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"Forevermore" ~ Himiko Arden ft. National Orchestra of Llalta
Music ~ Himiko Arden, Esther Winterbourne, John Marshall
Lyrics ~ Himiko Arden

~❀~ Reset - Tonkhai & Step ~❀~


One edition ago, in Oreo City, Antahbrantahstan, Llalta faced it's worst result as of yet: placing 24th. Even worse than Pingu. However, despite the initial disappointment in such a result for an entry considered one of Llalta's greatest, the tiny island nation persevered, celebrating the entry for being one of Llalta's most raw and emotional. However, shortly after the 86th WorldVision, Nancy Grace brought home gold in the 8th Junior World Hit Festival in Natanya, with her powerful ballad, "Always". By the end of the eventful year, Llalta had won twice, amongst many other impressive accolades, especially for such a small nation, persevering despite the difficulties and hinderances of being miniature. Yet, the islanders would have it no other way, their community spirit keeping the together until the very end. However, with a new year came a new set of challenges, the first hurdle being the upcoming 87th WorldVision, to be held in Peeto, Polkopia. After a 24th, confidence for ever winning again seemed low. But what was the point of participating if winning was ensured? After all, showcasing the everlasting community and culture of Llalta was equally important, something the community prided themselves in achieving edition after edition. Even if it did not garner the most consistent results, it didn't matter.

This edition, the LBN were on the lookout for something that only Llalta could perform. Something distinctly different and culturally unique. Himiko Arden soon stepped up to the challenge, only a few weeks since returning from Oreo City. Inspired by her WorldVision experience, she aimed to create something unseen in the multiverse. Alongside the most talented of Llaltese composers as well as the National Orchestra of Llalta, the group collaborated to create a powerful ballad that infused Llaltese cultures as well as cultures from Himiko's native Japan. After a few weeks of arduous composing, writing lyrics and recording, the song seemed incomplete. Due to the silence of the LBN, many assumed the small broadcasting network had silently pulled out behind the scenes. However, only a few weeks before the contest, the song was finally revealed. Called, "Forevermore", written and composed by Himiko Arden as well as Esther Winterbourne and John Marshall. While Himiko carries the vocals, the instrumentation was performed and recorded by the National Orchestra of Llalta. Proudly released in a Llaltese field a couple miles from St. Christopher, the entry brought positive praise from the Llaltese public, who most enjoyed the unique vocal and compositional stylings of the song.

~❀~ THE ARTIST ~❀~


Himiko Arden, Llaltese - Japanese singer-songwriter who represented Llalta in the 86th WorldVision Song Contest, now again in the 87th WorldVision.

Himiko Arden (born 23rd December, 1984) is a 35-year-old half Japanese, half Llaltese singer-songwriter, who, despite now residing in Telm City, will represent Llalta at the upcoming WorldVision 87 in Oreo City, Antahbrantahstan. Born in Tokyo, Himiko grew up with her Llaltese mum and Japanese father, and an older brother. Her father a rich business man, who owned many a company and a result often never saw Himiko as she grew. Instead, she was almost entirely raised by her mother, who was a housewife, with a secret passion for singing, and often sang with Himiko. As a result, Himiko often dreamed of becoming a singer, yet due to societal expectations and her father's words, she was to become a housewife much like her mother. Her brother was to be the heir of her dad's business, meaning she only truly grew close with her mum. At school, she was rather smart, and had enough friends to satisfy her much lonelier home life. When Himiko turned 12, her dad committed suicide, leaving Himiko to just her and her mother, her brother now moving out and inheriting the family business. As a result, Himiko and her mother left Japan for her mother's native Llalta, where she stayed until she was 18. With her broken English, she often struggled to communicate and grow bonds with the other Llaltese islanders, leaving her well and truly alone, with only her mum. She notes that this was the darkest part of her life. Trapped on an island with no one to talk to. Of course Llaltese islanders tried to help but it was hard for Himiko to communicate her feelings.

After being struggling for many years, she joined school again, hoping to improve her English in order to communicate her feelings better, and joined the music club. It wasn't much but it was enough. At 17, almost two years after, she felt as if she had begun to heal at last. The sores began to close. The scars began to fade. It might be ok. Later that year, she released her first song, "No Worries, No Cares" in late 2001. It was an electronic, RMB song which hit number 1 almost instantly in Llalta. As she grew older she began to release more, each single hitting number 1 in Llalta. It wasn't much, as it was only Llalta after all, but it was enough for Himiko. She often collaborated with now long time friend June Summerfields, who often helped Himiko get into the spirit and back into form. Her debut album, "Smile" released in 2005, was a huge hit in Llalta and also managed to gain the attention, though little, from overseas. It remains a titled "underrated gem" to this day. Releasing 3 albums since, "Wish" (2008), "Arden" (2012) and most recently "Mesatropia" (2016) have each garnered international success in Himiko's genre of RMB and more recently pop in many places around the world. Each most often noted for haunting compositions with harsh, truthful yet beautiful lyrics that present life in all it's forms. Since "Mesatropia" and the birth of her first child Lynn, she has since taken a hiatus in order to focus on life and her child, and has moved to Britonisea in order to increase opportunities for her child, as well as go somewhere new. Himiko Arden is most well known for her RMB hits of the early 2000s - 2010s to more recently electronic songs that push the boundaries of art and music. She is known for her shy eccentricity also, being quiet yet coming out with ideas unheard of. Her influences includes the Evergreens, yva as well as many more abstract singers and artists. With 2 major awards at international music awards, she continues to inspire others to this day.

However, she has broken this hiatus with the powerful ballad, "To Live". With this song, she entered the 86th WorldVision Song Contest for Llalta, and travelled to Oreo City, Antahbrantastan. Though receiving much praise for the touching composition, the song ended up placing 24th out of 32. Though the worst result for the tiny island nation yet, Himiko loved the experience, describing it as "a new lease of life", a new spark of joy for the maturing artist. She made many friends, enjoyed the sights and scenes of Antahbrantastan, so much so that the result didn't matter in the end. She felt complete. As a result, the high concentration of music that the contest brought gave Himiko new ideas, inspiration and a new drive. So much so that as a result, her next album, "To Live" has been pushed back as a result of the influx of new ideas and collaborations. Once home from the contest, she then began writing more and more songs, songs of her past, pains and smiles. Not to mention, when the next WorldVision was announced, she stepped up to the plate, excited to experience it all once again. Unlike years ago, where the very idea would make her quiver, the newfound confidence made her want to spread joy once again. To see the faces of those she touched with her song.

~❀~ THE SONG ~❀~

The song, "Forevermore", written and composed by Himiko Arden (35), Esther Winterbourne (20) and John Marshall (65) as well as being sung by Himiko herself alongside the instrumentation performed by the National orchestra of Llalta. The song, titled as a traditional style Llaltese ballad containing a variation of instruments fusing to create an emotional, moving yet hopeful song. On one, hand many Llaltese instruments are included, some examples being the Llaltese tin whistle as well as Llaltese throat singing, a singing passed down from generations from the days of mountain life and culture. On the other hand, the song contains many Japanese features, mainly influenced by Himiko's home nation of Japan. For example, the Koto as well as taiko drums alongside many others fill the beautiful, cultural melting pot of a soundscape. Not to mention that, Himiko decided to sing in a more traditionally Japanese style, whilst still keep it fresh. This unique blend of cultures can be attributed to the various musicians who helped orchestrate and create the song.

