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Commentary by BITC

Postby Britonisea » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:49 pm

This is the official commentary by Britonisea's International Television Company [BITC]

Live Coverage of the 71st WorldVision Song Contest in Bright Falls, Main Nation Ministry with your hosts Rigas Jengiz and Cole Heiman.

Rigas Jengiz: Hello everybody, my name is Rigas Jengiz.
Cole Heiman: And I am Cole Heiman and we are your commentators for the evening. We will be taking you through all the proceedings for tonight in Bright Falls, Main Nation Ministry.
Rigas: In all honesty, I don't really know that much about Main Nation Ministry, I've only been here for a couple of days - but I can assure you that it's very different from home.
Cole: Yeah, I get from them that they don't really like Britonish people. Then again, they don't really know us very well.
Rigas: I am sure we will win them over with our fantastic entry by Younes Wright-Harel, who will be singing the song "Where is He?" tonight!
Cole: He is performing number 19 tonight so yes, we do have quite a bit to wait before hearing our entry but you are in for a treat tonight!
Rigas: Though, we can't guarantee that. Since we've taken a break from the WorldVision Song Contest, Antahbrantahstan and Nekoni won for the first time - congratulations to them! They both deserved their victories, I must say.
Cole: Oh look, the stage is getting ready to welcome us.
Rigas: We are currently holding the WorldVision Song Contest in a theatre, which is different from the usual arena. I guess it's a nice change - though, I do like myself a big arena.
Cole: I can see where you're coming from. I feel a bit cramped. Nevertheless, I'm sure the contest won't be affected; the stage is huge!
Rigas: Looking at the bookies, it looks like both ABEN nations could do pretty well tonight. I know for certain that our friends working at RVC are going to want to do much better than they have been doing recently.
Cole: Yeah, they haven't been in the top ten since...WorldVision Song Contest 63, I believe. Though, their participation hasn't been great.
Rigas: They want to set the record straight, tonight. They'll be performing 1st tonight. Other nations to watch out for tonight include Besen, one of my personal favourites, with a fun and funky song. We've got a couple of bangers throughout the competition too.
Cole: Adab, I hear, is one to watch out for as well. One of my personal favourites tonight is the entry from Mercedini. But as you said, Rigas, there are multiple bangers tonight. It seems like we're about to get things started now.
Rigas: I think it's time guys. Let's do this!

00. Opening Act #1

Cole: So that was a rather interesting opening act, wasn't it? I mean, it started ahead of time so technically I am not sure whether it was an opening act and rather a...pre-opening act if you know what I'm saying.
Rigas: I like the rocky elements to the Opening Act, but it isn't my usual cup of tea. Oh, let's listen to the...leader...
Cole: How awesome, the sunset at exactly 8 pm when the contest started! How did they plan that one?
Rigas: According to, I believe that the sun actually set quite some time ago. Though, let's just let them have their fun, shall we? It's time for the actual opening act of the evening.

00. Opening Act #2

Rigas: Yasssss hunny! What a fantastic way to start the WorldVision Song Contest. I mean, as I said earlier, the music from this place isn't my usual cup of tea but I was totally digging the opening act.
Cole: Yeah, I totally agree with you, Rigas. I really do enjoy songs like this. I really liked the lyrics too. Who is the Leader? Is he the Leader of the whole country or?
Rigas: So much for making the WorldVision Song Contest apolitical.
Cole: Right. It's finally the start of the festival. We now head over to Estogium. They are sending Kelly Foster with the song, "Prove You Wrong."

01. Estogium

Rigas: That is exactly what I am talking about Estogium. That was a truly fantastic entry from the nation, I thoroughly enjoyed it throughout.
Cole: This should get more than 36 points - the amount that the nation received the last time they participated.
Rigas: I love the song's message, you know. How dare you let the words of someone else try and tear you down?
Cole: Also pretty good use of the stage too. I really liked the entry. If you'd like to vote for Estogium to win, call 0123 4567 8901.
Rigas: We now move on to the second nation of the evening, Axuva. Let's see how they do in their pursuit to reach the top 5.

02. Axuva

Rigas: And that was Axuva for you. If you are in love with Axuva, all you have to do is call 0123 4567 8902.
Cole: Exactly! Next up are debuting nation Antenovaria. Let's see what they have got to say for themselves.

03. Antenovaria

Cole: And there you have it! That was the performance from Antenovaria. If you would like to call for them to win, all you have to do is call 0123 4567 8903. Next up is...Missus X. Again, it's Rick Leg performing. Let's see if their entry is any good this time 'round.

04. Missus X

Rigas: Okay. The song was just okay. Though, I didn't really appreciate the swearing - it wasn't needed!
Cole: Let's just say that Missus X and Rick Leg will not be winning the 71st WorldVision Song Contest this time.
Rigas: I mean, don't get me's not their worst entry! Let's remain positive.
Cole: I didn't really understand the point of the entry. That's all...
Rigas: If you would like to vote for Rick Leg's entry, pick up your phone and call 0123 4567 8904. Okay, right...Cole, what's the next entry?
Cole: The next entry is from Syrche. They will be sending the song "Re-Form", there is a hyphen between the Re and the Form. Not sure why. But anyway.

05. Syrche

Rigas: This was a pretty good entry, I liked it. I think that the song might be a bit too slow for me - well, a song can be slow and build. I don't think this song does that.
Cole: I really like it when nations sends male entries that sound like this. I quite like the innocence in these entries. I thoroughly enjoyed it, Rigas. Not wanting to sound like the devil's advocate or anything.
Rigas: No, no. I totally agree with you.
Cole: Also, doesn't the song build up near the end - isn't that enough for you?
Rigas: I want more of an oomph, do you understand? Like...I just want more. More! It's a sweet song. But I want something more.
Cole: Syrche sometimes knows when to hit the nail on the head. We have given them huge points before, will this contest be one of those times? It's 0123 4567 8905 if yes!
Rigas: Up next is Izmedu. Let's see what they have for us.

06. Izmedu

Rigas: It's a song in English, which I haven't heard in ages haha! I think that his voice is nicer than hers.
Cole: As per usual, the staging was good but I am not sure whether the staging stands out. Like it was good for this song, this song is like that.
Rigas: This entry is a tiny bit frustrating I feel. I think that this song builds up more than Syrche's for example. But I think I prefer Syrche's. Interestingly, this does have the rocky elements that I was speaking about earlier. I do like that.
Cole: It's not a bad entry at all. I wasn't actually expecting it, not going to lie.
Rigas: The next entry is from Besen. This is set to be a complete banger! I can't wait to see your reaction on social media.

07. Besen

Cole: Wow! That was such a good entry from Besen, I am not evening joking! If they don't get in the top 5, I am not sure what kind of entry will put them in the top 5.
Rigas: Could you believe that this song is just over three minutes long? The time flew by so fast. Like, I couldn't believe it when the song finished.
Cole: Agreed. When a song just flies past, you know that is a good song. You're too busy enjoying it!
Rigas: I also liked the staging too. This song is definitely driving me durem honey!
Cole: If you would like to vote for Besen, all you have to do is pick up the phone and vote 0123 4567 8907!
Rigas: Okay! Well the next nation we have coming up is Belgaam, a debuting nation. They actually used a national final to pick their entry!
Cole: It's "All Your Fault" by Anni Krodstem.

