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The Horse and The Merlion [Aeia Only]

PostPosted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 8:12 am
by Golfia

To: His Royal Majesty, Qağan Tazhibai Xan of the Özen Khanate

Our city has always catered to anyone and everyone during the countless centuries of its blessed existence, no matter one's own race, culture and language. It's the very reason as to why we're writing directly to His Majesty, extending an open and friendly invitation for a delegation from the Özen Khanate to visit the Free State of Mandai, in particularly during the Festival of Zuhanna where both countries may embark on a rejuvenated path towards greater cooperation in many areas, including the principles of free trade and cultural exchange. We're looking forwards to your reply as to how His Majesty wishes to proceed from now on.

Take Care and Kinds Regards,

The Supreme Executive Council of the Free State of Mandai