Greater Drejveškan Union Conference: Camp Krešimir

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Greater Drejveškan Union Conference: Camp Krešimir

Postby Treko » Sun Mar 14, 2021 11:36 am

Camp Krešimir, GDU Headquarters


Camp Krešimir is the Headquarters for the Greater Drejveškan Union (GDU). It is located on the north western side of the Lietukro Offshore Island, known as Rokovo Island, facing the Lietukro District of Slaveška (Sjovenia). Once a bustling resort it had been taken over by the State Administration and designated its current role. Camp Krešimir also referred to as Krešimir Resort sits on government controlled and protected acres. Featuring state of the art security and an underground bunker this former resort is a fitting location. Centralized between all members of the GDU for easy access it not only boasts conference rooms and auditoriums but houses rooms, recreational areas, and a landing strip. Access to the Camp is only allowed with proper authorization be it land, air, or sea.

Vesna Kováčová
Trekkish Delegate
Camp Krešimir, Sjovenia

I clutched my arm rest with an iron grip as the plane began to descend towards the Camp Krešimir runway. Flying always made me nervous and I usually preferred making my way to meetings via driving or taking the train. However, neither car nor train could reach Camp Krešimir, so I had to accept my damnation and take the flight. As the plane made its descent, I saw the beauty of Camp Krešimir below me, however, after that initial glimpse I closed my eyes until I could feel the jets wheels touchdown on the runway. I gave a sigh of relief as I unbuckled myself and collected my briefcase before exiting the jet.

Upon exiting, there was already a small contingent of Slaveskan representatives to greet me. These representatives were flanked on either side by an honorary color guard that held the Ethranian, Slaveskan, Trekkish, and Parentellian flags. It was a nice touch. After the formal greetings and small talk, I was escorted down a walkway where a car awaited me. As I stepped into the car the door was politely closed behind me. After situating myself I nodded to the driver who nodded to me via the rear-view mirror before taking off to the main Camp Krešimir facility.

The views on the way to the main Camp Krešimir facility were absolutely stunning. However, my eyes were drawn to the beach. Perhaps, If I were lucky and the meetings ended before the allotted time, I could visit the resort's beach and enjoy something here. My thoughts of enjoying the beach were thrown to the back of my mind as the car pulled up to the front entrance of the main Camp Krešimir facility. As the car parked in front of the entrance, a guard walked forward and opened the door for me. I nodded graciously to the guard as I exited the car. I fixed my forest green uniform before grabbing my briefcase which still sat on the car seat and heading inside.

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Postby The JVP » Sun Mar 14, 2021 1:14 pm

Camp Krešimir, Sjovenia

As the Goliner 345 touched down on the runway outside of Camp Krešimir, Teysa began to collect her things. The invite from the GDU to the JVP, to some would seem to be out of left field, but the Pact and the Crown had been in talks about events in the region and Korya, the Protectorate state of the Empire. Plus events in Ethrana and Moslanka had the crown worried about a future conflict on her boarders. But after looking over the details, and the fact it covered a common concern, it was only right that the JVP accepted the invite to join in. So here Teysa was, plucked from her month long vacation, to fly to Drejveška, and to observe, as it was told to her.

She let out a small sigh. At least this was at a former resort. She could soak up some sun on her downtime and maybe still enjoy her vacation. "Hell. I'm here on the Crowns dime. I'll make the most of it." She said, as her plane taxied to the terminal.

She did not wear her Knights Uniform, figuring she was only doing work when at the meet and still on vacation when not. So she just wore a simple yellow sundress with some flats. she smoothed out her short black hair, and made sure to fix her the two long bangs that she used to frame her face.

The main door of the plane was pulled open and Teysa grabbed her handbag and made her way out. The small airport seemed to be busy, and she scanned the area, before her eyes fell on a sign that just had the JVP flag on it. She made her way to it, and greeted the Sjovenian male.

"I'm Teysa, the JVP rep." She watched as the man looked at her and then to his sign. "Well shit." She said. She knew her Parenese was bad, and her accent made it even hard for even normal people of the JVP to understand her, even when she spoke the Wendler common. So she just pointed at the sign, and then at herself and this time the man seemed to have understood, as he folded the sign up and motioned toward baggage claim.

