A Uprising in Vartugia. (IC)

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A Uprising in Vartugia. (IC)

Postby Vartugia » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:41 am

Uprising in Vartugia


For a long time, a repressive regime has been ruling Vartuiga with an iron fist and the party called off all things “Teh Ruling Party Of Vartugia For A Glourois Future And A Polictcaly Correct Socitly” has been in power ever since 1970 after a coup. However, in the 50 years of being the sole legal party, the party has been ruining Vartugia, making them becoming a literal joke as well has having a debt that is so hight that it will take 914 quatrilion years to pay it back. And it doesn’t help for the country who also has one of the worst inflation rates you will ever see, with it reaching danicemillion dollars (69420 “0``s). In light of the surprise song reveal from the Vartugian broadcaster WTF with the song “Libertike”, sung in Vartugese, the people of Vartugia had has enough of the party who controls 498 out of 499 seats in the Parliament (the sole seat not controlled belongs to an mp who left the party and then he died). Some as called it “Libertike-Uprising”.

“The Ruling Party” has already condemned the uprising and deployed the army to crush it down by force.
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