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Postby Neu Engollon » Sat Nov 06, 2021 11:25 am

Dr. Maria Cobanalli made polite goodbyes to her fellow crew, the Captain, and the Captain’s Table guests. She hurriedly made her way back to her cabin to change into comfortable clothes and retire for the evening. She might still try to get a chapter or two of her book in, but she was definitely feeling the affects of her two drinks at dinner and a very full stomach, so it was more likely she would lay her head on the pillow as soon as she was ready.

Being the massive introvert she was, she continued to replay in her head all the social interactions of the dinner, wondering if she had made any embarrassing comment, not that she could do much about it now. She arrived at her cabin with relief, closing the door and immediately taking off her evening wear in favor of her leisure/sleeping wear.

Jack and Helene Heirlich wandered the deck, exactly as they had told Jolene they would, with fresh drinks in hand from the bar. Helene had gotten a nice after drink with mint liquor, coffee, and a hint of vodka in it. Jack had gotten another Scotch on the rocks. A 15 year malted Orcadian label. He was looking forward to their tour of the Orcadian distillery, even though that was quite a ways off from right now.

They stopped to watch Abel at the roulette table. They didn’t know anything about the young lad, but he seemed quite distraught as he continued to chase lost money with more. They continued on.

Jack commented quietly,
“That boy is going to launch himself off the rail before this cruise is over, mark my words.”

“That’s terrible, Jack, don’t say that.”

“I just think the way things are going for him back there, it might be inevitable.”

“You should tell someone.”

“Tell who? Tell them what? What will be will be. It’s not our business to get involved, especially on a hypothetical. I’m not interested in familiarizing myself with security over such a matter that’s probably nothing.”

“If it’s nothing, why are we talking about it?”

“We’re not. I’m done...Look at those stars!”

Helene snuggled closer into Jack as a chilly Nordic breeze hit them. He seemed oblivious to it, steeled by the artificial warmth of the alcohol.
“They are lovely. This was a nice idea, coming out here.”

As she spoke, Jack continued to scan their fellow guests, his secondary profession kicking in as he tapped into his NESA training. Threat assessment. Curiosity about origins and purpose. Judging stature and the dynamics between them and their companions.

There were too many guests to mentally catalog them all, but a surface scan of them might turn up ones he should keep a closer eye on. Jolene Gudfrey being one of them, although not for any nefarious reasons.
They could hear clashing strains of music, some from below, some from the ever present bagpipes, and also from the ship’s band. They didn’t quite blend in, but they weren’t overlapping too horribly either as one strain faded out to give way to another.
While Jack like Orcadian Scotch, he wasn’t quite sure how he felt about their traditional folk music.
Helene shivered on his arm.

“Time to head in?”

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Postby Greater Orcadia » Thu Nov 11, 2021 1:22 am

Louise however had a request, from one mariner to another, and as Martyne made her way back to her cabin ahead Brother-in-law Ryan who was still on the aft deck, bagpipes placed on the table as he watched and listened to the ships band playing away, Louise turned to the captain with a request

"Would it be possible for a tour of the mechanical spaces and bridge of this vessel?" She asks with a polite tone,
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Postby Cortexis » Thu Nov 11, 2021 1:42 pm

The Vektorins were on their way to their cabin, not necessarilly to stay there for the rest of the night, but maybe relax a while. Then, however, they heard the music. It was a soft, gentle melody. Rather relaxing. Galvan could not identify the instrument, but to be perfectly honest, he was far from a musicologist. He guessed that it was an instrument considered traditional... it had that feel to it.
"Shall we listen for a while?"
"i have no objections. it could be nice."
They stood in place for a while, before heading towards the sounds. There was nowhere to hurry, they could hear it just as well from where they were. By the time they entered the bar, the song that they heard has stopped and the band began playing something else.
"A bar...", Galvan has stated the obvious while looking around. "In my opinion, the best use of alcohol is to preserve specimens... Still, there are other things to do here." There indeed were many things to do there. For the moment, however, the couple was happy just listening to the band.
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Postby Glisandia » Thu Nov 18, 2021 5:29 am

The Bridge

Chief Jason Hoyt had called up his entire engineering department who was on rest, bar for Second Engineer Einar Wojcik, who remained behind in the engine room, to assist with the fault finding mission upon the vessel's radar system, spread between the Bridge and the radar/antenna mast outside. None of the two engineers and three apprentices were qualified electrical engineers, but they had a rudimentary understanding of what they were looking for, under the guidance and mentorship of the Chief.

The team was working fast, as they understood the dangers of powering down the vessel's entire radar system, especially with darkness fast approaching. Without radar, the ship had to rely solely on the eyes of the navigation crew, keeping watch with binoculars. That and the crew did not enjoy working during their precious off time, or missing supper for that matter.

After a long arduous period of checking each and every component of the radar, inch for inch, Jason discovered the origin of the glitching radar: a worn segment on the main power cable. The particular piece was located just after the main radar power cable split from the main feeder cable. A few individual internal copper wires had worn out and broken off, thus providing inconsistent feed to the radar display, forcing it to glitch, but not enough to activate the safety trip. It was a subtle, well hidden problem, made even more frustrating by the fact that these were newly installed wires, which meant that faulty wires were installed.

Jason was constantly amazed by the large problems which the tiniest of faults could create.

Jason continued to cut out the problematic segment, and replaced this part by latching on a new piece of wire. This was a temporary fix at best, which would undoubtedly hold, but would not pass the next regulations inspection, and would thus need to be replaced with an entire new cable segment. However, that was a job to be solved in port, and not whilst at sea, where the radar had to be actually functioning at all times.

After replacing all the removed panels and covers, Jason switched the radar system's back on, which immediately sprang to life, like any young healthy radar should. He took up the seat behind the radar display, running a quick electronic diagnostic on all the radar systems.

He did not like what he discovered, and his navy instincts kicked in immediately.

