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Official Commentary by BITC/RVC

Postby Britonisea » Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:40 pm

THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF THE JOINT BITC (Britonish International Television Company) & RVC (Rwhitton Vefecosoin Cairkovoin) BROADCAST

Live Coverage of the inaugural WorldVision: The Teams in Ordium, Scotatrova with your commentators, Riko Wilson (left) and Cole Heiman (right)

Riko Wilson: Hello everyone, Benuvenie and welcome to the first-ever WorldVision: The Teams - I am your Estogian commentator for the evening, Riko Wilson - some of you may know me from hosting the 73rd WorldVision Song Contest when Estogium hosted in The Estograd. I won't be commentating alone, however. I am joined by the wonderful, wonderful Cole Heiman - how are you doing, Cole?
Cole Heiman: I am absolutely brilliant, thank you. For those of you who do not watch the Britonish broadcast for the WorldVision Song Contest, I am their usual commentator and I hosted the WorldVision Song Contest 66 in Telm City - nearly 18 editions ago...time has flown!
Riko Wilson: Now in the spirit of The Teams, Estogium and Britonisea have decided to join forces to bring to you on RVC Two and BITC 2, the broadcast of WorldVision: The Teams.
Cole Heiman: And in case you're wondering what the hell this competition is, the WorldVision Committee decided that it was time to celebrate 82 editions at the WorldVision Song Contest, don't ask me why 82, by scrambling together 20 broadcasters that usually participate at the competition. They were told to pair up and come up with an entry which they will perform tonight.
Riko Wilson: So even though there will be 20 nations participating tonight, there will only be 10 competing entries. Don't worry about understanding about how this works, either way, you can't vote so just sit down and enjoy the night of music. What we will be running, however, is a fan vote! If you head to the website http://www.ABENvotes.aben/theteams, you'll be able to cast your favourites from the night. We will reveal the votes during the Interval Act...
Cole Heiman: In case you're wondering - hey! This seems to be the first time that neither Estogium nor Britonisea are participating in one of those spin-off WorldVision shows, well, COVID (for one) but also sometimes its good to just take a bit of a step back and just watch other countries do their thing. You often get so confused by your own nation's efforts, you don't pay attention to others as much.
Riko Wilson: Tonight, Scotatrova - for some reason - is hosting the competition, live from Ordium...
Cole Heiman: Oh don't be so mean, I'm sure Scotatrova have a trick or two up their sleeve in what will be their first-ever WorldVision sanctioned event that they're hosting.
Riko Wilson: What I am looking forward to is seeing the acts, especially from the Novapax nations participating tonight; Ekoz and Darkmania are flying the hopes of a region - hopefully the two nations, who are in different pairs, can do the region proud.
Cole Heiman: Oh look, it's about to start - let the madness begin!

Riko Wilson: Well something that has happened since the 81st WorldVision Song Contest is that nations have been coming out in twos, right? You'd know, you work for BITC...
Cole Heiman: Something like that, yeah. I know that BITC was surprised that up to 39 nations had actually intended to participate in the contest, with more than forty confirming their interest. The 81st WorldVision Song Contest was bound to be Britonisea's largest-ever so they decided to bang together two nations together to cut it down as though only 18 nations came out during the Nations Parade - since 36 participated in the end. Ertzei Kishim decided to do the same.
Riko Wilson: Is this the new norm for the WorldVision Song Contest? Perhaps, anyway, the song was alright wasn't it? A cute little bop to welcome the 20 nations of the WorldVision: The Teams competition.
Cole Heiman: Yeah, it got you and I moving I suppose. Is it time to go to Act number one? Oh no, it's not, Scotatrova is treating us to another song by Alexa Lliege - should we have a listen?

