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This is Boschke calling!

Postby Britonisea » Thu Apr 23, 2020 11:07 am


Jordan Hermes: Hello, Mateus next door in the other arena! How are you guys?!

Mateus Breton: We are having a great time in the arena and I cannot wait to reveal to you who receive those all-important Britonish points.

Mateus Breton
Co-host of WorldVision Song Contest 81

Mateus Breton: The 8-1 points are revealed on the screen for you...

8 - EKOZ

Mateus Breton: I can now reveal that the ten points head to...BESEN!
There was a big cheer as Matia received the Britonish ten points. The camera was trained on Matia for a hot second before we went back to the hosts.
Ria Aristide: And those all-important douze points?

Mateus Breton: Douze points go to...LLALTA! Congratulations and good night!
The Britonish audience jumped up and down before June was focused on the Llaltese, June Summerfields who had come to love Britonisea. The country had come to love her too...

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Postby Krytenia » Fri Apr 24, 2020 6:51 am

Good evening Boschke, this is Emberton calling!

A big well done for the fantastic show, and all of us here at KBS wish you all the very best of luck. A big well done to Chris, too, you're doing your country proud! Here are the first results of the Krytenian vote.

1 - EKOZ

Our eight points go to the fantastic song from Llalta!

Second in the Krytenian vote, and ten points, go to Tödlichebujoku!

And there's only one word left to say for our twelve points... SIM! LAGOA!
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Postby Eljida » Sat Apr 25, 2020 1:06 am

Eljidian Representative

"Silem Britonisea! I am excited to present Eljida's votes for tonight, and here they are!"

1 point to Ekoz
2 points to Waisnor
3 points to Belgaam
4 points to Antenovaria
5 points to Elejamie
6 points to Kalosia
7 points to Amuaplye

8 points to Malta Comino Gozo

10 points to Antahbrantahstan

And our 12 points of the night go to...Achaean Republic!

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Postby Ekoz » Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:27 am

Alfaans: Good Evening Bosche, good evening world! Carnise calling. Thank-you for a fantastic show tonight, it is great to be once again participating at WorldVision! Ekozians up and down the nation have been voting for their favourite, so without further ado, here are the results of the Ekozian public and jury votes.

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Postby Polkopia » Sat Apr 25, 2020 1:14 pm

26/35 Polkopia Votes:

Ashri Čotovska, lead singer of the band, Millennia, which represented Polkopia in WV80

"Good evening, Boschke, good evening everyone! I'm here to present the Polkopian votes, but I just wanted to say that Bradin, you had an amazing performance and we're all proud of you back home. Right, on to the votes. Let's see how Polkopia voted, shall we?"

1 point: Waisnor
2 points: Amuaplye
3 points: Antahbrantahstan
4 points: Malta Comino Gozo
5 points: Talvezout
6 points: Kalosia
7 points: Scotatrova

8 points: Britonisea

10 points: Ertzei Kishim

12 points: Izmedu
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Postby Todlichebujoku » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:30 am

Backstage of the Newbury Park Arena, Boschke, Britonisea

Tulisvi bassist Tankmari Koniši fist-bumped the drummer Raimuntti Valotis as they headed to the restrooms. The air was charged with such a vivid energy it felt surreal to be doing something as mundane as a bathroom break, but the two really did need to hit the urinals and find some sweet relief. As expected, the Britonish restroom was brightly lit and very clean, a pleasant and modern experience even though it wasn't one open to the general public. Tankmari had visited some far less impressive rooms before, particularly in his early days with Tulisvi when they were all trying to practice in keyboardist Aapo's cramped apartment in Fauligekaikobu. Flashing back to the endless noise complaints and shady interactions with Aapo's neighbors as he finished with his business and headed to the sinks, he was quite content to be long past those days, and very grateful for the studio in Estegoa that they practiced at these days.

"Hey Tankki, you know where Pertti went off to? I know Aapo and Imo are out having a smoke break."

