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A Royal Funeral [Aeia Only]

PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 8:43 am
by Aquidneck

BREAKING: King Matteo IV dead at 54

By: Aristo Scelfo
Torden, Aquidneck - The royal standard was lowered from the flagpole above Sandor Palace as news broke of King Matteo's passing during the night of May 14th, 2017. The Palace press release reports that the cause of death was a ruptured brain aneurysm. Word spread fast as key members of the royal family, the government, and the Accession Council were seen being brought into the Palace throughout the night.

In a speech to the Senate this morning Prime Minister Ruperto Petrillo stated that the nation would be in official mourning for two weeks and expressed his sadness. "Though I have only been Prime Minister for a week, I had the honor of knowing King Matteo and serving him as a Leader of the Opposition. He was a great man who put his country first. He saw us through good times and bad, I am sure I speak for the entire country when I say that we will miss him and his family is in our thoughts and prayers in the difficult time. All of us in this chamber stand by the Accession Council and the Duke of Fossatillo as they plan for the future."

Lord Chancellor Alvise Cerri, Duke of Rosina has put out the call for the Accession Council to gather in Sandor Palace to ensure the smooth transition from King Matteo to his son Crown Prince Almiro. The Crown Prince, also known as the Duke of Fossatillo, is only 27 years old and will become the youngest person to ever be crowned King of Aquidneck. It is unknown what name the Prince will take upon his coronation as the 35th King of Aquidneck. Upon is accession to King, his brother Prince Roberto, Duke of Kalim will be named the heir apparent, as the Crown Prince has not children currently. The Crown Prince reportedly has a girlfriend but has managed to keep her identity hidden to the press.

Around the country the news of King Matteo's death has been meet with shock and disbelief. The King was seen as fairly young and healthy and he and the royal family enjoyed immense popularity in Aquidneck. All the parties in the Senate expressed their sadness at the news, including the Republican Party who said that while they were mourning his death, they hoped it would pave the way to Aquidneck becoming a republic.

A funeral is being planned and it is expected that dignitaries from around Aeia will attend. The funeral will be presided over by the Archbishop of Torden and Primate of Aquidneck, Savino De Meo.

Alvise sighed as he finished reading the newspaper article. The Lord Chancellor was not expecting to be overseeing the funeral of another King, he had thought for sure the Queen Mother, now Queen Anne of Vada, would be the next one to kick the bucket. The Lord Chancellor was waiting in the rest of the Accession Council to assemble in the meeting room. The Duke of Warwick was the last person to enter the meeting room, as he sat down he addressed the Lord Chancellor, "My Lord, you'll have to forgive the Duke of Fossatillo, he will not be attending today. I have been asked to speak on behalf of the royal family." Alvise nodded solemnly, "I understand. I thank you for attending yourself, I know it must be difficult to do this. I wish to express our condolences to you and your family for the untimely death of your brother. It is a sad day for all of us." The other members of the Acession Council nodded along at the Lord Chancellor's words.

"This caught us off guard, to say the least. So we have agreed to use the plans that had been agreed to for Queen Anne's funeral." The Lord Chancellor paused for a second and looked around before beginning again. "The honor guard is being assembled and His Eminence the Archbishop of Pale is on his way to Torden. The Cathedral of St. Maria, Sandor Palace, and the road in between have all been prepared for the processions and ceremonies. Formal invitations have been extended to all the royalty across Asura and the wider world. Heads of State and Government are also being invited." The Lord Chancellor motioned to the cards in front of every member of the Council. "Dignitaries will arrive at Torden International Airport, either the day before or the day of; from there they will be taken to the Vista Nobile Hotel, which is located near the cathedral. The Royalty from Arzoa, Midrasia, and Newrey will be invited to stay in Sandor Palace, if they choose to do so transportation will be provided for them."

The Lord Chancellor nodded to Lord Conti to begin his part of the speech. "King Franz van Klint of Roshst and King Hafsburg Fyrd Massel-Cau-Trophin of Newrey are the foreigners given precedence in the procession and funeral as they are both members of the Most Noble Order of the Pine. Other Royalty will be on a first come basis. After them the Heads of State and then the Heads of Government. Dignitaries will be free to mingle before the funeral in the hotel and afterwards in Sandor Palace. Everything is in place for their arrival. All we do now is wait."

With that the Accession Council was adjourned and the members left to go about their business. Senior members of the Aquidish Government and Prince Roberto the Duke of Kalim would be at the Vista Nobile to greet dignitaries, while those who went to Sandor Palace would be greeted by the other members of the Royal Family.