Cole Heiman: Well, everyone, that was your Opening Act for the evening - I am not really sure to say about it, to be honest with you.
Riko Wilson: It was a bit all over the place to be quite frank with you, though I appreciate the language and the culture, I suppose - that's what WorldVision is all about! But yeah, not many points would've gone to this from us had this been actual WorldVision.
Cole Heiman: Anywho, I'm going to speak over the host of the competition here just to tell you that you won't be able to vote tonight because neither Estogium nor Britonisea is participating in WorldVision: The Teams. Tonight, 10 entries will be performed, 20 nations in pairs of two. At the end, we will then be going around to each one of the 20 nations, separately, to find out their favourite songs. The winner will be found from there.
Riko Wilson: And here we go - the first song of the night is from Amuaplye and Natanya. Between the pair of them, neither have won the contest and to be honest, I'm not really sure what their highest scores are. Natanya is a nation you probably hear more of in the World Hit Festival and they seem to do pretty okay there?
Cole Heiman: I suppose so, let's see if the pair here can wow the audience at home. It's song number one, Amuaplye and Natanya.

Riko Wilson: So, Jenson Karaiyev is a Natanyan artist who emigrated to Amuaplye - didn't know the two had an active emigration thing going on there. You learnt something new every day.
Cole Heiman: Speaking about World Hit Festival, I think this song actually reminds me of that Todlichebujoku entry, so I decided to look it up and found out neither Estogium nor Britonisea gave that any points.
Riko Wilson: Oh right, well that's telling...
Cole Heiman: Our Eastern friends, Nightom, decided to fling it a couple of points though. In my opinion, the song is alright.
Riko Wilson: To be honest with you, the song just plodded along, you know what I mean? I felt as though, it was the same heavy beat that was going on and on throughout the whole song which I didn't really enjoy.
Cole Heiman: I get what you mean, it feels quite monotone and doesn't really surprise you at all. It's a good effort, I suppose, but not sure whether they'll be touching the Teams trophy at the end of this.
Riko Wilson: Well, up next is song number two from Ekoz and Scotatrova. Now, similarly to the nations before, neither Ekoz nor Scotatrova has won the WorldVision Song Contest but Ekoz does have a very long history in it. Ekoz and Britonisea debuted only an edition apart, and of course Ekoz has hosted so many times before. They've got a couple of second places as well.
Cole Heiman: Well, what I've heard is that the song that Ekoz and Scotatrova will be using is the Ekozian entry that was supposed to be sent by Ekoz alone at the WorldVision in Ertzei Kishim. They just decided to replace the male singer, obviously wasn't good enough, and slapped in a Scotatrovan.
Riko Wilson: Aw, that's really mean of STE! They should've made it a threesome?!
Cole Heiman: Yup, I'm sure that's something we'd all love to see. And with that, it's song number 2...Ekoz and Scotatrova.

Riko Wilson: Woah! Three different languages in one song, I decided to play "Guess The Language" throughout the song, so I kinda got distracted. I mean, the song went pretty quickly so I think that was a good sign, what did you think Cole?
Cole Heiman: I think that the song just gone was anthemic, heartwarming and uplifting. It was a nice little number that I am sure, speaking on behalf of Britons watching the contest right now, that this song would've done very well with both the televoters and the jury. So, good on Ekoz and Scotatrova.
Riko Wilson: I will say though, that watching what was happening on the stage - it all seemed all a bit too forced? I'm not too sure whether the Miguel and Anna had known each other beforehand, but for most of the song, they were on polar opposites of the stage with them running into the middle for...the bridge, I think? Okay, let's dance romantically now.
Cole Heiman: Well, having watched the original performance of this, I don't think this was particularly an issue. I don't think its too much of an issue now. I thought they were separated on purpose because of social distancing or something but nah, It's no biggie, but I get your point. You'd think the closeness of the pair would come in earlier.
Riko Wilson: Moving on, we have Kalosia and Normandy and Picardy up next. Normandy and Picardy is the most successful of the two, with the nation having won four times with the last time being at the 68th WorldVision Song Contest in Axuva. Normandy and Picardy decided to take a break for a long period of time and came back only last edition in Ertzei Kishim, where the placed a not-so-great 19th place considering their past. Kalosia has won more recently, however, last winning at the 78th WorldVision Song Contest.
Cole Heiman: On Kalosia, here's something that I found out. RTVK - the national broadcaster for Kalosia at the WorldVision Song Contest admitted that initially they wanted to approach the Britonish broadcaster, BITC to join forces and send a Kalosian-Britonish singer, O-Kai to the WorldVision: The Teams.
Riko Wilson: Okay?
Cole Heiman: No, Olimpia Kaimar - she represented Kalosia at the WorldVision Song Contest in Arioslavia '53. She didn't get any points from Britonisea but she got fourth place and that was much better than Britonisea's efforts at the 53rd WorldVision Song Contest, I can tell you that. But yeah, BITC announced they weren't participating so...
Riko Wilson: Interesting, hope SNRP don't see themselves as the sloppy seconds, though! Well, here's Guillaume de la Croix singing "Il y a une mélodie" for Normandy & Picardy and Kalosia.
Kalosia and Normandy & Picardy
Guillaume de la Croix - Il y a une mélodie

