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Postby Polkopia » Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:10 pm


Last edition of Worldvision marked another Top-10 finish for Polkopia and the PNB opted to continue the tradition of using a National Final in order to determine Polkopia's entrant for the next edition of the contest. It should come as a surprise to no one that this National Final will once again take place in the form of the Landa vy Polkopiya, which has served as the National Final for Polkopia for decades and is one of Polkopia's longest-running TV shows. The contest dates back to 1972, where the winner of the competition received a cash price and was flown to Peeto in order to record more tracks with an established Polkopian record label. Of course, times in Polkopia are much different now, and apart from exposure on several media platforms, the winner of the Landa vy Polkopiya typically has the opportunity to represent Polkopia in the Worldvision Song Contest.

The lineup for this edition of the Landa vy Polkopiya has been revealed! As always, the PNB is calling on international juries to submit their votes before the conclusion of the semi-finals, and this result will be mixed with a televote in a 50/50 format in order to calculate the overall winner of the competition. The list of competing entries can be found below:

Semi #1

#1. Daaria Khala - Floodgates
Language: Polkopian
Tune: Linda Bengtzing - Jag Ljuger så Bra

#2.Stas Lisa - Vyanniy Svet
Language: Polkopian
Title Translation: Fading Light
Tune: Agoney - Black

#3.LAVAN - Lamborghini
Language: Polkopian
Tune: zalagasper - origami

#4.Nastya - Beside Me
Language: English
Tune: Elyanna (feat. Massari) - Ana Lahale

#5.Fyodor Kas' - Hello
Language: English
Tune: Vitor Kley - O Sol

Semi #2

#1. Mariya Yoroček - Lights Out
Language: English/Polkopian
Tune: MoMo - Si Tu Boquita

#2. Stefana Stellar - Konča
Language: Polkopian
Title Translation: The End
Tune: Aleksandra Radovic - Ne Hvala

#3. Passion8 - Evergreen
Language: English
Tune: MisterWives - SUPERBLOOM

#4. Renata - Diamond in the Rough
Language: English
Tune: Demi Lovato - In The Mirror

#5. An Na (ft. Draako) - Puls' Serdtsa
Language: English/Polkopian
Translation: Heartbeat

To vote: Send a TG (Or DM on Discord) to Polkopia with all 10 of the songs in order from your favorite to least favorite.
Anthem (Instrumental) Factbook Embassy
Check out the Polkopian Premier League

1st place: 8 Times (WV25, WV30, WV35 WV39, WV44, WV48, WV50, WV75)
2nd place: 2 Times (WV26, WV34)
3rd place (8 Times: WV27, WV31, WV32, WV37, WV54, WV59, WV70, WV72)

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Postby North Alezia » Wed Jul 29, 2020 9:58 pm

So basically I almost hosted WV 83. Only to be defeated by a tiebreaker.




First of all,

We express our gratitude from the Alezian Broadcasting Authority's Headquarters to you for bringing cultural exchange between us in music. We hope that this friendly competitive gesture of the Worldvision Song Contest continues in a cycle of time.

We North Alezians went through hardships in the past, but we managed to bring new life of love and compassion... and music! We can't wait to sing our hearts on international stage.

Now that we had a succesful latest run of 2nd in WV83 brought by Samara and Izdar, with the addition of a satisfying although failed, attempt at hosting the contest, we felt that we can bid again to bring Zafizamarrah to you, the world.

We hope that this bid impressed your needs of a host, and We hope that we can meet you in Zafizamarrah.

Game On, World! Here comes Zafi!



Zafizamarrah Al Munawarrah or Zafi or ZF or Wattenri (Meaning the City of the Lady (either Queens or Princesses) in Buginese) is the current holder of the capital of the Federation of North Alezia. It’s a very complicated city with Bugis and British influence and culture (which made no sense whatsoever). Zafi already existed since the inception of the Sultanate of Zafi in 1458 after the leader who practised animism entered Islam. Under the Sultanate, Zafizamarrah grew to be a major hub in trade due to its perfect sea location. Buginese merchants came to the city hundreds of years later, specifically 1622, in which the Buginese assimilate with the Alezians and created a community of understanding. The Buginese also introduced Maritime Technology, Buginese Language and Food, and Knowledge on trade and port-building. They're the guys who built Oldport .

The British created their influence when the Sultanate fell back in 1882 and created the Colony of North and South Alezia (in which the British quickly pulled out from the South due to its people having problems with the British). Somehow, the British respected the Buginese and Alezians and treated them as equals. The British further developed Zafi to be a economic power for the British Empire by building NewPort next to the Old Port. They actually planned to destroy the Old Port and build over it, but it was eventually canceled due to economic concerns. The British also brought many laws that eventually inspire North Alezian constitution. Together, these three shaped Zafi to be an international industrial and maritime hub.

When the North Alezians declared independence back in 1958, however… The Iliya Dictatorship was installed, which closed any entry and exit to North Alezia. And because that’s obviously unfair, and hurt Zafi's economy. The once major port, now lost in obscurity just because fears of getting invaded. in 1988 the Dictatorship was overthrown. After 1988, Zafi earned her prowess again after 30 years of isolation. Now, Zafi is trying to be relevant again, especially with the increased transparency after Ryo-Seung Da’s premiership full of mistakes (2019-2020). Zafi’s primary industry is Fish and Memes, in which these industries becoming very profitable for Zafi, earning the city AZ$ 176 Billion every year. If they can break targets, they can be on their way to be the Meme Capital of The World. Currently, Zafizamarrah houses 500 100m+ buildings, with a lot to come. Why so many? Because Zafizamarranians love skyscrapers, with more to come.

Zafi is the city to be multicultural. Other than your usual Alezian Muslim (Native who surprisingly have hispanic-styled skin), Buginese, and British people, Zafi's also a place of communities of Arabs, French, Malta Comino Gozoan, Kalosian, and many more we can't mention because it'll be a long introduction.

Because it's North Alezia's capital, many of the stuff that came to North Alezia, always went to Zafi first, and then to other regions atleast 2 months later.

Want to know more about the city? Click here!


North Alezia is a very big musical country. Alezians, Buginese, British, EVERYONE brough their music in. Alezians brought traditional music, Buginese brought their classics (Angin Mamiri is a popular Buginese song and always comes out first if a teacher asked examples of Buginese Music), and the British brought orchestra. This is why North Alezia still have a big opera and orchestra culture.

