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When Tropics meet the North (Closed)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 6:33 am
by Astares Amauricanum
Hello, and welcome to When Tropics meet the North.
This RP is closed to me and AHSCA, but if you want, feel free to read along.

Adams Joint Air Base, 20 km East of Columbia District
Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

At last we get to welcome them. thinks a blonde, blue-eyed man standing at the end of a red carpet.
For Michael Foxter, the Astarian Secretary of State, welcoming guests for a state visit had now become a well honed protocol, ever since he did his first nearly a decade ago, back in 2011. But despite his experience, he still could not shake off the stress that came up with the welcome, and especially the one that occured when he had to welcome guests coming from a nation who had had very few or no ties at all with the Federalis Imperium.
Today, this nation was the United Island States of AHSCA, a small archipelago nation located in the middle of nowhere (according to many people), but in close proximity of another archipelago, the Islas Malditas, who the Empire had seized the year before in October in accordance with the principles of Terra Nullius, due to an abundance of ressources that had been found in the area.
This is why today, Foxter, wearing a cobalt-blue, long-sleeved shirt, with a silver necktie, as well as black suit pants and black dress shoes, (and a Masada 27 pistol behind his back) is standing on the tarmac of Adams Joint Air Base. Behind him, a red carpet, flanked on each side by a cordon of 10 soldiers in Dress Uniforms, belonging to the Imperial Army, the Imperial Air Force, the Imperial Navy, the Imperial Marine Corps and the Imperial Coast Guard.
To the right of the red carpet, the Astarian Air Force band is ready to play Adventu Fanfare, or Arrival Fanfare in Astarian, to welcome the guests, Duchess Marcella Villa and her little sister Princess Gisella Villa.
And finally, standing with him are two other people. To his right, a Native Astarian in an Astarian Air Force informal uniform, consisting of khaki trousers, ranger boots, and a blue polo shirt with the air force log on the left breast. On his head, a side cap, and on his right thigh, a holster holding a Masada 35 pistol.
This man is Major General Wes Purlito, the commander of Adams Joint Air Base.
And to Michael's left, a woman looking as if she was in the middle of her fourties, but who was nearing her sixtieth birthday. With long black hair reaching near her hips, green eyes sparkling with joy and energy, and wearing a white blouse with a red skirt, and a pair of sandals, one could easily mistake Jane Melnik for her daughter, Empress Anna Blachkor.

"So, Sir, how do you expect this to go? asks General Purlito to the Secretary of State.
-Well, like usual General, replies Foxter. The situation isn't tense between our two countries, so that's a start. The Duchess seems nice enough, and the program should take her to the same places that her lover Princess Aurelia visited a few months ago, so that's that.
-Indeed, adds Jane as she lifts her head back up from having looking to her smartphone, which she puts back in her skirt's pocket. I'm sure everything will be smooth. At least we don't have to deal with extremists trying to kill our guests because of rumors of an incestuous relationship or something similar.
-Yeah, what a mess it was Ma'am, replies Purlito with a nod, before the sound of reactors starts to grow louder in the distance, signalling the arrival of the plane carrying the Duchess, her sister and their guards, escorted by a quatuor of F-16 from the Astarian Air Force.
-All right, time to look sharp people," simply says Jane as the three Astarians straighten themselves, ready to welcome their guests.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 6:42 pm
Much like Marcella's first visit to Kyrenaia, again she and her sister were rather "forced" to use a plane to come into A.A. Marcella much rather preferred the sea but at Noir's dire insistence they take the quicker flight. Even with a few extra people in tow, namely two guards, a Press agent appointed by Officer Gozen to cover the event from the Duchess POV, her sister (not extra but how often does a sitting duchess drag the Princess along for a state visit?) "Aww no fair, I wanted to sail in on a large four masted white furled sailed AHSCA Ship of Old!" Marcella loudly complained aboard their plane, We could have taken the HMS Shino along. That's the Pride of the Old AHSCA Fleet ya know! Hand Crafted, four masts, large white sails."

Gisella giggled, "Sis you're kind of complaining loudly." While it would be improper for anyone to really criticize the Duchess besides her sister it did draw looks. Gisella's eyes darted over to their press agent, Asuka Kotobuki, whom quickly read Gisella's expression and retorted on her own, "Ah, Milady Princess, don't worry about me, I don't intend to write this in the column. But I can tell, Milady Duchess is truly the mariner, I too would have loved to sail aboard a vessel with her and learn a thing or two, even without her at the helm. I think it would have been fun."

