Eternal Spring (Aels, Markion)

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Eternal Spring (Aels, Markion)

Postby The JVP » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:37 pm

A Slice of life and everyday events.

No War posting
Keep it PG13 and follow NS rules.
Because of multiple thread lines. Plus quote the post, and title it along the story line.
Other then that, have fun.

Vedoric University, Vedoric

Sister school to Yonsei University, Vedoric U was founded in 1935, as a Mirror of sorts to her sister School. Vedoric U would play a major role in shaping the Kingdom. It would be where Naval and Army officers would learn, and would have a heavy focus on Medical, Science, Engineering, and the Arts.

So it was no wonder that after the formation of the Empire, that the model used for Vedoric U, would be copied again for the Luar University in Aels, the Youngest of the three sister schools, each revered in their own light.

One could start their studies at any of the Sisters, and transfer to another if it offered a better course. It was not rare for a freshman to Start off in Luar U, and end up at Yonsei by the end of their fourth year, having spent a year at Vedoric U. Such students would go on to find work at the top of their fields, having experienced all the Empire had to offer, studied under the best, and had their appointment set in stone since their Junior year.

So it was no wonder that the schools only took the best for such programs. A major investment in the schools, and they would not just let anyone tarnish their names. Major companies looked to them to provide them with the best.
[6:15 PM]
Ji Hee Knew this, and she knew the route she wished to take to the top. Out of the three Sisters, Yonsei was the Hardest to get into. She was the oldest, and thus more prestige than the others. Even placing in the top of her class, Ji Hee would still have to compete with the best from across the Empire. So during her junior year she applied to Vedoric U, in the Old Kingdom, and was surprised when they sent a scout to follow up.
Told that even with the grades she has now, she had already qualified for a free ride, but if she could place top of her class, then she would place in the Sisters Program.

So here she was, at the administration Office in Neidert Hall, collecting her welcome package, Student ID, and keys to her dorm.
She ran her fingers through her hair, and let out a small joyful yelp. She was in the Old Kingdom of Vedoric. She had never left Korea before, but made sure she took a year of learning the Vedoric dialect, which was a more sing-song version of Korean… No, she knew that was not right. Vedoricese, the old tongue of the Old Kingdom, was long since mixed with Korea, since the days of the royal merger. Even when Vedoric became de facto Korea, after the Japanese takeover of the homeland, the people of Vedoric had spoken a kind of Korean, or sung, as most would say.

She put the thought out of her head. Now was not the time for old world history that would be… She looked at her schedule. That would be tomorrow at noon. She fixed her bag onto her shoulder, and made her way from Neidert Hall, to her Dorms.
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The Visit

Postby The JVP » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:40 pm

High Queen Vivi of the JVP Empire was set to visit the palace today, the floors were spotless, and the House of Mausen was dressed to impress, without being ceremonial about the matter.

Though Etschelena herself wasn’t too happy. Ulrik’s visit had come to an end, and he was packing up to go back to Bergland. Plus she was now stuck at this event, alone.

She remembered the last few weeks they spent together. Of course he was here for his training, but the time they spent exploring their little area of Phoenixia was magical. But as summer faded, and their time together slipped away, she tried to hold on to the memories they had made.

She remembered how on weekends, they would sleep together with the windows opened, as the cool Phoenixian summer breeze blew across them.
They had made plans for her to come and visit him in Emerstari, during the start of the Yuletide Season, and she could not wait to walk with him in the snowy fields of his home nation.

Friedek had finally seemed to have gotten used to having Ulrik around. What, with him coming in and out of his sisters room at all hours of the day and night. But he had other things on his mind. A leader from another region was set to visit them, and he had many things to put in order.

The flight to Markion had been a long one, but the regional liner she flew in, was like a mini palace. Once in Region, they switched to a smaller private jet for her visits.

Admiral Son had welcomed her to Markion, and received some paperwork that had signed for the Kamooka Pact. She would have attended the meeting herself, but her schedule was tight.

Her visit to Phoenixia was third on her list. She had met Admiral Son in Ameria, cut a ribbon at the PenguMotor’s sight in Sjovenia, and now she was here.

“Oh dear.” Vivi began, and her and Inna exited their plane, and made their way to the waiting motorcade of cars.

“Seem’s Kyong had them roll out the largest red carpet they had.” Inna said, she eyed the long line of Phoenixian soldiers, dressed in their military best.

“That he has.” Vivi replied, motioning for her aid to grab a few extra boxes, as she made her way to the first Soldier in the line.

