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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Logar » Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:38 am

October 10th, at night
Sitting in the plane, Bondt looked at the news on his phone. Two boys were executed in the morning, and by that time all Furbish companies and universities in the Logarian thorium research cooperative have left, one forming its own, which more Furbish companies have announced their intention to join. He put down his phone after that, as the plane has landed. Bondt took public transport to Villanova Square, for the festival. He made his way to Capri, who was standing near Adrian.

While the festival happened, Adrian was sat on a smaller version of the Golden Throne, guarded by several imperial royal guards. The festivities occurred and Adrian smiled at the presence of his subjects, from which a large portion dedicated gifts to the monarch. Capri, who was a bit away from Adrian, discreetly said to Bondt:

"It's time," he said, "do you have the documents?"

"Here they are." said Bondt, discretely handing his briefcase.

"Very good," he said grabbing the object, "as soon as the festival is over, we have the chance to present this to the Emperor."

Capri went to the Emperor and said closely to his ear: "Sir, we have brand new information on our enemies."

"Who?" Adrian asks.

"From within, Your Majesty, but we cannot talk now," he said to Adrian, who nodded and Capri went back to the encounter of Bondt.

"The Emperor is informed," he said in a happy voice tone.

"Very good." said Bondt.

Once the festival was over, the Emperor was being guided to his vehicle: An armored, modified version of the Logarian government black cars, by Capri, Bondt watching from distance.

"Before you enter, Your Majesty," he said preventing Adrian from entering his car, "there's someone important you need to meet."

Capri signalizes to Bondt to come to their encounter.

Bondt walked over to Adrian and Capri, extending his hand to Adrian. "I'm Bondt, James Bondt." he said.

"Hello," Adrian says in a weird voice tone, suspecting of that situation, "Capri, what is this?"

"We'll explain in the way to the manor, Your Majesty," Capri said.

"Who are you?" Adrian asked Bondt.

"I am from the Furbish Secret Service, invited here by your secretary." said Bondt.

Adrian looked directly and said in a crude voice "enter, both."

All three sat on the back seats of the car, Capri opened the briefcase as the vehicle's engines were turned on and the car was driven towards the Idenburg manor.

"Your Imperial Majesty," Capri began, "this is classified information... On you uncle, Prince Edward."

Adrian looked shocked.

"This was information gathered on Prince Edward, on his corruption, and anti-Furbish and pro-Vostonian attitudes." said Bondt.

Capri handed over the documents to the Emperor, who read it all in a rush.

"Let's wait until we arrive at the manor to examine this with caution," Adrian said.

The Emperor did not say a single word the entire trip that endured some good, almost eternal five minutes from the Villanova Square to the manor. When they arrived, the vehicle entered the manor gates and they the Emperor was received by his imperial royal guard.

"There's no one in there currently," the Emperor said as he left the car, going to the manor's living room, always followed by both. Adrian put the documents on the center table while sitting on the couch, reading and analyzing the reports. While there was not a single Idenburg there, several guards surrounded the place, including the imperial royal guards within the room, "Bondt, this is... This is craziness... My uncle wouldn't do something like... This..."

An apparently destroyed Adrian relaxed on the couch he was sat on.

"He unfortunately has." said Bondt, "The evidence listed in the documents can be found easily."

"It is always nice to have contacts in the Korai, isn't it, Kamen?" a voice echoes from behind them, laughing.

"John Veronese Capri, you are arrested for conspiracy, document falsification, and high treason against the Logarian Empire," Adrian said as guards got near them.

"Good job, my nephew," the voice was then revealed to be Edward in person.

"And about you, Furbish prick," Edward said as he walked, Korai agents could be seen entering the room. Adrian went to the side of his uncle, "I am sure you learned that this isn't a theater for your country and businesses."

The Korai guards took Capri under arrest, he was put on his knees, while others made sure there was no escape route for Bondt.

"The Furbish government will know if I am not on the 17:30 ISVATE flight back to Boſton." said Bondt calmly, "And won't take kindly to the arrest of one of their citizens."

"I am sure the whole international community knows the meaning of espionnage," Edward said in a tender voice.

Edward gestured to a Korai behind him, who knocked his knee with a baton, making him fall to the ground.

"Where's the doctor?" Adrian asked his uncle.

"He couldn't be here, Your Majesty, we'll have to do this in the old style," Edward answered.

"Do we have any former medic here or something?" Edward asked and a Korai raised her arm.

"I was a nurse in the Army, Your Highness," she says.

"Wonderful," Edward affirms, "you'll be of great use right now. Where's the syringe?"

A butler runs to the regent, holding a syringe that Edward gives to the agent. "It's a sedative," he explains to her.

Two agents hold Bondt, and she applies the medication, making him fall asleep. He was taken to the manor's attic, where he was put in a confortable, but broken, couch. Two guards watched him the entire night while Edward got him a budget airline ticket to the Furbish Islands.

Capri was taken to the Korai headquarters, where he was tortured by the agents to tell them whatever he knew about his "secret operation" with the Furbish agents.

"Thank you, Adrian," Edward said, "we must protect ourselves from those idiots, my nephew."

"My trust was never challenged, uncle," Adrian said in response.

While Edward and his assistant went to the Palace of Villanova to discuss the next steps, Adrian was taken to his bedroom to rest, he was tired of that crazy day.

“Eu queria escrever luxuoso. Usar palavras que rebrilhassem molhadas e fossem peregrinas. Às vezes solenes em púrpura, às vezes abismais esmeraldas, às vezes leves na mais fina seda macia.” — Clarice Lispector

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Logar » Tue Oct 12, 2021 11:49 am

   At the People's Association, the environment silenced. The Emperor of Logar sat on the throne, holding papers, dressed in traditional Logarian robes of dark red, black, and gold, while wearing graciously the Imperial Crown of Logar, local people were invited by the Imperial Palace of Villanova to watch his speech from the balcony above the heads of the members of the Association. The 852 seats all occupied by their dignitaries, and the balcony with a multitude separated from the Emperor's environment by a tempered glass wall.
   — As emissaries of the people's message, you are with great honor occupying your positions as so. You are the carriers of the imperial popular will of monarchy, and order. The people wanted justice, the people had justice. The people wanted an unified church, the people received an unified, purely Logarian church. Now, the people wants its emperor, and not the regency; so the people shall have their emperor at their side and not in a manor locked up. My resolve is stronger than ever! My will to correct the mistakes of those who failed me and the people remains untouched, and powerful. The House of Idenburg has served the people for over a millennia, such fact that foreign powers reject to recognize, such as the Furbish Islands, but the imperial people of Logar who trusted us this mission does! I know your will, for the Emperor's will shall be always that of the people. Logar won't leave the Protective-Economical Entente, if so is the popular will, but, as is the people's will, the Logarian Empire will absolutely cut their ties with Furbish business, and their society, that disrespects our honor as a people, our history, and our culture, and authority as a society that upheld the Empire for so many centuries. It was time I realized the will of my fallen father, it was time I concretized the will of the my people! Regency hereby shall end, and the revaluation of our international friends shall be made by Courtmaster Veers' government under my advise. If they do not want our heavily invested thorium research cooperation, may they rest well on the shame they brought upon their country and government for defending those who betrayed one of their national brothers. They lost our trust by sending a spy that was caught by the Logarian intelligence, if they cannot trust our judgement, we cannot trust theirs either.
   The echoed words of Emperor Adrian came to an end, and he put the papers on his lap. The place soon fell in applauses from the MA and the people watching from above. The nationally broadcasted speech of the Emperor soon received the support of the Logarian people through several medias, specially social media networks. The regency hereby came to its end, and the reign of Adrian had its continuity. The speech was idealized by his uncle, now Prince Edward, Duke of Highwaters, in plain control of his nephew's lack of training, convincing so was the better for the political stability within the Logarian realms. The news reports of the speech were delivered everywhere by the Logarian Broadcast Service's affiliated companies and institutions.
“Eu queria escrever luxuoso. Usar palavras que rebrilhassem molhadas e fossem peregrinas. Às vezes solenes em púrpura, às vezes abismais esmeraldas, às vezes leves na mais fina seda macia.” — Clarice Lispector

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Logar » Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:04 am

The car ran fast on the void of the early morning highway. The black car looked just like any other, except for its extremely darkened windows, common for the vehicles of Logarian authorities, unlawful to the general people. Emperor Adrian comfortably watched the trip with his hand sublimely on his chin. There was only him, and the driver, a familiar face Adrian knew he could trust.

"You didn't eat anything." the driver said.

"No, I didn't." Adrian said in response.

The driver took a cereal bar out of his suit pocket and gives to Adrian, who proceeds to eat once the package is open.

"We didn't have much time for ourselves these days..." the Emperor says while chewing.

"The tasks you give me are costly of my time, but I'd do everything for you." the driver calmly said.

"I've spent more time in office than I've spent in bed, and even in that manor there was people around me, away from you." Adrian says.

"Our time will come." the driver says.

"I really need to thank you, Ezra." the Emperor says, finishing eating his cereal bar and putting the trash on his pocket. "I can't believe all of this without you; first my uncle thinking he'll be the one to finish a game that isn't even started, then that spy with Capri, and all the other things you provided for me, including the informations on those Vostoians corrupt politicians and some naughty stuff from Furbish companies..."

Adrian sounded, and looked, thoughtful, that, to Ezra, almost claimed his attention.

"What is it, Adrian?" he asked, now looking at Adrian through the mirror.

"I wonder why are things so complicated these times." he answered in a melancholic voicing.

"Don't worry, my love." Ezra said upon noticing the worry of his beloved. "I've been always at your side, even the minimal asking for me was an order of yours. Better times will appear to us."

"I hope." Adrian says.

"Do you still want that meeting with the Furbish, after what they've done to our empire?" Ezra asks Adrian, trying to change the subject, which Adrian noticed but chose to ignore.

"I hope so." the young monarch answers. "I want to throw on their faces I knew everything that happened in this realm all along, including that rat meeting with the traitor."

"Bold move." he says jokingly, making Adrian gently laugh.

"They did it first." he answered, smiling. "I just would like to know how will they react when I marry that vulgar dumb countess..."

The car laid silence.

"You know... About Marzia... You know you're my only love, don't you know?" he asks Ezra, who was focused on the road.

"I know, dear." he answers.

The car arrived at the city of Villanova after a short trip the Emperor had made to visit a friend, being drove by Ezra directly towards the Imperial Palace of Villanova. The regency had ended, it was time Adrian came back to work. Instead of using the normal parking protocol, Adrian asked Ezra to use the underground parking lot, so that the public couldn't see him, and so his lover did. Carrying a briefcase, Ezra accompanied Adrian to his office, being superprotective as always, after all, for him, Adrian was the most precious gemstone he could ever have on his hand, and so thought, with consistency, that the young monarch should be kept on close guard of his own.

From every guard surrounding Adrian, for sure the 33-years-old former Korai was the only one he could ever trust after what happened regarding the former Secretary of the Palace, John Capri. He felt loved, and more than that, secure, which was essential to him. He wanted it, he wanted the protection of that specific man, loyal keeper of their secrets.
“Eu queria escrever luxuoso. Usar palavras que rebrilhassem molhadas e fossem peregrinas. Às vezes solenes em púrpura, às vezes abismais esmeraldas, às vezes leves na mais fina seda macia.” — Clarice Lispector

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Postby Celtterra » Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:35 pm

Dalbernian Border with Sasannia, Polenic, and Spáinnia
6:00 A.M., October 13, 2021 A.D.

On the borders, the armies of Sasannia, Polenic, and Spáinnia stood, waiting, just out of site from anyone that may be on the borders, waiting for a signal.

Unchel Palas
7:00 A.M., October 13, 2021 A.D.

Word reaches the palace that Sasannia, Polenic, Spáinnia, and Francaigh has declared war upon Dalbernia. Claiming to free their people and to sort the nation out. In the war declaration, it was revealed that the House of Peterme is back, now with King Medraut I Cyrndain Peterme.

As Lady Mairead read the declarations, she realized that this is what Revan was worried about after he returned from Logar.

The Dalbernia Borders
7:00 A.M., October 13, 2021 A.D.

After the declaration was sent, the armies of the Coalition began to march into Dalbernia for the first time since the Great War. Many of the border cities was captured, and several Dalbernian Armies was sent to deal with the invaders.

5:00 P.M., October 13, 2021 A.D.

General Scoggins went up to the Unchel Brennus, whom was at the bar.

“Sir, you may want to see this,” said General Scoggins.

The Unchel Brennus nodded his head and followed the general. The walked up to the tops of the Legation walls, with the other defenders looking onto the besieging army. The Unchel Brennus grabbed his binoculars and saw what he thought he saw, Sasannian banners flying. They knew the Coalition has returned, and the Unchel Brennus knew that the House of Peterme was truly back.
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Furbish Islands
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Postby Furbish Islands » Wed Oct 13, 2021 6:11 pm

██████████ ███████
Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands

███████, Monday, 11 October 2021

“Agent Bondt is back home, taking quite a long path to San Pedro to make sure no one’s chasing after him.” said a man behind a computer.

“Good they did not take anything from him, or there would be problems.” said a woman standing next to him, “What about the blood test?”

“Just some sedative. Put him to sleep somewhere before sending him home on that airline.” the man replied.

“Good.” the woman said, “Looking back at the recordings though, the Korai is behind lots of shady shit for a research institute.”

“And who the fuck even calls their research institute the royal guard?”