08. Belgaam

Rigas: This is a pretty good song. I think that the chorus could've been a bit more interesting. The verses are really good at building up the tension and the chorus just...doesn't give me anything.
Cole: I too like the song in it's entirity, but I definitely agree with you. Something that would've helped is more complex staging.
Rigas: Especially during the bridge section. Get the lights going crazy, get the smoke machines on etc. Just give me more.
Cole: If Belgaam fulfilled your needs, it;s simple, call 0123 4567 8908! Up next it is Vartugia! Let's see what kind of nonsense they sent this time.

09. Vartugia

Rigas: Actually, this song is not even that bad - I quite like it actually. Though, I am not sure about the song's lyrics. I don't really think that songs should care about whether a nation is communist or not, or destruction.
Cole: Yeah, I am not too sure about the message behind the song. I think it's a pretty nice song, though.
Rigas: But you've just got to remember that when we sent kids to WorldVision, we got 41st place. Sure, that was 31 editions ago but that sticks in the mind of all Britons.
Cole: If you don't mind the singing children, feel free to vote for Vartugia! It's 0123 4567 8909.
Rigas: We now go over to Llalta with Esther, who is studying at the University of Telm. She represented her nation with this song at World Hit Festival 42 and came second to our very own Evangeline Hope...
Cole: So, she is expecting her Britonish friends to support her tonight. Good luck to her, it's Llalta.

10. Llalta

Rigas: It's a very sad song about the refugee crisis, I guess. The song is pretty good. It doesn't really do that much for me.
Cole: I rather like the final minute or so of the song. I think that the two minutes beforehand goes no where. Um, it's a good song.
Rigas: Again, compared to the song before, I really enjoyed the entry's message. Not sure how it will do here, it might do pretty well. Only time will tell.
Cole: If you would like to vote for Llalta, you have to call 0123 4567 8910. Up next is Polkopia with Puddle of Fish...

11. Polkopia

Rigas: Britonisea's jury that votes in national finals voted in Polkopia's national final. In fact, it was the only national final which Britonisea voted in. This song, out of ten entries, Britonisea ranked eighth.
Cole: Something tells me that this entry will not do well with us Britonish folk, then?
Rigas: I don't really think that this song will do that well with the Britonish televote, I am not too sure. It's a perfectly fine song and it's been staged pretty well as well. But there wasn't the moment that I would be looking for as a viewer of the contest.
Cole: It's another okay. I think Polkopia will probably get a couple of points from us. Not too sure.
Rigas: If you would like to contribute to Polkopia's points, it's 0123 4567 8911. Next entry! It's Antahbrantahstan with a boyband!

12. Antahbrantahstan

Rigas: It's another slow entry. It seems like we have entered a pit of slow entries. With that being said, I think that this is the best of the slower entries.
Cole: I like this entry, it sounds fairly modern which is always a good thing. I like how the song builds as well.
Rigas: I also really like the staging for the song, it works with the four boys on the stage.
Cole: Did you know that Britonisea has never sent a boyband to the WorldVision Song Contest? We have sent The Serpentents - that's the only band we've sent, I believe.
Rigas: That's interesting information. I wonder how you at home will react to the song from Antahbrantahstan?
Cole: For song 12, it's 01234 5678 9012. It's now time for one of my personal favourite performances, Mercedini. I love Mercedini as a country anyway, so let's see how they do tonight!
Rigas: They're singing a song in Mercedinian. The first time that they've done it. This takes me back to when the Brityunikosphere got happy that a song in full Britonish represented us in the 56th WorldVision Song Contest. Look where we came...5th!

13. Mercedini [WIP]

Rigas: Sexy, fierce, unique. I think that the North - where Britonish is rather rampant - and the West would absolutely appreciate this song from Mercedini. Not sure whether cities such as Telm City, Junterapten and Quickenden would.
Cole: Well apart from the fact that Mercedini will probably get some points just because, it's likely that the song itself will also get some points. I am expecting some big things from Britonisea in the televote. The jury, I think, will get behind this song.
Rigas: If you'd like to vote for Mercedini, all you have to do is vote song 13 by calling 0123 4567 8913. Right, we're not too far away from the performance of Britonisea but we're only at song 14. It's Kishrael.

14. Kishrael [WIP]

Cole: If you would like to vote for Kishrael at the WorldVision Song Contest, all you have to do is call 0123 4567 8914.
Rigas: The next nation that is performing on the stage is Proluvia! Come on Proluvia - show us what you're made of.

15. Proluvia

Rigas: If you'd like to vote for Proluvia, please call 01234 5678 9015. We are reaching closer and closer to the time when you get to vote. We don't have too long left. The next nation to perform is Mister X.
Cole: They'll be sending Merlin Cook with the song "Back & Rewind".

16. Mister X

Cole: Yeah, I am sorry but this isn't for me. I just don't really think it goes anywhere for me. It's not one of the bad entries in the contest - I just don't really like it.
Rigas: What is being done with the screens is alright - I like the staging. I think I was focusing on the staging rather than the song. The song...I don't think the Britonish public will like it.
Cole: I think when it comes to Mister Xian entries, the Britonish either really like it or don't like it at all. I have a feeling that this entry won't be liked that much.
Rigas: If you'd like to prove Cole wrong, call 0123 4567 8916. It's now time for Normandy and Picardy.
Cole: They won their national Notre Chanson - yeah, we didn't vote in that one. The nation wasn't happy with their 6th place the last edition. They have high standards.

17. Normandy and Picardy

Rigas: So this person wants to jump of a cliff? Someone call the 777 - they need to get some help. This song. I love an orchestra. Is this song doing it for me? Hmm, that's a totally different question.
Cole: I think Notre Chanson had other songs that they could've wanted. I guess one of the songs are going to the World Hit Festival instead.
Rigas: I just don't don't know whether they're going to get any better than sixth here.
Cole: Normandy and Picardy, however, have a habit of coming out of nowhere. So, I wouldn't count them out. If you'd like to vote for Normandy and Picardy, call 0123 4567 8917. It's Saviera next.

18. Saviera

Cole: I actually like the disco theme with this song. I actually don't mind this entry by Saviera. I usually dislike their entries as well.
Rigas: I actually agree with you here, Cole. I really liked this entry! Again, the swearing isn't really needed here but it's fine. The staging is okay, it could've been a bit better.
Cole: Yeah, the song isn't bad. It was let down by the staging, I feel.
Rigas: If you'd like to vote for Saviera, the phone number is 0123 4567 8918. Right. It's time for our return to the WorldVision Song Contest!
Cole: It's our 32nd representative, Younes Wright-Harel with "Where is He?" Good luck Younes, Good luck Britonisea!

19. Britonisea

Rigas: I think this song is the perfect song to return to the WorldVision Song Contest with. I know from experience, being the entry during the anniversary is a huge honour and it comes with great responsibility. When it was WV51, I was worked to my limit - ultimately coming 2nd to Normandy and Picardy. I think the same thing happened here.
Cole: It's a very complex performance which, I hope, strikes a chord with everybody who is watching the performance. We're performing 19th - and the last time that we did was WorldVision Song Contest 47 when Mini Surrey-North won with "Centre of Attraction."
Rigas: Some seem to believe that Britonisea could do it once again here in Bright Falls, but we will see how everything goes. I am sure Britonisea is guaranteed another great position to add to the collection.
Cole: We cannot vote for Britonisea, but if you want to show your love, please do so with the hashtag #BRI on social media. Let's get our song trending multiverse-wide! It's now time for the performance from Nekoni. They are the reigning champions!
Rigas: Scary!