While washing up and checking his reflection in the mirror, Tankmari fixed up a slightly disheveled bit of his hair before answering.

"Oh I remember he said something about getting shots? He wanted some Britonish specials, man I don't know if that's even allowed here but, yeah that's where he's off to," he drawled, adding a quick laugh at the lead singer's notable propensity for alcohol, even for a Tödlichebujoki.

"Fuck, dude, he needs to control that. Powers, don't we have some interview we're supposed to be at soon?" A tinge of stress worked its way into Raimuntti's tone as he turned to Tankmari with a look of concern.

"Bro literally we all just split up to get some shit done, swear to the powers that it's gonna take like half an hour minimum find and get everyone back together, I think they closed off the usual smoke spot so Taivas knows where the fuck they are right now." Tankmari grimaced, it was going to be hella awkward for PR and their agent would get pissed off at them for this, but really there wasn't much they could do. "Yeah dude, that Mateus guy is gonna have to do some quick thinking and figure out what's what without us, he's got the details anyway," he added with a shrug.

Raimuntti sighed in exasperation. "Ugh, damn, Tuure is gonna flay us or some shit when he sees us again. If he calls I'm just gonna pretend to be super busy watching the show," he muttered, referring to their agent, before turning to dry his hands.

"Honestly good call. You know what, I think Pertti boy's got the right idea. Hope he's bringing us extras."
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The Royal Kingdom of Quebec wrote: Tod. You never run out of interesting yet little bit controversial ideas..... :p
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Postby Todlichebujoku » Sun Apr 26, 2020 1:41 am


Tiitalinte Katoo, also known as VELUNA, WHF50 entrant

Good evening Boschke! Well, it turns out we'd be in Britonisea after all, huh? What a great night, as we can always expect from Britonish TV! Ah, let's get on with the votes now:


Our 8 points go to... ZAMBOODLE, a surprise!
Now our 10 points go to... IZMEDU, now that's not much of a shock is it? What a performance!
And of course, our big 12 points go to... EKOZ!!! Congrats!

Thank you and good luck to all!
早晨!ToBu for short. - some tunes -
Hladgos wrote:ToBu. I both hate, and love you.
Euskirribakondara wrote:2. Todlichebujoku, shut up and take my money. Your entry was pure art. I think we should bestow upon your song the title of "Best Worldvision Act Ever".
The Royal Kingdom of Quebec wrote: Tod. You never run out of interesting yet little bit controversial ideas..... :p
[violet] wrote:You are my go-to nation for long names.
On Sept 4th 2017, Izmedu wrote:tobuball is the resident wvball milk drunkard with moments of insanity

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Postby Lagoa » Sun Apr 26, 2020 2:15 am


Elvira Ranta, talk show host

Boa noite Boschke!! What an exciting production it has been! Here are the Lagoan votes:


8 points from Lagoa go to... the hosts, BRITONISEA!
The 10 points go to... POLKOPIA!!
And at last, our big 12 points go to... BESEN!!!

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Postby Antahbrantahstan » Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:08 am

Zakaria Koswara, singer

"Hello, Boschke! It's very nice to see you all here, even though we're in the comfort of our own homes, it is very nice that this show is up and running, because at the end of the day, we need entertainments to protect our own mental health, haha!"

"Without further ado, here are the results of the Anturian vote."

1-Highly Ranked

"The Anturian 8 points goes to.."
Belgaam, congratulations.

"10 points goes to..."
The hosts, Britonisea.

"And finally, our 12 points goes to.."
The beautiful song, SCOTATROVA!

