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Sunalayan News (SUNALAYA ONLY)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 6:51 pm
by Frasian Viceroyalty
Sunalayan Regional News Centre


Welcome, Sunalayans! This is the new, revamped Sunalayan News Thread as a replacement for the previous thread. Please post as you would in the previous thread.


PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:50 am
by Sunrisia

ACREFOR Mission In West Zilveren Berg Concludes: All Peacekeepers Begin Withdrawal


The anticipated moment has finally arrived. Sunrisian governments in the past and now have talked about the approach of a conclusion to the ACREFOR peacekeeping mission in West Zilveren Berg, however, some sort of a predicament always ended up extending the mission. That was because there was a usual conclusion made that something more was left to be done by the peacekeepers. There was another declaration made about the conclusion of the ACREFOR mission in West Zilveren Berg as recently as yesterday, when it was announced that ACREFOR peacekeepers have already started the early deployment to both – North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia. However, today the verbal promise has turned into a practical one, because the Sunrisian peacekeepers in ACREFOR are finally returning home from West Zilveren Berg. Minister of Security of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia – Rêbór Acértâ, formally came out today to announce that ACREFOR has completed all objectives in West Zilveren Berg and that a formal withdrawal of all its’ forces would begin today. From this point on, Sunrisia will continue to aid a stabilized and “healthier” West Zilveren Berg from outside. Additionally, Minister of Security Acértâ reminded of the Security Treaty (Sunrisia–West Zilveren Berg), which obligates Sunrisia to defend West Zilveren Berg against an external attack or an invasion, while West Zilveren Berg cooperates with Sunrisia in non-combat military tactics. The Minister reaffirmed Sunrisian respect to West Zilveren Berg’s choice to remain a mostly neutral, non-bloc country. Finally, the Minister also said that West Zilveren Berg might still see frequent visits from Sunrisian military officers, as our country is helping West Zilveren Berg set up its’ own independent military – West Zilveren Self-Defense Forces (WZSDF), by arming, equipping and training it.

The withdrawal of ACREFOR from West Zilveren Berg was authorized with a decree signed by President and PID Director Fórî Apstérâ. The administration says that the departure from West Zilveren Berg will now allow ACREFOR to focus fully on their new cross-border peacekeeping, stabilization and recuperation mission in North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia. The parties and electoral blocs, who ended up winning the recent legislative election and are now forming a governing coalition to lead the restored Convet, said that they will not keep further criticisms towards the executive branch of the government for its’ swift unilateral foreign policy decisions and actions in absence of a legislature, especially since the executive branch is not made up of an elected officials but rather is a “stratocracy.” Instead, the future governing parties have said that they must instead focus on forming a parliament as soon as possible, so that the Convet could be restored and the system of “checks and balances” is brought back, since the executive branch currently acts on its’ own. According to future/incoming MPs, the actions of the Apstérâ administration are not of an “abuse of power level yet”, however, those who are supposed to form a legislative branch soon, will continue to watch out for any actual abuse of power by the executive branch. While the Egress Alliance (EA) electoral bloc criticized President and PID Director Fórî Apstérâ “rushed” lifting of an embargo and all sanctions against North Baggnagia, until the new leadership of Divisional General Zbynek Fiala of North Baggnagia committed to an actual restoration of human rights and liberty in North Baggnagia, the EA political alliance did not criticize the conclusion of ACREFOR mission in West Zilveren Berg today and the authorization of peacekeeper withdrawal by a presidential decree. EA members say they thought that it was time to leave West Zilveren Berg, bring the peacekeepers home and continue aiding the country from the side within a bilateral relations and partnership framework.

In other news:

  • Sunrisian NGOs – The White Dove (WD) and Harmony League (HL), send aid personnel to North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia.

  • Flórên Infána of the Civic Nationalist Sovereignty Bloc (CNSB), chosen as the new Speaker of the Convet of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia within the restored legislature, in ongoing negotiations for forming a new governing coalition.

  • Early presidential election campaign progressing forward with an increasing list of candidates.

  • Top Releases on the Sunrisian Musical Charts (In No Particular Order):

PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2020 7:41 pm
by West Zilveren Berg
West Zilveren Berg Says Goodbye And Farewell To ACREFOR Peacekeepers

ACREFOR peacekeepers are leaving West Zilveren Berg after having been here before and after the foundation of this sovereign state. The Sunrisian peacekeeping force has completed its’ mission in West Zilveren Berg and the critical presence of ACREFOR on the ground in West Zilveren Berg for post-war recovery is no longer needed. It has helped West Zilveren Berg get back on its’ feet, however, the country, one of the youngest sovereign states in the world, can move forward on its’ own. Nevertheless, the Sunrisians have promised to continue helping West Zilveren Berg further from the side. The country will still be expected to see frequent visits or maybe even prolonged presence of Sunrisian military officers, who will be helping West Zilveren Berg in the creation and final launch of our country’s own military force – the West Zilveren Self-Defense Forces (WZSDF). The Security Treaty between both countries also is still in force, where Sunrisia would defend West Zilveren Berg against outside aggression, while West Zilveren Berg would help Sunrisia in non-combat military action. West Zilveren Berg also maintains a trade deal with the SOWEFTA bloc, which Sunrisia is a member of. However, in parallel to all these ties, West Zilveren Berg maintains the status of a neutral, non-belligerent, non-bloc, democratic state in its’ constitution and has thanked Sunrisia for respecting that factor. West Zilveren citizens came out to say goodbye, farewell and thank you to ACREFOR peacekeepers, many of whom the citizens have even developed personal relationships with and have started regarding as members of the community after all this time. As head of government, Chief Secretary Faas Van Hoebeek formally came out in a ceremonial escorting of ACREFOR peacekeepers out of West Zilveren Berg. The Chief Secretary expressed interest in visiting Sunrisia for a second time in the near future.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 11:01 am
by New Vesvai


Prime Minister Adi Letago Lays Out New Vesvai’s Foreign Policy Aspirations

New Vesvai’s Prime Minister Adi Letago spoke before the nation’s parliament again. This was done to once more lay out a clear foreign policy doctrine New Vesvai would be seeking under his government. PM and a Revolutionary Adi Letago repeated that New Vesvai would go after membership in the SOWEFTA bloc in Corentia. New Vesvai has a Deep and Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with SOWEFTA, but Letago’s government would be going deeper. PM said that New Vesvai would now be seeking a free trade agreement with SOWEFTA as a stronger update to the existing trade deal. This would be followed by an associate member status and finally a full member status. Letago spoke in the same light of MDAA membership. Acknowledging the defense treaty with Sunrisia the Prime Minister suggested that being a member of MDAA would be a more solid option for New Vesvai’s security. According to him the defense treaty is a single thread that might unfortunately be torn up by unpredictable circumstances. But being a member of the military bloc would make New Vesvai more solidly integrated into that specific security sphere in Corentia. According to Letago these goals and aims should be part of New Vesvai’s Silver Revolution that has shaped a new and freer nation out of what it used to be. He even mentioned how New Vesvai today has a bigger chance of joining MDAA than even Daredland does because New Vesvai fortunately has control of its recognized borders. But Letago also pointed out his comparison to Daredland was not aimed to be a making fun of New Vesvai’s partner’s misfortunes. PM aims to keep the Council of 3 partnership strong and for its member nations to continue supporting each other.

Should More Excesses Between New Vesvai And Vesvai Be Expected At Sunalayavision This Year?

