Two Brothers [CLOSED][Fecaw/Brightlake]

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Two Brothers [CLOSED][Fecaw/Brightlake]

Postby Fecaw » Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:10 am

Hong Yongkang was rather unknown in Fecaw. Not only was he unkown to the ordinary people, but government officials had struggled to gain any information that was of much use or substance on him. Unlike with other diplomatic missions that had recently taken place in Fecaw, this was scheduled to take place in a building right next to the international airport in Sediw. Najd Maz was eager to find out about his guest, who was coming from a nation which had significant similarities to Fecaw. Both of them shared an appreciaction and a limited application of Confucian philosophy in their government systems. They both deeply valued the power of eduation and research as the main ways of building a society. The nations seemed to be two long lost brothers who had kept many of the same features, but grown up with them differently. What the Fecawn government was mainly interested in was the burgeoning scientific industry in Brightlake. Many deputies had shown a keen interest in medical research and the Made in Devonta campaign. Trade could provide a significant boost to Fecaw's slowing technology sector. As the plane appeared from the clouds over the city, a small band on the side of the runway began to play the national anthem. Najd Maz and a small group of other colleagues made their way out onto a podium positioned there, in front of which was a large crowd. After the welcome ceremony would come private talks. Most of the other officials form the Foreign and Economic Councils were meeting representatives from Devonta. As the plane ground to a halt, most of the deputies turned around, expectant to see the doors slide open and to greet the new ambassador.
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