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by Federal Pacifica
New Sacramento Times


Marco Peterson Space Telescope Launches!
Date: April 15th, 2024
After 13 years of continuous development, CASA has announced that the Marco Peterson Space Telescope (Peterson for short) has successfully launched. Peterson is the most advanced space telescope to have launched thus far and is a staple of Pacifican engineering and will utilize new technologies invented specifically for it.

Peterson will deploy at the Earth-Sun L2 Lagrangian point, which is one of five points in which the gravitational influences of two larger orbiting bodies (The Sun and the Earth in this case) causes a smaller object (Peterson in this case)
~ All five Lagrangian points, Peterson will be deployed at L2
to maintain its position relative to the larger orbiting bodies. In essence, Peterson will remain locked in place as it orbits the Earth and the Sun (see GIF for reference). This makes it the farthest space telescope ever launched. This distance however, means that it won't arrive at it's intended location for a few days. During its journey to the L2 Lagrangian point, it will slowly extend it's sun-shield and deploy other instruments. CASA officials have stated that launching it was the first moment of terror, the second moment terror is watching it deploy. It's distance from Earth makes it difficult to repair manually. So, if anything goes wrong during it's deployment phase, fixing it would be very difficult if even possible at all.

The telescope is named after Marco Peterson, the first administrator and founder of CASA. He played a crucial role in lobbying the old Federalist government to not only establish a space agency but to also invest heavily in it. He served as administer of CASA from it's formation in 2005 to 2012. During his time as administrator, he spearheaded many projects that would secure Pacifica's place in outer-space research. Most notably, he oversaw the creation of the Mars rover program, the development of the Kepler Planet Hunter Telescope, and the early development of what would become the Peterson Space Telescope. He would die from natural causes in August of 2012 and the then called New Generation Space Telescope would renamed in his honor.

Peterson is designed to be successor to the aging Hubble Space Telescope. Hubble, originally a NASA project which saw contributions from the European Space Agency, was subsumed by the ESA after NASA was dissolved by the Union State. The ESA spent a few additional years tweaking problems that were overlooked by NASA and launched the space telescope in 1995. However, even with ESA tweaks, Hubble was plagued with technical issues that required manual repair operations. Despite this though, Hubble provided groundbreaking discoveries and research in cosmology, astronomy, and essentially all fields of space science. It's images have altered the public perception of space itself, providing people with a direct look into the mystery's of the cosmos. However, Hubble is aging and it's limited by it's old technology.

Peterson is a technological marvel that improves upon Hubble significantly. It will have a more sensitive and overall greater resolution than Hubble, providing Astronomers and Cosmologists the ability to peer even further into the Universe's past, such as the formation of early galaxies. Peterson will also provide astronomers the means to better understand the formation of stars and planets, and even has the capability of directly imaging exoplanets. However, these images of exoplanets won't be anything spectacular, rather the exoplanets would appear as small dots, some hardly larger than a pixel. A small dot is all planetary scientists need though, to understand the atmosphere, composition, potential vegetation, and other details, of an exoplanet.

Peterson will mainly observe light in a lower frequency range, from long-wavelength visible light through mid-infrared light. In contrast, Hubble only observes visible, near ultra-violet, and near-infrared light. This allows Peterson to observe red-shifted objects that are too far way for even the mighty Hubble to observe. However, to in order to observe infrared light unmolested, Peterson must be extremely cold. This is why it employs a massive sun shield of which will sunlight from hitting the Telescope, which will keep it at a nice and cool −220 °C. It's telescope employs the largest primary mirror of any space telescope. So large in fact, that it must be separated into segments that will unfold during deployment. More technical details of the primary mirror, along side other components and instruments within the telescope, can be found the follow up article written by a CASA engineer.