New Vesvai is preparing to compete in Sunalayavision for a second time: Sunalayavision 2020. But another nation is planning to compete again this year too and that nation is the Dominion of Vesvai. That is where the anxieties arise. Last year New Vesvai was represented by J.O. who finished 9th out of 17 but still was greeted as a hero back home. The singer would even go on to perform on stage for protester crowds in capital Perloveu during New Vesvai’s Silver Revolution. But last year’s Sunalayavision also had some behind the scenes scandals. J.O. band members and Vesvai’s representatives the Frontline Marchers got into an off-stage confrontation which nearly ended in a physical brawl. This was not just a mutual personal dislike but it was clearly politically motivated. New Vesvai’s independence from the Dominion was still very new at that time and New Vesvai famously competed that year for the first time as an independent nation. The Frontline Marchers apparently didn’t enjoy that fact and just tried to instigate a physical conflict with New Vesvai’s team. Probably they saw it as a patriotic move on their part. Since then the relations between New Vesvai and the Dominion of Vesvai had only worsened. Border clashes have been frequent, New Vesvai went through a revolution since and both nations have fought in a brief war with each other. That war was stopped by a verbal cease-fire between their major allies but no armistice or peace treaty was signed. Both nations still have their militaries stationed at the mutual border facing off each other every day and ready to engage. New Vesvai’s government plans to physically stop this by completing the border wall. The political status of relations is unclear. Based on what is happening New Vesvai expects that same provocations could happen at this year’s contest or both teams might just avoid each other. Even if New Vesvai and the Dominion of Vesvai will probably both be sending different artists to the contest this year there’s no guarantee altercations may not happen. Just in case New Vesvai’s team will be sent with increased backstage security to the contest.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:16 am
by Sunrisia

Convet Restored: Legislature Opens First Parliamentary Session Since Its’ Dissolution And Following The Formation Of A New Governing Coalition


Convet (legislature/parliament) of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia.

On the 20th day since the announcement of January’s early legislative election results, a vote which has been pushed up from the originally-intended February date to a January one, the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia once again has a legislature. The 6 leading political forces, which had split victory among themselves and one of which is an electoral bloc of several parties, have formed a governing coalition after 20 days of negotiations. Since no party or a political alliance had acquired a majority, forming a coalition was a requirement. It took some time, but the task was accomplished in less than a month. All involved parties and political alliances were determined to reach the formation of a coalition, because despite their unique political and ideological leanings, they were united by a goal to restore the unicameral legislative branch of the Sunrisian government, so that the executive branch would no longer be left to run the country without much of a counter-balance or accountability, like the administration has been since the Convet was originally dissolved by President and PID Director Fórî Apstérâ. Little doubt was left that the legislative election frontrunners/winners would be able to reach a deal on a coalition, after they had jointly announced an agreed-upon pick for the Convet Speaker – Flórên Infána of the Civic Nationalist Sovereignty Bloc (CNSB), a party which came in second at the legislative election, right behind the Egress Alliance (EA).

Today, the restored Convet symbolically opened the first parliamentary session of the revived Sunrisian legislature. Flórên Infána assumed the position of Convet Speaker and was the one to declare the opening of the first parliamentary session. MPs from the governing coalition and the opposition were “cool-headed” and did not make belligerent statements towards the administration, not wanting to further push the narrative that there was still some kind of an internal power-balance battle taking place within the Sunrisian government. Nevertheless, Convet Speaker Flórên Infána still declared that the so-called “checks and balances” system was back into the Sunrisian government, with a citizen-elected parliament now counter-balancing the powers of a “stratocracy administration” run by Sunrisian intelligence services and the military. The Convet declared that it was important for the country to have its’ presidential election as soon as possible and fairly commended President and PID Director Fórî Apstérâ for willingly signing a decree on an early presidential election, which proved that he had no “power-grabbing” intentions. Another major declaration made at the Convet was that the parliament was planning to replace the current composition of the Superior Court with a new one, consisting of new judges, after the early presidential election. That was a major issue of importance and up until today, there was no clarity on when the Convet planned to appoint the new constitutional court, like the winning parties promised during their legislative election campaigns. In addition, the Convet also committed itself to taking the charge in leading Sunrisia back into a “constitutional order of things”, since the last political crisis stared the country off that path, making it switch to a more Marshal Law-like order of things.


Refresher on the results of January’s early legislative election in the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 7:27 pm
by Frasian Viceroyalty

Imperial Ministry of the Interior Responds to "Unknown" Broadcasts

One slide of the broadcast last night, captured by the Imperial Ministry of the Interior

Freie Reichsstadt Engelberg, Englean Kaiserreich -- The Imperial Ministry of the Interior has released a statement today regarding multiple mysterious "unknown" broadcasts that have been reported as to being broadcasted over both analog and digital television within the mainland territories of the Empire. The broadcasts, described by many as "disturbing," have been reported as being aired for the past two days without any apparent cause or purpose. The first broadcast was reported from individuals within remote areas of the Empire, such as the forests of central Hastenfeld, where analog television sets began to air a channel which previously did not exist - noted on televisions as "Station 59." One witness, Hans Ulrichfeld, stated that he had just returned from hunting within the forest when his wife turned on their television set to find a strange broadcast greet them. It appeared to be an ad for a fast-food chain, depicting a standard meal of a hamburger, box of fries, and a soft drink. Above the meal stated "Get Reyal," which was interpreted as the brand in which this was advertising. This observance was seen within at least 5,000 more households within the areas of the Empire that still provide analog broadcasts, and was boosted up to 15,000 when including reports from digital televisions. The broadcast was peculiar due to its quality retaining that of an older analog broadcast, despite being seen on digital televisions.

While most individuals simply ignored the channel, it was noted that the channel suddenly disappeared last night. For a period of two hours, there were no reports of the mysterious advertisement or "Station 59." Witnesses stated that everything seemed to be "back to normal," with many stating that the strange "Station 59" "vanished into thin air" with nothing remaining that would hint that it even existed. This moment of silence did not last long, as nearly 1,500,000 households within the northernmost states of the Empire were startled by the broadcasting of the English version of the Imperial Emergency Broadcasting System (E-IEBS). This broadcast occurred over the period of 15 minutes, with multiple "intermediate" portions - the initial "warning" which stated that a "weather advisory" had been placed in effect for their region, followed by instructions to remain inside their homes and to "not observe the moon with the naked eye," and then followed by what multiple witnesses described as "terrifying." After 5 minutes of the system displaying the "weather advisory" screen, it suddenly emitted a loud blaring noise with the message "CIVIL DANGER WARNING" flashing in red letters. The system warns viewers to shutter all windows, and not to look outside or in mirrors towards the night sky. Mr. Ulrichfeld stated that the broadcast then cut to static noise and video, with a vague picture of what appeared to be a live shot of the Moon, which was then followed by barely-visible words stating "to not look at the moon, stay inside, not look at the night sky, face away windows, avoid mirrors, and not to look up." The feed then proceeded to display the logo of the Imperial Bureau of Civil Defense, then followed by a series of faint words stating "ITS IN THE LIGHT, THE MOON CAME IN, HE FOUND ME, THRU THE MIRROR, MOONLIGHT WHITE, WHITE LIKE EYES, NOT LIGHT BUT BLOOD, I DROWN IN HIM, IF YOU ARE AFRAID, WE WILL LOOK TOGETHER." The broadcast then became what looked to be a live-feed of the Moon, taken from an unknown location within the Empire. In the final moments of the broadcast, the black emergency screen was seen again with the statement "CIVIL ALERT HAS BEEN LIFTED, PROCEED OUTSIDE IMMEDIATELY." This was followed by another shot of the Moon, in which screams could be heard in the distance. The broadcast then cut off completely, and has not been reported since then.

