SACTO Communication Center [IC/OPEN]

Where nations come together and discuss matters of varying degrees of importance. [In character]
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SACTO Communication Center [IC/OPEN]

Postby SACTO ADMIN » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:30 am

Department of Diplomacy and Public Relations


Welcome to SACTO Communication Center, or known formally as the Department of Diplomacy and Public Relations,

Whether you are friends or foe to SACTO; this center is open specifically to all members of the international community in NationStates; here we provide a platform for other player who wish to convey their message to Santiago Anti Communist Treaty Organization, be it a request for assistance against foreign communist regime, a declaration of war, invitation for members, or any other event - feel free to post IN CHARACTER format.

However, please bear in mind that it will take sometime for your messages to be processed. So if you feel you are being left out feel free to contact our officials.


At the present, our officers in charge of this Department are;

as the Head of Department
& assisted by
as Deputy Head of Department


1. This is an IC Thread.
2. No trolling or spamming.
3. Assume good faith.
4. Follow other forum rules.
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Postby SACTO ADMIN » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:31 am

(No recent communique)
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Postby SACTO ADMIN » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:33 am


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Bulgar Rouge
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Postby Bulgar Rouge » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:38 am


FROM: Foreign Affairs Committee
TO: SACTO imperialist stooges
ENCR: Open

The Democratic Republic of Bulgar Rouge uses this opportunity to address the nations participating in this fascist-reactionary union. We urge you to disband this meagre organisation at once. You represent nobody but your own resistance to revolutionary forces. We are the embodiment of brute natural forces and the laws of natural change.

All your organisation does is to bark like a mad dog against bigger foes and bite upon weaker ones. You are not a serious obstacle on the road to final victory, and your resistance to the might of the revolutionary organic body will only cause your people needless pain and suffering. Disband now.

The people-masses of Bulgar Rouge

This nation does not reflect my RL views.
Singaporean Transhumans wrote:I'm only saying that, well, even commies have reached the level of selling counterfeit and drugs in their storefronts, we can't be any less.

The Holy Therns wrote:Politicians make statements. It's their substitute for achievement.

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Postby Aeyariss » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:47 am

OOC: This one is now redirected here.

Delmonte wrote:
The Chancellery of Foreign Nations
Of the Most Serene Republic and Grand City of Delmonte

"In Bellum Pax; Per Pax Prosperitatem."

Dear Madame,

It is not out of diplomatic import, but rather an intense morbid curiosity, that I respond to your incredibly poorly written missive. What you wrote was not only grammatically absent, but also worryingly self-contradicting and filled with myriad obvious attempts at braggadocio. If I had to say one good thing about what you wrote to me, I suppose it would be this: It was very earnest. I genuinely believe that you penned every last word of this mind-numbing, inbred attempt at politique with the utmost sincerity. Which makes the third trimester abortion you generously refer to as a "letter" all the more laughable. But when I say laughable this time it is in a different sense than in my last communication to you. This is a combination of funny and nervous laughter. The kind of laughter you have when an idiot who was kicked in the head as a boy says the damnedest thing to you, but you're also kind of worried he's going to snap one day. Or the kind of laughter you share with a foreign exchange student who's very nice, but you're really quite glad when he's gone.

Without further ado, I shall now plunge into the feces-ridden rabbit hole that is your "letter" in order to try and decipher your incredibly creative interpretations of "logic". You begin the glorified run-on-sentence that is your missive by assuring me that I and my letter are not important because, well, only you read them. While the hilarity of you insulting your own importance is palpable, I am mostly perplexed. Why did you even say this drivel? If anything it just makes your organization seem petty and even less important than it already seemed. I don't begin every letter or response by telling the recipient that only I, and not the Doge, am dealing with them and how embarrassed they should feel. I don't do it because I am not, I beg your pardon, a fucking amateur like you and your organization. You go on to presume that we will ever meet in person. I assure you this is the last thing I desire.

The next two paragraphs are impertinent nonsense that, once deciphered read as:

1: We aren't fascists.
2: Fascists don't even want to be like us!
3: There are a lot of fascists in SACTO, though.
4: Also, our country bears a strong resemblance to fascism.
5: Okay, you caught us, we're fascist. Insert winking smily-face.

My favorite part in this brain killing opiate of a document comes in the third paragraph where you out and out say that you are a fascist. Your defense of Livania picking fascism is priceless: They're just lazy. Fantastic. At least your peculiar brand of fascism isn't much of a threat when it comes to conquering the world because, you know, they probably just won't get around to it. You're like the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything from Veggie Tales. You are actually them, transposed on an even more idiotic ideology.

