nate's old... position." Something about bringing him up made everyone around a little uncomfortable. He almost thought he saw Patyudri visibly wince. Ross spent a few seconds too many trying to remember what they had against Nate. What had he d...

Oh, right. Better change the subject. "Yeah, other than that, not much has changed. Been working on trying to pass some new infrastructure bills. I say working on it because despite the fact that I really can do whatever I want, apparently I cannot speed up road construction or much-needed technological updates for factories. Such is the nature of being a leader, I suppose. So yeah, what's Brettenwald like? Anything exciting happen recently?"

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by Nekkko
Socialist Macronesia wrote:
Nekkko wrote:-snip-

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by A m e n r i a
Cross-dimensional Hub

Valeria walked through a portal from home, carrying a backpack and a suitcase. It was hot back home, so she had a white tank top on, partially showing a birth mark resembling the constellation Virgo on the left side if her waist. However, she didn't know what the weather would be like outside so she packed a jacket conveniently in her backpack. Her long legs, covered in jeans and ending in a pair of feet wearing red sneakers, took her to what seems to be customs or the equivalent.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 07, 2021 7:13 pm
by Kiu Ghesik
And thus we return.

Temku, Brettenwald. July 3.

The city woke before the sun did.

Well, in truth, it never slept. Not in the bustling, crowded, chaotic way a New Yorker might find familiar, millions forced into the life of an insomniac by the screeching of their environs- one could hardly call it a home. Temku, on the other hand, was a quiet place, only 650,000 souls nestled by the seashore. It was an academic at heart, and its citizens' comings and goings were the same. Its waking was in the subdued bustle of the little shops open before dawn, the fog nestled around roof-spires uncoiling to whisper in a million ears, the glimmer in a young woman's eye as she stirred to behold her lover sleeping soundly beside her.

After a moment's appraisal she smiled at the face greeting her; a rough, shaggy blonde mop of hair atop a sharply-defined pale face. Kiraya's face. The one she loved. Her... girlfriend. Raya. To the odd ones, Kiki. A line from what was in her opinion a rather bad song passed through the girl's head, unbidden, and a bemused grin crept onto her face, wholly divorced from the warm, loving smile she had worn a moment ago. Then, pushing those lyrics from her mind, she gently pulled the covers off her body, careful not to disturb the woman sleeping beside her, and as softly as humanly possible lowered herself to the floor of the two's apartment.

This was, as it would turn out, rather a soft descent for one of such small stature. In a few minutes and a process made ever so slightly longer by the need to remain quiet and not wake her companion, the girl traded her disheveled nightrobe for a thin nylon tracksuit and worn hippie hairband. Pausing to appraise herself in the mirror, she absentmindedly slipped a slim plastic phone and equally slim faux-leather wallet into her pockets, then smoothed her long, silky hair, sighing at the bags under her eyes as she did. Then, a more urgent note- snapping her fingers she pulled her wallet from her pocket and flipped it open, soon relieved to see her ID was still there. Her face- her face- was still there, its slim features embossed into the plastic just above the words Patyudri Emilsdottir.

The emotion her eyes betrayed seemed rather overstated for something as simple as a driver’s license. But we for our narrator’s perspective do not yet know what the past seven months have wrought on her- on Patyu. Poor, nervous Patyu.

She sighed once more, her face softening now, and let the wallet fall into her tracksuit’s pocket once more. On her way out the apartment’s door, Patyu snagged her keys from a lipstick-red pin stuck in a corkboard and a cold water from the minifridge sat beneath it before stepping into the shaggy carpeted hall and gently closing the door behind her. Still, at its heavy click she winced, her tail anxiously twitching behind her. It was only five in the morning, after all- Raya wouldn’t like it if she was woken, especially not with their flight ahead of them. She’d insisted she not be disturbed, just as Patyu had insisted on taking her morning run just the same as she always did, even without a jogging companion.

Taking the apartment building’s stairs two at a time and nearly losing her footing several times in the process, Patyu soon found herself on the sidewalk and looking out into the streets of Temku’s inner city, as much as it could be said to have such a thing. In Temku the inner and outer city, downtown and uptown, -urb and sub-urb, were oft not too dissimilar, the green spaces and canals permeating the city keeping its arteries in close touch with each other.

They also made it rather humid.

Patyu felt the cool, damp air of the early morning envelop her as she stepped out into the street, and she greeted its embrace with a bliss-gripped smile. She had two lovers in this city: Raya, the one sleeping two stories above her, and the city itself. It had taken her in, clothed her in itself, swaddled her in its cool arms, and it had given her love. It was a sleepy place, to be sure, but that was something she loved. Taking a breath she plunged into the street.

Her feet rose and fell in a steady one-two beat, the soles of her running shoes cushioning the shock of the concrete. Reaching the end of the street, she hooked a left, waving at a man sweeping outside a coffee-shop before lowering her head once more. This turn, then a right, then a straightaway, then so on and so on- five kilometers in total, from where she was now around the length of her loop through Temku. A nice hourlong jog. Plenty of time to get home and get ready to be at the terminal by seven, too. And then...

There were plenty of people she’d gone too long without. Ari especially.

At the thought of her friend Patyu’s stomach fluttered. She’d left in such a hurry again, left Ari with that bastard Ross, and though Ari had seemed safe enough in their calls, Patyu was still worried. It was her nature to worry, she thought- her nature to be unfair to the ones she loved.

To be unfair. To love so much it hurt. To push away with kindness. With... obsessiveness. That was wrong. And it had to be made right. Well, she had been given the greatest chance in the world to make it right, and a chance greater still was twelve hours on a jetliner and a train away. In the meantime, though, it was the little things she could do that made things that much better.

At the terminus of her jog, the apoapse of her orbit around her home, sat a small white corner-store bakery under an aquamarine awning, the words “Sweet Tides Bakery” stenciled into it. Its door was locked and its shutters closed, but with a key taken from her fob the former was swiftly solved. Slipping behind the counter and into a kitchen she knew every inch of, Patyu made her way to the fridge yesterday’s display goods were kept in- the bakery staff’s little secret- and slipped the two cinnamon rolls left over within into a small paper bag before shutting up the store and stepping out onto the road once more.