Mysterious program that has been broadcasted for the past two days, displaying an ad for a food chain that does not exist

Following these multiple reports and complaints, the Imperial Ministry of the Interior released a statement today stating that it "...does not know the origin of the broadcasts, nor has any evidence that they were aired using equipment from the Englean infrastructure." It continued to state that there was not an emergency situation last night, nor has any "entity" been detected on or around the Moon and that an investigation into the incident will be conducted to prevent further from occurring. Despite the MoI's statement, multiple conspiracy theories have erupted over the internet within the past day, including those stating that the broadcast was from an alien source originating from the Moon. Others state that the government is attempting to cover-up the event, and that they are working to "give up" the populace to "Them." These theories continue to be propagated on known fringe websites, which are using recent police reports from Altesbek and Hastenfeld which depict the disappearance of nearly 112 people as of last night within various areas of those states. It is currently unknown what these broadcasts were, but statements from the Bureau of Civil Defense have stated that it is "safe to observe the sky" and continue normal daily life.

Other News

- President of Kleinaruscha meeting Chancellor von Scherzinger today on the Sunrisian situation.
- Emergency Broadcasting System being investigated today for any hijackings or glitches.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:43 am
by Sunrisia

Superior Court And Convet Agree On Amnesty For The Sâlúbĕr Administration, Apstérâ Administration, Sunrisian Intelligence Services And Sunrisian Military For “Unconstitutional Acts”


On Saturday, after the newly-restored Convet of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia opened its’ first parliamentary session in its’ new post-election composition, Speaker Flórên Infána declared that the legislature was not planning on appointing the new Superior Court of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia until the early presidential election concludes and Sunrisia has a new head of state, an elected one. Then, the new President could play a role in appointing the new Superior Court. However, the “incumbent” Superior Court later announced that it was ready to leave earlier and be replaced by a new Superior Court, but before it would do so, it had put forward a proposal for one last key ruling before it leaves. It was declared to be a key proposal necessary to allow Sunrisia to move on from its’ recent political crisis over the so-called “shadow government” scandal and move on into a new historical chapter. That proposal from the “outgoing” Superior Court was to provide amnesty to the previous Sâlúbĕr administration, the current Apstérâ administration, PID and other Sunrisian intelligence services, as well as the Sunrisian Defense Force (SDF) for “unconstitutional acts.” The Convet was ready to hear the Superior Court out and thus talks began between 2 branches of the government.

The Superior Court stated that the role of the intelligence services and the military in secretly controlling the Sunrisian government prior, as well as now openly controlling a large part of the Sunrisian government by having PID take over the President’s administration, were obviously unconstitutional actions and there was no way around it. President Fórî Apstérâ, who is also the Director of the Prime Intelligence Division (PID), is currently the unelected head of state, despite declaring it to be a temporary and acting presidency. The intelligence services and the military did not launch a coup and suspend the constitution afterwards, but rather controlled the government secretly by pretending that everything was normal and keeping it away from the public. We now know that Fógâr Nélsân, who was later revealed to be a PID agent, was only formally holding the status of a Vice President, but in reality was the actual “shadow head of state.” Although Válîd Sâlúbĕr was a legally-elected President and slightly more independent, his administration was still largely influenced by the Sunrisian intelligence services and the military. But neither of the 2 prior administrations ever spoke out about it, although sometimes the writing was on the wall. After Válîd Sâlúbĕr resigned as President over a no-confidence vote at the Convet, which was a legal and constitutional procedure, Vice President Amíc Fútûra, who took over as head of state for 3 days, signed over the presidency to PID Director Fórî Apstérâ. Whether this was an unconstitutional act was also hard to determine, because the country could not carry out its’ normal order of precedence due to many top resignations at the time, therefore, improvisation had to be used. The Superior Court also did not include the adoption of the current constitution without a referendum as another unconstitutional and undemocratic act, because public polls were held prior and Sunrisians supported it. Apart from these unconstitutional acts, the Superior Court has also proposed to give amnesty over the murders of Dêc Grétân, Édér Cólum and Jûc Ármiger, along with the death “in action” of Jacob Cárroll, who were all Sunrisian politicians and later revealed to be among the members and leaders of militant groups – the New Sunrisian Republican Army (NSRA) and the Sunrisian Theocrat and Monarchist Corps (STMC). Amnesty would not require a legal investigation into these cases and the level of their “appropriate handling” by the intelligence services and the military, seeing to how these structures later admitted of having killed these men.

The Convet accepted the Superior Court’s proposal. Soon after, the Superior Court made a ruling in favor of amnesty and the Convet passed legislation, legally supporting the amnesty as law. With this issue now out of the way, it is expected that Sunrisia will soon see a new Superior Court, earlier than expected.

In other news:

  • Convet Speaker Flórên Infána: “Building walls or fences on borders does not contain or deter anything. It is just wasteful in many ways. We are leaving that strategy behind. If we will determine that there is a threat coming out of the territory of Kleinaruscha, whether to us or allies, the problem can and will be taken care of quickly.

  • Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce Absítâ Sépârátĕr: “Our anti-tobacco policy means that once we complete the transition from the tobacco industry inside the country, we will also stop the import of tobacco products from abroad. The import has been plummeting over the years, but our goal is to reduce it to a complete 0, even from allied countries.

  • Sunrisia aims to transition into a “fully green economy” by 2049. Other experts mention 2040 or 2035 as possible and achievable dates as well.

  • Early presidential election campaign resuming.

  • Top Releases on the Sunrisian Musical Charts (In No Particular Order):

PostPosted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:48 am
by South Baggnagia






























North and South Baggnagia agree to establish the Baggnagian Reunification Commission and Joint Democratic Referendum Commission

Image Image

NORTH BAGGNAGIA/SOUTH BAGGNAGIA BORDER – Lt. General Radoslav Meier, Chairman of the Military Council of South Baggnagia, and North Baggnagian de facto leader Divisional General Zbynek Fiala met each other today. This was their second meeting ever after the signing of North Baggnagian Instrument of Surrender in Silcenda, North Baggnagia by conflict parties. They met at a damaged Joint Security Area at the border, one of which was still left standing. The reception by both of them was warm and friendly towards each other and unlike anything that came before between the North and South. Not only did they meet for talks with each other but they are also finalizing some talks that had been happening between both of their leaderships since the conflict ended. They talked about mutual assistance in full recovery after the conflict and the warming of relations to a status of complete trust. But they also decided to settle one of the questions that has been on the mind of many since the conflict ended. Are North and South Baggnagia going to seek peaceful coexistence separately or are they going to be getting back together? By the looks of what the negotiations concluded it looks like North and South are aiming for the latter.

At the border Lt. General Radoslav Meier and Divisional General Zbynek Fiala signed two agreements. Both concern the creation of two intergovernmental bodies that will jointly cooperate with each other. One agreement was on the creation of the Baggnagian Reunification Commission. The second one was on the creation of the Joint Democratic Referendum Commission. Both these intergovernmental bodies would have jurisdiction on the territory of North and South Baggnagia. The Baggnagian Reunification Commission would consist of North and South Baggnagians. They would cooperate together on the process of reintegration between both nations on all fronts and in all walks of life. The Joint Democratic Referendum Commission would also have North and South Baggnagians in it. Their function would be a major step in reviving the democratic institutes in both nations since both have been run by unelected bodies or military governments for a large portion of their brief history so far. The Joint Democratic Referendum Commission would be setting up conditions for holding joint polls and a joint democratic referendum on North and South Baggnagian territories. These joint polls and the joint democratic referendum would concern the question of reunification. Basically the Baggnagian Reunification Commission would complete the process of reintegrating both nations and leaving it up to final signatures between both leaderships to launch the process of unifying back. But before those signatures are placed and the reuniting process is launched the Joint Democratic Referendum Commission would set up polls and a referendum to see if Baggnagians on both sides would support getting back together.

