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World Hit Festival 46 | Polumisec, Izmedu | OOC + DISCUSSION

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 8:29 am
by Britonisea

Polumisec, Izmedu


Welcome to Izmedu (again)!

Izmedu has won the World Hit Festival again, and this time they won with "Sturi-Minsi" which was sung by Dejan Mlakar. We are very excited to turn back to the kings of World Hit Festival hosting for what is set to be yet another fabulous Festival in Izmedu... We will be returning to the city of Polumisec, Vodiznad, for the 46th World Hit Festival.

This edition is an orchestral special edition celebrating five editions since I took over as the World Hit Festival Overseer! I hope to see many nations participating.

Also, I am not sure whether you noticed, but I simply just edited this message - it's much easier!

Fabio McAlpine
World Hit Festival Overseer

What is the World Hit Festival?
The World Hit Festival (WHF) is a multiversal song competition. Each nation shall enter 1 song and 1 artist, and it shall be 'performed' via roleplay. Most nations tend to use a real-life tune as a musical backing, but every entry submitted to the World Hit Festival is required to have original lyrics (ie. if you submit a tune, you must re-write the lyrics), so this does mean that instrumental entries are blocked from entering the contest.

WHF operates with three threads, the OOC, Draft, and IC threads. The one you are seeing now is the OOC/Sign-ups thread, the main place for you to discuss the contest, reveal your entrant, etc. All OOC chatter goes here. The Draft Thread, opened by the host, is the second thread opened up during a WHF contest, and this draft thread is where nations will post and work on their entries until a deadline determined by the host. The IC thread, also opened by the host is the third and final thread attached to a WHF, and it is where the host will transfer your entries.

The World Hit Festival has had a very long history in NationStates, and a thread by the second overseer (Euskirribakondara) has been created to compile this long history. Click here for a thread with links to every OOC and IC thread of all World Hit Festivals so far. Click this for a statistical database of all WHF participants. For winners, click here to see a full list of all WHF winners with links to their entries.

The 46th World Hit Festival will be a special edition. The 46th World Hit Festival marks the fifth edition since Fabio McAlpine took over the leadership from Ivan Sandic.

The 46th World Hit Festival will take place in the nation that wins the 45th World Hit Festival. We would like to make the 46th World Hit Festival a very large event, including two semi-finals and so we would love to make as many nations participate as possible - hopefully making it the largest World Hit Festival ever.

The winner of the 45th World Hit Festival will have to agree to the terms and conditions for hosting the 46th World Hit Festival, including the addition of an orchestra as a part of the stage or behind-the-scenes. The orchestra must be a full symphony orchestra.

In order to be eligible to participate in the 46th World Hit Festival, the majority of the instruments and sounds that you will present will be from any instruments in a full symphony orchestra (this can be also presented in the form of RP for those unwilling to provide a tune/where it is not as evident as a tune which has 100% orchestral music).

Delegations will be allowed to send a song with just one instrument too (voice and accompaniment).

The decision as to whether a tune is rejected or accepted will be made by the current overseer and the host broadcaster, with further discussions being had with the former World Hit Festival Overseers if there is a dispute.

You can find a list of accepted orchestral instruments here: Orchestral Instruments

Draft Thread Opens: 27th May 2019
Sign-Ups Close: 3rd June 2019
Draft Thread Closes, IC Thread Up: 13th June 2019
Voting Deadline: 23rd June 2019
Grand Final Winner Known By: 30th June 2019

If you would like to participate at the World Hit Festival, please complete the form below.
Code: Select all

[b]Song Title:[/b]
[b]Title Transcription (if required):[/b]
[b]Title Translation (if required):[/b]
[i]Host Requirement[/i]

[b]Head of Delegation (if not already provided):[/b]

For WHF veterans, this sign-up form will look very familiar as it is the same sign-up form for the past 15 editions. However, for debutantes, I have provided a sample application using WHF32's winning entry in a spoiler, with explanations in brackets.

Nation: Euskirribakondara (name of your nation goes here)
Broadcaster: EUSK1 (name of your broadcaster goes here, and this is usually your national broadcaster that would broadcast the WHF. For a real life comparison, think of the BBC in the UK.)