Jason removed a small notebook and pen from his breast pocket, and wrote down a single word. He stood from his seat and approached the senior officer on watch, XO Lilja Astridsdottir, showing his notebook to her. The single word "Jammed" appeared on the paper.

She nodded, then glanced around. She motioned over to the little compartmentalized office on the Bridge that she shared with Captain Stan. When they were both in there, she closed the door.
“Thank you for following up on that, Mr. Hoyt. What makes you think so?”

Before he could respond, low-key rolling rumbling noises emanated from his stomach, reminding its owner that it was well past feeding time. Ignoring it, he replied,
"I just ran diagnostics on the radar system, and it indicates that several - a wide range of the bandwidth frequencies are blocked. This alone is evidence of jamming in my opinion. Luckily, our X Band is capable of hopping frequency, so we still have an operational scanning capability, for now. But there is more. None of the vessels which the radar detects are displaying their Automatic identification system info, indicating that the entire specific spectrum is blocked. So we know there are vessels out there, but we can't know who, or what they are. Going even further, the data connection with the harbour master in Juovor is down, coupled with our wifi and cellular reception."

Jason sighed deeply before continuing,
"Now one can be forgiven to blame these misfortunes on solar flares, thunderstorms or high sea states…" Jason pointed towards the door, presumably to the window which laid beyond the door, and thus the lake beyond that,
"Which is obviously not the case as it's a beautiful ocean out there. And even then, the magnitude of our problems are a lot more than what the Mother would cause."

Lilja shrugged.
“Lake...Ocean...what’s the difference? There is weather interference on the Lake, but...I do think you must be right, Mr. Hoyt. Not on any part of the Lake is there any major weather patterns at the moment. Not in the last report I got from Mr. Fortunado, anyway. Something is afoot and our interference must be man made.”

"Aye Ma'am. I can guarantee that observation. Perhaps the Comms Center can do a spectrum check, just to build on the evidence, but I do suggest that the Captain is hastily informed, Ma'am."

“I’m aware of my obligations to the Captain, Mr. Hoyt, as well as to the crew and passengers. But we will get this taken care of, rest assured. Well, at least we know our new equipment is not malfunctioning of its own accord.”

"Of course Ma'am. Ma'am before we continue, please know that I am not attempting to insult or insinuate that you don't understand your job, as in fact, the truth is that I respect your position and capabilities tremendously. I am aware that I sometimes come off as a bit brash, and please allow me to chalk it up to my years served within the Port Emberian Navy. There we learned to be ruthlessly efficient, and manners came last on the list of importance."

“Relax, Mr. Hoyt. I’m not offended, but I will not shy away from reminding you that I have earned my higher berth here for a reason. We will respect each other’s worth and berth here. That’s just one thing I have learned from Captain Stan. Your efficiency will suit you well. The Captain is very respectful of such a virtue.” She took a pause and stifled a yawn.
“We have more work to do. Why don’t you take care of your crew and give those who need it rest? If you can rest up yourself and have your second in engineering take over, please do. Tomorrow is another day and we need to face it fresh. I have calls to make.”

"Aye ma'am, gratitude. Im taking the lads down to the galley now, as I have requested the crew down there to package up our grub. Anyway, Second Engineer Wojcik has the current watch, but I am available at all hours should the need arise. With that, smooth sailing, XO." He nodded deeply towards Lilja as a form of goodbye and respect as he and his crew filed out of the bridge.

As Hoyt left, she got on the hotphone to try to reach both Mr. Fortunado and Mr. Ryker with little success. They were on the move as far as their covering crew could say. Where, no one could say, but she had her suspicions. It seemed that everyone was quickly coming to the same conclusion as to their circumstances.

Next, she sent two Bridge crew out with two-way radios to man each side of the bow and radio in if the ship was getting close to anything. They did actually have NVG to wear, in just this eventuality. They pulled them out of a storage chest, tested them, and then dashed for the bow as quickly as possible. All she told them was that the radar was continuing to have technical difficulties which may only clear up with time. They would have to dim down some lights on the bow, but to not panic the passengers in the process. It was for ‘atmosphere’.

She was torn if she should wait for the Captain, and Markus and Pedro, or try to seek one of them out. She finally decided to stay put for a few more minutes and wait for call backs, which ended up being the wisest decision, after all.

The Captain’s Cabin

Stan checked in with Lilja on the Bridge before heading back to his cabin for the evening. He needed to lay his head down after feeling he had to be ‘on’ for their guests at his Table. It was draining. The Captain met the Second Officer near the small office off the Bridge.

She seemed to be calm, but not quite level.
“Smooth sailing and clear skies out there, Sir. Minor issue with radar technical difficulties that Mr. Hoyt worked on, but that turned up some other issues.”


Lilja was relieved that Stan’s visit had saved her the effort of having to track him down in the Dining Room or his cabin.
“He believes we’re getting some interference. Not the typical weather interference. As I said, clear skies. All the way across the Lake, from the last report from Pedro.”


“Jamming...I guess? I never served in the Navy, Captain. I have never been on a ship that has been targeted like this. But we’re getting sustained and pinpointed electrical interference that’s causing issues with our radar. We’re not getting proper read backs. Our chief engineer believes this isn’t a fluke or mundane malfunction. Everything I know tells me this has to be jamming.”

“It sounds about right. I was not in the Navy either, but the Merchant Marine, as you know. We got hit with their jamming often enough.”

“So, that’s bad. It means they’re going to do something to us?”

He kept his voice low
“Not necessarily. You aren’t military, but you are Glisandian, Lilja. You know how much they like to mess with us. How bitterness still drives them. I don’t think it amounts to stepping up to violent aggression, but if they can get their kicks from messing with a passenger ship, then so be it. You can’t be the least surprised that they would try to trip us a little for the laughs...”