Right now it looks like North and South Baggnagians are both enthusiastic about the idea. People have been demonstrating at the joint border for the first time. They have been interacting with each other and communication between the nations has improved since the conflict ended. Seems like citizens on both sides already feel like they have been back together in the same nation. This ability to demonstrate and interact more openly with South Baggnagians has been especially emotional for North Baggnagians. For the first time since North Baggnagia was declared a separate nation from united Baggnagia have the Northerners been allowed to demonstrate out in public again without being repressed.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:23 am
by North Baggnagia

Joint Democratic Referendum Commission specifies what kind of votes would await both Baggnagian states

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – North Baggnagians that will be part of the Joint Democratic Referendum Commission with South Baggnagia have spoken out about what to expect. Joint Democratic Referendum Commission will be organizing a vote in North and South Baggnagia at the same time. They will do so in cooperation with the Baggnagian Reunification Commission. The joint referendum in North and South Baggnagia will ask all Baggnagians if they support the unification that the Baggnagian Reunification Commission will negotiate. The vote will include not just the support or rejection of the reunification but also a new constitution for a unified Baggnagian state. Right now North and South Baggnagia still have their own separate constitutions. If North and South Baggnagians will vote in support of reunifying then the constitutional vote will be a complementary vote that will follow the reunification vote. But if North and South Baggnagians reject reunification then the status quo will remain and there will be no constitutional vote. Things will stay as they are right now.

There was also an update given on the status of elections in North and South Baggnagia. Right now both nations are rebuilding their democratic institutions. The Baggnagian Reunification Commission and the Joint Democratic Referendum Commission are both results and also participants of that reconstruction of democratic institutes. North Baggnagians that will join the Baggnagian Reunification Commission and the Joint Democratic Referendum Commission said that elections will probably be a natural progression. They did not give specifics because commissions are only tasked with their specific functions. Those being: reintegration of both states and organizing a joint vote on whether further reunification will be supported by North and South Baggnagians. Elections are not being discussed right now in details because those elections will depend on what happens further with both Baggnagian states. If North and South Baggnagia will stay apart then both nations will have to move on with considering their own situation with organizing elections. But if North and South Baggnagians will support reunification then the unified Baggnagian state will now have to consider the status of joint elections.

The military leadership of Divisional General Zbynek Fiala echoed that same argument on the status of elections and how it will depend on the situation with Baggnagian unification or lack thereof. South Baggnagian press asked the same question of their military leadership in a form of Military Council led by Lt. General Radoslav Meier. He gave that same answer as Divisional General Zbynek Fiala and the future members of the Baggnagian Reunification Commission and the Joint Democratic Referendum Commission that will be created. It’s a sign that North and South Baggnagian leaderships keep coordinating in all these key questions.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 5:55 am
by South Baggnagia

North and South Baggnagians disassemble parts of militarized border but are prevented from removing border demarcation and moving against customs

NORTH BAGGNAGIA/SOUTH BAGGNAGIA BORDER – Since the Baggnagian conflict ended citizens on both sides have been actively engaging. At first it began with simple mass meeting across both sides of the border. Citizens have been walking back and forth and communicating as if they lived in the same nation. In the early times of this the North and South Baggnagian armed forces did not combat this movement even if this was in violation of border-crossing laws. North and South Baggnagia obviously don’t have free movement between each other and even with a move away from hostility there hasn’t been talk about establishing free movement. Right now there are other priorities between the military leaderships of North and South Baggnagia. People are not prohibited from travelling from one nation into another but they must go through appropriate border checks. Right now the border patrol on both sides is required to police that citizens on both sides comply with border-crossing laws. The militaries have relinquished their participation in border policing since the conflict ended and gave it over to the border control in both nations although the troops have not moved away from participating in border control entirely. It has been declared to be too early to move away from that sort of state of things so early.

But even with the reestablishment of stricter border-crossing rules the citizens have not backed down entirely to authority. Not only have they caught the Baggnagian conflict ending euphoria on both sides but they have also caught the reunification bug. Since both nations have been making moves in the direction of resolving the reintegration and reunification question the citizens have been engaged in removing the physical boundary between North and South Baggnagia. Volunteers have been collecting rubble and disassembling parts of military infrastructure on both sides that they can. These would include parts of the Joint Security Areas most of which have been damaged in the course of the conflict. But this also includes fences, watch towers and other objects. Some argue that they have been doing so to symbolize the reestablishment of peace between the single but divided Baggnagian nation. North and South Baggnagian leaderships have not been combating this sentimental gesture from volunteers on both sides. This was indeed recognized as part of a psychological reconciliation. But action needed to be taken once the volunteers started moving against border demarcation.

The border patrol in North and South Baggnagia have declared separately but not far apart that North and South Baggnagia still remain separate nations and it is illegal to breech border-crossing, migration, citizenship and border demarcation. Activists, volunteers and others have been warned that legal action may be taken to prevent such activities. Military Council of South Baggnagia called upon its citizens to allow the Baggnagian Reunification Commission and the Joint Democratic Referendum Commission to democratically prepare conditions to settle the question of Baggnagian unity in the near future. Additionally the Military Council asked South Baggnagians to respect the laws of South Baggnagia and North Baggnagia as a neighboring nation.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2020 7:13 am
by North Baggnagia

North Baggnagia restoring its free press as part of restoring democratic institutes in the nation

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – As part of restoring democratic institutes in North Baggnagia there’s also an active restoration of free press happening in North Baggnagia. Since becoming a state North Baggnagia never had free press. The freedom of media has already been on a fast downward spiral leading up to events that divided Baggnagia into separate nations. North Baggnagia has been a dictatorship from the beginning so the press has always been an instrument of state propaganda outright. North Baggnagia has inherited the largest news channel from united Baggnagia which is our very own BCBA: Baggnagian Central Broadcasting Agency. It was the largest and leading in united Baggnagia. It has been transforming into a propaganda tool in the final days of united Baggnagia when the government of that time decided to take control of the press. But when Baggnagia had split up BCBA was fully transformed into an outright propaganda tool without any imitation of free press. In the meantime South Baggnagia went on to form its own BBS: Baggnagian Broadcasting Station which today is the largest news network in South Baggnagia. Things will now be changing. North Baggnagia is now going through literally a revolutionary stage on the media front. Military government of Divisional General Zbynek Fiala declared that news media in North Baggnagia would from now on be what news media is supposed to be instead of a propaganda tool. To demonstrate the commitment to free press the Divisional General will hold a large news conference with journalists of North and South Baggnagia where no topic will be off limits according to him. This is putting a lot pressure on Divisional General Zbynek Fiala himself because he will have to act in a kind of democratic matter usually not expected from a military leadership. It is especially not expected from a leadership of any kind in North Baggnagia. But the current leadership has been engaged in some revolutionary reforms. The command of Divisional General Zbynek Fiala has achieved what was seen as impossible in North Baggnagia very recently: removal of Marshal Jan Tillich and his leadership. So it wouldn’t be uncanny to consider that many previously unimaginable things are now possible in North Baggnagia.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 4:06 am
by Daredland

Daredland to take precautions against possible foreign mercenaries in separatist territories


Daredi Confederation is going after possible foreign mercenaries in the self-declared Weniges Reich and the self-declared Hasperan Republic that occupy parts of Daredi territory in far-east and far-west. Confederal Minister of Defense and Protection of the Daredi Confederation Lukas Armbrüster has raised an alarm. He said that Daredi territories occupied by the self-declared Weniges Reich and the self-declared Hasperan Republic could become a breeding ground for more militia and now even mercenaries. Daredi intelligence agencies and military intelligence have that information. Daredland’s Wenigberg region in its majority is occupied by the Weniges Reich and also by Englean troops through its colony Kleinaruscha in the region. But the intelligence info claims that the Weniges militia is planning to boost its numbers not only by recruiting or drafting locals or depending on Englean help with military personnel. The Weniges leadership is not above using mercenaries and that is exactly the next phase of recruitment they are eyeing. Daredi Intelligence provided information that mercenaries from around the world could be brought over to join Weniges militant ranks.