“Same idiots who staff their their palace with weak men like Capri. Him being gone is the only good thing to come out of this.”

“They’ll find someone with less of a backbone. Hell, maybe surgically remove someone’s.”

“It’s a good thing Capri knows nothing of who gathered those documents or how, he would have leaked it if Adrian just asked.”

“Wondering how Adrian will see us now that he knows we had spies here. Or would his uncle try to convince him we faked everything?” the man said, looking up from his computer.

“He’ll know they are real if he bothered looking. But I doubt he would try to end a decades long alliance over this. But then again it’s a monarchy, ruled by one erratic man’s whims, so nothing would surprise me anymore.”

“If only he’ll end our alliance and quit PEE. We’d be better off without them. Poor Agent Bondt though, likely unable to visit Logar again.”

“Such a big loss.” the woman said as they both laughed, “Had my honeymoon there and that was something I will not repeat.”


“Of course not.” said the woman, laughing, “I’d much rather have it behind a dumpster. Or in Fort Hillen.”

“I’m from Fort Hillen.” the man said, pausing to see the woman’s reaction, “And I hate that place too, there is a reason why I am working in an underground bunker in the middle of nowhere instead of staying there.”. Both laughed again.

Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands

Late eveniŋ, Tuesday, 6 January 1874

Leopold Fabian Fitzgerald opened to a new empty page in his diary and began writing.

I am Leopold Fabian Fitzgerald, a 19 year old engineman.

If you are readiŋ ðis page, I am in a better place and miſſed by no one. Perhaps ſome will be ſad for a moment before moviŋ on wiþ ðeir lives, but moſt will ignore, haviŋ matters at hand more neediŋ of attention. And ðis is ðe reaſon ƿy I am dead, my exiſtence matters to no one. Ðey would not mind me beiŋ dead anyway.

Some people are honeſt about how ðey þink of me. I have endured many variations of “nobody cares” or “nobody loves you”. Moſt people do not, becauſe ðey are only honeſt about a perſon ƿo cannot hear ðem. My fireman was nice to his laſt engineman, but ƿen ðe engineman left ðe room he spent a loŋ time complainiŋ about him. My boſſes’ attitudes to ðeir workers change ƿen workers are not in ðeir preſence, and ſame wiþ workers’ attitudes to their boſſes. I may never be able to know ƿat everyone truly þinks of me, but I obſerved enouȝ.

In any converſation everyone wants me gone. I am ignored, and if not, it is becauſe people want me gone, telliŋ my goodbye as ðey enter a room or ſpeak ſofter as ðey turn from me. “Don’t worry about it” are my leaſt favorite words in the Eŋliſh laŋuage, ſaid by people to ƿom I am not important enouȝ to know their codes or anyþiŋ elſe. Nobody talks to me ƿen I am preſent, only ƿen no one elſe is, but ƿen ſomeone elſe appears I turn inviſible.

I wish I could talk wiþ ſomeone, but I was never able to briŋ myſelf to, except to a handful of people ƿo bruſhed paſt my troubles as if I was not ſerious. Of courſe ðey would not care, every group I know has people who faced worſe problems, includiŋ my parents, ƿo will point ðat out to ſay ƿy no one ſhould care, or accuſe me of attemptiŋ to draw attention for myſelf, even ðouȝ extra attention is ƿat I want leaſt. I hoped ſomeone would at leaſt notice my troubles, but ƿeðer it was becauſe I hid mine or no one cared I will never know.

I can no loŋer live like ðis, beiŋ alone, in ðe background of the lives of everyone, then drinkiŋ myſelf to ſleep every niȝt as I am unable to do anyþiŋ about my problems, to talk to anyone, or do anyþiŋ to save my republic I see crumbliŋ before my eyes.

“Leopold, what are you up to?” said Royce Rand, his fireman.

“Nothing.” said Fitzgerald as he quickly flipped his diary to a blank page.

“The train is almost loaded. Let’s go.” said Rand.

“I will be there in a second.” said Fitzgerald. He looked through his belongings in his small room, throwing his diary into his bag, then picked it up and walked to Rand. They were about to go on a night shift.

“If only jumping off a bridge was as easy for me as it is to many others.” thought Fitzgerald, “My lack of courage to do so is why I am alive, while being the reason I wish I was not.”
Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands
Sic semper tyrannis!
Population: 283.503.325
GDP: $10,095 trillion
Currency: Furbish Guilder, ƒ1 = $1,9655
Monarch: Willem van Orange-Nassau
Stadtholder: Adjoa Iſamaan
Prime Minister: Arthur Trudeau

A social liberal Pacific island paradise, formerly a
Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish colony.
Computer science major and stereotypical nerd.
Russian, born in Israel, currently in
Massachusetts, the best state in the US.

This country is mostly based on my RL beliefs.
FBC News: Dover Man Charged With Assault With Deadly Weapon After Throwing Alligator Through Denny's Drive-Thru Window | Three New High Speed Rail Corridors Clear Environmental Review

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Vostochnyye Ravniny
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Moralistic Democracy

Postby Vostochnyye Ravniny » Thu Oct 14, 2021 12:59 am

La pelea con en diablo (Pt.1)

Montchataigne, Kraczovian Archpelago

Since the 12th of October, the Makarov Governement and the Wagner Mercenary group are on the run. Their Covert operation didn't go well: they are now treated as a criminal organisation by the Douma. This criminal syndicate is now known as 'The Makarov Cartel'.

Makarov was in big trouble: his drug and small arms smugling operations in cooperation with Yazov and the Wagner mercs were discovered by the FI after a coup attempt, before they could be arrested byt the Douma's Police Department (DPD), they fleed Moskva to Kraczovia: the HQ of the Syndicate, but Yazov and his daughter didn't get their luck and were arrested and placed under Federla Protection & Custody.

The analysts of Kagu are now speaking of a 'Narco-Democracy' to qualify the Yazovian and Makarovian governements. Today, in the morning of the 14th: Jan Wagner, Leo Makarov and their Lieutnants organised a reunion to discuss about the fate of their former associates: Yazov and Van De Kigen...

Godfather Makarov: "we cannot let them speak about the organisation..." Takes a papyros from his pocket and starts smoking

Godfather Wagner: "Van De Kigen is pregnant Makarov, are you sure about this ?"

Godfather Makarov: "She knows too much Wagner..."

Godfather Wagner: "Most of my soldiers are under arrest, my depots were raided by the DPD and KNG... my order for ACS' built attack helicopters was suspended by the Douma and my entreprise was disolved by them... Makarov, if we want to control Kraczovia, we need the men we would loose on a such attack on Amsterdam !"

Godfather Makarov: "Relax Wagner, relax... we can give out the positions of the Kraczovian mob to the National Guard: without the godfathers, the Kraczovian Cartel is done"

Godfather Wagner: "It will only attract more soldiers to the islands !"

Godfather Makarov: "Don't worry, relax wagner"

Godfather Wagner: "And what about Citadel 34 ?"

Godfather Makarov: "We kill the countess and Yazov and we don't have any problems..."

Godfather Wagner: "The ITS was only corruptible thanks to the countess... now every cop we bought is already behind the bars... For F*ck sake, alright... I'll send a Hitman team with helicopters..."

Godfather Makarov: "They are in Amsterdam, in One Hour Yazov and De Kigen will meet at the usual suqare in the Central Park: be aware of the MSSB, KNG and ITS Presence"

Wagner and his lieutnants walked outside the room. Makarov joined shortly after his residency were his wife was waiting for him: this was 2 Minutes before the debut of Central Park' Raid, his wife: a Cazdian Aristocrat by the name of Emilia Gaviriaev, was stressed...

The Godfather aproaches her and says "Emilia...", he takes her in his arms. He then puts on the speaker a Cazdian song by the name of: La palea con el diablo. Then they start dancing...

I recommend you to listen to this whilst reading the rest of the post...

Two Mi-8T full of Mercenaries were arriving at the central park, one Mi-8T fired his rockets at the Café square where Yazov and De Kigen were: the rocket salvo destroyed the enitre kiosque, square and the Individuals on it and arround the Café' square. The other Mi-8T deployed his soldiers via Ropes, when they reached the soil: they started killing everyone with their Rifles...

Everyone was shocked, the ITS Bodygards were only equiped with Tokarev' TT-33 Pistols and many were already dead. On the Local Police Radio frequency, it was a atmosphere of utter chaos...

APD Metropolitan Police #1: "We have two Mi-8Ts at the park... it's a mess ! everything is on fire !"

APD Central: "Can you Repeat MD-1 ?"

APD Metropolitan Police #1: "It's a war scene here ! we need backup ! Send the Intervention Squads !" Sounds of a firing TT-33 could be heard

APD Central: "MD-1, this is central: IS-1 to IS-5 are on their way... expect KNG and ITS Tactical Response teams, be safe out there..."

Information Point: - the Intervention squads is the SWAT teams of the Amtserdam Police Department, the Metropolitan Police is the regular police intervention & patrol teams -

on the ground, everything was on fire due to the rockets: the few bodygards still left alive put up a resistance but were eventually killed. The Mercenaries picked up the bodies of Yazov and De Kigen in Bodybags before leaving the square, but then: 5 APD Intervention squads in their BTR-87 IFVs arrive and disembark: 35 APD Schutters, disembark from the 5 BTRs, equiped with AK-12s.

The 35 APD Schutters outnumbered the 10 Wagner Mercenaries. A Gunfight issued the encounter...

APD Schutter #12: "Join the APD they said ! Fight the Criminals and visit Amsterdam... ALRIGHT" fires his AK-12

APD Schutter #10: "This is f*cking easy mate ! a shame that we don't have AA..." as he says this, a BTR fires it's Autocannon and shots down a Mi-8T

APD Schutter #12: "What did you say ?!" laughs whilst firing his AK-12 and Kills a Mercenary

The APD Schutters then groups up behind the BTRs and fromed 5 columns wich were now closing up on the Mercenaries whomst were retreating towards a nearby hill. The Schutters charged and climbed the hill: 4 APD Officers were killed in the charge. The Mercenaries charged the Bodybags on the helicopter and 2 remained on the hill to cover the groups retreat.

A exchange of fire between the 31 APD Schutters and the 2 remaining mercenaries killed a other Schutter. Meanwhile, mercenary reinforcements arrived at the front gate: Two UAZ Patriot equiped with HMGs deployed 10 Mercenaries equiped with NW Waldgewehr FN FAL model 50.00.

They rushed towards the café square to help their comrades whomst were escaping, but a BMPT Terminator and a BMP-2M of the KNG arrives behind them. The BMPT fired 2 Salvos of it's 30mm Autocannons, killing the mercenary reinforcements. The BMP-2M shortly after deployed 7 KNG Motostrelki.

The Mi-8T attempted to flee the scene, the Mercenaries were succesful besides their losses. But in the Outskirts of Amsterdam, a Flight of Two Luchnik XVII of the KNGAF intercepted their helicopter and shot down the Mi-8T: killing all the personel aboard...

Meanwhile, at Montchataigne...

As the Escaping Mi-8T gets shot down in the outskirts of Amsterdam, back at Makarov's Residency: Makarov stops the music, his wife then walks to the sofa and sits down on it, the Godfather asks: "Is everything alright ?". His wife doesn't respond, looking straight to Makarov' eyes. Makarov then takes a deep breath and look at her: "There's no need to be scared mi hermosa... we are free now..."

To be continued...
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A Day for Writing

Postby Celtterra » Sat Oct 16, 2021 4:04 am

The Unchel Brennus’ Temporary Bedroom
11:00 A.M., October 16, 2021 A.D.

As the flag of Dalbernia and the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia flew inside the city and the Legations, the flags of Sasannia and the Union of Athoal flew outside of the city. The sound of soldiers singing Óró! 'Sé do bheatha 'bhaile and other songs can be heard. The Unchel Brennus sat at his desk and took out some paper and a pen.

“I kinda wish that I didn’t volunteer to write the constitution,” he thought.

After a few seconds, he began to think of Gráinne, Cadi, Currie, Mairead, Nandag, and Cadilyna. He thought about the dreams he kept having of him loving them, separate and together, as if they were his wives. He shook his head after a few seconds.

“Why do I keep thinking of them, especially like that,” he thought, “I do not understand, and I keep getting this weird feeling. I know I kept having these dreams for the last couple years, but even more so recently. Is it love or is it something else?”

He shook his head again and put his pen on paper.
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ISB Director Gerard Johnson was guided through the Imperial Palace of Villanova's hallowed halls by Adrian's aide, Ezra, publicly known as Daniel Totenkopf, towards the Emperor's Office. The Director was apparently calm, using his cane to walk while holding on the other hand his black, leather briefcase. The moment they arrived at the doors guarded by four of the red-clothed imperial royal guards, Ezra opened both doors and Adrian was revealed to be sat on his chair, wearing a astonishing white suit and a attention-seeking red tie, underneath the blazer his vest is brown. While the Director continued his path towards a chair on which he then sits, Ezra walks slowly towards the wall of the room, admiring his beloved's appearance.

"Director." Adrian says as he reads a report involved by a black file.

"Your Majesty, I was told this was urgent so I came as fast as possible." Gerard says in return.

"Arrived in good time." he then looks at the director with a smile, closes the file he was reading and puts it on his table. "I am sure my Crystal Ball informed you of the Furbish spy in Logarian lands, quite a serious security breach, huh?"

"Yes, they informed us. Serious breach." Gerard answers.