Overall, the Peterson Space Telescope will likely revolutionize our understanding of the early Universe and the many present components of the Universe of today, such as the formation and composition of exoplanets. CASA has confirmed that they will test Peterson's exoplanet direct imaging capabilities on the closest star-system to our Sun, Democritus (named after the Greek philosopher, Democritus). Democritus is 3.95 light years way and is known to have at least three confirmed exoplanets (Democritus A, B, and C), two of which are located in the stars habitable zone. They will use Peterson to image and observe Democritus's companion Socrates, which was originally thought to have been a low-mass type M star, but was later found out to actually be a brown-dwarf, in-order to better understand the formation and nature of these failed-stars.

CASA has confirmed that they are considering creating a second variant of Peterson, one that will be deployed at a different Lagrangian Point. CASA officials state that one space telescope will only give us one picture of just one side of the Universe, the discovery of Democritus in 2015 had shown that even stars that are so close to us can allude us for so long. Thus, CASA believes that a second similar telescope could allow for even more discoveries within our neighborhood and allow us to observe areas that were previously unobservable due to limitations in past technology and previous space telescope's close proximity to Earth. Depending on the performance of Peterson, Congress could approve for the creation of a second one; however even with the United Republic's large space spending, there is only so many projects we can do at once. Thus the likelihood of a second Peterson telescope any time soon is low, at least until CASA's other projects are completed.

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by Anxiety Cafe
30 October 2023

Politician Calls for Reduction of Protected Areas

Politician Santiago Gonzales suggested on Wednesday that the national government should consider reducing the amount of protected areas in southwestern Patagonia, claiming it was stifling development and unnecessarily expansive. Gonzales, who is set to run for governor of the province of Magallanes, claimed he would request the national government allow large tracts of land of Bernardo O'Higgins National Park to be returned to private ownership.

This stance was highly controversial. Bernardo O'Higgins National Park is the largest in the nation, taking up much of the northern part of the province of Magallanes in addition to southern Aysén. However, this expansiveness is far from unusual for the area. Over 11 million acres are dedicated to national parks, largely thanks to the efforts of American billionaires, the Tompkins, who set out on ambitious projects to rewild the area. Their donation of one million acres for a national park spurred the creation of a large network of them, connected by a scenic, 2,800 kilometer "Ruta de los Parques", spanning from Pumalín Park in Los Lagos Province (donated by the Tompkins) to Yendegaia Park in Tierra del Fuego province.

Many said that in addition to destroying the great efforts and vast fortunes spent by the Tompkins, the move would also have severe ecological ramifications for species in the area, which have been making steady comebacks since the establishment of the parks in 2018. Others have said that the economic downsides would also be catastrophic, as the national park system and nature route in the area provide more than 40,000 jobs. However, Gonzales pointed out that the economic potential of the area would more than outweigh the downsides, claiming that sheep herding, forestry, and commercial fishing would all flourish if it weren't for the national parks. He proposed connecting the development of the area⁠—and the reduction in protected areas that come with it⁠—to Project: Frontier, painting it as a "natural and unavoidable result of development." Gonzales' campaign released a statement that he is "greatly dedicated to the preservation of nature and would do nothing to disrespect the Tompkins," but also asserted that his plan "is necessary for growth of the area."

In Other News: Oldest human footprint in the Americas found near Osorno; Mapuche terrorist groups burns down two more farms; Oil spill off the coast of Guarello Island in Magallanes Province; Man says government should start project to demolish the Andes so he can get to the beach quicker

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by New Metropolitan France
Territorial dispute with Indonesia settled

The French Indochinese Federation, an overseas dominion of the French Confederation, today settled a territorial dispute with Indonesia. Prior to the toppling of the communist regimes in South East Asia, North Vietnam claimed several islands under Indonesian jurisdiction within the South China/Dragon Sea. Ever since the reunification of Indochina under France in 2017, this claim on Indonesian sovereign domains had been left unaddressed, until today. President Dutoit of the French Confederation, accompanied by officials from the Republic of Vietnam, State of Cambodia, and Principality of Laos, met in Saigon to sign a document renouncing all rights to Indonesian-controlled regions within the Spratly islands. This was reciprocated by Indonesia, who have recognized the French Confederation's claimed territory in the South China/Dragon Sea. These events came following the recent conclusion of free trade deal negotiations between Indonesia and the DEU, during which France was the main proponent for Indonesia in the DEU Assembly.

