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It Takes Two to Tango (Nation Maintenance)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 12:47 am
by Borovan entered the region as he
This thread is serves as a nation maintenance thread. It is meant to look mainly into the leader's personal life but sometimes will stray into her public life and involve other people and record happenings in the nation. Some subject matter may contain mature content. No posting is permitted unless asked.

"Do you have the list, Benjamin?" A woman with a British sounding voice speaks.

"Yes madamn, I have a list of a to do list. And I'm told to foward reports to you of various subject matter regarding foreign intelligence, war updates, various sectors of the economy from the designated people within your cabinet."

"Thanks, I'll look into that."

"You look dapper, Miss."

"Oh? It's just navy blue suit." she fixed her hair in the mirror.

"Are you going out?"

"No, of course not. A silly thing to do in a time like this. No, I'm told that the nation of Terhovistan has just begun a process of non nationalization, and the new foreign leader has invited foreign leaders across the globe just for a good show of gesture."

"Ah," his smile weakened.

She poured over the documents of various subjects. She quickly skimmed over for interest and looked at anything that seemed important. There was a war in Bosnia. Suspected terrorist attack in a city. Labor protests. Skip The location details of ousted party leader Abott Skip Stock market dipped skip food poisioning skip updated dossiers of foreign leaders skip status of government bureaucracy skip

"Well, I'll have to go down and see how the others are doing."

She then went downstairs.

Jessica Chadbury was at the entrance of the living room adjacent to the hallway. She finished speaking with another guy.

"Miss Alex Chung," she saluted.

"Jessica, I prefer to not have people saluting in my residence."


A man steps out of the grand living room.

"Hey, Kharan Sachaput," she greeted him more enthusiastically than the others.

The guy was a little nervous and said hello. There was a rumour across several people in the governing residence, that the person liked the leader. Kharan was a former childhood friend of leader and was permitted to stay.

"Kharen always have a frown in his face. It;s always hard to make him smile."

"Oh, then what should we do to make you laugh?" He then starts to hesitate. "Just kidding, we won't force anything."

The man's eyes changed, as if it was wondering and leaned closer towards her.

"Miss Chung," said another person nearby. "I believe we have an issue to discuss."

"What seems to be the matter, Augustus?"

"As minister of public relations, I've been monitoring over the public opinion to gauge how the public is viewing the leadership of the country and it's been very satisfactory so far. But I'm trying to think on how we can keep it that way. My guess is to pervade the country of how great you are. Compulsory salutes to the leader as a ritual. Anecdotes of your service used in the media and public life. Bowing. Punishment for dissenters."

"That simply won't be done. I am not running a country as a cult like status."

"The benefits of indoctrination"

"Are unnatural and best left. As long as you got a strong leader with good intentions, the rest will follow. Now unless you got anything else to tell me?"

Augustus left.

"Kharan, why don't you follow me for the day. It won't do you any good to be cooped up here."

"He's got a job." Jessica said.

"None that which has lasted seven days."

"He still makes a living here."

"Which consists of menial tasks like sweeping, mopping, office maintenance and greeting guests. It's good for a young man but a change of scenery needs to be inserted."

"Okay," said Kharan.

"You will? Great. We're going to be in the limo."

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:19 am
by Borovan entered the region as he
"Why are you usually stiff?"

She turned her head to look at him. "Not trying to be rude. But you always been--- Sometimes I don't know what's going on in that head of yours. It's as if there's some expression you're getting but there is a disturbance--"

"Miss Chung, we are almost reached our destination." said the driver.

"Perfect. So basically this is where we get all our criminal cases. In a democracy, normally you'll have trial courts, appeals courts, and a supreme court. However, we have trouble handling how to handle things right while not trying to upset our rigid control of the country. Because if you have too much democracy, the supreme court can just void the by definition the ruler, and this faces complications as this can turn back public opinion but when you have too little democracy, things will get pretty unfair and the international community will call on us for civil rights violations. So what we end up actually having is that the higher levels of court tends to be appointed judges who are more sympathetic to the revolution. But any resemblance of a supreme court decision is effectively vetoed by the leader."

"I don't think we should be hearing cases."