20. Nekoni

Cole: I actually really liked this performance from Nekoni - I really like it! I think it's a good song to sway to and the chorus is a good chorus to the verses.
Rigas: I think it has quite the rocky vibe to it which I like. It seems as though multiple different nations are sending rocky vibes to the contest. This song is very nice though.
Cole: I think this song will do well with Britonisea, definitely. This is such a good follow up song.
Rigas: I agree. If you'd like to vote for Nekoni, call 0123 4567 8920. Next to perform is Kalosia.
Cole: Kalosia were devastated that they, for the first time in 45 editions, placed in the bottom half. Welcome to the real world, Kalosia...

21. Kalosia

Rigas: Look, Franšeska is a good look woman and all, but this song is...just alright. I feel like it doesn't really show all of her capabilities - you know?
Cole: I am not sure whether Kalosia are going for another win or not, but if they're going for a song which will get them back on the left side of the scoreboard again, I think this will do.
Rigas: I wasn't a great fan of Kalosia's last winning song...all those editions perhaps this song could do much better than we think, Cole.
Cole: If you'd like to vote for Kalosia, all you have to do is call 0123 4567 8921 when lines open. Right, it's song 22 next. It's the home nation...

22. Main Nation Ministry

Cole: They should be hoping on host advantage to pull through. You know, this country did very well at the Olympics?
Rigas: Is it?
Cole: Yep! Fun fact! In the all-time league table, both Britonisea and Main Nation Ministry have 19 gold medals, we sit right behind each other. But of course, Britonisea is in front.
Rigas: And the song?
Cole: Not for me.
Rigas: Me neither. However, if you liked their song, it's 0123 4567 8922. Next up is song 23, it's Adab. Apparently, these lot are a fan favourite!

23. Adab

Rigas: A very good entry from Adab - this song is definitely going to do well tonight. There's a reason why Adab is topping - or at least near the top - of the odds. This song is good!
Cole: I have to agree. Adab's song this edition is slaying. It's fun and it builds up during the song. I think that the song will appeal to the Britonish audience.
Rigas: I think there are other songs which our population probably would prefer.
Cole: Oh, I think so too. If you'd like to vote for Adab, all you have to do is call 0123 4567 8923.
Rigas: The next nation to perform is Todlichebujoku. Their last win was in Telm City, actually! Let's see if they can make it win number 6 tonight.

24. Todlichebujoku [WIP]

Cole: So, this is the Todlichebujoku entry is it?
Rigas: Apparently, it was meant to represent the country all the way back in the WorldVision Song Contest 68 but things happened...
Cole: If you'd like to vote for Toldichebujoku, all ypou have to do is call 0123 4567 8924. It's now time for Ethane to grace the stage.

25. Ethane

Rigas: That was a very...dark performance, wasn't it?
Cole: That is certainly a word to describe Ethane's performance. You know, a party ain't a party where there ain't no light.
Rigas: The performance is alright, but I prefer it when Ethane sends angry men to the contest. This is just...dark.
Cole: It's still better than most entries here tonight, though! Haha!
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Postby Kalosia » Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:08 pm

Without You — Franšeska Lukrezi
performed in English to the tune of Sunday Morning — Matoma ft Josie Dunne

The 70th WorldVision Song Contest saw Kalosia's worst result in the history of the competition, coming in the bottom 10. For a country that has come in the top half of the scoreboard for all it's previous 45 or so participations, this was rather devastating.

So what was next? Who could save the nation from the loss of morale it had experienced? RTVK saw a solution.

The broadcaster sought the help of Ricky Alain, famous Kalosian DJ and songwriter who represented the nation at the 39th WorldVision contest in Titaniumland, then went on to write two of the four entries after it. The second of those two songs composed but not performed by Alain was Where Are You Now?, which was sung by Franšeska Lukrezi at the 43rd edition of the show, then held in Monterra, Kalosia. She came 3rd.

4 years and almost 30 editions on, and Alain agreed to help. Lukrezi was again enlisted to provide the vocals. She expressed excitement of going abroad to represent her country at WorldVision. "Although it is nice to get home support, I feel that the task of flying your flag is more prideful when you're in foreign lands, in front of people who don't know what you are all about," she said in an interview.

The song, announced, was called "Without You". Despite its title, the meaning behind it is quite the opposite from what one may expect. It is a song of heartbreak, in which Lukrezi sings from the perspective of a woman coping with the aftermath of a break up. When details of the entry started to become available, expectations for Kalosia soared. Hype was gathered, and fans began to speculate that the island nation was back to reclaim its seemingly perpetual spot on the Top 10. Indeed, that is what we hope to do.

Performing 21st again, Franšeska wore a glitter suit. As the song quietly began, she walked out.
I shouldn’t have to do this
Don’t wanna lose my mind
But you shouldn’t have done that
But still you tried to lie

Feels like tossed into the ocean
Played with my emotions
Then you walked away, then you’re gone

I am searching for a light source
Running away with force
What is it that I will become?

The camera dramatically zoomed out and the strobe lights in the background began flashing to the beat of the next part.
I wanna be loved to escape this feeling
I wanna forget what we’ve been through
I wanna have fun to transform my being
I wanna do all this without you

The background screen began to show graphics of a cityscape (much like this) but it was all in some cyan-grey gradient which did make it all seem consistent. In the half-lines below, Franšeska did some dance moves as if she was in a nightclub.
I wanna be
I wanna forget what we’ve been through
I wanna feel
I wanna do all this without you

The lights became more calmer although the background screens remained on and even flashed just a bit to the rhythm. In the last line of the next part, Franšeska raised her voice emotionally.
Tears of rain are sinking
But this truly is another kind
Got me out here thinking
Why the hell did you leave me behind?!

The crowd cheered, applauding this burst of emotion, and it showed in Franšeska's movements and expressions. She was out for revenge.
I was tossed into the ocean
You played my emotions
Then you walked away and you’re gone

I’m dancing in the darkness
Feel a little hopeless
What is it that I will become?

The lights flashed again to the beat.
I wanna be loved to escape this feeling
I wanna forget what we’ve been through
I wanna have fun to transform my being
I wanna do all this without you

And she danced away again like no one cared. You could, again, hear the backing singer who is hidden away, so it looks like Franšeska is truly alone on stage, representing the loneliness one feels after the end of a relationship.
I wanna be
I wanna forget what we’ve been through
I wanna feel
I wanna do all this without you

She's just really out there, giving out all she's got. The dynamic camera angles really support this.
I wanna be loved to escape this feeling
I wanna forget what we’ve been through
I wanna have fun to transform my being
I wanna do all this without you

I wanna be
I wanna forget what we’ve been through
I wanna feel
I wanna do all this without you

Now the music subsides and the lights calm down. In fact, most of the stage is dimmed, and the camera closes up on Franšeska, who stands still as she deliveries these final lines.
I wanna be loved to escape this feeling
I wanna forget what we’ve been through
I wanna have fun to transform my being
I wanna do all this without you

Franšeska smiles and the crowd goes wild. "THANK YOU!" She yells out. She takes a bow before then leaving the stage for the next entrant to prepare.

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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:03 am

22: Main Nation Ministry

Jessica Madden - I'm Feeling Sensible

Tune: Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid
Language: English

Pictured Above: Jessica Madden
(OOC Story: I was originally planning on using a full body sprite like the one from WV69, however somehow the image expanded to becoming too large on the original thread. Seeing how I mostly use the half body sprites and since the Leader's full body sprites seem to be fine so far, I will resort to having a half body sprite for Jessica.

And now an interview with Jessica Madden..