The song itself details the story of devotion and loyalty, even beyond life itself. The verses describe various memories of Himiko's past, each describing a different season, the growth of friendship and perhaps even further. By the end of the song it is revealed that they made an oath upon a star, one that meant that they would always be together, and they would never forget one another. Even beyond the partner's passing, Himiko seems to be bound by this oath, so much so that appears to be a burden perhaps. However, promises are not easily broken by the most loyal. However, this song, as said by Himiko, does not wish to highlight the burden of a wish, rather:

Perhaps, it might across as rather... um... depressing? That someone is burdened by the past. However... I see it as staying alive so that the memories of another can live on. Which.. might seem just as depressing aha... But I do think and hope this song showcases that we must live on for those we love, until the end. After all... that's what that person would have wanted, right? Even after death, they still love you... and wish for the best. So you must to.

With the songs release in Llalta, it immediately smashed the charts. However, interestingly enough, in Eastern nations specifically, it said that the song is growing popular, not only for the beautiful composition. But the message, which seems to resonate with many, even in these tribulating times. As a result, it has been favoured by critics, and has been cited as one of Llalta's best, stamped with a cultural identity few can offer.


After the Llaltese postcard is shown, the crowd cheers at everyone's favourite island "nation". However, after a while, silence drowns out the cheers, the lights fading to black also. After a moment of silence, the Llaltese tin flute begins to play, echoing throughout the arena it's delicate melody. A single white spotlights illuminates upon the stage, a man in a red kimono, a gingko leaf pattern decorating the ends of the fabric, begins playing the tin whistle. Alone on the black stage, stood on the far left near the audience, the camera takes a few close ups as closes his eyes, playing the melody as if his last. His eyebrows are thin, scrunched up in concentration as he plays for around 20 seconds, his song drifting on the breeze of song. Eventually, more instruments begin to fill the soundscape, such as the violins. A group of violinists are lit up on the opposite side of the stage, wearing kimonos of pink, orange and red, much like a splash of sunset. Unlike many other performances, it appears the members of the National Orchestra of Llalta are playing live, microphones stood near the instruments as they wistfully, sending the usually loud and excitable audience of WorldVision and bringing peace.

Eventually, a build up in the song prepares for the first verse, and a woodwind section of the orchestra begin to play, their section lit up behind the tin whistle player. Just like the other members of the orchestra, they are seen wearing beautiful kimonos with the colour scheme of a sunset, various flower and leaf patterns painting the bottoms of each one with the delicate beauty of nature. There is a certain serenity that set upon the arena, calming, peaceful. The beginnings of a symphony resounding throughout the arena. Then the verse begins, the build up in instruments met with white lights at the back billowing upwards, a wave of light illuminating the arena just a small bit. The lights flare in the lens of the camera as they meet, obscuring some of the stage. However, when the camera zooms into the stage once again, Himiko is finally seen, standing in the centre of the stage, lit up by a dozen spotlights of pinks and white. She wears a kimono also, though this one is vastly different from that of the orchestra, being a solid purple colour, designed with a multitude of colourful flower of various colours, almost like that of a fireworks display. Her hair is done up in a high bun, surrounded by a chain of flowers, the same design and colours as those on the print of her kimono. Cheeks a peach pink colour, she smiles brightly into the camera, her eyes sparkling in the light like a star.

As the camera zooms into her face, she begins to softly sing the poetic lyrics, the symphony matching the delicate nature of her voice. The whole stage can be seen now, though a little dim to match the soft start of the song. From there, a few more spotlights light up the rest of the orchestra, all in similar kimonos. The koto player is lit up, being seen near the front of the stage, to the left of Himiko not to distract from her. Many other of the instruments and orchestra are scattered near the edges of the stage, freeing up Himiko's stage area. However, behind her to the right lays a taiko drum player, unlike the rest shirtless, his pants retaining the same pattern though. Furthermore, on the opposite side is a drummer, playing a drum kit. As Himiko sings, her voice trembles with hints of untapped emotion, a bittersweet smile splayed softly upon her face. Every so often, the lights twinkle to the rhythm of the instruments, each with their own moment to shine. On the LEDs behind, a gradient of a soft cyan, to white, to a light pink is lit up. Upon the screens also are cherry blossoms fluttering on a light breeze, matching the lyrics which describe a spring morning.
The second voice sees the growth of the soundscape, as well as Himiko. As the camera takes a wider shot of the stage, she strokes her cheek lightly, before lowering it back, her voice tinged with the pain of the past as she sings to the audience of her past memories.

Do you still remember all those days
Hidden in the crevices of time
When the sunlight never seemed to fade
When shadows reigned, starlight would guide you home

Do you still remember all the smiles
Painted on that one spring morn
Cheeks, blushed as the blossoms that lined the square
Petals strewn, wafted away as we ran by

As the bridge begins, the stage stays roughly the same, despite at the beginning having white lights billow outwards delicately to match the drums. Himiko however, steadily increases in power, the camera semi-circling her, her voice slightly less soft than before, matching the more desperate and emotional lyrics. As the bridge begins, she raises her hand to her eyes and drops them steadily, her fingers delicately dancing like a shimmering tear. She then clutches her heart, the fabric of her kimono scrunching as she grasps for what she cannot have. As the bridge modulates, building up to the first chorus, the LED screens shift, pointing to the sky, with a few clouds of a watercolour quality, the cherry blossoms blurring to show the camera moving upwards. As she sings, "The fleeting past it fades away, but my memories of you won't wane", the LEDs slow for a moment and the sun is shown, painted in an edo print style. Furthermore, a few lights billow outwards, showing the flourish of the bridge, extenuating the delicate beauty of the music. The camera, after taking a wider shot to take in the subtle transformation of the LED screens, then zooms into Himiko, each emotion captured in the lights. Her gaze is shifted slightly upwards, her desires poured out into each syllable, a longing straining her voice. She raises her hand up, glowing as it is caught in the dazzling glare of a spotlight.

Tears paint my eyes sometimes
When memories trickle down
Promises broken and bled
The fleeting past it fades away
But my memories of you won't wane

The lights then billow outwards as the powerful chorus begins. Each Orchestra member, visibly giving everything they have. Whilst the white and pink lights billow outwards, twinkling, the LED screen shows a sudden flurry of cherry blossoms emanating from the centre of the LED screen at the back. From that point, they explode outwards, covering much the onstage LED screens with the wild blizzard of cherry blossoms, the audience at awe at the beautiful light show. With beat of the drum, some of the spotlights flash and glimmer, adding an extra layer of dynamisms with the lights, as if each beat of the drum were an explosion, each flash of the spotlight the visible bang. To take the staging, the camera first takes an extremely wide shot, the lights obscuring the stage as they flare in the lens of the camera. Once the flurry of cherry blossoms was taken in however, the camera shifted it's focus back to Himiko, who sang powerfully, each lyric laced with memories, memories that seemed to make each note the more powerful. As if she were truly trying to sing out to beyond where eyes can see. The camera angles throughout the chorus are impactful, each pained etch in Himiko's face captured, each gesture of desperation shown as she sang the song with everything she had. Halfway through the chorus, when she sings, "I'll remember you" once again, the frenzy of cherry blossom emanating from the back of the stage began to slow. However, as she sang the line, her voice strained in emotion, a new burst of flowers seemed to erupt, spreading the arena with a light pink glow. The lights billowed out also, matching the sudden boost of life the song had. The Orchestra members seemed to be giving their all, yet they still had so much to give, the camera every so often zooming in on important sections of the Orchestra, scattered amongst the stage. The chorus drew to a close, and Himiko threw her arm into the air as she held the final note, adamant in her words, spilling out like a stream, a stream of painful truths.