When Raya woke, it was to the sliding open of a shower curtain, the warm, gooey smell of two freshly heated cinnamon rolls, and the joint sensations of a fuzzy towel rubbing against her and a peck on her cheek. Her blue eyes met Patyu’s bright, excited hazel, and a smile matching the shorter woman’s own crept onto her face.

Both of them knew the coming journey wasn’t likely to do that lover’s enthusiasm they shared any favors. Neither of them cared.

Next sections pending.

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by Main Nation Ministry
(I blame Brettenwald. A reminder that people's actions have consequences).
Somewhere in the Concourse

Ashley was bored. She needed to work late at her job as a cashier at Airstrip One. She was at some knockoff version of Subway called Supreme Subs, since it had the same font and type of logo. Her job wasn't that bad. She just needed to take people's orders and give them change back. She was fresh out of an university, but needed a job. The current job she could manage was right here at Airstrip One. Supreme Subs was directly next to customs, so most of the customers she was getting were people resting up from their flights.

She had just finished talking with a customer over a snakefish sandwich, until the most random and strangest thing happened. There was this random ray of light that hit her, as she saw white briefly. Apparently whatever that ray came from, it came from customs. Ashley wanted to brush it off, but she suddenly heard herself...


She looked down at herself, where she was caught off-guard, as she saw her body had changed. Her chest was flat, as there seem to be some muscle that now appeared on her stomach. Scratch that. For some reason (most likely an unexpected side-effect of the weeb laser), Ashley had a visible six-pack, even if her cashier uniform was covering up her midriff. A cat tail covered in blond hair was poking up from the back of her black jeans, as she felt that her ears had changed into that of a cat. She wasn't just feeling for her ears, she realized that her blond hair had became more shorter and was now in a boyish hairstyle. "Ehh.. What the.." Ashley muttered something as her-

Ahem. His voice had changed, as his manager appeared from the kitchen, as he grilled Ash. "Ashley! I need you to get over here to help put the rest of the crates in storage!" his manager David said, as Ash's mind was not focused on that issue. "Wait, David? You recognize me? I think I just turned into a guy! My outfit is so tight! Am I dreaming or-"
"Of course! I don't know if you got turned into a guy. Time is money!"
"Why are you so calm about this!?" Ash asked, as David gave him a tired look. A tired look of having seen many things during his time in Main Nation Ministry. "The last cashier here was a victim of spontaneous combustion. Another one got shallowed into a separate wormhole. I've seen worse." David said, as Ash looked down at his own pants.

"But how do I turn back?! Why do I even have this cat tail and why do I have a-"

And back to Airstrip One...

A fair increase in air traffic was expected for the arrival of the Solstice visitors. Sure, someone parked a spaceship at the airport, but what can you expect from nations from the stars?

At customs, the soldiers and inspectors stationed there were skeptic about the appearance of a "weeb laser", which had turned some cashier into a cat boy. While it's true that it could be simply innocent technology from outside of the nation, the inspectors made sure to secretly send this type of information to the security detail in charge of protecting the Solstice guests. The thing that the people at customs hated was that the guests seemed to bring in all sorts of stuff that wouldn't go by smoothly with airport security. When the crew from Socialist Macronesia arrived, customs had threatened to detain them for bringing in boxes of illegal fireworks and boozes. It took roughly a hour and a diversion to a separate customs station for other fliers who appeared from arrivals to keep things moving smoothly, as Jacob ended up going through customs with a lighter suitcase. Customs also made sure to take Sean's combat knife, since it was an obvious threat.

There was a separate isolated incident with the metal detector/X-ray when Leo showed up with his nano-cybernetics, which caused the machine to keep blaring with Leo inside, until he was given the green light to proceed. But the person that freaked customs and some soldiers at airport security around that time was the mysterious tall witch, who exited from a portal from the cross-dimensional hub. She seemed to not know about customs, which annoyed a soldier, as he got his assault rifle ready. "Hey! It's illegal to go around customs! You need your identification presented or-" the soldier yelled, but when the woman looked at him in the eyes, he didn't see blissful happiness. Instead, he saw ruthless power. Power that could wipe him out in a heartbeat. Several other soldiers who got their rifles ready were met with the same response, as the spark in the woman's eyes showed her true power.

"Ahem.. By orders of the Ministry, you are to stand down or... or..." one soldier turned around to see that his men had deserted him. He turned back to see the woman literally in front of him. Not taking his chances, he immediately ran away, as he needed to avoid whatever this woman had in store.

"This is the entourage outside. We have the shuttles ready for the guests. How's the situation inside of the airport?" one of the soldiers who were stationed outside near the shuttle buses said, as another soldier radioed the security detail outside. "We might have a problem already. Some of these guests are bringing in things that doesn't apply with our usual list."
"Like what?"
"Some sort of stun gun that turned some woman into a man. Crates of fireworks and booze. Even nano-cybernetics, as one person called it."
"I think I see some guests leaving towards the shuttles. I escort them in."

"Uhh... guys?" one distressed soldier radioed in, as the soldier picked up the response. "Copy. Is something wrong?"
"We have a woman that might be extremely dangerous. She hasn't harmed anyone, but she ignored customs. We tried to get her identification, but all of us backed down."
"You what?"
"There was this spark in her eyes! It was like glaring into madness, it-"
"Calm down! Do you have a physical ID of the woman?"
"Yeah. Tall. Long blond hair. Red eyes. Hat and dress. Has this smile."
"Copy. We make sure to keep a heavy eye on her. It's likely that she has memetics on her side. Can explain the terrifying presence she has."