You can think North Alezians as the music lovers. North Alezians have a tradition that started back in the primitive era. Hundreds of thousand years ago, Primitive Alezians love to gather around in groups of 5-10, and they each showed their voicing abilities (not singing, just making sounds with their voices), with the best gets to have the biggest portion of their hunt, and the worst gets hit by a stick one time by other cavemen. This is a very unique culture as there no proof of other cavemen in other parts of the world that did this ritual. Which gave us proof that this ritual only found on the lands of Alezia. So, we can assume that this is an activity Alezian cavemen made to pass time and show dominance over another.

Hundreds of thousands of years later, during the Sultanate Era, there's not really much for music. It's only limited to Islamic music, with praises inside, and soar the hardest on eid. Music in Sultanate era is only related to Islamic teachings, and mostly centered on drums and sitar and violins (the Islamic version I forgot what is the actual name)

Then the British came to North Alezia, spreading their music culture with addition of European music. North Alezians get to taste orcestra, and introduction of western violins, piano, and many more. North Alezians then used music to pass the time after laboring in British factories with small pay. The British influenced North Alezian music so much, that North Alezians love orchestra more than any other Muslim-majority country.

Discussion over independence was made between British government and a group called "Peaceful Start for North Alezia", with North Alezia finally start being independent in 1958. Something went wrong, however. The Iliyas got to hold government position and restricts everyone's rights. Due to their fear of being overthrown, they created a plan to keep the North Alezians happy. They saw the creation of AR (AleziRadio, ABA's predecessor) from what the British left them to start with, and they consulted the AR to create an annual musical festival to keep the people happy and spread musical knowledge all over the country. And thus the Festival Of Songs (predecessor of Alezimania) was born. FUN FACT: The Novogrodies are the most well known family that participated in FOS. Aziz Goridagyev Novogrody (Robi's Grandfather) holds the massive record of the most wins held by a person, with him winning 3 TIMES in 1958, 1969, and 1977. Mukhlis Krasnaya Novogrody (Robi's Father who'll eventually be the best premier of North Alezia) got 3rd place in 1983, and Robi got 2nd place in ALEZIMANIA Season 1.

AleziRadio was eventually dissolved due to a massive corruption of AZ$ 356 BILLION found inside of their higher ups. It was rumoured that Mukhlis (the premier from 1988-1998) got so angry that he broke his favorite belt after hitting his bed with it and shouted his worst words unheard before by her wife and her children (Robi and Ainii). He was so angry that AleziRadio was dissolved on spot and the higher ups were called to trial, some resulted in excecution. One month later, the AleziRadio committee were reformed to finally form the Alezian Broadcasting Authority we love and adore.

The country eventually start to seek international attention, especially lately. They found that the world are enjoying a musical battle royale called the Worldvision Song Contest. They broadcasted it for years, until the ABA got a chance to send an Alezian singer to the contest, and the rest, is history.

The ABA created discussion in its internal team and decieded to bid for the 83rd contest, but lost to Llalta. This time, the Alezians are more motivated to host, because they might never host it again. This time, they're back for the 84th contest bid.



If the contest went to Zafi, it will be held in Mitawaqqul Maqzafi. With 6500 people capacity, 1500 standing and 5000 seated, this venue is very ideal for events such as this contest. MM, as it’s commonly called among citizens of Zafizamarrah was just recently built and the exterior giving the venue an ecological sense (even though ecology is not in our theme.).

The venue also contains a green room (with drinks that artists can choose! maybe tequilla? wine? we can get those, but what if you can't drink alcohol or you're muslim? (Muslims can't drink alcohol due to religious orders), there's soda, juice, and many more!) for the artists.

We also have commentary room for each country (these rooms are already safe for usage from COVID-19, each with their own special microphone and TV screens). The venue also contains media and press room.

Need to practice? No worries! We have practice room available. If you need to use them, don’t forget to book first (because we kinda predicted that many countries will use this facility, and we only have four rooms).

AND, if you’re feeling religious, there are many praying places prepared inside the venue. If you really need to use a big praying place, just contact us and we’ll tell you where to go.

AND, for those who worry about their health and don’t want to go out but still want to taste Zafi (especially food), there are UberEats and AleziRide (kinda like Gojek) standing by (thank you) so you can eat anything Zafi without even stepping out of your hotel room!.

The venue is connected with Metro Zafi, in which you can use our fast trains to go almost basically everywhere!. Mitawaqqul is also located near but not too near the airport and there are 4 plus 1 official only hotels located around the radius, thus minimalizing the need to get out excessively, except if the artist wants to explore the city, in which we recommend, but kindly also ask for he/she/them/it to be careful and maintain health procedures while enjoying the city and having fun.

Airplane: Mukhlis Krasnaya International Airport (18 km)
Ship: Arbaqqi Seaport (24 km)
Maridannur Seaport (27 km)
Iqliza Seaport (32 km) (fun fact, due to all of these places working together and interconnected, these places are called MAMI
NT : Urmi Station (10 km) (If you want to go out of Zafi and enjoy what the outside has to offer)
Limattangi Station (19 km) (Same like Urmi)
Nearest Metro Zafi Stations:
: Worldvision/Mittawaqul (literally walks away, like 40 m from venue) (Line 1,2,3,4 (use this to go to Isbar Waterfall, the National
Cinema and the Mall))
: Ilmiah (200 m) (Line 5 and Monorail Line 1 (Use this to go to PAAASSSAAA CHHHEEENNDDEERRAAAMMAATTEEE (Souvenir shop), the City
Centre, and the Meme Museum of Zafizamarrah.

1. Itiiya Wall (remembrance of the old bad days of dictatorship)
2. La Galigo Museum (Museum about the famous Bugis literature (it's real irl))
3. Little Bristol (British Cultural Epitome of Zafi)
4. Tennery Club (Usually, North Alezian authority don't really like putting night clubs, but this one earned a pass)
5. Fast Food Street (Want to add weight? Go here!)
PLUS, THE OLD 6 COMPLEX (The oldest 6 standing buildings in Zafizamarrah that still aren't destroyed yet):
1. Al Fatarrah Mosque (Isn't a mosque anymore due to it's danger of falling over. Now a museum, the mosque is moved out of the complex)
2. House of Cammington (The house of the first Governor-General of North Alezia, Sir Kinsley Cammington)
3. Bugis-Arab-British Meeting Place of Understanding (The place where the three declared peace and oath of protecting each other)
4. Haji Arung's Buginese Foods (Want to try the best Buginese foods? Order your food here! The most experienced.)
5. Itra' Habi Al Hana (Old corporate building. A Museum of a fire incident back in 1912 that burned many buildings around British Zafi)
6. Kam Da Duri School (A school that still exist till now, in which a portion of it is used for Public and Students Museum)



Here we can see the stage for Zafizamarrah 84. Look at that! After earning a lot of backlash about the stage being too simple by the North Alezian public, M. Daz Rizaq once again went back to his beautiful drawing board, and came up with something simple, yet abstract. Once again, we used two entrance that also work as a screen that slides to give way for the singer.