"that's not where we're going. We're going to an execution. One of the leaders of a prominent rebellion force is going to be executed today and I'm going to be there to quell the crowd and set the record straight for him before he dies. Hold on, I'm getting a call."

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:00 am
by Borovan entered the region as he
"Hello" answered Alex Chung.

"Yes, we need you." said a female voice.

"I'm attending an execution, can it wait?"

"No!" she yelled.

"Driver, can we head back?"

The limo veered back.

"Someone has to explain this. There's graffiti all over the walls. It shouldn't be an outsider. Because there is security everywhere."

Kharan looked red faced and it became semi obvious.

"Wait, why?" she looks longeringly.

"This man is too much trouble. He's been beating up the dog, he sings right in the car seat while no one looking, and now he graffiti all over the walls. He's so abnormal!" yelled Jessica.

Alex shook her head, "There must be a reason. You shouldn't be too harsh. He just has a lot on his mind. He has a few problems."

PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:52 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
"I don't know why you're defending him."

"I'm not defending him."

"You're defending him because you know him and he likes you."

She looked back at him.

"No, that isn't the case. I think he's kinda been like that since he's mistreated. He just needs love that's all."

"Well, I certainly can't have him near the west wing of the building."

"Every person, whether it be employee or not who belongs here."

Jessica then stormed off in a fury and grumbled about something.

Kharan then slowly turned his head towards Alex.

"I have to go," said Alex sighing and she quickly left.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:14 am
by Borovan entered the region as he
A british looking man who looks like between the face of Jeremy Corbyn and Leon Trotsky was sitting in a room in a broken apartment. He was wearing a not too lavish coat. And was drinking scotch and folded his hands over his red armchair over a window that looked out the ghetto of Notch.

Over nearby was two men that were top party officials from the previous administration from the 90's.

"Gentlemen, I don't know why you two men have agreed to meet me on this occassion."

"Party leader, Merle Abott." the first man with glasses shook hands with the british looking man. "The situation is serious. We know that we won't come in unless it's needed."

"Very well," he leaned his head on his arm with a half concentrating and half tired look,"let me hear you."

"You remember me as the foreign deputy minister." said Charles Taurus, "I spoke with neighboring countries of Borovan that are suspicious or distrustful of Borovan that might assist in some way. Most seem to be democratic and capitalist countries but only two are willing to help."


"So far, they have cut off trade with Borovan."

Merle Abott smiled and drank his Scotch.

"What else?"

"Military action is off the books. If it were done, citizens would be killed and a few countries are willing to block it because of important connections to trade and for playing a role in the Second Great War."

The party leader then leaned back.

"We should press the World Assembly to do something."

"Afraid not. The leader enjoys immense popularity even for being a dictatorship."

PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:27 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
"Then why are you here? Wasting my time? I have more important things."

"Important? What are you doing now, scrambling and laying low in a random country at a minimum wage job at a shanty town? No, what I'm talking is assassination."

The Party leader breathed in, concentrating.

"Assasination?" Said Abott.

"Yes, it's difficult as security guards and her most loyal elite soldiers are nearby but it can be done."

"I'm not doing it. It's crazy."

"It's very difficult almost impossible but we'll try infiltration and public events."

"No, it's stupid. Do you have any idea how long I've known Alex Chung?"


"I've spent twenty years arguing in the House and she always end ups showing up testifying. Even during my early years as a political policy professor I taught five classes to her. She was always persistent and had an articulate voice."

"You're letting this on basis of someone you know get in the way. Put this weakness aside."

"I cannot and will not"

"Politicians have to get gritty. Are you have what it takes to restore will and faith in democracy?"

"This is foul. Twenty years ago if you even speak of physical violence against a colleague in the House, you'll be shunned."


Charles then unloaded something from his belt and loaded a bullet on his pistol.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"IIm going to remedy things because some people have become too old to see the light."

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:09 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
"I have been the leader for twelve years, served as House speaker, and the party leader. I have served a great deal to my country. Now I'm here and I long for my motherland and my sweet wife, Anika Tswetchosky. If you're so hard pressed, then you're foolish that I'll let you take my life in Naceelistan."