The same strategy is also being eyed in the self-declared Hasperan Republic. Their occupation of Daredi land and then declaring secession of the self-declared Hasperan Republic was bloodless. But the Hasperan leadership has since done some vile things. Regrettably a lot of local police has defected to the Hasperan leadership’s side in a treasonous act against the Daredi Confederation. But just having local police on your side is not enough. The separatist leadership needs a military force for their self-declared Hasperan Republic. Hasperan abilities are limited when compared to Weniges ones who are sponsored by the Engleans. Hasperan Republic is isolated and alone but there have been interested foreign sponsors approaching the territory before. There is no guarantee new ones will not try to reach to the separatists.

That is why Daredi Intelligence presented the information they gathered to the Confederal Ministry of Defense and Protection of the Daredi Confederation and also to the Confederal Ministry of Home Affairs of the Daredi Confederation. These Confederal Ministries presented the material to President of the Daredi Confederation Hans Receni. He presented it to Confederal Chancellor Lars Sommer. The President instructed the Confederal Chancellor to get the United Confederal Assembly attention onto these findings.

Confederal Chancellor Lars Sommer will be addressing the National Council and the Council of States separately. He will be presenting them with the information and asking that the United Confederal Assembly participate in creating a strategy to combat a threat. Only the United Confederal Assembly can authorize any such action legally. If MPs don’t come up with something like that on their own then they will be recommended to call up specialists to consult them on the threat level and strategy. Those people would be military and intelligence officials.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:40 am
by North Baggnagia

Sanctions removal and humanitarian aid already helping North Baggnagia get back up

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – After the Baggnagian conflict ended South Baggnagia and Sunrisia have fortunately ended their blockade against the nation. Sanctions and embargoes were lifted. North Baggnagia now not only gets the opportunity to engage in some type of trade and investment but also get humanitarian help. Getting humanitarian aid is part of humanitarian cooperation after the conflict between North, South and Sunrisia. South Baggnagia obviously also took a hit in the conflict but it has primarily remained contained in the nation’s northern regions. South Baggnagia never had the conflict progress as deep into its territory. The allies had pushed back against the North Baggnagian previous regime’s advance south and had advanced north themselves. North Baggnagia fought alone so it did not have much of a chance to resist although it had one of the biggest manpower militaries on earth because of a universal draft. The end result was that North Baggnagian south was occupied, South Baggnagian Neodvisni exclave connected to the mainland through a land corridor through North’s territory and the allied forces advanced to Silcenda. Even without the invading armies being close to Silcenda airstrikes and cruise missile attacks made it seem like the capital was more at reach every day. The rest of the story is known.

The conclusion is that South Baggnagia still did take a hit as the initial victim of the previous North Baggnagian regime’s aggression. That is why North Baggnagia must also repay and help South Baggnagia however it can in this three-sided humanitarian cooperation after the war. But by measurement South Baggnagia is still better well off. Not only did it take less damage during the conflict and had aid from Sunrisia but South Baggnagia is also a more developed nation. South Baggnagia had a better development model and has advanced much further politically, socially and economically. North Baggnagia has been an isolated dictatorship until recently suffering from sanctions pressure. That is why North Baggnagia is right now the party that is getting the most charity from South Baggnagia and Sunrisia in this recovery. But in order not to free load and also having to repay reparations North Baggnagia must still do the best in its abilities to give back what it can.

Divisional General Zbynek Fiala refused to assess how much would reintegration with South Baggnagia benefit North Baggnagian recovery and further development. The military leadership insists that North Baggnagia must consider development as an independent nation right now because the question of reunification is going to be decided in a vote. It is unknown what the answer of North and South Baggnagians will be so North Baggnagia can’t afford to wait. Besides it is unlikely that any developed nation will want to integrate with an impoverished one. According to Divisional General Zbynek Fiala it is also the question of prestige and that a self-respecting nation must aim to get back on its own feet by its own effort and not solely depending on help from the side. Divisional General clarified that he was referring to someone taking North Baggnagia under its wing for a better future as something that he opposed but he argued that humanitarian help was not something that North Baggnagia was above. That is something that the nation simply needs right now in reality.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 3:40 pm
by South Baggnagia

South Baggnagia gives pack North Baggnagian POWs to North Baggnagia

JUGAC, SOUTH BAGGNAGIA – Lt. General Radoslav Meier, Chairman of the Military Council of South Baggnagia, declared that South Baggnagia is giving back North Baggnagian prisoners that the South Baggnagian Protection Army has captured during the conflict. North Baggnagia had a no-prisoner policy under the previous regime and ordered that any enemy soldier be killed on the spot. That caused more stress because South Baggnagia always had to rush quickly to rescue its fallen or incapacitated troops in trouble before they could be executed. South Baggnagian policy was opposite and any North Baggnagians that surrendered were taken as POWs. They were kept incarcerated for the duration of the conflict. Military Council of South Baggnagia says that those prisoners will now be turned over to North Baggnagia under the new trustworthy leadership of Divisional General Zbynek Fiala. Nothing is expected from North Baggnagia in exchange. Military Council said that it was the right thing to do because these prisoners of war were brainwashed victims of the previous North Baggnagian regime who may have sobered up when they were thrown on the battlefield and sobered up in lock-up. The negotiation for turning over North Baggnagian prisoners of war was a result of communication between Lt. General Radoslav Meier and North Baggnagian Divisional General Zbynek Fiala. South Baggnagia has no prisoners to ask from North Baggnagia in exchange. As mentioned before the previous regime in North Baggnagia said that it took no prisoners and ordered to kill enemy soldiers on the spot. South Baggnagia rescued their troops before execution or capture so North Baggnagia has no South Baggnagians in their possession. Lt. General Radoslav Meier also called North Baggnagian Divisional General Zbynek Fiala to talk about the repatriation of people that were displaced along both sides of the border. There would be no forceful repatriation or migration laws applied in this instance. Both nations would work together on how to give displaced North and South Baggnagians the opportunity to go back home to safety. Obviously the reconstruction of homes and infrastructure will take some time even with peacekeeper help which is why the nations will have to design temporary housing for displaced people who may have lost their homes to combat and destruction. Many South Baggnagians who live in the nation’s south (untouched by the fighting) have offered their homes to displaced North and South Baggnagians.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 4:44 am
by North Baggnagia

North Baggnagia welcomes back its prisoners of war from South Baggnagia

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – North Baggnagian POWs have been brought back to North Baggnagia. This was achieved in an agreement between Divisional General Zbynek Fiala and Lt. General Radoslav Meier, Chairman of the Military Council of South Baggnagia. During the conflict South Baggnagia took prisoner surrendering North Baggnagian troops (back then under the command of ousted dictator Marshal Jan Tillich). North Baggnagia had a policy of taking no prisoners, only execution on the spot. That’s why South Baggnagian forces had always urgently rushed to evacuate their troops who may have taken a hit. There are no South Baggnagians in North Baggnagian custody. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala swore to that.

South Baggnagians did not have an issue with surrendering back North Baggnagian prisoners over to North Baggnagia. They rightfully noted that appearing in the battlefield may have made them see some truth that did not align with the state propaganda of North Baggnagia that was fed to them. Spending time in South Baggnagian custody, having access to normal conditions and also free information may have served as a period of rehabilitation for the soldiers that were lucky enough to get captured and not killed. North Baggnagia will now have to consider what strategy to take with its POWs turned over by South Baggnagia. Would they have to be seen as war criminals serving the previous Jan Tillich leadership or as victims of his propaganda and also ones forced to serve against their will. Not only did North Baggnagia have powerful propaganda but a universal conscription without allowing a choice to serve or not. That is the question that North Baggnagia as a nation will still have to consider.