Several soldiers got their guns ready, as they served as a reminder that there were shuttle buses waiting for them. "Ahem! Any Solstice guest is to head outside for pick-up. We have several shuttle buses ready for you all, so take your baggage and luggage and meet us outside. We will help load your stuff in." one of the soldier said to address the crowd of foreign visitors, as some soldiers pointed the way outside. "Another reminder is that anyone who doesn't go through customs will be put under heavy surveillance!" the soldier also said, making sure to scan the crowd for that tall witch woman. However, she doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight currently.

Outside at the shuttle buses, a soldier was making sure the luggage was being loaded into the luggage compartment of the bus, as several soldiers were doing their job in making sure there weren't any random assassins that wanted to take a jab at the delegates. The air outside was cold, as the skies were night. There was a breeze every now and then, as the foreign visitors climbed the short set of stairs in the bus to take a seat. The bus was well lit. The windows were tinted on the outside, as the fabric on the seats made them feel soft. The bus driver for each bus were also soldiers, as they were making sure people were boarding.

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by A m e n r i a
A look of both confusion and surprise took over Valeria's face as she saw an armed guard from the Ministry ran at record speed away from her. "So this is how Mirage feels." She thought to herself, thinking of her younger sister whose costume resembles that of the Grim Reaper. She raised her arms to show she means no harm as she looks around to the guards remaining. In a Russian accent, she told them "Um, hi, I'm sorry for scaring that guy off, and I didn't realize I was going through customs instead of to it, so, could someone please help me out?"

She would remain standing with both hands up until the guards calmed down, after which she'd reach into her pocket to produce her passport. "See? I am Valeria from Amenria. I'm just here to visit."

Only a few seconds in and I'm already causing an incident. This is going to be far from a regular vacation, I know it.

blue: spoken in English
Box: a character's inner thoughts

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by Western Fardelshufflestein
Wilhelm rejected the offer to place his backpack in the storage compartment of the shuttle he was boarding; his pack was not overly large, and it contained everything he needed, including his identification and wallet. A traveler as well-seasoned as Wilhelm, or even a traveler who is not seasoned, knows better than to part with his passport card and credit cards, even for a moment. And with the customs being as thorough as they were, they'd have on record every item he brought, so they should know he had no illicit items on his person. Nonetheless, he otherwise consented to their overzealous security measures as he boarded the bus ahead of the party of Brettains and Ghesites.

He sat toward the back of the bus, but not so near to the rear as to be suspicious, on the right side. His backpack he rested on his feet in case some unfortunate person had the audacity to sit beside him. The pack, which remained relatively upright, he allowed to slump against the back of the seat before him so he would not have to spend his time propping it up himself.

The rows for the bus consisted of sets of four chairs, two on each side, with seatbelts and a lush fabric that vaguely reminded him of a limousine interior. Combined with the tinted windows and the ample lighting, the bus almost felt luxurious, but the presence of armed soldiers took away any modicum of ambient sublimity. Coming from a nation with very little military presence, he was unused to such a prominent display of might; the patrols made him feel unwelcome, as they were clearly not here because he was trusted. They were meant to intimidate. He was already letting the hypervigilant security procedures fiddle with his mind, and he had been here for under an hour. How could he expect to last more than a day?

He resolved to ignore the guards. If he gave them the cold shoulder, as the saying goes, he'd deflect their piercing stares like a shield and pretend they were invisible.

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by Zeloria
Leo reluctantly gives his luggage to a guard. Seeing all these security measures and intrusiveness made Leo silently wish he knew how to smuggle in his plasma pistol past security into this hellhole. But he knew that if he even tried shooting them, all hell will break loose. But he got out of situations worse then that. But even if he escaped from this place in a shootout, what will happen with the other guests, he doesn't know. He didn't want to potentially ruin diplomatic relations with the other countries. Besides, he had visited place where it was even worse, like that one space station where laser turrets where aimed at you, no matter where you are. But then again in that station he always carried his plasma pistol with him.

He boarded the shuttle, wondering why having soldiers for bus drivers are so necessary. He scant the seats looking for the nicest place to sit. In one of the seats is a guy he recognizes as a prince from that weird country that has a German sounding name, but is obsessed with English theatre, especially if its written by that guy that lived like 600 years ago. He had a look on his face that told him that he would rather sit alone. Leo took this as an invitation and plopped right next him before turning his head to him, and saying with the most obnoxious tone he could muster up: "Heeeeyyyy." Hoping to start a conversation or at least get a reaction out of him.

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by Brettenwald
Raya & Patyudri stopped at one of those tacky tourist-trap storefronts that grow like weeds in second-rate airports the world over, because why not? "Want a snow globe?" The taller woman grabbed a trio of snow globes and juggled them for a few seconds, catching them and bowing theatrically as Patyudri looked on in delight. "I didn't know you could do that!" she said, awed. Raya grinned archly. "I'm full of surprises, Patya." A snow globe was purchased and went into her handbag shortly thereafter, followed by a pair of knockoff aviator shades because Patyudri thought they made Raya look adorably goofy. "How do I look?" Raya said, striking a pose. "Tom Cruise? The Terminator?" Patyudri just collapsed in a giggle fit. "You know that mural of the cat- the cat wearing the sunglasses on the side of the train station back home-"
"Patyaaaa!" Raya started laughing too, even harder when she looked in a flimsy mirror. "Oh my goddess, I really do look like that!" Finally, their little shopping trip was completed by a bumper sticker reading I Broke Down on the Highway to Hell that would later go in the back window of her Astra and join Free Julian Assange, Harrenholm FolkFest 2019, and People Before Profit. "Here, catch!" Patyudri looked up, blinked, and just managed to catch in her mouth a Welch's fruit snack tossed underhand from a packet Raya'd acquired from a vending machine. "Sorry, it's weird but I've always wanted to do that with someone," she said, blushing madly. "I got you a bag too, I thought you might be hungry and I didn't think you'd have had them before. The orange ones are my favorite, but they never put as many in the pack as they do the other flavors."
"Aww, thanks!" Patya popped a strawberry one and chewed, lighting up. "Oh, these are good."