“Korporale Ören.” Vivi said, reading the man's name tag. “Take this as a sign of my appreciation, for welcoming me to your, and guarding my entrance.” She placed a hand on his face, and smiled. “So young, ready to shoulder such a burden.” She took out a medal from the box Inna was now holding, and pinned it to the man's chest. “I bestow upon you, the Queens Award. Personal forged and painted by yours truly.” She stepped back, straightened the man's uniform a little, and gave him a small bow. “Please take care of me.” She said, and then moved onto the next soldier. Giving a personal remark to each and one of them, followed by the award, and then a small bow.

The Last one in line, was a very young man, a Privjat Eisjel. She looked him over, and figured he could not have been old enough to have even joined the military.

“Privjat Eisjel. Please, tell me your age.” She asked.

The Privjat snapped to attention. “18, Ma'am.” He said.

Vivi narrowed her eyes at him, and she could see the sweat collecting above his brow.

“Your real age, son.” She said, in a stern, yet motherly voice.

Eisjel knew he had been caught, and did not know what to do. He lowered his head and spoke. “16, your highness.”

Vivi, placed a finger under the young boy's chin, and lifted his head. “Never lower your head son. Hold it high with pride. So young, yet ready to fight for his nation.” She caressed his face. “But never lie to me again.” She said, her words sharp like a whip, as her eyes flashed with a blue tint.

“Knight Erick. Collect this young on. He will join my detail.” she said, pinning the award to the boy’s chest and looking him over again. “We’ll talk later, young Eisjel. You’ll join my detail as Squire Eisjel, Squire to Knight Erick here.” She kissed the boy's forehead, and moved on to her host.

Friedek waited at the end of the line of Soldiers, and Vivi stopped before him. “Ah. You must be the Crown Prince Friedek Jordan Mausen.” She said, looking over the young man. “I see they honor me, by sending such a handsome young man to escort me to the palace..” She smiled as she saw a flash of red on Friedek’s cheeks.

“It would be my pleasure, Queen Vivi.” He said, holding his hand over his heart.

“Are you blushing?” Came the voice from the young lady standing next to him, as she held a hand over her mouth and giggled.

“The Princess will do well to not disrespect the Queen, with her poor manners.” Friedek barked in Phoenixian, as he clenched his teeth. Shooting a glare to his sister Etschelena, who quickly dropped her hand, and turned away. Hurt by the scolding she had just received.

Vivi giggled a little as she looked to Inna. “Such a firm man.” She said in their native Vedoric. “The ring shows he is not single.” She said again, watching as Inna was the one to blush this time, figuring out that the Queen had caught her stealing glances at Friedek.

She laughed again as she now looked at the girl that Friedek had just scolded. “Etschelena Heliana Mausen, I take it.” Vivi said, looking her over again. “Ah yes. I remember you from the ads. The Eteria car ads.” He laughed again. “You are something of an idol to the young female nobles. They all now drive that car of yours. The…” Vivi thought for a second.

“The Princess edition, My Queen.” Inna spoke up, helping Vivi to remember.
“Yes. That one. A big hit among my young nobles.” Vivi looked from the now beaming Princess, back to Friedek, who had just seemed to put two and two together, and looked at his ring., and then to Inna.

“Friedek.” She began. “I am ready to be escorted to meet your father. But the flight has been long.” She held out her hand. “May a Queen please ask for a young prince to offer her his arm to us as support?” She asked, watching him flush again, as he offered her his right arm.

“It would be my honor, your highness.” He said, shooting an angry glare at his sister, who was getting ready to start laughing again.

“Inna my dear. Why don’t you ride with the Princess here, find out the good spots for shopping.” She said, as Friedek led her to an awaiting car, and opening the door, he helped the Queen in. Once the two princesses had got in their respective car, the small motorcade rolled out of the airport, and picked up their police escort. Next stop, the Royal Palace of Phoenixia.

Once inside, Vivi got down to business. “My Dear Friedek, she said, as the door closed behind him. “I’m hearing news that some Anti-Monarchy movements have been taken out. Is your nation so anti-crown, that such large movements would be about?”

“It is the leftists. A plague to the society they may be. But, in the land of Phoenixia, expression is granted to every man, woman, and child. So, as sad as it may be, yes, there are anti monarchy groups,” Friedek was visibly disturbed by the thought of the anti-monarchists overrunning the palace.