Song Title: "По, Дај Ми Любавте" (name of your song)
Artist: Nadija Djokanović (the name of the artist that will 'perform' the song in your roleplay.)
Language(s): Sirbadian, Euskal, Hinga (the language(s) that your lyrics will be performed in)
Title Transcription (if required): "Po, Daj Mi Ljubavte" (if your song's language utilizes another script such as Cyrillic, you would put the romanization of that title here. In this example, По, Дај Ми Любавте is Po, Daj Mi Ljubavte. Otherwise, this part can be omitted.)
Title Translation (if required): Come On, Give Me Your Love (the translation of your song's title to English. If your song is in English already, this part can also be omitted.)
Tune: Here (most WHF tunes will have tunes attached to them, such as this entry using Poli Genova's If Love Was a Crime. If you are using a tune, do provide a link of the tune in this form. However, there are cases in which users do not submit a tune and use self-penned songs, in which case, filling out this part is not required.)

Translate "Together In Harmony" in your national language(s): The host would like for you to translate "Together in Harmony" into your national language. Your national language could be a predominant language in your nation or recognised/official languages.

Head of Delegation: (The Head of Delegation is the person who is in charge of your delegation at the 44th World Hit Festival. If you have already provided information about this, you do not have to fill this part of the form out)

Participating Nations: As of May 15
  1. Britonisea
  2. Izmedu

National Final (1/1)


Other Rules & Regulations

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 8:29 am
by Britonisea
It's a lot to take in, but as I've mentioned before, there are nations here that are willing to help. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them on this thread or to TG any of us. Most importantly, enjoy your time here and enjoy the music.

Rules and Procedures
  1. A nation is allowed to submit 2 puppets maximum to the contest, meaning that a user can be controlling at most 3 nations in the contest.
  2. Nations must send a full ranking of all nations on the IC Thread to the host of the competition when the voting opens.
  3. The nation ranked first will receive 5 points, the nation ranked second will receive 4 points etc. Nations ranked 6th or below will not receive any points.
  4. Users are allowed to receive 8 points maximum from their puppets. Meaning, a user with three nations can use Nation B and C (with B and C giving 4 points each) to give Nation A 8 points total, but nothing more.
  5. A nation is also expected to vote, but there is no penalty for not voting. The host will make up your votes in the event that they do not have your votes.
  6. All or at least most of the written lyrics must be original. Should any user spot any concerns, don't hesitate to let the overseer or current host know.
  7. In order for Semi Finals to be initiated, there must be enough nations for there to be 14 nations per Semi Final. The number of participants before Semi Finals are initiated will be dependent on circumstances.
  8. In the unlikely event of there being 40 or more complete entries, the top 5 from last edition (including the host) will qualify automatically to the Grand Final.
  9. The maximum amount of nations that can participate at any World Hit Festival is 47 (including the host).
  1. The winner of the competition will automatically be given the right to host the competition. The winner will have 72 hours (maximum) to announce their interest in hosting the Festival to the Overseer.
  2. The host must not reveal their acceptance of hosting until the Overseer has announced it on the WHF Network.
  3. If within the first 72 hours, the host either doesn't announce their interest of hosting the proceeding contest or declines hosting rights, the nation who came 2nd will be asked. If declined five times, the World Hit Overseer has to host the World Hit Festival.
  4. If the host abandons their host duties, the World Hit Overseer will be responsible for what left needs to be done.
  5. We would like to ensure all World Hit Festival hosts can host the competition to the best of their ability. If you have any concerns about hosting if given the opportunity to, don't hesitate to speak to the World Hit Overseer.

Details about WHF45 / Our Discord Server

For those wanting a look at the immediate past, here are a collection of links to the most recent WHF: OOC Thread - Draft Thread - IC Thread

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 8:35 am
by Izmedu

The contest finds itself in Izmedu once more, with the country hosting for the second time in a row to bring the number of hostings to nine. Thanks to the efforts of Dejan Mlakar in the 45th World Hit Festival, Izmedu won the right to host the Orchestra Special Edition that was planned by the Britonish overseership. With this opportunity in mind and after an intensive bidding process between two cities that have also formerly hosted a World Hit Festival, Polumisec was chosen to the host of the 46th World Hit Festival. The country of Izmedu is one of the most successful nations in the contest, having won the festival seven times and also carrying a strong overall record within the festival.

