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Postby Proluvia » Sun Feb 24, 2019 4:51 pm

Nekoni's bit on the side.

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Postby Todlichebujoku » Mon Feb 25, 2019 12:32 am


Taavetti Hisakava, crystal personality & dancer

Hello Bright Falls! Loving WorldVision's new direction, it's amazing! So here's how Tödlichebujoku voted:


Alright, now...

Our 8 points go to MERCEDINI!
Our 10 points go to.. NEKONI!!
And finally, and most importantly, our 12 goes to... KALOSIA!!! Welcome to the modern age!

Thanks yall and good luck!
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Euskirribakondara wrote:2. Todlichebujoku, shut up and take my money. Your entry was pure art. I think we should bestow upon your song the title of "Best Worldvision Act Ever".
The Royal Kingdom of Quebec wrote: Tod. You never run out of interesting yet little bit controversial ideas..... :p
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Postby Adab » Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:12 am

Adab voting results:

12 - Izmedu
10 - Mercedini
8 - Normandy and Picardy
7 - Llalta
6 - Estogium
5 - Ethane
4 - Nekoni
3 - Todlichebujoku
2 - Antahbrantahstan
1 - Britonisea
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Postby Izmedu » Mon Feb 25, 2019 4:15 am

Kristina Radic, WHF41 host and Izmeduan singer

"Dobra vecer Main Nation Ministry! This is Vodiznad calling with the Izmeduan televote. It's been a wonderful show and I can't wait to see who wins tonight! Alright, here's our first set of votes."

1 point: Kalosia
2 points: Todlichebujoku
3 points: Besen
4 points: Normandy and Picardy
5 points: Polkopia
6 points: Antahbrantahstan
7 points: Britonisea

"Time for the big ones!"

You stunned me in Polumisec, you stunned me here again Esther. LLALTA

You can call me anytime Arna. *winks* MERCEDINI

Breaking hearts in WHF30, breaking all of our hearts and making Izmeduans weep again. You knew this was coming Jeremy. ETHANE
WorldVision Song Contest - World Hit Festival

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Postby Ethane » Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:45 am

Ethane's votes

12 points - Syrche
10 points - Polkopia
8 points - Llata
7 points - Adab
6 points - Mister X
5 points - Missus X
4 points - Izmedu
3 points - Estogium
2 points - Kalosia
1 point - Vartugia
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Mon Feb 25, 2019 4:49 pm

The Leader arrived on stage with a spotlight on him to read out the scores. "This is it, ladies and gentlemen! The moment you have been waiting for! The time where the winner will be chosen as the best of WorldVision 71 of Bright Falls, Main Nation Ministry! Before I read out the results of the top 10, here are the performances that managed to get the rank of 11th-25th place!" The Leader said, as the screen went back to display the scores of the performances that were in 11th-25th place.

11th-25th Place:
57pts - Mister X
57pts - Syrche
56pts - Polkopia
54pts - Adab
44pts - Antahbrantahstan
40pts - Todlichebujoku
28pts - Belgaam
28pts - Antenovaria DSQ
27pts - Main Nation Ministry
26pt - Missus X
25pts - Saveria
25pts - Proluvia
6pt- Axuva DSQ
4pts - Vartugia
0pts - Kishrael DSQ

"And now, the top 10 performances of WV71!"

"Coming in hot at Number 10 with a total of 61 points is Estogium!"

"Following up at Number 9 with a total of 65 points is Llatla!"

"With the same number of this edition of WorldVision and coming in at Number 8 with 71 points is Nekoni!"

"At Number 7 with a total of 71 points is Ethane!"

"With the total score of 75 points and nabbing the Number 6 spot on our list is Normandy and Picardy!"

"We're halfway there, folks! Now coming in at Number 5 with 81 points is MERCEDINI!"

"At Number 4 on our spot on the top 10 with the total of 85 points is BRITONISEA!"