((OOC: Feel free to RP meeting the various members of the Aquidish Government who can be found here. Members of the Royal Family can bere found here. If you have any questions for me send me a telegram.))

PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 11:12 am
by Midrasia
The room was quiet, the only sound being the flickering fire at the corner of the room, the only visible light in the room.
Prince Napoleone stood at the doorway, his grandfather sat in an old puffy chair, blanket up to his waist, facing toward the fire.
The Lord Chamberlain was finishing up his work for the evening. Luix would wish to be in bed soon.

"Don't worry, the King is perfectly fine, he may be a little startled, but in his age it is perfectly natural," whispered the Chamberlain, exiting the room.
"I am certain he believes himself to be next." Answered the Prince.
"Come now, do not be so morbid, our monarch still has fight in him yet."
"He's just seen it all hasn't he? He was still here when we had the Empire. He can probably still remember his father as though he were still with us, mine too."
"That was a tough year for him... when your father passed. But that was a time ago, and yet he's still with us."
"I would like a word with him." Answered Napoleone, eager to put his mind to rest.
"Certainly your highness, just be sure to keep it short, he will be wanting rest soon enough. I will be in the next room, drafting our response to the invitation."
The Chamberlain swiftly exited the room, his footsteps almost inaudible with the delicacy with which he took them.

The Prince entered the room, taking the seat to the side of his grandfather, who's face was still fixated on the glowing fire.
"I was wondering...."
"How i'm holding up?" Interrupted the King, barely lifting his head to acknowledge his grandson. "You need not worry child, I've been through... *cough* much worse."
"I assume you will not be attending the services."
"Nay. Though I would like to do so. It has been a while since I *cough* was able to see the any of our friends from abroad. But Monsieur... *cough* Caroligne assures me that I am in no fit state to travel."
"You're in no fit state to do much more than sit around here all day." A grimace appeared on the King's face, in clear acknowledgement of the obvious. "I... *cough* instructed Monsieur Caroligne to send both you and your sister Eleanor to the event. You two will be my ambassadors for the event."
"You trust me with this?"
"One day... all this will be yours. It's about time you learnt to handle your own diplomacy... fill your fathers boots."
He was right, one day, all of this could be his. Whilst his marriage to the Princess of Sagite had made inroads onto the international scene, the Prince had very little experience in handling such important overseas visits. Now would be his chance to play the face of the Kingdom on the world stage.

Kingdom of Midrasia
Reialme de Mydrazia

To his excellency,
Alvise Cerri
Lord Chancellor of Aquidneck

Our most gracious sovereign was saddened to hear the news of the passing of the late King Matteo, all of us here at the Royal Household share his grievances. Aquidneck has our condolences at this sorrowful time.
The King was most dispirited at the fact the late Matteo was merely four-and-fifty at the time of his passing, a full thirty eight years the junior of our most gracious sovereign.
Upon hearing the news our sovereign jested that he believed he would be the next to depart this world, or at least that his mind would do so beforehand.

The Midrasian Royal Family formally accepts the invitation extended to attend the funeral service for the late King.
However, in light of our sovereign's age and recent health problems, he will unfortunately not be attending the service for his own safety.
In his stead, the King's grandson and Heir apparent, Crown Prince Napoleone will be attending the event, along with his sister the Princess Eleanor.

We apologise that the sovereign will be unable to attend the services, however in his advanced age you must understand our considerations for his health.
Rest assured, he will be a the event in spirit at the very least.

Again, the Aquidish royal family, and all the people of the Aquidish Kingdom have our condolences throughout this difficult period.

Yours Sincerely,
Mattieu de Caroligne,
Lord Chamberlain of the Royal Household


PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2017 3:07 pm
by Newrey
Hafsburg reclined in his ornate garden chair, situated in his summer estate of Pinders Hall and overlooking the beautifully crafted Royal Garden. He was still struggling to come to terms with the outbreak of news that his childhood friend, Matteo, had died. He had seemed in perfect health, better that than Hafsburg, when they had last seen each other scarcely a few weeks ago. He supposed that he was perhaps grieving too much for his now late friend, however the friendship that Hafsburg and Matteo had shared had been famous, with tabloid papers constantly making headlines of their boyish acts, as well as marvelling at their incredible transformation into mature monarchs of two of the most powerful nations in Aeia.

Their friendship had also been a catalyst for the governments of the two countries to begin forming closer bonds, resulting in the Aquidish-Newreyan Treaty, as well as their participation in a number of international operations together. It was even rumoured that the integration of the two nations was an inspiration for the Asuran Community. Regardless, Hafsburg would sorely miss his once close companion. The sound of a door opening tore him away from his thoughts;

"Your Majesty, transport has been arranged for you to be taken to Aquidneck immediately" an aide reported.