Vivi pursed her lips. “Women’s rights in this nation, seem to be… Something of a concern of mine.” She began. “But that’s a matter I’ll talk with your father about. But what I wish to know, is if my nobles will be safe here in your nation.” She patted his shoulder. “Restoring the Monarchy is a key goal here. One day, you’ll sit on the throne, and your nation will need to be ready for that. You need to be ready for that.”

“Yes, absolutely ma’am. As always, a healthy security detail always helps. You never know what kind of junkhead will jump out at you in even the nicest parts of the city.” Friedek swallowed, and then continued, “But, I assure you that all will be safe visiting our great country.”

Meanwhile, Etschelena and Inna were having the time of their lives. “Where do you shop at home? I usually go to the Reova, right there,” she pointed at a large art deco building that has clearly been many things, but since 1989 it has become a department store, where many of the now Flagship Phoenixian brands started from.

“I don't know. I like Stylenanda. A lot of their items are worn by many pop stars, but I would love to go to the Reova after this meeting.” Inna, said, as she took some time to look over the brands, native to Phoenixia. “So, Etschelena, tell me about yourself. Princess Heir, a title we both share. '' Inna scrolled passed a lovely dress that she saved to show Vivi later.

“A little about me? I am graduating this year, I'm looking to attend Bergland University in Emerstari. My boyfriend is going there, and I'm looking for a change in location." She looked out the window. "Honestly, just wish my life was more normal than it is." She looked back to Inna. "Enough whining from me. What is the JVP like? What is Aels like, cause I haven't been there in a little while?” Etschelena asked, her mind flooded with thoughts and ideas about a region not her own.

Inna looked up from her phone. “Schools. I should be attending college next fall. I’m just taking some time off to, you know, age up a little.” She laughed at her own little joke. “But yeah. I really have my pick of school, so I’ll start looking soon.” she looked back at her phone. “My Queen Sister wants me to follow in her footsteps and become a Valkyrie, but I just want to enjoy a nice college life.” She looked up. “Which does not mean killing random Russian’s on some backwater battlefield.” She laughed again.

“So.” Inna began. “You know you are an Idol in my nation right? the Eteria model S320 Princess edition.” She laughed. “Big among our young female nobles.” She thought for a second. “Alirrula sel fa e Psailsarr.” Inna said, speaking in her native Verdorician. “Sorry.” She Laughed, before returning to speak the Regional Common. “Anyone Can Be A Princess. The Slogan they use for the ads.”

“Oh my, you don’t have to remind me,” Etschelena started laughing, “I never thought I would end up doing an ad that would be seen in the JVP, and all because of a sweet sixteen present.” She held her hand over her mouth, to help her stop laughing. “To be honest, I never knew what the text on the ad said, but this may look familiar,” She took her favorite 90’s style sunglasses from her purse that she coincidentally wore for the adverts and put them on. She looked over at Inna and broke into an even greater fit of laughter.

“You look stupid.” Inna said, as she laughed even harder. “They gave away those same shades during the promotion. You should see these noble girls.” Inna held her sides as she laughed. “I’ll have to invite you to my house one day. Just think about it. Me, hanging out with the Princess. Everyone would be… How do those American girls say it… Jelly.” The car filled with their laughter, for a few minutes, before Inna let out a sigh. “That would be fun.”

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Postby Nothern Peoples » Sun Aug 30, 2020 5:34 pm

Lars rushes out of work. His job at a news center was one of those that did not provide its workers lunch, but instead took the Government mandated 90 minute lunch break for any worker that worked a 7-10 hour shift. Luckily for him, he worked the early morning shift, typing up the pointless shit for the good lookers in the camera's view, so his work ended at noon. Not bad for 9 Marks an hour. He stopped at one of the stands just outside of the Train Station, one of about a dozen there. He orders a potato and gravy stuffed pie and a can of Jaffa, and pays up his 8 Krona to the vendor. He settles into the Station, waiting for his train home. He unwraps the pie a little cautiously, having never tried this brand before. The cart was new to the area, and generally if they were new they were just hopefuls barely starting out, and hopefuls didnt always make or buy quality food. To his surprise, it wasnt bad, still hot mashed potatoes with a gravy like sauce soaked in and chunks of beef throughout. He breaks the seal on his can of Mango Jaffa, enjoying the carbonated fruity drink. His train slides into the station, and the doors open with only a handful getting out, most notably a Public Safety Officer. Careful not to make eye contact, he enters the train, finds a seat a few rows in, and pulls out some headphones from his bag. Bulky as they were, there were some of the best quality you could buy, at well over 40 Marks. As the train pulls out of the station, he gets his plans ready for the rest of his day. Probably watch the some cooking stuff. Gordon Ramesy, incredibly popular in the black market, had been approved for viewing, and Hell's Kitchen was going nonstop on many of the channels recently. His plans for dinner was to just go out. Get some crisps or something from somewhere. Yeah, crisps, from that place near the bank. Thatll do fine.