The country of Izmedu at large stands at the cross-roads of slavic and romantic cultures. It is a relatively small country of roughly 2,200,000 people. Led by the energetic Gabrijel Papic-Papratrovic, the modern democratic incarnation of Izmedu emerged from a long, bloody revolution that still marks a considerable part of the country's history. With a concerted focus on cultural and music development, the country is now a regular participant in music contests with an eye towards promotion and exposure on the international stage. Culturally, the country is primarily influenced by South Slavic cultures, with its language, architecture, and cultural norms being developed accordingly. However, the country also has a strong interest in the romance languages, specifically an Italo-Dalmatian influence in the language. Such influences slowly permeate in the Izmeduan lingua, subtly changing Izmeduan culture towards a 'slavo-romantic' bent.

To commemorate Fabio McAlpine's fifth edition as the overseer, Britonisea has planned an Orchestra Special Edition to celebrate this milestone. The theme itself is a focus on bringing a symphonic orchestra on the stage, creating sounds that can be epic, classy, contemporary, but also timeless all at once. The show's thematic is thus based upon bringing those sounds to life on stage, utilizing as many live instruments as possible and showcasing a feasibly large orchestra to match the symphonic sounds of old. Accordingly, the rest of the show (from the city, to the venue, to the outside activities) are also styled to the orchestra theme. While more details will be expressed later on in the post, the city of Polumisec hopes to host events in the lead up to the 46th World Hit Festival that actively promote the performance of orchestras by holding performance workshops, opportunities for interested performers to volunteer for the orchestra that RTI will assemble, and also a revival of orchestral concert halls.

The heart of the music is located not just on the stage, but also within the performers and the instruments that help augment their performance. We here at RTI hope that the return of the orchestra and the emphasis on live music helps reinforce the power of music to move, to stir feeling, and to create an atmosphere of awe for its listeners. RTI aims to use every advantage that this theme carries to craft a WHF experience that is one-of-a-kind from a typical WHF edition.


Alternative images
El frutanj toraj from the streets - El frutanj toraj at night - La romanticna rika - The Marina during the day - La fontana polumiseca

The city of Polumisec (population: 185,000) is noted to be one of Izmedu's major seafront cities and is also the most populous city in the northern regions of Izmedu. As the district seat of Morska-Obala and the historical region of Ozraren, it is Northern Izmedu's 'unofficial capital' and also its center of culture. The relative distance from the heart of Izmedu means that Polumisec itself has staked out its own unique identity within the Izmeduan framework, being seen as a more 'quirky' seafront city in comparison to the domineering Izmedu or the more traditionally and musically-minded Mousiki. Of course, Polumisec's quirks come down to its very origin story as well. Known locally as the 'Crescent City,' the very founding of Polumisec was marked by it being a crossroads for Izmeduans that wanted to stay close to their identity, but wanted to be away from the chaos, violence, and now overbearing influence from the more popular Izmeduan cities. Recent years have indeed shifted this dynamic, which is why Polumisec proved to be the choice for RTI during the intensive bidding process behind the decision as to which city will host the Orchestra Special Edition.

The city gained a national prominence that allowed it to stand as a viable tourist and cultural alternative to Vodiznad and Mouski due to the hosting of the 41st World Hit Festival. The increased attention on Northern Izmedu not only increased the economic consumption and production within the area, it also now had a viable music identity to which to draw from that only helped bolster Polumisec's already strong tourist-friendly resume and landmarks. As the last hosting city in Izmedu known for theming the whole contest around a symphony, the emphasis around more classical music and orchestras was well-felt throughout Polumisec after WHF41. The size of local concert halls around the city has increased alongside the more symphonic bent to the quickly growing local music scene. Artists that would've traditionally stuck with Vodiznad or the surrounding municipalities began to make tour stops to Polumisec's Naida Arena or to a local concert hall to perform either large concertos or do small public performances. More names began to be associated with Polumisec, with budding artists beginning to immerse themselves within this new music culture and a new musical 'brand' beginning to develop.