Cole Heiman: Well this song reminded me, definitely, of something that Normandy & Picardy would send - it felt much more Normandy than it did Kalosia, in my opinion. Do I have to say anything majorly positive about the song, not really.
Riko Wilson: It was honestly such a weird song. I agree with you, this song screams Normandy & Picardy but when they usually do songs like this - they're actually good. I don't know how well this would do tonight, but I don't really have high hopes for it.
Cole Heiman: One thing that I can compliment his voice actually, his voice is so raspy - I'm not sure whether that is the right word to use, probably not. His interaction with the audience is cute. His dress sense, well that needs to change. Listening to the songs so far, though, I think I prefer what we've already heard - I am sorry to say that.
Riko Wilson: Yep, I'm going to have to agree with you there. Let's move on though, shall we?
Cole Heiman: Next up we have the most successful duo of the evening - Polkopia and Ertzei Kishim. Now we all know that Polkopia is the nation that has won the most amount of times - nine wins with the most recent win being the 76th WorldVision Song Contest. Ertzei Kishim, the recent WorldVision Song Contest host, is the fourth-best nation after Todlichebujoku and Britonisea.
Riko Wilson: Oh yes, you just had to stick that one in there, didn't you?
Cole Heiman: Of course I did, it's an obligation! Together, the pair have a total of 14 wins - or 17% of all WorldVision Song Contest victories. Shall we have a listen to their song?
Riko Wilson: I cannot wait!
Polkopia & Ertzei Kishim
Lihi Litvi - Long Way Down

Applause could be heard from both the gentlemen in the socially-distant commentary box. They were clapping for about five seconds before Riko decided to comment...
Riko Wilson: Now this is what we have been waiting for. This song is literally the reason why these two nations have a total of 14 wins between them both. The chorus hit me in the right places, and you know I love the odd strings during a pop song - this was brilliant.
Cole Heiman: Wow, wow, wow! That was the best song that we've heard so far tonight - I swear to you! Of course, we haven't heard the rest of the songs yet, but it'll be a travesty if this song doesn't place well - higher than the songs we've heard tonight already.
Riko Wilson: The chorus was great; the peaks, the verses pulled me back to reality; the valleys and the bridge got me prepared. I was belting the song during the last chorus.
Cole Heiman: He really was! Lihi Litvinova is a young singer, born only in 2000. She really represented Polkopia and Ertzei Kishim well. Bravo - a winner in my eyes. Well done.
Riko Wilson: Who is going to follow up this? Well, I can let you know right now. It's Elejamie and Beepee. Now, Elejamie is the most successful of the two nations, with Beepee only recently joining the contest. The 75th and 77th WorldVision Song Contest saw Elejamie place 2nd - very near to the win!
Cole Heiman: Unnecessary drama that one-time aside, Elejamie seems to have the right headspace at the WorldVision Song Contest. Now despite their low 81st WorldVision Song Contest finish, they managed to recover very, very quickly. They came 4th in the last WorldVision Song Contest.
Riko Wilson: And Beepee, well they have had not the best start to their journey - but most major competitors these days have had starts they'd rather forget. Beepee came 9th last edition, though! They're doing themselves some good.
Cole Heiman: Well, I suppose the only thing to do now is listen to the song! Song number five, Elejamie and Beepee.