"It would have been so fun, Miss Asuka. That said, Noir inisted speed and priority over calm leisure. Ya know, Kuronami's Empress always sails where she goes. And she's not even the experienced Mariner and Naval Officer that I am!"

"Her Majesty also has a top line state of the art yacht built by The Freelands, which runs at far greater speeds than even the Shino or your own Hoshi." Gisella rebutted

From the front of the plane emerged Marcella's true and loyal guard, Asuna. "Buckle in everyone, Captain says we're ready to make our decent."

"Well that's good!" Marcella's mood suddenly went from disappointment to chipper. "Wow so built and big!" Marcella glanced at the approaching city skylines as their plane made it's smooth easy decent into A.A. Asuna was one of two bodyguards along, the other was Sayaka, a member of AHSCA's other Knight Core, the Cerulean Knights, usually people charged with protection of Officers of the Government, their families, visiting ambassadors, consulates and their families, members of the AHSCA Congress and Governors of the AHSCA States. But really color was a formality, and Gisella liked Sayaka a lot. Sayaka was very friendly and outgoing while Asuna usually was more quiet and reserved though friendly enough.

Anyway their plane landed, came to a halt and now it was their time to depart. Both Knights took their flanks between the two sisters, Asuna taking the front and Sayaka the rear. "Easy does it, Princess ,mind the steps." Sayka cautioned her

"Thank you."

"All good." Asuna nodded to her comrade which meant the guards could spread a little more and allow the Their Duchess and Princess to be the star center pieces.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 2:15 am
by Astares Amauricanum
As the plane comes to a stop on the tarmac, and the ground crew pushes the ladder against the door, Michael, Jane and Wes straighten their backs, while behind them, on an order from their commander, the cordon of soldiers snaps to attention and raise their rifles in front of them at" Present Arms", the whole cordon moving as one man, with a precision and skill more seen on a machine than man.
In the meantime, the Air Force band starts to play Adventu Fanfare, as the Duchess, her sister and their accompanying staff, finally appear in the sunlight and start to slowly descend the stairs. As the faint clicking of cameras is heard from around the scene, the Secretary of State takes a deep breath. Considering that the arrival happens on a military base and not at a civilian airport, there were no civilian crowds present. Although many people considered it a trivial situation, some of his compatriots, especially the Emperor, were not trustful at all of this type of situation and considered it a major security risk.

Anyway, those were of little concern for the Secretary of State and the two person at his sides, as they take one step forward and bow their heads to the AHSCAians.
"Your Royal Highness, Your Majesty, Miladies, in the name of Hava, Star of the Sea, Rivers and Travel, Etheria, Star of theSky and Space, and Nj├Ârd, Star of the Weather and Wind, welcome to the Federalis Imperium of Astares Amauricanum. I am Michael Foxter, Secretary of State. This is Magnam Stohersisia, or Grand Duchess, Jane Melnik," he adds as he points to the woman to his left.
"Good morning Duchess, Princess, Ladies, says Anna's mother with a warm smile. Welcome to our country, I hope you will enjoy your stay with us."
"And this is Major General Wes Purlito, the commander of Adams Joint Air Base where we're standing at this moment.
-Welcome Your Majesties, says the General as he stands at attention and salutes, his right hand snapping to his forehead. In the name of the all the fine men and women under my command, we are grateful to welcome you here."

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 4:53 pm
"Mister Foxter," Marcella greeted very politely. "Thank you kindly for hosting us and in the name of The Goddesses and the people of AHSCA, your warm reception is most appreciated."

Gisella nodded in agreement with her sister "Yes, thank you kindly."

"And thank you for letting us bring along an extra. May I introduce Miss Asuka Kotobuki, one of our State Press Agents."

Asuka bowed "Thank you kindly for letting me tag along, I'm expecting to write about The Duchess and Princess times here. Looking forward to it."

"And Milady Officer VinoCacao, sends her regards and thanks for having us. She hopes to return the favor. Milady Grand Duchess and Major General it's a fine pleasure to meet you both as well today! I hope we'll see plenty of each other during our time here."

PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:20 am
by Astares Amauricanum
"All of you are welcome, replies Jane with a warm smile. And don't worry Duchess, you'll get to see me often during this visit, given it is my daughter and son in law that currently sit on the throne of this country.
-Indeed, continues Foxter. Now, if you would please follow us to the helicopters, they will take us to the Silver Palace."

As he says that, the Secretary of State extends his right arm in an inviting gesture, pointing to the other end of the red carpet. About a dozen meters after the carpet ends, one can see three brand new MH-20 helicopters, painted in dark green and silver, with the words Astares Amauricanum written in red on the sides, along with the seal of the Imperial Executive Squadron 1, the helicopter squadron assigned to transport the Emperor, Empress, and other high-ranking members of the Cabinet.
One difference to note between the main series of MH-20 and the ones presented here, is that instead of sliding doors on the side, a door with foldable stairs has been installed, as well as more windows.
Around the helicopters, a small group of Imperial Guards, recognizable by their new armor, and armed with ACR assault rifles and Masada 35 pistols (with various optics and attachments visible), are standing, ready to embark once the guests would be there.

"If you would please follow us Duchess, Princess and Miladies, says Jane with an inviting gesture as well, before starting to walk down the carpet and between the soldiers. I hope you're not too afraid of heights," adds the Empress's mother with a small chuckle.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 9:20 am
"No if we were, I doubt we would have flown here." Marcella chuckled at her rather lame joke "We'll be fine, for certain." Only the Empress of Kuronami was deathly afraid of heights, well the only one she knew of personally. Anyway they followed along. It was quite an entourage for them between the greeting and the armed personal, certainly a great deal more armor and tactical gear than anyone in AHSCA would display outside a major combat operation. But she didn't say anything on the matter, whatever floated their boat personally. Marcella did speak up on another matter however, "If I might trouble a request of you, our two escort guards need a place to change. I don't see a need to keep them in ceremonial uniform for so long. Also a quick literary would be nice. Good to know what we're expecting."

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 10:00 am
by Astares Amauricanum
"It's no problem at all Your Highness, replies Foxter with a smile as the group arrives at the other edge of the carpet and is about to start walking on the tarmac again. If Miss Asuna or Sayaka want to change, they are free to use one of the other additional choppers interiors, says the Secretary of State as he points to the two other MH-20 on the sides, the one the group will be riding in obviously being the center one. As for the literary...
-...Here it is, continues Jane with the same smile as she takes a folded piece of paper from one of her skirt's pockets and hands it to the Duchess. Unfolding it would reveal the program of the state visit. As you can see, once we arrive at the Silver Palace, you will be welcomed formally in the throne room by Adrean and Anna. Therefore, I would suggest for your guards to keep their uniforms for the time being if you don't mind.
Pardon me Mister Foxter, but didn't your staff send the literary before the state visit? asks the Grand Duchess as she turns to Michael.
-We did Magnam Stohersisia, we did! exclaims Michael in answer as he puts his hands in front of him in defense. As soon as we confirmed it and all. Maybe there was a miscommunication with the UNIFRO, but I'm sure it was sent from our side. Are you sure you weren't told about it Duchess?" he asks as he turns his head to Marcella. "Or any of you?" he adds as his gaze switches to the rest of the AHSCAian women.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 10:10 am
Marcella nodded in approval for their guards to part their side so they might change. "That sounds fine. Oh and thank you." She took the paper reading it over "To be honest it's very likely I was told and in the urgency to get moving, I simply skimmed it and didn't take the time to thoroughly vet it. There was quite a bit to do before I would make my departure so therefor I do apologize. Noir is very thorough with these matters so I'm certain she did give it over. I had asked her to come along for this visit as well but as circumstance would have it, she had a meeting in Mokastana."

"Funny thing is, the same thing happened when sis and I made our visit to Kyrenaia the first time."

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:48 am
by Astares Amauricanum
"Ddon't worry Duchess, we understand perfectly replies Jane Melnik with a smile. No need to apologize. You now know what we'll be doing, that's the most important.
Aside from that, I, and a few others, would have loved to meet Miss VinoCacao. When you see her, please pass our best regards to her.
-Indeed Princess, answers Foxter to Gisella, that's unfortunately a side effect of state visits nowadays, they are planned less in advance than decades or a century ago, and therefore force us to rush through preparations, often forgetting important things. Not to mention the fact the visits were also longer in time, sometimes lasting months, instead of less than a week nowadays. Ah, the good old times." says the Secretary of State with a sigh.