Pew pew pew

Shots fired. The party leader ducked and smashed Charles on the head with his cane.

"Get off me!"

The two wrestled control over each other.

Abott called on Xavier Refalo former minister of commerce who stood to help.

"He's not helping, I paid him to side with me."

Charles then got upper hand and locked Abott.

Xavier then pointed his gun at Abott.

"The first March party will not stand for this and we do not go around shooting politicians."

Then he moved his gun and shot Charles.

"What the heck," Charles then attempted to flee and escaped with one more shot in the leg.

"I think that will scare him away or he'll die from loss of blood." said Xavier.

"Didn't think it'll end this way. Ok I need rest now." panted Abott with hands on his knees.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:27 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
The Intelligence Agency

"Good evening, Miss Chung," saluted Branston Summers.

"Evening, Branston." She said. "Do you have anything to share today?"

"Not much but still potentially useful."

"Let's hear it."

"A report is made that a close aide of Merle Abott died on his way to a city hospital in Naceelistan. This may mean we have the whereabouts of the former prime minister and party leader of the First March Party nearby there. But we don't know what happened and who's involved."


"What we know also is that there has been significant military activity movement in Boil Heights which has been known to support in liberation attempts against dictatorships. Their defense minister said no such thing and their army hasn't mobilized but there's an increase in their aircraft, tanks, military enlistment, and bases over the last year. It's something to look and monitor at occasionally."

"Not sure what they're heading at but our military is sufficient. Our country has larger enlisted."

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:09 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
"I promise to protect you and take care of you," she said as she held him close to her.

Kharan was lying on a lawn in the back of the governing residence. On top of him was Alex. She felt over his hair down, patting it long.

He breathed and sighed.

"No one's here. It's just us. I made sure the gates are locked." she said quietly.

She then slid her fingers on his arm. He then leaned his head back a little. Then things seem to whiten and get clearer. He then slowly rose up and got closer to her.

He placed his heads on her legs. She smiled.

Then he woke up.

An alarm sounded.

Two hours later.

"I'm driving over you for work. I got you a job at a place."

"Where at?"

"It's a grocery store."

"A grocery store?"

"It'll be fine. I had someone spoke to the manager."

He then was silent.

"I know you'll probably hate it but maybe it won't be bad."


"Okay, we're here. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable and I am not suggesting that you should not get in to trouble but being yourself is just enough for me. No matter how the pain, that's all that matters to me."

Time then quickly passed as Kharan then was greeted by a bald heavy man in his 40's.

"Hi, you must be the new kid. I'm sure we'll be whipping you up into shape in no time."

Then he went over some stuff like training and introductions and then he was quickly settled in.

He was patrolling the produce aisle when he then had a problem from a customer about a location of a food item. He proceeded to talk to a co-worker employee nearest by.

"Hey, sir, can you help--"

The person then turned around,

"I'm not a sir." she then gave a interesting look at him.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:39 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
Alex was turning over in her sleep. A distant explosion was heard. And then when there was a cell phone call ring.

"God, 4 am, this had better be important," she got out and pulled out the bed sheets in her nightgown.

"Miss Chung, leave and evacuate immediately for emergency plan 402," the voice said.

"Eh? You want me to leave with my elite troops."

"Just get out!"

She then immediately put on her clothes and then opened a case from her drawer.

music plays while scene starts

She withdrew two handguns and loaded bullets into them.

Sounds of fire was heard somewhere below. Fire Fire Fire

"I wonder how did they get in here. The security's heavily guarded," she thought.

She walked quickly as she can without being too careless and stopped at the next corner and slowly inched her head. Everything was clear. She looked above at the air vents and looked back. More shots can be heard from a distance. A few men were shouting demands or crying.

She then hurried over to the next corner and quickly maintained her cover while looking. There was nothing. She then went downstairs, opened the door and then---

POW Two shots were fired half a foot away from her. She aimed and fired at three strange uniformed men from the middle of the room. One guy got hit and got injured. He then was finished by another round. The other two guys were running away. She shot at the ropes above and the chandeliers fell upon one of them, killing one of them. She fired and missed but another bullet from an opposite direction hit him.