“But it is aggression, Sir. It puts our safety in jeopardy. Blanking out our radar could cause us to crash! Into another boat...into the shore…”

“Keep your voice down. Let’s not put the crew into a panic. You need to put some crew on the bow to keep watch. Give them radios…”

“Already done, Sir. I did that right after we found out we were getting bad returns from the radar system, before Mr. Hoyt and his team even started working on it.”

“Good. I need to rest a bit after this dinner. But just a cat nap. I will be back here two hours earlier than my normal time to relieve you. We should meet then with Mr. Fortunado and Mr. Ryker, as both our Communications department and Security department should know this is going on.”

“Shouldn’t we tell them now?”

“Call them up here. I think both of them should still be on duty. They need to know what’s going on. But as far as us getting a solid plan together on how to deal with this, it can wait until morning, unless things begin to escalate. See if you can reach back home to tell them what’s going on. If they hit us on comms too, that might be the final warning. If Pedro tells you that, come get me. If anything else starts going wrong, send someone to get me.”

XO Astridsdottir didn’t say anything for a moment, but she was highly skeptical that the Captain should go off to sleep with everything going on. Without radar, they could be vulnerable to a crash, as she had said. She also didn’t trust that the situation would not escalate. It was hard to trust anything with Yellowsians and their attitudes toward their neighbors. These people had been bred for generations to be xenophobic and calculatingly disruptive.
“Do you think it’s wise to leave this to simmer, Sir?”

“I think it’s less wise for me to try to deal with it in my current state. I implicitly trust you to handle this in my brief absence, Lilja. That’s why you’re my second in command. We would not have left home port if I had any doubts in your ability.”

“Understood, Sir.”

“Now, I’m heading to bed. Or to nap. Whichever.”

He headed on down two decks to his cabin. He took his jacket off and hung it up, looking it over once to see if he had spilled anything on it that he hadn’t noticed while sitting down. It looked clean enough.

Then he eyed a certain cabinet. He stood still, contemplating then moved towards it.
“What the hell, I...No. No. I need to clear up my head.”

Instead of pulling out the bottle of bourbon in the cabinet, he reached to the mini-fridge and pulled out a seltzer water. He uncapped it, taking a long pull.

There was a knock at the door. He put down the drink and went to it.

He looked out the peep hole first to see Pedro Fortunado and Markus Ryker standing in the passageway. Had it been anyone else, like a passenger just trying to chat him up, he would have ignored them and pretended he was asleep. He opened the door hesitantly, dreading what this could be about.
As the door opened, Markus cleared his throat before speaking,

“Good evening Captain, I dislike having to come to you this late but Pedro and I thought this would best be brought to your attention now instead of tomorrow.”

“Si, Capitan.” Pedro looked sheepish.

“Just now, Pedro swung by my office and we spoke about the communications interference that has been occurring. He did a very fine job analyzing it with myself and offering his thoughts as to the origin of the interference. However, I have not ruled out the possibility of a third party potentially being involved in an attempt to cause a crisis between neighbors… As a nonnative of the region, I wanted to run our thoughts by you.”

Stan poked his head further out into the passageway, looking left and right beyond Pedro and Markus. Then he focused on them.
“Come in. I was just getting ready to retire for a couple hours to refresh myself. Can I offer you gentlemen a drink? Water...or, I think I have bourbon or even some schnapps?”

Fortunado shook his head, glancing at Ryker.
“No thank you, Captain. I feel I need to keep my head clear with all that is going on. Gracias, though.”

Also shaking his head, Markus politely smiled.
“Also no thank you, Captain. However, drinks are on me once we’re back in home port.”

Stan closed the door behind them.
“Oh no, I insist they will be on me.”
He walked over to the side table where he’d left his drink. He took another big gulp of the water.

“So, until we can narrow this down, I’d like to keep some discretion, gentlemen. Hence a conversation out in the passageway isn’t the best idea. What kind of interference are we talking about now?” Of course, from what Lilja had told him earlier, he had a good idea what they were about to tell him. He had hoped it wasn’t that pervasive to all their equipment, but now it looked like his worst fear was bearing out.

“Pedro? This is your area of expertise.” Looking over at his fellow officer, Markus silently kicked himself for opening his mouth too wide in the hallway.

“Si, is definitely happening across multiple bandwidths and channels. If it was just a channel or two, I wouldn’t think much of it,’s all of them. I do not have a clear channel out, back to home port especially, or to Kvarljeg, which is the closest Glisandian port…” He said that more for the benefit of Ryker than the Captain, although the Security chief might be familiar with the geography of the Lake region by now.
“...I just think that this is deliberate, to have so many channels blanketed with white noise or just dead. Some interference due to the screwy Lake weather is to be expected, but... It’s not even the same effect on all of them, which is a clue in itself. I think this is deliberate jamming, Capitan.”

Stan walked over to his little portal window to look out on the water, seltzer bottle in hand, while he contemplated what he was hearing. It was really like the worst possible scenario of what they had discussed back during their emergency preparedness meeting.
He took another sip.
“Can you rewire something to get a clear channel? What about cellular waves? Can we reach a tower?”

Pedro held up his cell.
“No signal...And my display keeps blanking or getting pixelated in an odd manner. It is why I think they are hitting multiple bandwidths, not just UHF/VHF frequencies. No civilians have the capacity to do that. Yes, I can try to focus on one channel and get a clear space, but it would take some time.”

“By ‘they’, you mean them?” Stan pointed out the direction of the YSR coast. He sipped again.


“They’re jamming radar, too. Mr. Hoyt discovered that just earlier. It’s why I haven’t been able to sleep. Mr. Ryker, what are your thoughts? What if this escalates, what can we do?”

Both Ryker and Fortunado took in the news that they weren’t the first to raise the alarm. The radar, too? This was serious.