After the introductions, during which Raya decided Sarah wasn't really her type and Helena may or may not have decided the opposite while reminding herself that it was different for girls (whatever 'it' might have been), Marco just kinda shrugged at Ross' question. "Not a lot unless you count Aurinel raising its subway fares. My dad's been back in action since New Year's after some pretty intensive heart surgery, so Paris & I aren't butting heads as regents any more and I'm a little more detached from politics now. Personally, I've finished restoring my great-uncle Dietrik's Jensen FF and have decided to try and quit smoking starting next month, but that's about it. The country pretty much runs itself a lot of the time to be honest." It was at this point that they started boarding the bus, so Paris couldn't say anything snarky about Nate. Almost disappointing, really. Speaking of Nate, Raya was still holding Patya's hand after she'd heard the name Nate and acted like she'd been slapped in the face. The temporally (and, Raya hoped, corporeally) late Mr. Barton was someone she'd have rather been hit by one of Temku's trams than meet, speaking frankly. She let out a low whistle at the interior of the bus, settling her and Patya down across from Marco & Paris and behind Helena & Sarah. "Impressive" was all she had to say as the pair contentedly waited to get rolling, though. Having decidedly not come from money, Raya wasn't exactly comfortable with mass expenditures. The Opel had been a necessary exception considering her old VW Rabbit had literally had its wheels driven off, but six thousand krona for a practical, dealer-serviced six-year-old wagon that only had 72,000 kilometers on it was hardly a bad deal. No more Tetris-ing her camera gear in before shoots, at least. "So, Ross. What's Socialist Macronesia like?" She'd probably regret asking that, but she didn't want to be rude and ignore anyone.

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by Western Fardelshufflestein
Zeloria wrote:Leo reluctantly gives his luggage to a guard. Seeing all these security measures and intrusiveness made Leo silently wish he knew how to smuggle in his plasma pistol past security into this hellhole. But he knew that if he even tried shooting them, all hell will break loose. But he got out of situations worse then that. But even if he escaped from this place in a shootout, what will happen with the other guests, he doesn't know. He didn't want to potentially ruin diplomatic relations with the other countries. Besides, he had visited place where it was even worse, like that one space station where laser turrets where aimed at you, no matter where you are. But then again in that station he always carried his plasma pistol with him.

He boarded the shuttle, wondering why having soldiers for bus drivers are so necessary. He scant the seats looking for the nicest place to sit. In one of the seats is a guy he recognizes as a prince from that weird country that has a German sounding name, but is obsessed with English theatre, especially if its written by that guy that lived like 600 years ago. He had a look on his face that told him that he would rather sit alone. Leo took this as an invitation and plopped right next him before turning his head to him, and saying with the most obnoxious tone he could muster up: "Heeeeyyyy." Hoping to start a conversation or at least get a reaction out of him.

When the brunette man plopped into the seat beside him, he was disappointed but not surprised. He'd partially expected something like this to happen. After all, had he definitively not wanted anyone to sit next to him, he'd have place his backpack in the other chair, but he had not; there was some socially adept streak within him that was fain to interact with someone else.

The stranger, a midsize man who looked to be in his mid thirties, hid his eyes behind a pair of sunglasses in an effort to exude an air of coolness. Wilhelm knew his type: trapped in the fantasy of youth, his maturity level frozen around seventeen or eighteen and his behavior modeled after the illusion he was still that young. Wilhelm used to be that way, used to hang around people who carried themselves in that manner; he'd learned long ago to pick out these types amongst a crowd. When the man greeted him with a blaring "Heeeeey," Wilhelm knew he had not mischaracterized the stranger. He was every bit as petulant as Wilhelm had predicted.

"Hello there. Wilhelm Kehrer of Western Fardelshufflestein." He proffered his arm for the man to shake, judging the man's reaction to his country's name. Many who had never heard of it or had not been reminded of its existence for a long time often became surprised, their eyes widening and their brows lifting involuntarily, mouths agape for half a second until they recovered themselves and put forth a countenance of interest. In the eyes of this man, there was a flash of recognition amidst the astounded flicker, though 'twas possible Wilhelm was reading him incorrectly.

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by Socialist Macronesia
Ross shrugged. "I suppose it's just like any other Pacific island, except with a lot more white people and extrajudicial ki--" Ari kicked him in the leg. "Er... it's pretty warm and sunny, I mean. It does take a little getting used to if you come from a place in the Northern Hemisphere since the seasons are flipped. That always got me for the first few years I was there because, you know, we would all be freezing our asses off in the middle of July and sweltering in December. Definitely gets better over time and once you get accustomed to the stranger aspects of living there, like the interesting flora and fauna you can see. As it turns out, leaving an mostly uninhabited island to its own devices for thousands of years can cause some interesting adaptations in the things that do live there. There's been a lot of research done to try and use some of the plants and animals to make new medicines and medical treatments, but that's out of my league of expertise. I'll save that for all the science-tists, if you know what I mean."

Jacob spoke up. "Ooh! Ooh! I'm a sciencetist!"

Sarah turned to look at him. "In what way?"

"I helped test the VALV when it came out. That's gotta give me at least like an associates degree in mechanical engineering. They were using so many big words, man, it was all like 'the payload system in clean configuration causes too much axial stress' and all this stuff about 'causing too much lateral shearing in the biauxiliary tertiary fuel pump' and then they did all these weird math equations and they'd be like 'ah yes, the viscosity of the hydraxis of the velocity of the aircraft means that we cannot put any more than twenty-nine missiles on the aircraft.' I didn't understand a word they said, I just nodded my head and went along with it."

"I have no idea what you just said."

Jacob bowed. "And that is why I am a sciencetist. Feel free to consult me if you need any engineering help when you're a doctor."