"Splendid, tell them I shall be there as soon as God allows it" he answered back, raising from his seat and feeling his hip ache slightly. A gift from Matteo from when they were younger. He smiled at the memory, before carrying on off of the balcony.

The Kingdom of Newrey

To his excellency,
Alvise Cerri
Lord Chancellor of Aquidneck

We must convey our deepest condolences to the Royal Family and to the Aquid nation as a whole for the passing of His Majesty, King Matteo. King Matteo was a beacon for the nation and a model for which any man would do fine to replicate, yet it would be impossible to do so fully, as weas the uniqueness in which His Majesty was imbued with by God.

We must also inform that our Most Serene Sovereign, King Hafsburg Fyrd Massel-Cau-Trophin, has been placed into a period of grief and mourning over the passing of his close friend and companion and has elected to accept your most gracious invitation to the funeral. His Majesty also awaits to meet with those who survive King Matteo, whom our Monarch views as his second family. His Majesty Government and the Shipfyrd have also decided to retire the HMS Matteo, named in honour of King Matteo and currently in service with the Burmoundsy Squadron, from service in memory of King Matteo.

Again, our most deepest condolences

Yours Sincerely,
Reginald Abott
Lord Chamberlain of the Royal Household.


PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 8:07 pm
by Hipasia
The Royal Scribe, Aaron Ashur, was busily writing down the words Crown Prince David was dictating to him when the Princess Consort walked in.

"A moment, Aaron. Zara! Lovely as ever, I see," he said with a grin. His voice echoed through the empty reading room of the Golden Palace.

"Don't let the King hear you saying that, David. But thank you." She leant against a window overlooking the main garden. The flowers on the pear trees were in full bloom, making for a pleasant sight. "You're still writing the letter, then?", she asked, admiring the view.

"Just finishing," her brother-in-law responded. "Aaron, you can conclude as follows: We understand that this will be a difficult time for those close to the late King, and our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sincerely, on behalf of King Isaac II, et cetera, et cetera. I take it you'll be joining Moses to Aquidneck, Zara?"

"Yes," she replied, turning away from the window. "Did you ever meet Matteo, David? I never had the chance, unfortunately."

"I did," the prince replied, rising from his seat and stretching a little. "Only once or twice, mind, when I accompanied father abroad. Matteo always seemed a man - well, a boy, such as he was then - in rude health; you can imagine my surprise at his death, then." He sighed. "Moses does not wish me to accompany you to Aquidneck - he wants me here, someone he can trust to take the reins in case the Torrosoans try something."

The Royal Scribe glanced at his assistant. "Daniel - the stamp, pass it me." Daniel duly obeyed.

Zara moved across to the door, and leaning against the frame spoke once again to the Crown Prince. "I don't envy you. I could do with a holiday. Coming?", she smiled.

"Indeed," came the reply.

Image Image
The Kingdom of Hipasia

To His Excellency,
Alvise Cerri,
Lord Chancellor of Aquidneck

My lord, King Isaac II Hipasi, grieves with your people on hearing of the passing of King Matteo before his time. All who met him, and many who did not, have spoken of their sadness at this time. This is no less the case for the occasional, regrettable enmity between our countries in the past. King Matteo served his people to the greatest extent, and the world in general, and Aquidneck in particular, is the poorer for his loss.

The Kingdom of Hipasia gratefully accepts your invitation to the funeral of King Matteo, and King Isaac himself wishes to attend along with his wife, the Princess Consort Zara, as well as their eldest child, the Prince Yuval. His Grace wishes to make clear to the people of Aquidneck that Hipasia extends its hand in friendship at this moment, and seeks continued friendship between our nations in the future.

We understand that this will be a difficult time for those close to the late King, and our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Sincerely, on behalf of King Isaac II,
Aaron b. Ezra Ashur,
Royal Scribe

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:44 pm
by Aquidneck
Prince Roberto fidgeted sightly inside the hotel lobby while he was waiting for the dignitaries to arrive. He had taken on the role of meeting the dignitaries while his brother Prince Almiro stayed at the Palace. The death of their father had hit his older brother particularly hard, that coupled with the fact that he was going to be king left him emotionally unable to deal with these kinds of things. Prince Roberto understood that and was more than willing to be the greeter. He was perfectly at home with the politicians and bureaucrats milling around the hotel. He had said his hellos to the various members of the cabinet and was standing with Prime Minister Ruperto Petrillo and the Deputy Prime Minister Renata Panzera, they had just ceased their mindless small talk when the first dignitary entered. Members of the royal families and governments from Hipasia, Newrey, and Midrasia were formally welcomed and greeted.