North Baggnagian POWs are being brought back to North Baggnagia in two rounds. The first round is an exchange at the border. The prisoners march on foot from the territory of South Baggnagia across the border into North Baggnagia. North and South Baggnagian armed forces are in charge of overseeing the process. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala was also there. The arrival of the remaining POWs will be by plane or several planes. They will be landing at an airport in Silcenda. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala said he will be there when it happen too.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:40 am
by North Baggnagia

Limited military draft remains in law in North Baggnagia because of the need for personnel to participate in post-conflict rebuilding, old regime’s monuments are being desecrated around North Baggnagia

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – Even with obvious changes in North Baggnagia the law of universal limited military draft left over from the past regime remains in place. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala and the military government say they want to get rid of all residue of the previous regime’s policies. The present-day North Baggnagia wants to distance itself from what it was under the leaderships of Chief of State Fran Hapenic and Marshal Jan Tillich. But limited military draft is something that North Baggnagia presently requires to keep as a left-over of the previous regime. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala explained it that North Baggnagia needs the possibility to call up personnel into military service to participate in the current peacekeeping, recovery and rebuilding that those in military service are part of. According to the current law North Baggnagia conscripts everybody gender-neutral. The draft is applied if the armed forces decide that the number of recruits and reserve falls short of goal. Back in the days of the previous regime the dictator (whether Chief of State Fran Hapenic or Marshal Jan Tillich) could almost make that decision individually. That law has been modified where there is now a body under the military government that decides on it. But given the desperate need of quick rebuilding the military government has admitted that the goal of recruit numbers could be made much higher. Which means that limited draft could be applied more frequently during this recovery period than it had been in the past. But Divisional General Zbynek Fiala took it upon himself to calm citizens down because he assured that with peace having been restored recruits would not face any combat roles, only public service. And even in these kinds of situations trained professionals would take the forefront. The conscripts would follow the lead of what the professional troops would be doing who would be taking care of the draftees.

In other news, North Baggnagians in Silcenda and around the nation are assaulting monuments dedicated to Chief of State Fran Hapenic, Marshal Jan Tillich, their followers and to the previous regime’s ideology. The statues of Chief of State Fran Hapenic and Marshal Jan Tillich have already been taken down. And that wasn’t even done by the local authorities or the municipality. Volunteer crowds tied ropes around the tall statues and used collective strength to pulled them down. The golden statues and other monuments came crashing down into the ground. Citizens proceeded to spray-paint them in red color to symbolize blood. Others spray-painted them in black, orange, yellow, white which are colors of North and South Baggnagian flags. Police have been standing by and looking onto this desecration of monuments but they were ordered not to intervene. All they did was look on because their objective was to make sure that this public gathering and show of emotions does not break rules of public order like getting violet or something. Protecting the previous regime’s monuments is not among their objectives and it has not been deemed a damage of city property in Silcenda. An identical picture with the previous regime’s monuments can be seen happening in other parts of North Baggnagia too.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:15 pm
by North Baggnagia

Military government talks early industrial development in parallel with current war rebuilding

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – North Baggnagian priority today is full recovery from the recent military conflict with South Baggnagia and Sunrisia. It has been devastating and North Baggnagia admittedly took a hit. Right now the nation keeps rebuilding. But on the side the military government agrees that North Baggnagia needs to be focused on something else. The nation needs to continue living its life. It can’t waste its entire time just waiting to heal. That’s why in parallel to reconstruction the military government is also suggesting industry. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala called up a special summit of the military government with him as chairman. It is dedicated exactly to that topic of industry.

Participants of the industry forum consider everything in North Baggnagian disposal right now. They spoke about unwillingness to exploit North Baggnagian natural resources right now. That means they are not enthusiastic about North Baggnagia extracting anything itself or renting out land to foreigners to extract resources for a tax by renting land. That is the kind of nationalist stance that the military government is taking right now. Another thing in North Baggnagian disposal for manufacturing and export is something actually left from the previous regime. Chief of State Fran Hapenic and Marshal Jan Tillich wanted to eventually turn North Baggnagia into an arms exporter in the long-run. They had already manufactured non-nuclear missiles to be used by North Baggnagian armed forces and for export to. Question now stands if North Baggnagia should completely distance itself from everything the previous regime has been doing or find ways how to benefit from that. The options are either to dismantle what the regime created or keep it in North Baggnagian army’s possession for it not to go to waste. The third option is to keep production and make it available for export. As for the non-military industrial complex the participant of the industry forum agreed that North Baggnagia could become a transit state for energy resource pipelines if South Baggnagia or other nations need to reach certain foreign partners but that can only be achieved through North Baggnagia. In that case North Baggnagia can present itself as a trustworthy transistor that will take care of the pipelines but for a transit tax. That caused some debates and disagreements because some were against allowing foreign companies to build infrastructure in North Baggnagia for energy trade. Others were concerned for the ecological part of things.

But there were still agreements reached. A consensus was achieved that North Baggnagia should not sell land to foreigners. Another unanimous agreement reached was on the potential of North Baggnagian agriculture. The nation’s climate allows for a lot of wonders to be achieved including a developed wine and dairy industry. And these are only some of the details the press knows about the industry forum of the North Baggnagian government.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 4:43 am
by Sunrisia

Liberty Conglomerate (LC) Personnel In North Baggnagia And South Baggnagia


Liberty Conglomerate (LC), an organization based in Orentan, Sunrisia, is now active in North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia. LC expressed interest in going to North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia after the Baggnagian War ended and when all parties involved declared the intention of beginning joint post-war recovery. Other Sunrisian-based organizations expressing interested in going to North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia since, have been – The White Dove (WD) and the Harmony League (HL), both of which are more involved in humanitarianism, non-military peacekeeping, rehabilitation of war-torn areas and development aid. Liberty Conglomerate (LC) has expressed interest in sending personnel to North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia to help out with the development, rebuilding or even establishment of democratic institutions in both countries. Fortunately, these Sunrisian NGOs have received a green-light from both governments to go to their countries. Today, LC became the most recent organization to send its’ personnel to North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia, with an intention to base themselves there for some time. We will get back to that.

Both North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia are currently run by military governments, which are obviously not the proper democratic authority of a country, however, South Baggnagia has not been doing down a totalitarian path like its’ northern neighbor and has been having a softer military leadership, which did not dismantle democratic institutes and, on the contrary, has been part of developing them as legacy that the future leaderships will take care of. North Baggnagia is a different story, in fact, it is an opposite story. North Baggnagia has just liberated itself from being a totalitarian state, which is why establishing democratic institutions there is basically something done from 0. However, the current North Baggnagian military government led by Divisional General Zbynek Fiala of North Baggnagia has shown good will and unprecedented progress in that area for his country. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala of North Baggnagia has fortunately been cooperating in accepting the help of LC as well.