"I was actually very surprised to know that you weren't capable of intercepting him, neither the Korai. I wonder if you lost the taste of a good hunt, Director." he says crudely to the aging, but conscious director.

"We knew his identity and where he came, but we didn't expect him to act like he did." Gerard quickly explained.

"Every step the Furbish people takes at Logar should be watched carefully, Director." Adrian says in an angry voice.

"More precautions will be taken." Gerard, now nervously, answers.

"I am sure they will." Adrian said in response. "I want you to double the number of agents acting on surveillance, and more effort into cataloging enemies of Logarian monarchy."

"I will provide everything needed, Your Majesty." Gerard answers.

"I won't let this old monarchic state fall because my father blindly trusted you and every other high-ranking officer he met." the Emperor says, now in a very calm voice, and a smooth pitch.

The Director was wordless.

"Now the Imperial Security Bureau and the Korai shall act on a cooperative, to gather information and if necessary make these filthy rats vanish." Adrian said. The Emperor's heavy, watchful eyes laid upon the mind of the now fearful director.

"I won't disappoint you, My Emperor." Gerard affirmed in a raspy, quick voice.

"So I hope." Adrian said.

Director Gerard nodded, and as he got up the Emperor finally said:

"Also, be sure to check that."

Ezra reached the director and gave him a file with the logo of the Idenburg Estate on it.

The Director nodded again, and reverenced the Emperor before finally leaving the location, being accompanied by a Korai to his vehicle.

Adrian went to the encounter of Ezra, hugging him.

"You're gorgeous." the Emperor's lover says, and a sincere, adorable smile is displayed on Adrian's face.
As the director watched the buildings pass through the car, Gerard decided to take out of his briefcase the file Emperor Adrian had given. "Edward Idenburg..." is what he says upon opening it. "That boy. He really was weird when a child, now more than ever certainly will hide his peccable intentions with that smile, that baby face of his..." he thought as he read through. The Director, before relaxed, now displayed a worried face while being conducted to the ISB headquarters, still feeling Adrian's gaze from distance, shrivering inside.
“Eu queria escrever luxuoso. Usar palavras que rebrilhassem molhadas e fossem peregrinas. Às vezes solenes em púrpura, às vezes abismais esmeraldas, às vezes leves na mais fina seda macia.” — Clarice Lispector

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Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands
Noon, Saturday, 16 October 2021

A new video was released by a large channel on a video sharing platform, titled “Furbiſh Olympics.”

At the beginning, a commentator began “Hello and welcome to the Furbish Olympics, where we see how suited teams are for life in The Furbish Islands. Our first event is beer drinking. Here we see our contestants lined up, getting ready.”. The contestants were shown sitting at a long table at the bar, each having a beer poured in the glass in front of them.

“Go!” said a judge who was standing to the side.

“The contestants immediately take off. The Fluvannian has an early lead but that doesn’t matter, the goal is to drink the most.” said the commentator. As each contestant drank the glass, it was refilled by a bartender standing behind. “The Kagian is out first, now it seems like the Fluvannian could not take any more.” continued the commentator, “They are dropping one by one, leaving just the Hrvadan and the Furbishman, they are neck and neck, and now it looks like the Hrvadan had enough, giving gold to the Furbishman, but he is still continuing, now people are trying to get him to stop and show him that he is in the lead, by far now.”

Then the Furbishman was shown in an interview. “How did you manage to drink so much?” asked the interviewer.

“Oh, that’s simple.” said the Furbish contestant, “I pretended AFÐFI got a majority in the elections and now leads the government.”

“The next event is a short distance race, in the city of Boſton during rush hour, from Watford to Van Riemsdijk.” said the commentator as the contestants lined the starting line, “Here the Hrvadan contestant has a giant truck, the Fluvannian has a smaller car, and the Furbishman on his bicycle. And as the starting pistol is fired, they are off. The Hrvadan takes the early lead, but immediately gets caught in traffic. The Fluvannian gets ahead, being able to navigate through back roads on a car that fits. Let’s go over to the Furbishman, who after biking the opposite direction, boarded a tram. The tram is speeding along in the middle of the road, past traffic and the others who are stuck inside it. Far in the lead, the Furbishman gets off and orders a coffee, has a long talk with people there, then gets back on the next tram, going to Van Riemsdijk Station, and he bikes the remaining distance, winning gold. The other contestants are still stuck far behind him in traffic.”

“Now our next event is urban orienteering. The contestants are dropped in the middle of Urdaneta, given maps, and must navigate their way to Union Station.” said the commentator, as views of all contestants were shown in a split screen, “It seems that all of them are completely disoriented, unable to find their way around the city. The Logarian seems to have realized he was walking in circles, and turned the opposite way. The Dodoian looks like he gave up completely. The Furbishman asked a local for directions, but that seemed to have confused her further. The Attancian also seemed to have given up entirely, instead walking into the nearest church where it seems that he is praying for forgiveness.”

Suddenly, a buzzer went off. The commentator said “And it appears the two hours are up, with no one able to navigate through Urdaneta. And now for the next event, accent understanding. Each contestant will be spoken to in their language, but with someone who began learning it only a couple months before and has a heavy accent. First up is the Dodoian, who as we can fails completely. The Kagian and Fluvannian do slightly better. Next up is the Furbishman, who is easily able to understand the speaker and once again comes home with a gold.”

“For the penultimate event, how well can each contestant keep their cool being insulted? Starting off is the Logarian.” said the commentator.

The conversation begins with the person saying “Your emperor can go fuck himself.”

“How dare you!” screams the Logarian, “No one can insult his imperial majesty the emperor like this. At least we have an emperor whose two cm dick we have to suck unlike you.”

“How is that a good thing?” replied the person.

“And it seems that the Logarian stormed off. This is not a good start for team Logar.” said the commentator, “Next up is the Dodo Republic.”

“Your country is a weak pushover.” said the person.

The Dodoian replied “What? No we are not! We are strong! The best country in the world! We will conquer more land to show how strong we are! We are not your pushover we do not need anyone’s help to do this!”

“The Dodoian also stormed off.” said the commentator, “And now we have the Kagian.”

“Fuck you. Your country is weak and we are strong even though we have no way of backing it up besides pointing guns at your officials and even though that disproves our point we’re too brain dead to realize this.” said the Kagian.

“He did not even wait for a response, just going at it.” said the commentator, “And finally we have the Furbishman, who as we can see despite being insulted over and over, replies calmly. The team once again comes home with gold.”

“And now for our final event, a race between two cities, about two hundred kilometers apart.” said the commentator, showing the starting line, “The Furbishman is once again on a bicycle, the Hrvadan on his giant car, the Fluvannian in a smaller car, and the Dodoian is on foot. And as the starting pistol fired, they take off. The Furbishman and Dodoian make their way to the station, the Furbishman boarding a high speed train, the Dodoian on a tourist steam train. Meanwhile on the road, the Fluvannian has having trouble as the sole highway between both cities is badly maintained and filled with potholes. The Hrvadan is having bigger troubles, as sections of that highway can not even fit his truck, forcing him to take a detour on different roads, but he is able to go much faster. But of course that does not matter, as the high speed train zips past the rest of the contestants, and team Furbish Islands comes home with the last gold.”
Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands
Sic semper tyrannis!
Population: 283.503.325
GDP: $10,095 trillion
Currency: Furbish Guilder, ƒ1 = $1,9655
Monarch: Willem van Orange-Nassau
Stadtholder: Adjoa Iſamaan
Prime Minister: Arthur Trudeau

A social liberal Pacific island paradise, formerly a
Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish colony.
Computer science major and stereotypical nerd.
Russian, born in Israel, currently in
Massachusetts, the best state in the US.

This country is mostly based on my RL beliefs.
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Disclaimer: This post in no way reflects my real life views and opinions. Tyranny and murdering people you disagree with is bad.

Inner Furbiſh Sea
Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands

Afternoon, Friday, 28 March 1873

Dark clouds loomed over the FNS James Þompkins as she pushed along the rough seas. She was on the last part of her journey to the Boſton naval base for repairs after fighting a native navy. In a short span of time since her launch, the ship went by several names, most recently named after a deputy in the National Aſſembly, who some in the crew say only had the ship named after him due to his association with Stadtholder Dominic Drumpf and the National Republican Party, though just mentioning that was often enough to anger Drumpf and the Gendarmerie. Created as the third branch of the armed forces, a militia to police settlements and frontiers as the army fought against natives in the front lines, the Gendarmerie slowly turned into the stadtholder’s private army, from decades of democratic backsliding, and as all but the most loyal officers were purged. The Gendarmerie enforces the stadtholder’s word, often by killing any vocal critic of him and make it look like a suicide or cover it up.

Chief Petty Officer Quinn Beck Shires, nicknamed Q, marched along her decks, saluted by men as he walked past. He is in charge of a small group of gunners on the deck, divided among junior petty officers who report back to Shires. He reports to the ship’s gunnery officer, who unlike Shires is a commissioned officer, but despite the difference in rank has had many arguments. He suddenly saw one gunner looking to the ocean. “Why are you not showing respect to your commanding officer?!” he shouted.

“Sorry sir. I was making sure there were no enemies, as you ordered.” responded the gunner.

“You can afford to lose a couple of seconds to show respect to your commander!” screamed Shires.

“You are not even my commander.”

“I am still your superior, you must show respect!” Shires screamed again.

Another gunner then said “Pee.” which was repeated by others on the deck.

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” Shires screamed, which attracted the attention of all on the deck, including the gunnery officer.

“Tone it down he is not under your command.” the officer said.

“I did not ask for your opinion.” said Shires.

“I am your commander, you will do as I say, before I report you for insubordination.” said the officer.

“The captain will not take action over your lie. I am keeping order on my ship.”

“Do not talk back to me. Get back to your post at once or there will be consequences.”

As the argument went on, the gunner Shires yelled at, Sach R. Mento, turned back to the ocean. A day before he argued with Shires who said an enemy could appear at any moment, even in the open ocean, therefore he must always be alert.

As the seamen marched to their quarters, a gunner turned to Mento and said “What the fuck was Shires’ problem?”

“No idea. I am not in his command but he harasses me all the time like that.” said Mento.

“Don’t mention this.” said another gunner, “I served under Shires before he was promoted to chief petty officer. He is so petty and basically is looking for fights.”

“How did that dick got promoted?” said another seaman who turned suddenly.

“Unfortunately. The problem is, we may hate someone, but the admiralty sees that as a sign the officer deserves the promotion because they keep men in line.” said the gunner.

“If you want to get rid of him just tell the Gendarmerie about his opinions on Drumpf.” said a different gunner, “Normally I would throw anyone who reports someone to the Gendarmerie overboard but Shires deserves it.”

The FNS James Þompkins arrived to Boſton in the morning, and as crews on the docks made repairs the ship’s crew left for the city. Among the last to leave was Mento, who was ordered to clean several rooms before being able to leave. As he left, he walked past Shires, who was talking with another officer.

“Drumpf has done nothing good for the country. You need to be a fucking imbecile to not realize this.” said Shires.

“I did vote for the National Republicans because I always vote against the incumbent they never get anything done.” said another non-commissioned officer.

“What is wrong with you?!” screamed Shires, “A vote for quite literally anyone else would have been better than the National Republicans.”

“In the election before I voted Whig and you screamed at me for not voting National Republican.” said the other officer.

“Times change. People change.” said Shires.

Hearing this conversation reminded Mento of his conversation last night. Quietly walking past them to make sure he was not noticed, Mento then looked for the nearest gendarmes. “Most gendarmes aren’t passing on reports because they have spines.” he thought, “Except officers who need them removed before becoming commissioned.”

He then saw two gendarmes standing near another ship. “Excuse me, where is your commander?” Mento asked, “Need to report something important.”

The two exchange looks, looking more worried, then one says “I can lead you to him.”. He and Mento walk past a few buildings then enter one, and walk through the corridor and turn into a room. The gendarme knocked, then stepped back.

“Come in.” said a voice.

Mento and the gendarme entered, into a large room, with a desk in the middle. On it was a telegraph and stack of papers. A Gendarmerie officer sat behind, and he was busy reading through one paper, with a pen in hand.

“Good morning lieutenant.” said the gendarme, “This man said he has something important to report to you.”

“One of my ship’s officers has been extremely vocal in criticizing the administration, and he has generally been disobeying orders from his superiors.” said Mento.

“Who is this officer and what ship is he on?” the officer asked.

“From the FNS James Þompkins. Chief Petty Officer Quinn Beck Shires.” said Mento.

“Thank you for this.” said the officer, “You may go back to your post.”

“No, not you yet.” he said, pointing at the gendarme, “I want you to pass this on to the dock commander and tell me his response.”

The dock commander looked at the small report, and the status of the FNS James Þompkins, then sighed. “Tell your commander this will happen, I just need to order your ship to stay for another day while the Gendarmerie investigates.” he said.

At that time, on board the FNS James Þompkins, Shires stood in the captain’s office, and two guards were behind them. “May you please explain to me what happened yesterday afternoon?”

“A gunner refused to salute me.” said Shires.

“A gunner who was not under your command.” said the captain.

“That does not matter–” said Shires.

“It does. That gunner was not under your command therefore you were not supposed to argue with him,”

“I am his superior and he should show me respect on my ship.”

“This is not your ship. You have had quite a history of insubordination. Follow my orders or there will be consequences. And now I order you to not be concerned with what happens to men who are not under your command.”

“But I have been promoted so the admiralty agrees with my actions.”