Meanwhile, as Asuna and Sayaka approach the helicopter to the right to get changed, one of the Guards approaches them and extends his right arm to the side to stop them from entering it.
"Please pardon my interruption, esteemed colleagues, says the man behind his balaclava and helmet (his voice indicating he is a man), but as Magnam Stohersisia Jane Melnik said, the Duchess, the Princess and the rest of your group are going to meet the Emperor and Empress in the throne room, along with the main heirs of the Empire Noble Families. I don't mean to disrespect, but since it is a formal event, are you sure you want to change into something less formal?"

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:02 pm
Marcella nodded and added to the urgency of these visits, "I suppose that is just what it means to be in the modern age, quicker and easier to come to a far off place in a moment's notice. Admittedly I would have loved to really show you the more traditional side of AHSCA's old world state of mind however by coming in on one of our older ships but as such Noir did ask we arrive in a more speedy manner. Given it is our hurricane season I suppose she wants us to be able to jet back on a moment's notice if need be. Though providing it wasn't a catastrophic storm, I'd suspect our state and other government officials could handle that."

In agreement, Asuka quietly nodded as did Gisella.

Asuna and Sayaka were justifiably questioned about whether they felt changing was a wise idea at this given time. Both also couldn't help but laugh just a little "relax, relax." Asuna worked to calm the concern "We're not changing into bikinis or anything. It's the present era and we ladies know how to dress. But Milady, what do you think?"

Marcella didn't even take a moment to ponder the question, "Please I want you to change. It's been a long trip and I think you both don't need to be in uniform for this." She returned her attention to those in front of her to continue, "Our guardian Knights are here to protect us. It's Mine and my sister's job to be all prim and proper as heads of state and government alike. Oh and by the by, both do have ceremonial swords on them. If that's an issue, I'll have them hand them over for your safekeeping. But I would like them to continue to wear them, as it is their mark of rank as well. I do appreciate the level of efforts to ensure our safety here, that's why I told them to not bring along firearms."

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:27 am
by Astares Amauricanum
When Marcella finishes speaking, Jane and Michael look at each other with a raised eyebrow, before nodding slightly.
"In all evidence Your Highness, continues the Grand Duchess as she turns back to Marcella, there is a slight misunderstanding here. You see, given the fact my daughter and son-in-law are also... soldiers in their spare time..." (she did not want to say out loud that they were in fact Special Forces Operators, as she wasn't sure of Asuna, Sayaka and Asuka had the kind of security clearance to be made aware of this.) "..., they fancy uniforms quite a bit, especially when it comes to guards accompanying their guests. So our suggestion came less from a concern of Miss Asuna and Sayaka to be less formal than expected, but rather to be wearing something that would please the Imperial Couple.
-As for the swords, and other kind of weapons, we don't mind at all, continues Foxter. As Astarians, we believe that having the mans to defend yourself on you is a given right. So you'll find no qualms from our side about your guards, or any of you for that matter, carrying a sword or even a concealed gun.
So, do you still want to change Ladies, or do we go and board now?" finishes the Secretary of State as he turns to the two Royal Guards.

Meanwhile, seeing that the group is about to be ready for boarding, the Astarian Imperial Guards standing around the helicopters make some hand gestures towards the cockpits, and after a few seconds, the sound of engines being started is heard, as the pilots start preparing their MH-20 for immediate take-off.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:12 am
Asuna and Sayaka glanced at each other and then at Marcella. Asuna went ahead and spoke up on behalf of herself and Sayaka. "If that is how the Lord and Lady feel, then far be it from us to show disrespect. We'll change later."

"Sure, that's fine." Sayka nodded also in agreement.

"All right then," Marcella acknowledged, "If you two are fine with it, I'm fine with it. Very good, it's all settled. Now, let's get moving, I'm very excited to talk with the Emperor and Empress!"

Gisella nodded with a smile and joined her sister along when they were boarded aboard the chopper.

Asuka fidgeted a little with anticipation "Wow, this is a first for me, first I've flown in a real airplane and first in a helicopter!"

"Hehe you're like a small child, Miss Kotobuki." Marcella couldn't help but glee at the young journalist, then again she did look like she was barely out of her teens anyway. Well most islanders looked absurdly youthful anyway.

"Hehe, small village girl like myself, Milady, I suppose everything is novel to me!"