The Prince welcomed each royal in the formal way before moving on to more informal talking. He was particularly happy to see his father's old friend the King of Newrey. King Matteo and King Hafsburg were dear friends and it meant a lot that they came. The Prince also passed on his thanks to the royal family and expressed his sorrow that the King of Midrasia could not make it. He understood why he couldn't be here though. The Prince was less familiar with the Hipasians, he did however thank them for making the trip, especially in this difficult times. After everyone was greeted properly the Prince and the various Aquidish officials went to mingle with the guests and and late comers who might show up.

((If you want someone to talk to any of my government people feel free to approach them, they should all just be milling around the hotel. Officials))

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:35 am
by Midrasia
After the conclusion of formal introductions, the prince and princess moved to begin the more informal discussions with the cream of monarchical society. Whilst Aeia boasted a number of monarchies, in these turbulent times, only a select number had chosen to attend the event in memory of the late Aquidish king. Whilst Napoleone had met with a number of officials from the Aquidish royal household in the past, he was less familiar with the Newreyan King Habsburg, and even more so with the Hipasian delegation. His grandfather had certainly met with Hafsburg on several occasions. 'A damned old fool' he had called him, 'absent of both wit and sense of reason. His father should have gave him a damned good talking down to'.
Luix was always notable for his outspoken viewpoints on international figures. His parting advice to Napoleone had been 'Mind those Hipasian ones, they're parlay to talk you to death and next thing you know, you've just taken a loan with your kidney's as credit'. Napoleone chalked this down to his fathers lack of sound mind, or alternatively his out of touch nature with modern society. Still, Napoleone felt somehow out of place at the event, of all the delegations present, the Midrasian one was the youngest and most inexperienced.

If Napoleone was inexperienced in such events however, his sister the Princess Aliénor was even more so. Whilst she was notable back home for her charity initiatives appearances at a number of public events, internationally she remained an unknown. Many in the world had forgotten that the later Prince Henri even had a daughter. Despite this apparent lack of experience, the Princess certainly didn't lack for confidence, taking strides to thrust the delegation into the midst of the ongoing discussions.
"Ah, Napoleone, I trust you had a safe journey here," spoke Mr Petrillo, the Aquidish PM.
"Yes, the journey was not too testing."
"And would this be your wife, the Princess of Sagite?" Asked the PM motioning toward Aliénor.
"Ha, apologise Mr Petrillo, but I would be his sister, Aliénor. Please to meet you." Spoke the Princess, faster than her brother could interject.
"My most sincere apologies, you must forgive me your majesty."
"Yes, my wife is unfortunately unable to attend. We deliberately pushed back out honeymoon so I could make it here today."
"Ah, I see. And where would you be headed?"
"Almira will be out first destination, then we will tour across the territories before heading home."
"In that case I wish you all the best for your holiday."
The PM scooted off to meet with the other guests, still red faced from his earlier mistake.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:03 am
by Newrey
Hafsburg arrived to the funeral in relatively modest clothes, with just a simple black suit and a few decorations. His age had also begun to show, with his knee acting up he had resorted to using a walking stick to assist him walking, although it didn't seem to keep the ever eager king down long as he seemed to take it with ease.

"Ah, Prince Roberto" Hafsburg said offering out his hand, he's deep and croaky voice display signs of genuine happiness "It's been quite a few years since I last saw you, although meeting you under these current circumstances would not have been the preferred option, that I can assure you. Now, enough grieving for the moment, how are you?"

PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:24 am
by Aquidneck
Newrey wrote:Hafsburg arrived to the funeral in relatively modest clothes, with just a simple black suit and a few decorations. His age had also begun to show, with his knee acting up he had resorted to using a walking stick to assist him walking, although it didn't seem to keep the ever eager king down long as he seemed to take it with ease.

"Ah, Prince Roberto" Hafsburg said offering out his hand, he's deep and croaky voice display signs of genuine happiness "It's been quite a few years since I last saw you, although meeting you under these current circumstances would not have been the preferred option, that I can assure you. Now, enough grieving for the moment, how are you?"

Prince Roberto bowed slightly has he took the King's hand and shook it. "Your Majesty, I am so glad you could come, it would have meant a great deal to my father. I am as well as I can be all things considered. I recently got put on the Accession Council and I have moved into Tomas House which is a lovely place down the way from the centers of government. It is a quieter part of Torden, which is nice. How are things in Newrey going, and how is your family?"