Riko Wilson: Andrea Josefina Rocío Garcia Escobar is 50-odd? Well, that most certainly shows.
Cole Heiman: You mustn't say things like that! Come on! Sure, the song is 25 years outdated - I must admit, but it isn't actually the worst song of the evening. In fact, it's a tiny bit touching. The last note is real cute as well, I liked that.
Riko Wilson: Compared to the song that we just heard, no. This is strings, sure, and I love that but who needs sleeping tablets when this song exists, please?
Cole Heiman: Jeez, you're really coming for all of the songs this evening - with the exception of Polkopia and Ertzei Kishim, I suppose. Look, this song isn't going to light anyone's flame in Britonisea or Estogium but luckily for them, we ain't voting. I thought the song was well placed after the fuego from the last song. It had me tapping my feet.
Riko Wilson: Maybe the song difference gave me whiplash. Yeah, this isn't for me, unfortunately. So I'm happy to move onto the next song, if you don't mind! Next up we have Nekoni and Mister X...
Cole Heiman: No we don't. Seems like we're having an interval act performance midway through the show...
Riko Wilson: (pause) Right... Let's have it then!

Riko Wilson: Not much going on here, really.
Cole Heiman: It was sweet, I thought. Quite different from the songs that we heard at the opening of the show, but that's a good thing. This sounds more like Scotatrova would send to the WorldVision Song Contest, in all honesty.
Riko Wilson: I suppose. The beat-boxing killed me though.
Cole Heiman: Yeah, not really a fan of a capella songs. Right, time for the next two nations. It's Nekoni and Mister X and I think that these two nations are perfect for one another. They are both as successful as each other, with Mister X winning once at the 62nd WorldVision Song Contest and came second at the 52nd WorldVision Song Contest.
Riko Wilson: Yes, and Nekoni finished first at the 70th WorldVision Song Contest and came second at the 80th WorldVision Song Contest. Nekoni missed out on the 81st WorldVision despite wanting to participate - that's what I heard.
Cole Heiman: A rumour on the grapevine. Nekoni came 14th at the 82nd WorldVision Song Contest, with 127 points while Mister X only scored 8 points and came third from the bottom. Definitely one of their worst results - probably their worst ever. They'll be hoping for redemption here.
Riko Wilson: A band from Mister X, apparently. Entourage came 7th just behind Britonisea and Aloquirbe in Kasin, Kalosia. So they did pretty well...
Cole Heiman: Well, let's hear it then! It's song number six, Nekoni and Mister X.
Nekoni and Mister X
Entourage - Through The Rain

Cole Heiman: That was a really good song, I thought! And just to let you guys know at home, don't worry about the Nekoni and Mister X fanbases mingling in the audience, you all are most certainly not allowed to be that close to all those people at one time - not during the middle of a pandemic. I hope the Scotatrovans checked these tourists. What's your opinion, Riko?
Riko Wilson: Well, I think MRX should've kept this song to themselves and sent it after their dismal placing at the 82nd WorldVision Song Contest. This song is actually very good - I think that it actually represents something that both Nekoni and Mister X would send. There seems to be a theme this edition, though. This sounds a lot like the other songs we've heard tonight, already so I am not sure if this song will stand out enough to clinch the victory.
Cole Heiman: I would have absolutely no qualms if this song took the victory, to be honest. The Mister X team did a good job picking the artists and picking the song. Nekoni did a fantastic job at staging, so well done to the two nations, they ought to be proud of what they produced.
Riko Wilson: I concur. Oh bother... It's Achaean Republic and Malta Comino Gozo up next.
Cole Heiman: Now here's a story for you all. Not sure how much of this was covered by Britonish Press, or indeed Estogian press, but - unlike other nations, Britonsh and Estogian Press don't mess in other nation's affairs so I'm going to assume you all aren't clued up. Francheska from Achaean Republic and Lewis from Malta Comino Gozo had a thing going on in the past, and coincidentally both represented their countries at the 81st WorldVision Song Contest in Britonisea.
Riko Wilson: It all started at the Junterapten WorldVision Pre-Party, the place where they were reunited. God knows what happened in between the time they were at the Pre-Party in Junterapten and the contest in Boschke. Perhaps this song will provide some hints?
Cole Heiman: (sarcastically) I'm itching to listen to this song. It's song number seven, Achaean Republic and Malta Comino Gozo.