An elite soldier troop was shooting and preoccupied with a few other men in the another room. He was taken cover and busy shooting at them. The other few men were also taking cover behind some stair way bars. More shots came and then quick rapid shots from an assault rifle.

"Miss Chung, please take cover!" said the black man, "They wiped almost half the men but we called for assistance. Some of us are pretty occupied right up ahead but these three are pretty persistent."

She then quickly scrammed right up to the wall and aimed for a man and fired shots at him. The man fired back bullets in sucession.

"We know you're there!" says a man next to the guy who was shooting. His voice was commanding. "Show your self and lay your arms on the ground and you will not be harmed!"

She then continued to shoot and duck her head behind the wall, "Right, I'm going to show myself and everything's going to be fine." She threw something at them.

"Bomb! Bomb!"

boom The grenade exploded at them, killing two and stumbling another guy.

She continued down. The room was shattered and messy. Tables were turned, sofa cushions were ruffled up and a few people were lying down presumably dead. A man at the opposite of the room with a bandana and goggles fired at her. She then got hit on the leg. "Damn," she fired back and he then collapsed lifelessly. She went over to him and then kicked him. "Don't ever mess with me." She called Sully, who was the voice on the call. "Sully, can you determine any idea on what is going on?"

"There was a breach. Presumably someone knows the layout of the place. There's no way weapons and intruders can be snuck in. Someone was in here and told their own people that. At around a few hours ago, someone forced their way into the entrance that they were able to pass in. We had security clearances in the whole area and anti-aircraft checked in. There's no way that it should have happened."

"Well, you just keep eyes and ears open."

She continued down, carefully looking at each corner.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:06 am
by Borovan entered the region as he
Then there were some noise around the corner. Three people were heard speaking. Strangers. She leaned against the wall.

"She must be here. We need to get her dead or alive."

"And what about hitting the restricted database?"

"that can wait."

Then the footsteps kept coming nearer and nearer. She then threw an object in the air over somewhere. It distracted them and then she came up from behind and shot two of them. The other guy noticed and blasted fire back while she ducked. She fired again and continued a flurry of shots between them.

"Alex, surrender yourself."

"Why should I?"

"Because it is in within your best interests to do so."

"Oh that certainly tells a lot."

fire fire fire

She fired again and hit him.

And then she got a call. "We received report that they're going to try to hit the main gas tank on the top of the rooftop. they're trying to go and explode half of the building."

"We still have that old tank? I thought we got rid of it and replaced it?"

"Nevermind. We've getting slaughtered but we have you and half a dozen guys nearest there."

She went up and a buzzer sound of a chopper was sounded hearing.

A guy in a black suit was in the chopper who seemed to be a non combantant. Two soldiers blew fire into the chopper. The helicopter fired back into the soldiers and got three killed. Alex and two other men hid, while three others try to fire back.

"We're getting beaten. Won't be long until they pierce thru the steel cage. We need to get up close and them bust the pilot or some weak spot."

"Any ideas?"


"even if we kill the pilot, someone can be experience to fly the plane, just shoot the gas tank and fire a flare."

Rodney James then came in and shot gas tank and pulled out a flare but was shot. the flare was left on the ground 25 paces away. Bourough then run to get the flare but was also shot.

"We need a new plan, and quick."

Two soldiers went on the opposite side and kept firing and then Alex pulled the flare and fired it at the leaking hole on the gas tank. It then exploded, spinning the helicopter into ground in an explosion.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 9:42 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
Kharan was astonishingly surprised by the girl. She was modestly impressive and has a fair body, black thin messy hair, and an appropriate smile that wasn't too exagerated or forced.

"Umm, are you lost?" she then said.

"I need help assisting with a customer."

"Oh, I can help you get sorted out." smiling with encouragement. "You must be new."

"Oh yes." He then became a little more defensive and more normal.

"Well, we all have to start from somewhere. What's your name?"

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:19 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
"I'm Kharan."

"Oh, that's a nice name. So where exactly are you from?"

"I'm from up at the place, the Whiteshire House."

"Oh, you work or the government?"


"Then, you're related to someone from someone who works there?"



"Alex Chung, I'm a friend of hers."