Like usual, we give the stage the best feel that any singer can have, with 20 overhead lights and 10 floor lights that can change colors and shapes, this stage is just impressive for your stage needs. Pyrotechnics? We got it fam. 3D Hologram? We also got you

First of all, the elevating platform. If you want to, you can use the elevating platform as a performance opportunity, want to be a queen of the sky? use the platform! Wanna show your best in yodeling? Use the platform! Wanna do a mountain prop (like Julia Samoylova)? Use big sized cloth and once again, use the platform!

Second of all, we give you our beautiful viewers not just one, but FOUR catwalks. Why? This is in order for the singer to "move" more so they can feel the audience. And once again, this has something to do with the logo. The lines of light of the world flew and swam and gather in Mittawaqul for one (maybe more) night. And if you look closely, It kinda resembles the sun. Another important part of the earth.

Third of all,

Ta daaa!
We give you a 55m LED Screen! Wow so tall, you ask. Why?
Imagine you only have a few cash to only get a single bronze Worldvision ticket. So you have to sadly watch far on the venue. Sometimes it's so hard to see who is singing. And so, we give everyone a single big screen so that everyone get the same opportunity to see their artist! If you want to, we can even split the screen even to sixteen little screen! So be sure to utilize it!

Lines Of The World

As you can see on the first part of this bid, the logo consists of three "vertical lines" and two "horizontal lines" that intersect each other. This has a meaning. Each lines represent different kind of people. Those lines or people come together to shape something artistic yet simple, which also means that the logo also tells you that "It's simple to make a beauty. All we gotta do is bring everything we have together for one goal". The five lines surprisingly also represents the 5 virtues of North Alezia. Which are: Peace, Tolerance, Love, Happiness, and Openness. Hopefully, the world of many many countries can be united, not government-wise, but heart-wise.

Also, if you glimpse a little bit, you can see the letters 8 and 4, although you have to spin your head a little bit to see it. This also has a meaning. "People have different prespectives. But it's fine."


We kept the scoreboard simple. To reduce costs, and to bring back memories of the simple modern design of the 2000s. We'll mention our technical sponsor, ARICO on the right side. We'll also bring the lines in to the scoreboard. The ARICO Technological Team still discussing whether to actually move each country's position everytime they got points more than the others, or keep the position of each country based on their running number only, not moving based on how many points they get.


The Postcard consists of the usual flag, the name of the country, the artist and the song's name.
And, with the addition of a special version of the "lines" logo using the flag for colors for the lines on the left part of the postcard.

Before the postcard, each country will receive a special introduction video which the performers explore around Zafi, having fun, interacting with the locals the safe way. (you're free to use this as an RP plan) Visiting the Meme Museum, visiting many religious sites, looking at the roots of Zafi, feeling the windy breeze of the sea, and more!

Buginese Culture and Lontara


Bugis culture has been dominant around North Alezia, with maritime knowledge shared by the Buginese first before the British expanded the knowledge. They built Zafi's Old Port which still become Zafi's and even North Alezia's number one seaport that become so profitable giving the country AZ$ 832 Billion every year.

Even though the Buginese are one of the major people that lived in Zafizamarrah and North Alezia (10% of North Alezians and 65% of Zafizamarans are Buginese or have Buginese relatives in their family oak tree), they don't get the recognition they deserved, even though they contributed many things to Zafizamarrah and North Alezia.

(example (for those that ACTUALLY know Buginese, apologies if the names that I put here are very non accurate) of Buginese people that contribute to North Alezia :
1. Petta Tunriakkang (one of the major writers for the First Draft of North Alezian constitution),
2. Muhammad Anra Lamaka (one of the defining Buginese artists),
3. Andi Salahuddin Mahmud (best North Alezian painter)
4. Dariq Ratakang (designer of the New District of Zafizamarrah)
5. Mushafi Mohammad Tamalanrea (designer of the Newport-Oldport bridge)
6. J-S Jams (Jamaluddin Salah) (Best North Alezian Rapper of the 1990s)
7. Saddam Firzikata (Best North Alezian chess player 1975-1996)
8. Andi Rinra Panaikata (Wife of Mukhlis Krasnaya Novogrody, designer of the Rinra Ringroad that is essential to the national economy, yes, she's the mother of Robi and Ainii, two out of three of our smexy hosts, will be spectating in front seats)
and many more!

The Worldvision Song Contest is a good start to recognize their contribution. So we decided to give their culture to the modern world!

For non Buginese, people on North Alezia loves Lontara so much that some people loves to make their favorite letter of Lontara as some kind of a good luck charm or something. Some people even relate to each of the letters. Lontara keychains, shirts, and many more are also Zafi's best tourist souvenirs.

Imara Syafani, Andi Robi Idris Novogrody, Andi Ainii Irqimaza Novogrody


We'll direct you throughout the show with your beautiful hosts! We'll meet our original host from last bid And we'll know them one by one!
Their clothes in the photo are the clothes they'll wear in this contest. And you can realize that this has a meaning inside it.
Imara's wearing white representing purity
Ainii's wearing black representing experience
Robi's wearing a combination of both representing humanity. Hopefully purely filled with experience and softness.

These three can act! they can sing (they'll sing alot, especially Robi and Imara), they can joke! they can host, obviously!

Imara Syafani
You know her. It's Imara. North Alezia's debutante who is lucky enough to represent us for our first run in Tiferet, Ertzei Kishim two editions ago, Sadly, she was unlucky and got 17th. Now that she's back home, though, Imara sought to modernize her discography with more pop modern songs and avoid too much breaking plates and glass. We picked Imara due to her expertise experiencing first stuff. Especially Worldvision. She's the most enthusiastic and the most polite one in the group.

Andi Robi Idris Novogrody
You also know him. Robi is one of the finalists of Alezimania's First Season, almost getting him the ticket to Worldvision 83, only to be defeated by eventual world runner-ups, Samara and Izdar. Even though he came second (and he was actually planned to represent the country in WHF 52 but met with Robi's refusal due to him having his nose broken by Lady Alyoub on the first season incident in which he finally recovered from after Worldvision 83. He does plan to return one day to Alezimania, but not now. So we called him AGAIN to be co-host and the only male co-host to be in the roster. Robi love his spreadsheets so he's helpful around mathematic stuff especially on the scoreboard, in which he'll guide the procedures of. Robi is also very friendly towards children (cuz he have two kids with his wife). If you look at his first and last name, you can see that Robi (and his twin sister below) has both Russian (from his father) and Buginese (from his mother) blood in him.