Sarah rolled her eyes, then turned to the woman next to her. "So... Helena, wasn't it? You're Marco and Paris' sister, right? What brings you all here? Just chillin'?"

an antonov an-12 transport aircraft
several miles above main nation ministry
several minutes earlier

Nate could hardly hear or see anything around him. The cockpit lights glowed a dim scarlet, the four turboprop engines were deafening, and he was unable to speak due to the oxygen mask on his face. This was standard procedure for any high altitude jump, because if you didn't eliminate all of the nitrogen in your bloodstream before jumping, you would die a slow and horrifyingly painful death due to decompression creating nitrogen bubbles in your blood vessels. At the very least you would suffer from hypoxia and probably pass out before you could open your chute. Nobody needed to tell Nate this, though, because he'd done it before. Several times before, in fact. He was one of the first people who'd even had the opportunity to make high-altitude jumps.

He'd known that this party was going to happen. He still had his contacts back in Macronesia who'd told him that something was about to go down over in the Main Nation Ministry. He'd recalled that the MNM was where some of the people in that Western Fardelshufflestein gala had been from. He seemed to remember that some of the people at the more recent event in Macronesia had been from there, too. Of course, when he learned that Ross, Ari, Sean, Alex, Sarah, AND Jacob were all going to be there, he knew that he would have to do something. That exact something he hadn't planned out yet, but it would be something. Of course, he didn't exactly have the ability to just request a Macronesian transport over there anymore, so he knew he would have to get creative and probably crack open some of those bank accounts that he'd made in case this exact scenario occurred. Well,they weren't exactly meant for this precise purpose, but they would do just fine. He'd rented out this An-12, got a few competent pilots, bought some equipment, and set off on a long flight. A flight that he would be leaving soon.

The overhead lights turned green. The cargo ramp began to drop, and Nate felt a cold blast of air ripple across his body. Stepping up to the ramp, he peered down at the land underneath him. He saw cars and buildings and people and he barely even noticed when he began to tip forward out of the aircraft. Briefly, he considered what he might have become had he chosen to take a better path in life. And then he fell from the aircraft, and all he felt, even through his specialized high altitude jump gear, was a searing, blisteringly cold sensation that shot across his body in an instant and made him, for a second, think he was going to pass out. He continued to fall, watching his wrist-mounted altimeter slowly count down to the optimal parachute deployment, which for this mission, would be a death-defyingly low 3,000 feet. And at that altitude, Nate yanked his chute open and felt a rapid deceleration as he scanned the ground for a good place to land. He supposed that he would have to risk it with the forest. He deftly maneuvered around, looking for a potential landing area, and saw a clearing several hundred feet away. He slowly glided into the empty patch of forest, touched down in a standing position, and promptly cut his chute cord with his knife. He tore off his jump gear as fast as he could. He would need to get out of here quickly. This forest was likely patrolled by soldiers, and a distant disembodied "What was that?" told him that he needed his gear out, and soon. For now, his suppressed pistol would suffice. And suffice it did, for when a man in fatigues stepped out into the clearing, Nate turned his head into pink mist with a well-placed burst of semi-automatic fire. Nate took off his parachute and strolled over to the man. It was a bit of a horrid sight, but luckily the man hadn't got any blood on his uniform. Nate grabbed the man's M16 and tossed it to the side, along with his plate carrier and helmet. He managed to unbutton and remove the man's uniform, and put it on himself. Nate then put on the plate carrier and helmet, and slung the M16 over his shoulder. He stashed away his jump gear and the parachute into the duffle bag with the rest of his equipment, then turned to the cadaver on the ground.

Now what am I supposed to do with you?

And then Nate had an idea. Taking out his jump gear, he slid the corpse of the soldier into his own gear, being sure to leave some of it unzipped and open to create an illusion of an attempt to escape, tossed his oxygen tank and mask onto the man, and loosely wrapped the man in a parachute. He took out a bag of a certain composition of metallic powders from his duffle bag, spread it across the man's corpse, and then took out an incendiary grenade. He pulled the pin, shoved it into one of the man's pockets, and ran like hell in the opposite direction. In a few minutes, the body would be melted into slag, but even if forensics could discern what had happened, they would only come to the conclusion that a spy, who had attempted to infiltrate the nation, had been caught in his parachute and accidentally set himself on fire with a thermite bomb. It was a logical chain of reasoning, even if it was a bit unusual, and nobody would really care or bat an eye, especially here. Hell, it would probably make for great propaganda: try to mess with the state, suffer the consequences!

Of course, none of that would do any good if Nate was caught in this forest before he had a chance to get out.

He strolled through the forest, duffle bag over his shoulder, M16 in hand and began to walk to civilization, or at least in the general direction he presumed would lead him to civilization. Nate been smart enough to register himself in as a guest for this event, so the organizers would have a room at The Hotel ready for him. Luckily, Nate had been smart enough to set his jump up in such a way to put him down on the same side of the city as the hotel. It would only be a few minutes, maybe an hour, of walking to get there, if that.

Once Nate arrived at the hotel, he first needed to make a plan. Chances are, the room he had would be bugged, but he doubted there would be a camera. If there was a camera in the room, there would be some bigger problems present, but just to be safe, he would check the place to make sure. He'd changed back into his normal clothes so as to not arouse any suspicion from the hotel staff. The uniform would come in handy later, but for now, he had put it in his duffle bag with the rest of his stuff. Everything was in order. Nate stepped into the lobby. There were a couple soldiers standing idly around the lobby, but the place was mostly empty right now. Nate walked up to the front desk. The woman working there smiled at him. "You're early! Can I get a name, please?"

"Nate Barton."

"Let's see... you're in Room 301. Here's your key. If you need anything, food, entertainment, anything like that, don't hesitate to call down here and we can assist you. Have a nice stay!"

He smiled. "Thank you. Have a good night."