"So...what the fuck happened after WV69? Well. After I got home, I got taken to prison for public indecency, where I was there. For about 5 seconds. The Leader was only annoyed, because he actually agreed that my take on nu-metal wouldn't work, since my demographic is technically teens. I think the reason I was low in WV69 was because everyone was doing all sort of erotic stuff to fit the "theme". Plus, people weren't interested in the official tune for the song. So what happened after I got out of prison? I may or may not have did the cliched crying while eating ice cream in front of the TV by myself, but that happened during one of my bad days. That just only 2 days in a row. I started writing songs, which helped get my mind thinking.
Then, I managed to get some plane tickets to head over to Free Republics to play at some venues during the Olympics. I can't really described what happened, but a shit ton of stuff happened, which gave me some interesting ideas. However, I'm saving those interesting ideas for later. What I do have is a song I performed at a venue for West Phoenicia while I was at the Olympics, which I was surprised is now the top pick for this WV. What I'm going to have fun with is that I'm already in my own territory, so I get to craft up a bit of a spectacle. I had to pay the Leader in a large sum of money to convince him to wear a certain outfit that might be illegal, but the Leader just said yes and pretty much ignored me."

"Also. What's your opinions on polit-"

"I was told there will be no mention of politics in this fucking interview!"

The Performance:
The performance starts with the lighting adjusting to a shade of pink, where the catwalk is lined with several human statues in different sexual poses. Tony, the guitarist from Jessica's band starts the song with a little introductory guitar tone, where the curtains open up to reveal Jessica wearing a large black sports bra and leather pants while sitting on a throne decorated with neon lights. The background at the central performance area has a bright blue and pink gradient. Jessica pulls out a glittered microphone and starts the first set of verses.

My eyes know, yet yours know more
I know you're bored by this chore
Love sees me in your heart
Love sees how you break

Jessica gets up from her throne and starts to walk across the catwalk to the main performance stage, where she walks while she's singing.

I'm feeling sensible
Not so innocent
I'm feeling sensible
To be quenched

After standing in the middle of the stage, the statues are revealed to be synchronized dancers, as after another mini guitar segment, they come to life and dance along with the music.

Need you, have you
You're just irresistible
When it's you and me
Need you, have you
Don't be upset now
When it's you and me

Jessica hops down from the stage and walks towards an empty seat near two people in the applause. Sitting down near a random man and woman, Jessica seems to briefly flirt with the man and in a rather suggestive note flirts with the woman beside her, as well as she sings.

I see a gentlemen into you
When you came out of the blue
If you leave me, I fall apart
Since I'm the one to have this kick start

Before singing the chorus, Jessica jumps from the seat and slowly dances towards near the stage, while singing the next four verses.

I'm feeling sensible
To be quenched
I'm feeling sensible
Not so innocent

Getting back on stage, Jessica dances with the others while singing.

Need you, have you
You're just irresistible
When it's you and me
Need you, have you
Don't be upset now
When it's you and me

The lighting switches to rapidly moving spotlights of blue and pink, which covered the stage as Jessica sings.

I'm feeling sensible
I'm feeling sensible

In a synchronized jump along with a pyrotechnic of sparks erupting from the stage, Jessica and the dancers jump just before she sings the chorus.

Need you, have you
You're just irresistible
When it's you and me
Need you, have you
Don't be upset now
When it's you and me

Kissed you, missed you when you're gone from me
Saved you, craved you when you're in my arms tonight
Knew you, clued you on how to be better than you thought
Made you, graded you to be up to part

Jessica wraps up the song by singing in a more relaxed somber voice, while she is returning to her throne at the central performance area.

Need you, have you
You're just irresistible
You're just the type of guy I need
Need you, have you
You're just irresistible
You're just the type of guy I need

Jessica lets the audience applause for her, as she blows a kiss before the curtains are pulled together.
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Postby Adab » Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:19 am

23. ADAB
Robin Albarani"Get Anywhere"
Tune: Panic! at the Disco - High Hopes
Language: English
Robin Albarani at a recent press conference

Adab's entry at the 69th WorldVision Song Contest, Nawa Sabrina's "Love Is Our Greatest Hope", placed a rather disappointing twelfth place, despite the high hopes placed upon it by the Adab Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the general public alike. The result was an obvious improvement over the farce that was "Birdie", Adab's song at the 68th contest, but nonetheless was widely seen as underwhelming, especially for a completely serious entry. This, combined with rumors of continuing internal disputes within the ABC, led to speculation that Adab would withdraw from WorldVision for at least one edition and that ABC director-general Enki Akiya would resign along with his nephew Benji, president of the ABC'S WorldVision and WHF committee. Such speculation turned out to be unfounded, and both men stayed in their respective positions, with Enki issuing a statement proclaiming that Adab would never leave WorldVision, even if only for one edition.

With the 70th contest rapidly approaching, the ABC went back to the drawing board and began preparing the country's performance. With all the funds and luxuries lavished on the country's previous entry - culminating in an appearance by the Imperial Palace Choir - having led to a mere 12th-place finish, there were calls within the organization for a more scaled-down performance, in which the music would clearly and undoubtedly take precedence over any gimmick that might be used onstage. One extreme proposal called for the almost-complete elimination of stage lighting and effects, including LED lights, essentially leaving only a spotlight shining down on the performer. Benji championed this plan, arguing that the time had come for Adab "to try something new and more modest." His uncle, concerned that this would prove unpopular with WorldVision voters and the television audience in general, initially rejected the proposal, only to quickly reconsider it and agree to it the next day. That there was no significant opposition within the ABC to Enki and Benji's decisions, and to the plan which they approved, showed just how they had managed to solidify their control over the organization; contrary to rumors, there was no plot within the ABC to overthrow the uncle-nephew duo. With Kinan al-Salaman content to remain ceremonial chairman of the committee and former committee president Naram-Sin Alwalid still standing trial for the death of Samia Rabani, the key figures of the ABC had submitted themselves to the rule of the Akiya family.

In keeping with the entry's "new and more modest" theme, Benji proposed that the ABC avoid using an established singer, instead stating that they should go with someone who was largely unknown to the general public, even in Adab, preferably someone who was not a singer at all. Here he clashed with his uncle; Enki believed that this proposal had crossed the line from "scaled down" to "publicity stunt" territory and feared a repeat of the "Birdie" farce. Benji argued that this would bring a freshness to the entry, citing the precedent of Astrud Gilberto singing "The Girl from Ipanema" despite having no significant track record as a singer. Enki agreed after some cajoling and, as expected, left it to Benji to find someone willing to represent the country on the WorldVision stage. He and Benji also agreed that there would be no special effects or gimmicks whatsoever, not even background videos or LED lights. A spotlight would be on the performer and his band for the duration of the performance, but nothing more; the music would be the star.

Benji's choice eventually on his neighbor, businessman Robin Albarani. Aside from singing karaoke with friends at the local bars, Robin was not known as a singer. Nevertheless, his admittedly impressive voice - capped by a powerful falsetto - was enough to convince Benji that Robin was the perfect fit for Adab's next WorldVision entry, and he promptly offered Robin the opportunity to appear on the WorldVision stage. At first, Robin thought he was being pranked by his neighbor; when Benji made it clear that he was making a serious offer, Robin - like Enki - thought that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Ultimately he accepted, but made it clear that he was no professional singer by any stretch of the imagination. Benji wrote the song, since Robin had no songwriting experience.

The performance
Robin Albarani and his backing band, dressed immaculately in a suit and tie, made their way onto the main stage at the Freedom Plaza Theater, to the cheers and applause of the audience there. A sizable number of Adabians was spread among the audience, and quite many of them rose to their feet and cheered and clapped as it became clear their country was next to perform. Robin led the way, waving and pointing to the audience with a smile, as the guitarist, bassist, pianist, and drummer quietly followed him. They were session musicians, picked from a studio within walking distance of the neighborhood where Robin lived. The instruments had been set up before they made their entrance - rather hurriedly - and now the band members assumed their respective positions, while Robin - clutching a mic the entire time - stepped to the front of the stage, entering the center of attention. A giant, white spotlight was on him and the band, and that was pretty much the only light onstage.