Andi Ainii Irqimaza Novogrody
Andi who? you ask. Ainii is one of ABA's most well known presenters (Imagine Stefaan Raab in Germany minus some scandal here and there). She controls the event in a fun yet organized way. Even though she is talented as a host, she'll be the most bad-mouthed host here. But we'll censor anyone who swore except in songs. And yes, Ainii is Robi's twin sister. (Both are unidentical twins with different genders each). Also, she's the most knowledgeable in Buginese and she can read Lontara. Like Robi, however, she also have Russian blood from her father.

Maybe you wonder, if Robi and Ainii are children of the premier, should they get special treatment or stuff?
The answer is, Robi and Ainii want to continue their life as normal people and avoided their father's money except for very big problems that they can't pay up themselves. Mukhlis (still alive, mind you. Might conduct the closing act for this Worldvision Song Contest) also inherited only small parts of his money to his children, and both Robi and Ainii are fine by that (the rest goes to charity and his wife). Just because they are the children of premier, that doesn't mean that they deserve waaaay more than others by sitting around not doing stuff. Also, they avoid overly special treatment, due to IF people know they're enjoying too much of their father's wealth, there might be a scandal. Plus, Robi and Ainii tried to avoid political parties asking them to represent them in the next election or stuff. So better be popular in other ways like singing abilities that is hereditary than scandal, money, and politics...

Zafi is the proper choice for your Worldvision joy, with quick access to everywhere, with beautiful overmixed culture that you don't know who is who anymore, with beautiful mostly Buginese and meaty foods (we have veggie choices tho), with PAAAASSSAAA CHEEENDDDEERRAAAMAAAAATEEEE selling souvenirs, with friendly economic life, with ports, with beaches, with languages, with love, with compassion, with EVERYTHING!

We hope you can pick us to be your Worldvision host for this edition. We really want to host this time, thus dear members, we hope that you PICK ZAFIZAMARRAH for the next edition of Worldvision. Why?



Alezian Broadcasting Authority
North Alezia

Approved by the National Parliament of North Alezia.

Hello guys, Lez here. I'm writing this to eventually ask for help in case time, or school affairs blocked me of getting to handle hosting. (usually I have many free time to handle hosting, luckily. So I can log in to NS many many times.)
First of all, due to time constraints, I scaled back stuff, especially on the simple design and the scoreboard, this is also to not force my computer so bad that it had a bad tantrum. So I ask your pardon if things didn't come in time, my apologies.
Second, concerning listenalongs, I propose that I get help from the WORLDVISION COMMITTEE to handle the listenalong if I, Lez, cannot attend and handle such listenalong.
Third, concerning deadlines. Due to the timezone differences, I propose that if Zafi indeed earn the rights to host, I'll implement SOFT DEADLINE mechanics.

(small joke: damn I use a lot of technical words there. Sorry if I sound too formal lol)

I apologize if this alienates you from voting for Zafizamarrah.
Thank you,
and good luck to everyone.

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Worldvision Record
WV82: 17th

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Postby Talvezout » Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:26 pm

some day i'll stick to an nf. today is not that day

we r signing up!
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Postby Nahlcomo » Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:27 pm

signing up

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Postby Talvezout » Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:27 pm

Nahlcomo wrote:signing up

hey check out my dispatches and factbooks!
Remember Bad times, are just times that are bad.

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Postby Mister X » Thu Jul 30, 2020 4:59 pm

WorldVision Committee wrote:

Looks like my legacy is well and truly dead, RIP Ekoz's OP image that stood for nearly 50 editions.

Once the IC thread has been posted whenever the winning bidding nation chooses, nations will submit songs before the deadline. After the deadline nations may not edit or alter their song in any way, unless otherwise instructed by the Committee. Also, after the deadline and any interval act (wait for the signal from the host nation), nations vote, ranking their top ten songs in the following format: 12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 in the IC thread. Nations may not vote for themselves. All nations that post a song in the IC thread must vote.

Can you not even do your jobs!? That's not how you vote any more, as you've made a point of ramming down our throats.

I'll put my name down for now, I guess. And if I can be arsed, I'll FINALLY get round to using Lucky Strike by Troye Sivn. It's too good a tune to waste on a low effort entry.

WV29: 19th, debut
WV30: 10th, first top 10
WV31: 8th, new PB
WV33: 3rd, new PB
WV34: 6th, first hosting
WVYF: 11th, last place
WV52: 2nd, new PB
WV59: 7th, second hosting
WV62: 1st, first victory

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Postby Antahbrantahstan » Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:39 pm

I confirm!

Everything feels so surreal, still, but thank you everyone for the congratulatory messages that you guys have sent, whether in the forums or by discord, i am incredibly grateful and thankful for it, and in return, i hope you guys can get good placements in WV and be happier and luckier always IRL! :hug: ;)
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Postby Besen » Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:48 pm

Hi, since someone wants to be rude, I'll take my time to continue crafting my host bid before I go and consult the committee and edit the relevant information on the OOC.

But, thanks for being nice about it! You really do lift us all up with your positivity!

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Official Bid for Milano, Besen to host the 84th WVSC

Postby Besen » Thu Jul 30, 2020 7:50 pm



We are so thrilled and more than excited to invite you all to Milano, one of the greatest cities of architecture, culture and music, where people from all religions, background, gender, orientation and musical affiliation come together as one, in a giant bubble of hospitality and community. There truly is no other city in the entire nation more suited to host the WorldVision Song Contest than right here, in the heart of Besen, where new meets old, and memories are made everyday.

BAEN wants to invite everybody into our heart, and hope that you will surrender yours - just as you have already done 15 editions ago, when you welcomed our young nation into the community so quickly. #BetterTogether is about saying no to the things that divide us, big or little, and joining each other, arm in arm, to celebrate the only thing that we all have in common; that is music. Our love of music, your love of music, and the world's love for music has brought us all here as one, and we want to capture this moment, and have a big celebration - and we invite everyone along with us...


All throughout the history of our nation, through its ups and downs, we've always cherished and relied on the community in Milano and the citizens there to lift us up. Walk at night through the humid streets of Anira and feel your spirit being lifted, as the scents of the market guide you down the long winding road, out past Saint. Anira's Cathedral and out through the crowds of tourists looking to experience a night out down the road, beside the array of bars and restaurants in lines down on the path. On that way, you will find the large shopping centre, where one of the biggest contrasts in commerciality will wait for you, so go. Go and take a look in Saint Laurent, and at the same time, take a trip into the dazzling congregation of local businesses, who will sell you pretty much anything under the sun. We guarantee you'll be heading back through the airport with a couple of souvenirs!