The organization plans to open temporary offices in North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia for the duration of both countries’ post-war recovery. The presence of LC will most likely also coincide with the ACREFOR mission in North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia. As an NGO, Liberty Conglomerate (LC) is s dedicated to the promotion of democracy, civil liberties, political freedom, rights of all living beings and human dignity. Its’ worldwide mission is to spread democracy internationally and limit authoritarianism through peaceful means. The organization sees North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia as countries in the state of desperately needing the kinds of activities that LC engages in. Since North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia are taking steps in the direction of agreeing on possible conditions for reunification that will require a people’s vote, even cooperating on holding a joint referendum across the territories of both countries, having also established special bodies/commissions for that, the Liberty Conglomerate (LC) hopes it can assist both countries in creating proper democratic conditions to settle this key historical question, while also being capable to have developed democracies individually.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 12:45 pm
by North Baggnagia

Divisional General Zbynek Fiala to visit what used to be the Constitutional Court

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – In North Baggnagia one of the state institutes and a judicial branch of the united Baggnagian government that was destroyed was the constitutional court. Because Silcenda was the capital of the united Baggnagian state the constitutional court was based here. The parliament fled from Silcenda and relocated to Jugac. The parliament-controlled part of Baggnagia based in Jugac eventually became today’s nation of South Baggnagia with Jugac as the capital. A new constitution adopted the other governmental forms including the South Baggnagian presidency and a South Baggnagian constitutional court. Silcenda was left under the control of the other side. Pro-president forces during that political crisis based in Silcenda claimed all territories under their influence and formed North Baggnagia with the capital Silcenda. The leftover presidency was disbanded and a one-person dictatorship with close associates was created. The leftover united Baggnagian constitutional court was left for the North Baggnagian dictatorship’s reckoning. It was dismantled as an institution and North Baggnagian never had a judicial branch of government since. Only North Baggnagian dictators and their associates were one part of the government and the Consultative Assembly of North Baggnagia was established as a parliament of sorts.

Divisional General Zbynek Fiala announced readiness to visit the former constitutional court today, tomorrow or in the upcoming days. North Baggnagian military government plans to restore the constitutional court as a functioning judicial branch of the government. Military government would be responsible for appointing the judges for the constitutional court in case of its reestablishment. Right now North Baggnagia has Military Tribunals which are also a leftover from the dictatorships of Chief of State Fran Hapenic and Marshal Jan Tillich. Military Tribunals were created as a replacement for civilian courts and the constitutional court in North Baggnagia. They have replaced the entire judicial system in North Baggnagia. Obviously fair trial has become non-existent without that not to mention citizen appeals to courts. Military Tribunals had made it much faster to lock away political prisoners, regime’s opponents and the state’s traitors while imitating some sort of formal trial process. Getting rid of any opposition or independent thinking has been the basic function of Military Tribunals. Captured enemy soldiers had gone through Military Tribunals too. Those mostly having been South Baggnagian captured soldiers. Eventually the previous regime returned them to South Baggnagia in prisoner swaps before the war.

The head of military government: Divisional General Zbynek Fiala will inspect the run-down constitutional court building itself to inspect if it needs renovation before the constitutional court itself could be made functional as an institution. But because of his personal belief that North Baggnagia needs a constitutional court sooner it’s still possible that the constitutional court could operate from another building if the present one will need renovation.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:51 am
by South Baggnagia

Military Council says South Baggnagia is willing to send experts to North Baggnagia to help it out with reforms and development

JUGAC, SOUTH BAGGNAGIA – Military Council of South Baggnagia said that the nation is ready to send experts to help out the military government of North Baggnagia. Subsequently it would be help from the nation of South Baggnagia to the nation of North Baggnagia. The aid to North Baggnagia would be given in the spheres of reforms and development. Hopefully North Baggnagia could achieve the same sort of success that South Baggnagia has by using those same recipes. It is what North Baggnagia needs especially now that the nation has increased chances of progress with sanctions on it lifted. The announcement was made by Lt. General Radoslav Meier, Chairman of the Military Council of South Baggnagia.

An economical miracle is a strong word. But it would not be correct to deny that South Baggnagia has achieved tremendous progress. Division of our once united nation has been difficult. Military conflicts with North Baggnagia under its previous regimes, no matter how short those conflicts were, have also been hard. But we have managed to stay the course. South Baggnagia has been going upwards. It is an objective fact that the Military Council’s contributions have been among the greatest. I would like to think my colleagues in the Military Council for that. North Baggnagia has only been a competitor to us in military power but not in other spheres. We also had the benefit of not just crafting out proper policies but not facing sanctions pressure. North Baggnagia is governed by a normal leadership aimed at peace, recovery, development and the sanctions are gone too. With that it is in our interest to help our Baggnagian brothers to the north of us. Which is why we are offering to send South Baggnagian experts to help North Baggnagia map out the same steps that will help them achieve what we had. This would also be part of our joint post-conflict rebuilding and development. I have been in contact with North Baggnagian Divisional General Zbynek Fiala and he has been interested in my offer.

- General Radoslav Meier, Chairman of the Military Council of South Baggnagia.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:43 pm
by North Baggnagia

Military government abandons policing people’s thoughts and actions, tolerating criticism to improve its governance

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – Head of North Baggnagian military government Divisional General Zbynek Fiala is making further moves to distance the leadership chaired by him from the ousted dictatorships of Chief of State Fran Hapenic and Marshal Jan Tillich. Divisional General made another ground-breaking announcement on related to the increase of freedom in North Baggnagia. He truly wants to make North Baggnagians realize that a new era has come to our nation. Restoring free press and developing democratic institutes in the nation was only the beginning. Restoring what the previous regime has also depleted is another big step in the new direction. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala declared that the present military government of North Baggnagia will not police people thoughts and actions. As Chairman of this military government the Divisional General made it up to himself to put a cross on state propaganda left over from the previous regime and bury it in a casket.

Oppressive leaderships suppressing criticism end up failing and turning citizens against them. There’s an energy of irritation that develops and that energy needs to go somewhere. The energy of frustration does not evaporate. That is why people feel annoyed we should hear them out. We present ourselves as wanting to serve the citizens and not to rule over them. So their opinion is what should matter to us most. If we agree to evolve with the time and accept criticism we will keep getting better and the citizens will accept us more. We must prove to them that they did not get one dictatorship replaced with another. Unelected regimes can choose to go in the path of repressive dictatorships and end up collapsing when people rise up one day or they collapse from the inside. That kind of system is not able to survive for long. Or it can be adaptable and evolve. I would say that the second option works better. We even have historical examples as documents proving that to us. I call upon the colleagues to support the right and smart decision.

After the words of Divisional General Zbynek Fiala the legislative body of the North Baggnagian military government voted to lift all censorship in North Baggnagia media that was imposed by the previous regimes of Chief of State Fran Hapenic and Marshal Jan Tillich. This is seen as one step further in the policy of North Baggnagian military government of restoring free press in the nation. But that is also a major step in restoring freedom of speech, human rights and in the direction of social progress not just political. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala admitted that is what North Baggnagian recently enemies but now partners have been calling for so that North Baggnagia could guarantee it would not have sanctions imposed against it again.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 2:21 am
by North Baggnagia

Military government turns down answering questions on the trial of the previous regime, saying it would remain incarcerated as it is now

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – As promised Divisional General Zbynek Fiala will be holding a press conference with journalists from North and South Baggnagia. This will be a demonstration of respect for and commitment to free press in North Baggnagia. It will also give some clarity and transparency on what is happening in North Baggnagia straight from the head of the military government himself. Earlier it was announced that no topic would be off limit. That is the policy that remains. That press conference is yet to happen and no specific date is known yet. But the press is already attempting to get early information from the North Baggnagian military government. That has not been welcomed too much. North Baggnagian military government has been friendly to local and foreign press but there’s also been stonewalling on specific questions. That specific question has been the further fate of the previous regime.

It is a widely known fact that Marshal Jan Tillich (North Baggnagian overthrown dictator) and remains under house arrests in one of his mansions. He is expected to be moved into regular custody without the conditions for someone of a high stature. Same goes his associates. They too are either under house arrest, in custody or legally prohibited from leaving North Baggnagia. But there has since been no update on their trial. All is known is that the previous regime is arrested and that is it. What happens next nobody knows. And that is the question that the North Baggnagian military government has been stonewalling the press on. Divisional General Zbynek Fiala has so far only said that the press should await for the upcoming press forum with the North Baggnagian military government. He did not say that it would be a place where the press and the public would get the answer on that question. But that could be considered a hint. Also the press event has been advertised as having no questions off limits so the head of North Baggnagian military government may be saving that information up for that event.