Teysa smiled and followed the man, who seemed to steal long glances at her. She figured he was checking her out, as the dress clung to her slender frame, but she caught his eyes looking at her face, mainly at her chin. It finally hit her that these people would have never met a Nutk before, so the tattoo that ran down under her lower lip and down her chin, must be something new for him. She laughed at thinking the guy was just checking her out, then she caught him winking at her, and realized he was just looking at the full package. She rolled her eyes and collected her bags.

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Postby Vivtzem » Tue Apr 27, 2021 8:44 am

“Ma’am, do I really have to wear this? It makes me look like such an absolute tool. Besides, this is not even a real deployment.” The young specialist protested to the ensign. The ensign shook her head as she pressed a lint roll against the sleeves of the specialist’s uniform. “Don’t fret about it, companion.” The ensign said in a soothing tone, letting out a small sigh as she felt the sailor’s continual unease. She then wrapped her arms around the sailor. The ensign’s elbow rested on the specialist’s shoulders as her hands connected down to the sailor’s chest. “Stop worrying, you look cute in the skirt.” The ensign told the specialist in a slight condescending tone as she maintained her hold on the specialist. “Ma’am. . . ?” The sailor meekly called out in concern as it seemed the ensign had begun to go into her own world. The ensign entered back into reality and a small smile creeped itself onto her face, a small chuckle followed as she pulled her arms back to her sides. Her right hand reached into her rightmost pants pocket of her dress uniform, pulling out a small black hair tie, continuing on in her speaking “Now, young lady, this is just as much of a real deployment that there is. So stop all that talk.” As she talked she grabbed a hairbrush from a nearby counter, brushing back the specialist’s hair as she then proceeded to put it in a neat bun.

In a tired and defeated tone of voice the specialist responded “Yes, Ma’am. . .” The Ensign nodded her head and gave a light pat onto the sailor’s head, then lightly pushing the sailor off the chair and dusting down the back of her uniform, taking a step back to make sure the specialist did not look absolutely horrible. She held out her arms and formed a rectangular box with her hands’ thumbs and index fingers, looking through it at the specialist who had turned around to embarrassedly present herself to the ensign while she straightened down her skirt. “Perfect.” The ensign said to herself before then gripping onto the specialist’s arm, leading both persons out of the room and into the long walkway of the air frame that acted much like the intestines of the airplane.

The ever present humming of the aerial vechicle’s kerosene fueled propulsion system that maintained and accelerated the jet’s momentum in the vast blue sky. The humming increased in its intensity and ferocity as the ensign dragged the specialist down the hall, eventually coming to a row that sat behind the black garbed honor guard element that was to accompany the diplomatic envoy on their deployment to the Slaveskan Autocracy. The ensign coursed the sailor into the aisle row seat as she herself then proceeded back down the aisle towards near the front, reaching a respectable distance from the nose of the plane and the associated cockpit of which housed the brains of the plane and the brains of the flight crew. She stood near the left hand side service door, ending up next to the Outfit Commander of the aircraft. They both exchanged a nod towards each other before the Commander spoke up “Greetings, companion. How are you enjoying the flight so far?” The ensign straightened up a bit as she looked at the commander with an incidental tilt of the head.

“Oh, it has been a absolute pleasure so far. Can you make sure you give the boys in the cockpit my regards, companion?” The Commander gave a simple nod of the head, stating “Of course, Companion. . .” His eyes sharpened towards the Ensign following with a sentence of “Now. You have come here with a purpose. Care to share?” The ensign nodded her head and followed with a answer “Of course, Commander. .” She took in a breath as a slight smack of her lips echoed “Any idea on how much time do we got until we do land?” A smug plastered itself on the face of the Outfit Commander “Your aerophobia holds my sympathy although not my full understanding. We will be there within the hour, companion.” A sharp exhale through the nose came from the ensign, politely responding “Thank you, companion.” A sharp turn of one hundred and eighty degree turn was then taken as the ensign made her way down the aisle with the swiftness of each step being noticeable.