The increased exposure and the slow but budding development of the city's music made Polumisec an even hotter destination for Izmeduan to holiday in. The move towards more symphonic music was somewhat of a heaven for Izmeduans wanting a break from the the much bigger cities down south. The city's reputation as a honeymoon destination for Izmeduans only increased, accommodating couples both young and old. Gondola rides in Polumisec's canals are a very common fixture for those in romantic relationships. Indeed, the image of the 'crescent city' proves it to be a very popular choice for those wanting a different experience, especially as Polumisec's local culture remains rather distinct from the rest of the country (by way of being the only major city and region to not have been severely impacted by the Izmeduan Revolution). Polumisec's more recent growth also allowed it to have a surcharge for its hospitality services, all of which have remained at a similar (if not an even higher) caliber from their previous World Hit Festival hosting.

RTI hopes to utilize the increased growth of Polumisec to its advantage for the upcoming Orchestra Special Edition. As noted while the theme was being described, RTI hopes to incorporate the orchestra theme to just beyond the time of the contest broadcast and the various rehearsals surrounding the contest. There will cooperations with Polumisec's local music halls to help the Izmeduan orchestra rehearse just in time for the contest. Additionally, the sites of auxiliary events (the World Hit Fair, the World Hit Village, and the World Hit Club) are also going to be placed right at the heart of the city and the surrounding marinas near Polumisec's coast. The El frutanj toraj (the tower of the brothers) will be the site of the World Hit Fair and La bazilika od sv. Marija's bell tower will of course be playing all of the submitted tunes in the lead up to the World Hit Festival. The World Hit Village and the World Hit Club will be closer to the marinas but within commuting distance to each other and to the arena, to ensure safe and speedy travel.

With the city taking on the hosting mantle for the second time in its history, RTI and the Polumisec city council hope that the city will provide a wonderful experience for all of the international delegations and guests visiting the country once more. We hope, just like in 41st World Hit Festival, that you will have a great time visiting Izmedu's northern reaches and its crescent.


Having also been previously the venue for the 41st World Hit Festival, the Naida Arena (capacity: 15,000) once again takes on the duty of being the World Hit Festival's venue. The arena is well known for being the biggest multi-purpose arena in the districts that comprise the historical region of Ozraren/Northern Izmedu and is a popular holding point for musicians that originate the arena. Prior to its hosting in WHF41, the arena served not only just music concerts, but also played host to fashion shows, big sports games, and even tournaments from various organizations should there be time and space allowed. Since its hosting however, the Naida's functionalities changed to accommodate more concerts, and its bigger size (maintaining the 13,800 set from the previous hosting) allowed it to become a more popular stop for famed Izmeduan pop stars (notably holding a 4-night stint from hometown favorite, Dorotea Viskovic).

The arena once again goes another renovation in the lead up to the 46th World Hit Festival. The re-design wanted to reach for a sense of dual scale and intimacy, as well as making slight updates to the architecture from the brief interim from the 41st to the 46th festival. The renovations were primarily based upon improving the acoustics of the arena, as the orchestra special edition would of course involve more live instrumentation and playing from the participants than a regular World Hit Festival. While there was an option to dramatically re-build the arena and rival Izmedu's largest venue, the choice was made to do only a small expansion to keep the atmosphere as intimate as it possibly could've been in an arena setting. Thus, 15,000 was settled as the new permanent capacity for the Naida Arena.


The stage in the Naida Arena was built with the intention of being able to meet the regulations set forth by the Orchestra Special Edition and also with the goal of making sure that the orchestra was visible to the audience to a reasonable degree. While this involved some tough decisions on the stage's size, especially with the addition of a fuller symphony orchestra, the stage does maintain a simple design that is meant to put the focus on one performer. We will thus describe what the stage is capable of.

The Main Stage
The main stage was designed to be as expansive as possible while keeping in mind the orchestra in front. There is a marked 'central' holding zone for performers to stand upon should they decide to keep the performance as simple as possible, but otherwise, the entirety of the main stage from the LED screens and the end of the brief catwalk that bisects the orchestra pit is available for the delegations' use. Every part of the floor seen in this image is capable of also producing LED images per request of the delegations. Additionally, the screen that provides the backdrop is also one long contiguous screen and movable, capable of being open or closed to whatever needs the delegations has for the performance.

The Orchestra Pit
This is the hallmark of the design meant to fulfill to the requirements necessary to make this Orchestra Special Edition come to life. As seen on the preview image above, there are two parts to the orchestra pit. The pit to the audience's left is where the string instruments will be located, while the pit to the audience's part will have horns, the piano, and any other instruments that delegations need played live. A nation's conductor will most commonly perform their duties at the pit to the audience's right, but can be positioned anywhere within reason. The inclusion of a conductor is absolutely optional and is not required by any nation.