"Terima kasih, everyone! See you!"
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Postby Zentata » Sun Apr 26, 2020 7:28 am

And folks, the vote from Zentata is in!
1 point: Kalosia
2 point: Britonisea
3 points: Belgaam
4 points: Polkopia
5 points: Ertzei Kishim
6 points: Todlichebujoku
7 points: Ekoz
8 points: Izmedu
10 points: Llalta
12 points: Achaean Republic
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Postby Antenovaria » Sun Apr 26, 2020 8:46 pm

1 point: Malta
2 point: Britonisea
3 points: Ertzei Kishim
4 points: Llalta
5 points: Izmedu
6 points: Besen
7 points: Achean Republic
8 points: Titaniumland
10 points: Talvezout
12 points: Todlichebujoku

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Postby Izmedu » Sun Apr 26, 2020 10:30 pm

Koraljka Franic, Izmeduan WV41 entrant

"Dobra vecer Britonisea! Good evening Boschke, it's been a while, but I still hold fond memories of Quickenden. I have to say, it was such a wonderful show. I'm grateful to be a part of it, even if for a tiny bit. Alright, let's get onto the Izmeduan votes."

1 point: Achaean Republic
2 points: Ekoz
3 points: Besen
4 points: Polkopia
5 points: Llalta
6 points: Malta Comino Gozo
7 points: Todlichebujoku

"Now we got the really big ones."




"Thank you so much for having us. Good luck to all!"
WorldVision Song Contest - World Hit Festival

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Postby Talvezout » Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:33 pm

1 point - Achaean Republic
2 points - Titaniumland
3 points - Besen
4 points - Llata
5 points - Polkopia
6 points - Malta Comino Gozo
7 points - Mister X
8 points - Britonisea
10 points - Izmedu
12 points - Ertzei Kishim
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Postby Nahlcomo » Sun Apr 26, 2020 11:34 pm

1 point - Beepee
2 points - Belgaam
3 points - Ekoz
4 points - Darkmania
5 points - Lagoa
6 points - Kalosia
7 points - Amuapyle
8 points - Eljida
10 points - Todlichebujoku
12 points - Llata

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The Winner Revealed

Postby Britonisea » Mon Apr 27, 2020 1:44 pm

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Congratulations to the winner!

Postby Britonisea » Mon Apr 27, 2020 1:49 pm

No, this is not the Halftime Scoreboard: Britonisea has won the 81st WorldVision Song Contest with 154 points! Britonisea becomes the reigning champion of the WorldVision Song Contest and the World Hit Festival at the same time...

Ria Aristide: For the first time in eight editions, Britonisea has won the WorldVision Song Contest! They've managed to break their 34 - yes, 34 edition old record of 139 points to win the contest. Yet another Vha Mehlodhivestoile victory!

Jordan Hermes: And oh my God! What a victory that was! Todlichebujoku in second place with such a huge score! 146 points...congratulations to them!

Ria Aristide: Absolutely fabulous - the top 9 with over 100 points? This is shockingly great! Let's have Kelsey Banques sing her winning song.

The colours of the Britonish flag were lit up in the arena as the crowd went crazy - the winner of the song contest was the hosts themselves, which caused a huge roar. Kelsey Banques couldn't believe her eyes - the same emotions she felt winning Vha Mehlodhivestoile came back to her - she's won the WorldVision Song Contest. She's the ultimate winner. She didn't cry, she was too happy to cry. She hugged everyone she passed on her way to the was time for her to reprise her song...

Kelsey Banques- "Indestructible"
Tune : Dotter - "Bulletproof"
Music: Aaliyah Banques, Martia Sampson, Delia Fox-Smith, Susanne Barker Lyrics: Beatrice Williamson, Zara Holland

Duration: 03:06
Main Vocalist: Kelsey Banques
Female Vocalist 1: Aaliyah Banques
Female Vocalist 2: Frida Grover (winner of WV63)

I’ve swum through strong tsunamis - Sung by backing singers only
[ad lib] - Note enlongated (over backing singers)

"I would like to thank you all for this wonderful gift - the WorldVision Song Contest trophy. The journey here was tough, not just for me coming from Vha Mehlodhivestoile to be here, but for Britonisea. It's such a special moment to celebrate this win, 154 points, on our 50th anniversary. If you looked back 50 editions ago, 45 editions ago, people would've laughed in our faces if you told them Britonisea would win one day. I am so proud of how far we've come and that's down to the thousands of you, the millions of you that have voted. Britonisea will be forever grateful for this win, I promise. I'm sure you want to hear the song one more time, so let's crank the music up and get singing!"