But don't forget that Milano isn't only the epitome of united cultures all in the same space, it's also where dreams have been made true again and again. This is where you will keep going through the shopping centre, and find yourself outside in the crazy amount of open space, where streets are wider and tower over you in strict formations to the left and to the right. Walking through this will lead you out onto the green areas of the city, the National Wildlife Park to your left and of course, MICA Arena awaits. Be cautioned, it is huge, and will take you by surprise as it stands strongly in it's own space to the right, where you will also find most of the industrial region of the city. Please, do go and watch a film at one of our world renowned cinemas which you can find just behind MICA and down a bit until you reach the start of the road, which leads off the roads that go towards where a lot of the city actually lives, and where you will probably find yourself in accommodation at some point. But, more on that later!


Of course, we want to give you the experience of the very real Milano that we all here know and love, but we want all our artists and their teams to be extremely comfortable during their stay with us. This is why we are partnering with Marriot™ to deliver a unique and unforgettable stay in our city during your time here. This is where you will spend your nights, looking at upon the night sky of the city, and across from you, if you manage to get a room at our top suite, you will have a direct view of the National Park from your balcony, as it sprawls out around our accomodation here.

Of course, there are other options for those who may prefer a more relaxed or true-to-home experience in Milano, and so thats why we're also announcing our sponsorship with AirBnb™, who will be more than helpful and informative to you, for your whole stay - offering you a variety of hosts and friendly people willing to allow you to stay at their property, while you visit our city for the amazing spectacle that is, Worldvision.

And after a long night of partying or maybe just a restful night in, amongst the chaos, you can wake up in the morning no matter where you've chosen to stay, and find yourself guided through your day with ease. Our guides around the city are more than willing to help you find your way from your hotel or your AirBnb, to MICA Arena.


By a mile, MICA is our biggest indoor space, and every year it is the host venue for most of our biggest television productions, such as the BMA Awards, or the ABT Awards even - we're more than excited to be able to host you here in Milano. It has a capacity for 35,000 spectators, when it has hosted sports competitions and such, but for Worldvision, due to our stage design and the technicalities of our production, we are happy to allow 25,000 people in our arena for Worldvision 84! MICA has been the venue for Besenian stage technology development for years now, and we're more than excited to show you what we can do - hoping to give your artists the best canvas to design their art in Milano.

We're partnering with fan clubs all around the world for the WVSC84, and will be able to admit 1,000 of your members to come and see our show for free! For everybody else, however, tickets will soon go on sale for about $100 or around 95 Risas, for the grand final. We want to keep the price low, and ensure that the true fans of the contest will be able to get into the venue, and experience Worldvision for maybe the first time ever in Besen! It is our hope and it is our mission to tackle the crime of ticket re-sales, which could be detrimental to the fan's dreams of making it to the show, so this is one of our biggest priorities and I hope that you will see that we will stop at nothing to protect the interests of the fans when it comes to our production and our hosting.

The entire back half of the stage, which is normally used for VIP seating and in other events, normal seating, will be removed and this is where the main stage will be, and we're so excited to show you what our stage designer Amir Olevo has created for us in Milano...


Our stage, by Amir Olevo, in it's basic form, is a place for making your visions for your performance come true. It genuinely can bend and shape itself in many ways, which can be done very easily thanks to the bars to each side of the stage. They are pretty lightweight considering their capabilities. In their basic form, they align with the front of the stage, almost shaped liked wings to each side. This is mainly the default so it makes it easier for things to moved around in the back of stage, and for the hosts to present while the stage is in a calmer state. For the performances however, this is easily changed and the bars can be combined at the top of the stage, to be used like a spotlight projector, or any sort of lighting technicality that you might desire. As well as this, it can be used as a mechanical tool to be pushed down on each of the sides of the stage, so that the main space in the very centre of the stage appears more elevated - this would be more for an emotional or intense song perhaps. They can also come up as if they are in fact wings, or however they might be perceived, like stars for example.

The other parts of the stage include the back, which is fairly empty, and includes just a few panels to support it, but above it is a giant spread of lights, and this would be the main source of lighting for your performance. This means that there is not a massive LED wall at the back of the stage, but the back panels can be moved easily, so that there is a screen in the dead centre, behind the performer. Down at the end of the stage, there is a small walkway which bends around like a triangle, and this is a tool that artists may use to create a personal atmosphere with the audience maybe, and it will be used as a way down from the stage during the parade of nations which all nations will take part in. Also, there are two large spreads of small light projectors to the left and right, but these are entirely optional, and can in fact be covered by the panels, or at least hidden from view. The lights can be used in every way, so whatever colour, direction etc. you would like for your performance, please do not refrain from utilising this in your delegation.

The stage is very close to the very front row of the audience, and this makes for a great experience for the audience, but also comes across on TV very well! It helps to create a sense of a party and of a celebration between the performers and the crowd. It's just a little touch to come across like the viewers at home are truly a part of the experience too.


Now, who will host you ask? To answer you that question, you'd have to ask any person who has lived in Milano for the past five years. They will know that these two incredible artists have been killing the game for a very long time now. Romeo, a home-grown guy, is one of Milano's most promising acts to come out as of recent, receiving a lot of commercial success abroad, with his sultry, sexy dance tunes - and Astrid, someone who has known Milano as her second home for a while now. Although she definitely was not born here, and was more of a Lipa city girl growing up, she fell in love with the culture here instantly, and thus has stayed for over 10 years now. She herself has had a pretty impressive career, topping the chart a whopping 5 times with her 5 previous projects, which is pretty impressive considering she is now 43 - and surviving in an industry where you are tossed out when you hit 30 - she is an inspiration to women of all ages and of all colours. Considering when you tally these two's instagram follower count it reaches about 20 million, that should tell you that they are very special to Besen and are such a big deal that only them could present Milano to the world!


Our city's magic and the people here will be an integral part of how we present Milano to the world. As you can see above, street artists and BAEN have collaborated all across the city, to get across the message that Worldvision truly might be coming to the city for the first time ever! All across buses, spread along the city hub's advertisement screens and sprawled across walls everywhere, is the theme of #BetterTogether, and so far it's working very well! Milano is well and truly coming together to bring an excellent experience to the international delegations who will soon hopefully flood into Arenia Airport, and be welcomed by the people here, fed well, given a pillow to rest, and then given a drink - to turn the party up, of course!


When it comes to merchandise, we're stocked full of just about everything. Let's hope you can get your hands on some of this stuff, because it's going to go quick, with all of the people in Milano rushing to their nearest store to buy some. All items are also available online too, on the website BAEN.bes, but the international versions of the store may have their own different terms and conditions.