I'll remember you, forevermore
Your smile laced amongst the stars
And I won't forget
Days we embraced
And your last goodbye
I'll remember you, beyond the sky
Beyond where eyes can see
Just wait a while
It won't be long 'til we meet again

She held the note, the audience cheering a little at the feat, and the cherry blossoms rapidly flew out upon the LEDs. However, when she finished the note, the cherry blossoms halted and begin slowly trickling down once more, much like the verse. Unlike the verse however, as the music began to quieten down in the short instrumental, the lights at the back seemed to close back in towards Himiko, lighting up from the top down to the bottom, meeting the lens of the camera as it flared. Like a wave, as soon as the spotlights withdrew, the LEDs and staging became a dark blue. The Orchestra were dimmed, shadows cast over their faces and instruments creating beautiful dances of dark, their faces obscured in the cloak of night. Himiko was illuminated by a dim golden light, painting shadows upon her face, obscuring her features as she put her head down and got comfortable for the next verse. The instrumental was filled with less traditional instruments, a smooth bass, drums, violins and the koto playing, filling the soundscape. Upon the LED screens, stars began to splatter upon the navy canvas of the night sky. Moreover, a white moon began to travel across the various LED screens in an arc shape, representing the night cycle. As it did so, Himiko began to perform a soft delicate dance, her hands fluttering and twirling in elegant shapes, casting intricate shadows upon the stage floor. Her movements were slow yet ethereal, filled with mystery. The scene as a whole was slow, yet sensual, her dance intricate, delicate and beautiful, like that of a crane.

Once the instrumental was finished, the moon left the LED screen, and Himiko lifted her head and her microphone to begin singing once more. The LED screens were now replaced with a light blue and white gradient, autumn leaves waltzing delicately upon the screen in replacement of the cherry blossoms, matching the description of an autumn memory. The Orchestra and Himiko now had spotlights back on them, so that their singing and playing could be seen once again. Their sunset coloured kimonos matched very well with the autumnal colour scheme of the lights, orange and white spotlights filling the arena in a burnished hue. This verse is far darker than the one before in terms of instrumentation, being more percussion focussed. This is shown in the lighting, which is a little dimmer to match the general more soft rock elements of the song. The camera zoomed into Himiko, singing her memories to the multiverse once more, a soft smile planted back on her face. She raises her hand slightly, twirling her wrists daintily. On the final line, the camera zooms into her, and she reaches out to the lens, slowly withdrawing, her eyes glimmering in the spotlight. She shakes her head subtly, behind her eyes laying a deep regret, rooted in her mind.

Remember when fireworks tinted the night
Scattering colours across your eyes
The burnished leaves waltzing with the wind
Engulfing us in the bitter autumn breeze

The bridge arrives once more, met with a rapid repeated waves of lights, like the flashing scales of a fish, matching the rapid rhythm of the drum. The lights flash as the bridge begins, Himiko's tone growing a little more emotive and more forceful to match the increased percussion of the composition, as well as the lyrics. Her face winces as she hits each note, her voice only wavering a little due to her vocal style. Her kimono flows elegantly behind her as she reaches out, her body lowered to accommodate the increase of energy in her performance. As the bridge progresses, the LEDs behind have a similar animation as that of before; the burnished leaves blurring to show the camera moving up to view a watercolour sun. However, the lighting changes to match the increase in power that the bridge brings. With each strum of the guitar, the guitarist zoomed in on as he does so, the lights flash gold. The first flash comes from the lower set of lights, and stays alight for a moment, enveloping Himiko in gold and white, setting her in a holy blaze. The second strum and subsequent flash is larger, emanating from the higher areas of the stage onto the floor of the stage, casting shadows from the Orchestra members and Himiko all over, creating a wild flurry of shadows. Finally, Himiko thrusts her arm out to the camera, which shifts its view from one from far out and above, zooming into her.

Tears paint my eyes sometimes
When memories trickle down
Promises broken and bled
The fleeting past it fades away
But my memories of you won't wane

As the second chorus begins, a flurry of gold lights billow outwards, matching opening. Once again, upon the LED screens, a blizzard of autumn leaves emanate from the back of the stage, however this time, the background is coloured a gradient of orange to red, a sunset palette, much like those worn upon their kimonos onstage by the members of the National Orchestra of Llalta. The autumn leaves fill the each screen with a wild dance of orange and brown, almost like the licking of a flame. This chorus, unlike the first, contains a more rock element, an electric guitar being the main focus of the instrumental. As a result, the atmosphere is far more powerful, not to mention the influx of drums adding a clear beat, adding more power to such an emotional melody. Thus, the lighting also reflects the more rhythmic, rock chorus, the spotlights flashing to the rhythm of the drums and each strum of the guitar. The autumn leaves on the LED screen burst out in waves, most often emanating fastest with each strum of the guitar. The arena is painted in a hue of orange as the camera takes a wide pan of the stage, each orchestra member being seen as they play with purpose. Himiko movements are far more forceful than before, her voice near straining as she sings each lyric with every ounce of her soul. As the camera pans around each Orchestra member, it ends up on Himiko, who's eyes dart between the walls of the arena, a distant look in her eyes as she sings for her lost love. By the second "I'll remember you" her body rocks subtly to the beat, the camera taking an angle in which the volley of violinists can be seen, rapidly playing behind her, in perfect harmony. She ends the chorus by reigning her hand back in, which was originally in the skies. She pulls it back to her heart, where she withdraws her palm into a fist, giving the final note of the second chorus everything as she closes her eyes.

Another instrumental begins, her long note ending, a guitar solo taking the spotlight as Himiko takes her microphone from her lips and stands onstage, losing herself in the powerful symphony. The camera takes a closer shot of the guitarist before returning back to Himiko as she begins to throat sing, leading the audience to clap at the ethnic vocal style. As she does so, her voice echoing throughout the arena as three violinists stop playing and begin to throat sing alongside her, creating a beautiful harmony of voices. Himiko lowers her body just slightly, raising it up and up as she modulates. As this happens, the LED screens shift, rather than emanating from the back like an explosion, the autumn leaves begin swirling, spiralling around each LED screen, like a manic tornado. The lights also join this frenzy, swirling and roaming aimlessly around, matching the anarchy of the instrumental. As Himiko sings with her throat one last time, the song begins to build up once again, the lights flashing to the rising rhythm of the drums, in which the camera captures as the taiko drum plays, putting his body into it as he beats the drum, his hands rapidly bounce from skin to skin. The music builds up once more, and the lights continuously flash, each flash exerting more light than the last. The camera zooms into Himiko as she sings the final note of the instrumental, and becomes engulfed in the dazzling display.