A large smile widened on her face as she took watched the Stage Personnel rush on to the stage to prepare for the performance of Kelsey Banques. She made one last prayer before smiling widely with the microphone in her hand, walking confidently down a catwalk to the centre of the stage which was out in the public. Members of the audience watched her walking by with them seemingly being much more interested in Kelsey than her postcard.

As Kelsey reached the centre of the stage, she moved inside the curved wall which had hundred of misshapen pieces of mirrored glass stuck to it. For BITC, one of the reasons that they were happy to have won the WorldVision Song Contest host bidding is because of this large curved wall - with the transportation to any other country becoming much more of a hassle. With the finals of Vha Mehlodhivestoile having taken place in Alshkan - the opposite side of the country to Boschke, it was a minor challenge anyway but abroad, especially not in the region, would've caused some issues. Due to the dark staging at the start of the song, the mirrors behind her wasn't as visible. Projections were to be used in her WorldVision Song Contest performance as well, though this would be used later on in the song compared to her Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2020 performance. She was handed a microphone, which fit in with her silver crop top and tight-fitting shorts as the microphone is was made of the same material the wall behind her is made of. She started to feel nervous, but conversely, a rush of adrenaline hit her as she heard the ending of the postcards. The audience came in with a huge cheer, the loudest cheer for the beginning of a WV81 entry so far and its expected, not only is she Britonisea's representative but Kelsey's stardom is skyhigh especially after her VM win.

As the audience came in with a cheer, the arena was lit up in Britonish colours. "26 Britonisea" came up on the screen including all of the information regarding the entry. It was time for the Britonish performance. The arena turned dark after a while. As Kelsey started singing, the song, some members of the audience starting cheering with it being heard in the background of the song. Kelsey Banques started off in a different way to her VM performance, with her looking into one of the mirrors with the camera positioned in a way where we saw Kelsey staring back at the camera through the mirror. With the microphone in her hand, she sang the first three lines into the mirror before she moved on...

Woke up from
What I thought was eternal bliss,
Noticed all warning signs once missed.
I can't hide how my heart, oh it aches from the pain,
I guess it's more fool me once again

As she finished singing the line "Noticed all warning signs once missed", Kelsey slowly turned around from facing her back to the audience, now looking out towards those sitting directly in front of the staging in the stands and the fortunate few that saw the Britonish staging in the staging section. As we moved on, there was a camera shot from the front of the stage which was blurry - out of focus - and quite dark but as she continued to sing, the quality of the camera strengthened with it being a tactic to make sure that the viewers didn't see the first camera move off of the stage. As Kelsey sang the lyrics "oh it aches", she placed her hand on her heart with their being a quick close up of the camera quickly trailing up her body, stopping where her hand met her hand. Kelsey was bathed in blue light, especially from in front of her which gave the feel of the song a cold vibe which is the feeling that she wanted her audience to feel. White strobes from behind her. You'd also notice that naturally, the mirror on the microphone reflected the normal strobe lights with there being lens flare as we move from different camera shot to different. The lights did not change that much during the section and into the next.

As we move from the first verse to the pre-chorus, there was a bit more action used in Kelsey's gestures, so that she wasn't just singing with a microphone on the stage. There was a shot from the top of the stage which quickly made its way down. The white strobes that were behind her, along with the sound of the clicking of fingers, flickered which you could see perfectly well with the shot before. As Kelsey sang "wasn't true love", she made a heart sign with the microphone still in hand, before she started to twist and turn her body slightly as she felt the music take over her actions. Moving along with the sounds of the clicks, there was a series of close up shots of features of her body such as her eyes, her lips, her hair and even the ring that she wore on her finger. The audience, especially those behind the large stage object who had to rely on the screens in the arena, seeing what audiences at home could see, to get the Kelsey Banques experience, started to cheer as we moved closer to the memorable chorus of the song. For this part of the song, Kelsey Banques' facial expressions were mostly serious and almost hateful of some sort as she seemed to be not only angry with who she is singing about but also with herself.