Other news: Central Bank of the Confederation offers technical and expert assistance to FUNA. OOC: Voided until telegram conversation is completed.

House Bill 774

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by Bendicion

Avanroa Eagle News Network is a news network based in Melbourne Australia. The news agency is the top-grossing news agency in Australia and employs 2,500 employees and staff. The agency is ranked as one of the most unbiased networks in the globe and has significantly given out high-quality content as of late. More than 6 years in operation, the agency builds cooperative collaborations with well known Australian agencies for better quality news
Australian NGOs seek support as House votes on Bill 774
May 1,2024 | Isaac Livinston
Mitch Addington, pictured here, dived more than 1300 feet underwater
to voice his support for Bill 774 to be passed in the House

CANBERRA - Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO , Mitch Addington,29; has caught headlines this week when he went 400 meters under water in the Great Barrier Reef holding a water placard with the enscription , "Save the Pacific, Pass Bill 774".

This stunt is only one of the many stunts done by environmentalists, humanitarians, and green activists around the country to publicly call out the Australian public, as well as direct a finger to members of parliament who will be voting for the third time whether or not to pass for Bicameral approval House Bill 774, or the Pacific Environmental and Humanitarian Initiative Program Act of 2024, or known colloquially as the 'Pacific Initiative'.

Bill 774 is similar to past regulations and clauses set by EPBC Act of 1999, however, Bill 774 is expected to be a huge step in protecting the environment, as the Bill will also allow Australia to enforce the Pacific Initiative's actions not only in Australia but to the rest of the Pacific island nations. In order to entice these countries to take part with Bill 774, several clauses of the bill include Australian humanitarian efforts to be conducted in climate-change stricken countries in the Pacific as well as providing necessary aid to Pacific countries under threat by rising sea levels.

Many environmentalists in and outside of Australia are hoping that Bill 774 will be passed. If the bill is passed it will be a huge boost to several non-government organizations working in the area to finally gain the Australian government's support in the fight to combat pollution and help climate-change stricken areas in the Pacific.

||More than 1,000 environmental activist join Greenpeace program in Sydney Park || Recipient nations of aid will be subject to scrutiny, says opposition || Budget for Bill 774 missions to come from 'Technical Aid' || Helios III CEO Sean Ignacio says he supports Greenpeace efforts||

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by Puertollano
Castillo celebrates 2 millionth public house built since program

President Castillo of the Bolivarian Republic of Puertollano celebrated the opening on the 2 millionth property built for low-income and poor households by the government. The program, Mission Comodidad, was inaugurated when Castillo came to power in Bogota and has since been building public housing units around the nation. Mission Comodidad has accommodated millions in free or cheap public housing, with those who are poor, victims of natural disasters or in many of Puertollano's under-developed indigenous communities receiving preferential treatment. To celebrate the 2 millionth public house built by the government in Mission Comodidad, President Castillo and Minister of Social Services (Nicolas Maduro) cut the ribbon for a low-income family based in the barrios of Caracas. This has created a new generation of Puertollanoans who are reliant on the policies of Castillo and his idea for a "new and Bolivarian" republic. It is in this fashion that the President has distinguished himself from the larger neighbor to the South. Large banners unfurled across the public housing of 'Libertador' Simon Bolivar present this difference: a uniquely anti-imperialist, Bolivarian, socialist experiment. It seems that this is a successful method in drawing support from the populace at large and it doesn't look like as though it will end anytime soon.


Other news:
- Calin Divisions join the ISB from NSR Command
- ISB to expand its operation; air-force to to built
- Environmentalist activists disrupt Quito Regional Airport

Two Presidents | Portuguese Republic

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by Lusophone

First round results: Palveiro and Sousa will face off in the run-off election, but in any case Portugal will 're-elect' a President

Sara Palveiro, the incumbent President and candidate of the far-right Frente National endorsed by the Os Conservadores, is through to the second round of the Portuguese presidential election, where she will face former President Marcelo de Sousa, the 20th President of Portugal and the Left Coalition's candidate, who won Sunday's first round with 43.25% of the vote. Palveiro won 37.60%.