“Damn the admiralty, they do not run day to day operations on my ship, I do.” said the captain, raising his voice, “The gunnery officer and I are well in our right to punish a petty officer who has a complete disregard for our orders. Do you understand?”

“Your orders go against–”

“Do not talk back to me. Do you understand?!”

Shires nodded.

“No wonder why they made you chief petty officer.” said the captain, “Ge the fuck out of here.”

As repairs were being made, a gendarme boarded the FNS James Þompkins. “Where is the captain?” he asked an officer.

“Should be in his office.” said the officer, giving directions. The gendarme walked through, then knocked on the door.

“Come in.” said the captain, suddenly sitting up and eyes widening seeing a gendarme enter.

“Please, tell me everything you know about Chief Petty Officer Quinn Beck Shires.” said the gendarme.

“He is a cannon officer on my ship.” said the captain, “What else do you need to know about him?”

“We received a report about him.” said the gendarme, taking notes on his papers.

“With all due respect to the admiralty, Q is not the best officer.” said the captain, “He frequently defies my orders, oversteps his authority, and picks fights with the rest of my officers.”

“Did Shires ever talk about politics?”

“Not that I am aware of.”

“The report said he was a frequent and harsh critic of the current administration.”

“He frequently talks with other officers, and I am not surprised.”

“The report is from a junior seaman.” said the gendarme. The captain paused for a moment. “This is serious and the penalties are very severe. And make sure the rest of your crew are also kept in line.” he said.

“General Ignatius Riſewell. Congratulations on your promotion.”

“Thank you Mr. Stadtholder.” said Riſewell.

“I hope you will not be as weak as your predecessor, especially in dealing with the railroad strike.” said Dominic Drumpf, the stadtholder, “Now are you aware of the FNS James Þompkins?”

“I am not.”

“Well the ship docked in Boſton this morning for repairs, and was meant to leave tonight, but will stay until tomorrow because on board is a petty officer who has been a very vocal critic of my administration. Would be quite a shame if something were to happen to him, like if he shot himself.”

Riſewell nodded.

“Make sure that officer is gone before the ship leaves tomorrow.” said Drumpf.

“Pardon?” Riſewell asked.

“The officer’s name is Quinn Beck Shires. He will not be sailing on any more ships.”

“I understand your order, but this will just cause more trouble than it’s worth.”

“You are in charge of all Gendarmerie operations on half of this island. You would be able to prevent any investigation into this matter.” said Drumpf. He paused. “Your commander is also a weak man. He will be next on the list if no trouble is caused.” he said.

Riſewell sat frozen for a moment, which felt like an eternity. He was ordered to carry out an assassination, and knew that he could not say no, because Drumpf would find someone to assassinate him. “Shires will be gone by tomorrow, Mr. Stadtholder.” said Riſewell.

Nearly everyone on board the FNS James Þompkins were confused by the order, including the captain who was giving them. They were to be docked in Boſton for another day, despite repairs already being completed, and most had to leave the ship, with the exception of a handful of senior officers, and some junior and non-commissioned officers, including Shires. After another argument with the captain, Shires was sent to clean crew quarters, alone. Unknown to him and most of the crew, three gendarmes boarded the ship, and made their way to the quarters.

“Who are you?” said Shires. He saw three men, in Gendarmerie uniforms. Two wore the standard enlisted uniform, with a blue tunic, black trousers, black boots, and shakos. To differentiate them from the army, the tunic was a lighter shade of blue. They had carbines on their backs, issued to gendarmes because longrifles were not practical in urban settings they policed, sabers at their side, and revolvers. The man in the center had a different uniform, with a longer tunic, gold fringes and stripes on his sleeves, white gloves, and a tricorne. This uniform was not practical for combat, and used only by high ranking officers, though the man still had a saber and revolver at his side.

“General Ignatius Riſewell, Gendarmerie.” said the man in the middle, holding his badge, “We have quite a bit to discuss.”

“I am busy.” said Shires, turning away to go back to cleaning.

“You need to show more respect to your superiors.” said Riſewell, beginning to sound more angry.

“I am not under your command.” said Shires.

“That clearly does not matter to you when you are talking to gunners on your ship.” said Riſewell.

“That is different.” said Shires, “They are gunners and on my ship, unlike you, being in a completely different branch of the military.”

Riſewell shook his head. “Now you know on board a ship during a mission is no time to discuss politics.” he said, sounding more stern.

“I can discuss whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want, and you can do nothing stop me.” said Shires.

“Watch your language.” said Riſewell, “We received a report that you spread misinformation about the stadtholder and his administration.”

“That is not misinformation.” replied Shires, “Drumpf has been a net negative for this country with his democratic backsliding, his failures in the north that lead to the railroad strike, purges of competent officials, infringing on the rights of my people, and I could go on but–”

“Silence. I heard enough.” said Riſewell, “Get him.”

The gendarmes walked towards Shires and pushed him against the floor, as they were told to.

“Get off me!” Shires shouted.

“Go ahead, as you have been briefed.” said Riſewell, sounding angrier.

A gendarme grabbed a revolver from the holster on Shires’ side, pushing it into his mouth, while the other held him down.

“What you are doing is illegal!” Shires screamed, which was muffled by the revolver.

“You are not the one who makes the rules here.” said Riſewell, “Fire.”

The gendarme pulled the trigger, and Shires was dead. “Now make it look like that fucker shot himself before anyone comes here and tries to figure out what is going on.” said Riſewell. “Good riddance.” he muttered to himself, as the gendarmes moved his arm to make it look like Shires shot himself, and fell. They then stood up and reached the door as another officer walked by.

“I heard a gunshot in here.” said the officer.

“A petty officer shot himself.” said Riſewell. The officer ran to the quarters to see Shires’ body. The gendarmes quietly walked to the top deck, then off the ship.

“Shires shot himself. Right here.” said a seaman.

“I don’t think he shot himself.” said Mento, looking at the blood stained floor.

“What do you mean?” asked another seaman.

“I reported him to the Gendarmerie yesterday.” said Mento. All people who were within earshot immediately turned to him.

“God bless you.” said one, “Don’t have to deal with that imbecile anymore.”. He then slowly realized, and so did the others.

“You did a good job a week ago. No one seemed to notice.” said Drumpf, “You will be promoted to chief of staff of the Gendarmerie.”

“I am honored, Mr. Stadtholder.” said Riſewell, “But what about the current chief of staff?”

“He will face the same fate as that petty officer.” said Drumpf.

Riſewell wanted to protest, but kept his mouth shut and nodded. A petty officer is different from the chief of staff, and some men on board that ship likely would have figured out what was going on, but most importantly Riſewell knew these assassinations would come back for both of them, especially if Drumpf used them as another tool in his toolbox to get rid of his opposition.
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Ðe United Provinces and Territories of Ðe Furbiſh Iſlands
Sic semper tyrannis!
Population: 283.503.325
GDP: $10,095 trillion
Currency: Furbish Guilder, ƒ1 = $1,9655
Monarch: Willem van Orange-Nassau
Stadtholder: Adjoa Iſamaan
Prime Minister: Arthur Trudeau

A social liberal Pacific island paradise, formerly a
Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish colony.
Computer science major and stereotypical nerd.
Russian, born in Israel, currently in
Massachusetts, the best state in the US.

This country is mostly based on my RL beliefs.
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"Where are we going, Adrian?" Ezra asked as he tries to gets more confortable on the back seat.

"Belle-Rose house." the Emperor answered.

"The haunted house near the waterfall?" Ezra asked surprised to his beloved.

"Yes." he cutely answered with a smile.

"B-but...!" he tried to articulate a sentence in protest.

"You don't really believe in the myths circulating that house, do you?" Adrian laughingly asked.

"No it's just that... I don't know, myths exist for a reason." Ezra explained.

"Nothing will happen, don't worry." adorably said Adrian, trying to calm his lover's suspicion. "When we get there, there's something I want you to see."

"Chauffeur!" he said loudly. "Belle-Rose house now, please."

"Aye, sir!" the man said while turning on the engine. While Ezra was mentally armed and suspicious of the place they were going, Adrian maintained calm for a reason Ezra couldn't understand at all, maybe he was just being skeptical, or very, very brave. But what couldn't leave his head, mainly without any clear answer, was the reason they were going there: Unknown. Adrian hadn't explain nothing at all, suddenly he felt that Adrian maybe thought that he wasn't essential anymore, but such thought vanished when Adrian decided to grab his hand. Not a single word spoken, millions of smiling gazes between both shared. The place they were going were feared by the population due to the myth involving the Belle-Rose house, home of House of Belle-Rose, an ancient Logarian noble house that suddenly appeared all dead at once in the 1800's, something Adrian, as his father, and those before them, know very well the reason, and how, they were all suddenly found dead.

The car had stopped near a thin dirt road, there was no place for a car to pass by.

"There's nothing we can do about it." the chauffer said.

"Then we gonna walk." the Emperor quickly said, opening the door.

Adrian wasn't wearing a fancy suit or something alike, but rather a simple grey jacket, a white t-shirt, jeans, and cheap sneakers. He knew he was gonna get inevitably dirty doing that path, so he told Ezra to wear cheap, as the chauffer. All of them exited the car, Ezra and the chauffer acting as some sort of bodyguards to the Emperor who was leading them through the treeful path. Ezra and the driver both carried their handguns, the Emperor also did the same but carrying his extravagant golden Walther PP. Always watchful, Ezra looked at the trees up and down, expecting any threat to his beloved, while the chauffer, apparently an Army officer, watched for their behind, Adrian didn't care at all for the threats as he was very confident no one was there except them, and the sins of the House of Idenburg that Adrian had to carry in his consciousness.

While they made their path, birds' tweets echoed through the forests, and crows could be heard. Although the day was arising, grey remained. They finally arrived: a macabre medium-sized stone house always at the company of a nearby petite waterfall. "That's it. Let's go." the Emperor said while stepping firmly on the small well-detailed and elaborated stone arched bridge that topped an abyss, Ezra and the chauffer carefully followed their emperor, who crossed without worries.

Upon reaching the porch, the Emperor gestured with his hand as he said: "Stay here, Cooper, and protect the entrance." and then proceeds to open the door, calling for his lover who follows him. Entering the house, Adrian then keeps his handgun inside his jacket, influencing Ezra to do the same.

"We are very much safe here." said Adrian smiling.

"I hope." Ezra said in response, still suspicious of the place.

The house had no lights at all for the fact it is old, only candleless candleholders, the place really was totally "abandoned", the interior, however, was organized even though the furniture was dusty and the matting horribly nasty. Adrian had ordered a team to only keep animals away from the house by setting traps, and taking care of the structure without really reforming it by complete; he wanted it to look old and menacing to renforce the idea of it being "haunted by the revengeful spirits of the Belle-Rose". Ezra followed Adrian through the hollowed halls of the Belle-Rose house, until they reached a door which Adrian stood in front of it.

"It's here." he said while taking an antique iron key from his pocket, opening the door and revealing an extremely clean room illuminated by four small windows. It looked very different from the rest seen by Ezra, with vivid colors and clean furniture. Adrian entered the room and went to one of the four windows, observing the view, so did Ezra.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" he asked as he watched the waterfall.

"It is." Ezra said in response. "But why are we here?"

"Oh yes! I wanted to show you something." he said, then went to a table, that should more be in an office than there, and took out of a drawer some files.

Adrian then went to his lover, carrying the files.

"This are some important details on the locations of gold depots of the House of Idenburg." Adrian said, smiling to Ezra.

"And why should I know this?" Ezra asked confusing, laughing.

"I want to thank you for being on my side since I was Prince Heir..." he said shyly, giving the three files to Ezra.

"Open one of them." Adrian said in an animated voice.

Ezra opened one of the files, surprised. He saw a map, and very detailed instructions on opening the safe that guarded the gold and jewelry of the House of Idenburg. In total, all four files, it made 350 000 kg of gold and jewels. He quickly went to hug his beloved, hugging and kissing Ezra in return.

"It's all for you, and I insist." the Emperor said to his lover. "I need to check on Cooper, just a moment!"

"Ok, babe." Ezra said smiling.

Adrian went to the encounter of Cooper, his chauffer. While alone, Ezra noticed a paper had accidentally fallen from the drawer from which Adrian took the locations of the gold, went to the paper, and grabbed it. His surprise was immense when he saw a torture mechanism entitled "Idenburg Headache", that basically, slowly, smashes the victim's head. He looked behind the paper, and saw very detailed, drawing by drawing, the process of how it works. "This is a very clean and recent-looking room... Adrian certainly knows this..." he thought, "so maybe they used this on Capri?" he concluded almost laughing. Nothing best for a traitor, but still, not his code.

"I am ba-aack!" Adrian announced, making Ezra put the paper rapidly where he found it and quickly getting up.

"Hey!" he happily exclaimed.

"You already saw what I wanted you to see, let's go now." said Adrian, gesturing for Ezra to come with him.

"Let's go." he said running to his beloved, hugging and kissing him.

Both proceeded and went to the encounter of Chauffer Cooper. Holding the files, Ezra and his beloved, the Emperor, went with Cooper back to the dirt trail to the car. Arriving at it, they returned to the Imperial Palace of Villanova.