As per any Izmeduan stage, the usual effects are here for any delegations to use. Owing to the smaller stage and the orchestral configuration, they aren't as prevalent and need to be carefully used and positioned. Aquatechnics is possible so long as the orchestra does not get soaked, as well as pyrotechnics. The capacity for spark showers is also present. Additionally, we also have holograms available for anyone that wants to utilize them for their performance.

The little slogan is a teaser for a concept I have in mind. In function, the postcards will follow a similar format to WHF45. You will have a header and a postcard.

The same voting reveal system shall be used as per the recent World Hit Festivals, the two-phase voting reveal system. Most recently used in Vodiznad for the 45th World Hit Festival, this voting reveal system can trace its roots to Kalosia's hosting in the 26th World Hit Festival, in which the nation blueprinted the very system of presenting the votes in two parts. The system that RTI uses is modified slightly from the Kalosian approach. The specific system that's used here was prototyped in the 29th World Hit Festival, and we'll describe the two phases here.

Phase I concerns your lower votes (1-4). This is the part that's going to by rather quick in the IC broadcast, and we'll go through nation-by-nation to reveal the lower points values. We will keep presenting these votes until we have gone through each and every nation. This part does not have the spokespersons active, so they will not be RPed here. In this part, 2/3rds of the total result will be revealed, so a vast majority of the points will be known to the audience before the next phase. However, do keep in mind that this is certainly not the be all end all phase. While it has a good track of record of showing the likely top placers, the winners of Phase I is not always the winner of the contest.

Phase II concerns the maximum amount of points you can give (5). This phase will most resemble how the RL Eurovision conducts its voting. We'll contact your country's spokesperson, who will then reveal which nations got each country's 5 points. We'll go through them one by one once more until we have gone through every nation on the scoreboard. Since the points values are large (even if only the last third of the result is at stake), this phase is documented to have caused dramatic shifts to the scoreboard. Indeed, it is very possible to get many sets of 5 points in Phase II and do very well in the contest.

We also have a Phase III, which will be described below. This phase is only invoked in case of World Hit Festival ties.

  • 1st tiebreaker: Who has the most voters? Example: Testlandia and Bobville both receive 25 points. Testlandia got votes from 13 nations, Bobville got points from 12 nations. Testlandia wins.
  • 2nd tiebreaker: Who has the most 5 points? Testlandia and Bobville got 25 points and received points from 12 nations. However, Testlandia received 2 sets of 5 while Bobville only got 1 set. Testlandia wins.
  • 3rd tiebreaker: Who has the most 4 points? If Testlandia and Bobville have identical voting statistics and amount of 5 points, repeat the process using how many sets of 4 they have.
  • 4th tiebreaker: Who has the most 3 points? Repeat the process above if you're finding that they have the same set of 4 points.
  • 5th tiebreaker: Who has the most 2 points? Repeat the process above.
  • 6th tiebreaker: Who has the most 1 points? Repeat the process above.
  • 7th tiebreaker: In the event that Testlandia and Bobville have the exact same score breakdown, I will use the full rankings provided by all of you to break the tie. From here, I will go through a similar process. I will find out who has the most 6th place rankings. If there are no 6th place rankings between both entries or if that part is tied and/or if the tie is not broken (Bobville and Testlandia each recieve equal 6th place rankings), I will then consult 7th place and so forth.
  • 8th tiebreaker: In the event that even the ranking allocation is the exact same between Bobville and Testlandia, I will average out the overall rankings and choose the nation with the highest overall ranking.
  • 9th and final tiebreaker: If Bobville and Testlandia turn out to have the very unlikely case of having the exact points and ranking allocation, then I will consult the draft thread and choose the nation who had the earliest edit.

Please note that this system does not change the way you vote or even the points allocation. The voting procedures very much remain the same. You shall send your votes via a full ranking of all participating entries in the contest, which I (the host) shall then use to allocate the points. Your 1st rank will of course get 5 points, then so on and so forth.

These are currently all of the available details at hand for the 46th World Hit Festival. Let's make this orchestral edition a good one!

WHF45 Catch-up!