You end your soul-shreddingly stupid communique by literally bragging about bragging. It's like some sort of idiotic meta-bragging. "We could brag about the ships we've sunk." You then go on to make excuses about how you can't actually write your letter because you failed to allocate time to it. Nobody made you send me an incomplete letter, you colossal moron. You could have started, stopped, and reconvened at a later time to finish. That would have given you the time to seek help from an adult, which you are clearly in dire need of. You then wrap up your used diaper of a letter with a quote that more or less praises fascism as an antidote to Communism. What began as you assuring me your hopelessly moronic organization is not a fascist fetish group ended with you practically goose stepping out the door.

To put your supremely addled mind at ease, I will redact what I said previously:

SACTO is not a club of fascists. It is a club of fascist wannabes.

Your Loyal Servant,
Ludovico Di Canossa

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The Black Plains
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A Modest Proposal

Postby The Black Plains » Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:15 pm


The Security Syndicate of the Black Plains
Office of Peter Cantrell; Chief Foreign Officer

Addressed to the Secretary, Leadership, and General Membership of the Santiago Anti-Communist Treaty Organization;

Warm Greetings. I am Peter Cantrell with the Foreign Office of the Security Syndicate of the Black Plains. We have been watching your Organization and have decided that now is an opportune time to extend our services to you. We are a Private Military Contractor but, oh, we are so much more! Services we offer include riot control, police duties, military consulting/training, counter-insurgency, espionage, surveillance, and incarceration programs. Over the years we have developed a unique package of these services designed specifically to contain and eliminate Communism, whether it is a grassroots movement in your own nation, leftovers in a nation you are occupying, or a full-fledged Communist regime that you'd like overthrown.

If you look at our credentials in dealing with Communists you will find that they are quite exhaustive. The Anti-Communist Alliance employed us from its inception to its dissolution. The International Fascist Alliance has employed us since its inception and employs us to this day. La Falange Di Fascisti also employs us currently to similar purposes as the aforementioned. We have seen Anti-Communist deployment in several nations in Sondria. Where there are nations battling against Communism, we are found there also. We are replete with experience in this matter and would happily give you access to our knowledge as well as our expert services for what I believe is a very reasonable fee.

One of the services that we offer that tends to be most utilized is our Prison Relief Program. It is a program by which we will take whatever prisoners you wish from you, forever, free of charge (provided you have enough of a quantity for that to be worthwhile). We also offer our normal services, including military support in times of conflict.

I really do hope you see the wisdom in a partnership with the Syndicate.

Warm Regards,
Peter Cantrell

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Postby SACTO ADMIN » Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:51 am

Edit: Bug fixed, SACTO emblem restored, Quirina flag reverted.

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Postby Quirina » Mon Feb 22, 2016 4:43 am


"Pater Patriae Imperiorum"

To: The International Community
From: Minister-Presidency of Foreign Affairs, Great Quirina Republic
Subject: Stance on the Establishment of the Third World Mutual Cooperation Pact
Encryption: Public

To our counterparts in the international community

It is in my greatest delight to share to you our stance and preemptive measure with the existence of the so-called 3rd World Mutual Cooperation Pact, which bears similarity with the Non-Aligned Movement, only that their major highlight is their march to the tune of so-called 'equality'. Let it be known, by these words from a well-known state figurehead from abroad what is 'equality' all about.

Victor Emmanuel VI, Britannine Emperor wrote:All men... are NOT created equal!

Some are born swifter afoot, some with greater beauty, some are born into poverty and others born sick and feeble. Both in birth and upbringing, in sheer scope of ability every human is inherently different; Yes that is why people discriminate against one another, which is why there is struggle, competition and the unfaltering march of progress.

Inequality is not wrong, equality is. What of the E.U. which made equality a right? Rabble politics by a popularity contest. What of the other socialist states with its equal distribution of wealth? A nation of lazy dullards. But no, not our holy empire: we fight, we rule, we win and we develop and propser and with this, evolution is continuous.

With that said, the premise of such person as His Imperial Majesty can only mean that equality is a false promise towards a future of struggle, challenge and dominance. For even those who forward equality are unequal among themselves. One way or another they will struggle who leads and who follows the path of their 'equality'.

Therefore, let this letter be a reminder to all of us that history had shown, where in no way there was, can, and will be no equality in every step of life, as it is an impossible dream to play such song. With this, let this serve as a warning that such alliance that brings forth third world nations into such oppressive and deceiving system will be more of our concern, as our best international interest is the self-determination and self-reliance of all nations, and at the same time defense against any oppressive activity within our reach.


Drew Llorvich
The Great Quirina Republic
एक, सच, अजेय
The Great Federated Noble States

"Strength determines the fates of the world, and the same should be applied over oppressors." - Maharajah Purva Ashvath IV

Call me Quirina.


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