What I felt, it wasn't true love,
I never felt I was enough,
You told me I'm paranoid
I know I wasn't, you fed me lies
And though I-

I know that I will recover
You know that I'll be stronger
You still try to tear me down, but
You've left indestructible

As Kelsey moved into the later stages of the pre-chorus, the cold blue lighting that was used slowly started to get lighter in colour, with the cold blue now becoming a lot lighter. She was still bathed in the lighting with the white flickering to the sound of claps but the mood of the song changed. There was a camera shot directly in front of her that she was looking at as she started singing "I know that..." with it being different to the first half of the pre-chorus after the series of close-up shots. As we moved outwards and over some members of the audience that were flying their flags from all over the multiverse - Britonisea, Darkmania, Ekoz, Besen, Malta Comino Gozo and beyond. Kelsey, for the first time during the performance, let out a small smirk which showed signs of happiness, adding to the changing mood of the performance. Suddenly, as there was silence in the music as we moved from the verse into the chorus with the only thing being heard is Kelsey alongside members of the audience singing "You've left me indestructible" with her as we moved into the chorus of the song. The blue light and white strobe was quickly turned off as the two separated LEDs on either side of the stage and the LED floor all turned white with there being a shot from further away to show this.

Kelsey dipped her head quickly forward with there being a motion blur effect being used in the camera that was switched to capture this moment, with it looking as though her flicking her hair and head forward looked like it was happening in slow motion when it actually wasn't. As we saw this happening, the next shot of Kelsey was when she was bathed in Eygptian golden yellow - a truly indestructible colour for Miss Kelsey Banques. As we explosively moved into the chorus, there was a shot
of Kelsey Banques from afar to the lyrics "I'm unbreakable" before another shot from afar was used with it quickly zooming into Kelsey as she looked deep into the camera beckoning as she sang "indestructible" with a camera from downstage to her left capturing her at the first "hoo" and her right side at the second "hoo". It would also be the first time we heard from the backing singers which include Aaliyah Banques - Kelsey's sister who represented Nightom at the 32nd World Hit Festival in Euskirribakondara and also includes Frida Grover who won the 63rd WorldVision Song Contest with her song "Pyro". With a star-studded all-female song, line up for the Britonish entry, it definitely seemed Britonisea had a mission to complete.

I’m unbreakable, Indestructible (hoo-hoo)
Do your worst, try and tear me down at my strongest
I’ve climbed all hills and mountains,
I’ve reached the top on my own,
No one can tell me I can't cope alone.

As Kelsey sang "do you worst" a low angle shot was next on the camera with the camera zooming from low across her before moving outwards - up and over the audience before another shot of us zooming in on Kelsey Banques was shown and she was standing, again, looking deep into the camera. The facial expression that Kelsey had on her face was one of proudness and confidence as she looked up when singing "I've climbed", widening the stance that she had on the stage floor, with her free hand being curled into a fist before she delicately looked down to once again meet the camera once just as soon as she sang the words "on my own" before the golden light slowly eased back on the intensity as she completed singing the chorus. We could hear the backing singers slightly supporting Kelsey during the first chorus but they would be much more important throughout the rest of the song. As we moved into the next verse, there was a single second as the arena plummeted into darkness.

