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RIMOPAC - Rim of the Opal Ocean Exercise 2017 [Aeia Only]

PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 4:51 pm
by Torroso


Naval Station Avella, Balandra, Torroso


RIMOPAC, or Rim of the Opal Ocean Exercise, is a military exercise that takes place on the Opal ocean biennially between Summer seasons. The point of the exercise is to "enhance cooperation and stability in the region" and "serve as a unique training opportunity, ensure the safety of sea lanes, and security of the world's oceans", as per it's mission statement. The host is chosen on a first come first serve basis. Exercises include air operations, vessel seizure operations, anti-piracy operations, trade regulation, maritime patrol operations, and many more. RIMOPAC can last from two weeks up to two months depending on the host and participants. RIMOPAC is said to "benefit all participating nations" by training and experience being earned from these warfare exercises and serve as a gateway for relations between continents.

RIMOPAC is taking place in Torroso this year, and participants are beginning to stack up. Recent expansions to Naval Station Avella, the Headquarters for RIMOPAC 2017, were finally brought through the Aradesh assembly 2 years ago and construction was finished in December of last year. Torroso has a moderately sized navy and plans to use this as an opportunity for better international recognition and experience for the Torrosoan Navy. The head-admiral taking charge of the operations is Mallius Covenche, a highly respected Admiral within the Navy, who has served Torroso for 30 years.

06:00 Hours, Torrosoan Standard Time
Admiral Covenche enters the command room.
"Is the first fleet ready for the day?" he asks to the First Fleet Commander.
"Nearly sir, preparations are almost ready." he replies.
"That's nearly what I expected. Shape up, this is the day we shine. I need you ready in four hours."
"Yes, sir!" the Commander replies.

07:30 Hours, Torrosoan Standard Time
Convenche is inspecting a squadron of pilots aboard the helicopter ship Navere.
"Do not ease up on me! You all will be in shape for these upcoming weeks!" he shouts.
"Understood, sir!" the squadron replies back.
"At ease, men. You will be playing a crucial role in these operations and I do not expect you to make us an embarrassment to the international community. The President has me on tightrope, so it's best you all perform the balancing act with me." Convenche leaves satisfied.

09:00 Hours, Torrosoan Standard Time
The Admiral is giving an all hands on deck report on the base as allied fleets partaking in RIMPAC arrive within the next hour.
"Attention all. We have an hour left to prepare and welcome the incoming fleets. Make no mistake. This is the international community we are dealing with here. Treat them as our friends, and we are surely to make some after this exercise. Remember your general orders and do not break OPSEC during the exercise or you will be severely punished. You have an hour."

Rules of RIMPAC 2017:
1.) Godmodding is not tolerated. Keep your expeditionary fleet realistically sized.
2.) No WMDs or Superweapons
3.) Flaming and shittalking is not tolerated. Keep it civil.
4.) Accidents are allowed but they should not be happening constantly. If an accident occurs it is expected for your fleet or hands on deck to fix the issue.
5.) Other military elements such as an Air Force or Marines are allowed, but keep it small. This is a naval oriented-exercise; Air Forces are allowed for refueling, and Marines are for amphibious operations.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 3:05 pm
by Cuirpthe
02:00 Cuirpthean Standard Time(5:00 TST)
North Point Naval Station
Admiral O'Connell strolled briskly into Cuirpthean North Point Naval Station Command Center. below, the fleets prepared for the expedition. "Information?" The Second Fleet Commander stood to attention. "At 06:00 CST, we plan on leaving port, giving us an hour to arrive at Avella. We will await information from the Torrosans then." The Admiral nodded. "Fleet size?" The First Fleet Commander spoke, "Altogether we are bringing the best ships from the first and second National Fleets, a total of 86 ships. They will be accompanied by 35 of our Air Forces."

06:00 Cuirpthean Standard Time(9:00 TST)
North Point Bay
It was time. The fleets cast off from their strategic location inside a large cave discovered on Cuirpthe's North Point Bay. Estimated time of arrival, 07:00 CST(10:00 TST). They began the long journey across the Opal Ocean, and to Naval Station Avella.

(Short, but it's all that's important.)

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:40 am
by Torroso
09:18 hours, Torrosoan Standard Time
AWACS Patrol Aircraft
Major Encellarius and his crew are patrolling the North Opal Ocean to alert Headquarters of incoming allied fleets arriving for RIMOPAC. "Sir, possible allied fleet detected bearing 223 coming in from the Southwest." reported one of his radar tacticians. "Confirm their presence and try to ID their affiliation." The got to work. "Aye, sir!" replied the tactician. Minutes of calculations later... "Sir, we've confirmed it to be a sizable Cuirpthean fleet." the tactician reported. "The Cuirptheans? Interesting. And with a presence of that size..? I'll ask headquarters to authorize us to communicate with them." the Major replied, sipping his warm coffee.

09:22 hours, Torrosoan Standard Time
"I've gotten the word back from HQ. They've authorized communications between us. Open up a link and ask them politely why they're here." the Major ordered.

09:24 hours, Torrosoan Standard Time
"Attention Cuirpthean fleet! This is the Torrosoan Air Force, please state the reason of your presence."
The Torrosoan crew awaits the reply of the Cuirptheans...

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 5:16 am
by Hipasia
06:13 Hipasian Standard Time (HPT)
«מנהל־צוואה חיח״י, קשתֿ־הים ,שטח עירוני «ים־ירוק
Hayahi* Command Administration, Qesheth-Hayam, Yam-Yaroq Metropolitan Area

Aluf** Marcos Ben-Marcos Guthman strode into the Activities Room of the navy's Command Administration, a large room with a view overlooking the military's main port at Qesheth Hayam. Outside, a collection of ships were in the last stages of their preparation for the RIMOPAC exercises they would be joining. As he entered, one of the officers there approached, gave the Hipasian salute of a fist raised to the chest, and began to speak.