The ensign walked past the two individuals that this whole game of charades was all for, Operational Commander Andrey Yarrow and Maria Lechau. Both aforementioned individuals were representatives of Security Council that acted perpendicularly to the National Assembly of the Unshackled Communities of Vivtzem. “Okay. Let us go over it one more time. When we land we have to make sure to make eye contact with the lead of the convoy, keep away from any camera if there are any, and smile. We do not want to make a bad impression on any of the statists.” Maria stated as with each point she made a keen point to remember a finger flipped up on her left hand, from her index finger to her ring finger. Commander Yarrow took off his reading glasses as his eyes slipped from the screen of his laptop over to the civilian. “This seems to be more so for your sake rather than our mutual.” Maria’s propped up fingers closed back down into a loose grip, turning to face the Commander to her right “You do not always have to be like this, Andrey. We are on the same side this time.” She said in a annoyed tone as her worried expression turned to a active glare. Andrey folded the arms of his glasses’ frames. He pushed his left folded fist against his chin, his thumb hooking to the meat of his chin.

“Why are you so nervous, Maria?” A loud and annoyed exhale came from Madam Lechau as took not a second to respond “For the Holy Mother’s sake. They litterally and openly call themselves autocratic! They are quite litterally what our nation was founded to opposed, they are our opposite in every way.” Andrey let out a great sign as the fist that was pushed against his chin dispersed as he pinched a strip of skin above the root of the nose. “They would not have called us here if they thought we could not get along. As long as we do not bring it up they will not bring. We will get along fine.” It almost looked as if Maria was going to respond with some kind of sarcastic response, but none came; all that came in response was a long inhail through the mouth as she simply nodded as she stop looking at her military counterpart, rather looking up at the ceiling and closing her eyes, content with getting some shut eye in the last few intervals before they land in Slaveska.

The screeching of the sixteen rubber wheels bled through the air, cutting through the air as the plane bomped up and down on the asphalt tarmac. Shaking awake Maria in a daze, looking to her left and then to her right, seeing Andrey gripping onto the hand rest of the empty seat to his right. She then returned her gaze to the middle where she rubbed her eyes with her left hand’s thumb and index finger, starting at each eyes’ respective sides before meeting at the bridge of the nose. She let out a long yawn as her aforementioned thumb and index finger connected tips, after what felt like a couple of seconds to do but was in all actuality a little over half a minute the rumbling stopped as the plane came to a complete stop.

Nearly all at once it could be heard of everyone but the envoys standing up in order to grab their associated luggage. With a tired sigh Maria stood up, using her arm rest to help her pull herself up, just as she does that the light stepping of feet arrived and then ceased to her side. She looked over to investigate the source of this, finding the young specialist eagerly waiting for her. It took but a few seconds for Maria to remember but she bent don’t on her knees to grab a small briefcase that sat underneath the seat in front of her, pulling herself up and extending her arm that held it towards the specialist. As if there was not a second to be spared the specialist grabbed the suitcase, holding it close to her chest as if it was the most important single thing on this earth. The specialist then stepped back in order to give room for the civilian to move into the aisle; that Maria did as the Commander followed soon after, handing over a second briefcase to the specialist who put the hugged briefcase in the grip of her left hand as she held the other in the right. All moved towards the service door as a small thud could be heard as a ramp was attached to the plane. A honor guard, in full dress and with a sling attached MP5 to his side, moved to open the door, pushing it open as the full bombardment of the light broke was revealed to the party.

First stepped out was the honor guard who was met by a detachment of the local garrison, who held the flags of the confrence’s attendants. A few dozen meters past the staircase ramp sat a total of two jeep like vehicles. The Security Council representatives then moved next, flanked by the ensign of the maritime forces and the specialist of the SAD. The Honor Guards opened the doors for the four before then moving to the back most jeep, each taking their seat but not before extending a collapsible aluminum rod, attaching a solid black flag to it. The flag was assigned to the Guard on the driver side backseat, holding the rod firmly in the open air as the jeeps started, then taking off a few moments later. In due time the four arrived at the building which held the conference. The Honor Guard stepped out, saluting their Slaveskan counter parts, one breaking off from the main group to open the doors for the people in the first jeep. Out step the envoys, followed by the ensign and the specialist. After a quick salute to the gracious honor guard Commander Yarrow immediately made his way towards the door, followed by the others. The ensign moved to open the door; each stepped in first off with Andrey, Maria, the Specialist, and then herself. The door fell back to its frame as no one was left to hold it open.

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