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South Alezia
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Postby South Alezia » Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:06 pm


Hellloooo Polkopia! *squeak* I'm Joe Duck! *squeak* An ordinary rubber ducky who happens to be DJ Duck's younger brother, *squeak* and I work in WTF :) *squeak* Such a fun job, *squeak* I get to be a star in rubber ducky advertisements! *squeak*

Anyway, y'all did a good job there *squeak* and here are the votes from Baerland, South Alezia! *squeak*

And excuse my voice because I'm currently having rubber ducky hiccups right now.

*squeak* 1 point goes to Hafamarimet!
*squeak* 2 points go to Electrum!
*squeak* 3 points go to Tohotokai!
*squeak* 4 points go to Normandy and Picardy!
*squeak* 5 points go to North Alezia!
*squeak* 6 points go to Caryton!
*squeak* 7 points go to Missus X!

*squeak* Okay.... our eight points go to someone even us couldn't forget. 8 POINTS GO TO ELECTRUM DIPLOMATIC OFFICES!

*squeak* So.. that's 8... Now, our ten points go to the talented *squeak* singers from... 10 POINTS GO TO PLACELY PLACINGTON

*squeak* Okay. 8, 10... Now... 12 points. I wonder who got the 12 from this glorious country. Well, 12 POINTS GO TO.... (seal noises) CRUSTYLAND!

Well there you go, the South Alezian votes, thank you, have a nice day, good luck to everyone, and #LetSouthAleziaWin.

(Suddenly an adult male voice can be heard calling the rubber ducky "JOEEEEEE BATTTH TIMEEEEEE!!!!" And Joe responds with the usual "I'm coming")
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Postby Polkopia » Wed Jan 13, 2021 3:07 pm


Tatiyana: "...And this, ladies and gentleman, is the halfway point of jury voting. As you can see, our top three consists of Britonisea in first place, with seventy four points."

Dima: "And not far behind, in second place is Ertzei Kishim with sixty two points!."

Lana: "And then in third place is the Achaean Republic with fifty nine points! It's still anybody's game so let's get right back to it! The next jury votes come from the Achaean Republic"
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Achaean Republic
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Postby Achaean Republic » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:05 pm


“Buenas noches, Polcopia! My name is Jazmín Guerrero, this is Corola talking, and we’re excited for such an awesome show and also getting ready to film Peeto Nights in Pesto soon! But now, it’s time to present the votes of the Achaean jury!”

1 point: Waisnor
2 points: Llalta
3 points: Malta Comino Gozo
4 points: Belgaam
5 points: Britonisea
6 points: Estogium
7 points: Polkopia

8 points go to: Ertzei Kishim!

10 points to go: Kalosia!

And 12 points go to: North Alezia!

Thank you so much! Good night!
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Postby North Alezia » Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:27 pm


Hello, Peeto! I'm Mina al Diyyah and I'm calling from Zafizamarrah to tell everyone here how North Alezia voted. And before I do that, I'm going to say that all of you participating has shown great talent and everyone has their unique style going for each of them. Okay, here I go!

(in the broadcast, Mina read the votes one by one while nations are being revealed on the screen.)

And there you go! our votes! I hope everyone are doing well there, thank you, and see you next edition.

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Postby Oqmet » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:18 pm

Presenter: Nida Qalmata, pop singer

Dayağa Peeto, hello everyone! Polkopia, thank you for the wonderful show tonight! Everyone did very good jobs, I was dancing the whole time! Or crying, at the sad songs, but also still dancing. Anyway! I'm sure you don't want to hear me keep talking, because who am I? (She pauses for effect, waiting for nobody to applaud her, which they don't.) Right, exactly. So! Here are the first results of voting by the Oqmeti jury.

7 - Britonisea
6 - Normandy and Picardy
5 - Hafamarimët
4 - Saintrabina
3 - Belgaam
2 - Tohotokai
1 - Tödlichebujoku

Congratulations! And now, our top points.

8 points go to... Waisnor!

We gave 10 points to the lovely, great song from Kalosia!

And finally... the big top score... so important... Oqmet has 12 points for... ESTOGIUM!!

Congratulations everyone, keep the party going!
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Postby Hafamarimyht » Thu Jan 14, 2021 12:27 pm

Presenter: Bïdnel Halnetka, singer and TV presenter

Hi Peeto, kdajah ksüh, this is Sučavjë calling! Here are the results of the Hafamari jury.

7 - Waisnor
6 - Estogium
5 - Talvezout
4 - Britonisea
3 - Spiritual Republic of Caryton
2 - Oqmet
1 - Nekoni

8 points go to Kalosia!

10 points for Normandy and Picardy!

And finally, Hafamarimët's jury gave 12 points to... Electrum!