Achaean Republic and Malta Comino Gozo
Lewis Sarucino & Manamma - Give Me One More

Cole Heiman: That was absolutely painful to listen to. What they've done here is mashed together two songs that obviously don't work together and this is the result that they came up with - headache-inducing.
Riko Wilson: Aw she is pregnant - at least we know what the pair were doing during their trip in Britonisea. Hope they name the kid something wonderfully Britonish haha! Baby Lukas Sarucino for a boy, sounds good, right?
Cole Heiman: Much better than whatever I just listened to.
Riko Wilson: The staging, well. She was making a fool of herself, as per usual, on the stage, really. These two really don't suit in the slightest.
Cole Heiman: And Lewis, we all know you ain't drunk, gorge, we all know that's water. Please let's not pursue a career in acting...
Rikson Wilson: As a DJ myself, DJing for the Opening of WorldVision Song Contest 73 might I add......I wasn't too happy with the song but I appreciated the effort.
Cole Heiman: A damning report for Malta Comino Acaya Time to head to the next nations. Up next is Besen and Axuva. Now out of the two nations, it seems as though Besen is the more successful nation. Besen scored a 2nd place at the 71st WorldVision Song Contest, higher than Britonisea and Estogium I should add. They went on to host the next contest after that. Axuva placed 10th in WorldVision Song Contest 69 but apparently, according to their broadcaster, they didn't so pretend I didn't hear that.
Rikson Wilson: What jokers. They're sending Marietta from Besen, god knows who that is and Tyra who actually represented Axuva at the 81st WorldVision Song Contest in Boschke.
Cole Heiman: Well, technically she didn't because Axuva...well, let's just say that they don't believe the 81st WorldVision Song Contest happened either. They sent their best entry to date then, but unfortunately, they weren't able to participate in the end. Certainly, a reason to slay here in Ordium.
Riko Wilson: Should we listen to the song?
Cole Heiman: Yeah! It's song number eight, Axuva and Besen with their song "Movin'"!

Riko Wilson: Well despite it sounding as though these two girls are mumbling, it probably is the only song tonight that sounds like it's from 2020. It's a good song.
Cole Heiman: Yeah, it's pretty good, but I fear that the simplicity of the song really will bury the song. This reminds me of a song that I'd just stick on in the back whilst I'm doing some housework or something. Just in the back?
Riko Wilson: I think that the younger audience will like this - and I like the introduction to the song as well. I see the name of the song being "Movin" without a g, so they really bringing the contest to 2020, appealing of course to the younger gen.
Cole Heiman: How many people of the younger gen are watching this show now? I wonder. Anyway, there seems to be a theme with the duos only coming together at the end which I don't really get. They didn't need the dancers, either - they're both beautiful women and I found the men distracting.
Riko Wilson: This really ain't for you, aye? I think that the second half is bringing it - we seemed to have swapped chairs.
Cole Heiman: Perhaps, man, perhaps. Right up next is Todlichebujoku and Izmedu. Now, Todlichebujoku is the more successful nation of the two, winning a grand total of 7 times - the second most successful nation in WorldVision. Izmedu has won three times, but they've placed second the most amount of times including last edition.
Riko Wilson: The televote really let down Britonisea there, huh?
Cole Heiman: Honestly, let's not even talk about it. Up next is song number nine, Izmedu and Todlichebujoku.
Izmedu and Todlichebujoku

Riko Wilson: Wooooo! That was a bit of me, that! This second half is turning out to be so great - who's going to win?
Cole Heiman: Not Izmedu and Todlichebujoku...
Riko Wilson: I-
Cole Heiman: Look, you're a DJ and you literally make music that sounds like this, I can understand why you like this sort of thing, but to me, this is so lacklustre. It just doesn't spice up my life. I liked the staging, I suppose, with the crystals and all that, but the song was just another EDM-y, DJ-y song that we'll forget by the end of the night.
Riko Wilson: I would definitely vote for this song and I'm hoping there are people listening out there that can vote and will vote. Nations like Ekoz are sure to eat this all up, innit?
Cole Heiman: Well, only time will tell. We have now reached song ten of the evening which is the last song. It's funny 'cuz this contest has really felt as though all the 20 nations have performed so far.
Riko Wilson: Long! Up next is Antahbrantahstan and Darkmania. Of the two nations, Darkmania seems to be the most successful. Antahbrantahstan, however, won first with "Wigless" at the 69th WorldVision Song Contest. Think what you wish about Antahbrantahstan from their only winning song.
Cole Heiman: Hmmm, interestingly Darkmania came 2nd at that contest, before coming second again at WorldVision Song Contest 71 before winning at the 74th WorldVision Song Contest - much to the dismay of Britons and Todlichebujokis who were hoping that Jun-iči Hoch & Ekkehard Liinamaa were going to win, but ANYWAY, we move.
Riko Wilson: It's time for the last song of the evening, yet another duet, song number 10 - Dävyd Fëngas & Putri Pariaman with their song... "With Love”

