Step up in Propaganda Efforts

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Step up in Propaganda Efforts

Postby Bulgislavia » Wed May 06, 2009 6:25 pm

The Revolutionary zeal occuring in Bulgislavia had began in October and the party has been exploiting this ever since to get the people fully mobalized but it seems now the Bulgislavian Govt wants the people in neighboring nations to know just how revolutionary the Bulgislavian people now.
The Government has recently set up hundreds of massive loud speakers at regular intervals all lining the Bulgislavian border to blare out propaganda messages.

Massive billboards depicting socialist inspired art such as a brave, strong and handsome couple holding up the sickle and hammer in triumph have also been placed around the Bulgislavian border. A recent documentary on Bulgislavia was made in which a TV crew went to a small Village near the Bulgislavian border. The entire village can hear propaganda blared out ALL DAY.

"Come to the Capital of Paradise, Terevesti!"
"Hello my name is Ivan, I defected to the Socialist Workers Paradise in 2002 and my life is Happy. I have a daughter to my lovely Bulgislavian wife and a veyr nice flat in the Capital of the Workers State. The State of the Great Leader Comrade President Mehmet Ceau has provided for us and we are eternily happy. Come over and enjoy a glass of wine with your new comrades!"

Those are just a few of the propaganda messages blared out from across the border but few people can tolerate this nonsense and many villages close to the Bulgislavian border are seeing an exodus of people.

"Its to scary to live next to such a land. They kidnapped Bulgarians in the 80's you know!" said one Bulgarian women who is planning on leaving the village

The Loud Speakers appear to be up for good according to the Communist Party who declared "We must show our good neighbors our peaceful intentions and let them know they have nothing to worry about"

We left the small Bulgarian village to the sound of a female voice emitting from the loud speakers in Bulgislavia "Enter the land of eternal happiness and prosperity under the red flag of socialism. Advance with the entire Bulgislavian nation we will accept you, comrade! We in Terevesti, capital of Paradise wait for you"
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Postby Drakonaris » Sun May 15, 2022 3:35 pm

A dignitary in a dark red suits arrives in Bulgislava bearing the seal of the dragon pinned to his lapel and a scroll held tightly under his arms. He was silent as he passed through the village and headed straight for the Terevesti party headquarters building taking careful note of the speaker systems delivering propaganda as he went. Once inside he approached the office of President Ceau explaining to the guards that he has diplomatic business on behalf of the Draconian Socialist Party. Once inside he deposited the scroll on the presidents desk before turning to leave and returning to stand outside awaiting an answer.

The Scroll Reads:
Premier of the Democratic Republic of Drakonaris General Secretary and of the Draconian Socialist Party Samuel Poole sends his greetings. Word of your peoples revolutionary fervor and the unfortunate effect it has had on your neighbors has reached my ears. As fellow socialists we sympathize with your predicament and if you will accept offer you the aid of our party in perhaps convincing some of the states around you to be more sympathetic to your goals. The person who delivered this message is the deputy chief of our SDIS (Shadow Dragon Information Service). He stands at the ready to deploy our agents to the nations around you ensuring that in their next elections the parties in power will be favorable to your interests and ours. Let him know if you wish to proceed and he will make all the arrangements and remember the Draconian Socialist Party stands with our allies.

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