Thank you for the wonderful show, goodnight!
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WV26: 34th (28 pts)
WV27: 31st (27 pts)
WV28: 28th (21 pts)
WV30: 18th (39 pts)
WV34: DQ
WV82: 24th (18 pts)
WV86: 21st (99pts)
WV87: 9th (160pts)
WV88: 19th (121pts)

WHF5: 8th (16pts)
WHF11: 22nd (3pts)
WHF13: 24th (5pts)
WHF56: 20th (6pts)
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Postby Pemecutan » Thu Jan 14, 2021 6:23 pm


"Om Swastiastu, Rahajeng Wengi and Good Evening. Hello Peeto, it's Gading Mahesa here. Wow, it is good to be in WorldVision again although now I'm not as participant.
So, I'm very honored to be the one who will announced the Jury vote of Pemecutan for 87th WorldVision Song Contest. And I can tell you, this edition is very large. I bet the juries are confused themselves to pick the top 10.

Let's begin out counting down with the 10th place. With 1 point is....Antahbrantahstan

Next at 9th with 2 points goes to....Saviera

Up to 8th place is....Kalosia with 3 points

Our 4 points or 7th place goes to....Belgaam

And conclude our bottom five. In 6th place who will get 5 points, we have.....Britonisea

Wow. that's a great list. And now we are opening our top 5 spots. It is begin with 5th place who will receive 6 points. They are....Normandy & Picardy

In 4th place with 7 points.....Northern Beepee

Opening our top 3 with 8 points is......

In the second place with 10 points goes to....

And the last but not least, our first place which will get the 12 points from Pemecutan. They are.....

Congrats for the winner and for the rest of our top 10. Good luck for everyone.

Om Santhi Santhi Santhi Om"

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Postby Antahbrantahstan » Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:49 am


Tike Prihastiwi, Anturian representative in WorldVision 86

"Dobra vecer, Polkopia! This is Oreo City calling. This night has been a whirlwind of entries, whether it be stellar, or, you know, filler kind of entries. I am pretty much happy with how you all Polkopians hosted this kind of event, well done to each and every single one of you, but, i am here to give the results of the Anturian jury points, which goes as follows."

10 - Britonisea
8 - Achaean Republic
7 - Waisnor
6 - Hafamarimët
5 - Ertzei Kishim
4 - Saviera
3 - Malta Comino Gozo
2 - Elejamie
1 - Northern Beepee

"And now, 21, oops, i mean 12 points from the Anturian jury, goes to..."
SAINTRABINA! Congratulations.

"Spasiba, Polkopia! See you soon!"
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Postby Polkopia » Fri Jan 15, 2021 4:45 pm

Polkopian Votes

Eliya Morkovskaya, spokesperson for the PNB

1 point: Oqmet
2 points: Malta Comino Gozo
3 points: North Alezia
4 points: Normandy and Picardy
5 points: Ethane
6 points: Belgaam
7 points: Waisnor

8 points: Ertzei Kishim
10 points: Kalosia
12 points: Britonisea
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Postby Spiritual Republic of Caryton » Fri Jan 15, 2021 5:54 pm

Caryton Votes:

1. Beepee
2. Hamafari
3. Ertzei Kishim
4. Electrum
5. Carrielle
6. Antahbrantahstan
7. Llalta

8. Malta Comino Gozo
10. South Alezia
12. Santabrina
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Postby Zeganas » Sat Jan 16, 2021 9:05 am

Finally, the votes from Zeganas are in.

1: Estogium
2: Mister X
3: Achaean Republic
4: Saviera
5: Kalosia
6: Rhim Flavezztowland
7: Elejamie

8: Malta Comino Gozo

10: Ethane

And finally the winner of Zeganas's 12 points: Tödlichebujoku!
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Postby Electrum » Sat Jan 16, 2021 8:03 pm


Hello everyone! This is Carla Price and I last competed in the 53rd World Hit Festival. It's lovely to be back at WorldVision, so without further ado, here are the first half of our jury results:

12 points to Normandy and Picardy
10 points to Llalta
8 points to Rhim Flavezztowland
7 points to MCG
6 points to North Alezia
5 points to Polkopia
4 points to Carrelie
3 points to Ethane
2 points to Spiritual Republic of Caryton
1 point to Missus X
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Postby Electrum Diplomatic Offices » Sat Jan 16, 2021 8:06 pm


Hello, I am a scientist and I have discovered the world's first cringe-based lifeform. It's you. Here are our results.

12 points to Talvezout
10 points to Hafamarimyht
8 points to Britonisea
7 points to Tohotokai
6 points to Kalosia
5 points to Christarnea
4 points to Belgaam
3 points to Placely Placington
2 points to Estogium
1 point to Beepee
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Official Commentary by BITC (Voting 1-31)

Postby Britonisea » Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:25 am

BITC Presents;
Live Coverage of the 87th Edition of the WorldVision Song Contest in Peeto, Polkopia
Your commentators for the evening are Rigas Jengiz and Cole Heiman.
Broadcast started 19:58 GMT, transcript just before vote close.