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:31 am
by Britonisea

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:40 am
by Llalta
Nation: Llalta
Broadcaster: LBN

Song Title: Don't Say Goodbye
Artist: Il Stella
Language(s): English (One phrase in French)
Tune: Il Divo - Mama
Host Requirement
Translate "I Believe" in your national language(s): I Believe

Head of Delegation (if not already provided): Beans the Siamese

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:50 am
by Togonistan

Song Title: Ata Murore
Artist: Anahera
Language(s): Togoni-Maori
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required): Eternal Dawn
Tune: Cloudjumper feat. Un3h - ''Bad Apple''
Host Requirement
Translate "I Believe" in your national language(s): Kapono ahau

Head of Delegation (if not already provided):

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 12:12 pm
by Britonisea
Britonisea will return to the World Hit Festival with a song that will be revealed at a later date. It has been rumoured that Britonisea will send an act from their highly successful format, Vha Mehlodhivestoile.

Britonisea's participation at the 46th World Hit Festival confirms the nation's 10th consecutive participation at the World Hit Festival.

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 12:17 pm
by Izmedu
Izmedu confirms participation. Watch out for more details through out the sign-up period :) I'm still sorting out the details but rest assured I am at work to make sure that the orchestra edition is an unforgettable one. It is absolutely an honor to be hosting this special edition and I can't wait to see all of your entries.


For the Izmeduan entry this edition, we will be selecting it through a formalized national final process for the very first time. We will be utilizing VodiFest, a long established music festival that hews very close to WHF's orchestra edition in scope and philosophy. Just in time for the 46th World Hit Festival, this festival enters its 62nd year of production and is proud to be the mechanism that selects the Izmeduan entry for the orchestra special edition.

Please click here for the songs and for instructions on the voting. You will use this link to send your votes.

Additionally, here is the playlist.

We here at RTI look forward to seeing your votes!

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 12:18 pm
by Estogium


Hunter Malden to represent Estogium at WHF46 with "Remercio Teis (Thank you)"


After Estogium's 2nd best result ever at the World Hit Festival, 5th place with 18 point, RVC will return hoping to better that result with Hunter.

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 1:44 pm
by -Astoria
Nation: Astoria
Broadcaster: ABC

Song Title: Fe ħravvo ħarvo (In sweet rejoicing)
Artist: Barry Walsh
Language(s): Astorian
Tune: Here
Host Requirement
Translate "Together In Harmony" in your national language(s): (apart from English) Ankaov d'Ulnavaku, Hsereih h'Silrihedhsi

Head of Delegation (if not already provided): See WHF45 entry

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 8:02 pm
by Fatiman Federation
Nation: Fatiman Federation (Indo States)
Broadcaster: RTV

Song Title: Je hebt een speeltje in mij!
Artist: Lenoid Crimieliyev
Language(s): Indoesh
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required): You got a Toy in me!
Tune: Toy Story (Theme Song) You Got a Friend and Me
Host Requirement
Translate "I Believe" in your national language(s): Ik geloof

Head of Delegation (if not already provided):

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 8:44 pm
by Todlichebujoku
Nation: Tödlichebujoku
Broadcaster: SterGo100

Song Title: Final Score
Artist: Kai Unruh X DUYVIYÁ
Language(s): English
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):
Tune: Tommee Profitt ft. Fleurie - Sound Of War
Host Requirement
Translate "I Believe" in your national language(s): Má Uskon

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:10 pm
by Darkmania
In, yet to decide tune and all stuff.

Puppet are confirmed

PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 11:13 pm
by Vartugia
Darkmania wrote:Puppet are confirmed


PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 12:16 am
by Britonisea
I have added a link. Here will be the list of instruments available in Polumsec, Izmedu;

Link Here

String family

Viola [vee-OH-lah]
Cello (violoncello) [CHEL-low]
Bass (double bass, contra bass) [rhymes
with “face’]

Woodwind family

Flute, Piccolo
Oboe, English horn
Clarinet, Bass clarinet
Bassoon, Contrabassoon

Brass family

Horn (French horn)

Keyboards and Harp

Celesta [cheh-LESS-tah]

Percussion family

Timpani (kettledrums) [TIM-pa-nee]
Snare drum
Bass drum
Vibraphone (vibes)
plus other things to hit, scrape, and shake

We want to be an orchestra, traditional, but also give nations as many opportunities as possible. Please make decisions in light of this.

