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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:48 pm
by Atmora
Princess Alice noticed a woman walking straight her she walked towards Miss Michiels greeting her with a smile. Alice proceeded to speak in Dutch with Miss Michiels with a slightly noticeable Lieseltanees accent behind her words.

"Mevrouwe Michiels, it is an honour to be in Beliany."

From what Alice could recollect from her history class while attending Alexandria Imperial Academy, the prestigious Atmoran private school that taught the patricians, nobility and royalty of Atmora. Beliany was comprised of four regions; the Deritain speaking West, the Dutch-speaking East, and in the southeast the heartland was the Beliata region alongside the Bleugate Capital region. Something she will have to research herself or ask her mother on the history and inner workings of Beliany.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 8:46 pm
by Austrysia
“Well,” Baudouin said, “that certainly is a mouthful. I’m sure your family is dreadfully proud, though it must be a bitch to put that on a name tag.”

Theresa, who looked at the Duke of Brabant stunned, could barely speak. Perhaps the Princess thought the rumors of the Duke's attitude were over-dramatic, but, now she thought, not even the rumors could capture the depravity of what she just heard. She could not even imagine how this man, who would inherit a throne one day, could speak such vulgarity to a princess. If her Great Aunt even heard whispers of such words spoken to her in that tone the Dowager Duchess would never let him leave the garden the alive.

“As you probably already know, I am the Duke of Brabant, a single title compared to your half a dozen, but one I find it to be far more eloquent, wouldn’t you agree?” Baudouin in a tone that made it very clear that he didn’t very care one way or another if the archduchess agreed with him or not.

With her nerves barely calmed, she retorted, "That would depend on one's definition of eloquent. For example, if the Duke of Brabant is to be the definition of eloquence, I would say you confused what is eloquent with what is unexpressive and dull." Immediately, every bone in the Princess' body demanded she apologize for such a comment, but what would that do? It was clear he had no respect for her, or others. Theresa knew that she had a long title, but, whether the Duke cared to understand, it was a reflection of a rich history of ethnic relations and dynastic sacrifice. Or, at least that is what her mother always told her. Still, she was sure the Duke only cared for making rude comments, and maybe berating servants.

Keeping a glass for himself, he handed the other to Theresa, taking a sip. “So, Archduchess of Austrysia, Vegzyor, Franzia, Princess of the Levantian Lands and master of all the swan in the northern most lake of whereevervania,” Baudouin said deadpannedly, “Are you one of the vultures looking to pick apart my brother’s corpse or are you just here for the free food and to look at the pretty flowers?”

Taking a sip of the wine, the Princess' calm demeanor decayed by the minute. Her grip on the wine glass tightened as she thought on her words carefully. Pulling off a uncomfortable grin, Theresa answered, "If you meant to ask if I am here to meet your brother, then yes. Though, I am sure no one will convince you of anything different. But, I will say, I am also here for the pretty flowers," the Princess said teasingly. "It is a shame such a beautiful garden will be wasted on the future king. I wonder, what will you do with the gardens? Have everything slashed and burned?"

PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 9:18 am
by Beliany
Michiels put on a professional smile for the Princess. She checked once more at her tablet before looking back up at Alice.

“And it is just as much an honor to have you hear with us as a guest,” Michiels said. His Majesty the King was very happy that you agreed to his invitation, and he shall be delighted to meet with you. Shall I introduce you two?”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the gardens, Baudouin had paused to slip his drink, surprised by the title bit of fight in the archduchess. Dull? He wasn’t dull, the Duke of Brabant thought to himself. Inexpressive? Entirely untrue. His expressions were simply best when it was a scowl or bitter. Okay... maybe a bit unexpressive. But he was never dull not that he cared one way or another. Part of him wanted to laugh her off, or simply leave and fine a more manageable guess to subjugate to his verbal abuse.

But Theresa’s words hooked at him. Not the dull or unexpressive part, not even the part about his brother— he had suspected that she was one of the many women trying their hands at bagging a prince. She had to add another title to her collection it seemed, Princess of Beliany alongside Lady Protector of Somewherestan and Countess of That-one-hill-over-there. No. What caught his attention was her statement about him as future king and what the fate of these magnificent gardens would be once the throne was finally his.