"Aluf Guthman, we have an ad-hoc fleet of twenty ships ready to set out - two corvettes, two submarines, four missile boats, ten patrol boats, one cruiser and our destroyer, the Opheq. The subs arrived from Yuvalayim and docked about twenty minutes ago. They'll all be ready in just a few minutes, and will be leaving at half past the hour per your instructions."

"Excellent," replied the Aluf. "In that case, I'll leave things on this end to you. If you have any need of me in the meantime, I'll be informing the Prime Minister that the fleet is leaving, then contacting the Torrosoans to let them know our ships are on their way."

08:31 HPT
רק עכֿשיו אחרי הים הירוק, כמעט במצרי־איסקנדה
Just beyond the Green Sea, approaching the Strait of Iscand

Aboard the destroyer Opheq, Captain Zeev Ben-Elijah Lenrut opened communications with Qesheth Hayam as the ships under his authority sailed through the North Opal Ocean.

"Kindly inform the Aluf that we have left the Green Sea and should enter Torrosoan waters on schedule. As directed, we'll dock at Naval Station Avella and I'll assume command until instructed otherwise."

Having closed communications, the Captain turned to one of his crewman.

"Make a shipwide announcement that we'll be docking soon. I want everyone prepared for the coming days, so remind them that this training, not a spring holiday."

*Hel Hayam Hahipasi = Hipasian Navy
**Here: (Rear-)Admiral

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:25 pm
by Cuirpthe
06:24 CST(9:24 TST)
Cuirpthean First National Fleet Control Center

"Ah yes, the Torrosan Air Force." O'Connell leaned back in his chair. I understand you're worried about our fleet size? I do know it is quite sizable for an exercise of this type, but you need not worry. Some may call our decisions crazy, but we're not crazy enough to try and invade you eastern nations. No, we simply wish to participate in your exercise. As you might know,we recently received governmental and military reform, and this was an excellent opportunity, considering we needed a training exercise, and when we heard of RIMOPAC, well, we took a chance. Our whole fleet has new personnel aboard and they need this valuable training. If you think it's an inconvenience, we can send some back..." He waited for a response as the ships glided silently Northeast.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:19 pm
by Torroso
09:25 hours, Torrosoan Standard Time
AWACS Patrol Aircraft
"...Sir." the tactician said, looking at the Major. "I know. Tell them we'll be contacting HQ." ordered the Major.
"Cuirpthean Fleet, we are contacting headquarters for further orders. Please maintain your course." the tactician announced, leaning over to his fellow crewmen.
"Why would they send such a sizable fleet?" asked one. "They're trying to impress us easterners." one said, returned with the crew bursting out laughing.

09:27 hours, Torrosoan Standard Time
"...Right." the Major said, looking down on the floor with his right arm against the cabin. "We'll open up a communication line between you and the fleet, Admiral." the Major replies.
"Admiral? Could it be Covenche?" a crewman asked to which another replied: "Probably.. it's the only name I know from that branch."
"Men! Open up a communication line between the allied fleet and headquarters!" the Major ordered, watching them working eager to open up a line.

09:29 hours, Torrosoan Standard Time
The line began to open, changing the sound of the silent fuzz of background noise to the pouring of coffee.
"Allied fleet," Admiral Covenche was on the line, reading from a command paper on guidelines of the port's capacity size. "I apologize but you need to send some ships back. All the while our port is top line, this is just way too many ships for the carrying capacity of the port, and we're disturbing trade lanes in Navarre Bay. If you're in need of experience, take what you learn here and apply it to your training manual." The Admiral leans back in his chair, staff staring at him silently while he drinks his coffee.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:07 am
by Midrasia
11:30 hours, Gironde Mean Time
Midrasian Second Fleet
"Approaching the exercise zone now captain."
"Good work, we'll see if we can teach us a thing or two."
The Midrasian second fleet sent to Torosso for the exercise numbered 6 ships, with one of Midrasia's three aircraft carriers transferred over from the first fleet specifically for the exercise.

11:35 GMT
"We've made contact with the Torrossian fleet sir."
"Open communications, set to their comm frequency."
"This is Captain Pierre Regarde of the Midrasian Second Fleet reporting in, requesting permission to enter into Torrossian waters."

PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:24 pm
by Cuirpthe
06:35 CST
North Opal Ocean

The admiral had acknowledged the order, and the fleet was partitioned into two fleets. The continuing fleet would consist of 32 ships, and the full amount of air force personnel. The remaining ships would then be split between a trip home(26 ships) and a classified trip farther into the South Opal Ocean(26 ships). This was told to the Torrosans, and the plan commenced.

06:47 CST
Northwest of Arabekh, North Opal Ocean

The fleet still had a small bit of the journey to go, but at this time they could see the Torrosan coasts. Admiral O'Connell stood in the cabin, looking out at the coasts ahead of the fleet. "So there it is. Alright men, prepare the ship. We will be arriving in as little as 15 minutes, so I want all hands on deck as we prepare to come into port." he walked briskly to his office, getting his work in order before he exited to the main deck. The First Fleet Commander was already there. "Status," asked the Admiral. The Commander glanced over. "Our fleets may have been split, but all men are enthusiastic. They are eager for training. We've made contact with the Torrosans and reported on the decreased fleet size. Now all we can do is wait."

PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:15 pm
by Torroso