Despite still trying to ignore what he saw, Ezra still was mentally inquiet. Torture was against his code of conduct for an assassin, and to know such a loved person like Adrian is the mastermind of doing so, simply strived this weird feeling he didn't know how to explain. His love was intact, as it always were, but uncertainty still remained. He knew Adrian didn't tell him everything about his ruling, and he knows several secrets are under solemn guard of the Emperor. Still, even Cooper was apparently frightful of that place, and Ezra couldn't understand why he simply didn't care, maybe... He knew what truly happened? How cruel can be the Logarian Empire, when someone is the absolute ruler of a country that supports so for more than a century?
“Eu queria escrever luxuoso. Usar palavras que rebrilhassem molhadas e fossem peregrinas. Às vezes solenes em púrpura, às vezes abismais esmeraldas, às vezes leves na mais fina seda macia.” — Clarice Lispector

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Postby Celtterra » Wed Oct 20, 2021 5:27 pm

The Foreign Legations
9:00 P.M., October 20, 2021 A.D.

“For the past few days,” the Unchel Brennus thought, “there has been artillery fire from both sides. Not to mention, they have been getting closer and closer, to a point where we had to pull all of our soldiers into the Legations. Many traps have been set up so that they will have a hard time coming toward us.”

He continue to walk throughout the Legations, and began to remember spending time with his nieves and nephews, then began to wish that he could have spent more time with them. He then remembered the many “dates”, as he now considered them after looking back at them, he went on with Gráinne, Cadi, Currie, Mairead, Nandag, and Cadilyna. He then stopped and turned to see General Scoggins standing behind him.

“Sir,” said the general, “I don’t think we will be able to have another section of Green Berets sneak out for a bit. It may be expected.”

“Probably,” replied the Unchel Brennus, “we will wait until the time is right.”

In the distance, explosions is heard. Soldiers began to run out. The General and the High King walked up onto the walls, and saw the traps going off.
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Surprise Attack

Postby Celtterra » Thu Oct 28, 2021 2:09 pm

The Foreign Legations
4:20 A.M., October 28, 2021 A.D.

The morning was cold and still, all guns was silent. Corporal Brian Glynn was walking along the walls, as he was on patrol. He looked over the wall before looking forward to see where he was going. From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of something. He looked closely and saw a person, but couldn’t make out who it was.

He then ran to a tower and rung one of the many bells there. Soon after, the sound of soldiers hurrying outside can be heard, with them going up to the top of the walls to defend the Legations.

A gunshot was then heard. Soldiers began firing. Some Provos could be seen falling from being shot. Along the walls, ladders could be seen, with the defenders attempting to push them away, for it to fall back on the ground. By 6-in-the-morning, the firing stopped. Bodies of Unionists was along the side of the wall.

The Furbish Legation, Prennus
Midday, October 28, 2021 A.D.

Throughout the old Furbish Legation, the wounded and the dying could be seen in white cots. The Unchel Brennus stood in the door way, horrified. He then walked in, checking with each soldier. He left once he met each one.

The Walls of the Foreign Legations, Prennus
3:40 P.M., October 28, 2021 A.D.

The sound of a voice could be heard throughout the Old Legations. The Unchel Brennus and General Scoggins ran up onto the wall to see what it was.

“We the Union of Athoal and the Kingdom of Sasannia demand your immediate surrender,” demanded a loud voice.

The Unchel Brennus turned to one of the soldiers and ordered them to fire an artillery piece. The shot landed on one of the enemy artillery pieces and destroyed it, with a loud “rebel yell”, as it was something that had it’s origins from Domhnall I Scota’s war against the Roifainnian Republic, afterward.

Artillery began to fire between both sides again. The Unchel Brennus went back to his quarters to wrtie letters to the next-of-kin of every soldier who lost their life that day.
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Postby Celtterra » Wed Nov 03, 2021 2:15 pm

The Unchel Brennus’ Personal Quarters, Prennus
10:30 P.M., October 31, 2021 A.D.

As Revan prepared to go to bed, he went onto his knees and began to pray…

“Dear Lord up in heaven, please let my brother have a wonderful birthday and please protect him, as well as all who I love and care for. Please let this terrible war end soon.”

He paused for a few seconds before continuing, “please help me understand these feelings I have been feeling for the last few weeks, no months. I know I felt these for the last couple of years, and only recently became stronger. I have this feeling for Nandag, Mairead, Gráinne, Currie, Cadi, Cadilynia. In Isus’s name, amen.”

Revan then stood up and lain upon his bed, putting the covers over himself, before going to sleep.

6:00 A.M., November 1, 2021 A.D.

Revan awoken from his slumber, and understood his feelings. He then went to his desk and began to work on the new constitution. After a few minuets, firing began again.

11:40 P.M., November 2, 2021 A.D.

As the young Unchel Brennus looked out and began to remember how Prennus was, prior to the war, prior to his reign. He regretted making his base here, though he believed that the Union would have used it as a fortress as well. He then began to remember why these buildings are still called the “Foreign Legations” instead of the “Embassies”.

“It’s all due to a person forgetting to change a sign,” he thought.

He then turned away from the window and to his bed. He was tired due to the time of night and the constant bombardment bu the Unionists made it hard to sleep. He then went onto his knees and began to pray.

“Dear heavenly father, I pray that you protect Lady Mairead and let her have a wonderful birthday. I pray that the people of this nation will find peace again and soon. In Isus’s name, amen.”

Revan then laid upon his bed and went to sleep.
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The Francaigh Landings

Postby Celtterra » Wed Nov 03, 2021 2:16 pm

The Southern Coast of Dixon, in the Lands of the Chalakay
November 3, 2021 A.D.

The morning was cool and foggy. All that can be heard outside of the waves is the soldiers on guard singing “The Foggy Dew”. After a few minuets, some small ships can be, somewhat, seen heading toward the beach. It was soon realized that it was several beach-landers. The guards raised the alarm and awoken all soldiers. The soldiers that was sleeping, or the few that was elsewhere and not on guard duty, quickly ran to where their equipment was stored and ran to their positions within a couple of minuets.

“Do not fire until you can see the white of their eyes,” one officer can be heard ordering.

Another officer can be heard telling his men, “begin firing once you can clearly see them.”

After a few seconds, the landers lowered their door-bridge and the soldiers quickly disembarked. Once the landing soldiers could be seen, the defenders realized the landing force was Francaigh, then the firing began. After a few hours of the fire-fight, Francaigh tanks and other vehicles landed. The majority of positions was taken by the end of the day. Soon, the Dalbernian soldiers that was forced out of their positions began to make trenches in a new defensive line, the first time such a tactic was used in Loë since the Great War.
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News and Recapture

Postby Celtterra » Sun Dec 05, 2021 10:42 am

The Unchel Palas
12:04 P.M., November 3, 2021 A.D.

Lord Protector Prince Sieffre Scardonet sat in a chair in-front of the throne, listening to the gripes of a group of kings. After nearly falling asleep, the door was opened, with a general in a peaked cap and a soldier of a lesser rank with a kepi entering the room. They walked toward the Lord Protector and addressed him.

“Lord Protector and Prince of the High Confederation Sieffre Scardonet, we come to inform you that we have been invaded in the South-East, specifically in the lands of the Chalakay by Francaigh. They have a strong hold on the mainland and already began to unload armor. The Army of the Chalakay is defending against the invading forces. Do you wish for us to send reinforcements,” asked the General.

The Lord Protector stayed silent for several seconds, considering his options before speaking, “send the Army of Bes to reinforce them.”

“They are being used to defend mainland Francaigh,” replied the General, “do you want another army to defend it?”

“No,” said the Lord Protector, “how did they even get there, wasn’t our ships patrolling the are?”

“They left late at night and arrived early in the morning in gray landers. Our patrol ships did not see them.”

The Lord Protector stayed silent before speaking again, “first, have more ships between their islands and the mainland. Second, have the two armies attack the Francaigh as soon as the Army of Bes arrives there.”

“Yes sir,” replied the General, leaving with the other soldier to report to the Hexagon.

The Francaigh Landing Beach
11:09 P.M., November 6, 2021 A.D.

For the past three days, the Armies of Bes and Chalakay attacked the Francaigh, while no ground was given by either side. The Generals of Francaigh agreed on a special operation, Operation Frog Legs, as they called it. They agreed to have it begin on the night of the 11th of November.

The Western Portion of the Francaigh Landing Beach
10:48 P.M., November 11, 2021 A.D.

The landers was quietly brought to the Western portion of the beach.. One of the two armies that landed on the beach and loaded into the landers. They left the beach a few minuets after everyone was on the landers.

The Coast of Mainland Francaigh
2:28 A.M., November 12, 2021 A.D.

The landers lowered their doors, allowing for the soldiers to exit. They quickly went toward the defensive positions. After they arrived to them, they realized that the entire area was undefended. They began to prepare to take their land back. By 5:00 A.M., they reached their secret forward operating base, Élan School. It was known only by those inside of it as a cult. The Francaigh soldiers reached Grungeville by 6:00 A.M., encountering little resistance in the old market town. They reached the outskirts of Parisa by 6:40 A.M..

The Hexagon
7:00 A.M., November 12, 2021 A.D.

The Lord Protector was in the High Command room, listening to the situation. He soon ordered for the Army of Chalakay to be sent to deal with recapturing mainland Francaigh and to help those that are defending Parisa from the Francaigh.

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Two Birds, One Stone

Postby Celtterra » Sun Dec 05, 2021 10:59 am

The War room, the Logarian Legation, Prennus
2:50 P.M., November 28, 2021 A.D.

Around the table stood several officers, including General Scoggins and the Unchel Brennus. On the middle of the table, a letter sat.

After a few seconds, the Unchel Brennus spoke, “Gentlemen, we need to get this letter out to the First Corps. I think we can destroy most of their canons at the same time, in hopes to give us a good chance of beating them back. General Scoggins, is the Green Berets ready?”

“Yes sir,” replied the General, “One group will focus on the artillery and will capture as much ammunition from the Unionists and the Sasannians as they could carry, blowing the rest up. A second group, one made up of four soldiers, all of whom will be volunteers, will sneak through their lines and deliver this letter to General Muldoon. Hopefully he will be able to destroy the Sasannian Unionist line.”

“Good,” replied the Unchel Brennus, “send them out tonight. Dismissed.”

The officers saluted and left the room. The Unchel Brennus went to his desk and called for a soldier to bring the artist Al Woods to his room.

The bombardment continued as the artist arrived. The Unchel Brennus looked at him before saying “time to get started on this drawing.”

The Southern Sewer of the Old Foreign Legations, Prennus
9:50 P.M., November 28, 2021 A.D.

As the sun went down and the moon rose into the sky, the Green Berets, dressed in all-black from their head to their feet, sneaked out of the sewer. The four said their farewells to their brothers-in-arms and left.

The saboteur group began to sneak through the camps of the two armies. They sat charges on as many artillery pieces and their make-shift armories as they could. Before they left the camps, each person took a minimum of a box of ammunition, grabbing all the types they knew the defenders had and needed.

As they re-entered the sewer, the charges went-off. They entered the Legations and took the ammunition to the depot, before going to take baths to rid themselves of the stench of the sewer, before having their outfits cleaned as well as it possibly could.

The messenger group quietly and quickly went through the enemy lines as the larger group went and put charges on their artillery. After they exited the enemy camp, they stayed near the tracks, staying far-enough away to not be seen.

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The Third Assault

Postby Celtterra » Sun Dec 05, 2021 11:41 am

The Old Foreign Legations
3:00 A.M., November 30, 2021 A.D.

Revan sat at his desk, writing a letter to Lady Cadilynia, Captain Cadi, Doctor Currie, Secretary Gráinne, Lady Mairead, and Lady Nandag. A letter in case the messengers do not reach the first corps.

“This letter,” he thought, “it may be my last. I better make it good.”

He then put his pen to paper.

Dear Cadilynia, Cadi, Currie, Gráinne, Mairead, and Nandag,

As you all may or may not know, I have been writing letters to you all while besieged here at the old Foreign Legations in Prennus. Though all of the others was to each of you directly, this is to you all as a group. This is may become my last letter to write, so I will put all of the cards on the table; I love you all.

For the last 55 nights, I have yet to have a dream about you all, separate or together. Prior to this siege, I have had dreams similar to those, but not so many in such an amount of time.

It is a miracle that, despite being shelled every day since the siege began back on the sixth of October, the legations have not been destroyed. For the last 55 days, we have protected the civilians within our walls. Many of them became nurses, doctors, cooks, washers, as well as taking care of other jobs. We have had many losses from the, at the time of writing this, two assaults on our walls and positions. A large protion of my men is either dead or wounded. I have failed them and all of my people for letting this conflict happen. I am glad, at the very least, that you all are safe at the Unchel Palas.

I have a feeling that my time on this world is going to come up soon, since the besiegers are likely to assault us again. In the case any of you feel the same as what I have confessed and I pass away, it may be best to forget me.

He continued the letter for a short period, before ending with “I love you all, I hope to see you all after what, may very well be our final stand” and sealing it with a large, white envelope. He then continued on his will, finishing it after a few minuets.

5:47 A.M., November 30, 2021 A.D.

Coalition and Unionist forces camps looked as if they were filled. After few minuets, troops could be seen climbing up the walls. An officer had a bugler warn the entire Legation, with all soldiers, the Unchel Brennus, and the General quickly running out to defend the Legations. After an hour, the Sasannians took the north wall, with many going into the Legations-proper soon after. The only sounds that could be heard was screaming and gunshots soon after. During the battle, the Unchel Brennus took a bullet, while stabbing and shooting several of the attackers. After fifty-five minuets, Coalition and Unionist forces retread toward the North. During the chaos, none of the defenders noticed the artillery firing upon them.