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:04 pm
by Astares Amauricanum
"Then let's move, simply replies Jane before starting to walk again towards the helicopter, nodding to the Guard standing at the door saluting.
"I"m sure you'll appreciate the ride Miss Kotobuki, adds the Secretary of State to Asuka. Although between the two of us, one of the best ways to enjoy it is to fly in one with the side door opened, one leg tangling outside while you watch the scenery below."

Entering the helicopter would reveal an interior of white and cream tones, with at the front, two sets of seats facing each other on each side, while going towards the back, another set of two seats facing each other on the left side, and a three-seat couch on the other. All of it would be colored in cream-coloured leather, with some finish touches made of mahogany wood, like the armrests of the small tablets and bottle racks on the side.
The Grand Duchess would offer for Marcella and Gisella to sit in the first set of seats at the left front, while she and Foxter would sit at the right front. For Asuna, Sayaka and Asuka, they would be offered the seats and the couch behind.
As they would seat, one thing that would catch their attention would be the sight of various gel dispensers, with the words "Hydroalcoholic gel" on them.

"Please use some on your hands, says Jane once everyone is seated as she points to it. Due to the COVID19 outbreak, it is now heavily recommended to use hydroalcoholic gel regularly on your hands."
As, she says that, two Imperial Guards board the helicopter with them, closing the stair door behind them. While one of them exchanges a few words with the pilots, the other go grab a bag from the rear of the MH-20, and starts taking water bottles out of it, before passing one to each passenger, first starting by Marcella and Gisella, then continuing with Asuna, Sayaka and Asuka, before finishing with the two Astarians.
Once that is done, the two Guards walk back to the rear and sit on two folding seats they deploy from the wall.
"You'll have some more refreshments and some light apetizers if you want when we arrive at the Palace, explains Foxter as he takes a sip of his bottle. But for now, please fasten your seat belts everyone."
As he says that, although it is heard very faintly in the cabin, thanks to a state-of-the-art soundproof isolation, one can hear that the engines are powering up, and outside, the blades of the rotor start to spin.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 1:43 pm
Asuka's eyes widened at the thought of flying with her legs dangling out. Yikes! "I don't know about that, it sounds rather scary to me. I've only ever traveled by sea before so this is very new."

the girls took advice to use the gel. With some nations being affected by a recent virus outbreak, something AHSCA wasn't a stranger to, it was best to be safe with that matter. Everyone on command did fasten their belts eager to get on the move again. Gisella explained to Asuka the subtle differences of taking off more vertically as opposed the the gradual sloped clime of a jet craft. "But it's actually pretty exhirating. and you don't seem prone to airsickness."

"Hehe Milady Princess, Kotobuki family are rock hard in constitution! I can't imagine a little sky ride would make me queasy!"

"You do take to it better than most." Marcella agreed.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 4:08 pm
by Astares Amauricanum
"If I may suggest Miss Kotobuki, says Jane to Asuka, since it's your first ride, take a camera if you have one with you and snap some pictures of Columbia District. I'll be explaining the different landmarks we'll see on our ride to the Silver Palace"
As she finishes her sentence, the rotor blades,now having reached their maximum speed, take traction on the air, and the MH-20 of the Imperial Executive Squadron 1, along with the other two, starts to rise vertically, before slowly banking towards the right and front, as they start heading westwards towards Columbia District.
After a few seconds, they are joined by four black attack choppers, looking brand new and each one manned by only one pilot.
"MHA-80 Wendigo, simply says the Secretary of State to the AHSCAians. Our latest generation of furtive attack choppers, currently undergoing final trials before being put in active duty.
-Indeed, continues Jane. So, for now, we are currently flying over the residential area of the base, and it will also be residential outside for a good seven kilometers."
Indeed, one could see through the windows below them, lots and lots of houses organized in neat rows along roads going to various directions.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 4:15 pm
"Ah that sounds like a fine idea!" Asuka agreed. From the inner pockets of her kimono she pulled out a little camera to snap a few pictures with, including the few choppers that joined them in the air.

"It would seem the Armed forces here, spares little expense." Marcella said.

"Many houses!" Gisella looked out the window of the landscape passing form under them. Gisella continued, "You have lovely little homes all arranged in rows. Seems very pleasant here."