Sometime after the interval act...

Rigas Jengiz: Now you haven't got too long until those all-important lines close - but first, we are going to have a chat to a member of the Britonish Jury!
Cole Heiman: Say hello to...Lucie Dagenham! Hello, my lovely - how are you doing today?
Lucie Dagenham: Well, I am doing absolutely fantastically. Thank you for having me on the show.
Cole Heiman: Now, you were on the Britonish Jury for the 87th WorldVision Song Contest - could you tell me how that was for you?
Lucie Dagenham: Well, it was tiring to say the least - there were so many other songs to rank this edition but we managed to get through it.
Rigas Jengiz: Could you tell me who was on the Britonish Jury with you?

Britonish Jury, WV87: From left to right, Vicky, Jairo, Lucie (Head Judge), SANTIE, Kaiden

Lucie Dagenham: Yeah, well I was the Head Judge, but I decided that I liked the number three so I was Juror number 3 haha. I then was joined alongside Vicky Martin who presents Vicky's Quick Cooking over on BVC One.
Cole Heiman: I don't know if I'm legally obligated not to say this, but I absolutely love that show!
Lucie Dagenham: I do too! The way she made those Kalosian inspired stuffed peppers - I had to get the recipe from her! But anyway, I was only the best music radio host, Jairo Marin - such a great guy. The way he speaks is so radio - I can honestly see him hosting a WorldVision one day, I don't know if BITC are planning to host anytime soon!
Rigas Jengiz: I had an interview with him when I represented Britonisea all those many editions ago and yeah, he is such a sweet guy - definitely a great ambassador for our country, we should push him to host if we ever were to have a Britonish WorldVision again!
Lucie Dagenham: We also had the very talented rapper SANTIE with us, spitting some bars throughout the whoooole show! She absolutely loved some of the songs in Polkopia, she was getting up and dancing! This edition was quite boppy though.
Cole Heiman: Getting up and dancing, so was Rigas!
Rigas Jengiz: I was, to be honest. As soon as the contest started, I was dancing!
Lucie Dagenham: And finally, I mustn't forget, Kaiden Prall-Simpson! I'm sure many of you know him from both The Voice Britonisea from ages ago and also appears on Down By The Bay on BVC One. Actor, singer, what more do you want?!
Cole Heiman: Honestly yeah! He's a great actor, I've seen the show so many times. That sounds like such a wicked line up. I cannot wait to see how each of the Jury members voted.
Rigas Jengiz: Before we get started with the Jury points from around the world, since I see Tatianna, Llama and whatnot getting ready to speak again, who were your favourites?
Lucie Dagenham: I don't want to give anything away! I won't say my winner, but some of my personal favourites this edition was Achaean Republic - such a powerful, furious, hot and sexy song but on the other hand, I liked the calmness of Malta Comino Gozo too. Umm, who else... I liked Nekoni's song and...go on, Hafamariet too. Too many songs to choose from!
Cole Heiman: One more question, one more! What do you think about the Britonish efforts?
Lucie Dagenham: I LOVE IT! It's the kind of typical Britonish pop that is familiar to everyone watching; reminds me of my own WorldVision song! I think we will do really well tonight, and even if we don't win, we can be really proud of this entry. Certainly our best one in quite some time.
Rigas Jengiz: I totally agree with you! It's now time for those Jury votes. Lucie, we will hear from you at the half time stage. For now, let's go down to the stage and get started with these votes.

The Polkopian hosts speak through what is going to happen... 50% Jury, 50% televote blah blah blah, you know how it goes...

Rigas Jengiz: Look at that scoreboard - there are so many nations on there, my God!
Cole Heiman: Too many nations, we need to get a Semi-Final round sorted out, I feel like 26 songs are perfect for a Grand Final - not sure why!
Rigas Jengiz: Hmm, yes, 26 does sound perfect for some reason. First up is Rhim Flavezztowland...

01. Rhim Flavezztowland is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: What a fantastic start for Charlotte - zero points!
Cole Heiman: I did think Rhim Flavezztowland liked us, maybe not.
Rigas Jengiz: They did give us the lowest ranking at the last World Hit Festival we received.
Cole Heiman: Did they? Wow, how rude.
Rigas Jengiz: Who got the twelve...
"And finally, I'll reveal the nation that got those douze points from the Flavezztowlander jury. Our 12 points go to...SAINTRABINA"
Cole Heiman: Saintrabina! Congratulations. They came 2nd that one time back at the 19th WorldVision Song Contest. After...
Rigas Jengiz: ...68...
Cole Heiman: 68 editions, could they finally win!?

02. Carrelie is calling...

Cole Heiman: No points for Britonisea there, either. What a shame.
Rigas Jengiz: They gave our island friends, Llalta some points - I quite liked their entry. The cake bake woman getting 10 points is a choice, I must say.
Cole Heiman: It really is, but good for her. Grandma must be happy. Who is getting the twelve?
Rigas Jengiz: It won't be us!
"And finally, de-dieze pietien. The recipient of which is...BEEPEE"
Coel Heiman: It is Beepee! Congratulations to them. Beepee won pretty recently... will they win once again?