The lights billow outwards as the instrumental precipices, and suddenly the autumn leaves whirling upon the LED display halt, frozen in time as the lights flash. The second section of the instrumental begins and the leaves begin falling like that in the verses, matching the slightly lowered energy. This time, the focus was solely on the National Orchestra of Llalta, the camera darting between section to section, often taking wider shots of the stage to show the collective symphony produced by the orchestra. Himiko, resting her vocals for a mere moment before the peak of the song: the final chorus. She turns around to look at all the orchestra, creating a symphony unheard on the WorldVision stage. She smiles, proud and moved by the effort and symphony produced by the choir. The choir that helped lift her songs to new heights. As each section receives time in the spotlight, the instrumental finally ends as Himiko walks back to the front of the stage.

I'll remember you, forevermore
The days we'd paint the stars
I won't forget when
You'd grasp my hand
And we'd face our fears
I'll remember you, beyond the sky
Beyond where eyes can see
Just wait a while
It won't be long 'til we meet again


The harps begin to elevate the melody, soft white lights billowing outwards and upwards, matching the harp. Suddenly, the sunset colour scheme dissipates, turning to a pitch black like the beginning of the song. Only one spotlight illuminates the stage, directly upon Himiko. The Orchestra are veiled in a mist of black. Upon the now black LED screens, stars begin to twinkle. First one, then three, then many. Soon the whole stage was illuminated in soft golden stars, twinkling and shimmering behind Himiko. The soundscape is quiet for the first time in a while, the tone soft and delicate. The camera angles are also intimate, matching the quietened mood. Himiko's eyes are painted with sorrow as she begins to sing of past regrets and the truth that she must face. She displays a small, weak smile, a face of strength in the shadows of reality. With the close up camera shots, many emotions are shown, some that have been hidden in plain sight the whole song. For example, the pink upon her cheeks like that of a flourish of cherry blossom. The beautiful array of flowers intertwined with her hair, now seen in all it's beauty. The small details that make Himiko who she is. Her voice is delicate and tainted with regret as she softly sings, shaking her head with each lyric that brings doubt. As the the section progresses, a strong smile begins to grow across her face. First it is subtle, wavering. However, as she assures herself with each word, it shines brighter and brighter. Until the final two lines, where her eyes glow with the blaze of a star. The camera steadily zooms further and further out, her voice growing more harsh. Upon the final line, the lights begin awaken, flashing with each beat of the drum that builds up to the final chorus. Soon, the flash of lights engulfs Himiko in a multicoloured yet still complimentary pallet of hues. Her final line ends with a long note, her voice painted with confidence. Love.

I'll remember you, forevermore
Though there's no reason why
You've forgotten me
I'm beyond a faded memory
I'll remember you, beyond the sky
The sky we once yearned for
Do you recall?
The wish we made upon the argent stars

As the note ends, the final chorus begins, opening with powerful flash of multicoloured lights that billow outwards, filling the arena with lights. The camera zooms into Himiko on her long note, whom of which thrusts her arm towards the camera as the lights billow outwards, a moment of grandeur. At this time too, a wind machine begins to blow, Himiko's hair and kimono fluttering elegantly in the wind as she sang with everything she had, her long note dancing in the stage of the symphony. Her eyes gazed strongly into the camera, shimmering in the various colours that were being scattered across the arena, glimmering with the strength of the soul. A powerful yearning for something. Behind, the LED screens remained fixated on a night sky, however, various multicoloured fireworks begin to explode and dazzle the screen, living up to the grandeur of the final chorus. Each firework bursts to the rhythm of the song also, adding to the display. Furthermore, stars shoot outwards, as well as other spiralling lights, dancing alongside the fireworks. The Orchestra are lit up once again, though mostly engulfed by the dazzling display of lights. Though normally fireworks are considered cheap or tacky, this somehow only increases the power of the moment and the cultural and compositional flourish the final chorus provides. In addition, Himiko's kimono matches the colour scheme of the LEDs, the dark sky matching her navy kimono, and her multicoloured flowers being the same colour hence matching the fireworks, adding to beauty of the performance. With each "I'll remember you", Himiko seems to sing with even more power, declaring her devotion to the whole world. On the line "Even if you're not there" she reaches out to the camera, which again, zooms in on her, her face twisted in regrets, yet still managing a hopeful smile. Kimono and hair caught on the breeze, she finishes the emotional final chorus by bringing her hands to her heart and singing the final note.

I'll remember you, forevermore
Until my final breath
Your sun-kissed eyes
Tainted soul
And your final smile
I'll remember you, no matter what
Even if you're not there
It was our wish
Our wish that we'd never forget

She sings the final note, the lights flashing rapidly, the fireworks painting the skies one final time. Eyes closed, Himiko finishes the note and the song quietens down once again, fireworks fading with each drum beat, until a final firework spreads it's petals across the entire LED screen. Then, every spotlight either fades to black, or sharply travels to illuminate Himiko in the centre, hair softly moving and kimono frolicking in the light air of the wind machine. Stars once again fill the black LED screens, twinkling softly. She opens her eyes, lifting her microphone from her heart to lips. She softly sings the final note, her eyes slowly trailing upwards to the lens of the camera, of which is zooming in steadily. Her eyes tinted with a bittersweet joy, her smile tinged with sadness, her last note leaves her lips, and into the quiet arena. The camera then fades to black as her note fades into silence, leaving nothing but the flute to play on its own.

I'll remember you forevermore, until we meet again

One last instrumental begins to play, the camera taking a pan of the whole stage as the Orchestra kicks in, mostly filled with drums however. A small wave of pyros erupt from the edges of the stage, introducing the final instrumental, As Himiko turns around and begins to walk to the back of the stage, her shadow trailing behind, the lights begin to flash sunset colours, mainly dark reds and oranges to the rhythm of the drums. Furthermore, the LED screen becomes filled with sharper and quicker flashes of fireworks, flashing also to the drums. A few pyros around the stage begin to spark, matching the darker, more rhythmic instrumental. The camera takes final shots of the taiko drummer beating, his sticks bouncing from drum to drum almost effortlessly. However, the Orchestra are rather hard to see as the lights are dim, thus, their faces are only unobscured with each flash of a light. As the instrumental dwindles to quiet, the guitar taking the lead, the camera takes a shot of the stage. Himiko's silhouette from behind standing, lit by a single golden spotlight that leaves her completely black. Then, as the music turns to silence, the spotlight fades away, and so does the silhouette.

As the lights return, the Polkopian crowd cheer as Himiko Arden returns to front and centre. As she walks to the front, she motions for her orchestra to stand up to, stopping on her trip to beckon them up. Eventually, they all stand at the front of the stage and bow, Himiko saying, "Thank you Peeto, world!" Upon her face lays a rosy smile, her eyes glimmering with joy. She jumps around a little bit before hugging the orchestra around her.

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Rick Leg - "Love Meets A Lion"
Tune: Erik Mjones - "Lion Of Love

This has been put through Google Translate far too many times before being turned back into English, thus bending the rules without actually breaking them.