In North Baggnagia the public is curious about the fates of the previous regime’s fate but polls have also shown that many citizens would not mind for all of its members to stay incarcerated without trial for the rest of their lives. Others would prefer execution for them. Another category has suggested to perform a public execution before the eyes of North Baggnagian people, maybe even inviting South Baggnagians and even Sunrisians to watch since this regime was an enemy of all three. Radicalized views suggest to turn over Marshal Jan Tillich and his associates over to the angry crowds would then decide what to do with them.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 10:03 am
by North Baggnagia

Military government allows more private property and permission to emigrate, a shift from the previous regime’s policy

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – Military government of North Baggnagia has introduced old-school capitalist elements into the North Baggnagian economy. It was part of the industry forum and separate consultations along with help from partner nations expertise. There has been a bigger shift from nationalization of all industry and more private property and private business allowed. This was done with recommendation of South Baggnagian experts. North Baggnagian military government mentioned before how it wanted to repeat the ‘miracle’ of its southern neighbor and develop according to those same recipes that South Baggnagians have willingly agreed to provide. The military government has taken a more active stance in attracting over South Baggnagian and Sunrisian investment. The liberation of North Baggnagia from sanctions because of the removal of the previous regime and North Baggnagian democratization has open a grand window of opportunity for North Baggnagia. The nation truly lives at a different time now and the opportunity must be seized.

Divisional General Zbynek Fiala spoke also of the freedom of movement. The previous regimes of North Baggnagia did not outright prohibit North Baggnagians from leaving but it combated travel abroad however it could. That’s how North Baggnagia battled defectors and a mass drop of population running away from oppression. The regimes also did not want North Baggnagians to see the truth of how people actually lived elsewhere and that it did not match with North Baggnagian propaganda of them being the best place in the world. North Baggnagian military leadership wants to reverse that. As people of a free nation North Baggnagians should finally be given the right to travel the world wherever they please and however they please.

Head of the North Baggnagian military government hinted that they might initiate some sort of an agreement with South Baggnagia which would make it easier for people between both nations to travel. According to Divisional General Zbynek Fiala the North Baggnagian proposal could range anywhere from canceling visa requirement to creating a customs union which would allow for unrestricted and unmonitored travel. That proposal has not been given to South Baggnagians yet so it is early to tell what the government and citizens in the neighboring nations would say to that.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 10:18 pm
by South Baggnagia

Military Council says South Baggnagia will accept North Baggnagian immigrants

JUGAC, SOUTH BAGGNAGIA – Military Council of South Baggnagia announced that the nation would graciously accept immigrants from the northern neighbor. The decision and announcement was made after North Baggnagia announced introduction of more civil liberties in their nation. Among announcing permission for private property there will also be the ability for North Baggnagians to now freely travel. Under the previous regimes North Baggnagia did not ban travelling abroad but made it as difficult as possible. The regime wanted to keep their people from seeing the rest of the world and believe in the picture of the world that their propaganda was painting for them. Since the conflict ended North and South Baggnagians have been freely walking across the border and interacting. They made symbolic reunifications of the Baggnagian nation. The militaries on both sides did not combat dismantling the militarized parts of the border but border patrol in both nations had to restore migration and border-crossing laws.

With the permission for North Baggnagians to travel abroad more freely South Baggnagia was logically the first place to offer itself as a destination for immigrants who are fellow Baggnagians by nationality. It is expected that the absence of language barrier for North Baggnagians will make South Baggnagia the first destination of choice. Additionally South Baggnagia is more developed of the two so North Baggnagians can not only achieve a better life in the South for during these tough times but also gather expertise and experience on how to model the North after South. Migration of North Baggnagians to South Baggnagia could also help progress the reintegration process between the nations. Because it is not just about the nations reintegrating politically and economically but also socially. The Military Council extended the invitation to fellow North Baggnagians to come to South Baggnagia where they will always be welcomed. Lt. General Radoslav Meier, Chairman of the Military Council of South Baggnagia, said he previously spoke to North Baggnagian Divisional General Zbynek Fiala about travel between the two nations including migration. The two leaders also discussed free movement between North and South Baggnagia in private.

Recently North Baggnagian military leader Divisional General Zbynek Fiala discussed publicly North Baggnagian interest in creating abolishing vias, free movement or a customs union between North and South Baggnagia. But he mentioned that South Baggnagia would have to express interest in that too. Today’s statements by Lt. General Radoslav Meier could be considered the first step in that direction. He said that the dialogue between North and South Baggnagia on these topics would continue.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:12 am
by North Baggnagia

North Baggnagia disbands Military Tribunals and replaces them with Civilian Courts, Freedom of Religion also restored

SILCENDA, NORTH BAGGNAGIA – North Baggnagia has gotten rid of two more toxic legacies of the previous regimes of Chief of State Fran Hapenic and Marshal Jan Tillich. Those being: Military Tribunals and state-imposed compulsory atheism. The legislative body of the current military government led by Divisional General Zbynek Fiala abolished Military Tribunals by law. Their disbanding means that North Baggnagia would now return to a civilian court system. The same vote was required to be made by the Consultative Assembly of North Baggnagia. It’s a puppet parliament that was created by the leadership of Chief of State Fran Hapenic originally. It was also used by Marshal Jan Tillich. It was used to mimic a division of powers in the North Baggnagian government and different branches. But in reality it was a marionette structure and everything was decided by whoever the dictator is. Military Tribunals were also an imitation of a court system in North Baggnagia. They were used to prosecute political prisoners and captured foreign agents or troops without a fair trial. The marionette Consultative Assembly was appropriated by the military government and required to vote together with it in favor of abolishing these Military Tribunals. Ironically one marionette government body from the previous regime was made functional by the new leadership and forced to help out in the removal of another marionette government body. Military government and Consultative Assembly immediately voted to transition to a normal civilian court system in North Baggnagia. This vote was initiated by Divisional General Zbynek Fiala after he had made a promised scheduled visit to the building of what used to be Constitutional Court of united Baggnagia. The building is based in capital Silcenda but has been abandoned after the Constitutional Court was made defunct and disbanded following Baggnagian split. With a return to a civilian court system the military government has plans to re-launch the Constitutional Court and make it functional again.

The second law passed on Freedom of Religion in North Baggnagia. It was passed by the same protocol: the legislative body of the military government voted first and the Consultative Assembly submissively followed. Up until this point by law North Baggnagia had state-enforced atheism with any religion or alternate faith illegal. Only the cult of personality of all leaders of North Baggnagia was allowed. When Chief of State Fran Hapenic was in charge the only faith in North Baggnagia was his cult of personality. Following his death his cult of personality was immortalized in the North Baggnagian constitution. In the meantime Marshal Jan Tillich and his cult of personality became the official state religion. After North Baggnagia fell, capitulated before South Baggnagia and Sunrisia, and was militarily occupied, citizens of North Baggnagia themselves stopped obeying the state-imposed atheism law. They once again brought back all faith and religions to the nation that were banned. The new military government of Divisional General Zbynek Fiala did not mind it since it planned to undo the state-imposed atheism law, abolish the cult of personality of North Baggnagian dictators and reestablish Freedom of Religion in North Baggnagia. Some North Baggnagian citizens proposed creating a cult of personality of Divisional General Zbynek Fiala as ‘national savior’ still going by the previous regime’s law. But the Divisional General opposed this with an aim of undoing the previous regime’s totalitarian rules and switching to democratic norms.