Baudouin, as he saw it, should have been king long ago. Yes Baudouin was only in his twenties, but he was ready to reign. He’d always thought that had he married Stephanie, like he’d wanted, instead of Sofia, he would be King of Beliany by now. As for these gardens... Baudouin crossed his arms looked at Theresa, his face entirely deadpan and serious as he leaned down, closing the space between them to half of what it had been before as he spoke, his voice still but saturated with disgust. “Do you even know where you are right now?” He gestured with a disgusted wave of his hand around him.

“The entirety of these gardens are a memorial to my dead mother.” Baudouin gave Theresa a challenging look. “Why would I burn them?”

PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 9:08 pm
by Austrysia
Theresa was speechless for a moment as her jaw seemed to drop. While she knew little of the House of Coudenburg, it seemed the tales of the Heir's mother escaped her. Quickly glancing to scan both of her flanks, she wanted to make sure no one heard her foolish comment. The Princess, on one hand, did not want to acknowledge her silly comment to Baudouin, who seemed, whether in truth or dramatic fashion, disgusted. Still, she knew her comment was out of hand. Like a deer caught in the headlights, she could not think of an immediate response. Taking a long sip of wine, to a degree that saw almost the whole glass consumed, her mind raced for a proper response. Even so, the Duke of Brabant began to really irritate her. What right did he have of being such a rude host? Heavens know, Theresa thought, what his wife or family had to undergo.

Finally, given enough moments to think of a response, she answered, "So you would keep the gardens? That is all I asked." Attempting to ignore the Duke's disturbing attitude, she leaned in closer to the Duke. "No need to get so upset." Moving slightly back, she waived her glass as she continued, "So the gardens are safe. Check. So would King Baudouin the Great," she said jokingly, "also keep everything else the same? The palaces, the portraits and the souvenir plates?" Pausing for another moment, she added, "Perhaps the apple will not fall far from the tree, as they say."

Theresa could not stop thinking how all she wanted to do was to meet the Prince and see the flowers, but, at this rate, it seemed the Duke would have her occupied with several empty wine glasses and a migraine.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 9:42 pm
by Aravea
Alana listened intently to Christopher as the two made their way out of the greenhouse and through the garden, scarcely noticing the crowd of onlookers that eyed the two as they walked. The moments the two had shared in the greenhouse, even if somewhat fleeting, were something that would stick with her for a lifetime, perhaps leading to more if she were lucky. She could not help but be fascinated as he spoke of the particula uses he had devised for his drones, be it civil development or his love of testing them at high altitudes. The pair continued to converse as they slowly made their way through the throng of party goers, with Alana breathing in as she did her utmost to project an unflappable aura. A few years prior she would have been ill at ease in such a situation, particularly when dealing with a voraciously gossips that comprised the crowd before her, but she did not feel any such anxieties today. Instead, she was filled with a growing sense of elation and even a small tinge of pride at what lay before her. She knew not whether it was the comforting aura of Christopher or the presence of her mentor, but either way she managed to suppress her fear as she and the prince strode confidently through the garden.

“It seems we’ve attracted quite the crowd, Christopher. Admittedly, I am not….one for being gawked at, but it is worth it if I get to spend time with one such as you. At any rate, ….Using your drones for high altitude surveying certainly would make the construction of new additions to Bleugate quite easier, as well as allow for the identification of potential problematic spots in the proposed building zones. I have seen drones similar to your’s used in such roles during the last additions to the Imperial Palace in Stier. With them, the palace engineers managed to cut what would have been a three week survey down to a four day endeavor, as well as identify a structurally weak portion of the grounds that needed to be reinforced. Admittedly, I have considered either adding software to Malx to allow him to be used in such a role….but...I do not wish to erase his current personality in favor such an update “ Alana said as she inched closer to Christopher yet again, her shoulder resting against his own as they at last escaped the crowd, “I had heard stories about how enamored with gossip the members of Belian high society could be, but it seems they were off by a fair bit. Nevertheless, I...have to ask, once we get to your lab...Would you perhaps be open to working with me on some modifications to Malx?”