Thousands of people try to catch it
But I work for free
Imma and Imara
I'd like to sleep here

You can be a free king
I need a queen
And back and forth
Facebook Sign up for Facebook to connect with the Facebook logo Leon Abu
I like it

Take me to heaven
This is very important
Please let me know if you are ready
Investments are made with limited resources
Love again
Love again

He sits in the shadow of happiness
Triss Valley (reading)
But look back
I see something
"I laughed
Like the air
Finish the game.
No map (x)

You can be a free king
I need a queen
And back and forth
Come today
Facebook Sign up for Facebook to connect with the Facebook logo Leon Abu
I like it

I will take you to heaven
This is very important
This is the last thing you know
Investments are made with limited resources
Investments are made with limited resources
Investments are made with limited resources
Love again
WV32: 35th
WV33: 10th
WV34: 13th
WV35: 22nd
WV36: 34th
WV37: 16th
WV38: 23rd
WV39: 30th
WV40: 18th
WV41: 22nd
WV42: 18th
WV43: 13th
WV45: 18th
WV46: 23rd
WV47: 27th
WV48: 29th
WV49: Withdrew
WV50: 17th
WV51: 17th
WV52: 19th
WV54: 26th
WV55: 20th
WV56: 21st
WV57: 13th
WV58: 23rd
WV60: 20th
WV61: 18th
WV62: 13th
WV63: 10th
WV64: 21st
WV65: 27th
WV67: 18th
WV68: 18th

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Postby Elejamie » Mon Jan 11, 2021 6:48 pm


ETV1 presents WorldVision 87 - English language commentary by Cerin Erali and Flynn Taggart


Model and entertainer. Upbeat and fairly easy to please but sometimes he'll give criticism or comments on songs, regardless of whether or not he likes them. Expect positive comments from him, especially since my personal thoughts on the songs usually tend to lean closer to his opinions. Despite what the picture shows, he doesn't actually smoke.


Ice hockey goaltender turned talk show host. Incredibly cynical and miserable to the point where he might seem a bit dickheadish. Almost always speaks in a flat monotone. Brought in not just as a foil to Cerin and his positive attitude but also because the two are friends off-camera. Will still give some positive comments on songs if they please him.

21 - Pemecutan

FT: This sounds dramatic.
CE: This isn't normally my sort of thing. But I don't know, it still sounds good. If it was my sort of thing, this would be something I'd regularly bump.
FT: I can't tell if that's praise or not.
CE: It is. I'm just saying that it's a good song but it's not really for me.

22 - Talvezout

CE: And another song that's not really my sort of thing but still somewhat good. A bit minimalistic but it works. Especially with her vocals.
FT: Sounds like a big gamble.
CE: True and I don't think it'll pay off. But I hope to get proven wrong!

23 - Waisnor

CE: This is fun. I've got no idea what the beat's doing but it's still fun and I'm sure it'll do quite well this evening.
FT: Feels more like pandering to the host nation and a few others but what do I know.

24 - Malta Comino Gozo

CE: Malta Comino Gozo here, trying to get another good result after Paloma Fennech. And this sounds like it might do just that. Good beat, good singing and some decent vocals. Not a bad performance either.
FT: A bit autotuned though.
CE: True but it works with the song.

25 - Kalosia

CE: Speaking of following on from results, we've got Kalosia who are trying to come back from their surprising bottom ten finish in Oreo City.
FT: I couldn't believe it either.
CE: So they brought back the lady who finished second for them in Valetta, Dahzuri. Dahruzi.
FT: Dazhuri.
CE: Fenci. So what do you think of the song, Fleen?
FT: Not as boring as her second placer, in all brutal honesty.
CE: I wouldn't say it was boring, though.
FT: I would. And I did.
CE: Anyway, the tune here's a bit better. It kind of fits her breathy vocals better. It actually feels like something I'd probably play again. Again not the best but it should still do better.

26 - Nekoni

CE: So, fun fact, this song didn't win the Nekonian national final. Another person did! But she had a panic attack and forfeited. Wait, that's not fun at all!
FT: (with his voice dripping with sarcasm) Fun on a bun.
CE: But this is still a good song. Nice and funky, kind of bouncy, kind of 80s. Just hard to hate. I hope it does well.

27 - Electrum

CE: Oh wow, Electrum! Blast from the past! Can't remember the last time these guys took part!
FT: The 69th edition.
CE: What a place to go on hold, eh? Anyway, they're back and they've got some indigineous people representing them. The Dhuba Yolnge Band. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly.
FT: Sounds about right.
CE: And they've given us this. It's something.
FT: They're either testing the waters or they've decided not to try.
CE: Probably the first. The music's nice but the vocals are not my thing. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

28 - Electrum Diplomatic Offices

CE: I wonder if Gertrude Pullman and Rick Leg know each other. They seem to be the only people representing the places they come from.
FT: Hopefully not in the Biblical meaning.
CE: Song's entertaining, by the way. Cheesy but doesn't deserve anything bad.

29 - Northern Beepee

CE: This is decent. Feels a bit too much like normal Beepee's entry, though. Still an interesting backstory to it.

30 - Crustyland

CE: It's a bit different to their debut performance. Seems like they're trying to actually trying to win it or something like that. I won't say it will but it sounds like it might actually do well.
FT: And the guest?
CE: At least the seal didn't try to eat her whole. Apparently that's what happened when someone from Placely Placington went on holiday there.
FT: Fascinating aside there.

31 - Kyritakia


32 - Ertzei Kishim

FT: At least they're not trying to rip off Polkopia this time.
CE: This is a good song. Not a great song but it feels like it could be one at points. This is definitely something to put in my playlist once I get back home.

33 - Normandy and Picardy

FT: What the hell was that?
CE: I don't even know if that was a good song or not. It could flop but knowing this contest it'll end up with a good score. I'm fine with either.

34 - Achaean Republic

CE: Oh wow, Achaean Republic, this isn't like you at all. Metal song, all English language. Quite a surprise.
FT: It's decent.
CE: I'm not into metal but it's a good metal song. It will do quite well tonight, I've got a feeling it will.

(just for clarity: I actually genuinely enjoy this song.)

35 - Zeganas

CE: This sounds like something that would've been in the charts when I was younger. Maybe a teenager or even university. It's not bad but feels a bit dated.

36 - Shorestead


37 - Indusse


38 - Ekoz

TBA but it's not a bad tune, if you don't get it finished for this contest I'd say re-use it when you're able to

39 - Hafamarimet

CE: So how are Hafamarimet going to follow their brilliant song from that last time that was worthy of a 12 from us but could've done better? With this.
FT: I quite like it.
CE: Me too. Nice, funky song. Good vocals, good lyrics, good presentation. This should hopefully do better.

40 - Saintrabina

CE: After a ballady beginning, we get this. I'm not sure what to call it. It's kind of dark pop, if I had to make a blind guess.
FT: Autotune making a welcome return there.
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Postby Ethane » Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:09 pm

47: Racing Heart by Adriana Jameson - Ethane (C2H6)
To the tune of Kaskade - Solid Ground

The Performance

Adriana steps up to the stage. Anxiety is sketched across her face, with the pressure of the audience watching getting to her. She takes a deep breath in. She'd been preparing for this for a while. She knew what she was doing. She was going to walk out there with such confidence, capture the attention of the audience, and put on a good show. She took one step forward, on to the stage. A spotlight fell on her as she walked to the middle where she paused, and looked down to the ground. The music began, echoing across the stadium.

