It doth cleave to thee [IC, Open RP]

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It doth cleave to thee [IC, Open RP]

Postby Knootoss » Wed Jul 13, 2016 5:00 pm

Dwalmdam, Hartstad, Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss

Amoré Schoonhoven had been working as an 'extreme cleaner' for six years when he was sent to clean the property of Advanced Processing Solutions BV. He'd been told that the place was an absolute shithole but he liked the idea of a challenge. 'Extreme cleaning' involved going to places that nobody else wanted to touch and leaving them spotless. Some times that meant scrubbing excrement from the house of a demented old cat lady and sometimes it meant throwing out knee-high stacks of useless trash gathered up by some dead antisocial hoarder, but the work was always rewarding. Though he had to get his hands (well, his gloves) dirty, Amoré felt that he was at least making a difference. It certainly was much better than his previous job of vacuuming the same boring carpets of the same (essentially clean) office building every other night.

The premises of APS BV did not disappoint: the owner had gotten caught up in some fraud case and had fled the country. Disgruntled employees had taken the opportunity to strip the place of anything of value, taking out their anger on what was left. Apparently, various break-ins after the closure had made things worse, with thieves attempting to strip the copper linings from the various pipes that ran through the place. Finally, Amoré's extreme cleaning company had been hired by the trustees overseeing the bankruptcy proceedings, hoping that they might get the place into a state where it might be sold.

"We're going to start by getting rid of anything moveable. Like that broken chair. Furniture. Anything you can carry", he said. "Just put it in the back of the truck. I'll drive it to the dump when it's full."

He was talking to his assistant for this job, Roderick. He didn't like Roderick. He was a bratty, entitled second year student who didn't have a passion for extreme cleaning. He was just doing this as a part time job because it funded his drinking habits. Amoré also suspected that Roderick used this job to get 'cool pictures' for his Friendsbook. Certainly the youth was playing with his phone far, far too much.

"Woah. This place is listed on several urban exploration websites", Roderick called out while pouring over his smartphone. "One even says it's haunted by the spirit of some worker who died in a mysterious accident. Place must've been abandoned for months. I guess they really can't sell a piece of crap like this, huh?"

"Your 'urban explorers' made all this shit here on the floor ", Amoré replied. Rodericks' mentioning of 'urban explorers' just strengthened his suspicion that the boy was in it for the shocker picks, which might violate the privacy of their clients if he posted them. And he wasn't at all impressed by these 'urban explorers', given the mess they'd left. Graffiti, plastic disposables and broken beer bottles were definitely left there by someone other than the original employees. Loudmouth students with too much time on their hands, perhaps.

"Why don't you put that phone away and start working eh?"

"Yeah yeah", Roderick said with a resigned voice. "I'll start in the back."

"I better not see you with that phone again!"


One and a half working days had passed since the pair had first started cleaning. He had to admit that Roderick had pulled his weight, even if he'd spent most of his break time staring at that bloody phone. Two truckloads of loose debris had been removed from the premises, the carpeting had been stripped, the remaining floors had been vacuumed and the tiles were once again sparkling clean.

The only thing left to clean was the confusing mess of pipes and instrument panels that ran all through the place. Amoré didn't really know what the place had made ('chemicals', presumably) but it sure had looked like a mighty complicated process. Wanting to do a thorough job, he'd opened some of the pipes up to clean them on the inside, pouring in the water and cleaning solvent and then scrubbing as deep as his arm could reach. Nobody would be able to say that he'd done a shoddy job! And besides, it was really zen-like to slowly watch a messy place get back into an orderly state.

He was still scrubbing the inside of a pipe when Roderick came into his field of view, the earbuds that dangled across his chest still blaring out some of that thumpa-thumpa dance music that the student liked so much.

"Hey. Moré. I think I saw that ghost", the student said. "The floor was shaking down below. Like it's an earthquake."

"There's no ghosts here", the senior cleaner replied dismissively. "Nor is there such a thing as earthquakes. Not here, yeah? Up north maybe. Or down south in Epheron. Let me tell you --"

His story was interrupted by a rumble that came from the basement. The basement that Roderick had just vacated. There was something going on there.

"I'm telling you! It's the ghost!"

"Let's go have a look-see", Amoré replied. He was curious too now. His grandmother had told him stories of ghosts. Well, spirits, really. The spirits of his ancestors, of his family, that were watching over him. As he'd grown older he'd become more sceptical of such things. But maybe - maybe something was going on here.