03. Waisnor is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: Aw look! Our first points of the day! A couple of points just to keep us going, if you get what I am saying.
Cole Heiman: Yeah, four points is quite cute. I think the last time we won, Waisnor gave us 12 points. Looking at the scoreboard, some nations are already running away from us.
Rigas Jengiz: Who gets the 12 points?
"12 points to NORTH ALEZIA!"
Cole Heiman: It's North Alezia!
*cheers can be heard*
Rigas Jengiz: And it looks as though the tides have changed at the top of the scoreboard! This could be their edition!

04. Beepee is calling...

Cole Heiman: Right, now it's time for Beepee to vote. They usually vote for us, don't they?
Rigas Jengiz: Yeah, I think we similar music tastes - at least when it comes to voting.
Cole Heiman: No points from us so far - it's looking a bit worrying.
Rigas Jengiz: Let's see who they give their 12 to...
"And, finally, the 12 points, the Douze Points, from Beepee goes to.......BRITONISEA!"
Cole Heiman: OMG!!!!! LOOK AT US GO!
Rigas Jengiz: Oh yes! Thank you so muchhhhhhh - Beepeeans actually have TASTE!
Cole Heiman: Come on Normandy & Picardy, give us something!

05. Normandy & Picardy is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: Okay, so...nothing from them because they're not going to give us 12.
Cole Heiman: Way to shoot us down, Normandy & Picardy!
Rigas Jengiz: I think they've got a serious case of Britophobia going on there, that's the virus going on in that country.
Cole Heiman: And we love them so much!
Rigas Jengiz: Not to worry, we will get their 12 one day! Who did they give their 12 points to?
"12 points go to...HAFAMARIMET"
Cole Heiman: Hafamarimet, aww, that's cute isn't it. Don't remember the last time they participated to be honest...

06. Northern Beepee is calling...

Cole Heiman: Not bad, a couple of points - not bad at all.
Rigas Jengiz: Small steps, aye? Thank you to Northern Beepee! But we prefer Beepee.
Cole Heiman: No, no, don't say that!
Rigas Jengiz: It's true! Who did they give 12 points to...
"12 points go to TALVEZOUT!"
Cole Heiman: .... oh that's cool, yeah! I liked Talvezout.
Rigas Jengiz: Oh yeah they're participating! They have been rather quiet recently, I don't know. I miss them like how they were back in the day.

07. Elejamie is calling...

Cole Heiman: Well thank you, Nick J. Hollan for absolutely nothing!
Rigas Jengiz: Yeah, Elejamie doesn't really vote for us so this was totally not shocking.
Cole Heiman: They did vote for Indestructible didn't they? They gave us one point that one time......
Rigas Jengiz: Girl, I forgot. Let's see who they gave their 12 to;
"The top one now. Twelve points! Doce puntos, douze points, an-du pont. Whatever you want to call it, it's the most I can give to one nation and they're going right to the ACHAEAN REPUBLIC. Hope you enjoy it, BREAKN-"
Cole Heiman: Yeah Nick is chatting bares.
Rigas Jengiz: You're just jealous we didn't get any points.
Cole Heiman: God knows what they want from us. Either way, we have a new leader now.
Rigas Jengiz: Oh my gosh, yes we do! I didn't realise...

08. Llalta is calling...

Cole Heiman: So looking at the lower points, there is absolutely no sign of Britonisea. Perhaps we got some big points?
Rigas Jengiz: Oop, and there it is! We have 10 points. That's absolutely brilliant. In conjunction with that 12 from earlier, we're slowly catching up to the current leader!
Cole Heiman: Thank you so so much, Llalta. We love you. Who did you give 12 points to, though?
"12 points go to...ANTAHBRANTAHSTAN!"
Rigas Jengiz: Ah that's interesting! Congratulations to Antahbrantahstan. No longer is this country underrated!
Cole Heiman: Fantastic!

09. Crustyland is calling...

Cole Heiman: Is he your type?
Rigas Jengiz: Hmmm, nah, I like my men a bit more tanned, darling, sun-kissed. I'm into a bit more hair, a beard, you know me.
Cole Heiman: Oh of course! No points from Crustyland so we're focusing on the more interesting thing going on right now - his body!
Rigas Jengiz: To be honest, we shouldn't sexualise him!
Cole Heiman: Well, sexualising males is completely fine.
Rigas Jengiz: True.
"Crustyland gives its 12 to ..... PLACEY PLACINGTON! Truly beautiful!"
Cole Heiman: Really?
Rigas Jengiz: I ain't even gonna comment, let's move on.