Darkmania and Antahbrantahstan
Dävyd Fëngas & Putri Pariaman- With Love

Cole Heiman: And that was such a good song to end the evening, don't you think? I really loved that! However, what let this entry down was the staging.
Riko Wilson: This is exactly the Ekozian and Scotarovan entry, to be quite honest with you. Despite the issues in Ekoz's and Scotatrova's song, they seemed to have done it much better - the boy and girl cutesy guitarsy song. I must say that I do enjoy this type of music so I did enjoy it but I'm not sure this song is going to win that many hearts to be frank with you.
Cole Heiman: Yeah, I think that they'll probably finish on the metaphorical right handside of the scoreboard...which is a shame. I think Ekoz will win the Novapax battle here.
Riko Wilson: At least they tried and with that, Thank God, we're over for the night, I'm dying for a wee!
Cole Heiman: Dude, did you not even sort that out before?
Riko Wilson: I didn't, no, since you're here, so how about you go and do that and you fill everyone in with what's going to happen (leaves)
Cole Heiman: Well, I can announce that you have 5 minutes to vote for your favourite song from today so the lines will close midway through the interval act [assuming there are recaps and host interventions]. So get voting! http://www.ABENvotes.aben/theteams. Up now is a little recap and the interval act by Aaron Garrido!

Interval Act 2 & Reveal of the Brito-Estogian Fanvote!
Aaron Garrido - Qüen Sond

Cole Heiman: I am joined once again by Riko Wilson in our commentary box - I hope you had a nice wee.
Riko Wilson: I most definitely, did! How was the interval act?
Cole Heiman: It was alright, filler stuff, you know how it goes. Right, here you go Riko - I printed off the results of the unofficial fan votes for Britonisea. Should we reveal who ABEN thinks should win the WorldVision spinoff show, The Teams?
Riko Wilson: Oh, I'm asking for it! I'm dying for it!
Cole Heiman: Well, I can reveal the bottom 3 very quickly if you don't mind?
Riko Wilson: (sips tea) Oh sure, go ahead!
Cole Heiman: We aren't participating so Britons and Estogians voted for ten songs. Using the WorldVision system for this edition only, for us, three songs would get zilch! We have received 30,727 votes in total....Here we go....The three nations that would have failed to receive any points from ABEN are...

10th Achaean Republic and Malta Comino Gozo who received 99 votes.
9th goes to Elejamie and Beepee who received a total of 177 votes.
8th goes to Izmedu and Todlichebujoku, yes! They received 244 votes.

Riko Wilson: Absolutely brutal! Some of the best songs in there. Such a shame. I guess you were right, damn you Cole! I'll reveal the next four.

7th, 1 point go to Amuaplye and Natanya, they received 446 votes on our website!
6th place, 2 points fly to Kalosia and Normandy and Picardy with 456 votes - so close but not close to challenge the top 5.
Because, 5th place, 4 points received a total of 1,845 votes, and it was Darkmania and Antahbrantahstan!

Cole Heiman: That jump is great! Should we move on to the top four? I'll reveal the next two...

With 4th place and 6 points, it's Axuva and Besen. They received a total of 2,455 votes - congratulations!
3rd place with 8 points go to...they go to.......hosts Scotatrova with Ekoz, with 2,510 votes.