"Alex Chung? The person who promised to decrease corruption and poverty? Oh, yeah I voted for her, five years ago. Such a mess and there was like such a close race and the media even reported several states to be a tossup and such. I think she's ok but there's one thing that's been bothering me from what she's done."

"What is it?"

"Well, I'm not sure what to put it. We have terrorists going on and about and they are suppressed and all. And people are allowed to peacefully protest and what not but I think she's trying to put a firmer grip on things than usual."

"Is that a bother?"

"It's what I think. And I'm usually right."

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:44 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
"You really think you're that confident?"

"Oh, I'm not a know it all."

"Then you're clueless."

"No!" she excited.

"Then you must have a charming sense of intuition."

"I know things. It's human nature. But I don't know everything. If you desire something, I can sense it. If you don't desire something, then there's nothing to it."

"That's nice but can we talk about something else?"


"Umm, I really don't know what to talk about now, " he thought quickly, "What do you do after?"

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:33 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
"What's the sitch?"

"We've located the location and traced the attack to be from a quartering business in Milwakee, Lohio. It appears to be a pizza restaurant. Very respectable business."


"We need a warrant. We can't go bypass the laws but we'll need to do some extra special counter intelligence from our intelligence agency. We'll get our guys out on the ground as soon as we can."

"This is really pushing into the grey area of legality. Anyways, any guesses on the the reason and guess identity?"

"Might be terrorists, dissidents, or a sponsored state. I really don't know. Do you know what's the irony about democracies and dictatorships?"


"Well, I know that we aren't strictly either but I ever get the feeling that well--..."

"Spit it out."

"I think dictatorships may be better as a model. I'm not saying they should be like those places but let's think for a moment. The US, the UK, and France are often heralded as great beacons of democracy but if you even look at the current events here so to speak," he gestured at her, "They're really sucesful and have great civil and political freedoms and maintain enterprise but I'd say that there was a lot of controversial things. Empire building was done. Slavery or regime changes or colonies was done. Wars are waged on false pretenses or very unecessary reasons. Politicians get elected usually on a majority vote but there are problems potentially, you want to do what the people want and sometimes you get influenced by greed and corporate influence. A leader believes he is doing the best for his country but all he really does is lie and corrupt himself."

"That's an interesting take. But I really must go now. I have an appointment with someone."

"Is it a date?"

She rolled her eyes, "No, why does everyone think that?"

PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:37 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
Kharan looked up and down. He remembered this way here before. Back in the early spring of 2017, the whole place, the stiffness and the stinkness. He remembered how everything felt surreal and his mind felt incredibly foggy. There was always a certain heaviness weighing against him and he always felt nervous when around people. Walking about the place and looking up at people and anticipating people would amiably friend him or talk to him to feel that unatural space that he needed. But all there is left now is nothing. He saw Alex.


She then looked half confused and resenting.

He then looked hesitant.

"Oh, how are you doing,?"she said with a matter of fact lukewarm greeting.

"I was wondering if we can like get closer."

"You look different. I'm not sure if I even know..."

"I'm a more confident person now. I'm not sure what to do but I need to see you."

"I simply can't do this."

"Why not?"

"It just doesn't feel right. We can be friends but I feel like you're hiding something."


"Look, I don't to feel like I'm an acessory. I'm an independent person."

"Okay." he then let her walk past by.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:43 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
"Hello, I am like here for the assignment." said Will Bryan.

"Okay you just arrived you're going to investigate this restaurant. We believe that there has been some kind of operation going on."

"okay. So umm who's my superior?"

"Well--"she then turned and a man stepped in patting food sauce leftovers from pizza on his shirt.

"Oh, hi dou muss be the neu kid!!"

"Who the bloody hell is this?"

"This is Lou Chong, and he will be your agent guiding you."

"This guy?"

"Yes," she nodded and smiled.

"Uhh noo, I am not working with him. He's messy and he speaks funny like one of those people from those Jackie Chan movies."

"We in that case we will have to resign you to secretary work." she put it down.

He turned in despearation and turned back,"Okay fine."

"Very good. Gather intel and find what's up there."

Two hours later.

"Hallo, we here to make reservation with you restaurant."