10. Belgaam is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with "X points go to Britonisea"
Cole Heiman: I think we will be getting points from Belgaam this edition. They participated last in Britonisea and they loved our song then.
Rigas Jengiz: The lowest points, we didn't get anything.
Cole Heiman: Look, we get a ten! We get a ten!
Rigas Jengiz: Thank you incredibly, Belgaam, I really appreciate those points.
Cole Heiman: Who's getting the 12...
"Now, the 12 points from Belgaam go to...ERTZEI KISHIM"
Cole Heiman: Hmmm, they're really sucking up all the points, aren't they?
Rigas Jengiz: They do very well at WorldVision...especially recently.

11. Placey Placington is calling...

Cole Heiman: Well, nothing there really.
Rigas Jengiz: Yeah, that's a shame. Um...
Cole Heiman: *sigh* Who did they give 12 to?
"12 points go to NORMAL BEEPEE"
Cole Heiman: Congratulations to Beepee...again! Wow, they're dominating!

12. Malta Comino Gozo is calling...

Cole Heiman: Well, before they reveal their points - Elejamie is getting 12 points so we don't need to speak about that. Let's look at the other scores. Britonisea doesn't usually get points from Malta Comino Gozo and looking at the 7-1...looks like we won't be getting an-
Rigas Jengiz: EIGHT POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAS!
Cole Heiman: Well, this is interesting - isn't it! We're 4 points away from the le-
"And finally Malta Comino Gozo gives its 12 points too .. 12 points are for the amazing song from...ELEJAMIE!"
Cole Heiman: well, wbk. Parents if you don't know that one, urban dictionary it.

13. Estogium is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: Now he is a bit of me, Cole!
Cole Heiman: Yeah he is quite an attractive man. More importantly, we got 5 points from Estogium so that's really cute.
*cheers could be heard*
Rigas Jengiz: AWESOME SAUCE!!!!
Cole Heiman: Wowie, can't believe this!!
Rigas Jengiz: Neither can I BUT........The problem at the moment is that....Estogium is currently the only nation on the scoreboard that doesn't have any points.
Cole Heiman: Damn, Estogium has zero points. That must be heartbreaking for Ronen. He had such a good song as well.
Rigas Jengiz: So underrated.
"It is time for the big points. Our twelve points go to...NORMANDY AND PICARDY! That concludes the jury vote of Estogium."
Cole Heiman: That's fair enough, to be honest. I quite liked the song from Normandy and Picardy...but they're weirdos sometimes. In a nice way.

14. Nekoni is calling...

Cole Heiman: Nekoni gave us 12 last edition - not as much this time around, but they're still giving us the goods. Thank you.
Rigas Jengiz: Yes, we love our friends over in Nekoni and their song was pretty good this time around.
Cole Heiman: Indeed. Still no points for Estogium - are they seriously going to end up with zero points? I guess we will have to find out...
"12 points to...LLALTA!"
Cole Heiman: Fair enough, to be honest!
Rigas Jengiz: Well, next up is...

15. Tohotokai is calling...

Cole Heiman: Great, we've earnt another 7 points to add to our total - how great and exciting!
Rigas Jengiz: Yeah, that is really good, I am so happy for us. Llalta is doing well, receiving 5 points - oh and look, Todlichebujoku and Nekoni got some high scores fro Tohotokai too. Let's find out who they're giving their twelve to..
"And finally, it's time for me to give out those douze points! The nation that was given 12 points by the Tohotokainese jury is...OQMET!"
Cole Heiman: Honestly they do deser- Rigas, get down off the table and stop twerking!

16. Saintrabina is calling...

Cole Heiman: There's no points from us here my darling!
Rigas Jengiz: That is a shame and a half ready, but on the bright side...Estogium now has a point! Love to see it, right?
Cole Heiman: Indeed. Good for them. They now move from last last place! They are gonna need a lot of points to catch up to be honest.
Rigas Jengiz: Yup. Who did their twelve points go to...?
"12 points go to ERTZEI KISHIM"
Cole Heiman: They're COMING Charlotte, RUN.

17. Christarnea is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: Aw the colour of the board matches the colour of his eyes. That's real sweet.
Cole Heiman: What's better is that Christarnea has given us 4 points! Thank you to you Peter Lovak whoever the hell you are.
Rigas Jengiz: Belgaam getting some much-needed points there. Waisnor also getting some juicy points. It's looking good for some of the underdogs this edition!
"12 points go to SAVIERA!"
Cole Heiman: A choice.

18. Ertzei Kishim is calling...

Cole Heiman: So, no lower points for us, that's okay! I feel like something good is coming our way. Waisnor again getting some points there.
Rigas Jengiz: Yes, indeedy! North Alezia too, hmm. Thunder and lightning it's getting excitin- oh look they just announced EIGHT POINTS for US!
Cole Heiman: Wicked news, that! Oqmet getting the 10 points, wonderful and don't you dare twerk.
Rigas Jengiz: Haha, I wont..
"12 points go to...KALOSIA!"
Cole Heiman: That's fair enough, I'd argue that was expected.
Rigas Jengiz: Same.