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Postby Phoenxia » Sat Sep 05, 2020 7:22 pm


Etschelena stepped out the doors to the airport as she breathed in the beautifully fresh Emerstarian air. Ulrik’s parents were supposed to pick her up, so she looked around until she saw a sign brandished with ‘Etschelena.’ She started to walk to the woman holding the sign, she looked in her mid 40’s.

“Etschelena? Why hello! I’m Karlotte, Ulrik’s mother,” she walked over to Etschelena and gave her a tight hug, “I have heard so much about you. Please, put your bags in the back.”

Etschelena walked to the back of the car and opened the hatch. She put her suitcase, backpack, and duffle in the trunk, “Sorry if I’m not talking much, I’m just extremely tired. Very nice to finally meet you, though.” She got into the passenger seat and fastened her seatbelt, a three hour drive was ahead of her, and she wasn’t excited.

It took 20 minutes on its own to get out of Erk, and wasn’t made any better by the 5:30 traffic. Other than that, it wasn’t all bad. It was smoother than the I-4 from Kassau to Vietschen, and Karlotte was playing rather pleasant Emerstarian folk along the way. She would also pop in questions of what Phoenixia was like, how much snowfall they had by this time of the year, how cold it was, and rather awkwardly, what her school life was like. Etschelena could see the fear in Karlotte’s eyes when she heard of the such onsivilisasjon that went on at Ilanov Prep.

When they finally arrived at the Mikaelssen residence, Ulrik’s younger sister, Erika opened the door. His father, Rudolf was preparing dinner. “Etschelena, come. I’ll show you where you can put your bags. You will be staying in Ulrik’s room,” she waved Etschelena inside. As they made their way up the stairs and into the hallway, Karlotte peaked into one of the rooms, “Karl, honey, dinner will be ready soon, please come downstairs.”

“Mom, I can’t afford to eat dinner tonight, I have to weigh in at seven tomorrow morning, and I’m a tenth under.”

“Well, at least sit at the table to be polite to our guest,” she closed the door and moved onto Ulrik’s room, which by it’s looks hadn’t been touched for a year. “Now, let’s get seated for dinner.”

Everyone had already taken their places by the time Etschelena got downstairs. For what you would expect from the absolutely siviliseradt ideal Emerstarian family, it was a rather dysfunctional dynamic. Rudolf snapped at Karl for being on his phone. Erika, well, she was actually fine, but both Karlotte and Rudolf were attempting to awkwardly make small talk through the relative silence of the dinner table.

Now, amidst their dinner, a peculiar knock came from the door. There were no other visitors to be expected at this dinner to the knowledge of those present, but Rudolf, as the head of his household, excused himself from the table to go answer. Upon opening the door, an expression of shock spread across his face, and he briefly looked back towards the others before returning his attention to the man at the door, who he recognized to be the Duke of Ekkesburg. Living within the suburbs of Ekkesburg city itself, the Duke was Rudolf's immediate liege, — no barons nor earls were to be found between Rudolf and Thomes. "Your Grace?" he spoke, bowing his head and kissing Thomes's hand when it was put forth to him.

Thomes nodded and smiled towards Rudolf as a show of approval with what the man did, noticing he was somewhat thrown off by a second unexpected royal visitor, having just gotten over the fact that he already had one; the fact the first royal visitor was in a relationship with his eldest son was another matter entirely. "May I come in, Mann Mikaelssen?"

“Why yes, my liege, we are just starting our dinner. Please, come in,” Rudolf was clearly shocked as he returned to the table. No one really knew why until they saw Thomes come into the dining room.

“Etschelena,” he said acknowledging her, “I’m glad you’ve made it here relatively safely, at least I hope.” Then, he moved onto acknowledging the others, “I met you at the door, Mann Mikaelssen, but it’s a pleasure to see Kone Mikaelssen as well in addition to your children, save for Mikael if I’m not mistaken?”

“Thomes, it’s a pleasure to see you again. If I am not mistaken, the last time we talked was at Magdelena Helene’s funeral, Yes?”

“That is indeed correct, but I must say, you’ve got my most sincere condolences that I didn’t make it to your father’s funeral. I apologize to bring up such a topic right now, but I hope you’re doing well with that.”