Nate picked up his room key and made his way up to his floor via the elevator. He found Room 301, slid his key in the door, and was met with a dim green light and a click. Nate pushed open the door to his suite. Tossing his bag on the kitchen counter, he flipped off any lights that were still on and took a RF receiver out of his bag. Turning it on, he meticulously scanned each and every part of the room. He didn't hear any interference noises, so Nate knew that he was fine. The rooms weren't bugged or cammed. That was helpful. If it had been, he would've had to use some countermeasures, but he was in the clear now. Taking a screwdriver out of his bag, he promptly pulled the mattress off of his bed, removed the screws from one of the plank-like pieces that ordinarily would support the mattress and made up the frame it sat on, and pulled it off the bed. Out of his bag, he removed his AR-33 Commando*, his pistol, his night vision gear, the M-16 and uniform he'd taken from that soldier, along with a few other items that were explicitly forbidden to bring into the country. After replacing the plank and screwing it back into the bed, and putting the mattress back on top of the frame, Nate had hidden his equipment in a way that would leave it virtually impossible to find, even if his room was deliberately searched by the government. He kept his knife on his person because he still wanted something to protect himself with, but he knew he would have to leave it in the hotel or in the car when they toured the Ministry tomorrow.

But for now, it was time to rest and think. Nate popped open a bottle of champagne and poured himself a flute. He needed to look at a map. Time was of the essence, and every second wasted was a second less to carry out his retribution.

apparently the ar33 is a weapon in rainbow six siege. i am not referring to this. i am referring to the ar33 of macronesian lore/goldeneye 007 for the n64. i am clarifying this because of nothing in particular.

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by Wuchu
Stecker shifted in their seat, moving their head slightly away from the buzzing window of the bus. Outside, it was dark, the only light being the dim nightlights of the interior reflecting outside.

"Are we there yet?" they mumbled.

"No," I said. "We're..."

I checked my phone's time. "We're about sixty years away."

Stecker perked up, their eyebrows furrowed in a glazed look of bafflement.

"You should get some more sleep," I said with a slight smile. The driver's radio played Elvis quietly as he tapped the steering wheel with his fingers in beat with the song. Stecker laid their head back down, tucking themselves deeper into the mildly uncomfortable seat.

The music suddenly stopped, the radio now emitting only static with only passing voices heard deeply within its grains. I looked towards the back of the bus. It was empty.

"Not far now," I said under my nose.

I was fixing my lipstick, sitting cross-legged on the bathroom's countertop.

"How did you even manage to get a ticket so late?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it," Kotera's voice exclaimed from one of the stalls behind me. "It'll be fine."

"I am worried about it, dude," I said. "We're in a foreign totalitarian state so paranoid that it probably has microphones in every faucet here and a camera on every piece of toilet paper. I am totally in the right to be worried."

A few moments of silence passed before being broken by the flushing of a toilet.

"Why would they have microphones in the faucets?" Kotera said as he emerged from the stall, zipping his pants up. He was wearing a horrific Hawaiian shirt with beige dad pants with sandals. "You wouldn't be able to hear anything over the running water."

I groaned. "Obviously, it was hyperbolic. Idiot. You still haven't told me how you got me a ticket."

"I have my ways," Kotera said while washing his hands. I looked at him askew.

"It'll be fine, seriously," he affirmed once more, now tucking his shirt into his pants. "You gotta trust me more."

"Fine." I sighed and looked at our reflections in the mirror. "We look like a charming couple."

He looked up and nodded. "Yeah, I think so too." He looked at me. "Ready to go?"

I jumped off the countertop, quickly dusting myself off one last time. "If we're arrested, this is on you. I said we should've used a normal way to get here."

"Who's gonna think twice about two people leaving a bathroom?" he said, pushing open the bathroom's doors and walking out into the airstrip's customs. I followed closely behind him.

Outside, it looked just about like any other airport, if they've gone through about 30 9/11s in the past week alone. Security was everywhere, just like Kotera told me. There were even two guards standing just by the toilet's entrance. They seemed quite perplexed at us leaving the room without first entering it.

A crowd was already gathering at the customs check. I didn't recognise anyone, really, though it definitely seemed like quite the party. Looking at Kotera's expression as he scanned over their faces, he likewise seemed quite unfamiliar with the other guests.

"Anyone you know?" I asked him.

His expression didn't change. "Give me your ticket," he said. "And keep close. You can't afford to get lost like you always do."

We then walked up to the crowd, taking our place in the queue.

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by Leskya

Southern Nile region

The gentle breeze of the desert carried the heat of the sun across the camp. When Tarabi entered the cool tent, the others listened to the radio, fanning each other with makeshift fans made from dried leaves. Yathmir was sat in the corner, reading over the latest chatter among the Brigadiers.

"Oh, my apologies, Sekvus. I didn't realise I was interrupt-"

"You're not interrupting anything," Yathmir told Tarabi, looking up from his tablet. "What do you need?" he said with a gentle expression on his face.

"Well, I was sitting in the- we were all looking over-" Tarabi began speaking before interrupting himself, breathing in once, and amending his composure. "We received a new message."

"Send it through to the CC; I'll look at it later," Yathmir responded, his attention already shifting back towards the chat.

"It wasn't intel," Tarabi clarified. "It's for you, personally."

The tent quietened in attention as one of the Brigadiers adjusted the volume of their radio. Yathmir frowned, silently mouthing to himself.

"Okay," he said with a sigh. "Show me." He reached out his hand, and Tarabi quickly handed him the scribbled note. The paper was dry, wilted, damaged by the sandy air.

Reading over the message, Yathmir's expression shifted from confusion to surprise, and then, finally, glee.

"You'll never believe it," he exclaimed with a laugh to the tent. "I'm being invited to a party!"

The others began laughing with him. Tarabi laughed along with them, although with detectable awkwardness hiding in his tone.

"Okay, okay," Yathmir said, stifling another burst of laughter, as he handed back the note. "Tell Barandi to contact Naturkomo and prepare me a passport. I'll start packing my things."

"Passport?" one of the men said in a surprised tone. "How far off are you going Brother?"

Yathmir stood up from his cloth chair, stretching his legs and arms in relief. "Far off, far off, comrade."

"Do you need a driver?" another one asked attentively.

"You know," Yathmir said, scratching his beard. "Yes, certainly. I take that's your way of volunteering?"

"No, no-" the man defended. "Although... if you'd like to take me with you..."