This would be a no-frills performance, and after the country's underwhelming previous two entries, perhaps this was what Adab needed in order to rekindle the spark.

"Thank you," Robin said to the crowd, as the band began playing behind him. "I think you all know me by now - I've been to some press conferences here and some other press conferences there - but just in case you don't know me, I'm Robin Albarani, and I'm a businessman by profession. I happen to be the neighbor of Benji Akiya of the Adab Broadcasting Corporation, and it was he who suggested that I appear here on the WorldVision stage. Now, I'm not, you know, an actual, professional singer - I only sing at karaoke - but he wanted someone who isn't actually a professional singer - someone like me, basically - to bring something new, something fresh and unique, to this performance. Alright, it may actually end being a bit boring, but after our country's previous entries, we need to start over somewhere..."

Robin glanced over his back and nodded at the band, who promptly began playing. "...and this is that somewhere, and I guarantee you that I will give all that I've got."

Gotta start somewhere to get anywhere
To get what you want, well first you gotta have to try
No one ever got what he wanted by doin' nothing
So I gotta try, try, and try

Gotta start somewhere to get anywhere
Didn't have the rule book so I'm gonna make one myself
I know I'll get there one day or the next
So I gotta try, try, and try

Robin retreated a few steps closer to the center of the stage, the spotlight still enveloping him and the band. The middle-aged businessman slowly began rocking his hips, if a bit stiffly, as the audience watched, some in awe, some in disbelief, some in confusion, everyone curious.

Told myself
Go out there young man
Make your mark
Make the world know you
The path that I choose
Will then decide
If I get what I want, I get what I want

Told myself
You gotta be the first
First in everything
Let them know who you are
Bask in glory every day
I get what I want, I get what I want

Told myself, just walk on, it's a bit hard at the start
If you go, you'll get through, and you'll get what you want, yeah

Robin began walking around the main stage, as cheers once again arose, mainly from the Adabians in the audience. He acknowledged them with a smile and a nod.

Gotta start somewhere to get anywhere
To get what you want, well first you gotta have to try
No one ever got what he wanted by doin' nothing
So I gotta try, try, and try

Gotta start somewhere to get anywhere
Didn't have the rule book so I'm gonna make one myself
I know I'll get there one day or the next
So I gotta try, try, and try

Robin returned to the center of the stage, once again rocking and swaying his hips along the way. Another round of cheers echoed across the Freedom Plaza Theater, and several Adabians leapt to their feet and shouted his name. Meanwhile, the band played on in the shelter of the spotlight.

Told myself
Sometimes you'd find it hard
Wanna give up
And go pack your bags
The road may take you nowhere
Stay true to yourself
I'll get what I want, I'll get what I want

So keep on running
So keep on running and believe in yourself
So keep on running
So keep on running and believe in yourself

Told myself, just walk on, it's a bit hard at the start
If you go, you'll get through, and you'll get what you want, yeah
If the road is untrodden then I'll be the first on it, ye-e-ah
There's nothing too great for me and I'll be the greatest of them a-a-all

Robin now turned his back on the audience and faced the band, who clearly seemed to enjoy playing, but most of all also seemed to enjoy their unexpected fame.

Gotta start somewhere to get anywhere
To get what you want, well first you gotta have to try
No one ever got what he wanted by doin' nothing
So I gotta try, try, and try

Gotta start somewhere to get anywhere
Didn't have the rule book so I'm gonna make one myself
I know I'll get there one day or the next
So I gotta try, try, and try

Gotta start somewhere to get anywhere
To get what you want, well first you gotta have to try
No one ever got what he wanted by doin' nothing
So I gotta try, try, and try

Gotta start somewhere to get anywhere
Didn't have the rule book so I'm gonna make one myself
I know I'll get there one day or the next
So I gotta try, try, and try

The performance having reached its conclusion, the audience - mostly the Adabians - cheered and clapped at Robin and the band. Some rose to their feet and gave the performers a minute-long standing ovation. Robin gathered his band at the front of the stage for a final bow to the audience, and as the spotlight faded into pitch black they filed out of the stage.
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Postby Todlichebujoku » Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:59 am



Temple Bells
NAUYA & Elfriede Matsuoka

So it had been quite some time since NAUYA and Elfriede Matsuoka had won the latest Sinun Valintasi, where they were originally meant to perform at the 68th WorldVision Song Contest. However, fate, in the form of multiple severe time skips and a family emergency, made it so that the two could only perform now, in WorldVision 71. Even so, they are extremely excited to finally perform for the world and proudly represent Tödlichebujoku in Bright Falls.

Elfriede stepped onto the dragonback cabin. It was a spacious compartment, with windows and functional but comfortable upholstery. Gazing around in carefully veiled fascination, she soon made it to her seat. It wasn't like it was her first flight on a dragon, but it was definitely her first such flight abroad, and across worlds at that! It was indeed a far cry from her beginnings in a nondescript suburb of Blutigenteikei, rising through the motions of school before finally turning and confronting herself, deciding to follow her conscience and enroll in music & performing arts school. Her breakout was unexpected- she hadn't really expected to make it big, and really just wanted to simply do well enough to make a living off her passion. A quick gaze down the aisle revealed Venta Kominen, the mind behind NAUYA, striding over with her bags. An old classmate, Venta often produced for Elfriede on the side, and the two ladies became known for their attention to quality. As Venta came into her own for her distinctive blend of classic instrumentals and modern dance sound, Elfriede rose as well, the two often found collaborating on tracks. There were some struggles, of course. Elfriede winced as she remembered some points where the two separated in order to emphasize their differing directions in music, a separation meant to keep the two less intertwined in the music scene. But after a few years of uncertainty and unfulfillment, a desperate sense of longing rekindled their old flames. While the two decided to keep their relationship professional and platonic, they once more began to record music together. Their underground popularity drew the attention of the national music channel VR, who played their track "Arbeiduu" ("Robotic") nationwide and earned them an unexpected hit. Catching the scent of a possible new WV entrant, TÖBUK contacted the duo for the opportunity. Grabbing at the option of trying something wildly new, Elfriede and Venta agreed and performed their song "Temple Bells" (inspired by an earlier Mercedinian piece) at Sinun Valintasi. As they say, the rest is history. Of course, the time skips and the intervention for Venta's uncle postponed their international debut, but the two were grateful and excited nonetheless. After all it gave them much more time to practice and perfect their choreography!

A rumble broke through Elfriede's musings, a sign that the dragon was ready to take off. With a great leap and several heavy flaps of its wide wings, the beast rose into the air and headed over the sea. In less than an hour, the onboard IU portal would activate and bring them to Main Nation Ministry. So fast, and so oddly anticlimactic. Well, that's just how things happened these days. Before she'd be able to process it, the big night would begin. Elfriede could just about feel herself stepping onto the big stage already.