Only lit up by the projections which were shining on her face, Kelsey Banques opened her eyes as a camera watched her starting to sing the second verse. The projections were of text on her face with most of the text that was showing up were of the lyrics that she was singing with some of the lyrics such as "NO LONGER" and "YOU'D USED ME" and "I THANK YOU" in capital letters, much larger than the rest of the lyrics and with words such as "Indestructible" showing up on her stomach area where he skin was exposed. The projects were all the way down her leg which was captured a few times using the camera. During this section of the song as well, she did not have much changing in lighting with the scenery behind her being kept very dark, not giving anything away in terms of the mirrored wall behind her but there was a light to not completely have Kelsey in darkness while she sang the verse. The audience continued watching as they see the new and improved "Indestructible" as directed by BITC stage directors. They didn't want to change the package too much as in past VM songs that were sent to WorldVision, they'd been kept the same staging-wise with minor improvements. This entry's staging most definitely had the largest revamp since it won the competition yet it still feels recognisable to the millions of households watching the WorldVision Song Contest.

No longer (longer),
Do I see through rose-tinted glasses
I now know how much you'd used me
I thank you,
Though you think you had left me weak,
Actually it's the opposite

With the projection being used during this section, Kelsey couldn't move her body, despite her wanting to sway along to the beat of the chorus. She kept the strong stance she had before to help avoid her moving during this section. She also used her arms to interact with the song, pointing as she sang "You" or putting the back of her against her face as she sang the lyrics "you had left me weak." The cameras followed Kelsey round as she continued singing this section of the song. It felt as though this verse was very short and that is because it was. There was only one "stanza" of verse for this section and there wasn't a pre-chorus once again with the music producers saying that for the second chorus, the pre-chorus wouldn't make it as impactful as it should be - especially thinking about staging in mind when writing the song. She was nearing the end of the second verse before, on the projection did the word "INDESTRUCTIBLE" appear everywhere it could on her body, with it being in different languages such as the usual English, Spanish, French and even national languages of participating nations such as Britonish, Taploukki, Polkopian, Scotatrovan and many more languages as she sang the last line of the verse.

Similarly to what happened in the first time, we entered the chorus, we saw a flash of white being used on the LEDs behind her and the stage floor - with the cameras moving outwards to view this before Kelsey once again flipped her hair forwards with the same motion blur being used on the camera to create the same effect as it did before with lasers making a cage around Kelsey as she dipped. Though, as she moved back up to standing position once again, the golden colours came in but specific lasers that were trained on the mirrored wall behind her were now blasted the each of the fragments on the LED wall slowly moving in circular motions along with the moving on these lasers which reflected broken prism lights and as it did, the audience cheered loudly with it being heard in the back of the song. She started moving her body once again, slowly bending her legs as she did. There was a shot of Kelsey from further away as we saw how large scale the reflections were, with her body being the only thing that blocked the rays of light passing through. She sang with more gusto than she did when beginning this chorus.

I’m unbreakable, Indestructible (hoo-hoo)
Do your worst, try and tear me down at my strongest
I’ve climbed all hills and mountains,
I’ve reached the top on my own,
No one can tell me I can't cope alone.

As she was singing the chorus, once again her facial expressions were of confidence. She seemed to be so engrossed into the performance and making sure that she was performing to the best of her ability. After the camera was used to focus on the new lighting rigs that were used for a while, giving the time for the audience to actually take in the use of the reflections, as she started on the line "I've climbed up hills and mountains", the tracking camera around the stage was trained on her, moving from one side of the main circular stage to the next, with Kelsey moving along with it and of course showing the beautiful light scene behind her. She quickly looked up before singing "I can't cope alone" with it seeming as though she going to sing the chorus once again with the end of the chorus as her volume and pitch slid back up before we went into the repeating of the chorus.

With her 90% volume, she looked up with the microphone around 15 centimetres away from her as she belted out "I'm unbreakable", before turning around, almost crouching down as she sang "Indestructible" for the nth time tonight. Her loose arm was tightly curled up into a ball while she tightly gripped the microphone with her other hand. As she, and the backing singers, sang "hoo-hoo", she quickly made her way back up into standing position with the colours of the lasers changing to the red before back to gold alongside the cameras changing at that sound too. She continued belting out the lyrics as you could hear Aaliyah Banques and Frida Grover strongly now joining Kelsey Banques singing the song perfectly underneath her. With her singing, "take me on" and the rest of that line, she slightly moved forwards, holding her free arm outwards, before singing "I am brave!" purposefully prematurely before extending the word brave, adding her own spice to the song by ad-libbing and making the song her own.