“I’m doing just fine, thank you. I do hope you will be at my sister’s coronation, though.”

“So long as she’ll be at mine,” he said, smiling a bit at his joke and recalling his meeting with Haida back in the JVP.

Etschelena giggled a little bit, “Enough of my rambling, I will let Mann Mikaelssen speak.”

“My Liege, this is Karl and Erika. I do recall you meeting Ulrik, who is at Bergland as of now,” Rudolf pointed at both of his children respectively.

“It’s good to meet both of you, Karl and Erika. How old are you two?” Thomes turned his attention from Rudolf to his present children.

In quick succession, Karl, then Erika said, “sixteen,” “fourteen.”

Thomes briefly asked Rudolf if he might sit down at a spare seat before continuing his conversation. “Are you attending a gymnasjon, Karl?”

“Yeah, I’m getting my industrial technology qualification at St. Ingolf’s,” Karl quickly put his phone in his pocket.

“A fairly important sector in the Emerstarian economy, industrial technology. I’m sure you’ll go far with that. So, you’re still in high school then, Erika, yes?”

“Yes, my liege,” Erika was much more courteous and conscientious than her brother was, and that’s just how it has always been.

“I don’t suppose you’ve got a favorite subject in school, have you?” Thomes said, trying to prod Erika into talking some more before he spoke to Kone Mikaelssen.

“I quite like language arts.”

“You seem like a good speaker, and a formal one, from what little I’ve heard. I can imagine you’re good with language.” Thomes then turned to Karlotte and said, “My apologies for taking so long to speak to you, Kone Mikaelssen, and moreover for interrupting this fine dinner of yours, but you have got quite an exceptional guest right here.” Thomes motioned towards Etschelena.

“It is quite alright, my liege, and from what I have heard from our Ulrik, she is quite an exceptional guest,” Karlotte smiled at the Duke and then Etschelena.

“I wouldn’t want to overstay my welcome then, especially having just showed up all of a sudden at your door, and I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable by being a Duke sitting here while you guys eat. If you or Etschelena need anything, though, I encourage you to get into contact with me. My thanks.” Thomes began to stand up, shaking hands with Rudolf as he did so.

And so, they all wished Thomes well as he went through the door. As they heard it close, they resumed their dinner. Etschelena began, “Karl, I assume you wrestle like your brother?”

“Yeah, I forgot that you’re like… from the wrestling capital of Markion, you actually met Ulrik at the regional championships, yeah? I was there too, I remember seeing you run up to him on the mat— in heels!” he began laughing at the memory of her all those months ago awkwardly running up to his brother.

Karlotte gasped and looked at Karl, “You know better than to make fun of guests, young man!”

Etschelena stopped her while laughing, “No, no. It’s fine. I should know better than to wear street shoes on the mat,” she continued to laugh. “And Erika, do you do any sports?” Etschelena turned her attention to the younger girl across from her.

“I play volleyball and tennis. Did you play any at home?” Erika looked back at Etschelena, genuinely smiling for the first time that night.

“Yeah, I was on an all province softball team there,” soon enough, dinner was over, so Etschelena went up to take a shower and go to bed. This was her new home, and she was absolutely ecstatic of what was to come. As she finally hit her bed, she was listening to the new album by Dormensk, it felt like cement was filling her eyelids as she drifted to sleep.
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Postby Phoenxia » Mon Sep 14, 2020 6:54 pm


Etsch was rudely awakened at six to an indecipherable ruckus in the hallway. Karl was getting up and ready for something is what she gathered. She closed her eyes again and got about 45 minutes more before her door was opened by Rudolf.

“Get dressed, kiddo. We’re gonna go to a tournament,” he was all ready, probably already drove Karl to the school.

She picked up her head from the pillow, her eyes were still heavy, “What? Why do I have to go?”
She rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms.

“Etsch, you’re apart of our family now. Family is there for eachother. Come on and be there for Karl,” as he walked away from the doorway, she got some clothes for the day. Nothing much, her Ilanov Prep sweatshirt, leggings, like any other school day.

She made her way down the stairs as the aromatic smell of breakfast filled the air. She sat down at the table where Erika was waiting. “What is there to eat?”

Erika looked up from the book she was reading, “Breakfast is over, just make some toast,” she turned back to her book, “should have woken up earlier.”

Etschelena picked out two slices of bread and pushed down the toaster. She looked at her phone for two odd minutes until they popped up. She spread them thinly with jam. It somehow caught Erika’s peripheral vision.