With the opening notes, projected ripples of blue accentuate the dark stage. They are then replaced by a single warm spotlight on Elfriede, Cool blue star effect lights cast a faint ambient flow all around. She wears an elegant white gown. She seems a bit distant, reminiscing, but then comes back to the present with a focused and direct delivery
You tore my heart with vicious lies into this endless night
And now your fears alight
Keep telling me that you're the victim of these plights
Well the powers above will know who's right

She closes her eyes, tilts her head back as mist fountains cloak the stage floor in fog
Smell of sulfur and quicklime
Notes of thunder in the sky
Bow your head for the divine

Soft lights from all directions suffuse Elfriede's face
Ohh, ohh yeah
Ohh, ohh yeah
Didn't know this nightmare would become so real
Didn't know that it would be my final dream

Back to being a bit more starkly lit, Elfriede then detaches her microphone from the stand and steps forward aggressively. Looking at specific random audience members, she directs her words with conviction
No more deceit, no more fear
No more hatred tonight
Now the skies, tremble so, there is judgement in sight
You can feel your eardrums ringing
For now the temple bells are singing

Projections of bells ringing cover the back wall of the stage, as Venta, in a slim black dress, strides in and sweeps Elfriede off her feet. Being mindful of all that fabric, the two dance with vigor but also faint aggression, their whole bodies involved in every movement and dramatic twist

Venta remains on stage, back to back with Elfriede as the staging simplifies once more
Anger, frustration, that isn't all I feel, with you
I tried to go save you, but you could never hear me, at all
The end is descending, it's now time to forgive, and breathe
Hold one another, bury the past once and, for all

They turn to one another and hold hands before executing a quick embrace. Arms clasped, they step forward as one
No more deceit, no more fear
No more hatred tonight
Now the skies, tremble so, there is judgement in sight
You can feel your eardrums ringing
For now the temple bells are singing

Once again, the animations of bells return, and the two engage once more in dance. This time however, it is noticeably more fluid, with more eye contact with one another and a seemingly better understanding of the other's body

With the end of the music, the two stop, and are illuminated by a quick flash of light before the stage goes completely dark

"Kiitos! Thank you all, thank you Bright Falls!" shout the two before bowing and exiting the stage.
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Postby Ethane » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:50 am

Jeremy Granger - Stay

Enigma - Amen (Tune)


The Song

The stage is dark. Only the strip lighting around the stage is on as well as all the necessary lights around the arena, so the audience can’t see anything on the stage. There is a dark atmosphere. There is smoke on the stage, pumped out on the smoke machine. Jeremy emerges onto the stage quietly before the song begins, unseen. He is shrouded in darkness and mist. Before the song starts, there are some faint flashes of white light, illuminating a few areas of the stage. It is still dark and grey though. The cameras are initially focused on the audience, who are still and quiet in anticipation, waiting. Jeremy is wearing a skin-tight black costume. Everything is black.

As Jeremy starts singing, a spotlight casts on to him, illuminating both him and the mist. There is a platform off the front edge of a cross (Roman cross) which Jeremy is stood on, looking out across the audience with saddened eyes, a few tears in his eyes. He holds the microphone up to his move with his right hand as he starts singing. As he starts singing, a few more lights do turn on - mostly dim white lighting around the stage which creates this gloomy atmosphere. As he sings, he remains facing the audience with a sad but blank face, seemingly both sad and devoid of emotion at the same time creating the appearance that he has lived through it and is now suffering through the daily routines, accustomed to the pain. The camera swivels round to Jeremy as he starts singing, starting off with a view of the whole stage before zooming in at a moderate pace to centre in on his face and his emotions. Jeremy puts his hands together in a praying position when he sings ‘pray’, and the camera focuses on his hands with nothing else in view.

Behind him, you have - currently barely illuminated and shrouded in mist - 3 backing singers, who are dressed in monk-like outfits. They seem ominous and mysterious and are making the humming noises in the background. They are dressed in traditional Ethani monk outfits. They are occasionally shown on the camera during the first segment but only in wider shots.

I’m out but abandoned nowhere that’s safe nowhere to stay.
I’m comfortable in who I am; they wanted to change my ways.
They thought they could fix me if they sent me away and they pray.

As he sings stay, the backing singers are illuminated with a piercing white light, almost angelic. There are 3 backing singers, all men. As he sings stay, the man on the far left looks up at him with a piercing but also loving look. Jeremy is staring back at him in sadness. The camera shows the monk, before spinning back round to Jeremy, spinning around the bottom of the Roman cross below him looking up to him.


The white light on the backing singers faded out, putting them back into darkness. Jeremy looked back out across the audience. The platform he was standing on began to lower towards the ground, reaching the stage at the end of the verse. Jeremy still appeared in agony. He slowly disappeared into the mist, into darkness. As he got lower, the spotlight dimmed, leaving him further and further in darkness. A few candles were lit along either side of the stage.

Alone and isolated,
School and home, I was hated.
Had no hope, I couldn’t cope.
I was used to confirm myself.
I was crying out for help.
And alone, I had to go.

The spotlight turned back on as he began to sing the chorus? The backing singer on the far left had disappeared. He reappeared out of the darkness on the opposite side of the stage as Jeremy sang ‘I’m here’, as if representing those words. He was dancing, spinning around Jeremy and offering his hand out to him. Jeremy was on the floor, singing but appeared to have his head in his hands as if in despair. As Jeremy sang the last line, the backing singer/dancer knelt behind Jeremy and placed his hands on his back. The other backing singers/dancers came and joined, also dancing together near Jeremy. The camera was initially focused on the audience, before panning back to the stage to see the backing singer/dancer appear out of the darkness and start dancing around Jeremy. The camera focused on Jeremy again, before moving back out to show the whole stage.

I’m here.
It’s just my mind.
It’s not.
Our hands intertwined.
Just leave your past behind, you’re safe with me.

The camera span round everyone briefly, before showing a side-on angle and then a whole stage angle from the front. Jeremy’s head looked up and towards the audience, as he sang ‘stay’, while the dancers kept dancing around/near him. The cross still was behind them, looming over them.


Everyone froze, like in a freezeframe. All the lights went out. Except for the spotlight focusing on Jeremy. The camera shifted to Jeremy’s face. Jeremy stood up and glanced towards the one backing singer/dancer that had joined him earlier, before looking out across the audience. The camera was focused in on his face. The stage was still shrouded in mist.

I’m lost, but in you, I have been found,
The life you give me astounds,
How could anyone love me?
Forget them; focus on me. I do.

Everyone started dancing and moving again. Jeremy remained stood up, while the backing dancer closest to him kept dancing, moving closer. He pulled off his monk outfit to reveal a skin-tight white outfit, the same design as Jeremy’s black one. As Jeremy sang ‘our hands intertwined’, the backing singer stood to his left and held hands with Jeremy. The camera briefly showed this before showing the whole stage again. As each ‘harsher’ line was sung, all the white lights on the stage flashed brightly. The mist was slowly blown off the stage during this bit. As Jeremy sang ‘stay close’, the other 2 dancers came closer. They all pulled the cross down with a bang. Then as he sang ‘engage in my ‘sin’’, the backing dancer moved behind Jeremy and embraced him in a hug. The other 2 backing dancers stood either side of them and made it appear that they were lifting them up. They rose up together on a platform.

I’m here.
It’s just my mind.
It’s not.
Our hands intertwined.
Just leave your past behind, you’re safe with me.
Stay close.
I’m alive again.
No clothes.
Engage in my ‘sin’.
I’ve found my heart and can love again.

Jeremy turned around so they were both side on to the audience. He sang ‘stay’ and ‘ill stay’ looking into the backing dancers eyes. They appeared to lean in for a kiss, but all the lights cut out so no one could see what happens next, it all shrouded in mystery returning to the atmosphere at the start of the performance.

I'll stay.
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:59 pm

It's 20:00 UTC/12:00 PST! The deadline is officially up for entries! Now it's time for the voting process!

