[IC] [TWI-Only] Shining of the Moon

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[IC] [TWI-Only] Shining of the Moon

Postby Ainslie » Mon Nov 30, 2020 8:04 pm

Shining of the Moon RP

IC | OOC | Factbook

Important Notes
  • This is a CLOSED ROLEPLAY. Do not post on the in character thread unless you have clear permission from Ainslie to do so.
  • This roleplay is for MEMBERS OF THE WESTERN ISLES only. Unless you are on the map in this dispatch, there is no way for you to post as a part of this roleplay. Any posts made by people who are not members will be deleted.
  • Got ideas or suggestions? Can see a way your nation or their characters could fit into this roleplay? Let us know by posting to the OOC thread, linked here.

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