19. South Alezia is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: It's another one of those joke countries that place on the lower right hand side giving points to other countries that also place on the lower right hand side.
Cole Heiman: To be fair, that does include Estogium and Nightom these days.
Rigas Jengiz: RIP.
Cole Heiman: Their 12 points?
"Okay. 8, 10... Now... 12 points. I wonder who got the 12 from this glorious country. Well, 12 POINTS GO TO.... (seal noises) CRUSTYLAND!"
Cole Heiman: Damn crazy.

Host intervention comes here, we have a review of the scoreboard.

Cole Heiman: Okay! This is brilliant news! Confirmation that Charlotte leads the way, but is followed by Ertzei Kishim and Achaean Republic!
Rigas Jengiz: Let's bring Lucie Dagenham for a quick chat again! Hey Lucie - how are you feeling about the current result!?
Lucie Dagenham: I am so, so, so nervous for Charlotte. She has been doing very well in the scores and I hope she can keep it going right until the end. Looking at the others in the top 10...there are no surprises.
Rigas Jengiz: Nah, I don't think so to be honest!
Cole Heiman: Thank you so much Lucie! You will be able to catch Lucie Dagenham in a few weeks time when SHE PRESENTS VHA MEHLODHIVESTOILE 2021 - don't miss out!
Rigas Jengiz: Oh God, Estogium and Britonisea are on opposite ends. How dreadful. Right, back onto the votes. Achaean Republic.

20. Achaean Republic is calling...

Cole Heiman: Look, 6 for Estogium, 5 for Britonisea! How lovely! Belgaam, and the hosts also picking up some good points that will help them.
Rigas Jengiz: Ertzei Kishim got the 8 points - looking really good for them I'd like to think...
"And 12 points go to... NORTH ALEZIA!"
Cole Heiman: What COLOUR is that...AHHH MY EYES!

21. North Alezia is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: I honestly thought that North Alezia was going to give Britonisea more points, actually?
Cole Heiman: Well, bare in mind North Alezia almost never votes for us, I'd like to think of this as a win.
Rigas Jengiz: Isn't this the type of thing they're into, the song that Charlotte sent?
Cole Heiman: Maybe they have Britophobic voters, I don't know. Either way, thank you to them!
"12 points go to Waisnor!"
Rigas Jengiz: Aww good for Waisnor, aye?
Cole Heiman: Yep, that was a huge jump in the leaderboard for them...

22. Oqmet is calling...

Cole Heiman: Nice, going! 7 points to us! We're getting closer and closer to my favourite number.
Rigas Jengiz: Normandy and Picardy get six points there, oh look, they just gave eight points to Waisnor. Yet another giant leap for them. They're the talk of the town this second half.
Cole Heiman: Kalosia gets the ten, the top is getting a bit juicy now!
"And finally... the big top score... so important... Oqmet has 12 points for... ESTOGIUM!!"
Rigas Jengiz: Would you look at that! 12 points for our neighbours! Beautiful result.
Cole Heiman: That's brilliant, look at Ronen! He's smiling for the first time this voting segment.
Rigas Jengiz: Oqmet has taste, through and through.

23. Hafamarimet is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: Who's he?
Cole Heiman: Look we got four points, that's awesome!
Rigas Jengiz: Okay, but who is he?
Cole Heiman: I dunno, some television presenter...ah look...his name is...Bi...Bee...By...I don't know how to say that two dot I thing, Bidnel Halnetka apparently.
Rigas Jengiz: Interesting, let me send him a quick Instagram friend request.
"And finally, Hafamarimët's jury gave 12 points to... ELECTRUM!"
Cole Heiman: A few points for our friends in Electrum, they needed a bit of a boost.

24. Pemecutan is calling...

Cole Heiman: Another five points for us, Britonisea. I see Belgaam's name popping up again too.
Rigas Jengiz: Northern Beepee getting 7 points is brilliant, good news.
Cole Heiman: Ethane got 8 points - good for them really. Waisnor got the 10 - is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Waisnor rising up the scoreboard!
"And the last but not least, our first place which will get the 12 points from Pemecutan. They are.....LLALTA!"
Cole Heiman: Niceee!
Rigas Jengiz: They're doing pretty well, aren't they?

25. Antahbrantahstan is calling...
Rigas Jengiz: Oh they present votes like us, great - 10 HUGE points to us! That takes us right over...
Cole Heiman: I think the rest of the points make sense, 8 to Achaean Republic, 7 to Waisnor...yup!
"And now, 21, oops,"
Rigas Jengiz: Is she dizzy?
"i mean 12 points from the Anturian jury, goes to...SAINTRABINA
Rigas Jengiz: PERIOD.
Cole Heiman: Oh it is time for the hosts...