She looked over and mouthed ‘what?’

Etsch giggled and said, “Gotta keep this figure somehow, butter ruins it, you know?” She walked back to the table and ate her toast.

Rudolf walked back into the room, “Alright girls, are you ready?” They both nodded and stood up to go out the door. Outside, they walked to his truck, Etschelena sat in front, and Erika sat in the back.

The massive parking lot for Rosshem Secondary and Gymnasjon was a slushy mess, everyone stepped out in unison. They got about thirty feet from the truck when Etschelena felt a hand on her shoulder, “Hey you!” Ulrik grabbed her up in a bear hug. “So, how was your flight?”

“Oh my god, Ulrik! You scared the shit out of me!” she hugged him back, “My flight was long, to say the least. What are you doing here, though?”

“I heard you were in town for one, and I never miss one of my little brother’s tournaments,” they resumed walking. “Anyways, how is my favorite little sister?”

“It’s life,” Erika walked over and hugged her oldest brother.

“Alright, let’s get inside, kids,” Rudolf resumed walking and checked his watch, “It’s due to start pretty soon.”
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Postby The JVP » Mon Oct 12, 2020 10:04 pm

Ardmarie, Ameria

The trip to Markion had really come to a surprise to Kyong, who had been spending the past few months as, what they called a hype man, in the boxing world. Really all he did was read passages from his book, 'A Passion to Fight', for Teimurazi 'The Monster' Oxmaul. In the short few months since meeting the boxer at the Royal Masquerade Gala, he had become the boxer's personal reader, both before matches and during training. This role even saw him going to press interviews and weigh-ins. These are things Kyong did not mind, he even enjoyed them as they gave him great insight into the next box he was writing 'Love after the 12th round.'

No, Kyong had enjoyed his time with Teimurazi, and the two had grown very close. So it was no surprise that over dinner at a press event, that the Boxer had confessed to Kyong about his attraction to the writer, and Kyong very touched also confessed his feelings for the boxer. A few private dates later, Kyong would be surprised by the boxer once again, when asked by a report why he seemed to be more dominant in the ring and if it had something to do with a love interest. That Teimurazi outright turned to Kyong and said "Yes. The love of Kyong has helped me to push past my limits and excel as a boxer.." Locking his fingers with Kyong, he would say finding happiness has helped him.

This event of course sent great ripples through out the boxing world, as many supported the now openly gay boxer, as others were not so supportive. One of those unsupportive boxers happened to be Teimurazi's next opponent. A number one contender match for a Championship match against the current WBO Champion.

Slurs and negative press events would follow, with Teimurazi being very respectful, and his opponent using the stage to throw out homophonic insults. But the night of the fight Teimurazi would end the fight with one punch, a power straight to the face, dropping his opponent and causing the ref to call for a stoppage. Teimurazi would then go on to win the WBO belt.

The whole time during these events, Kyong still accompanied Teimurazi to events, they still held hands as they walked in, and even shared a kiss after Teimurazi won the WBO belt. Kyong had been openly gay for some time, but most did not wish to believe it, so he kept to himself mostly. Even with his relationship being very public, the young writer would still get personal calls from female nobles. Wishing for him to read to them, as they laid in bed with little on but a light robe.

He even got an invite from the High Queen herself, who wished for a personal reading of his new book. It was there that the Queen had told him that he would have made a good husband for her, but she would not hold it against him. Their time together was very enjoyable for Kyong, who was growing tired of all the advancements he would receive from other nobles.

Kyong sighed, all this seemed like years ago, and now here he was in another nation in another region, and sitting right across from him was the love of his life.

"Teimurazi." Kyong began, taking a sip of his tea, a blast of flavor filling his mouth as he enjoyed the Ameria blend.

Teimurazi put down his phone and focused on Kyong. "Yes my love?" He said, watching Kyong blush slightly.

"Umm." They have been dating for months, and Kyong still could not get past how the boxer spoke to him. 'My Love' This term always sent chills down his spin and caused his face to grow flush. "Umm." He said again, trying to regain his thoughts. "Inna should be meeting us later on today. She said she knows a few good places to eat." Kyong finally got out.

Teimurazi patted his stomach. "So much good food in this region. I'll have to start fighting in a new weight class." He sent a smile to Kyong. "Unless you want to train with me this week." He lowered his voice to a low bare-tone whisper. "I could use a good sparring partner to go a few rounds." He let out a deep laugh as Kyong's eyes grew wide and his face flushed some more. "You are truly a sight to behold."

