Opal Hills Peace Summit [ IC / Markion Only ]

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Opal Hills Peace Summit [ IC / Markion Only ]

Postby Albatan » Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:21 am

Opal Hills Peace Summit

Albatanian Policy on Political Discourse

1. All attending parties have accommodations for twenty persons.
2. Three persons may attend the meeting at any given time (translators are provided).
3. No weapons are permitted inside the building (this includes cutlery).
4. The proceedings will be heavily structured, please adhere to the directions of the moderator.
5. Food and drink will be provided at the behest of the conference attendees.

Current Event

Summit attendees may mingle in the front lobby after they have setteled in thier accomadations. His Majesty Julian Abbot V (the moderator) will be greeting attendees.
Albatan, a small nation that seeks to spread peace and friendship in a violent and chaotic world. Interesting in using automation and artificial intelligence to improve the lives of its citizens. A member of Markion.

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