Ryker went forward,
“I checked the emergency flares and we have a number of 1,000 foot flares. If I remember correctly from my time on merchant vessels, they can be spotted some 35 miles away in good conditions. Right now this seems like our primary method for long range communications in the event of an emergency. As for the current possible signal jamming, I already have one of the security staff assigned to assist Pedro with operating the comms room and hopefully getting our signals restored.”

Shifting on his feet a bit, Markus looked over at Pedro and then back at Captain Stan. Clearing his throat, he continued.

“In addition to this information, I already have drafted a plan for if the utmost worst situation occurs. There are enough secure spaces around the ship to safely harbor all passengers and a number of crew members. However, it appears that there are not enough reinforced areas for a small handful of crew… In the event of such a situation, it is my duty to remain in the line of danger and ensure the safety of the passengers. As such, none of the security crew will take up space in the safe areas if such an event occurs…”

“Dammit! Dammit! I told them we needed a bigger fortress room! They said the space was needed for cabins and passenger comfort. Damn corporate hacks!”
Stan blew out a breath, then continued on more calmly.
“Mr. Ryker, I want to make this very clear. If we are boarded, none of your staff, nor any of the crew should resist the boarders. All that will result in is unnecessary harm and possibly death. We just can’t have that.”

Pedro stood stock still. The outburst from the Captain had surprised him, and he didn’t know quite where to look or how to respond, but his response wasn’t called for right now. He looked at Ryker again, which seemed safest.

Bracing himself as Captain Stan expressed his displeasure, Markus continued to speak. “Of course, Captain. I already have it planned that in a worst case scenario, the security team will assist the passengers to safety before taking up positions on the bridge to ensure that any hostile forces do not attempt to sabotage the ship in such a way to capsize it. We will not resist reasonable demands but at the same time, the safety of the passengers comes before all else… Though… This may best be left for later but are there any sensitive equipment or documents I should be aware of that may require destruction in such an event?”

“Yes, of course, if it looks like the passengers will come to harm, then we need to step in. I will not be one of those to go in the safe areas in this possible scenario of a boarding. Sensitive equipment? Not that I’m aware of, no. Sunrise HQ back in Hjamokjim might feel differently, but all the Bridge, Engineering, and radio room equipment is insured...Really the whole boat is insured. There’s no secrets, not from a political standpoint, although, maybe from a corporate consideration. None of it matters if we lose a single crew or passenger, however.”
He finished off his bottled water to punctuate that statement. He thought back to what Lilja had said about the radar. Could this be related? Possibly, but he wasn’t going to throw in more conjecture until he had Jason Hoyt’s final report.

“In addition to the current maritime laws pertaining to safe passage, are there any Lake specific laws or agreements that I should know about in case I need to make a polite stand against an illicit boarding?”

Stan waved generally to the air.
“We have agreements with all the governments and all the ports. For months now, and this goes for future voyages, too. We were given specific permission to dock in Wjol, not to mention every other port on our itinerary. For anyone to seize us and board us would be in flagrant violation of those agreements, not to mention WA maritime law. Not only would it be an affront to Glisandia, but to any and every other nation on the Lake. Absolute piracy. Not to say that everyone is happy with that. I would imagine there’s still quite a few Yellowsian military that are quite butthurt about how they lost the War.”

Nodding, Markus cracked a wry smile. “Excellent… At prior postings I took an interest in international relations and World Assembly affairs. This provides a strong basis against any issues we may experience. I’ve taken a few World Assembly sponsored courses through the International Transport Safety Committee. If need be, I’ll politely and professionally explain to any boarding parties how they violate international standards and as to why it is in their best interest to get off this vessel.

Stan nodded.
“I hope that works, but...again. Yellowsians. They aren’t ones to pay heed to international laws. I guess they’re trying to change their tune, but they have a bad track record.”

“Of course. Anyways Captain, I do believe that covers what I wanted to discuss with you at this ungodly hour. Pedro, did you have anything to add?”

“No, Sir. I will do my part.” Fortunado stood tall, calling on his past naval experience in his stance.

Stan nodded again.
“Good. Let’s keep this between us all, but also talk to Mr. Hoyt as you will need his assistance. Second Officer Astridsdottir is also aware, of course. Keep up your preparations. We should reconvene tomorrow morning early, but for the rest of tonight, I need my sleep to be sharp...for anything. That is all, gentlemen.”

He saw his two crew officers out the door into the passageway, again glancing about to see if anyone was observing. The coast was clear. It was mostly crew cabins at this end, anyway, so he wasn’t too concerned about an interloper.
After they left, he got ready for bed, and tucked in. It took him a few minutes to push the anxiousness to the back of his mind and drift off. The experience of being a merchant marine captain during wartime had helped him in being able to do that.

Credit also Goes to Port Ember, The Chuck, and San Rosito for this post.

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Postby Yellow Star Republic » Sat Nov 20, 2021 10:19 am

Earlier the Previous Day
The Tenningur
Arkjelstad, Yellow Star Republic

Director General Gerta Hildgursdottir certainly didn’t put off the air of a ruthless dictator when she entered the room on most days, and this one was no different. With a professional yet fashionable outfit of skirt, blouse and blazer in matching light gray, heeled boots and black stockings. Her hair was naturally blonde, with the beginnings of gray creeping into the corners. Her face was mildly wrinkled, for a woman of her age in mid to possibly late 50’s.

A coffee in one hand, and a tablet in the other, with a shopping bag draped over that same hand. She didn’t shop herself, of course. She had an assistant to do that for her, but she still requested the bags that the items were packaged in, to show her trust and promotion in local upscale retailers that held prominent places in such districts in the capital as Fiskurmarka and Kaupmannstorg.

The seat of government of the very autocratic YSR, was also the historic headquarters of the dreaded state security organization of that very same hardline socialist nation. It was no accident that the RLO headquarters had become the center of government.