The app, however, is free for everybody, and will be supporting our possible hosting of the contest. On it, you can easily navigate a map of Milano, and this map will have the classic landmarks, along with the places to be if you want to have a real Worldvision experience in the city - such as the party village, which isn't technically part of our plan, but will of course will happen when all of the bars let join each other in the street, and the large screens in the centre of the hub will be playing the grand final, in the same way that they would normally be broadcasting a football match every week. You can take a peak at the official playlist, which soon enough will be loaded with songs for everyone to enjoy, but there is a catch, we can't be playing them to you for free. So, you can also go and get your official Worldvision 84 CD online and in stores (Milano only), or buy the compilation album on iTunes - to support all of the artists of course!


As you can see, we've gone with a sleek, simple postcard graphic for this contest, and for the actual postcards themselves - your artist will be shown interacting with someone that they hold close to them, be that a friend, a partner or so on. Due to COVID-19, we cannot film the postcards in Milano, and instead they will be pre-filmed in each nation's perspective place that they see fit. We will make a personal experience for each contestant and integrate each performer's journey here as effectively as we can.
(OOC: If the number of nations exceeds about 30, I won't be making personalised postcard graphics. I'd rather be honest that disappoint people further down the line.)


This is how the voting graphics will look. They are a simple pink design, to go with the theme of the contest - and should be easy to replicate when it comes to nations presenting their jury votes themselves.
(OOC: I do aim to use GIF scoreboards but do take that with a bit of caution, because of course, it depends how many nations there are.)


Finally, when it comes to the televote - we plan to run a smooth and exciting show, where nobody will know who wins until the very last moment. And for this reason, we will be giving points in the order of how a nation placed in the jury vote. The reason that we want to do it like this is - for example - if it had been revealed this way in Llalta, it wouldn't have been possible to know if Antahbrantahstan had won or North Alezia had won unless you did the math, and most did not. We hope people would agree this would be a much more exciting way to do it.


Thanks for reading haha, hopefully I've persuaded you enough to give Milano 12 points in the upcoming host voting contest! I think that this is an important redemption hosting for me, after doing such a horrible job on Worldvision 72 and also JWHF6, which I'll admit was not my fault but still I could have done better and I think it's important to look back and reflect like that. I am fully committed to hosting the 84th contest and it would be a great honour for me to do so. This theme that I had in mind (#BetterTogether), really is about all of us. It's about me trying to say to you all that we'd have much more fun if we worked together and there wasn't so much infighting. I really want everybody to get involved in this contest - I think it would mean a lot to everyone if this contest could be one where we all genuinely have a great time and be as one for just a few days or so.

I do have some exciting things planned. First of all, I'd love to somehow throw in an opening ceremony RP in Discord for anyone that is interested - please do let me know if you would want to do this. I would definitely love to host a pre-show as well. To be honest, I couldn't possibly name all of the things that I would like to do for this contest, but what i will say is I think that it would be a lot of fun if I tried to scatter RP opportunities all around this hosting. And I would encourage people to make their own! For example, take us on a pre-party visit in your nation! I know that Brit does this very well, in terms of including these events in his actual hosting, and theres no reason why we can't all do the same together as well - I'd be more than happy to write up about your IC event, in either the actual live IC show or something. By the end, I just hope we can have an end product that we're all proud to look back on.

About the postcards and the GIF scoreboards, as many of you know yourself, I can't guarantee that everything will go smoothly, but at the very least every nation will get their own version of the postcard graphic I posted above. As far as the scoreboard goes, it really does depend on how many nations there are and how long it might take if I was to go ahead and do that. But yeah, hope you enjoyed my little bid. ♡

Everyone's favourite event of every Worldvision, the listen-along, will probably happen the following day after the posting period ends, which by the way will be a SOFT DEADLINE.

Please vote Milano as your 12 points for host!
Thanks so much.
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Postby Todlichebujoku » Thu Jul 30, 2020 9:45 pm

Tödlichebujoku returns.

Mister X wrote:
WorldVision Committee wrote:

Looks like my legacy is well and truly dead, RIP Ekoz's OP image that stood for nearly 50 editions.

This is very confusing as that is not your legacy.

Ekoz made both the old graphic and the new graphic, there is no change as to the creator of the image.

Once the IC thread has been posted whenever the winning bidding nation chooses, nations will submit songs before the deadline. After the deadline nations may not edit or alter their song in any way, unless otherwise instructed by the Committee. Also, after the deadline and any interval act (wait for the signal from the host nation), nations vote, ranking their top ten songs in the following format: 12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 in the IC thread. Nations may not vote for themselves. All nations that post a song in the IC thread must vote.

Can you not even do your jobs!? That's not how you vote any more, as you've made a point of ramming down our throats.

Oh on that particularly balmy ray of sunshine, I must thank you for being such a lovely inspiration. I have been writing my FAQ concept into reality over the past month or so, and with the addition of televote it really is high time it came into fruition!
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The Royal Kingdom of Quebec wrote: Tod. You never run out of interesting yet little bit controversial ideas..... :p
[violet] wrote:You are my go-to nation for long names.
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Postby WorldVision Committee » Thu Jul 30, 2020 10:01 pm

OP Renovations!

As many of you may have noticed, we have a flashy new graphic by Ekoz. He designed the previous one, and brought up the increasing age of it just recently, giving us some new suggestions, including an exciting new animated one that we've chosen!

In addition, I (Tobu) have rearranged the various segments of the OP to be much more easily navigated. We had some various odd sections of rules and guides, and I have consolidated them into two main parts: the WorldVision Rulebook and the FAQ. The Rulebook has been there for some editions now, but it has been admittedly oddly placed and named. Similarly, the Strikes System portion has been moved to live with the rest of the rules.

Hope you all enjoy the refresh & streamlining and are looking forward to reading through the 17 many bids! :P
WorldVision Song Contest Committee
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Run by Axuva, Besen, Ertzei Kishim, Izmedu and Todlichebujoku

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Postby Waisnor » Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:40 am

Nation Name: Waisnor
Official Broadcaster: First National Channel (FNC)
Song Title: Плачу под техно/Plachu pod tekhno
Artist(s) Name(s): Levitskaya and Company

Tune: Cream Soda & Khleb - Plachu na tekhno
81 = 18th/34
82 = 22nd/31
83 = 27th/42
84 = 15th/28

51 = 10th/20
52 = 19th/24
53 = 11th in the semifinal/33

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BITC Announcement

Postby Britonisea » Fri Jul 31, 2020 8:07 am

Britonisea confirms participation at WorldVision Song Contest 84!