Auria chuckled as she listened to Mother Delporte, all the while watching as her ward and Prince Christopher managed to escape the garden. She had admittedly been somewhat worried about Alana’s prospects with the Prince, especially in light of the caliber of her competition, but it seemed her worries had been unfounded as Alana had managed to indeed strike a critical blow, “It would seem that you did indeed, Lady Delporte. Admittedly, we are still early in the hunt...but I daresay that my ward has sunk her claws quite deeply into her prey.” The Marquess gave a devious smile as she continued to watch the two, with her feeling a quiet sense of satisfaction at the sight of the pair walking hand in hand. “Perhaps….just maybe she might have managed to pull this off….” Auria thought as she returned to conversing with Delporte.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 10:19 pm
by Beliany
Baudouin scowled, narrowing his eyes at his father. “I am nothing like my father.” Baudouin was disgusted at the thought of being seen as the same as his father. His father was neglectful, lustful, an arrogant pretentious self-tortured artist who was all show and no substance. Baudouin was not perfect himself. But he at least knew he had flaws. His father, as far as he was concerned was entirely obvious as to how utterly insufferable he was.

“As for everything else,” Baudouin shrugged, looking away from Theresa, as if she meant nothing to him, which she didn’t. “You weren’t wrong. As soon as I have the crown in my hands, I’m trading it for a match and some fuel and torching this entire place.” He could almost image it. Everything that lay before them engulf in flames and then swallowed by time, erased from the face of the earth. Baudouin smirked, “even the gardens.”

Baudouin looked down at Theresa disapprovingly, “You, an insignificant fly of a person with a meaningless title longer than most textbooks, who is a guest in my home, my country, assumes that I was a wretched monster.” He shrugged, tossing back the remainder of his drink, tossing it over his shoulder in to the grass before plucking up another from a passing tray. “You were right of course,” Baudouin admitted, “but it still hurt.”

“My brothers barely remember our mother, but I can tell you, having literal acres of the reminder of her horrific untimely death... Not that fun.” Baudouin waved his glass about. “That is the great problem I will fix. Beliany is little more than a two headed beast snapping at its own necks, too busy to realize its already a rotten corpse. Everyone is so focused on building on the foundations of the past. When I know you must torch it all to build a better future. I shall be Baudouin the Great, because I shall start from scratch like those before me should have.”

Baudouin had temporarily forgotten Theresa was there and had started rambling. He quickly rolled his eyes. “I’m sure such a concept is lost on your provincial mindset.”

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 8:21 pm
by Austrysia
As Baudouin continued to babble on his rant about his tormented vision, the lessons of her Aunt Lizzy begin to surface in her mind. The Dowager Archduchess always spoke of duty, and the important role their family had to play not only in a political sense, but as role models of public harmony. While she had come to this garden party to look upon the pretty flowers, as the Duke remarked, and to meet the Prince, she had not come out of her own will, but at the behest of the House of Talmburg. The dynasty always took precedence. Heavens know that was jammed in her head for nearly her entire life.

Here infront of her stood a man that would one day inherit a nation. The entire Kingdom of Beliany. This man, or maybe better described as a child, would go on to hold a vital constitutional and cultural role within society. But, here he was ranting, like a child that was denied a lead role in a play, to a foreign princess he just met. I mean, at this point, why not scream before the Belian press how King Baudouin the Mad would burn down everything in sight. At this point his entire demeanor screamed that his family's rule of Beliany has been as undeveloped as a flightless bird.

Theresa's facial emotions transitioned from looks of impassiveness to blithe to pity. "You poor thing," she said teasingly. "How misunderstood the," the Princess paused to think of a proper title, "Beast of Beliany is. How the historians will one day redeem you..." She could not tell if she was beginning to have fun with this conversation or not. Dismissing any thoughts of true pity, she came to the conclusion that, while normally not a person to tease others, the Duke deserved every moment of frustration this conversation caused him. She only wanted to make a simple introduction, but instead she was dragged into mix of disgust and depression. Seeing an attendant approaching, the Princess quickly finished her wine and replaced it with a fresh glass.