"And now, ladies and gentlemen! The top 3! Who is it going to be? We need some dramatic music at a moment like this. Cue the music!" the Leader snapped his fingers, as music started playing. Getting out 3 envelopes each color coded of bronze, silver, and gold, the Leader held them up and he was ready to reveal the top 3 of WV71.

"The night will end with one winner! But who has the Number 1 spot?"

"Now! In Number 3 with a 88 points worthy of being bronze is...!"

"In Number 2 and runner-up champion of WV71 with a score of 96 points is...!"

"And now.. The moment you have been waiting for! With tensed muscles, you might already know who has won, but the suspense is killing you all! Now! In Number 1 of WV71! Worthy to be the champion! And with a 104 point score to appear with!"

"The winner of WV71. Is...!"


"Thank you all for coming to WorldVision 71! Even though, most of you are planning on sprinting back home, since we're technically a dictatorship, please stick around for as much time as possible! We appreciate all of you visiting Bright Falls for WV71! We appreciate the viewers watching this live on their televisions or internet! And we appreciate all the musicians, including the winner who participated in this event! This has been the Leader who likes to say.."

"Goodnight, Bright Falls!" The Leader finished up his speech as WorldVision 71 has ended.
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Postby Izmedu » Mon Feb 25, 2019 7:19 pm

Olga Vrbic & Duje Simunic - Last Chance

Tune: Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow

There were no thoughts. No sudden or witty remarks at the revelation of winning WorldVision or even some sort of sudden profundity.

When the lights and the result dawned upon the Izmeduan delegation, all Olga and Duje could do was hug each other tight as the delegation celebrated. Sure, there were the ramifications of the win for WV. Stakeholders in RTI were certainly relieved and were going to be copiously celebrating the results, but for the performers... They weren't sure how to take the cameras upon them. The lights, the glory... The celebration surrounding 'Last Chance' paradoxically allowed them to share a brief moment together. For them, time almost stood still as they held onto one another, hugging tight before they were reminded and ushered onto the stage. They weren't sure what their feelings were for the moment, the blurring of character and real life becoming almost insignificant as they tightly held hands.

They were handed the trophy by the previous winners from Nekoni and were up to the stage, greeting The Leader in the process. They tried their best to handle the questions, but all Olga and Duje could express was just shock. All they wanted to be was in each other's arms, not even acting out the movie in real life, but to find comfort and solace that... even despite everything they have gone through in their lives and careers, maybe that last chance was worth taking after all. They greeted The Leader with a warm smile and before long, the trophy was in their hands. A photo was then taken that would be emblazoned in black and white, a headline that would definitely be used for Izmeduan news stories that would report this win.

It was Olga and Duje gingerly holding the trophy together, looking at each other akin to a couple that has been through the trials and tribulations of life. Their eyes smoldered with a mutual adoration, only covered in conveniently placed shadows, and their expressions were curled in slight smiles.

They embraced in another tight hug, another where they knew that the celebrations would not be over after their imminent reprise. They kept their hands locked together as they gave the trophy to one of the handlers in the Izmeduan delegation, where they'd place it in front of the stage. It was when they had to get in position to start singing was where they were temporarily separated from one another. The stage was beginning to be set once more... Olga would be hanging in the back as Duje was handed his guitar. He wasn't sure how he was going to perform this song live one more time for tonight, knowing his hands were trembling from suppressed excitement. In front of him was a crowd that was going to be cheering as loud as they ever could tonight, louder than even during the performances earlier.

The lights were billowing down on the stage, the stage was now set... Their victory was solidified into the history books as the live feed rolled on.

“One more time... Here we go...” Duje whispered to himself.

Stage lights billowed down to the center of the Freedom Plaza Theatre at the advent of the winning entry, flashing intensely before quickly fading into darkness. Duje was centered on the stage's center while being close to the edge as much as possible, with the piano being removed to keep the performance as prop-free as possible. He stared into the crowd with an adoration and exhaustion. He had just enough in him to power through this reprise with Olga, the full weight of victory now making its way through his mind as he donned on a small, yet hearty smile. He felt his 'in-ear' ping with the ready, playing the familiar strains of the song's intro almost like second nature. The thought of victory was now simply extant. He was now back into that first moment where the song was first played to him...