The soldiers stayed at their positions, in case it was some sort of trap. After a few minuets passed, the sound of a song could be heard. After a few seconds, the men could recognize it as Dälbernia Gloria. After another minuet passed, the soldiers of the First Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia could be seen. The Unchel Brennus ordered the doors to be opened. Many of the remaining soldiers ran out to meet and see their brothers-in-arms. General Muldoon rode to the Unchel Brennus and General Scoggins in a jeep. He dismounted and saluted them.

“Good to see you and your men here,” the Unchel Brennus stated.

“Good to see you all alive,” replied General Muldoon, “I am sure you would be happy to know that we have been beating the Coalition and Union back, though we have lost some land to them as well.”

The Unchel Brennus turned to General Scoggins and said, “have our men rest, they well-beyond earned, no, they deserve it.”

General Scoggins saluted his High King and went to inform the Third Corps of the news.
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The Battle of Rhedeg Tarw (The Battle of Manassas Junction)

Postby Celtterra » Sun Dec 05, 2021 12:52 pm

The Foreign Legations, Prennus
10:00 A.M., December 1, 2021 A.D.

The Unchel Brennus looked out of the window of his bedroom/war-room hybrid, the room where Adrian and his parents slept many years prior. He then went to the bathroom and shaved a bit of his beard off, before taking a shower, since the water was brought back on late the previous day.

After his shower was done, he dressed in-another uniform he had, a replica of the uniform worn by the Unchel Brennus and several generals during the first Civil War in the 1860’s, one all grey.

“I hope there is a working washer and dryer,” he thought, “people began going back to their homes a few hours after the first corps arrived. The first corps has been helping the citizens get their homes and buildings into, some-what, good shape. While the other members of first corps has been fixing the electronics that the third corps lost at the beginning of the siege.

He then stepped out of his bathroom and stepped toward his desk sat. He opened one of the drawers and saw the letter he wrote. He then looked at his bag and saw Adrian’s old blanket. He then sat down and grabbed a piece of paper, a pen, and another envelope. After that, he began to write.

Dear Cousin Adrian,

I hope you and your family is doing well. As you may have heard by now, Dalbernia is in the middle of a Civil War, and was, more recently, invaded by the old Coalition of Sasannia, Polenic, Spáinnia, and Francaigh. I do have some unfortunate news though, the House of Peterme has returned. They are headed by the man whose name I told you during your birthday party earlier this year, Medraut Cyrndain Peterme.

Another thing you may have, also, heard by the time you receive this is that I was in a middle of a siege. I was besieged at the old Foreign Legations in Prennus. Luckily I have survived this, though I was shot in the hip. Thankfully it did not hit anything other than flesh. The doc said it entered at the far left and exited through my lower back. You can say it is a pain in the back.

Now for the main reason why I am writing this to you. As you can see, there is a package with this note. The continents of this package is the reason why I am writing this. It’s an old blanket of yours that, also, survived the siege. I would give you a shirt, but there isn’t anything other than uniforms that is needed by the soldiers. The blanket is the one you lost when we were younger, back before the embassies was closed. I will recommend against attempting to send a letter to me until this war is over.

Sincerely Yours,

Revan Scardonet

After he finished the letter, he grabbed a box and folded the blanket neatly into it. He tapped the box and then put the letter in the envelope. On the envelope and the package, he made a symbol to signify that it goes straight to Adrian with no-one checking.

The symbol is the one of his several middle names, the one he used as his first while he was at school, now used only by very close friends and family. It was ᏘᏪᎢ, or “Tiwei” written in Dixon/Roifain/Fluvan letters.

He then tapped the envelope to the top of the box, with the symbols showing on both. He then put the two within the bag.

6:00 A.M., December 2, 2021 A.D.

As the dawn broke, a truck can be seen driving toward the old Foreign Legations. The gate was opened to them and a guard ran to wake the Unchel Brennus up. The Unchel Brennus, who was dreaming about the six women he loves, woke up and dressed himself in his gray uniform. He then walked down to where the riders and the driver of the truck. When he entered the room they were in, they saluted him, before speaking.

“Sir, there is an attack on Manassas Junction by the Polenic. Reinforcements are needed immediately,” reported the driver.

“We will head there as soon as possible,” said the Unchel Brennus.

The soldiers then left the room, mounted the truck and left to return to the battle. The Unchel Brennus then most of the remaining, healthy men of first corps, and the majority of second corps to embark the trains to go to the Junction.

Manassas Junction
9:30 A.M., December 2, 2021 A.D.

The trains arrived and the soldiers disembarked in a quickly and orderly fashion, with the equipment taken off of the cars in a similar manner. Out of the ~96,000 soldiers that was healyth, he brought 50,000 due to the wounded, as well as the city of Prennus, needing a garrison.

After the Unchel Brennus disembarked, he turned to one of the soldiers and asked where the battle was.

The soldier pointed in a direction and said, “Rhedg Tarw Creek”.

The Unchel Brennus’s soldiers entered from the South toward the back of the defending second and forth corps. The Unchel Brennus rode up to General Coill and greeted him.

“Osiyo General Coille,” greeted the Unchel Brennus.

“Osiyo, you highness,” replied the General, “I see you and your men arrived.”

“We have. How is your forces holding up?”

“Not the greatest, reinforcements was needed terribly. I believe they outnumber us quite a bit.”

“Probably. I want you all to hold your positions. I’ll flank from the West.”

“Yes Sir.”

The General saluted the Unchel Brennus as he left. The first and third corps crossed the creek from the North-West. His men engaged the Coalition forces. The battle ended after two hours with the Polenic force retreating.

2:00 P.M., December 2, 2021 A.D.

The Unchel Brennus went into the building where his Generals were meeting. He put his vat and coat on the hat-and-coat-hanger, before entering into the meeting room.

“So,” the Unchel Brennus said as he entered into the room, “what is the news so far?”

The Generals looked at each-other before General Coille spoke, “Well, to start out with, we have been pushing the Coalition and the Union back.

“That is good to hear,” said the Unchel Brennus, “anything else?”

The Generals’ faces turned white, as if they saw a ghost.

General Muldoon then spoke up, “Ladies Mairead Duwarth, Nandag Dianna, and Cadilynia Beinnard; as well as your secretary, Gráinne Droit, the Captain of the Livgarginn of your palace, Cadi Ahearn, and your personal doctor, Currie Finley, has all been kidnapped by someone unknown. Nothing in the Palace was broken or stolen and the pets are alive, but several of the Livgarginn was killed.”

The Unchel Brennus stood there in disbelief. After a few seconds, his face changed from one of sorrow to one of anger and hatred, then he spoke, “is the culprits known?”

“No,” relied General Muldoon.

The Unchel Brennus went to the door and opened it.

“I have an idea whot it may have been,” the Unchel Brennus said, before exiting the room.

10:00 P.M., December 2, 2021 A.D.

As the moon rose, Gealach as it is called within Loë as a whole, the sound of soldiers singing could be heard. One of the songs was the Song of the Irish Brigade, a song about a brigade filled with some of the best fighters, all from the province of Ire, just South of the Northern Virginia River.

As others went to bed, Revan prayed for the safety of his loves, his soldiers, his people, and his family. He then went to bed and went to sleep.
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Return to the Constitutional Convention

Postby Celtterra » Sun Dec 05, 2021 4:46 pm

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Train Station
10:00 A.M., December 3, 2021 A.D.

As the train came to a halt, the families and friends of the soldiers on board can be seen standing in the station. The citizens of Llanfair could be seen on the sidewalks waiting for the army to disembark.

As the soldiers disembarked, they hugged and kissed their families. The Unchel Brennus stepped off last. He looked down the train and could see other soldiers double checking all of the equipment. He then walked in-front of his men, all of whom went into column formation. They then marched through the capital to the Foirgneamh Domhnall.

Foirgneamh Domhnall

The army arrived in-front of the building. After they stopped, the men was given new orders by their generals and other officers. The Unchel Brennus entered the building and went into the meeting room, called the “Ystafell Gyfansoddiadz”.

As he entered, he saw High Lord Arran Argall, President Domhnall Druma, King Richard XI Astleyson, the new High Chief Rónán Hardin, Chief Blair Harding, and Senator David Kincaid of the Kingdom of Roifain.

“Gentlemen, I have a proposal for the new constitution,” the Unchel Brennus said while laying a folder on the table.

The others opened the folder and read the papers, one for each person, before beginning to discuss it.

12:20 P.M., December 3, 2021 A.D.

“I think we should take a lunch break,” said Senator Kincaid.

“I agree,” replied Chief Harding.

“Ok, we will meet again soon,” said the Unchel Brennus.

The members of the Constitutional Convention left the building, each with their copy of the papers in their own briefcases. When the Unchel Brennus exited, General Coille stepped toward him.

“Sir,” said the General, saluting, we have received reports of an offensive against us in the Chalakay lands and in the Francaigh mainland.”

“Send the first corps there to help the Chalakay. Send the second and fourth corps to help in mainland Francaigh.”

“Yes Sir,” replied the general.

After the general left, the Unchel Brennus entered the Frynchell and left for the Unchel Palas to investigate the building himself, still shocked from the news of the coup in Logar.

The Unchel Palas
1:00 P.M., December 3, 2021 A.D.

Revan entered his home, seeing nothing that has been broken. He went down the hall that his bedroom is in and saw Spy Master Ceangal with a Jed’aii Temlpar. As he walked down the hall, the two saw him. The Spy Master turned toward him and greeted him.

“Osiyo, your Highness,” greeted the Spy Master and the Je’daii Temlar.

“Siyo Spy Master, Je’daii Templar,” greeted the Unchel Brennus.

“We have been investigating since the day after it happened. We have found no leads,” reported the Je’daii Templar.

“I’ll take a look around myself, alone,” said the Unchel Brennus.

“As you wish, your Highness,” replied the Spy Master, “if you need any help or have any questions, we will be somewhere around here.”

Revan continued past them and went into his bedroom, closing the door behind him. He looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary. He looked under his bed and saw an envelope, which he picked up and put in his pocket. He then looked under his pillow, and saw nothing. Revan then walked to Mairead’s bed and looked under it, saw nothing. He looked under her pillow and found her diary. He put it in a pocket inside his cloak.

Then he went to his bed and sat down, before opening the letter. As he looked upon the letter, he noticed it was not in a language he understood. He got up and walked back to the Spy Master.

“Master Ceangal,” the Unchel Brennus said, handing the letter and the envelope to the Spy Master, “do you recognize this language?”

Ceangal took the envelope and the letter, looking at it before replying, “it is none that I know, it may be a code.”

“Take this to the A.C.U. and break the code, if it is a code,” he ordered.

“Yes sir,” replied the Spy Master.

The Spy Master and the Je’daii Templar left the palace. Revan took his letters out of one his pockets and walked to one of the Guards.

“Keep these safe soldier. When Lady Mairead, Lady Nandag, Lady Cadilyna, Secretary Gráinne, Captain Cadi, and Doctor Currie returns, give these to the correct person,” the Unchel Brennus ordered.

“Yes sir,” replied the Guard, taking the letters.

The Unchel Brennus then left to return to the Ystafell Gyfansoddiadz.
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A Day for Training

Postby Celtterra » Tue Dec 07, 2021 4:20 pm

A Large, Semi-empty Room within the Unchel Palas
10:25 A.M., December 5, 2021 A.D.

From the distance, Prince Sieffre Scardonet and Princess Alexio Evans watched Revan practice his swordsmanship against the best the Je’daii has to offer.

“How many do you think it would take,” asked the Prince.

“Probably 150, Uncle,” replied the Princess with a smile.

The two continued to watch as Revan fights a team of 20, and outperforming them. Then Revan knocked two down in one move.

“Do you want to tell him, or shall I,” asked the Prince.

“I probably should,” replied the Princess.

They continued to watch until it was the best swordsman and overall fighter of the order, Annakin Coburn, facing the Unchel Brennus. The duel was fast-paced with each one matching the other’s strike, until Revan disarmed Annakin in a single move.

Revan then talked to each fighter, shook their hands, and waved goodbye as they left for the Grand Temple. He then turned and saw his half-brother, the man that was his Lord Protector while he was at Prennus, and his oldest niece watching him.

“Sieffre, Alexio, it is good to see you both,” he said, sweating in his tunic and leather training armor.

“It is good to see you again brother,” said Sieffre.

“It is good to see you safe Uncle,” stated Alexio, “I am sorry about your friends.”

“They will be found and brought back safe,” replied Revan, “even if it is the last thing I do.”

“I hope they are brought back safe,” replied the Princess, “but we are not here for pleasantries, unfortunately.”

The Prince and Princess stayed silent for a few seconds, before Revan spoke up.

“Is something wrong,” Revan asked with a confused and worried look.

Sieffre and Alexio continued to stay silent, then they looked at each-other before looking at the High King.

“My mother,” said Alexio, attempting to not cry, “your half-sister, joined Grandma Kimbra.”

“What of your father, step-father, brothers, and sister,” asked Revan.

“None of them joined. My father is still in the same place. My step-father, sister, and brothers are all safe in Uncle Sieffre’s castle.”

Revan looked at the floor for a few seconds, attempting to process the information he was just given. He knew that he and his sister had a bit of a sibling rivalry and there was some bad feelings between them, but never had he expected something like this.

“Let’s pray that she, at the very least, surrenders peacefully. It would be preferable if my mother surrenders as well,” Revan finally said.

He then looked at his niece and asked, “do you know if you can give a message to either of them?”