In 2014, The Republic Leyndarmal Öryggi (RLO) Director Gerta Hildgursdottir had pulled off the boldest coup probably in Teremaran history in eliminating the Politburo and taking over the YSR government, in the midst of a catastrophic war no less against half the region, with one weak ally on their side, Osatana. It was during that same coup that the Öldungarhring, the original seat of power in Arkjelstad and home of the Politburo, had been pummeled to dust by artillery, necessitating the move to the Tenningur.

Director General Hildgursdottir had made the history books with that one. She had ably led the nation, along with picking competent generals to lead, the battered YSR military forces in retreat from Jumnia and Glisandia, still holding them together and forestalling a vengeful invasion of the Motherland with the ultimate threat of nuclear retaliation. These days, she was struggling just to stay afloat and in existence with all the threats, both internal and external that faced her and her tightly controlled regime that was almost entirely made up of former RLO department heads.

She sat down and settled in as her Directors and Commissars of her cabinet began the meeting. They began to prattle on about all their failures over the last few weeks. A foreign band of mercenaries were running rampant around their countryside and had torched half of Steinbrudden. It wasn’t the first time Western mercenaries had wreaked havoc on the YSR countryside within the decade, and it was likely due to the same organization - The USG Security Corporation, that Neu Engollian mercenary band that felt entitled to tromp through the region and take and shoot what they wanted. It was maddening that this could happen yet again.
Gerta rubbed at her temples, then lightened up as they described the Glisandian cruise ship approaching their shores.
“What is your problem with that, you assholes?! We invited them to dock at Wjol, did we not?”

Svarik Tummeisson, head of the Republic Leyndarmal Öryggi, and only second in power to Hildgursdottir, as well as a suspected former lover of Gerta, nodded. He was used to placating Gerta.
“Yes, Director General, but we have had, um...trouble...ascertaining whether the cruise ship is also equipped as an electronic spying ship under guise.”

“It...Does...Not...Matter, Svarik. The whole world is watching us. We cannot make a move on them, and we need to do everything to protect them from harm. I thought we agreed on that?”

“Yes, Comrade Director General. I just wanted to make clear that they were finally here, in our waters and that we should...ehm, keep our senses on guard, shall we say? Keep on alert, even if we don’t move on them...yet.”

“I have made myself clear, I don’t want to hear about it further now unless the situation changes and the ship starts launching flying monkeys at us or something. Missiles...”

“This ship certainly could not launch missiles..”

“Then leave it the fuck alone, fuckhead.”

“Yes, Comrade Director General. There are, um...some other matters…”

With that, the cabinet pivoted, in order to conduct the rest of the business that needed to be discussed in running the YSR for that day.

Hours after Upplausn left Hjamokjim
Along The Lake Coast of the Yellow Star Republic

They had steered South, almost into Falkasian territorial waters, knowing that the enemy’s boat would continue to head on a direct course towards their coast. They wanted to put distance between their vessel and the target area. They needed to have space to swing around and maneuver from an unsuspected trajectory.

His crew was unwavering, trusting, and loyal to him. As far as they knew, he was acting on direct orders from the Director General herself. However, from the moment he and his officers had plotted a plan to operate against the Glisandian cruise ship, they had been in direct contravention to the Director General and the Council.

While the Captain knew this, he wasn’t aware of how adamant that the Director General had been that the Lake fleet of the YSR needed to back off and allow the Glisandian tourist ship to freely traverse the Lake coast, including the Yellowsian section of it. Well, he was somewhat aware.

It was obvious that forces were at work, and in conflict with each other, when it came to opening up the Republic on this scale. There were those who recognized the practicality of letting in the West to help rebuild, and those who would resist their former enemies to their dying breath. The Captain fell into the latter category. He was of the camp that felt bringing in the Westerners would forever corrupt their society. Also, like many other veterans of the Northern Tavlyrian War, he was quite bitter as to how the conflict had ended. There was a deep seated sense that their defeat needed to be avenged.

Captain Frodar Gerrikssen of the Viðveru was certain that he was part of the solution that would gain them that revenge on the Glisandians and their Western lackeys. Still, he couldn’t quite act without support, and expect that he would be lauded as a hero. Much of the higher command in both Arkjelstad, and on Ankkeyja Island (HQ of the YSR Navy), were firmly behind the Director General in that they needed to repair and restore relations with the rest of the region.

Meanwhile, the Lake fleet, the smallest of the fleets in the YSR, were almost entirely not sympathetic to the Director General’s wishes that they work with the West, but they still had to put on the best face with all the commerce and tourism that was flourishing again since the end of the War. At least openly, the Director General was for renewed ties and letting bygones be bygones, even if teams of cyber warriors worked tirelessly to undermine and steal from the Westerners, also at the Director General’s behest. This duplicitousness was taken as a cue by the military that they only had to put on a thin veneer of cooperation and bide their time until the next round.

The Viðveru was a ship that fell into the Bardagabátur class, a distinction that most navies didn’t have, as it wasn’t really a proper combat or patrol vessel, but actually of a larger class.
Still, it was smaller than what would be classified as a corvette. It would probably fall under an LCS classification in most modern navies, but it also performed mine clearing duties, along with several other tasks due to the general lack of YSRN ships on the Lake. Bardagabáturs formed the backbone of the Lake fleet, with one frigate, a handful of corvettes, and patrol and missile boats filling out the rest.

As the Viðveru circled back north and onto the far flank of the Upplausn, Captain Gerrikssen kept his crew on task without clueing them into his ulterior mission. They were there ostensibly for defense of the coast from any and all incursions, Glisandian, Falkasian, Orcadian, or otherwise.

They were working in concert with the Jaðar which was the disguised ELINT ship posing as a cargo trawler under the command of Capt. Alfor Tjevorsson. Tjevorsson and Gerrikssen were of the same mind, and Gerrikssen knew that his comrade on the ELINT boat would let him know as soon as they got confirmation of non-civilian electronic activity.