The others laughed again.

Airstrip One

The engines of the craft were deafening, and Makhaya's face was equally loud with concern.

"Are you sure you'll be okay Akhi?" she asked Yathmir.

He nodded, then smiled at the Brigadier. "If I was worried at all, I wouldn't have come."

The pilot's voice erupted to their headphones. "We'll be over the drop-zone in some 30 seconds. Prepare for HALO jump. Good luck, Akhi."

"Thank you, Kambala," Yathmir said, taking his position.

"Stay safe," Makhaya quickly said. Yathmir didn't hear her, however, having already disconnected himself from the arkivoj network.

Then, he jumped out.

Yathmir could tell this wasn't a place to make friends. The tall concrete towers, combined with bright, harsh lighting, and the endless dots of soldiers below him reminded him of the old Moscow, back during the height of the Eurasian State. 'More prison than home,' as his old friend used to say.

The cold air - combined with the smog accompanied in every urbanised centre - was a bitter reminder to him. Having spent much of the past half-millennium near the equator, never less than a day's journey away from a completely uninhabited wasteland, he realised that readjusting back to this scenery will take some effort - physical as much as psychological.

At some 900 metres above ground level, he finally pulled his parachute open, getting ready to feel the weight of the world on his feet.

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by Black Raven Movement
"Forgive me comrade, say that for me, say that you forgive me."

"You're through, can't do any more to you now."

"I'll do all I can, I'll write to your parents!"

"Forgive me comrade....

Forgive me....

Forgive me..."

"But your just a man like me, and i killed you."

"Why do they do this to us? We only wanted to live, you and I."

It was all quiet on the Western Front.

For once, since the Christmas Truce only 4 years ago, the guns on the Western Front lay silent at last. Of the tens of millions of men mobilized to fight for their Motherland, for Liberty, God, King, Fatherland, Kaiser, or the Tsar, many soldiers and innocents were slain. Many lives were claimed, many empires fell, many families were destroyed or fragmented beyond repair. As new nations took the place of fallen empires, some had to deal with these issues in an overwhelming degree as soon as they were liberated. Some did not escape the slaughter unscathed, and others, like me, were left broken, changed men.

Did we ask for this? Fuck no. But what happened in the past happened, and we must try to prevent a slaughterfest like WW1 from happening again. If we truly care about our people, that is."

049 had closed his book.

He had begun working on it since December of last year, though the lack of motivation, rehabilitation, and more personal moments had prevented him from even getting past the first page. He had looked to his right, seeing Katerina laying down on the two other chairs composing the row of chairs they were sitting on. She was, evidently, tired, and so was he. He looked at his watch, and the time had stated:

6:03AM, 7/3/08

The airport was almost filled to the brim with individuals, some in varying states of awareness, emotion, and fatigue. Some had fallen asleep on the chairs, in their cars, or on the buses, while others were more energetic while seeming to be in a state of urgency. One family was arguing with a TSA agent over the fact that their grandmother was crippled, while an entire family was informed by an army official of their son's passing while in a reconnaissance mission in the north of what was formerly Afghanistan, which was reduced to an irradiated mess after WW3.

Another family, a predominantly Igbo family from Nigeria, had come to greet their son's and daughters while also attempting to seek asylum, as the Nigerian government exactly three years prior had begun a campaign of ethnic cleansing in the Biafra region of the country, which was called by international media and the American government the Onitsha Campaign, as the largest massacre of the campaign occured in Onitsha, which killed 434,000. He could hear the father of the family say something in Igbo to his children, as if he was thankful for being able to make it to America.

He looked away for a moment, and began to think about what happened in December. He didn't remember much at all, though he could vaguely remember why he was there. He came there to assassinate the son of a dead Nazi official, whom was plotting to launch a military coup in the Ruhr valley of Germany, he reunited with Katerina, albeit only because he was, suffice to say, "catatonic", and the girl he saw sitting alone near the villa. He couldn't remember much about it, apart from him just walking towards her with Kat to see what was going on. Everything else, though, was forgotten, as if it didn't happen at all.

Perhaps he was overthinking it, maybe he was overanalyzing what had happened, though everything on that day, unnatural, even. He looked at his watch again, and the time stated:


He had woken up Katerina from her nap, her eyes dozing off into the distance, while they both got up and grabbed their luggage. They both looked at their tickets for the "private flight" they had booked, though that was changed by her laughing at her ticket.

"Hey, look at this." She said.

"What is it?" He replied, evidently confused at what was going on.

"Look at what they wrote."

Behind the ticket, in what appeared to be cursive, were the words go fuck yourself and your weird friend of yours, pinko scum.

"Huh. Very funny of them, isn't it?"

"Not something you'd expect at 6:00 AM, isn't it?"

"Eh, I'm more surprised at the fact that you're middle name is Elizabeta."

"Dad decided to give me my mother's name as my middle name for whatever reason that he had."

"Maybe so that you can remember her?"

"I barely got to know her, though."

"Fair enough."


As they were talking, he opened up his notepad, and took note of what happened in December, along with how to manage that situation:
the fucker who murdered 15 people at the villa will most definitely go to the wedding, so be prepared for that dumbass
they're getting hitched, so expect a good amount of people going there
neko girl might be there, but she might not, so in the case that she does go don't be an idiot and say the wrong shit either to her or within her vicinity
somehow manage to explain whatever the fuck went on in our world without either having to resort to psilocybin to explain half of it with a straight face or without coming across as batshit insane
apis can't hurt you, remember that. the fucker is still a part of you, so give him hell when he decides to come over.
and also, bond with kat. she loves you, and she won't be here for much longer unless she becomes immortal, which given how insane things are might be a possibility, but still. take care of her, it's only right to do that.
be a slightly below-average loser.
and repeat the same stuff that you wrote six months ago that thankfully no one online read.