26. Polkopia is calling...

Cole Heiman: This woman again? Can't they spice it up a bit?
Rigas Jengiz: Stop it, Eliya is a national icon! Nothing for us so far.
Cole Heiman: Haha. Damn look at Waisnor's position! Oh Ertzei Kishim gets the 8 points there.
Rigas Jengiz: Yeah, this is getting scary. Feel my hands, oh wait, you can't, covid.
Cole Heiman: Haha, Kalosia gets the ten though.
Rigas Jengiz: Come on Eliya, do us a favour!!
"12 points go to...BRITONISEA!"
Cole Heiman: Absolutely brilliant!

27. Spiritual Republic of Caryton is calling...

Cole Heiman: Lucky number 27, are we going to continue climbing up the board?
Rigas Jengiz: Please if we get anything from Caryton, it'd be nothing short of a miracle!
Cole Heiman: I see what you did there. Llalta gets 7 points, while Malta Comino gets ei- they just gave 10 points to South Alezia........
Rigas Jengiz: That's a choice!
"12 points go to SAINTRABINA!"
Rigas Jengiz: PERIOD. Again. They're the only country to now have 3 12 points, good for 'em.

28. Zeganas is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: Damn okay, nothing for us. I don't really...Zeganas should make themselves a bit more...known.
Cole Heiman: Oh I agree, they need to make more of an impact. Estogium gets a point though, which is good for ABEN. Kalosia getting some points there as well.
"And finally the winner of Zeganas's 12 points: Tödlichebujoku!"
Cole Heiman: Oh they needed that, yes. Now they're where they should be, I think.
Rigas Jengiz: Their song was interesting. 10 nations left to vote and its now time to find out whether some nations can't win any longer...

29. Electrum is calling...

Cole Heiman: Looking at the points so far, it looks like there are officially some nations that cannot win the Jury votes. I mean, they could win overall but that's highly unlikely.
Rigas Jengiz: The usual nations getting points - Polkopia, North Alezia, Malta Comino Gozo, Llalta...
Cole Heiman: And another 12 for Normandy & Picardy after the 12 from Estogium earlier!
Rigas Jengiz: Right and onto the second half of the Electrumite votes.

30. Electrum Diplomatic Offices is calling...

Rigas Jengiz: This person is a scientist, how very interesting!
Cole Heiman: Oh look, they gave us eight points AHHHHHH!
Rigas Jengiz: We absolutely love Electrum so much, don't we?
Cole Heiman: Clearly one of the best nations in the Multiverse, wouldn't you agree?
Rigas Jengiz: Indeed!
"12 points to TALVEZOUT!"
Rigas Jengiz: Another 12 points for them, love to see it.
Cole Heiman: Do you know what something we love to see more?
Rigas Jengiz: What?
Cole Heiman: Well someone...look, its Emmanuel Taylor!
Rigas Jengiz: It's time to see the votes of the Britonish Jury! How did our Lucie Dagenham vote?!

31. Britonisea is calling...

Emmanuel Taylor
Co-Host of Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2021, beginning on the 20th March.


"Bonsoir, tous le monde, this is Cappehnyadden calling - the host of the first Semi-Final of the upcoming edition of Vha Mehlodhivestoile. Tonight has been absolutely fantastic - 38 nations participating is amazing, it's one of the largest WorldVisions ever and we couldn't have asked for a better host. Well done to Peeto and all the fantastic artists. The Britonish Jury's 1 to 10 points is revealed on the screen now."


"Right! It is time for the big 12 points! The Britonish 12 is going to....The hosts, Polkopia! Congratulations for to you and thank you for the spectacular show."

Rigas Jengiz: I love Emmanuel so much, what a beautiful human being!
Cole Heiman: He is, such a great gent. Congratulations to Polkopia - the Britonish jury's favourite!
Rigas Jengiz: Saintrabina getting some points there! So happy! Malta comino Gozo, too, we don't usually trade points during the same edition!
Cole Heiman: Let's move on shall we! The 32nd nation to vote, only 7 to go...
WorldVision Top 7 | WorldVision Factbook
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1st - 139 points - WV47
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1st - 132 points - WV73
1st - 117 points - WV64
1st - 113 points - WV41
1st - 98 points - WV63
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1st - 38 points - WHF52
1st - 34 points - WHF42
1st - 34 points - WHF48
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1st - 28 points - WHF37
1st - 20 points - WHF26
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Postby Talvezout » Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:57 am

12 points - Elejamie
10 points - Electrum
8 points - Nekoni
7 points - Achaean Republic
6 points - Hafamarimët
5 points - Llata
4 points - Mister X
3 points - Kalosia
2 points -Belgaam
1 point - Tödlichebujoku
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Postby Ethane » Mon Jan 18, 2021 6:10 am

ethane: jury votes

 1 points: nekoni
2 points: ertzei kishim
3 points: polkopia
4 points: malta comino gozo
5 points: kalosia
6 points: britonisea
7 points: elejamie
8 points: achaean republic
10 points: northern beepee
12 points: estogium
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Postby Todlichebujoku » Mon Jan 18, 2021 7:23 am



Hello, Peeto, Sterblichengokai calling!
In order to avoid the unfortunate mishap that occurred last edition,
we are conducting our voting announcement through a text medium.
The cause of that incident is still under investigation, and so we have been advised
to avoid a video connection. We've been reassured that this will be fixed
before WHF airs, for those concerned.