The technicians on the Jaðar that ran the ELINT equipment only needed to know they were searching for abnormal activity on the target ship’s bandwidth, not that they and their sister ships might or might not act, regardless of evidence of such activity.

Gerrikssen contacted Tjevorsson on an encrypted proprietary radio system that had been developed post-War for use by the military and the RLO.
“Anything new?”

“We’re going to full jamming and bandwidth interference to see how they react.”

“Very good. Keep me updated on their reaction.”

“Of course, Comrade.” Tjevorsson was of equal rank to his comrade, but Gerrikssen was in command of their Lake squadron and held the temporary rank of Rear vice admiral, so Alfor didn’t take umbrage to his assumption of rank, but more the insinuation that Tjevorsson wouldn’t promptly report the results of the current operations.

“Very good. Until then. Out.”

Next Morning
Prior to the Upplausn docking

On shore, at Wjol, the guides of the Interior Ministry were oblivious to the goings on of their national comrades on the water. They were in quite a euphoric state that they would be able to show off their hospitality skills and knowledge of the town. While this weren’t the first foreign tourists, Wjol didn’t often see an influx of tourism of this volume as to be expected from the Glisandian ship.

Even the shopkeepers were aware of the wave of tourists inbound. Many were busy changing price signs around their shops, knowing that it would mean nothing to Westerners to throw down a few extra skels or krona for local items, but they had to also cater to Yellowsians who were nearly indigent by comparison.

Meanwhile, another set of guides, most former military, along with Coast Guardsmen, were preparing the obstacle course for the day’s visitors, along with the hiking trails that led up and over the back edge of the town. They had gotten word from the Sunrise Tours company that they would have quite a few brave souls that were more adventurous that the shopping/sightseeing tourists who would stay within the city limits.
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Atypical Icelandic/Nordic, hard line Marxist-Socialist nation with a very turbulent history with its neighbors.

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Postby Glisandia » Sat Nov 20, 2021 10:26 am

The Next Morning
Wjol, Yellow Star Republic

Like a literal switch, the electronic and cellular interference stopped an hour before they docked. Hoyt, Fortunado and XO Astridsdottir noticed all at about the same time, as they had been in constant touch with each other throughout much of the night, in between rest breaks. Lilja told them to continue on with their regular tasks, and find relief so they could be fresh. This could all be part of a long game for whoever the perpetrators they should be prepared for a next round.

XO Astridsdottir guided the ship into harbor, then with a harbor tug and ironically clear communications with the Harbor master, she was able to get to their assigned dock so the docking crew could do its job.

While there was some sign of enmity between the two groups, Yellowsian dock workers and the mostly Glisandian engineers on the cruise ship, they were professional. A minimum of discussion needed to happen for the cables to be secured and the Upplausn to be anchored into the dock. Even though Yelskja and Glisja were so close that they would likely be able to understand each other, it wasn’t truly necessary. When it was done, they all went about their way to other tasks, only to reconvene when the Glisandian ship would need to leave port later that evening.

Breakfast was served to all before disembarking. Chef Bonnefoy did it again and was complimented on another wonderful meal by several passengers, albeit not in person as he was still toiling in the galley.

The crew prepared for the day. A few actually had a day pass and would be joining the passengers ashore, while others were assigned some general maintenance and cleaning tasks. Soren Zielensky led the charge, and gratefully accepted those souls given to him by other departments. Zielensky was not the most popular by any means, due to his usual salty demeanor, but he certainly knew the value of hard work and didn’t begrudge others who did.

Despite some chill winds still blowing, the constant temperature maintained at 16 C. Cool enough for a light jacket, hoodie, or pullover, but not frigid by any means. The clouds were present, and there didn’t seem to be any indication of stormy weather on the horizon.

Stan enjoyed a morning coffee as prepared to get his uniform on and get ready for his shift for the day. He needed to relieve Lilja. He mulled over the events of last night, after dining. The talk with Ryker and Fortunado had him worried about what they might face today or this evening. A quick call to his room from Lilja had informed him that the electronic interference was gone. Not slowly degraded or faded, but halted abruptly like hitting a wall. It was a relief, but still brought up more thoughts and worries as to what lay ahead.

They just had to get through a few more hours and then be on their way into Falkasian waters, although they did have a good stretch of Yellowsian coast to pass to get there.

He made a stop first in the small office shared by himself and Lilja, outside the Bridge. There was an envelope waiting for him on the desk there with his name on it. He picked it up and quickly ripped it open. Out dropped a name tag and some keys. He took out the accompanying paper. It was a resignation letter from George Walsman, their cruise director. Stan let out a small surprised laugh.

Quite honestly, he had probably talked with Walsman the least out of all the crew officers, and that wasn’t by Stan’s desire. It was probably for the best as Stan had not been really impressed by the man’s dedication or his personality, especially for a Cruise Director which required quite the extroverted personality, something that Walsman never seemed to exhibit. It seemed like, up until now, a lot of delegating went to Trygve Karlsson, the assistant director, in that department. The letter was as dull and dry as you would expect from such a person.

The timing was very odd, though. Out of all the ports to cut loose, Wjol didn’t seem like remotely the best choice, considering the difficulty in making arrangements to travel anywhere else from Wjol as a starting point. He was aware of what they went through to get permission to dock here. Even though the Yellowsians seemed eager for tourists, their myriad of regulations and restrictions seemed to belie that. He truly wished Walsman the best that he didn’t end up in a RLO jail or worse.

He called up Karlsson on the hotphone. He had noticed last night that the lines, even on the secure hotphones, had been unusually scratchy. Now they were crystal clear.

“Trygve here.”

“Karlsson. It’s the Captain.”

“Yes, Captain Redmondsson, what can I do for you?”

“Can you head up to the Bridge here soonest?”

“On my way, Sir.”

As Stan waited for Karlsson, he had the log thrust into his hands by Lilja, who reported everything from overnight, including the radar issues they had suffered. Even though he had gotten the report live last night, it was her duty to go over all the events as they transitioned shifts.