I’m unbreakable, Indestructible (hoo-hoo)
I dare you, come and take me on if you are brave
I am brave! [ad lib]
I’ve swum through strong tsunamis
Reached the shore all in one piece

(Oooooh oh oh) Whatever you have got planned, I'm ready

As Kelsey ad-libbed, Frida and Aaliyah sang the sections Kelsey weren't with Kelsey totally immersed into the song. Frida and Aaliyah actually were on the stage with Kelsey, but they were directly behind the mirrored wall, facing outwards towards the audience on the side of the arena who weren't getting a view of what Kelsey was doing in front of the wall. Frida, host of the last WorldVision Britonisea hosted and Aaliyah, who wore similar clothing to what Kelsey was wearing as they swayed along with the song in unison, looking at each other as they sang occasionally with them trying to add their own flair to the song, complimenting Kelsey rather well. The audience on that side of the arena were pleased that they could still watch the performance happening "live". They cheered as Frida and Aaliyah sang with power.

We then moved into the bridge of the song, before a single spotlight of Kelsey was trained on her as the lasers were switched off and normal strobe lights too. Kelsey, at the start of the bridge, was blurred, with a Steadicam joining her on the stage, slowly circling around her. This was all done to fit the calm nature of the song during the verse. Kelsey wanted for this to be an intimate moment between her and the audience, and so when the lens moved in front of her, she would give it intense eye contact, singing as though she is telling everyone at home that yes, she does feel lonely and feels as though she can only trust herself. She looked sad, she looked in pain but as she sang "I'm the only...person and", the Steadicam operator ran off the stage before another joined Kelsey on the stage from a different angle as she now turned with the camera, moving until the audience was clearly behind her.

Yes, sometimes I do feel lonely,
And feel like time's moving slowly.
There's one person I can trust,
And it's me, just me, I'm the only...person and
(mmmm) Never have I ever felt like...
The whole world is on my side
(mmmm) I’ve reached the top all on my own,
You've left me indestructible

As the bridge section was being sung, haze started to fill up on the stage, with it being used for the first time in such magnitude during a Britonish performance at WorldVision. With Kelsey still having the audience in the background, Frida and Aaliyah came in with the humming as Kelsey closed her eyes and slowly shaking her head from side to side, raising an eyebrow and she felt the song once again. As the song reached the point where she sang "top all on my own", the camera slowly faded to black with Kelsey turning around during this section by the time it got dark. The audience again could be heard during the moment of silence after cheeking Wiktoria 2016 smiling before going back into the chorus of the song.

And here she is once again at the chorus, with the lasers being used once again in a few colours, with the main colour being reflected being white. As the "hoo-hoos" were sung once again, she flicked her hair from one side to the next as the camera caught this from one shot to the next. Kelsey was continuing behind herself on the stage throughout this last bit of the song, with it being the home straight now. She felt as though this was her winning Vha Mehlodhivestoile performance; feeling very satisfied with the performance she had so far. It was time for her to give that last push...

I’m unbreakable, Indestructible (hoo-hoo)
I dare you, come and take me on if you are brave
No longer do I feel pain,
I've been hurting all my life
The life I lead before's my sacrifice

With there being a change of wording for the chorus she had just sung, it offered having the song not be as repetitive as it could have been using the same lyrics over and over again. The camera zoomed in on her face as she sang the line "The life I lead before's my sacrifice" as she placed her hand over her heart. The haze was working very well with the lights as well making the already darkish staging seem more mystical and magical, but also as she appeared amongst the haze, it made her look much grander and indestructible.