"Your grammer's terrible sir." said the waiter, "Mhhmmmm, Joy, that's not how we speak to a customer!" said the manager, "Ahh, foreign businessman on a trip, don't mind her, she's new and like very annoying I doooo not know we even put up with her, the owner hired her only because she's the daughter, I very dearly hope everything will be okay for you, no?" said the thin mustache guy, "My name is Alfonso Rouvel, this is a very fine establishment, and who is this black fellow?"

"Name's Will ---"Lou elbowed him, "I mean, James Cory."

"Ah, James Cory. Well, you two are welcome. Please have a seat."

The two then took a seat over at the right section below the window. They were then offered the menu and the waiter came. "Any drink for you guys?"


"And you?"


"Vook over the weft." Lou told Will.

The manager was very stern and then walked back to the kitchen.

"Vee need plan. Vut firs we need to look at everything here." he then placed a tiny camera inconsiscpicously under the table.

"Yu talk to the female. Find out what's up. Dis vill be a long operation."

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 9:43 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
"You know what, i don't think I've ever taken the opportunity to visit one of those restaurants those working class people visit?"

"They're fast food places. And sometimes they cook."

"Well I believe we should go."

"Go? To like a fast food place?" Said the minister.


"What's wrong with the food here. The chef cooks the best meals. Broiled beef steak with salad and rice and beans. At worst there are restaurants at Dayton Say."

"Nah I want to see what is it like."

The minister who was usually loyal and considerate and nerdy looked for a moment.

"Ok sure."

"And we will drive ourselves."

"Like why"


"Ok but the guards stay"

The prime minister then was in the passenger side with him as they drove past down Chadbury to Dayton Say to Welsh to Pourell to Gaymed to Saymurg.

"Ok we're here."

They then sat. Five minutes passed.

"Umm, isn't the waiter supposed to come."

"Think we're supposed to go up and ask?"

"Order up? No that's silly." He stared at her. "Oh, wow where's the dignity in this?"

"I'd like....errrrrr I don't think I like any of this.""One burger."

She got back and ate it.

"Well I don't like it. Not finishing it. Worst meal. How on earth can they deal with this?"

"Which is why we never should have left."

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:11 pm
by Borovan entered the region as he
Will Bryant errrr James Cory walked up to the daughter Rebecca Cortez. Will turned. Lou ushered him to improvise with a gesture to extract info.

"Errrr-----why are we getting these breadsticks for free." Lou slapped his hand on his face.

"You idiot. Have you never ever been to a restaurant?!?" she said half yelling, half demanding.

"I'll just leave," he then turned towards his table but Lou whispered angrily,"Improvise! Don't come here!"

"Errrrrrrr----you look nice."

"I'm not wearing any make up and I am like ugly as hell."

"Do you know the owner of this restaurant."

"That would be my father," she said pretending as if that was the first thing she knew.

"And how's this restaurant?"

"The Cortez restaurant has been in the family for generations ever since the great great great great great grandfather Emilio Cortez has immigrated here to Borovan to seek a different life. Back then Hispanics were treated poorly as hell and were given a bad reputation but the upbringing that new immigrants gave from cultural, social, and economic values such as him has altered it into a more livilier and more respectable community. I would not expect you to understand since you're black but listen."

"What makes it so special?"

"The restaurant enjoys an interesting mix of people, lower income and higher income, unusual as usually businesses only caters towards one demographic. Over the recent years, we had an interesting clients coming in"

"What kind of clients?"

"I'm not telling," she smiled.

"Who's the manager, Alfonsel Rouvel?"

"The manager has been a kind of a weird guy. He's serious half the time, sometimes when he's ticked off and serious comes up and half a welcoming guy. There's something up with him and I cannot put it. Now please sit, your food is about to arrive."

"Well, what do you got?"

"Not much but there are some clients that this restaurant gets and we need to get in the right time. Alsonsel, the manager is mysterious and we don't know enough him."


PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:30 am
by Borovan entered the region as he
In a large mansion isolated from the rest of the world or city rather in Gormthrop, lays the Cruzes.