Alexio thought for a few seconds, the replied, “possibly through my sister, Kylie. She is the only one that is mixed on whose side she is on. Though she know it is best to focus on her schooling.”

“Both of you see me later today in my office, I’ll have a message for them,” Revan replied before giving them both a hug and leaving.”

The Inner-Courtyard of the Unchel Palas
12:20 P.M., December 5, 2021 A.D.

As Revan looked at his garden, which was dying due to the incoming Winter, he heard a door open and close. He turned and saw General Scoggins.

“Sir, the old artillery we gathered has finally been replaced with the newer models,” reported General Scoggins.

The Unchel Brennus stayed quiet for a few seconds, the spoke, “that is good, anything else?

“No sir.”

“Okay then, dismissed.”

The general saluted then left. Revan stood there for a few more minuets.

“What am I going to write? What should I write,” he though to himself.

He looked up in the sky for a few minuets.

“I get called the ‘Modern King Arthur’ though I have done nothing to deserve such a name. There is many expectations, heck I cannot even protect the ones I love and care for,” he thought, “I am useless. If my father was here, none of this might have happened. I probably would have given up my title and allow for my brother or sister to become the new leader once father was no-longer the Unchel Brennus.”

He wiped his tears away and stood outside for a few more minuets, before going back into the palace and to his office.

Outside of the Office of the Unchel Brennus
3:00 P.M., December 5, 2021 A.D.

Prince Sieffre and Princess Alexio walked to the door of the office. They heard voices inside, looked at each-other, then knocked on the door.

After a few seconds, they heard a voice say “come in”.

They opened the door and saw generals standing around the table away from Revan’s desk. The table had a map of Loë on it, with pieces in certain places.

The Unchel Brennus looked up and spoke, “brother, niece, good for you two to stop by.”

He went to his desk, opened a drawer, and took out an envelope. Then he walked toward them.

“Come, come. I have some money here for the groceries for dinner,” the Unchel Brennus said, motioning the Prince and Princess to the door.

They walked through the door, with Revan shutting it behind them.

He then looked down both ways of the hallway before speaking in a hushed tone, “give this letter to Kylie. The generals do not know that I am doing this, so do not say anything about this letter.”

He gave them the letter before grabbing some money from his pocket, also handing it to them, “also, pick up some ingredients for piza. It sounds good for dinner to me.”

The Prince and Princess left the palace and the Unchel Brennus returned to the office to continue his meeting with his generals.

The Bedroom of the Unchel Brennus
9:00 P.M., December 5, 2021 A.D.

Revan enters his room wearing shorts and a t-shirt, still with his hair partially wet and smelling of mint shampoo.

“I feel a bit more relaxed after that shower,” he thinks while taking his sandals off, “I wonder when the army will be ready to march again.”

He looks at Mairead’s bed, half-expecting her to be there. He then starts to feel a little depressed, missing her and the others. He turns his fan on, points it toward his bed, and lay in his bed, putting the covers over himself. He grabbed his water bottle and drank. Then he put the bottle down, rolled over to lay on his right side and slept.

After a few seconds, everything went dark…

He was in a grassy area on top of a hill. He looked around and saw woods, plains, and a giant castle. He recognize the area. It was Camelot. He stared as he saw it filled with life, and not semi-ruined.

“That is weird,” he thought.

From behind him, a voice said “excuse me.”

Revan turned around and said, “sorry I am in your way.”

He looked and saw a man, roughly his age with hazel-green eyes and blonde hair, similar to himself, in chain-mail, with some sort of mix of Roifainnian armor and medieval armor.

“It is good to meet you,” said the man.

Revan looked confused. He then noticed the symbol on the man’s chest. He looked at himself and saw he wore Je’daii robes, the ones he wears for training.

He then looked back up at the man and asked “who are you and why were you wanting to meet me?”

The man gave a smile and spoke, “well, I am your ancestor. I am Brennus Arthur, or do you all call me King Arthur more often?”

“This can’t be real, this is a dream,” said Revan, with a hand on his head.

“It is a dream, but this may actually be me, or it may not be. Only you can decide that,” said “King Arthur”.

“So, why am I here, why am I talking to you,” asked Revan.

“I think you know why.”

Revan stood there for a moment to think, before speaking, “the war. Probably, more specifially, my brain is punishing me due to people saying I am the modern you.”

“Correct on the war part,” stated this supposed “King Arthur”, “but what makes you think your brain is punishing you?”

“Because I am a large failure.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I…” Revan stopped, then spoke once he stopped chocking-up, now with tears in his eyes, “I didn’t stop the loves of my life from being kidnapped.”

“I know how you feel, my wife was kidnapped by my son, Mordred. He attempted to force her to marry him. We came just in time. You need to believe in yourself.”

Revan paused for a moment, the spoke, “you are right.”

All of a sudden, the two was in a river, near of forrest.

“Go to the Tanasi River and look for Lake Brocéliande, near the forest Paimpont. There will be something waiting for you there,” King Arthur said in a heavenly voice.

Revan woke up. He looked around him then went to his books. He grabbed one of his many books about King Arthur and saw the mention of the lake and of the forest. He then went to a map of the Tanasi River and looked on there.

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The Mythical Forest and Lake

Postby Celtterra » Tue Dec 07, 2021 4:21 pm

Somewhere along the East-bank of the River Tanasi
6:05 A.M., December 6, 2021 A.D.

Revan rode along a path, with a Je’daii Master, a Je’daii Padawan, a few of his own bodyguards from the Livgarginn, and General Scoggins. They rode through the fog, all on horseback. Eventually, Revan saw the Lake Brocéliande. He dismounted his horse, telling the people following him to stay, then left the forest Paimpont.

He approached the lake, looking out at the other side fo the lake, before looking back where he dismounted, seeing only fog.

“Welcome, your highness,” a female voice said, startling Revan.

Once he calmed himself, he looked behind him and saw a young woman standing in the lake. She had dark hair, wore a white dress, and looked about 26 years-old.

He then cleared his voice and said,, “greetings madam.”

“What brings you here,” asked the young lady.

Revan paused for a moment, then replied, “I had a dream, it told me to come here.”

Revan looked back around, then back to the lady, to find her gone. In her place, stood an old stone with a sword in it behind vines, surrounded by a couple of trees. He went to the stone and looked at the sword. He pulled the sword out of the stone, without it breaking. He read what was engraved in the hilt, “Excalibur”. He then took his cloak off and wrapped the sword in it to hide it.

He then said in a quiet voice “thank you, Lady of the Lake.”

He then heard the Lady’s voice say, “be careful, your highness.”

Revan went back to his mount and left for the Palace.

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News from the North

Postby Celtterra » Sat Dec 11, 2021 6:43 am

The Unchel Palas
8:00 A.M., December 10, 2021 A.D.

The Unchel Brennus and many of his top generals stood around a large table. On the table, a map of the entire continent of Loë could be seen. After the generals informed the Unchel Brennus of the situation in Logar, a captain ran to the door and was announced into the room. He gave a piece of paper to the Unchel Brennus, saluted, then left. The Unchel Brennus read the paper then laid it down on the table.

“The Yanks control the majority of the Suomalest Kingdoms. We have pushed the Coalition back on all fronts,” the Unchel Brennus announced.

He then pressed a button on a phone and asked for Captain Abbán Clery to come in. The Captain walked in.

“What is the situation for the equipment of the Army of Northern Virginia,” asked the Unchel Brennus to the Captain.

“Completely replenished with new equipment sir,” replied the Captain.

“Good, inform the colonels to have the men ready to leave in the morning. And have someone inform Prince Sieffre to meet me in my room later today.”

“Yes sir,” replied the Captain, saluting and leaving to fulfill his orders.

The Unchel Brennus looked back at the general in the room with his and stated, “I will lead the Army of Northern Virginia to the North. I want the Army of Kasgiyoi to pull away from the mountains to get their equipment changed to the modern equipment. I do want them to keep an eye on the mountains and to be prepared to intercept any armies that may attempt to encircle us. We will leave tomorrow morning. Any questions?”

The room stayed silent for several seconds, until the Unchel Brennus said “dismissed.”

The generals then left the palace to inform the Hexagon and their armies of any and all new orders.

The Unchel Brennus’ Bedroom
10:00 A.M., December 10, 2021 A.D.

Revan folded his clothes and placed them nicely into his duffle bag. He packed everything that he believe he would need, including several books and a journal to write in. As he looked at Excalibur, now in a new scabbard, there was a knock on his door.

“Come in,” said the Unchel Brennus.

“Greetings, your highness,” said the voice, after opening the door.

The Unchel Brennus turned and saw his brother standing there.

“Greetings,” greeted Revan, “good that you came.”

“Why was I called up here?”

“I want you to be my Lord Protector until this war is over. I will be leading a force toward my mother and our sister. Do you know if Princess Steffany has replied to the letter?”

The Prince stood there, scratching the back of his head, then answered, “she has… and she refused to defect to our side. She and your mother decided to not surrender.”

Revan pointed to the news paper on the table and said, “I guess that is why they now claim this war is to end slavery?”

Sieffre walked to the table the news paper was on and saw the headline, “War for the End of Slavery”.

“I doubt anyone actually believe that. They even said that it was to overthrow our nation. Heck they also allow the practice,” said the Prince.

“A poll was done. Granted, it was soon after that news broke, but a lot of people are now going toward their side,” replied Revan.

Revan finished packing and zipped up the bag.

“If I face them, I hope they surrender,” Revan said, with a sigh.

The two continued, and the Prince left after several minuets.

Several Miles North of Llanfair
5:20 A.M., December 11, 2021 A.D.

The Unchel Brennus sat in his coach, reading Rhyefeloedd Seren: The Old Confederacy: Revan, a book about his favorite character, who was first in Rhyefeloedd Seren: Knights of the Old Confederacy. After a few seconds, he looked out of the window and saw several shops; ones for families, ones for children, and ones for adults. He then saw Walton Mart, which was founded by his cousin David William Harper James Robert Walton, a Count of the town of Abilirnia. He went back to his book and continued to read for several more minuets, till he began to feel tired; which he then put a bookmark in and went to sleep.
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The Long Walk

Postby Celtterra » Sun Dec 12, 2021 10:19 am

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains
8:30 A.M., December 11, 2021 A.D.

General Scoggins awoken the Unchel Brennus from his slumber and informed him that they arrived to the Mountains. The Unchel Brennus got up from his bench and exited the coach with his bag.

As he disembarked from the train and looked around, he began to remember him being in the Great Smoky Mountains with his family. He remembered the several times he and Adrian took a hike in the National Park. The time when Adrian’s mother lost a crown…

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Somewhere along the Esdoniya River
December 15, 2011 A.D.

The 11 year-old Prince Revan Scardonet and his cousin, the 15 year-old Prince-Heir Adrian Idenburg was in their campground with their parents, who was discussing the recent robbery of some jewelry belonging to Duchess Lisa Idenburg. The two boys grew bored, due to them and their families having done nothing, eventually Revan suggests going on a hike alone, with the youthful Adrian agreeing, thinking such an idea could take him out of his boredom as well.

Revan, who spent two years in the woods alone, having grown a repetition as a woodsman, led his cousin out of the campground, not informing their parents, due to them having been too busy talking.

“Do you want to go up through the mountain trail or through the woods,” asked Revan.

“Totally excited to have something to do,” he laughs, “but he have no guards?”

“Don’t need them, we can fend for ourselves,” Revan said, pulling his Bowie knife out to show his cousin before putting it back in it’s scabbard and continuing, “so, which way do you want to go?”

“Uhm,” Adrian says while looking around before pointing to a makeshift pathway that leads within the forrest grounds, “there!”

“Ok, lets go,” replied Revan.

The two boys ran to the path and began to walk down it. For half-a-minuet, the noticed only trees, no wildlife anywhere.

“That’s weird,” said Revan, “there’s normally many animals running around. At least squirrels.”

“Not really used to animals,” Adrian says as he looks mainly at the tops of the trees, “I mean, some small beings in the palace gardens, but nothing more…”

“Usually, there is many around here. Good thing we aren’t deep in the mountains, the mammoths may scare you.”

The two boys continued down the path, deeper into the woods, still with no sign of the animals. Eventually, they start to hear sounds in the distance, further along the path.

“Wanna check it out,” asked Revan while looking down the path.

“Why not,” he giggled, “might be fun.”

The two boys then continued to walk down the path, closer to the sounds. As the drew nearer and nearer, Revan began putting his hand closer and closer to his knife. Once they got close enough to the sounds, the boys went into the vegetation to the right and began to crouch-walk.

“What’s that,” Adrian asked in a whisper.

Revan did not answer and continued until the reached the edge of what appeared to be a small clearing, with a camp in the middle of it. Men can be be seen in vests, wearing stetsons, with guns in holsters, standing around.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” said Revan in a hushed tone.

Adrian paid close attention to their behavior, before finally inquiring, “what do we do?”

“Not entirely sure, I know they are not guards, since they are not wearing any form of uniforms by any Dalbernian military. They may be poachers.”

Revan then began to slowly walk around the clearing to attempt to get a better look, before stopping and grabbing his binoculars and looking through it.

“do you see any symbol? A crest, a logo,” Adrian asked in a whisper.

“I see something shiny, still a bit too far to see.”

Revan handed his binoculars to Adrian while pointing toward the spot. Adrian grabbed it and looked at the object.

“Weird,” Adrian replied.

As Adrian was holding the binoculars, he accidentally took a picture. Several of the men saw the flash and faced toward where the boys are.