Stan looked around the Bridge. They had been talking at a normal pitch, but he still didn’t want to alarm the whole crew about something that could have possibly been nothing at all. He motioned her inside the small office. It was cramped, but couldn’t be helped. She closed the door.

Stan resumed.
“Yes, I still need to have that meeting with Ryker, Hoyt and Fortunado. We might not be out of the woods yet if this starts up again when we leave port.”

Lilja was silent for a moment.
“How serious do you think that could get, Captain? What if they try to pull something while putting our comms down again?”

Stan shrugged.
“It’s the Yellowsians. You know how they can be. I do just think they’re poking at us to see what happens. We’re not a naval vessel. There’s literally nothing we can do about it. If they escalate, we’re kind of hosed, but...what to do? I think they won’t and they can’t do anything and they will have regional condemnation beyond what they politically can afford if they try to take us.”

“So that’s our protection is that the world will be mad if the YSR tries something?”

“That and all the other navies on the Lake, including the Glisandian one. Once they realize that we’re not going to react, hopefully they will get bored and leave us alone. At most, we have to put up with it for another day. The Falkasians won’t put up with that, especially if YSRN ships try to follow us into Falkie waters. They will put a cold stop to that.”

“Seems like we could do a little more than that.”

He noted her dour expression.
“Again...Lilja, we’re a civilian ship. All we have ever had to rely on for protection is international law, and the threat of consequence on anyone who violates it. It’s like if someone robs the bank you are in, even if you have all the training in an individual capability to do something about it, you should not do anything. Someone can come to harm if you do. Right?

Besides, we know that Mr. Ryker is doing everything to prepare if it becomes a worse case scenario, but we can’t just turn tail now. The future of the whole company, our jobs, and free travel all around the Lake is at stake.

There’s been no expressed literal threat. Were we to run out of here, it would be ludicrous. Even before we actually docked earlier this morning. They are expecting us and we are invited. We promised this port as part of our itinerary to the passengers.”

“I just mean that...if anyone did actually try something, they would probably be in contravention of their own government, therefore, they would be pirates, right? We would be within our rights to repel pirates.”

“Hmmm. You’re on to something there...But we’re not prepared to repel pirates any more than proper naval personnel. Piracy is unheard of on the Lake. Again, we have to look at the safety of the passengers, and of our crew. It’s just not feasible.”

“Right. Part of me understands that, but also, I don’t know if it’s right to keep it from the crew. I mean…they already know something is up, I would think.”

“Trust me. It will be fine. We’re here now. Everything seems to be just as planned, other than the jamming and interference. We need to put on a good face and pretend it doesn’t bother us, and that is why I’m keeping calm in the face of the crew. The more stress and worry we bring by informing everyone, the more we amplify a feeling of dread that will bring down the morale of the crew and alarm the passengers.”
He didn’t fully believe all that himself, but as Captain, he had to be brave and nonchalant in order to get the rest of the crew to act normal and do their jobs.

“You really have thought it through, Captain.”

“That’s why I’m the Captain.”

Lilja yawned.

“Go rest up. I got things covered now. You gave your report.”

“What about the meeting with Ryker, Hoyt, and Fortunado?”

“You now know everything I’m going to discuss with them. If anything else comes up aside from that, I will be sure to let you know.”

“Right. Well then, until this evening, Captain.”
Another part of her was highly annoyed that the Captain was having all these little separate side meetings with the crew officers and no one had the full picture. They needed one big crew officer brief with all present, even if it meant alerting the crew that something was afoot.

At that moment, Karlsson showed up. She put it in the back of her mind. She would approach the Captain later, staying up a bit longer to do so. She wanted to grab a bottle of water before resting.
“Assistant Director Karlsson.”

“Second Officer Astridsdottir.”

“Actually, I’ll make this quick. You’re now full Director, Karlsson. Walsman quit.”

“ Thank you, Captain. It’s official then?”

“As soon as I call back to HQ.” Assuming they still had an open, unjammed line.
“You don’t sound that surprised.”

“Um...yeah. Not really. Some comments that George made yesterday make sense now.”

“I see. Well, let’s get everyone who’s going ashore, safely ashore, shall we? I recollect we were going to make a special announcement about Wjol?”

“Yes, sir. Director Walsman wanted me to do that, anyway.”

“Of course he did.” Stan reserved any other comments he was going to make on how that reflected on their now former Cruise Director. That said enough.

“Should I also make a comment about the departure of George?”

“No. He didn’t bother, why should you? It’s nobody’s business...Unless they ask, then send them to me.”

“Very well then, sir, if that is all…”

“That is all. Get to work then.”

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The Previous Night
City Political Commissar’s Office
Wjol, YSR

It began with a lot of call ins about lack of cell reception, television service interruption, and generally a lot of electronic mayhem going on. The city mayoral office refused any calls of such nature on general principle, even if it was possible that they might be accountable for the discomfort of their citizenry.

It wasn’t something that the Commissar’s Office normally dealt with, but in concert with the Director General’s orders to show a friendlier side of the RLO, and the well publicized number of the Commissar’s Office, they did the best they could to field the calls with grace.

At first it was from the local police precincts and utility services, but eventually, as these local agencies were overwhelmed with calls, they redirected people to directly call the Commissar’s Office. After all, no one else could be responsible for such bandwidth and electronic interruption other than the RLO, the ever pervasive state security agency, or possibly the military, but why not start with the RLO?

It was enough for the night desk clerk to call in the City Commissar herself, Arnkatla Vanorsdottir. Arnkatla was disrupted from a deep sleep and none too happy to have to dress and go into work extra early to deal with issues that should be none of her concern.

While Vanorsdottir’s outward appearance of a very rugged featured, not so handsome woman from an off the trail fishing village was probably accurate, she was not actually as ignorant and provincial as some of her naysayers might peg her to be just by appearances. Just because she resembled a villainous figure from a Western movie about pirate treasure and hysterical kids, didn’t mean she was comically inept enough that even kids could get the best of her.