She's wearing a microphone that clips around her head so she doesn't have to hold it. Her face appears to be covered in sweat, and she looks pasty and exhausted - part of this is the nerves, but most of it is the makeup designed to make her look like she's putting a lot of effort in. This is also reflected through the rest of her costume - she's wearing a running outfit, with jogging trousers and a short shirt designed for exercise. As Adriana sings the first line, she acts out another deep breath, visibly moving her chest and mouth to simulate it. She finishes the first line and then proceeds to look up and out towards the audience. She takes a couple of steps forward. The camera is solely focused on her, showing her face and her movements, accentuating the level of 'effort' she is putting in.

The stage is well-lit, with the faintest sign of an orange hue being beaten back by a dim, grey impression and conservative use of fog machines to reflect a morning mist on what is building up to be a rainy day. There's some water falling on to Adriana as she walks forward, which mostly avoids getting her wet, apart from enough to create the impression the rain is pouring on her. Dim white lights glimmer across the audience, but the spotlight, bright as it is, follows Adriana.

I breathe in deep
And struggle through the pain.
I give it all,
Running through pouring rain.

Adriana reaches the edge of the stage, with the audience sprawled out across the arena in front of her. She looks down, and sees fans watching, celebrating at her feet. Hyped up. She starts jogging on the spot, and punching forward as if she's training for a boxing match or something. Building up to the chorus. Two backing dancers also appear from the back left and back right and engage in the same actions, slowly moving forward to congregate near Adriana. The lights are flickering slightly; the dim impression remains but it is brightening up slightly.

There's no end to this in sight.
It's the start and then the fight.
Running for the finish line.
But the only end is time.

They all remain jogging, but Adriana is jogging on the spot facing the audience. She is getting all hyped up, preparing for something. The two backing dancers are jogging as well, but they are jogging towards Adriana to join her at front-centre stage. Two spotlights appear on the two backing dancers and follow them to Adriana. The cameras briefly show the two backing dancers jogging towards Adriana, but mostly focus on Adriana and her facial expressions and movements. A couple of pan shots across the audience are also included. The lights are flashing slightly more frequently now, but still with a dim atmosphere.

When I'm running, running,
Running from the start.
You can feel, feel,
Feel my racing heart.
When I'm running, running,
Running from the start.
You can feel, feel,
Feel... Feel my racing heart.

Red lights start flashing around the audience, joining the other flashing lights. The two backing dancers begin a choreographed routine to the EDM music, capturing the attention of the audience and the cameras. This routine occurs around Adriana, who just stands still. She stops jogging and just stares out across the audience. She places her hand on her heart though, which the cameras did zoom in on briefly.

Feel my racing heart.

At the end of the EDM hyped up section, most of the lights cut out including the gloomy dim lights. Because most of the mist has moved away, a little more is released on to the stage to create the impression of a misty, damp morning again. Raindrops are shown to be falling on the screen at the rear of the stage, but not over Adriana or the backing dancers - as if the storm is slowly moving away. A faint orange hue shines across the stage, creating the atmosphere of the sun at dawn shining across the landscape. Adriana turns to look at this hue yet as she turns, the hue disappears and reverts back to a dim, grey atmosphere - raindrops once again falling on her head. She looks sad as she turns back to face the audience and starts pacing as she sings from left to right and back.

I look for the glow
That marks the end of the line.
I hope, but I know,
That all you'll say is "I'm fine".

Adriana gets down on her knees. The backing dancers also do the same, copying her actions. She's still looking across at the audience as she sings, with the cameras capturing her facial expressions from multiple angles. The two backing dancers go into balls like hedgehogs under attack. A few of the lights are flashing a little, but it is barely noticeable at this stage.

There's no end to this in sight.
Racing for that dying light.
Dressed in my Dad's Sunday Best.
Time remains the only test.

They remain curled up on the floor, apart from Adriana who is on her knees. The spotlights converge on her, leaving the backing dancers without spotlights on them. There is a sense that the song is building up to something, but this isn't necessarily completely reflected on stage - a few white lights are flashing and the odd red flash can be seen here and there, but the singer and dancers are mostly still and motionless other than singing. The cameras capture this motionless - for a few seconds they just show the stage, with nothing moving.

When I'm running, running,
Running from the start.
You can feel, feel,
Feel my racing heart.
When I'm running, running,
Running from the start.
You can feel, feel,
Feel... Feel my racing heart.

As soon as the chorus ends and the music hypes up again, the red flashing lights return again, supplemented by more white flashing and panning lights, and the odd orange reflection as well. The raindrops are still falling down on the screen at the rear of the stage, but they are now multi-coloured and pulsing. The two backing dancers jump up again and restart their choreographed routine around Adriana. This time, Adriana is more passionate, and gets hyped up - jumping and dancing with the music, hyping up the audience too.

When I'm running, running,
Running from the start.
You can feel, feel,
Feel... Feel my racing heart.

The music comes to an end. The backing dancers lose their spotlights and return to backstage, unseen. Adriana looks down, motionless for a brief second. The spotlight on her is the last light to go out for a brief moment, before the general stage lighting returns.

"Thank you all! I hope you all loved this song, because I really did. Thank you for coming, I love you guys!"

She then proceeded to exit the stage.
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Postby Polkopia » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:59 pm

The setting of the stage was somber to say the least. Once the crowd's cheers began to die down, Stas' Inyet was shown on-stage sitting on top of a pedestal which stood about a meter high. He was hardly illuminated so that only his silhouette was the only part of him that was visible, and the cool, blue tones of the light made the ambiance seem almost sad. Stas's silhouette's posture left the audience to assume that he was looking down as he sang into his microphone. Besides that, the only other bit of him that the audience could see was the faint outline of his white suit clash against the lighting. As he sang, paper bills fell from the stage above and surrounded him on all sides, and the camera angle caught him singing as the money fell all around him, though he Stas' didn't seem to take notice.

Eta tebi prevyoši ves' den'gavši
It brings you all the money

Slava, čav'la, gor'dinya, ves, čito nužno
Fame, glory, pride, whatever you need

I tebe yest' cvoya glaza na pobedu
And you have your eyes on the prize

No možet yest' tol'ko biyt odno
But there can only be one

Budu? Budu?
Will I? Will I?

Never gonna look back,
When I'm bringing home the crown.
Standing at the top now,
And I'm never coming down.
Never gonna look back,
When I'm bringing home the crown.
Victory tastes so sweet
Tastes so sweet, tastes so sweet.

Slušai, natov zvonit vaša imya
Listen, the crowd's calling your name

Slušai, polavyat tebi navsegda
Listen, they'll love you forever

No... ne zabivi etot moment
But... don't forget this moment

Ne etot moment...
Not this moment...