As the pair went on downstairs they quickly noticed that the rumbling was getting louder, and there was some sort of hissing sound that accompanied it. It sounded ... it sounded like a leak.


They'd both spoken simultaneously as they saw the cause: the concrete floor of the basement had cracked open and the hissing sound proceeded from it. The meters and indicators on the panel just behind them had all started to move, with some of the indicators pointing to a red zone and others just ... off whatever scale it was supposed to represent. Amoré immediately felt it on his skin, too. His eyes were pricking. His throat seized up and seemed to burn as if something had set fire to it. It had become difficult to breathe. Something had gone very, very wrong.

"I'm calling the emergency services", Roderick insisted, phone already in hand - and this time Amoré was glad for it. While the student was trying to make the call they both retreated, shutting the basement door behind them so that the gas - whatever it was - couldn't just follow them.

"An ambulance? No! I can walk. Just.. unf... breathing difficulty. I'm walking away from the source. Look. Uh. There's this gas - that's for the fire services right?"

Panic was creeping into the student's voice even as there was an alarming change in the pitch of the noise that was coming from behind that door.

Amoré wanted to run but didn't have the strength in him. Something had sapped it. His last thoughts were of his mother and grandmother. Maybe those ancestor spirits were real. Maybe they would protect him. Maybe everything would be okay.


At 12:14 local time, a sudden explosion rippled through an abandoned chemicals processing plant in the Purendal industrial park, north east of Dwalmendam and right in the middle of the densely populated Hartstad conurbation. Though the damage done by the blast was contained by the sturdy concrete structure, the top was blown from a gigantic underground storage tank containing an unknown, colourless gaseous substance.

As the gas was blown downwind the people caught in it began to experience coughing, severe eye irritation, a burning feeling in the throat, involuntary twitching of their eyelids, breathlessness, stomach pains and vomiting.

The symptoms then got worse, and people began to choke while trying to cough up their own lungs.

Cruel winds blew in an easterly direction on that slow summer day, towards the densely packed urban area that was home to most of Knootoss' citizenry. Before the emergency services were able to get a grip of what was going on, thousands of people in the affected area were already dead, or dying.

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Postby Knootoss » Sat Jul 23, 2016 12:36 am

No bullshit. Just KNN.

The predominant Knootian news network was well into its lazy summer afternoon programming. Lifestyle Reporter Leonard Levendig was indulging in some heavily sponsored content by checking out all the best beaches on the Atlantic coast. KNN luxuriated in long High Definition shots of azure waters, white sand and expensive hotels that were set to an excited, bubbly narrative which stressed that the Danaan Cove was just as wonderful and unique and exciting as the Subeitan Shores.

It was suddenly interrupted, though, by a swishing 'breaking news' logo that cut to the black-suited presence of news anchor Cornelis Rommelent. Rommelent was exactly the sort of trustworthy-seeming generic, square-jawed white man that you'd want around to tell you the news in an emergency. In fact, the whole thing about Rommelent being a Bad News Anchor was already a bit of a meme on the Internet, with speculation going around that KNN kept him in a freezer for the occasion. Not that he was still thawing when he spoke.

"We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a breaking news story from Dwalmdam", he intoned gravely before walking into an oval chamber filled with different television screens, on which shoddy user-submitted footage of the unfolding disaster was being displayed. They were for the most part telephone footage: a panicking teacher trying to manage a primary school class of seven year olds, all of whom were having difficulty breathing, with several kids laying lifeless on the ground. A column of twelve ambulances chasing by on a quiet provincial road, heading west. A group of bawdy construction workers being refused entry to a fancy hotel lobby while a shrill siren was going off in the back, an argument about to turn violent.

"Local emergency responders are being inundated with calls after an explosion at the Purendal industrial park near Dwalmdam. Reports on social media indicate that some people in the area are having trouble breathing without any apparent cause. So far, KNN has managed to identify at least thirty social media reports of fatalities, including at De Kleine Blunder primary school, where at least 60 children are feared dead even as ambulances arrive at the scene. One video shows that an ambulance crew at that school is being affected by the same symptoms and thus unable to provide assistance."

"There is no response from the national authorities yet. However, KNN was able to obtain an unofficial comment by a senior official from the Ministry of Public Welfare. She stresses that no danger to public health has been established but asks that people refrain from calling the emergency telephone number unless they or someone in their immediate vicinity are experiencing trouble."
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Postby Knootoss » Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:11 pm

Ring Road, Leemtrecht

The full scale of the calamity had become obvious to the citzens of Leemtrecht. Though the city was situated at least 90 kilometres from the site of the explosion, the prevailing winds were said to be carrying this invisible cloud in the direction of the seat of Knootoss' central transport hub, and death was feared to follow.