As she moved onto the repeat of the chorus, the large circular centre of the stage started moving upwards like this with the LED strips around not being used just yet. With it being timed that it takes 13 seconds for the stage to be fully up to how it is in that example, so by the time she belting the words "I have claimed", she would be fully in the air. Though, winding back, as the main stage starting moving upwards, lights along the top of the arena (which you can also see in that example) starting flickering, lighting up for the first time during the performance, with them being in a strong golden colour to match the lights already being used. As sang "I'm invincible", she held her free hand out, as looked directly up as her body was bathed in the golden light with camera effects being done to make it appear much golder than before. Throughout the chorus, the cameras made the raising of the stage look dramatic, with air now blowing too, with Kelsey's hair now floating delicately in the wind; focusing on her as she moved upwards with cameras trained in certain positions to capture a glimpse of her moving up, quickly shifting to the next as we moved from her moving up and up.

I’m invincible, Indestructible (hoo-hoo)
Do your worst, try and tear me down at my strongest
I have climbed [ad lib]
I’ve climbed all hills and mountains,
I’ve reached the top on my own,

Once again, as she reached the top, there was another camera waiting for her. She stopped before moving to the side (a la Sweden 2013 before the YOU scream but without the weird foot thing before), before elongating the note once again, adding her own spice through ad-libbing while Frida and Aaliyah came in with the strong vocals helping Kelsey carry the song out. The camera zoomed out as we saw her sing her final long note of the song with a lot of strength. It was now time for the final bit of the song with a camera being trained on the LED around the rising stage showing the words "NO ONE CAN TELL ME I CAN'T COPE ALONE" with the camera slowly panning upwards, meeting Kelsey Banques as she said that line to the progressing camera, smiling into it.


As she sang the final note, there was one final shot of the stage from further away, but not too far with the audience being able to see Kelsey standing in the middle and the LEDs in the back and around the raised platform with the word, "Indestructible" plastered on every inch of the LED in a similar fashion to how it looked on her during the projection section. The audience came in with a humongous roar which took Kelsey by surprise. Frida and Aaliyah came running from around the back of the stage before the three women embraced, "THANK YOU EVERYONE, I LOVE YOU ALL!"
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1st ( 26 ) Britonisea 154
2nd ( 7 ) Todlichebujoku 146
3rd ( 24 ) Izmedu 143
4th ( 15 ) Ertzei Kishim 126
5th ( 3 ) Polkopia 112

6th ( 2 ) Scotatrova 105
7th ( 20 ) Besen 102
8th ( 16 ) Ekoz 101 (18 voters)
9th ( 39 ) Llalta 101 (16 voters)
10th ( 11 ) Eljida 83

11th ( 27 ) Achaean Republic 75
12th ( 12 ) Talvezout 72
13th ( 14 ) Malta Comino Gozo 62
14th ( 4 ) Kalosia 61
15th ( 28 ) Amuapyle 51
16th ( 5 ) Belgaam 50
17th ( 29 ) Darkmania 45
18th ( 17 ) Waisnor 40
19th ( 25 ) Mister X 38
20th ( 6 ) Elejamie 35
21st ( 22 ) Lagoa 34
22nd ( 10 ) Beepee 32
23rd ( 18 ) Antahbrantahstan 31
24th ( 30 ) Krytenia 27
25th ( 9 ) Vartugia 23
26th ( 8 ) Titaniumland 21 (6 voters)
27th ( 1 ) Highly Ranked 21 (4 voters)
28th ( 38 ) Petroslovania 17
29th ( 23 ) Antenovaria 16 (2 voters, a 12)
30th ( 19 ) Placey Placington 16 (2 voters, no 12)
DSQ ( 32 ) Zamboodle 10
31st ( 13 ) Nahlcomo 10
32nd ( 37 ) Estogium 6 (2 voters)
33rd ( 35 ) The Hlhata States 6 (a single voter)
34th ( 33 ) Zentata 0

Goodnight from us in Boschke!

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Zentatan Fans are furious after Britonsea switched their flag with Zamboodle in the scoreboard, and demand it to be fixed
Go Zylan Zingers!! Support them with an upvote here LET"S GO ZINGERS LET'S GO!!!
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