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 4:58 pm
by Astares Amauricanum
"If you want to know Duchess Marcella, says Foxter, these choppers belong to the 2nd Guard Helicopter Attack Squadron, attached to the 1st Division of the Keiserlig Custos based here. Although some people think that the measures we take are too much, we consider that the security of a guest, be it a VIP like you or just a normal person welcoming someone in his humble home, must be ensured at all costs. Therefore, no expense is spared, and we cover all possible options. For example, if this chopper was to fall out of the sky for any given reason, the Imperial Guard has around ten convoys of MRAP vehicles stationed all along our flypath, ready to pick us up in less than three minutes wherever we might have to land."

"It is pleasant indeed Princess, replies Jane to Gisella, as they look down to the houses. Outside of Adams, this area is one of the coziest and fanciest suburbs of the capital. And unfortunately, the prices are quite high around these parts."

As the group of helicopters continues on its way to the Imperial Palace, more details would offer themselves to the view of the Islanders.
Columbia District, a busting city of roughly 25 million inhabitants. Far up to the North and West, large skycrapers could be visible in the distance, towers of glass and steel reflecting the sunlight of this July morning.
To the East, roughly behind them, factories and industrial areas. And to the South, towards the Chesapeake Bay, lots of residential areas, with lots of forests as well.
But the main part of the city, the area hosting many of the things making its pride, would be the Downtown Area. Enclosed by the Anaconda River to the East and Potomac to the West, this area houses large streets, low buildings, and would slowly become more and more distinctive to the eye of the AHSCAians as the choppers would approach...

PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2020 5:54 pm
Everyone in the chopper up high could marvel at the skyscrapers in view the great glass buildings. A sign of extreme prosperity (or decadence, depending on who you asked) but those where had to marvel at how different this place was from the home they all knew. "Looks like a thriving industrial sector as well," Marcella noted. "If I were to fly you over the islands, in-between the treetops you would see vast rice and sugarcane fields. It's quite night and day here. But this is nice. Getting to see so much in just a single view."

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 1:54 am
by Astares Amauricanum
"Indeed, we produce many things here in the capital, although not big things like cars and such, but rather small things, like food products, automobile parts, etc." explains Jane to the Duchess. "As for seeing your Islands from up top, we have already seen the general outline thanks to satellite imagery. But as you can guess, it's a whole different thing to look at an image taken by a satellite, and see the real thing with your own eyes below you in a helicopter or a plane. And that's why I hope to visit the UIS sometime soon in the future." finishes the Grand Duchess.

As the group talks and enjoys the sights through the MH-20 windows, the group of helicopters, who had banked a little towards the left, is now crossing the Potomac River, just a few hundred meters south of the junction point between it and the Anaconda. Just a few seconds later, they are now over the west bank of the river, above a large area dominated by two things: a large pentagonal building and a large, flat area next to the Potomac.
"Your Highnesses, Miladies," says Foxter to Marcella, Gisella, Asuna, Sayaka and Asuka, "please let me introduce to you the Pentagon, the headquarters building of the Astarian Department of Defense, where my esteemed colleague General Patrick Barrera, Secretary of Defense, works. This is the epicenter of our military. And just next to it, adjoining the Potomac, is the Pentagon Yacht Basin, with the Hava Plaza. This is where we welcome guests of state, and other VIPs as well, who arrive here by boat. For example, back in February, this is where the Kyrenaian yacht Aurelia was moored, when Prince Damir, his daughter Princess Aurelia and a few others visited us." explains the Secretary of State, inviting Miss Kotobuki to snap as many pictures as she can.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 10:27 am
"Milady Grand Duchess, it would be my greatest pleasure to host you in the UIS sometime. I suppose we'll get to that in good time for now I'll enjoy the ride."

Asuka continued to snap more pictures as they made their pass over the Pentagon. "Wow" Gisella exclaimed "What an unusual shape for a building! Why a pentagon?"

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 7:54 am
by Astares Amauricanum
"Of course Your Highness, of course." Says Jane with an apologetic smile. "Please accept my sincerest apologies if it sounded too brutal or eager."

