The International Security Organization

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The International Security Organization

Postby The Transhuman Combine » Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:24 pm

Hello All,

I represent the Universal Union of the Transhuman Combine. We are the founding member of a new military and economic cooperation organization known as the International Security Organization. I am here today to issue my warm invitation to any nations who are interested in joining.The Universal Union seeks, in founding this organization, to promote open trade, capital and human flows, and mutual security through multilateral agreements. Nations needn't be of any particular government type or demographic or economic size to join. The only prerequisite is a genuine desire to promote the above ideals and willingness to support official activities undertaken by the ISO at a later date. These, however will be limited to those which strictly further the interests of most or all members, and do not engage in or increase the likelihood of unnecessary warfare or regional invasions. The Union Department of State Affairs that this will be a successful and mutually profitable venture for all new members, and the international community at large.
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