Riko Wilson: Oh wow, those last two were so close! Right, it's between Ertzei Kishim & Polkopia and Nekoni & Mister X... Well, I can reveal that with a whopping 6,045 more points than second-place;

With 14,450 votes (47%), Ertzei Kishim and Polkopia receive ABEN's imaginary 12 points! Congratulations!
Mister X & Nekoni - 8,045 votes (10 points)

Cole Heiman: Such a pop banger, well done Ertzei Kishim and Polkopia but of course, our opinions here in ABEN, unfortunately, don't count. We're about to go around the 20 nations participating in the Teams to see who wins. Hold your hats, it's gonna be a fun ride!
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Postby Besen » Tue Jun 16, 2020 4:42 pm


Izmedu + Todlichebujoku
Polkopia + Ertzei Kishim
Scotarova + Ekoz
Darkmania + Antahbrantahstan
Amuaplye + Natanya
Kalosia + Normandy/Picardy
Beepee + Elejamie

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Postby Scotatrova » Tue Jun 16, 2020 5:27 pm

Scotatrovian Spokesperson, Esteban Alarcon

"What a wonderful show from our very own SSTR! Here are the results of the Scotatrovian votes."

Achaean Republic and Malta Comino Gozo gom Unue aqute
Axuva and Besen gom Diuse aqutes
Nekoni and Mister X gom Qüetre aqutes
Polkopia and Ertzei Kishim gom Sez aqutes

Nosre Uotte aqutes va ai...Amuaplye ía Natanya!

Nosre Dihes aqutes va ai...Darkmania ía Antahbrantahstan!

Ía athor...nosre Duse aqutes va ai...Izmedu ía Todlichebujoku!
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Achaean Republic
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Postby Achaean Republic » Tue Jun 16, 2020 5:49 pm


Marcelo and Iván Graninger, Achaean Republic representatives from WV74.

Marcelo: ¡Buenas noches desde Acaya! It’s Marcelo and Iván Graninger from Los Dos, and we represented the Achaean Republic for the very first time in a long time at WV74.

Iván: That’s right! And in the spirit of WorldVision, we will reveal the results of the Achaean public for a very special contest!

Marcelo: Here are our first results…

1 point: Amuaplye and Natalya
2 points: Kalosia and Normandy and Picardy
4 points: Mister X and Nekoni
6 points: Izmedu and Tödlichebujoku

Iván: 8 points: Axuva and Besen!
10 points: Scotatrova and Ekoz!

Marcelo and Iván: And our 12 points go to… Polkopia and Ertzei Kishim!
Thank you so much, good night!

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Postby Todlichebujoku » Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:16 pm


Nomana Kulmala, show personality

Hello Ordium, it's SterGo calling with the Tödlichebujoki votes! Lovely show tonight, I hope we get to see some more exciting ones like this in the future!

Anyway, let's get down to the votes. First off let's talk about the ones that missed out on our votes.

ERTZEI KISHIM AND POLKOPIA - we love you two separately and that was a kickass look on stage, but tonight it's real clear that the Tödlichebujoki public hated poor miss Lihi's voice, and the melody just flopped over here, sorry hun!

ANTAHBRANTAHSTAN AND DARKMANIA - it was a great song wasn't it? It's just too bad about the rest of the act, really had potential but alas. Maybe next time! If there is a next time.

Now for the acts that got points!

1 POINT - KALOSIA AND NORMANDY & PICARDY - I heard this one was a hit among the hipsters! I'm afraid I'm not one myself.

2 POINTS - AXUVA AND BESEN - the best an entry from either has looked on stage! I was very impressed! Except that the song sounds like it's 20 year old pop but some people here voted for it, so what do I know!

4 POINTS - ACHAEAN REPUBLIC AND MALTA COMINO GOZO - this was a CHAOTIC experience but we Tödlichebujokis love ourselves a bit of chaos! The power couple no one saw coming, nor wanted to see coming, but what a ride!

6 POINTS - MISTER X AND NEKONI - ya know, I never expected to see these two create something like this. From what I've seen from them earlier in WorldVision, I'd thought they'd do some bland disco/drum&bass/dance or exciting surprise rock act but here we are and I was and am still pleasantly shocked!

8 POINTS - AMUAPLYE AND NATANYA - so this definitely felt familiar but we all love this sound around here! Is this the highest these two have come in our votes? Powers I have no idea!

10 POINTS - BEEPEE AND ELEJAMIE - wow, I've never seen these two this high up on the Tödlichebujoki vote list before! Such a sweet thing to watch tonight. And Amina Pickle, what a name!

And of course we have our big top points...

12 POINTS - EKOZ AND SCOTATROVA - at first, I really did think this was a basic song, but I do see what everyone seems to love about it. Five of my friends screamed at me for not liking it an hour ago. But hey! We live and we grow, and congratulations to the host!