Kyong faced away, trying to hide the state of his face, but knew that would not help. "Fine." He finally said. "But as far as I remember, I'm the only one to have scored a knock out on the great Monster." Kyong held his fists up. "I'm the true Champion here."

The boxer laughed, as he threw some money on the table and got to his feet. "Then Mister Unified Champion. Would you be so kind as to escort this lowly boxer for a walk around the park?" He held his hand out for Kyong to take.

"I don't see why not. I know it must be tiring having to carry around all my belts." Kyong said, taking his hand and pulling the boxer close to him. "Today is my victory." He said, placing a light kiss on the boxer. "Also, I would like to check out the Museum here. Ardmarie is said to be rich in history. I wish to write a book set here."

"As you wish my love." Teimurazi said, as the two locked fingers, leaving the small cafe.

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Postby Republic of Altos and Stratis » Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:54 am

OOC: Was originally going to be my first post for Foal Penguin, but since this is more a prologue, I felt it would fit better here.

Wolok, Ameria

A final shot rang out over the otherwise quiet outdoor range. Jules let out a sigh of relief when she set her rifle down. Her day of training had finally begun to catch up with her; after her posh stay in Kamooko, she had to reacclimatize to the physical exertion. Even though Jules had spared with a Durranese martial artist during her time there, she had hoped that her friend Sasha would have joined her and made it an exciting competition. But she was off doing spy stuff or something else interesting with Defence Intelligence.

While Jules would’ve liked to spend a bit more time training before head off to Foal Penguin in The JVP, she was excited to visit another nation besides the usual Milinow Orez Zitzekov Group (MOZ) stomping grounds of Vilhala, Diyaristan, and Phoenxia. But she was also nervous; Jules had never been on exercise with any military. To her knowledge, this was the first time the MOZ Group had ever attended any wargames, never mind an international one.

Her flight to The JVP would be in a few days. By then, Jules hoped that she would be more or less back in shape and ready for a fight.
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Postby Nothern Peoples » Fri Nov 13, 2020 7:50 pm

He groans, rolls over, and turns off the alarm. It was 0500 in the morning, and he was in the Berga Army Base, near Nynäshamn, Sweden, in the third floor of a five floor barrack building. He puts on his uniform, not the brown one of the PTs, but the camouflaged ones of the YTM uniform, the red on his collars showing he was a tanker, and grabs his rucksack. He had packed it to 22kg the night before, in preparation for this ruckmarch. He would spend two hours that morning marching 10km in 5c weather, undergoing the daily physical training the Federation Army required. Afterwards, he drops his weighy ruck onto his bed, and goes to take a shower in his barracks rooms small bathroom, beating his roommate to it.
He walks to two kilometers to the motorpool, a backpack containing his helmet and gloves on his back, and stops by one of the venders along the route, buying a simple breakfast stuffed pie for a few Krona, to eat once he gets to his tank. He gets to hi motorpool by 0900, and sets his backpack on the ground in front of his Wolf tank, leaning over the front slope of it as he bites into the stuffed pie. Its simple, tube shaped, crispy fried bread with insides of egg, spicy sausage, and hashbrowns, one he buys two or three times a week. Once he finishes, he starts to undo the tarps on top of his tank, with the rest of the company arriving by 0920. At 0930, theres a quick company formation in front of the tanks, and then the platoon crowds around the platoon sergeant as he gives out the priorities for the day. Afterwords, he returns to his tank, finishing untarping it and then uses his key to open the Gunners hatch, climbing in, and then sliding into the hole in the turret basket that allows access to the drivers hole. He quickly opens his hatch, and start up his tanks engine, the turboshaft engine spooling up with a whine as it starts. Then he pulls out his phone, ready to sit for an hour just running the tank. After running it for an hour, he starts working on cleaning the breach within the tank, moving the metal guards out of the way to do so.
By 1200, he had locked the tank back up, and grabbed his backpack before heading to the chow hall for lunch. He puts on his mask as he walks in, and scans his ID at the counter, then grabs a tray, moving down the line as hes handed a bowl filled with Vintergyta, and then a plate with thick cut potato crisps and mixed vegetables on it. He heads off to get a drink, and then settles down at a table to eat.
By 1300, hes back at the motorpool, unlocking the tank and returning to cleaning the turret, eventually, with the help of a pair of his platoonmates, moves his tank into the maintenance bay towards the end of the day, shutting it down for the mechanics to work on its scavenger fan tomorrow, then he heads out to formation, with the day ending with an 1800 company formation. On his way back to his room, he gets some food for dinner from a takeout place, spending four Marks on some Palt with spicy pork filling and Falukorv sausage, plus a can of Jaffa cola.