After a respectable 10th place finish in Llalta with 172 points, Britonisea is set to return to the WorldVision Song Contest for a fifth consecutive time. This entry will be our 41st entry and we cannot wait to reveal the song to you. It's going to be a huge one, we promise! We won't let you down.

Here's a clue...she's a familiar face :p :?:


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Postby Llalta » Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:50 pm

signs up :)
The Democratic Community of Llalta, a small island situated in the Adlantic Ocean where the past and future align.

    65 = 4/29
    66 = DSQ
    67 = 23/31
    68 = 16/26
    69 = 5/32
    71 = 9/25
    73 = 11/26
    81 = 9/34
    82 = 1/31
    83 = 15/42

    40 = 17/30
    41 = 2/20
    42 = 2/20
    43 = 10/20
    44 = 2/15
    46 = 9/13
    47 = 1/24
    48 = 9/15
    49 = 3/19
    50 = 8/31
    53 = 4/33

    5 = 2/15
    7 = 9/13

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Postby Ethane » Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:11 pm


Welcome to the first ever national final held by Ethane. You'll have a chance to choose who we send to the 84th WorldVision Song Contest in this new format of your favourite classic music programme on ENTV - Shine a Light - where we shine a light on the up and coming tunes and artists from around Ethane, reflecting the talent and diversity that this nation has to offer musically. This is a special edition; instead of touring the nation looking at the best music the nation has to offer, we have pre-selected 6 tunes which we believe reflect some of the best music that this nation has to offer. You may disagree; we want to hear from you. You may agree; we also want to hear from you. We're asking you to listen to all 6 songs and then vote.

To vote, you'll have to head to http://www.entv.eth/salwv/vote where you'll be able to rank the entries; the voting will open after all songs have been performed. Instructions for voting are provided on the website.

Please send your votes either by Telegram to Ethane or PM me on Discord with your votes. The national final will close on Friday 7th August at around midnight BST, so please get in your votes before then. It'll be an equal split between my preferences (public vote) and the international jury (you), so please vote. Thanks very much. Remember, give the songs 12-10-8-6-4-2 points.
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WorldVision: La Final, Final Round!

Postby Achaean Republic » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:40 pm

It’s official: The Semifinal Round of WorldVision: La Final has been closed. The votes have been tallied, and the top 5 songs moving on to the Final Round are:

Tamara Andrews
Genre: Electropop
Tune: Javiera Mena-Flashback

Vivianna Mercado
Genre: Pop/Rock
Tune: Ednita Nazario-La Más Fuerte

Khiara Villanova
Genre: Pop
Tune: Leïla Lanova-Malin Plaisir

MC Marxee
Genre: Hip Hop
Tune: Meryl-Coucou

Lara Amanda
Genre: Pop/Dance

TO VOTE: Rank all performers World Hit Festival-style (5-1) through je-repac#4995, or send a TG to Achaean Republic. You must rank every performer, or your vote will not be counted. Voting for the Semifinal Round will be open until Friday, August 7 at 11:59 PM EST.

The winner will be revealed on Saturday, August 8! Good luck to all our performers!
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Postby Greater Korean Juche Republic » Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:31 pm

On behest of the most supreme leader, the Greater Korean Juche Republic has arrived after what can be described as a 7-edition-long hiatus.

Nation Name: Greater Korean Juche Republic
Official Broadcaster: Korean Central News Agency
Song Title: Bomb Them!
Artist(s) Name(s): Ri Kyong-Suk

Tune: We Are One! (North Korean Reunification Song)
(I do not use NS stats)
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WV74: 25th place - 23 points
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Postby Estana and Thaos » Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:13 pm


Tesero have now announced that the song they will be sending to the 84th Worldvision Song Contest is "Heaven", an ode to band member Mila's late mother who passed away earlier this year. A soft guitar driven, emotional rollercoaster of a track, it means a lot to all of the band, who loved Mila's mother so much through their years knowing her. They want people to know that they are dedicating their performance at Worldvision to Nina Sevin. Rest in peace ♥

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Postby Ertzei Kishim » Tue Aug 04, 2020 11:45 am



Another exciting night in the WorldVision calendar came to a close, as Dani Korperar snatched the crown with his song "Deep", which is to be rewritten under the name "Melody" for the forthcoming contest. The voting was tense throughout the night, with it looking as if Sana Bessamjek would take the crown, then the lead went to Eitan Carreira. In fact, Dani Korperar had only received a single set of 12 points, from Scotatrova, yet it was consistently high scores, and a huge 97 in the televote that sealed the deal for him. Here as an uncredited vocalist tonight, Talia Sapir will be joining Dani at the contest, credited, and with equal importance to the performance, it has been decided by HARESHET. Dani in an interview following his win said "I am just ecstatic, I really cannot believe we won through this field of amazing songs". On the topic of language choice, he laughed, "We are hoping to keep it in English, but I think in the end we have to do what the network tell us, but in any case the core of the song, the melodies and instruments will remain unchanged". To see the full voting reveal of Kdam-WorldVision, click here.

Dani Korperar ft. Talia Sapir - Melody
To be performed at the 84th WorldVision Song Contest for Ertzei Kishim

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Postby Besen » Tue Aug 04, 2020 1:14 pm


After all the artists had performed, the ten international juries that voted in Ricerca Cancione revealed their points, and it created a tight race at the top of the scoreboard, which was turning every possible way throughout the voting. At the end of this, "Collisione" was at the top of the board, with 80 points, and had three twelve points from Polkopia, Llalta and Achaean Republic - followed closely with the same amount of 80 points by "Pray for You", which received twelve points from Izmedu and Beepee. Everything was about to change in the public vote, where Besenians would have their say on who should represent them in 84...


After the bottom five results in the televote were revealed, it became apparent that "Pray for You" had won the public voting... and everybody in the venue wondered whether they would have enough points to pass "Wolves" who had received a massive boost of 157 points and was now leading the scoreboard! And they did! "Pray for You" was given 168 points by the public and was then revealed as the winner of Ricerca Cancione, with a total of 248 points.


This means that Isla Direlia will represent Besen at the upcoming 84th Worldvision Song Contest with her song "Pray for You"! Have a listen here:


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North Alezia
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Postby North Alezia » Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:36 am

Ladies and Gentlemen....
After so long we waited... The 6 regional juries and a record of 12 INTERNATIONAL JURIES! have decided.
The 1st place will go on to represent North Alezia in Worldvision 84.
The 2nd place will go on to represent North Alezia in World Hit Festival 54.
The 3rd place will be on the ABA's "List-of-Attention". You might not represent the country now, but we might call you later if we need you in!

Ahem. In 6th place, with 76 international Juries points without any 12 point, and 39 points from the National Juries with 12 points from Zafizamarrah, totalling to 115 points!