In any case, here are the Tödlichebujoki votes:

1 Malta Comino Gozo
2 Nekoni
3 Estogium
4 Achaean Republic
5 Ethane
6 Polkopia
7 Pemecutan

Our EIGHT points go to... ERTZEI KISHIM
Our TEN points go to... LLALTA
And our TWELVE points go to... NORMANDY & PICARDY

Thank you and good night.
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Postby Saviera » Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:56 am


A cup of iced coffee appears on the screen. It is being shaken. An off-camera voice can be heard: Hello, I am S. Larry A. and I am having a bad hair day excuse me for not appearing on camera. Just like last time, I am here to bring Jorts Sirmemes back to his dimension! Here are the Savieran votes:

1 point goes to the country that loves to get ducked down!
2 points go to idk!
3 points go to Tasmania!
4 points go to Mainland Australia!
5 points go to Uzbekistan!
6 points go to Folkand!
7 points go to Pancake!
8 points go to Weißnor!
9 points go to God-Blessed Saviera!
10 points go to the Jonas Brothers!
11 points go to God-Blessed Saviera!
12 points go to Maybe Afuera!

Thank You and God Bless Saviera!!!

01 North Alezia
02 Antahbrantahstan
03 Beepee
04 Northern Beepee
05 Kalosia
06 Christarnea
07 Belgaam
08 Waisnor
10 Zeganas
12 Talvezout

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Postby Kalosia » Mon Jan 18, 2021 9:13 am

36/38 voting
Violeta Kruž, Kalosian singer and co-winner of the 52nd WorldVision Song Contest

Good evening Peeto, Monterra calling! Thank you for such a great show, and thanks for all the great music! Here are the results of the Kalosian jury:

10 Llalta
08 Elejamie
07 Oqmet
06 Estogium
05 Electrum
04 Ertzei Kishim
03 Normandy & Picardy
02 Polkopia
01 Malta Comino Gozo

Our 12 points go to...

Congratulations and good evening from Monterra!

Achaean Republic
North Alezia
Northern Beepee
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Postby Missus X » Mon Jan 18, 2021 11:06 am




WV32: 35th
WV33: 10th
WV34: 13th
WV35: 22nd
WV36: 34th
WV37: 16th
WV38: 23rd
WV39: 30th
WV40: 18th
WV41: 22nd
WV42: 18th
WV43: 13th
WV45: 18th
WV46: 23rd
WV47: 27th
WV48: 29th
WV49: Withdrew
WV50: 17th
WV51: 17th
WV52: 19th
WV54: 26th
WV55: 20th
WV56: 21st
WV57: 13th
WV58: 23rd
WV60: 20th
WV61: 18th
WV62: 13th
WV63: 10th
WV64: 21st
WV65: 27th
WV67: 18th
WV68: 18th

Puppet of Mister X.

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Postby Mister X » Mon Jan 18, 2021 11:32 am


12 Ethane
10 Electrum
8 Normandy and Picardy
7 Kalosia
6 Nekoni
5 Elejamie
4 Missus X
3 Saintrabina
2 Electrum Diplomatic Offices
1 Saviera

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Postby Polkopia » Mon Jan 18, 2021 3:36 pm


Tatiyana: "...And that's it! That's the last of the jury voting. Thank you, everyone, for your votes."

Dima: "If you'll take a look at the scoreboard you'll see that Britonisea is the winner!."

Lana: "The winner of the jury votes that is! We still only have half of the points! Currently, our top three is Britonisea, Llalta, and Kalosia, but these standings could change at any given time! Congratulations to Britonisea and Ms. Charlotte Davies for winning the jury votes, but now let's move on to the televotes!"
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Postby Polkopia » Tue Jan 19, 2021 6:31 pm

Dima: "For the televotes, we will be revealing the televotes from least to greatest so that the nations who received the least amount of points in the televote will go first."

Tatiyana: "Right, so we'll kick this off with the nation who received the least amount of televotes."

Lana: "... And it's actually a tie! There are three nations who have received zero points for their televote, I'm so sorry to announce that these nations have received no points.



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Postby Polkopia » Tue Jan 19, 2021 6:37 pm



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Postby Polkopia » Tue Jan 19, 2021 6:41 pm



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2nd place: 2 Times (WV26, WV34)
3rd place (8 Times: WV27, WV31, WV32, WV37, WV54, WV59, WV70, WV72)



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