"The reason it is shaped like a pentagon, Princess," continues the Empress's mothtmer as she turns to Gisella, "is because when this building was first planned to be built in the 1940s, it was supposed to be built on a piece of land a bit up North of its actual position, on a pentagonal piece of land. There." She says as she points outside to the north of the building, near the Potomac.
"Unfortunately, the architects quickly realized thar building a four-story high building in that place would hide the view of the capital from the Arlington National Necropolis."
As she says that, Jane designates with her finger to the group the large area west of the Pentagon, small hills covered in grass and trees, with some roads going through it. On closer examination,someone would see small buildings in the area, but also, rows upon rows of white things jutting out of the ground.
"The Arlington National Necropolis has been the resting place of more than three thousand people who have fell in the defense of the Imperium since the 11th century, roughly 200 years after it was born. So as you can easily guess, you can't exactly do what you want with it or its surroundings.
-Due to that," continues Foxter, "the building site was relocated a bit southern, in place of an old airfield. The pentagonal shape was kept for two reasons. First, it pleased the then-Emperor, the First Secretary and the War Secretary. And second, considering that our nation has a mythology revolving around stars, and since the polygon you get when linking the five points of a five-branch star is a pentagon, this is why the shape was kept.
-Indeed." follows Jane again. "And now, it is the largest administrative building in the Empire and one of the biggest in the world, with around 23.000 military and 500 civilian workers working there."

PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:45 pm
"Wha? Noooo" Marcella waved her hands apologetically "I only meant I was getting ahead of MYSELF! I mean in all sincerity how I'd love to host you folks for some time. But I understand I have other things here I must do as well. I think I'm the one who came off as overly eager. Just well I haven't had much pleasure in hosting anyone in an official capacity, well beside The Empress of Kuronami."

Gisella was explained the significance behind the Pentagon why it was built the way it was when it was built. "Wow, so much story and history in a building. I guess that comes with its unusual shape after all! And sounds busy busy. Like our Embassy Isle also doubles as a lot of government offices and bureaucratic centers for the UIS. Especially when it comes to our foreign matters."

PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:57 am
by Astares Amauricanum
"Okay okay Duchess, just a small misunderstanding then," replies Jane with a small laugh.

"Indeed Princess Gisella, replies Foxter to the pink-haired Princess. But quite often in countries, the headquarters of the military isn't the biggest or busiest building in their administration. Especially regarding foreign matters. Anyway, I hope youhave filled your eyes with this place, we are now going to fly over Downtown, where even more Department headquarters are located, including the one I oversee, the Department of State."

And with that said, the group of seven helicopters finishes circling around the Pentagon, and now crosses the Potomac River, about to enter the Downtown area of Columbia District...

PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 11:46 am
Marcella smiled and giggled a little, well it was always apart of the trials of international travel was working through communication gaps and well she felt she was doing fine.

"Right right," Gisella acknowledged, "your Department of State is your equivalent for Foreign Ministry? Kuronami uses the same term sort of, although they call them Agencies instead of Departments."

"Oh, out of film." Asuka noted as she tucked away the camera back into her kimono. "Don't suppose I could trouble you for some more once we land?"

"Oh a shame not going to get more shots of the city." Gisella mused

"It'll be fine Princess, I'm certain I can always source more stock photographs when I need to. I must admit to getting a little carried away and getting to be more like a tourist than proper journalist. I'll be needing more to properly document Her Majesty the Duchess."

"You're doing fine, don't sweat it." Marcella reassured her "Enjoy yourself, this is a new experience for you."

"Ah thank you, Milady."

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by Astares Amauricanum
"Indeed, the Department of State is the equivalent of a Foreign Ministry, or your Foreign Relations Office," replies Michael to Gisella with a smile. "Office, Department, Ministry or Agency, no matter the name, we do the same in the end."

However, as Asuka mentions she is out of film, he turns to Jane with a raised eyebrow, who just replies with a nod and a small smirk.
"You know Miss Kotobuki, there's nothing wrong with being like a tourist in a time like this." simply says the Grand Duchess.
As she says that, one of the Guards who had been sitting in the back stands up, a small box in his hand. As he advances towards the group, he opens the box, revealing about twenty additional camera films in it.
Once he reaches the group, he takes one new film in the box, grabs Asuka's camera in her kimono's pocket with his other hand, before taking out the previous, full one out and swapping in the new one, all with preciseness and speed. Once that is done, he puts the camera back in the young journalist's hands, before giving her a small tap on the shoulder and a thumbs up.
"Go on Miss Kotobuki, says Foxter as he points to the windows. As you see, the film stock at your disposal should cover you for the remainder of the flight, shouldn't it?"