Commentary from Izdar bin Harun:
We couuld go with this, but with other songs here being more modern than this, sadly the song dug its own grave.

Thank you, Izdar. In 5th place, with 83 international Juries points with 12 points from Malta Comino Gozo, and 36 National Points with no 12 points, totalling to 119 points!

Commentary from Imara Syafani:
I love choreography like this, but sadly, I kinda understand why they don't like this. It's too... 2000s. And like our 6th placer, the song got buried by other more modern songs.

Syuukran Kasiira, Imara. In 4th place, with 91 International Juries points with no 12 points, and with 36 national points also with no 12 points, totalling to 127 points!


Commentary from Rahmat Zahulafi-Yamaqzul:
A bit too safe, maybe. People want us to take more risks here, and I understand why. This song needs time to get used to according to some of our public, so no wonder. Better luck next time.

Thank you, Rahmat. In 3rd Place. with 100 International Jury Points with 12 points from Elejamie and Waisnor, and 53 National Jury Points with 12 points from Bristol, Pyalivostok, and Basna, totalling to 153 points.


Commentary from Samara Isran binti Harun:
Rock is a good way to go. This might do beautifully with fire and smoke. But two other songs just tops this song, tumble it over, and wave their hands on this song. Good job, you can do much better.


Will Bristol bring their singer to Worldvision?


Will Zafizamarrah enjoy another singer that lives on their turf representing the country AGAIN at Worldvision?[/spoiler]

2nd Place. With 108 International Juries Points with 12 points from Britonisea, Izmedu, and Ethane, and 46 Regional Juries Points with no 12 points, totalling to 154 POINTS! ONE POINT AWAY FROM TEL HADIV! She's so lucky.

Commentary from Andi Robi Idris Novogrody (Host):
A Heart-wrenching tune from Bristol. I expected such quality and they bring me more! What a song. Really motivates you to find your own path of life and enjoying every second of adventure.

MUNJAZ WON ALEZIMANIA SEASON TWO! MINA AL-DIYYAH WILL REPRESENT NORTH ALEZIA IN THE 84TH WORLDVISION SONG CONTEST! COME UP AND GET YOUR TROPHY! For your info, Mina got 118 International Jury Points with 12 points from Beepee, Scotatrova, Achaean Republic, Besen, Ertzei Kishim, and Polkopia. THAT'S 6 12 POINTS! and she also got 48 National Jury Points with 12 points from Aramna and Tel Hadiv, giving her 166 POINTS!

Commentary from Andi Ainii Irqimaza Novogrody (Host):
NO WONDER IT WON! HA-HA! WE TOOK THE RISK AND EAT IT, MUNCHING IT!, DEVOURING IT! GOOD JOB! And the tune is very dancable thus attracting the international juries to vote for her.


(Detailed Points)

So our nation info box thing is:
Nation Name: North Alezia
Official Broadcaster: ABA (Alezian Broadcasting Authority)
Song Title: Munjaz
Artist(s) Name(s): Mina Al-Diyyah

Tune: Becky Hill, Sigala- Heaven on My Mind
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Postby Elejamie » Wed Aug 05, 2020 5:17 am

It had been a long night at the ElejamieVision and, indeed, there had been many lead changes, not just with the international juries but the domestic ones as well. However, there was only one song that could win the contest and represent the nation in either Besen, Malta Comino Gozo, the Main Nation Ministry or North Alezia. Who was that lucky one? Check the first spoiler down below.

In fifth place, with 69 total points, it's Paige Brennan with "Coffee and Cake".

In fourth place, with 80 total points, it's Antonia with "Love Hotel".

In third place, with 88 total points, it's Lisa Park and her Gang with "Love in the Afternoon". However, in a shocking swerve that'd shock even Vince Russo, it's been announced that she'll participate in a special "third placers" ElejamieVision coming soon. Though feel free to use Telephone Number anyway, whether it be for an internal selection or a national final. I honestly won't care.

In second place, with 104 total points, it's Lucía Beltrán with "Wish". As a result, she will represent Elejamie at the 85th WorldVision Song Contest, to take place in a country even more unknown than the host for this one.

And your winner, ladies and gentlemen (along with everyone in between or outside entirely), in first place with 108 total points, it's Dave Owens with "In The End". He will represent the nation at the 84th WorldVision Song Contest and we wish the best of luck to him.

Nation is downwards / Entry is rightLove in the AfternoonLove HotelCoffee and CakeIn The EndWish
Malta Comino Gozo43153
Ertzei Kishim21354
Achaean Republic24135

Tract is downwards / Entry is rightLove in the AfternoonLove HotelCoffee and CakeIn The EndWish
Birch State23154
Eastern Elejamie43512
East Reise52143
Elephant Isles / Elefan Iyil43152
Keene District13452
Nueva Paraíso12345
Rosetta / Rosate41325
West Reise24351

Nation Name: Elejamie
Official Broadcaster: ETV ONE
Song Title: In The End
Artist(s) Name(s): Dave Owens

Tune:Tatsuro Yamashita - Ride on Time
Last edited by Elejamie on Fri Aug 07, 2020 5:57 pm, edited 1 time in total.
Elejamie (English); Elejamia (Spanish); Elejam (Iyilim) - Denonym: Elejamian - Pronounced (English): Eh-leh-jah-meh

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South Batoko
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby South Batoko » Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:22 am

South Batoko announces it intention of participation. (Crazy that I might actually participate now after I participated in the previous WorldVision, I know right?)

Nation Name: South Batoko
Official Broadcaster: SBTV
Song Title: TBA
Artist(s) Name(s): TBA

Tune: Triana Park - Line
Last edited by South Batoko on Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:52 am, edited 1 time in total.

South Batoko is a country in Novapax, that competes in WV.
A 19.2 civilization, according to this index.

SBTV NEWS: Carlos Mencia (10) has been rushed to the hospital due to getting boiling tomaro soup in his neck.

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Ertzei Kishim
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Postby Ertzei Kishim » Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:28 am



Previously HARESHET announced the winner of Kdam-WorldVision as Daniel Korperar, however irregularities had been discovered during the voting process. As a result, an incorrect result was produced from the televote. This has unfortunately changed the winner. The new song will remain as "Melody", however will now be sung by Eitan Carreira, who is the correct winner of Kdam 84.

Listen to song here:

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Electrum Diplomatic Offices
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Postby Electrum Diplomatic Offices » Thu Aug 06, 2020 6:57 am

We in, Electrum is the puppet.
Manager of Electrum Commerce: co-owner of Air Terranea, co-owner of Dream Games (thread) and manages the Electrum Airports Authority
Shocking at WorldVision
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