Isabella Hime Rodepha Christina Francesca Xavier Cruz III was sitting in her bed looking at her mirror brushing her hair. The room was shone in extravaganza, decorated with a candeskant light, jeweled and brilliant gold shone across the walls, furniture of chairs, and bed compared similarly like the Cruz family mansion.

"Isabella Hime Rodepha Christina Franncesca Xavier Cruz III" announced a butler outside as he knocked on her door.

"Walter you may come in."

"I brought breakfast. It has eggs, bacon, toast with butter and hash browns with coffee."

"Thank you Walter."

"We have a long day ahead of us. You're scheduled for usual practice at horseback riding with Madame Avery at ten and gun practice at noon. Right now though, you're father is speaking with a important businessman. "

"Yeah since he's the head of the largest poultry company , fashion and textiles, and financial investment services he'd have to meet with people. Government regulation, press, business dealings with opportunities and employees. Not to mention his civic work and philanthropy and political dealings. I can't imagine what it was like when there was nothing."

"You're parents have desired to put you in a good upbringing. Raising you as a well educated woman but also smart, charming, self sufficient, good character and firm."

"I see. What this is shouldn't be taken lightly and sometimes it's a little stressful to take in."

"You are a good person but you're going to be off to a new school now. It's going to be a iittle different, new sights, new place, new people, new freedom, new responsibilities. I'm sure everything will be alright."

"Every time someone said that the opposite happens."

"The school will be a little bit from what you may be unaccustomed to as its away from the upstate area but it's what decided."

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Roy Lee and Stan Weatherbucks were sitting out in a arcade club on a lesser used part of town that tends to be avoided.

"Shoot, shoot them!" said Stan.

"I'm going, i'm going."

Game over

"Hey you boys had enough." yells the manager.

"We're still playing," says Stan.

"No, you have your turn and some of the other boys are waiting in line. Now go."

"No," said Stan.

"Er- let's just go, we probably got some work to do."

They got outside. "Wait, we should go and drink."

"Drink? Beer's nasty."

"Getting wasted is like a totally good thing to do and come on."

"Not doing that. Enough. Damn man no idea what to do what to do with my life."

"Yeah, you should like maybe work like I dunno, should be something in the entertainment industry."

"I dunno."

"When I can finally come over to your house?"

"You're not."

"Do you got something to hide?"

"No. Just my parents are conservative and stuff."

"Yeah, but you always seem non traditional to me.

"I really got to do my homework and stuff."

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voices keep rainging as students were murmuring to each other.

"Hello, people we have a new student."

students were exchanging looks at each other

"She is someone from a very well off family and she might needs a little bit adjustment to accustomed here. But I believe that we will get along aren't we?"he said,"Her name is Isabella Hime Rodelpha Christina Francesca Xavier Cruz III and from what she have said is a well brought up person from well wouldn't exactly be royalty but it's not far from it. Her father is a tycoon. Some of you may have heard of him. And uh- well I think I'll leave the rest to you."he then turned and looked towards her, "Isabella you are free to take a seat."

"The new student seems very intimidating." whispered Stan Weatherfields to Roy. "I'm betting she's going to be one of the 'popular kids'. New wealth.'" with a sign of strong disaproval in his face.

"Her father, wasn't he involved in the news in some time back?"

"I don't listen to the news."

"Yeah, it would appear so, Antonio Charles Candele Beam Cruz was rather involved in a some financial lawsuit between two parties and the government. The financial consulting services done was apparently had a dispute over the prognosis of the projects of a manufacturing company over their research but there was a mix up. Oh wait she's coming."

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"What r we doing?" Says Brenan Stanbury, a 60 year old man with a beer.
"We're gonna meet with the House majority leader." replied Maybell Summers a female colleague.
"Do you think she will agree to meet on our terms?" he said.
"Oh Catherine is a fighter. She never is easy. Always argues and leaves."
He shook his head. "Look Congress has to go and meet. I really hope to have my priorities."
She nodded.
He sighed, "I just want to make a deal so that will exact lower specific taxes on everyone including investors. We also have this greenhouse bill and I really don't think my party wants cap and trade. And that's only the tip of the iceberg!" He then looks at her and straighten his suit.
She affirmed herself, "Well that is what is going to be."