Interval Act
The Leader - Twenty Five Acts
Tune: My Chemical Romance - The Five Of Us Are Dying
Language: English

The stage does dark as after a while, the stage is now similar to the scene that was pictured at the opening act as a mishmash of both Part 1 and 2. The Leader is sitting at the couch, staring apathetically at the destroyed TV among the pillars of TV shattered around the stage. The piano is in it's original state, where a piano player is playing as the act starts. Revealing a microphone, the Leader proceeds to sing in a sad tone.

When the last song drops as the audience wants one more
The encores we can get are memories.
I can see all we done in a brand new reality
Where we embrace the line that we blurred.

The Leader jumps out, as several musicians proceed to come out through the curtains, which were now opening to reveal the star field within the central performance area. Showing a more upbeat personality as the opening act, the Leader proceeds to sing.

As I walk through the chaos, I step over the flames
Where I wash my own shoes in the just spilled blood.
There's tricks and treats in this world, where legends create new names
We still have some fun if we create a dud.

When the songs all end, this is where we say bye
Don't start crying because we start to vote.
For us all to know, you can get to justify
Don't start frowning because we start to vote.

The screen comes down to start flashing the flags of the nations that had participated in this WorldVision.

This is still a democracy, it's time to choose a star
A performance that blew everyone's socks away
Don't get sad that you might lost, it's all a fun game now
The winner gets the bragging rights today

When the songs all end, this is where we say bye
Don't start crying because we start to vote
Everyone might start to hear, you can get to justify
Don't start frowning because we start to vote

After the screen rises back up, the young man from the opening act is now wearing a more modern and flashy suit and hat, as he seemed to materialize from the star field. The Leader notices and gestures him to confirm his presence.

It's been a fun night for everyone tonight
Truth to say, I might want to do this again

The guitarist makes a solo, while the Leader arrives a set of small steps composed of several mini TV's. Heading to the top of the TV stairs, the Leader sings the last verses.

Don't frown right now, because it's now over
My own advice is this, be glad it happened!
Smile now and give a round of applause
For these musicians that came here!
For us all!

When the songs all end, this is where we say bye
Don't start crying because we start to vote
Everyone might start to hear, you can get to justify
Don't start frowning because we start to-
For us all for now

Seeing how he has to remind the applause to clap (mainly because someone forgot to switch on the red "APPLAUSE" sign for the Nekoni act), the Leader let his men point shotguns at the Ministrian's part of the audience, where they immediately clap. The Leader leapt down back on stage to do a bow. A beloved Leader fanatic from the applause tossed some roses at him, where he takes. "Ladies and gentlemen! It's time to vote for your favorite act of WV71! Do your part!" The Leader said, before heading offstage.
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Postby Normandy and Picardy » Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:43 pm

Votes and stuff, I suppose this is necessary so here y'all go

12pts - Polkopia
10pts - Britonisea
8pts - Mercedini
7pts - Nekoni
6pts - Besen
5pts - Mister X
4pts - Syrche
3pts - Izmedu
2pts - Main Nation Ministry
1pt - Missus X
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02 Estogium

Postby Estogium » Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:18 pm


"This is Sierra Winchester and I am back as the spokesperson for Estogium. It has been a good WorldVision Song Contest and...yeah, that's I've got to say - here are the eight to one."


"Okay. Right. Our ten points are going to....... NORMANDY AND PICARDY! Wasn't for me, but hey ho!"

"Right, and our twelve points are going over to...........ADAB!! My cup of tea! Bye all!"

Didn't get any points here? Watch out for the Britonish votes to see whether you made the top 18!

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Postby Belgaam » Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:37 pm


1 point goes to Mercedini
2 points go to Llalta
3 points go to Kalosia
4 points go to Besen
5 points go to Adab
6 points go to Britonisea
7 points go to Todlichebujoku



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71: 17/25
72: 9/18
73: 19/26
74: Did not participate
75: Did not participate
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:06 pm

Truth News Commentary with Erik Anderson!

Erik Anderson is shown wearing a kimono with shoulder pads and has an eyepatch around his left eye. The room he is in is almost covered to the brim in fog. "Alright. Uhh... Where's my notes? I need to read off of my notes!" Erik said, as he is shown to be visibly swearing. A man dressed in a ninja costume backflips towards him to hand him his notes, where he backflips off-camera afterwards. "Thank you! The acts are all over! The interval act is shown and now we must engage in the voting process. That is to say we should mentioned the last acts that appeared, however." Erik explained. "For Proluvia, we have what appeared to be Lavenza getting punched violently in his crotch. It's strange that no one is applauding for that one. I think the sign was off during that time. Now, Mister X have made a song based on a past invention of the videotape. Bring it in!" Erik demanded, where a random man in a fencer outfit pops up to hand him a standard videotape.

Erik proceeds to take a moment to examine it, before making some comments. "As you can see in this post-modern nation, you wouldn't find things like these anymore. Kinda like how there was that Polaroid craze starting back in 2016. For Normandy and Picardy, they managed to get a rock orchestra into their performance of "The Waves" that does have a-" Erik gets interrupted, as now a fight between two fencers happen behind him. "Uhhh.. So let me just-" Erik was holding up one of the pages of his notes, until it gets slashed by a foil. Visibly annoyed, he checks another page of his notes. "Ahem! Now-" Erik was interrupted again, when the fencers stop fighting and proceed to do the macarena behind him, where Erik takes notice. "Both of you get out!" Erik yells, which they do. "Now! The Leader had started to remind the audience.. Well, mostly the public of Main Nation Ministry to applause after a performance. To make sure that the public cooperates with the nation, we had some of our finest men in the military recommend our citizens to show some respect to the performers playing tonight! Here's an example for this outdated TV I yanked from the opening act of the Main Nation Ministry's section of the audience seating after Nekoni's performance."


"Those guys in Bright Television Network misspelled their own first name to British, instead of Bright. How did they manage to get those silks up in the rafters, though? I'm going off track here. One of our own musicians known as Jessica Madden has did her performance of "I'm Feeling Sensible" after Kalosia's. While her sex appeal might nab her some points, we just got to wait and see. Make sure you tune in to her judging all of the other nation's songs! It will be right after this commentary. Now, about Adab! Really goes to show how the ordinary of people can get their fame with ease! You want to know what I should do for WV73? I'm going to rip off an idea from some random reality TV show based on that one foreign TV show with that one actor appearing everyone expect me has heard about, where I get some random strangers in some costumes or whatever and have them sing! I could get promoted up two ranks and get a national record, maybe! So Elfriede Matsuoka arrived to Bright Falls in this dragon, which is being trended on social media, thanks to Marta Liron who addressed her followers, while managing to get a selfie next to the beast. Flash off, of course."

"Lastly, Ethane managed to do a song to fit the gloomy atmosphere that Main Nation Ministry provided for the opening act. It's kinda ironic, seeing it's before the interval act, so it does have the same tone." Erik said, as he checks his watch. "Well. That's all I got to say. Go ahead and roll it down." Erik says to an intern where a disco ball arrives in view. "Start the finger wagging and hip moving music!" Erik said, as all of the interns come out to celebrates. As they celebrate, the words "Stay Tuned for Jessica Madden!" appear on screen.
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Lipa Calling

Postby Besen » Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:28 pm


Besen's Points
Delivered by Mattias Alemon

Thank you so much, Main Nation Ministry, for such an amazing hosting this edition of the biggest show on the planet! I truly loved so many acts tonight! Anywho, it's important that I get what I came here for done, haha. Here's how Besen voted:

1 | Mercedini
2 | Llalta
3 | Mister X
4 | Ethane
5 | Kalosia
6 | Polkopia
7 | Estogium

Britonisea, an amazing song!