Thanks everyone for watching me ramble on, bye bitches and cumdumps!
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Postby Scotatrova » Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:40 pm

And these are our results halfway through the show! Ten more nations left to vote before we find out our Team of winners!
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WV84 - 16th

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Postby Nekoni » Wed Jun 17, 2020 1:54 am

Imitation is always the sincerest form of flattery...

12 - POL/KIS
10 - SCO/EKO
08 - AMU/NAT
06 - IZM/TÖD
04 - ACH/MCG
02 - DAR/ANT
01 - NAL/N&P
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Postby Ekoz » Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:53 am

Koniksgrand Eköses
The Great Kingdom of Ekoz
Ekoz in the WorldVision Song Contest

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Postby Polkopia » Wed Jun 17, 2020 7:49 am

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Postby Amuaplye » Wed Jun 17, 2020 11:18 am

12 - Kalosia/Normandy and Picardy
10 - Todlichebujoku/Izmedu
8 - Scotatrova/Ekoz
6 - Mister X/Nekoni
4 - Polkopia/Ertzei Kishim
2 - Darkmania/Antahbrantahstan
1 - Elejamie/Beepee
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Postby Darkmania » Wed Jun 17, 2020 11:28 am

12 - Scotatrova & Ekoz
10 - Izmedu & Todlichebujoku
8 - Polkopia & Ertzei Kishim
6 - Kalosia & Normandy and Picardy
4 - Nekoni & Mister X
2 - Beepee & Elejamie
1 - Amuaplye & Natanya
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Postby Normandy and Picardy » Wed Jun 17, 2020 11:36 am

Here are the results of the Normand and Picard juries...

12pts: Izmedu and Todlichebujoku
10pts: Mister X and Nekoni
8pts: Polkopia and Ertzei Kishim
6pts: Axuva and Besen
4pts: Malta Comino Gozo and Achaean Republic
2pts: Amuaplye and Natanya
1pt: Scotatrova and Ekoz
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Postby Izmedu » Wed Jun 17, 2020 9:22 pm

Letenje, Izmeduan WHF41 and WHF51 entrant

"Dobra vecer Scotatrova! Hey Ordium, this is Vodiznad calling. It's been a hell of a show and I loved the theme behind this special edition. Goes to show the power of international collaboration, huh? Alright, here are the votes."

1 point: Amuaplye and Natanya
2 points: Mister X and Nekoni
4 points: Axuva and Besen
6 points: Beepee and Elejamie



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Postby Natanya » Wed Jun 17, 2020 11:58 pm

Good evening, after a close competition filled with solid entries, most of which have been warmly received in Natanya, here are the points coming from Natanya's decision tonight:

1 point to Mister X and Nekoni,
2 points to Kalosia and Normandy-Picardy,
4 points to Izmedu and Tödlichebujoku,
6 points to Beepee and Elejamie,
8 points to Antahbrantahstan and Darkmania,
10 points to Ertzei Kishim and Polkopia,
and finally 12 points.... to Ekoz and Scotatrova!
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Postby Antahbrantahstan » Fri Jun 19, 2020 7:15 am

"Good evening! Here are the Anturian results."

6-Axuva & Besen
4-Izmedu & Todlichebujoku
2-Malta Comino Gozo & Achaean Republic
1-Beepee & Elejamie

"8 points goes to.."
Mister X & Nekoni.

"10 points goes to..."
Kalosia & Normandy+Picardy

"And 12 points goes to.."
Polkopia & Ertzei Kishim!
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Postby Axuva » Fri Jun 19, 2020 5:55 pm

1 point to MRX and Nekoni
2 points to Amuaplye and Natanya
4 points to Izmedu and Tödlichebujoku
6 points to Scotatrova and Ekoz
8 points to Kalosia and Normandy-Picardy
10 points to Ertzei Kishim and Polkopia
12 points to Antabrantahstan and Darkmania
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Postby Scotatrova » Fri Jun 19, 2020 6:20 pm

"With all the votes in for our Teams competition, its time to announce our winner!"


"Thanks again to everyone for allowing us to host this wonderful contest, and congratulations to our winning team!"

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WV74 - 8th
WV75 - 18th
WV76 - 11th
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WV83 - 20th
WV84 - 16th

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