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Postby The JVP » Thu Feb 04, 2021 5:45 pm

Madison Square Garden

The Night seemed to drag on and on, as Teimurazi laid on the bench, his head placed in Kyong's lap, as the writer read to him.

"Our love is more than just this uniform, more than the titles and rank we aim for. Pandora said, dropping her weapon and rushing Favine. Our love is..." Kyong paused, as he always did at this point, and slid the book to the side just enough to see Teimurazi face.

"Our Love is unbreakable." The Boxer said. "Like the blades we clash together." He smiled, as Kyong lent down, hair falling over the boxer and providing them with their own little world.

"You sure you want me to keep reading you this book, over and over?" Kyong said, looking into the deep blue glow of Teimurazi eyes.

"Forever and ever." He said, arching up to Kiss Kyong.

"Teimurazi" Yelled a stern voice from the doorway. "Flirting times over. They are calling for you."

Teimurazi rose from the bench and looked to Kyong, holding his gloves out to him.

"You have professional trainers to put your gloves on, and yet you always ask me to do it." Kyong said, taking the gloves and began fastening them to Teimurazi fists.

"When you do it, you bring me good luck. Luck I will need tonight." He looked at the group of men slowly circling around them. A Few of them holding his championship belts.

"Before I met you, I only had two belts. Now, I'm one belt away from being the unified Super Bantamweight, of the world." He raised his gloves to kiss Kyong's hands. "This is all thanks to you."

Kyong, taken aback by the words, just slowly began his small pre fight chant. "Please come back safe and unharmed."

"Alright. War face Monster." The Man at the door said. "We've been training for this day for years. Now go out there, and show the world why they should fear your fists."

"Yes Da... Coach." Teimurazi said, heading out the door, the group of men flanking him, holding up the multiple championship belts he held.

"Yelp, I'll head to my seat." Kyong said, picking up his stuff, and making for the door. He was stopped by the Coach.

"No. Tonight you will stand in his corner." The Coach locked eyes with Kyong. "Your love brought my son this far. He'll need you by his side for his biggest fight." A Smile graced the Coach's lips, as he led the Writer down the hall.


The Match was nothing to write home about. The Second Teimurazi spotted Kyong at his corner, he knew he had to put on a real show, and 20 seconds before the bell to end the first round, He hit his opponent with a powerful body blow that dropped him to his knees. Teimurazi watched as his opponent looked to his corner and shook his head. Then the towel came into the ring, and area roared in cheers.

Teimurazi had done it. TKO in the first round. He was mobbed by his corner as they lifted him up, and danced him around the ring, before letting him down so the ref and judges could officially announce the results.

After the belt was placed around his waist, he was crowned Unified World Champion. He looked for Kyong, who still sat outside the ring, eyes wide as he watched him. He motioned for him to enter the ring, and offered his fists, so Kyong could take the gloves off.

"Thank you." Teimurazi said softly, as his first glove came off.

"I'm just glad you are unhurt." Kyong whispered back, taking off the other glove, and then held them close to his chest. "I'll hold onto these, see's they want an interview."

Teimurazi turned as a reporter moved towards him.

"What a show. Monster, tell me what was going through your mind during the fight?" The Reporter asked.

"My Mind? Oh, just that I have to finish this fight and not fuck up my next move." He Said.

"And What next move is that?" The Reporter quipped back.

"This." He said, moving over to Kyong, and bending to one knee. The Reporter quickly gets the mic to his lips.

"Kyong Ashynwar." Teimurazi began, as his father slipped him a box. Teimurazi opened it, and held the platinum band in the box, closer to the writer.

"We have been on this journey for what feels like a long time. Some may seem I have achieved my dream tonight, but that will only happen if you tell me right now." He scanned Kyong's face, he had that look like he just wrote a whole new novel in his head.

Then Kyong bent down to one knee himself, and pulled out a ring box. "You always get the jump on me." He locked eyes with the boxer. "Of course I'll marry you. I'm really the only one you can't beat in the ring." Kyong braced himself as Teimurazi lurched forward and wrapped Kyong in a hug. The Area then went wild.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you too, you big ox." Kyong said, pulling back and planting a kiss on the boxer. "But... Maybe we should head out." He said softly under his breath, now aware of the large area, and the cameras broadcasting this very moment around the world.


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