No, no, no-o-oh
Napomnyu etu
I will remember this

Dnya, čito ya
The day that I

Ya predstapal se-kotom
I became someone

Budit' dengi
There will be money

No eto čustvo dostini
But this feeling of accomplishment

Ya napomnyu
I will remember

Ya napomnyu navsegda
I will remember forever

Never gonna look back,
When I'm bringing home the crown.
Standing at the top now,
And I'm never coming down.
Never gonna look back,
When I'm bringing home the crown.
Victory tastes so sweet
Tastes so sweet, tastes so sweet.
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Postby Polkopia » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:59 pm

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Postby Rhim Flavezztowland » Tue Jan 12, 2021 1:38 am

Pippa Fleming, a well-known Flavezztowlander musician and the Flavezztowlander spokesperson for WV87

"Good evening and dobry wieczór, Peeto! This is Rhim Flavezztowland calling to deliver the Flavezztowlander jury's votes after all those great performances in tonight's contest. Without further ado, let me show you... The Flavezztowlander jury's votes!"

First of all, here are the nations to whom the Flavezztowlander jury gave 1 to 7 points to!...
1 - Mister X
2 - South Alezia
3 - Crustyland
4 - Llalta
5 - Saviera
6 - Ertzei Kishim
7 - North Alezia

Now for the Flavezztowlander jury's top 3 favorite entries. The nation that received 8 points from the Flavezztowlander jury is...

And the nation that received 10 points from the Flavezztowlander jury is...

And finally, I'll reveal the nation that got those douze points from the Flavezztowlander jury. Our 12 points go to...

"Thanks to all those who participated in WV87, and I hope to see you again! Good night."
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Postby Carrelie » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:41 am

Votes of the Carrelian Jury
Presented by Spokesperson Cíarlote Médien

Cíarlotte performing live from the Areine d'Europe, Wysse, Douria, 2019.

"Bonsoir Peeto, Mont-Sanguine calling! I'm Cíarlote Médien here to present the Carrelian jury's vote, second again! We've had a wonderful evening, and can't wait to see the results! Thanks for being wonderful hosts, and without further ado, here are the votes of the Carrelian jury!"

"Bégie, en piete! Belgaam, one point!"
"Éjamie, de pietien! Elejamie, two points!"
"Malétie Iomeniette-Guessania, tier pietien! Malta Comino Gozo, three points!"
"Polcopie, quie pietien! Polkopia, four points!"
"Néconie, evoir pietien! Nekoni, five points!"
"Rhiden-Flaisestouan, sien pietien! Rhim Flavezztowland, six points!"
"Ietéie, suít pietien! Llatla, seven points!"

"Now, presenting the top three placements!"

"And weit pietien go to.."
Antésanoise! Antahbrantahstan, eight points!

"Dieze pietien go to.."
Ve Rélique Spétien oú Çéritempre! That's ten points for the Spiritual Republic of Caryton!

"And finally, de-dieze pietien. The recipient of which is..."
Bêpê! Twelve points to Beepee! Congratulations!

"And that completes the voting of the Carrelian jury in Mont-Sanguine. Congratulations to our 12-pointer, and Bonsoir!"
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Postby Waisnor » Tue Jan 12, 2021 6:50 am


"Right now Grodno is calling, and now I, Pavel Gorbach, will announce votes of Waisnorian jury. This was a great edition with many great songs, but we can award points only to 10 them. And there they are:"

2 points - SAINTRABINA
3 points - ELEJAMIE
4 points - BRITONISEA
5 points - TALVEZOUT
6 points - ERTZEI KISHIM
7 points - KALOSIA

8 points - POLKOPIA


12 points - NORTH ALEZIA
81 = 18th/34
82 = 22nd/31
83 = 27th/41
84 = 15th/27
85 = 20th/28
86 = 14th/32
87 = 14th/36
88 = 24th/32
89 = 16th/37

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33

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Postby Elejamie » Tue Jan 12, 2021 1:16 pm


ETV1 presents WorldVision 87 - English language commentary by Cerin Erali and Flynn Taggart


Model and entertainer. Upbeat and fairly easy to please but sometimes he'll give criticism or comments on songs, regardless of whether or not he likes them. Expect positive comments from him, especially since my personal thoughts on the songs usually tend to lean closer to his opinions. Despite what the picture shows, he doesn't actually smoke.


Ice hockey goaltender turned talk show host. Incredibly cynical and miserable to the point where he might seem a bit dickheadish. Almost always speaks in a flat monotone. Brought in not just as a foil to Cerin and his positive attitude but also because the two are friends off-camera. Will still give some positive comments on songs if they please him.

41 - Rosmana

TBA but the tune's OK, shame there aren't any lyrics posted.

42 - Christarnea

CE: This sounds kind of fun too. Nice and boppy. All I can say really.

43 - Saviera

CE: Ooh, now I like this.
FT: I have no idea what's going on with the music.
CE: OK, that bit in the middle doesn't flow that well but I still enjoyed the song quite a bit. Good message too.

44 - Mister X

CE: Mister X here, trying to keep their impressive streak going even if the song itself feels a bit generic. But I still kind of liked it, though.

45 - Llalta

CE: Now this is another dramatic song. And it works quite well too. Not that often that you get an orchestra performing.
FT: A bit too world for my taste but it's still good for what it is.

46 - Missus X

CE: Same thing as I've said about Mister X but take out the streaky business and put in Rick Leg instead.

47 - Ethane

CE: And, to round things off, we have Ethane. And this is good too. Her vocals are quite nice and the dubstep bits really fit. A good way to end the contest, don't you think Fleen?
FT: I'm not into this sort of thing but, for the sake of the argument, I'll say it is.
CE: That's the spirit.

Interval Act

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Postby Beepee » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:25 pm

Good evening, this is BONC Norfolk Pinewoods Calling and I am delighted to present to you the votes of the Beepeean Jury.

1 point to Normandy and Picardy
2 points to Tödlichebujoku
3 points to Hafamarimët
4 points to Achaean Republic
5 points to Northern Beepee
6 points to Pemecutan
7 points to Polkopia

Our 8 points go to...


The 10 points go to....


And, finally, the 12 points, the Douze Points, from Beepee goes to.......

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Postby Normandy and Picardy » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:28 pm

Here are the votes of the Normand jury...

12pts - Hafamarimet
10pts - Achaean Republic
8pts - Polkopia
7pts - Todlichebujoku
6pts - Christarnea
5pts - Oqmet
4pts - Carrelie
3pts - Nekoni
2pts - Electrum
1pt - Missus X
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Postby Northern Beepee » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:33 pm

I am delighted to present the votes of the Northern Beepeean Jury.

12 points to Talvezout
10 points to Ertzei Kishim
8 points to Kalosia
7 points to Malta Comino Gozo
6 points to Electrum
5 points to Beepee
4 points to Llalta
3 Points to Saintrabina
2 points to Britonisea
1 point to Christarnea
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Postby Elejamie » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:36 pm


Good evening, buenas noches, Peeto! Peeto. I don't know what the city's called en español. Nick J. Holland here and you know why I'm here. Same music professionals making our jury. And the same modus operandi, they've made a list of the songs they liked and sorted it out to get the 1-8s, 10s and 12. Who's the lucky of those points? Well here's everything but the top one:


Nicholas Holland, better known by his stage name Nick J. Holland*, television personality and singer best known for co-hosting the late night LGBT-themed variety show Saturgay Night from 1997 to its cancellation in 2001 and from its resurrection in 2017 onwards. He's also been the Elejamian spokesperson for WorldVisions 74 and 78 and will be their spokesperson from WV80-90 (unless I host at some point during that period).