The fact was that she had excelled in all her schooling, had political ambition and gotten the notice of her local Commissar. After some work for the local office and dutifully reporting on those she suspected of being disloyal to the State, she had gone right to the RLO Academy in Arkjelstad on the backs of glowing letters, in order to satisfy all the requirements for a top political position.

That she had been shunted off to her local region to do duty in a backwater post as a municipal political Commissar was only a minor setback for her in her perceived rise to glory.
It would be corrected soon enough, with the right situation to prove herself worthy of getting her way back to Arkjelstad.

One of her adjutants was briefing her.
“...we have gotten a call from the Tenningur, Comrade Commissar. It’s that serious. They want this Glisandian cruise visit to go flawlessly, and this is already fucking things up.”

“Yes, that’s why I’m here. If Arkjelstad deems it serious enough, then I need to get out of bed for it. I wasn’t sleeping very well, anyway…Has the Cruise ship tried to call ashore?”

“No. Likely they can’t.”

“Do we know what is causing it?”

“Well, Comrade Commissar, the Police Chief and Mayoral staff have outright said it’s not any operation they are aware of or ordered. They believe it’s military in origin. With the scale of the interference we would have to agree with them.”

“What military units are in operation around here?”

“Coast Guard and the small Marine garrison. Both of which have already denied any knowledge of what is going on. They are affected too. They called the city to tell us to knock it off, also here, since we’re the rightful representatives of the RLO. They’re certain we’re behind it.”

“Nonsense. We have direct orders from Arkjelstad to be on our best behavior.”

“Yes, we told them that, Comrade Commissar.”

“What naval boats are out there?”

Ever prepared, Bortorsson, her adjutant, slid the list across her desk.

She looked at it for a moment.
“So which of the commanders of these ships is in actual charge of the territorial waters?”

“We’re not sure, Comrade Commissar. The military doesn’t share such information with us.”

“But they share what ships are physically out there? This is an oddly compartmentalized informational sharing procedure…”

“To be fair, Comrade Commissar, this is the publicly released list of Lake naval vessels for the People’s Red Navy. The RLO has reason to believe, and proof as well, that there are more than what is on this list.”

The Commissar’s face scrunched up in frustration.
Mr. Bortorsson.

“Yes, Comrade Commissar?”

“I have had enough of you perpetuating this shell game.”


“Mr. Bortorsson, you have one hour to get me the name of the naval commander that is actually in charge of operations in the immediate territorial waters off Wjol. Understood?”

“Yes, Comrade Commissar.”

“Good. Otherwise, you better hope they have a berth on one of those ships for you, because there will be no place on land that you will survive a shoot on sight order issued to all RLO Officers.”

“Yes, Comrade Commisar.”

“Go! Do it! I need to return more calls. I want that information in one hour!”

Within a half hour, Bortorsson had the information. He put the scrap of paper with the information down upon the Commissar’s desk.
“Comrade Commissar, the information you requested.”

Commissar Vanorsdottir had a look of utter aggravation on her face after fielding more calls from the City hall and other citizens groups around Wjol.
“I’m glad you didn’t wait until the last moment, Bortorsson.”

She took a pause, then dialed the number. She had to wait while it was transferred a few times and then until the local Coast Guard station could facilitate a shore to ship call.
Before she could say anything, another voice spoke first.

“Who am I speaking to?”

“That was my question for you.”

“This is a vessel of the People’s Red Navy conducting serious operations, madam, so if you will be so kind as to not interrupt us again, that would be much better for the security of the Republic.”

“Did they really not explain to you who I am?”

“Some city commissioner? We don’t get involved in local politics…”

“City Commissar Vanorsdottir of Wjol and the local district. Local representative of the Republic Leyndarmál Öryggi.”

“I take it that is supposed to intimidate me? Congratulations for you, City Commissar.”

“That means you are supposed to have a healthy respect for the authority I represent. Even your naval headquarters at Ankeyyja takes its orders from the Tenningur in Arkjelstad, Captain.” She assumed he was a Captain although he had yet to identify himself.
“Listen...Let me just cut through the rest of your bluster and stored up denials, Comrade. Your squadron is conducting some sort of operation that is causing all kinds of electronic and cellular interference here in Wjol and the surrounding area. It needs to stop. Shutting down our communications and that of our visitors, current and pending, can have drastic consequences and become tragic very fast. There are all sorts of reasons that our firefighters, engineers, hospitals, security, ships in harbor, and the list goes on, might need our communications operational for the safety of all citizenry and all agencies that ensure that.”

“Comrade Commissar, I don’t know exactly what you’re on ab…”

“I said to spare me your denials, Comrade Captain. You think I have no power over you, but you will learn quickly that if you ignore me, the only way you will be allowed back on board a maritime vessel in the aftermath is to scrape the barnacles off the side of it...We have important impending foreign visitors and I think you know that. This is probably what this is all about. The Director General herself has stated that all must go smoothly during their stay here and you have already jeopardized that. End. It. Now.”
Vanorsdottir hung up before he could respond.

On the other end of the line, Captain Gerrikssen stood frozen as he heard only static through the phone line. Then dead silence. This RLO local chieftain had called him out directly and there really was nothing he could do but comply...for now.

They would have to resume operations to sort out the true mission of the Upplausn while it was in open waters, traversing the Lake in between port stops and out of neighboring territorial waters. In the meantime, he needed to get a hold of Captain Tjevorsson on the Jaðar and tell him to halt the active jamming.

He also needed to assess if the RLO was now a threat to him, his ship or even the whole squadron. If so, there wouldn’t be much to do about it but go down as a martyr for the cause.
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Atypical Icelandic/Nordic, hard line Marxist-Socialist nation with a very turbulent history with its neighbors.

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