Izmedu, this duet knocked the roof down!

Antahbrantahstan, so many feels!
63: 12/19
64: 11/23
65: 14/29
66: Did not participate
67: Did not participate
68: Did not participate
69: Did not participate
70: 11/19
71: 2/25
72: 10/18
73: 3/26

38: 4/11
39: 7/24
40: Did not participate
41: 15/20
42: Did not participate
43: Did not participate
44: 4/15
45: Did not participate

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Postby Llalta » Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:35 am


Erik McGarrison - Llaltese TV host, Actor and Radio Presenter

Good evening Main Nation Ministry! This is Llalta calling here with our votes! Now, before we get to the exciting part, I must say what an amazing night this was. And now onto the bit we've all been waiting for: our points! On my right are the 1 to 7 points:

1 - Axuva
2 - Missus X
3 - Nekoni
4 - Besen
5 - Kalosia
6 - Britonisea
7 - Ethane

And now, the big 'uns.

Llalta's 8 points go to...

Our 10 points go to...

And finally, our important 12 points goes the beautiful song from...

Congratulations all! Thank you and good night!!
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The Democratic Community of Llalta, a small island situated in the Adlantic Ocean where the past and future align.

    65 = 4/29
    66 = DSQ
    67 = 23/31
    68 = 16/26
    69 = 5/32
    70 = N/A
    71 = 9/25
    72 = N/A
    73 = 11/26

    40 = 17/30
    41 = 2/20
    42 = 2/20
    43 = 10/20
    44 = 2/15
    45 = N/A

    5 = 2/15

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Postby Vartugia » Wed Feb 20, 2019 2:18 am

08/24: Vartugia


Yo. My name is MemeLord69 and we cast the points now lol

12- Missus X
10- Main Nation Ministry
8- Ethane

7- Belgaam
6- Besen
5- Llalta
4- Kalosia
3- Estogium
2- Antenovaria
1- Adab

That was my points. Please dont vote for us thanks.
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Postby Polkopia » Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:38 pm

Polkopia's votes:

1 point: Antahbrantahstan
2 points: Britonisea
3 points: Axuva
4 points: Mister X
5 points: Estogium
6 points: Izmedu
7 points: Mercedini



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2nd place: 2 Times (WV26, WV34)
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Syrche Votes 10/24

Postby Syrche » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:13 am

"Good Evening WorldVision, This is Sekth Calling, I'm Lejn Andersson Sr, and these are the votes for my country:

7pts to Ethane
6 pts to Izmedu
5 pts to Kalosia
4 pts to Saviera
3 pts to LLalta
2 pts to Polkopia
1 pt to Estogium

8 pts to

10 pts to
Normandy & Picardy

12 pts to

Congratulations to all the contestants tonight for putting on a spectacular show. Goodnight Everyone! "

Super Duper Fun WorldVision Fact: Missus X Performance "FUCK, IM IN A DRESS" by Rick Legg is going viral in Syrche. The song is becoming an anthem!!.... sadly it did not score on the televote :/
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11/24 This is Doportedas Calling!

Postby Britonisea » Sat Feb 23, 2019 1:08 pm


Evangeline Hope
World Hit Festival 41 Representative

"Hello, everyone - this is Doportedas Calling! It's your favourite Britonish woman - it's Evangeline Hope! I recently won the World Hit Festival in Kalosia, I'm not sure you all knew that. I am totally a big international start now - I mean, I already was. But anywho, just joking! Haha! Love you all and my fans. You know what, I think I should sing some of my song.... ahem... I have tried to separate.. *to person off camera* Sorry? Oh, right. I apologise. I do like to go on a bit. Yeah, there are your 3rd to 10th places...time for the big points!"

8 Antahbrantahstan
7 Mister X
6 Polkopia
5 Estogium
4 Saviera
3 Antenovaria
2 Ethane
1 Todlichebujoku

"Our ten points are going to a girl who goes to a Telm City University student from LLALTA"

"12 points go to our brothers in the south ...MERCEDINI!"

"Thank you and goodnight!"
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1st - 34 points - WHF42
1st - 28 points - WHF37
1st - 20 points - WHF26

2nd - 45 points - WHF40
2nd - 30 points - JWHF4

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Postby Kalosia » Sat Feb 23, 2019 10:05 pm

12/24 voting
Rafael Tunisi, Kalosian entrant at the 31st and 44th World Hit Festivals

Yo Main Nation Ministry what's up! I'm Rafael and I'm gonna give you the Kalosian vote!

07 Tödlichebujoku
06 Besen
05 Normandy & Picardy
04 Saviera
03 Ethane
02 Polkopia
01 Estogium

8 points go to...

10 points go to...

And 12 points, from Kalosia, go to...

Have a good time everyone and good night!

Mister X
Main Nation Ministry
Missus X
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Main Nation Ministry
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Sun Feb 24, 2019 1:10 am

Ladies and Gentlemen! Main Nation Ministry themselves vote for their top favorite acts!


1pt - Polkopia
2pts - Kalosia
3pts - Besen
4pts - Llatla
5pts - Belgaam
6pts - Nekoni
7pts - Normandy and Picardy

Mister X!


And now the moment you're waiting for! With 12 Points!
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Postby Mercedini » Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:18 am

"Good evening Main Nation Ministry, we hope you are all having a great night, this is Zoloroni calling! Thanks very much for a fantastic show and best of luck to all of the artists tonight, it's been thoroughly enjoyable all the way through. Without further ado, here are the points from the combined Mercedinian televote and jury, as we try to figure out who will be named as the Main Nation (aha) tonight!"

1 - Mister X
2 - Polkopia
3 - Antahbrantahstan
4 - Syrche
5 - Antenovaria
6 - Britonisea
7 - Ethane

8 - Besen

10 - Todlichebujoku

12 - Kalosia

"Thanks once again, and best of luck to all the artists tonight. See you soon!"
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Postby Antahbrantahstan » Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:55 am

Thalia Kusumo, beauty queen & model

"Good evening, Main Nation Ministry! I suppose that right now, it is our turn to vote in WorldVision 71. Let me just say that all the performers did an amazing job on stage, and, oh, i would like to wish everyone the best of luck."

"Anyways, here are the Anturian 1-8 points."
6-Mister X

"Our 8 points goes to..."

"Our 10 points goes to..."

"And finally, the one who gets our 12 points is..."

"Thank you so much, everyone! Selamat malam!*"

*Selamat malam=Good night
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Postby Saviera » Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:04 am

A Hooded Figure Appears on the Screen. He Says: I Am Kevin and I Founded Instant Graph. Here I Am Posting to My Story the Savieran Votes.

1 Point Goes to Oak Surf Far!
2 Points Go to Sear Key!
3 Points Go to Odd Ab!
4 Points Go to East Smear Tooth!
5 Points Go to Carl Low See All!
6 Points Go to Broil Loaf Fire!
7 Points Go to Neigh Cone Knee!
8 Points Go to Bail Gone!
9 Points Go to God-Blessed Saviera!
10 Points Go to Anne Tea Know Fair Yeah!
11 Points Go to God-Blessed Saviera!
12 Points Go to Maine Asian Mean East Street!

Thank You and God Bless Saviera!!!

01 Axuva
02 Syrche
03 Adab
04 Izmedu
05 Kalosia
06 Proluvia
07 Nekoni
08 Belgaam
10 Antenovaria
12 Main Nation Ministry

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Postby Nekoni » Sun Feb 24, 2019 4:50 pm

Yes, we are cat people. No, we're not Japanese. We're not that kind of cat people.



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