The camera view and filter was cinematic, with a side angle view of Duje playing a simple set of guitar notes and chords as a haunting spotlight was flashed on him. His eyes and face were angled downwards, the very traces of light reflecting off his face suggesting a concentrated expression. As soon as this brief instrumental part was finished, the camera faded to a side-view of his face. The spotlight angled itself to catch a much clearer view of his expression, a wistful and sorrowful look on his visage as he began to sing...

Staring at the edge
Life's passing us by with all these scars
We still got a shot?
Or do we let go and just move on?

His voice rang out with resonance and strength, seeming almost effortless even if he wasn't a trained singer. There was a slight twang to his voice, and yet also a huskiness that belied pain and experience. He sang with his eyes closed as the camera angled itself to catch a closer view of him, making sure to be strategic with the views to let the lights reflect with a haunting elegance. His face shined against the myriad of spotlights of that began to shine against him, trying to emulate the feel of a legitimate concert venue than a song contest. The lights never changed according to a timed effect or to a vocal tic, they changed in an assortment of colors that were concentrated with reds and whites. At the end of the verse, he would stare wistfully into the camera, his eyes glimmering with a tinge of despair and resignation, a sad smile that only became ever more wistful.

I'm still here
Holding on to us
To our glories and hopes, our love
Maybe I'm a fool, scared and lonely

Throughout this pre-chorus, the camera would alternate between shots of Duje playing the guitar and intimate shots of his singing. Even if he'd sung this so many times from national final to the WorldVision contest proper, he felt naked singing these parts. There was a slight whoosh when Duje sang 'I'm still here,' the camera taking another side angle that would hide his face for just a brief moment before alternating camera angles. This served to amplify the cinematic and concert-esque experience. His expressions were nakedly vulnerable, the very yearnings and longings of the song being displayed from the way his voice resonated with that wistfulness and sadness. His eyes were downcast through the first two lines, before a latent fear would make their way to his face in the last lines. Even so, his vocals never faltered. At the last line, Duje visibly breathed and stepped back as the spotlight on him softened. The stage itself was now one that would gradually shift between green and red hues.

The end of Duje's followed a brief instrumental that he played live, using the same notes as the introduction. The end of this brief interlude saw Olga saunter onto the stage. She sauntered not with the shyness, but with tear-stained eyes and a relieved smile. She gazed at Duje warmly, taking a deep breath before knowing that her time to sing was up. With a microphone at hand, she smiled naturally at Duje and took a deep breath. She felt the camera's gaze right at her as she prepared herself to sing...

Staring at the skies
Life's passing us by without stopping
We still got a shot?
Or are we just hoping for nothing?

Olga's voice was tentative, almost seeming untrained in comparison to Duje's. Her eyes were closed and her face was downcast as she sang, her shoulder hunched as she slowly gained more confidence through the verse. The camera angle alternated between her and Duje, with Duje playing the guitar and smiling at her with an encouraging confidence. They would occasionally glance at each other eye-to-eye as Olga sang, with Olga stepping forward just bit by bit as the spotlight on her intensified throughout the verse. By the final line, the 'nerves' that she played were disappeared, with Olga letting out more of her trained and confident self while keeping in line with the vision of the character she played.

I'm still here
Holding on to us
To our glories and hopes, our love
Maybe I'm a fool, scared and lonely

She took on a lower register for this pre-chorus, with the song's instrumental slowly developing at the moment the song transitioned to this part. The deeper bass was timed well with Olga's more contemplative tone, a contrast to Duje's wistfulness. There was a clear yearning in Olga's voice, but with the tenor of someone having accepted that maybe there was hope, with an optimistic yet faint glimmer in Olga's eyes. As the pre-chorus progressed, the camera began to focus exclusively on Olga. Hawk-eyed viewers at home and at the audience can see Duje visibly stepping back.

