Diplomacy, St. Louis Style (Closed)

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Diplomacy, St. Louis Style (Closed)

Postby Sunset » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:57 pm

For those unaware of a post-terraforming Mars, the simplest connection between the northern coast of the Hellas Sea and a similar environment on Earth was that of France and the Bordeaux region specifically. A mild climate and good soil also meant it was similarly placed for the cultivation of grapes - wine grapes in particular. So it was that the al Saleef Estate began near the shore as row after row of purple-green vines strung out along rolling a rolling hillside to end at a narrow orchard at the crest of the hill before plunging only slightly into a long lawn that ran right to the front door of the manor house itself, which was laid out similarly in the French style. A single building built of brick and masonry with tall pointed roofs, it had the appearance of Old World age though perhaps not the same extended pedigree.

On the west side of the winery there was a large patio, bounded by a waist-height stone fence and studded at each corner and gate with tall posts atop which hung lamps that were currently dark. Between these and above the average head were open panels of lattice and over these crawled yet more grape vines, though these were the type meant for out-of-hand eating. A number of tables had been set up special for the event as well as a few small circles of chairs with braziers cold between them while against the house stood an enormous stonework grill, a young woman in a smart tuxedo working the coals with one white gloved hand while the other remained impeccably clean and tucked at her back. Whatever other preparations had been made had been made before hand; various trays of warm food and cold were set out to one side while a massive barrel had been cut in half, filled with ice, and studded with bottles.

The host too was ready; a blonde woman who mingled freely with those guests who had already arrived. Friends, family - a baby not a few weeks old was being passed from grandmother to uncle to niece to daughter - as well as notable figures from near and far. If there was a reason it was only that this was now the first day of the new year and thus Independence Day and a good excuse for a party...

OOC: Is it a roleplay? Well, sorta. It could be, if that's what you want to do. It could also be an opportunity for a notable figure from near or far to put their face in and leave again. Or whatever in between - I'll answer any posts directed at my characters, but there's no plot or otherwise planned. This isn't technically a diplomatic event either, but the Secretary-General let it be known that those of diplomatic importance to the Republic who would be interested in informal discussions would be wise to have their people inquire with her people about securing an invitation, thus they are invited to invite themselves.

It should also be noted that this is a private party - large groups of armed guards are not needed, not wanted, and will not get an invitation. Note that since this is (Closed), you should ask me if your potential invitee would have gotten an invitation if they asked for one.
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