“We should run and attempt to stay quiet,” Revan whispered while Adrian handed him his binoculars.

“No, wait, we’re both royals,” Adrian exclaimed, “maybe… we can do something.”

The diplomatic boy knelt there, acting sure he would be able to do something useful out of his communication abilities.

“Don’t be so sure. If they are any form of criminals, we will be great bargaining chips.”

Revan then quietly ran, with Adrian following, as the men walked toward them. After a couple of minutes, they reached a lake and stopped running.

“I think we lost them,” said Revan, panting a bit.

“Or they’re about to find us,” Adrian jokingly said.

Revan looked around, seeing many animals, predominately deer. He then saw some rocks, then gesturing to Adrian to follow him.

“I hope you don’t mind getting your shoes wet,” Revan said.

“I have more then I like in Villanova,” Adrian answered as he followed his younger cousin.

Revan walked toward a small creek that went out of a lake. He then went across the creek and stepped onto the rocks before going into the bushes across the creek. As he waited for his cousin, he knelt on-top of the rocks, looking at the lake.

“Weird really,” Adrian said giggling upon reaching out for his cousin, “I’ve never spent too much time without ten guards around me.”

“You get used to it after a bit,” Revan replied while still staring at the lake.

“Thankfully,” continued the younger Prince, “I believe I know where we are at, kinda. Lake Atagahi, bit of a mythical place. According to legends, it is an oasis for animal of all kinds. Very few people are ever allowed to be here by a higher force. That higher force is debated by other legends.”

Adrian then turned toward the lake, seeing it’s calm violet-ish waters. He then turned toward his cousin.

“Well,” Adrian said while running a hand through his hair, adjusting his hair style, “what more?”

“Let’s see if they are still at the camp or if they did not bother to follow us.”

The two boys went along the creek, hiding in the bushes, in case if the men were near them. They eventually crossed the creed again, and reached the same clearing. As they reached the edge of the clearing, Revan looked around and saw no one.

“Looks like they aren’t here.”

“I miss exploring nature, y’know,” said Adrian, “but dad doesn’t let me because it’s too dangerous and I am the only heir to the throne.”

“It can be, if we were in the mountains and ran into an upset mammoth, we wouldn’t be around for a long,” said Revan, grabbing his knife and getting ready to step into the clearing.

As Revan stepped into the clearing, he put his finger up to his lip, letting Adrian know to be as quiet as possible. They went through the camp before going into the tent, where they saw the shiny object.

“Here’s the object,” Revan said quietly, “looks familiar, not sure why.”

He turned toward Adrian and handed the shiny object to his cousin. Adrian took it and looked at it for a few seconds.

“It’s my mother’s diadema,” the boy happily exclaimed as he looked upon it, “but how did it get here? She was wearing it when we came from Logar…”

“I have no clue, may have been stolen while everyone was asleep.”

“But there were guards everyw-…”

Behind the two boys, the sounds of twigs snapping and bushes rustling can be heard.

“We should get out of here and inform our parents and the Livgarginn,” Revan suggested.

The two boys sneaked out of the camp, going away from the where the noise came from. They then reached the path they originally came from, and went down it by staying in the bushes, sneaking. After they went down a little ways from the camp, they stepped onto the path, standing up, and ran the rest of the way to their campground.

The Unchel Brennus, Fearghall II Scardonet, then went to a nearby Livgarginn guard and informed them of the camp. The Livgarginn went to the clearing and arrested the people there, with no shots being fired.

The Doorway of the Train, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park
December 11, 2021 A.D.

Revan shook his head then stepped off the train.

“Good times,” he thought to himself.

He walked to his cousin, General Benjamin Hardin Helm. The General saluted the Unchel Brennus, with him returning the salute.

“I imagine you know why I am here,” asked the Unchel Brennus.

“I do,” replied General Helm, “my troops will go South-West, and resupply there, while keeping eye out for any armies that may invade from there.”


“Shall I go ahead and have my forces prepare to load everything onto the train?”

“Go ahead, do so once my forces have unloaded our equipment.”

“Yes sir.”

The general left to inform his officers under him. General Coille stepped up to the Unchel Brennus and asked for orders.

“Have your men prepare camp, this will be the warmest it will be for a little while for them,” ordered the Unchel Brennus.

General Coille left to relay the order.

The Unchel Brennus’ Tent
7:50 P.M., December 11, 2021 A.D.

General Coille, General Muldoon, General Scoggins, General Bruce McBroom, Sergeant Dia Crockett of the Green Berets (5th Dalbernian Army Special Forces), and the Unchel Brennus stood around a large table with a map of the Suomalest kingdoms in the middle. Several pieces from checker and chess sets can be seen at specific places on the map.

“General Coille, I want you to lead the second corps and stay guard from the North-East, in case there is any attempt to reinforce the Unionists from that direction. The Army of Kasgiyoi will guard from the South-West. General Muldoon, you will lead the first corps from the North. General McBroom, you and fourth corps will come-in from the South. General Scoggins and myself will lead the third corps from the center. Sergeant Crockett, I will need you and your men to drop at these four points,” the Unchel Brennus said, pointing to specific spots on the map, you all will need to take and capture any and all bunkers. We know where, at the very least, most of the bunkers are due to pictures our planes and some of our surveillance drones took. We believe that they only recently began to build these defenses, so there shouldn’t be many if we don’t have pictures of them all. Sergeant Crockett, your men will drop later tonight. The rest of us will begin our march in the morning. There will be no vehicles during this march due to deep snow. Due to this, there should be little-to-no vehicles used by them either.”

The Unchel Brennus paused for a few seconds before continuing, “we are in the end days gentlemen. Once we get to the Unionist Capital, I do not want my mother, nor my sister killed. Attempt to capture everyone alive, if possible. And once they, hopefully, surrender, they rest of their forces should surrender or go into hiding. Dissmissed.”

They all saluted the Unchel Brennus before informing the officers under them of the plan. The Unchel Brennus prepared for the next day.

Somewhere Over the Smoky Mountians
11:10 P.M., December 11, 2021 A.D.

In the many planes, soldiers could be heard quietly singing the Paratrooper Song and the Ballad of the Green Berets. After a few seconds, the first two groups dropped into the foggy night.

As the Sergeant landed, he immediately got his parachute pack off and went to rendezvous with his group of thirteen. He found them all within a few minutes.

“I thought there would be some firing,” one of the soldiers remarked.

They then began to walk through the valley, attempting to find the bunker. After twenty minuets, the first bunker was found.

“Right in they said it would be, that’s a first,” remarked another soldier.

“Well of course it would be here,” relied another soldier, “clear photos, scans, and much more is used now-a-days to find these things.”

“True,” said the other soldier.

The group quietly went to the door and used pins to open it. They snuck into the facility and checked all rooms.

“No cameras,” stated a soldier, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

They continued, room-by-room, floor-by-floor until they found the barracks, they quietly went in. Once all of his men was in position and took any and all weapons near each man, Sergeant Crockett yelled in Dixon, “put your hands up and surrender peacefully.”

All of the Unionists woke up and went for their weapons to find them missing. They all sat on their beds, looking at each other before they put their hands up. Crockett then began to smile.

After a few minuets, all of the Unionists was tied with bed sheets, since the Sergeant believed that they rope may be needed later. He left three of his men to guard them, while he led the others through the rest of the base. After reaching the fourth level, the final in the bunker complex, they found resistance with several guards there.

One of the Berets threw a smoke grenade, then they began to fire at the enemies, the skirmish ended after a few seconds, with all five guards being killed. They checked each room, seeing them empty until they reached the room at the end of the hall, they opened it and saw that it was the pillbox, with no one in there. They checked the room and confirmed there was no one. One of the soldiers saw another door, they opened to an office, with someone sleeping, they checked for booby-traps and saw none. They went in quietly and pointed there weapons at the man sleeping.

“Good Morning Sleepy head,” one of the soldiers said, trying to sound like a playful woman.

The man woke up then put his hands up and said “I surrender.”

The man was then brought up and he gave his sword, that was hanging on the wall, to the Sergeant, who refused it. He was brought to the others, while two soldiers put a large, banner-like version of the Scardonet Rampart hanging off of the pillbox’s opening.

The Sergeant, after taking the C.O. of the bunker to the other prisoners, went back to the room and found a map of all bunkers. He took Pictures of it, and put it in one of his pockets. The soldiers then left, leaving two to guard the prisoners. Via a secured channel, Sergeant Crockett radioed to the other units to where all bunkers were. His men continued to the next one.

The Eastern Edge of the Smoky Mountains
6:00 A.M., December 12, 2021 A.D.

The Unchel Brennus, General Scoggins, and the majority of the Third Corps marched into the smoky, or foggy, pass along the Esdoniya River. All of the men was on foot, attempting to march through the snow. Everyone was in their winter gear. Whispers of people wishing they were in vehicles can be heard. After a couple of hours, they reached the first bunker and saw the two soldiers left behind with prisoners. The soldiers and the prisoners was taken along with the army as they continued their march.

They reached the next one after three hours, saw another two soldiers left behind and another batch of prisoners. They then continued. By 3:00 P.M., they stopped and made camp where they were. The engineers was given command of the majority of the soldiers as they began to make a walled camp and temporary houses out of the local trees. The camp was made in the style of those used by the Ancient Roifainnians.

As the men went to sleep, the Unchel Brennus continued reading Rhyfeloedd Seren: The Old Confederacy: Revan. He stopped after a half-hour and went to sleep.

The next morning, after breakfast, the Third Corps continued their marching, keeping the previous camp intact with a small garrison, coming across a few more bunkers. They stopped every day around 3 P.M. to make the same camp. The marching continued for days, until they reached the other side on December 17th. He and his men then met with the other Corps after a few hours. They then marched to a nearby airfield and captured it. Then marched onto the current capital of the Union of Athoal, the city of Puolustsein.

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The Day of Ivan

Postby Celtterra » Tue Dec 21, 2021 5:06 am

Outside of the city of Puloustsein, Kingdom of Rand
2:30 P.M., December 21, 2021 A.D.

For the past four days, the city was besieged by the Army of Northern Virginia. The Army was being supplied thanks to the Green Berets having cleared out the tunnels that the trains go through. The city was being shelled from land and sea. The few times soldiers was sent out to attempt to get food or water, it resulted in his cavalry running them down and, often, killing them.

Revan, now with a longer beard than the one he had at the Siege of Prennus, looked on the city before going back on his knees, praying that his mother and sister would surrender. After another hour, General Scoggins stood in the entrance of the Unchel Brennus’ tent and coughed. The Unchel Brennus turned and saw who it was.

“Any news,” asked the Unchel Brennus.

“Aye sire,” replied the General, “we have entered the building and have the room they are in blocked off. All other entrances and exits are guarded. The men are ordered to only take prisoners. They will continue upon your orders.”

The Unchel Brennus paused for a second then stood up. He grabbed his Kepi, his Buntline Special, his Bowie Knife, and his sword, Excalibur. He then turned to the General and replied, “I will go there and make sure prisoners are taken.”

The two mounted their horses and rode to the castle. Once they were out side of the manor, they dismounted and entered the rest of the way onto foot. The Unchel Brennus walked up to the door and ordered it open. They opened it and his men marched in with him, pointing their weapons at their opponents, as the Unchel Brennus walked up to where his mother and sister sat.

“Ma, sister,” the Unchel Brennus stated before pausing, “I demand you both surrender immediately.”

After he demanded their surrender, his mother and sister began to pull their pistols out, but the young High King was quicker and un-holstered his within a milisecond and pointed it at them before continuing, “please, surrender.”

His mother, Kimbra then spoke up with a scowl, “how dare you point a gun at your own mother, let alone your sister. You are a terrible child and sibling.” She then began cursing him out.

Then his sister spoke up, “and you turned my family against me.”

“You done that your self,” the Unchel Brennus thrown at her.

The three stayed silent for a few seconds.

“Please, surrender,” Revan said with his eyes starting to become red, attempting to not cry.

The two women looked at each other and began to put their hands up, then down. They then grabbed their pistols and shot Revan. Revan, still shocked that they would shoot him, shot them both, with them dying on the spot. The Generals ran to him, as the Unionists put their weapons on the ground, and putting their hands in the air, before being taken to the make-shift prison camp. Revan was on a knee, with his left shoulder and chest bleeding and in shock of killing his family members. He began saying “I killed them, I am a monster” and other similar phrases while crying. He was then taken to the hospital near them to be taken care of.

Due to the lack of most of any kind of equipment, the medics and doctors was forced to only patch him up, of which he was awake the entire time. The Generals met with the Unchel Brennus after a few minuets.

“Osiyo Generals,” greeted the wounded, shirtless, young man.

After a few seconds, General Muldoon the spoke up, “Sire, we wished to inform you that Polenic, Spáinnia, and Francaigh was formally surrendered today. And our armies are outside of Loindan, but that is not all.”

The Unchel Brennus looked at the generals, before General Mcbroom spoke up.

“Your Highness, we found that it was Sasannia, specifically Medraut, who was behind the attack on the eleventh of September. Along with the Unionists.”

Revan paused and stared for several moments before speaking, “was my mother or sister a part of this.”

The generals looked at each other and shrugged, before General Scoggins spoke.

“We don’t know my lord.”

Revan’s eyes began to turn red with hatred before he spoke, “We are going to the Unchl Palas, then we will go to Loindan.”

The young man stood up and put a shirt he had on him before marching out. The Generals looked at each-other again before following in his steps.



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