A video of a rickety communal apartment building in Dwalmdam, strewn with the corpses of its student-inhabitants, had appeared on the Internet and was being circulated in the news. It came with breathless, almost excited commentary from the one student (a self-described libertarian survivalist) who had kept a gas mask and protective gear handy in his dormitory. His housemates had always mocked him for that. Now they were dead.

Knootian Defence Force infantrymen, recognisable by their grey uniforms and pig-like gas masks, were patrolling the streets around Leemtrechts' busy ring road. Lanes were being redirected to allow them to carry more traffic away from the city, towards the northerly and easterly exits. A single lane in the other direction was being kept free for emergency vehicles, which were pouring in from all directions with sirens blaring.

The soldiers were telling people to remain calm, to follow evacuation instructions and to depart only when the television or radio was calling on their particular postal code. This was all to avoid causing a panic or a traffic jam, but nerves were fraying. People wanted to be safe, to be away from danger. And those soldiers could talk easily with their masks and their fancy equipment, couldn't they?

Already the first conspiracy theories were being raised: that the wealthy neighbourhoods were being evacuated first, that government officials were using priority lanes to get their families out. In truth, the government response was far too chaotic, far too haphazard to allow for such cunning manipulation of the evacuation "plan". The baseline for mass evacuation in the Hartstad capital region relied on a scenario that involved mass flooding. Floods, even if prompted by a foreign military attack, would only gradually cause areas to become dangerous along very predictable routes. The direction of the danger was unpredictable now and it was moving at speed.


Hofburg Tower, Central Hartstad

The Hofburg Tower was one of Knootoss' oldest and most prestigious arcologies. It was a massive tower with a self-contained atmosphere, able to operate in complete isolation from the world for a long time, even in the event of a flood or an NBC attack. Now it was predicted by some citizens to be in the path of the death cloud as it drifted north-eastwards.

A crowd of people had gathered in front of the towers' massive front doors, which had been closed and sealed with various air- and watertight security measures. Smartphone cameras were recording how people were yelling for the doors to be opened, to let them in, but to no avail. A lantern pole had been knocked over and was being used as an improvised battering ram as the doors remained closed, but the doors wouldn't dent.

Around them, others were taking advantage of the situation by looting the shops that faced the old arcology, carrying off cash registers and electronic equipment with impunity. Nobody knew if the cloud would come, but for sure the police were busy elsewhere. Those who never had much in life anyway took advantage of the opportunity that the situation presented.


Huisten Refinery, Dwalmdam

While much of the panic in Leemtrecht was just that, the gas had actually done its deadly work at the Huisten Oil Refinery. It was located in the Purendal industrial park, the very site that had been hit by the initial explosion. Even as army helicopters and emergency vehicles were crammed around the site of the initial explosion (with full NBC protective gear being worn by all involved) the plant had been abandoned by the few surviving staff.

A problem had developed in the refinery’s reactor, a tall column that converted oil into gasoline. In the absence of a human operator, the pressure in the oil distillation tanks was being automatically released into the atmosphere by emergency valves, producing a cloud of flammable gas. This was a sensible enough measure to have been programmed into the system: better to let the gas vent than to have the pressure build into an explosion. Unfortunately, it would take only a single spark from the burning compound next door and the gas would be set alight.

As the eastern face of the refinery, which contained fuel tanks D, E and F, exploded into an apocalyptic stack of fire and smoke there were tremours that rocked the area around the initial disaster site, knocking down the desperate emergency staff on the site. Several of the nearby firefighters were themselves set ablaze.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence
"Omnia mutantur nos et mutamur in illis"

BZD Communication Office
Laan 3
P.O. Box 90909
From: His Excellency Lord Barent de Kock, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defence for the Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss
To: World Assembly Emergency Agencies, all friendly governments and NGO's able to render assistance
Subject: Request for Emergency Assistance
Security Classification: Public

In light of the unfolding incident at the Purendal industrial park, the government of the Dutch Democratic Republic hereby requests the assistance of any willing government, international agency or non-governmental organisation. There is currently a pressing need for emergency medical assistance, hospital beds in specialised lung wards, NBC-specialised firefighters and other emergency staff.