As soon as he closed his notepad, she had gotten up to throw away her trash, and he noticed how much her clothes contrasted with his. Her clothes were a mix of a Galician flag sewn into her grey Massachusetts College of Art and Design school hoodie, shorts which had men's pants pockets sewn into them by 049, black working shoes, black glasses, and a large red backpack carrying her laptop, books, pencils, and a journal, which had highly contrasted with his clothing.

His clothes, which had consisted of a black hoodie with it's drawstrings having been taken out, his plague doctor mask, which had multiple stiches on the beak and new lenses, jeans, grey infantryman's boots, a Free French Army armband having been sewn into the hoodie's right arm, and a backpack which contained a computer, psilocybin, traditional playing cards, and one book, that book being Poor Fellow My Country. He got up as well, and started walking towards her. She noticed him, and she began walking towards him. He got closer to her, and she got closer to him, both of their eyes full of uncertainty, and surprisingly, confidence. She took of his bird mask, and noticed that some scars on his cheeks had begun healing, his face was less pale, and the color of his eyes had begun to appear once more, having a green/brown color to them. She got closer to him, and she kissed him. After around a minute, she put her mouth close to his ear, and she murmured:
"I love you."

He didn't really know what to say about it, as if he was... surprised. Surprised at the fact that she still cared about him, even after everything that had happened to both of them. That surprise was soon washed away with a feeling of cheerful anxiousness, cheerful at what had happened between them right now, yet at the same time anxious as to what would happen at the wedding. He put his mask back on, but not before giving her a small, yet noticable smile.

They began walking towards Terminal 4 of JFK International Airport, both of them feeling uncertainty attempting to creep towards their thoughts. It felt as if the closer they got to the plane, that feeling grew more and more unavoidable, yet he could masquerade it better than she could. He could feel chills running down his back, but he just shrugged it off as nervousness. As soon as they were walking towards the plane, he heard a voice, for a split second, speak to him.

"See you there, we'll be waiting."

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2021 10:10 pm
by Azur Deutschland
Sylvia, Julienne, and Phym headed outside towards the shuttle buses at the behest of the soldiers working around the airport. Sylvia and Julienne delicately holding Phym's hands as they walked on. One of the soldiers shouted a reminder about heavy surveillance being brought upon those who do not go through customs. This got both of the twins thinking. They turned their heads and looked at each other with quizzical expressions. Who didn't go through customs? It's a common enough practice. They ended up shrugging it off before stepping inside one of the buses.

The three girls took a whole row of seats to themselves, as they were a family. Julienne sat by the window with Sylvia sitting in the seat beside her. Between them both sat their little adopted child, Phym. She was a bit nervous, but being with her caring guardians was enough to push aside that nervousness. Julienne pulled out a little candy out of her little purse-like bag and handed it to Phym. The little girl accepted the candy with a smile and a giggle. Her fingers immediately opening the wrapper and popping the piece of candy into her mouth. She then nestled herself back into the seat and into the twins.

Aurelia stepped outside the airport, but she decided to stay away from the crowd. Hearing a soldier near the crowd, she let out a teasing giggle that no one could hear except for herself. "Ahuhuhu~ Don't worry, I'll behave, sir~" After she whispered that so playfully to herself, she continued to lurk in the shadows, scanning the crowd, looking for a pair of girls. Ah, there you are. She smirked as her eyes caught Sylvia and Julienne entering one of the buses. My sweet grandchildren of blue roses.

With a nod to herself, her smile grew even more. Though, she did nothing else but wait in the shadows, watching the bus intently. Readying herself for when they would depart.

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by Zeloria
Western Fardelshufflestein wrote:When the brunette man plopped into the seat beside him, he was disappointed but not surprised. He'd partially expected something like this to happen. After all, had he definitively not wanted anyone to sit next to him, he'd have place his backpack in the other chair, but he had not; there was some socially adept streak within him that was fain to interact with someone else.

The stranger, a midsize man who looked to be in his mid thirties, hid his eyes behind a pair of sunglasses in an effort to exude an air of coolness. Wilhelm knew his type: trapped in the fantasy of youth, his maturity level frozen around seventeen or eighteen and his behavior modeled after the illusion he was still that young. Wilhelm used to be that way, used to hang around people who carried themselves in that manner; he'd learned long ago to pick out these types amongst a crowd. When the man greeted him with a blaring "Heeeeey," Wilhelm knew he had not mischaracterized the stranger. He was every bit as petulant as Wilhelm had predicted.

"Hello there. Wilhelm Kehrer of Western Fardelshufflestein." He proffered his arm for the man to shake, judging the man's reaction to his country's name. Many who had never heard of it or had not been reminded of its existence for a long time often became surprised, their eyes widening and their brows lifting involuntarily, mouths agape for half a second until they recovered themselves and put forth a countenance of interest. In the eyes of this man, there was a flash of recognition amidst the astounded flicker, though 'twas possible Wilhelm was reading him incorrectly.

From the reaction from Wilhelm, Leo began to realize that it might come in handy to act a bit more mature when you're on a diplomatic trip. He was the "leader" of a nation now and his days of space adventuring were behind him. He put of his sunglasses and put it in his pockets and changed his tone to something more serious. "You seem surprised that I know what a Western Fardelstuffelstein." Leo paused for a bit and said again: "Western Fardleshufflestein? Fardelshuffelstein? Oh well, you probably want to know how we know about it." Wilhelm perked his ears, or at least Leo thinks he did. "So ehmmm... we have an Interdimensional Exploration Corps, we send dimensionauts to other dimensions to see what's on the other side." Leo paused for a bit again to see if the prince knows what he's talking about, and then resumes: "Now for some reason we get a lot of signals from your country, mostly radio broadcasts. No idea why but they pretty interesting." Leo then remembered that he hadn't told Wilhelm his name yet. "So my name is Leo Berge, I'm the coalition leader of the Interstellar Federation, or Zeloria as everyone calls it. Well "leader" the party I'm part of mostly uses me as figure-head because I'm pretty well known back home because of my space adventures." After talking a bit about himself, Leo decided to ask Wilhelm a question: "So what can you tell me about yourself?"