* Much like the real life actor Michael J. Fox, the "J." in his name doesn't stand for anything, though in this case not only does he not have a middle name altogether but also he chose it because he thought the name "Nick J. Holland" had a nice ring to it.

  1. Mister X
  2. Caryton
  3. Hafamarimet
  4. North Alezia
  5. Nekoni
  6. Malta Comino Gozo
  7. Ertzei Kishim
  8. Todlichebujoku
10. Carrelie

The top one now. Twelve points! Doce puntos, douze points, an-du pont. Whatever you want to call it, it's the most I can give to one nation and they're going right to the Achaean Republic. Hope you enjoy it, BREAKNESS. You've earned it! Anyway, best of luck to everyone, special best luck to the South Working Funk Band, have a great night! Buenas noches!
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Postby Llalta » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:46 pm


1 - Malta Comino Gozo
2 - Polkopia
3 - Electrum
4 - Saintabrina
5 - Oqmet
6 - Pemecutan
7 - Todlichebujoku

8 - Kishrael

10 - Britonisea

12 - Antahbrantahstan
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Postby Crustyland » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:48 pm

Hello Cornland! This is Crustyland! Hello!

( The video green screen behind showing some made up beautiful seal free streets)

Liam Fishwilly

We're haoppy to be here again!

Here are the points from Crustyland's jury

7.Mister X
6. Antanbranflaketahstan
5. Malta Comino Gozo
3.Electrum Diplomatic Offices
2.Rhim Flavezztowland
1.North Alezia

8 points are for Nekoniland!

10 points are for South Alezia! DUCKS!

Crustyland gives its 12 to ..... Placely Placington! Truly beautiful!

Thanks everyone!!

( The green screen collapses, showing instead a derelict street covered in Walruses. The wind howls past and Liam awkwardly walks off waving to the camera.)
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Postby Belgaam » Tue Jan 12, 2021 3:55 pm


Maveria, popular singer and the Belgaamian WV81 representative.

Hi Polkopia! I’m Maveria, you probably remember me from being Belgaam’s entrant in WV81, but enough of that, it’s time to announce the votes of the Belgaamian jury!

1 point - Saintrabina
2 points - Waisnor
3 points - Llalta
4 points - Elejamie
5 points - Hafamarimët
6 points - Ethane
7 points - Kalosia
8 points - North Alezia
10 points - Britonisea

Now, the 12 points from Belgaam go to...

71: 17/25
72: 9/18
73: 19/26
74: Withdrew
75: Did not participate
76: Did not participate
77: Did not participate
78: Did not participate
79: Did not participate
80: Did not participate
81: 16/35
82: Withdrew
83: Did not participate
84: Did not participate
85: Did not participate
86: Did not participate
87: 20/38

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Postby Placely Placington » Tue Jan 12, 2021 4:04 pm

11/38 - Placely Placington

Due to the government unwilling to find someone to give out their points, especially their new Health Minister who definitely doesn't look like a giant coronavirus wearing a hat and false moustache, they had to do the next best thing. The camera instead concentrated on a whiteboard which had some writing on it. It turned out to be their votes. After concentrating on it for the usual amount of time to let everyone soak up all the information, we then cut to the lucky 12 pointer celebrating them getting the top points.

1. crustyland
2. Rimmed baking sheet rhim flavezztowland - THANK YOU DAVE THE HOBO
3. tohotokai
4. antbrantstant antahbreantahstantah antahbrantahstan that place none of us can spell
5. elejamie
6. belgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
7. northern beepee
8. hafamarimet
10. llalta
12. normal beepee

1. Crustyland
2. Rhim Flavezztowland
3. Tohotokai
4. Antahbrantahstan
5. Elejamie
6. Belgaam
7. Northen Beepee
8. Hafamarimet
10. Llalta
12. Beepee
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Postby Malta Comino Gozo » Tue Jan 12, 2021 4:09 pm

Good Evening Peeto, Good Evening Multiverse.! This is Valletta calling! Let me just say the show has been fantastic tonight! Thank you all!


Ira Lesco

Now here are the first points from 1-7 on screen..

7. Hafamarimët
6 .Polkopia
5. Tödichebujoku
4 .Caryton
3. Zeganas
2 .Crustyland
1. Ertzei Kishim

Yes, and now we go on with 8 points .. to
Well done!

10 points are going to....
Achaean Republic!!
What a song!

And finally Malta Comino Gozo gives its 12 points too .. 12 points are for the amazing song from...

Thank you!
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Estogium Votes!

Postby Estogium » Tue Jan 12, 2021 4:25 pm

Hakim Roberts
Television Presenter


"Hiya! This is The Estograd calling... and I am here to reveal to you the votes of the Estogian Jury! Before I reveal our twelve points - I just want to say, well done to all the nations tonight. The contest was of high quality. The 10-1 is on the screen..."


"It is time for the big points. Our twelve points go to...NORMANDY AND PICARDY! That concludes the jury vote of Estogium."

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Postby Nekoni » Tue Jan 12, 2021 5:44 pm

12 - Llalta
10 - Achaean Republic
08 - Todlichebujoku
07 - Malta Comino Gozo
06 - Hafamarimet
05 - Saviera
04 - Britonisea
03 - Talvezout
02 - Christarnea
01 - Elejamie
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Postby Tohotokai » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:30 pm

Mikazuki Aina, a Tohotokainese actress

"*beep* Hello, cześć, and konnichiwa! I'm calling from Tohotokai to deliver the Tohotokainese jury's votes in this contest to Peeto, and what a spectacular show it has been! Now, without further ado..."

Here are the nations that got 1 to 7 points from the Tohotokainese jury!
1 - Elejamie
2 - Antahbrantahstan
3 - Talvezout
4 - Northern Beepee
5 - Llalta
6 - Carrelie
7 - Britonisea

Now moving on to the huit points. The Tohotokainese jury gave 8 points to...

Now, before the reveal of the Tohotokainese jury's favorite entry, I gotta move on to the dix points. Anyway, the Tohotokainese jury gave 10 points to...

And finally, it's time for me to give out those douze points! The nation that was given 12 points by the Tohotokainese jury is...

"Thank you, everyone, and good night! *beep-beep*"
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Postby Saintrabina » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:05 am

Good evening, Peeto, this is Etagier calling. It is time to reveal Saintrabinian jury voting.


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Postby Christarnea » Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:08 am

And now it is time to connect with Ficer. Hello, Polkopia, we are happy to announce Christarnean jury voting. Let's find out.


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Postby Ertzei Kishim » Wed Jan 13, 2021 1:13 pm

הצבעות מארצי כישים

1 point: Malta
2 points: Llalta
3 points: N. Alezia
4 points: Crustyland
5 points: Waisnor
6 points: Polkopia
7 points: Achaean Republic

8 points: Britonisea
10 points: Oqmet
12 points: Kalosia


Composition Award
1. Kalosia
2. Oqmet
3. Waisnor/Britonisea/Crustyland

Lyrical Award
1. Malta
2. Beepee
3. Llalta/Saintrabina/Talvezout
Ertzei Kishim in the WorldVision Song Contest
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