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Stronger Together [CLOSED][Fecaw/Devonta]

PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:35 am
by Fecaw
The cool summer storms had set in over Sediw. After days of balmy, sweaty heat, there was now constant thunder and rain. As Ralon Mera looked up out of the window, he knew that he would have a busy day ahead of him. The foreign policy of Fecaw was slowly developing after the visit of a delegation from Yohannes a few months ago. A visit of members of the government to a wedding in Mokastana had also provided a rare engagement in Dienstad, especially in a nation that had previously been Fecaw’s worst enemy. By now, King Sarol’s friendly expansion into the wider world was in full swing.

As a member of the Foreign Council, Ralon was in a high position in society and entrusted with significant responsibility. He would later meet the King in the Royal Palace of Sediw, but the first engagement with the ambassador from Devonta would be with a man who has effectively his boss, Deputy Sulau, the unofficial head of the Foreign Council. He was the man who had arranged this visit, and was in charge of executing most of the national foreign policy. Scarlet Bergson would certainly be expecting a professional welcome and should not be disappointed. He slipped into his car, which today was being driven for him. It was a short, 5 minute drive, to the conference center where the talks were being held. He normally walked. As the car drove up to the front of the building, the wipers fought away the pounding rain, but there were still maybe one or two hundred people on the streets outside, waving Fecawn and Devontan flags, cheering. On the higher levels of the building were draped the same two flags. He show no attention to these, but noted what seemed like public popularity. He briskly walked past the cameras and through the rotating doors.

As the deputies gathered around the table, others went around to the front of the building to act as a welcome party. There was a feeling of expectation in the air as the various officials talked quietly among themselves. Word had it, that Mrs. Bergson would be arriving in a few minutes, not long after landing in Sediw's airport.