Taking another sip, she continued, "But perhaps you can expand on something that alludes my provincial mindset," she said jokingly. "Cannot even a simple arsonist uses a match and some fuel to burn a building to the ground? And, following that logic, cannot even the most inept of kings tear down what has taken generations to build? So, establishing you would burn everything to the ground, what would you build? Or are you determined to be King of the Ashes?"

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 3:53 pm
by Beliany
Christopher smiled at Alana as he lead her through the gardens, a slight blush across his face as she moved closer to him. Christopher turned to look at the crowds and let out a small chuckle, slightly out of amusement as well as nervousness. He didn't wish to have Alana scared by the people in the garden. The fact that they had already had attracted a crowd already was but just a taste of the vicious nature of his people's design for entertainment from their royals. Christopher knew that it could be a bit overwhelming at first, but thus far Alana seemed far more at ease than he might have expected, and it made him happy.

"Don't worry too much about them, okay? You kind of get used to them after a while," Christopher said softly only for Alana to hear. "Their bark is mostly worse than their bite, usually. Thankfully I don't think we are doing anything to scandalous, though the tabloids are likely to have a field day. Just ignore them, and everything will be alright." Christopher decided to pick up the rest of the conversation, following in Alana's decision to switch the topic to that the drones and Malx.

"I would love to work on Malx with you, " Christopher said as they escaped into the quiet safety of the palace. "I think you were wise to leave Malx with his personality, it leaves him beautifully unique, much like you. But helping you make a few modifications would be fun I think." Christopher paused, rubbing the back of his head with a nervous laugh, "I have to warn you though, as I said before, my lab isn't a lab in the formal sense, more like a workshop."

Meanwhile Mother Delporte raised an eyebrow. "Straight for the jugular indeed," she chuckled softly. "And now it seems your girl is dragging him off to complete her conquest." Mother Delporte gestured over to the Seidanese princess and Lady Ardales, chuckling again as she spoke to Auria, "didn't even give the others a chance. Very impressive."

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:23 pm
by Russlande
Nukai let out a nervous cough has he stood before his uncles. He had temporarily forgotten how much of a meddler his Uncle Leopold could be. And that was not a conversation that he wanted to have with him. Nukai’s relationships typically feel in to one of three categories, personal, business and political, and whilst the latter two typically tended to mix more than they probably should have, he preferred to leave the most former to his own devices and determination. He had no need nor desire to have his Uncle Leopold try to play Cupid with him.

The Grand Duke looked around them, searching for a way out of this conversation in a justifiable manner. Nukai spotted Baudouin speaking to one of the guests, and it seem that the two of them were both going through glasses as a rate that wouldn’t be advisable for anyone of their station at a place like this. Nukai looked up innocently at Uncle Leopold, patting the King of Beliany’s arm.

“Do excuse me, I think I need to go save someone,” Nukai said only under the pretense of joking. He was sure he would have to save one of them, though which one he wasn’t particularly sure. Either the poor girl from Baudouin’s sharp tongue, or Baudouin from making a fool of himself, a truly Herculean feat, but still infinitely more enjoyable than dealing with Uncle Leopold’s attempts at match making. Nonetheless he excused himself and found himself cross the gardens before Leopold or Maximilian could stop him.

Nukai cut a bee-line towards the pair, setting down his own untouched glass, as he joined them, stepping up between them, with a playful smile as he looked at Baudouin, patting him on the back a bit harder than might have been necessary.

“Cousin, I see you’ve made a new friend,” Nukai turned and bowed to the young woman in one single fluid movement. “I do hope I’m not interrupting.”

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:38 pm
by Atmora
Alice responded to Miss Michiels "The honour is mine, I've heard of so many things about Beliany. It is a pleasure to confirm the sayings for myself."

Alice before she made her way towards Beliany, briefly had met with her cousin the Empress of Atmora along with Foreign Minister Miyasaki, they only gave her a brief description of the King of Beliany. Thinking on the question asked by Michiels, Alice responded "Of course, it would be nice to get the know HM the King more."

Awaiting for Michiels to show the way towards the King.