I'm taking this chance, I'm not letting go
I'm jumping in with you
Through this crazy world, these wild emotions
Because this is our last chance

For the chorus of the song, this was where Olga truly let loose and let her vocal prowess come to light. She belted out the lyrics to the song with as much passion as she could muster, the camera and the stage taking center stage for her moment. Her voice echoed and reached for higher heights than the resevred vocals she bought, and her body language and delivery were all done so accordingly. Her eyes were closed from the increased intensity of the vocals and re-opened as she got a handle on singing from a belting register. She held one hand to her chest as she arched her face upwards, looking towards the ceiling. Her voice would echo through the Freedom Plaza Theatre at the final two lines, with this effect especially emphasized as she did a powerful belt at the final line of chorus. The instrumental itself too would develop, taking on a slight orchestral belt while remaining guitar-driven. In preparation for the second half of the chorus, Duje can be seen stepping forward.

This is our last chance
The only one we'll ever have
This is our last chance
The only one we'll ever have
Because this is our last chance

By this point, Duje knew that Olga had effectively taken center-stage of the song with that moment she unleashed her vocals. Even so, he and Olga put their all into their harmonizing. Olga was now the one more forceful and emotional in her vocals, crooning and pouring her heart out as she sang 'this is our last chance,' while Duje sang the harmonies and sounded a touch more resigned. The camera angle made choice shots of both Olga and Duje as they sang, with light amounts of smoke now being released throughout the stage for slight dramatic and lighting effect. As they sang, the camera view would occasionally and slowly lay their shots on top of each other, doing so as organically as possible without disrupting the flow of their respective camera angles. At the end of the chorus, Olga and Duje stepped back and regrouped, with Duje looking at Olga with another comforting smile as the instrumental prepped itself for the final minute of the song.

The climax of the song was almost at hand, and the song itself had the buildup to help make it possible. The camera would begin to focus on Olga as she began to do the very vocalizing that would've been the very focal point of not just the movie, but the very scene that used the song. Her vocalizations were soft at first, before quickly developing into a series of more powerful notes that coincided with the build of the music. She actively moved as she continued to make her notes higher and louder, stepping and arching her body backwards just slightly. When she reached for that very tipping point of the build-up, belting out that one note with as much power and grace as she could. Now, was the right moment for the song's climax...

I'm taking this chance, I'm not letting go
I'm jumping in with you
Through this crazy world, these wild emotions
Because this is our last chance

It was a more powerful and more forceful reprise of the song's chorus. Olga was giving it everything she got here, with Duje visibly smiling and cheering her on as he strummed along with his guitar. The instruments were all on full force, but ultimately, this was Olga's moment to shine. The camera views were all on her as she belted out these lines with passion and ferocity. She would make movements almost timed to the music, but let go of any pretensions or any note of whatever choreography she thought she needed to do. At the latter half of the chorus, she turned to Duje, inviting him in, wanting him to share in the energy just in time for the song's outro. They both faced each other eye-to-eye, intending on singing out the song together.

This is our last chance
The only one we'll ever have
This is our last chance
The only one we'll ever have
Because this is our last chance

For the song's outro, they sang to each other. Olga can be seen laying a hand on Duje's back as they looked into each other's eyes, singing to each other with as close as they humanly could even with the guitar acting as a barrier. For the entire rest of the chorus, they remained in that position, staring into each other and singing with the emotions that led them to this performance. The uncertainty, precarity, frustration, and ultimately the love of what they were doing.

As the song's close, they were basically as intimately close as one can gets on stage and in public. Their faces nuzzled against each other at the end of the song, their bodies visibly breathing and their faces almost calm. It wasn't until a couple of seconds that they registered that the entry was well and truly done. They faced the crowd with an almost innocent and bewildered look. Their last chance paid off, with its reward being a possible new age and lease on life for the two... An afterlife in which the very failed film they starred in found its own and new audience through song. Even as they were mature by Izmeduan standards, new possibilities were around, and they would take root as they took in the crowd cheer second by second.

This was their moment. There, they stood, resolving never to forget why they were standing here tonight.
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