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 2:30 am
by The SM Store
Nation: The SM Store (Indo's Shitty Puppet)

Song Title: Goodbye Ellaine, I Boxed a Nintendo Wii
Artist: Rick Giovanni
Language(s): English
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):
Tune: Rickroll Dude.............................
Host Requirement

Head of Delegation (if not already provided):

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 11:45 am
by New Juan Carlos Land
Nation: New Juan Carlos Land
Broadcaster: NJCL TV

Song Title: Dude Stop
Artist: Stromine Watterson
Language(s): English
Host Requirement
Translate "I Believe" in your national language(s): I Believe

Head of Delegation (if not already provided):
Frekin Einstein

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 7:27 am
by Pan-Asiatic States
Nation: The Federated People's Republic of Pan-Asiatic States
Broadcaster: Xinyazhou TV Co.

Song Title: Bayang Lumayo
Artist: Bin & Binti
Language(s): Filipino
Title Transcription (if required): ---
Title Translation (if required): (The) Nation That Got Away
Host Requirement

Head of Delegation (if not already provided): Mr. Zhou Hanying

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 5:58 pm
by Natanya
Natanya announces it's return to the World Hit Festival for the orchestra special 46th event! Entry details are below. :)

Nation: Natanya
Broadcaster: NTV

Song Title: You Can Try
Artist: Alessia Dagova
Language(s): English
Tune: Lindita Halimi - S'te Fal (FiK Live Version)

Head of Delegation (if not already provided): Zhana Utrelugova

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 6:22 pm
by Teesdexxia
After an incredible reception to it's début in the contest, Teesdexxia is more than happy to announce that they are going to continue with the contest into future editions, including this next one! TBA announced the entry details here:

Nation: Teesdexxia
Broadcaster: TBA

Song Title: Haunting
Artist: Lena De La Reina
Language(s): English
Tune: Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Head of Delegation (if not already provided): Benjamin Hutchinson

And we are still a puppet of Natanya, even if you don't read the OOC ;)

PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 8:34 pm
by Natanya
Teesdexxia wrote:After an incredible reception to it's début in the contest, Teesdexxia is more than happy to announce that they are going to continue with the contest into future editions, including this next one! TBA announced the entry details here:

Nation: Teesdexxia
Broadcaster: TBA

Song Title: Haunting
Artist: Lena De La Reina
Language(s): English
Tune: Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Head of Delegation (if not already provided): Benjamin Hutchinson

And we are still a puppet of Natanya, even if you don't read the OOC ;)


PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2019 8:59 pm
by Loulanguo
Nation: Loulan
Broadcaster: Sadâ — Telwizyun-e Melli-ye Tokhârestân (S-TNT)

Song Title: کامل بمثل پیش
Artist: Parwâna Lay and Sâsân Kung
Language(s): Tokhari
Title Transcription (if required): kâmel be-mesl-e pêsh
Title Translation (if required): Perfect Like Before
Tune: Eli et Papillon — Les rêves (version acoustique)
Host Requirement

Head of Delegation (if not already provided): Hôshang Lî

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 8:00 am
by Normandy and Picardy
Nation: Normandy and Picardy
Broadcaster: RTN

Song Title: La Voix
Artist: Martin Jeanais
Language(s): Normand French
Title Translation (if required): The Voice
Tune: Amaury Vassili - Sognu

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 10:56 am
by Amuaplye
Nation: Amuaplye
Broadcaster: Amuaplye Television

Song Title: The Pie
Artist: Gloria
Language(s): Amuaplyean
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required):
Tune: Yes, I am aware that I have used this tune twice.
Translate "Together In Harmony" in your national language: Боткуз ит Кармонти (Amuaplyean)

Head of Delegation (if not already provided): Deputy Prime Minister Frankie Bradley, MP

PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2019 12:27 am
by Darkmania
Nation: Darkmania
Broadcaster: DaTV

Song Title: Fri
Artist: Yrtë Eämarg (Yrte)
Language(s): Norwegian
Title Transcription (if required):
Title Translation (if required): Free
Tune:Nevena Božović - Kruna
Host Requirement: Being planned

Head of Delegation (if not already provided):