1989: Palmeran Nobility Referendum Consensus(OPEN POLL)

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Should peerage/nobility be returned?

Total votes : 17

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1989: Palmeran Nobility Referendum Consensus(OPEN POLL)

Postby Las Palmeras » Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:57 pm

OOC: I'm getting fickle with calling Las Palmeras a Duchy and keeping up with all the regalia I barely use and I consider ret-conning and returning to the (Pseudo)Socialist Republic. But I want all your opinions too. Just please be mindful that this change -if it returns- will be aesthetic and not political (Pictures of apartments, color schemes, commie symbols, etc.). And thank you for participating! For more background information, see my factbooks.

IC: It is 1989; the USSR is seemingly on the brink of collapse as its ideological premises, its sattelite states are pushing for independence all over Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In the PRC -our major ally- Tiananmen Square is rife in protests. In a changing world, what will happen to the Socialist Republic? From the top of its ministries, there's an unusual proposal.

The Government of Las Palmeras -under pressure from the Palm Garden Preservation Society and certain ministers- has launched an invitation on the voting of the restitution of titles of nobility under a Constitutional Monarchy. This act will return some aspects of over 400 years of tradition during Spain's rule (and more if you count the ancient neko Cat Empire) that were interrupted due to unlawful American interventionism at the beginning of the 20th Century.

On the other hand, another deal of the population feels unmoved by this act and see it as a frivolous waste. The generations born during the 1st Republic and the Socialist Republic see no point in a return to pomp and rite as tourism here is already good as it is.

Here are the arguments for and against...ready and vote! What does your government support?

Who is proposing it: The descendants of impoverished ex-nobles and "Young Cadets" within some parts of the military and government. The same Anti-American die-hards who helped the 1959 Revolution against the corrupt US-puppets of the 1st Republic and derailed/reformed the Socialist Republic in 1968.
Why?: Because of tradition and a historical legacy. They see it as their birthright.
What are their policies:
  • Legal re-establishment of peerage titles
  • Upholding of Palmeran sovereignty
  • Modyfing the 1968 Constitution to transition to a Constitutional Monarchy
  • Realistic foreign policy in the new world order after the Cold War's looming end.
  • National Capitalism with a Social Cause (The same as Socialism with Palmeran Characteristics/Dengism...minus the 500 Year Plan *see below)


Who is defending it: Concerned taxpayers and republicans.
Why?: Because its a potentially pointless waste of taxpayers' money. And because we're used to the current administrations' style.
What are their policies:
  • No re-establishment of peerage titles
  • Upholding of Palmeran sovereignty
  • Keeping the 1968 Constitution and the mission of the Socialist Republic, the 500 Year Plan (a very vague promise over post-scarcity and luxury space communism);
  • Realistic foreign policy in the new world order after the Cold War's looming end.
  • Socialism with Palmeran Characteristics (The same as National Capitalism with a Social Cause/Dengism *see above)

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Postby Vadterland » Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:59 pm

The Empire of Vadterland supports the reinstatement of the Palmeran nobility, welcoming the concept as a return to the nation's historic roots as well as a step towards improving diplomacy towards its neighbors near and abroad. The Imperial government understands that a transition from socialist republic to a constitutional monarchy will not be remarkably disruptive or harmful to the nation's political landscape, and notes that both sides on the matter have similar goals of similarly upstanding merit, however the Empire remains committed to the idea that a monarch and nobility, even if they are ceremonial, can provide unity and stability to a nation and its people.

The Empire has survived for centuries despite the violently changing landscape around it by keeping one foot grounded in its old history and traditions, but it has thrived by always looking forward and understanding that it could adapt to a new world without needing to abandon its hallowed roots. The Empire hopes that the Palmeran people may hold this mindset as well in now or future days, however for now the Kaizerina has simply seen fit to watch the pieces fall where they may.

I actually rather liked the old Socialist Republic aesthetic, and I find Cold War era aesthetics in general to be fascinating and interesting. Morbid though some of it might have been. Even so, it's in Vadterland's political interest to support the new nobility, since I really doubt that the Kaizerina and her government would willingly support socialists over monarchists.
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Postby Auzkhia » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:16 pm

We, in the name His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Otto, the first of his name, Emperor of the Germans, King of Hungary, Bohemia, Croatia, etc, etc, support the return of the nobility.

Foreign Affairs Minister Kristoff von Au reports Kaiser Otto is a pan-monarchist and personally has spoken in favor in restorations, he was instrumental in the restoration of the Spanish Monarchy to Juan III. We want to see the world be free from the Soviet yoke and return to their own freedoms and Kaiser Otto has personally promised to aide any royalist and noble restoration. The Imperial government reports only a personal endorsement. The Emperor extols the value of monarchy, especially a constitutional monarch as an anchor of stability, which is his reputation in his own realm, as he reigns since 1922. As of next year, 1990, Otto is expected to tie Franz Joseph as the longest reigning Emperor in history. Both Emperors will be remember as stable guides through troubling times.

Therefore, we believe that only a monarchy can stable and support your government.

I personally liked the socialist republic too with its aesthetics, I'm just doing what made sense for my IC self.
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Postby Zitravgrad » Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:43 am


While we are not completely in opposition of monarchism in general, the peerage and nobility have simply become redundant in our views. In modern day and age, birthright is no longer a legitimate decoration of a person's socio-political standing. One must seek his or her own status and honor by merits. If the pomp and circumstance will not help to bring up the nation, then the effort to bring up the topic is better spent elsewhere. Administration is an expensive affair, and the cost of changing it around might not be worth the results.

In Solidarity,
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Postby Socialist Communist States » Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:13 am

The glorious People's Republic of Socialist Communist States, under the guidance and directions of our glorious Ultimate Supreme Leader, Kokichi Oma, gives his glorious support in favour of peerages.

While our nation does have sympathy with the No campaign, our glorious Ultimate Supreme Leader, whom is always guiding us in a reasonable and rational manner, has decided to support the Yes campaign because, " titles are so cool, and, like, I want to have people with privelage have titles and stuff. I mean, I want titles as well." While on that note, our glorious leader has so humbly decided to give himself a new title, for which we will gloriously accept. Anyways, we will also gladly accept any nation that embraces capitalism. Although, that whole social cause irks the Timage Supreme Leader.

Just like a lot of people here, I too like the socialist asthetics. However, just like everyone else, the IC demands it. Our leader would literally vote Yes because of people getting some new titles, and he too would like a new title. Also, glad I could help with the boxes.

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