Emergency response teams, which are being coordinated by the Ministry of Public Welfare, have measured a very large but as-yet unquantified release of methyl isocyanate, a colourless agent that is toxic when inhaled in quantities as low as 0.4 ppm.

Your assistance will save lives and will be duly appreciated by the Knootian people and their government.

Yours faithfully,

Barent de Kock


This government communication has been printed on biodegradable paper. All carbon emissions associated with the creation of this government communication have been off-set with new plantings in Colombia, using the Pink Bunny Tree™ Carbon Offset Scheme, sponsored by the Pink Bunny Cola Corporation and the Global Hell Group. For more information about the Pink Bunny Tree™ Carbon Offset Scheme, consult

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Postby The Resurgent Dream » Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:45 am

Both the Caldan Government and Caldan-based NGOs and churches responded generously to the Knootian request for help and ordinary Caldans donated many millions of Sterlings to relief efforts. Doctors, firefighters, equipment, and medicine were airlifted to Knootoss and a fully operation field hospital set-up in any space made available by the Knootians. Knootoss, unfortunately, did not have quite as many open fields and clearings as many countries. The whole place was practically one large city. The Special Caldan Emergency Assistance Command was created to coordinate efforts and funds under the direction of Vice Admiral Sir Dayton Nixon who was charged to coordinate with Knootian authorities. It was announced that Lola Foster would visit Knootoss in the coming week.

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Postby Snefaldia » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:29 pm

In the wake of the massive industrial accident in Knootoss, the reaction in Snefaldia was multifaceted. Since the Hantili coup, his downfall, and the entrenchment of the new administration, independent media had been almost completely muzzled. The major news agencies, whether print, digital, broadcast or otherwise, all carried the same story: Snefaldians care. Donation centres were set up at post-offices, Aatem Nal institutions, and local shrines and temples. People were encourage to donate to the Snefaldian Red Eagle Organization's Knootian Relief Mission, and convenient text-message and mobile payment channels were opened up to provide average citizens an easy way to contribute and feel that they were making an impact. Naturally, a not-insignificant percentage of the donations went toward sorting out the various administrative, regulatory and logistical problems such a large relief program would have. After all, administrators need relief too, don't they?

The other side of the story was about the disaster itself. Overseas Snefaldian media, unconstrained by the dictates of what was essentially a military government, pointed out that official narratives focused on how lax safety measures and the danger of democratic governance were the likely cause of the disaster; liberal Western values were the cause of the disorganized response, which discplined and organized Snefaldians were duty-bound to help. 10% of every news broadcast seemed to focus on the warm, caring response of the Snefaldian people. Why, even Ministry of State offered to send volunteers from the Armed Forces Disaster Response Corps to assist, and the Snefaldian Ambassador in Hartstad was shown making "visits" to affected locations; naturally as far away from danger and hostile media as could be managed. What was important was showing they cared.

"Such a disaster in Snefaldia would be unthinkable" a state-sponsored newpaper in Taxilha thundered, "The dangerous closeness of the Knootian government to business interests caused this incident" was the opinion of a retired civil servant on a popular round-table show. "What is essential is that the entire nation show its support for the people of Knootoss affected by this tragedy" said one of the lower-ranked officials deputed to make the rounds on state-run and state-friendly news shows, "Knootoss is a major trading and strategic partner for the States-Federation, and we need to help in any way possible. We will leave speculation on the causes of this tragedy to the experts."

Márkës Vinsëłmø-Ŕymè, Lord Chancellor of the Supreme Council, made a phone call to his counterpart in Hartstad, expressing his condolences and those of the Snefaldian nation, as well as offering any assistance in the form of medical supplies and on-site aid that Snefaldia could provide.
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Postby Kahanistan » Wed Aug 31, 2016 10:01 pm

The Kahanistanian response to the gas outbreak in Knootoss was surprisingly swift. Operating under the assumption that the gas leak was a massive terrorist operation, medical personnel boarding planes from New Masada to the Knootian capital were fitted with gas masks and full NBC warfare suits. Five hundred medical aid workers, primarily lung specialists and critical paediatric care doctors and nurses, had been called up before the Kahanistanian Foreign Ministry even thought to ask the Knootian government for permission for the medical staff to enter the country.

By the time Kahanistanian Foreign Minister Jacob Lucas managed to contact someone in the Knootian Foreign Ministry, he could barely let them know that medical aid was coming into their airspace and asked permission to put intelligence personnel in the country to determine if terrorists were in fact responsible for the gas leak that seemed to have caused considerable casualties.

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