Nation of Fjorstat - Initial Referendum

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Nation of Fjorstat - Initial Referendum

Postby Fjordstat » Tue May 04, 2021 7:06 pm

Hello all,

The Nation of Fjordstat has just been created, and we would like your voice heard in an initial referendum. This referendum will dictate the form of government, the national motto, and amount of seats in parliament. It will also act as the first general election.

We hope you vote, as your voice means a lot to us and our future.

Kind Regards,
Nation of Fjordstat

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Peoples Revolutionary Army of Kahrivstan
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Postby Peoples Revolutionary Army of Kahrivstan » Wed May 05, 2021 9:20 am


People's Revolutionary Army of Kahrivstan - Department of the State

To: The Nation of Fjordstat
From: Reyvana Savrone, Secretary of State
Subject: Anticipation for your Initial Referendum

Greetings, I am Secretary of State Reyvana Savrone, representative of the true Kahvristani government, the People's Revolutionary Army of Kahrivstan. I am looking forward to your referendum and applaud your internationalist initiatives. Too many nations neglect the benefits that come with acknowledging how interconnected our global community has become. While the PRAK leadership believes that social anarchism is the ideal form of governance, providing your citizens the right to parliamentary representation is also quite commendable. The more seats you provide to your people, the more power their voices will have.

I look forward to witnessing the growth of your great nation,
Reyvana Savrone
Secretary of State of the People's Revolutionary Army of Kahrivstan
Unless stated otherwise, this nation does not reflect my personal views. With that being said, if there is an issue with the portrayal of this nation please let me know. It is one of the major factions fighting for dominance in the Modern Tech failed state of Kahrivstan. I will not use more than one faction in a single thread without permission and generally all of the factions will want to fight one another. Within reason, you do not need my permission to defeat me or kill my characters. I prefer the roleplaying opportunities that losing offers.

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