It's the first time in Portuguese history that two Presidents are going to face off in the second round runoff. Marcelo de Sousa makes history as the first non-incumbent President to seek re-election to the presidency.

Palveiro and Sousa’s strong showings Sunday, saw a sharp increase in participation and voter turnout compared to those who voted in the first round in 2019.

Independent candidate Eira Vento also earned 10.11% of the vote. The breakaway Left Coalition primary candidate and former Foreign Secretary enjoyed a comfortable lead early on in her primary campaign, but support wavered after she abandoned the Left Coalition in favor of her own independent campaign.

The first round results have prompted losing candidates to urge their supporters to back Sousa. Benedito Sanches, an MP and primary candidate for the Left Coalition's nomination said there was a distinction between a political adversary and an “enemy of the Republic,” referring to Palveiro. Eira Vento warned that if Palveiro were to be re-elected, it would lead Portugal to “ruin.” Vento has stated she will now focus her energy into electing progressive MPs into Parliament.

The advancement of Palveiro and Sousa into the second round will certainly have an impact on their ability to govern once they make it to Belem Palace. In the month following the presidential contest, Portuguese voters will return to the polls to elect members of the National Assembly, Portugal’s lower but more powerful house of parliament. This election is particularly important because whoever becomes prime minister almost always comes from the party that controls the chamber and, at present, Palveiro’s Frente Nacional (backed by the Os Conservadores) are slated to mantain a comfortable margin in Parliament while the Left Coalition, made up of the Partido Progressista and other left-wing parties aren't expected to win a majority.

This can produce cohabitation, in which the president must share power with the prime minister of a different party, almost certain if Sousa is to be elected President again. Though this power-sharing arrangement is not unprecedented in Portugal's political history, it has never been a favorable one. It reduces the head of state to a figurehead, akin to European monarchs or ceremonial presidents. In those times, the prime minister holds most of the executive powers, save for those governing foreign policy and defense, which the constitution puts specifically in the president’s domain.

Palveiro and Sousa now have three weeks ahead of the runoff to court the voters who backed their former competitors, as well as the estimated one-third of Portuguese voters who are still undecided.

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by The East African Commonwealth

The Afrika Times


Mapping Mission Results in Archeological Find

What started as the trial run for the CV Venture's crew and equipment turning into a startling discovery ten days into the fifteen day scan. An odd feature on the seabed 40 miles north of Malta led to the deployment of the vessel's six ROVs. After a day of imaging the seabed and controlled digging using suction excavation the crew found what appeared to be a series of large thick poles protruding from the seabed at varying heights and angles. The crew spent the next three days excavating an area of nearly a mile in diameter before they reported to Amity Command on their findings to ensure certainty. Buried beneath the mud and silt on the Mediterranean seabed are seven wooden vessels, somewhat intact thanks to the fact they were buried. Based on their design and size from what images were taken the ships appear to be Quinquereme, a warship type used during the Hellenistic period. While each of the ships is only partially excavated an each in different states of deterioration, the find itself is astonishing as there are almost no intact vessels from this period. Captain Muta alerted us that while he will be continuing to image and monitor the find, no further excavation or removal of artifacts will be done without approval from the URT or Italian government as this find is, "A significant discovery and a major find that gives us insight to a period of time we rarely have physical evidence of."

Medical Conference Announced

With the creation of the International Medical Exchange (IME) and with contributions from twelve different nations to the organization, a working structure and mission needs to be laid out for the future of the group. Funding, training, a headquarters, and an area of operations needs to be laid out by the group so they can begin operations as soon as possible. Further, cooperation with international groups such as the CDC and Doctors without Borders could help the organization expand its reach and expertise. In order to come up with these new guild lines and make these decisions, the IME has decided to host a medical conference in Africa City to discuss these topics and other issues. All members of the organization are invited as well as other nations and organizations from around the world. The meeting will be taking place in November and will lay out the roadmap for the organization. Afrika City's Leonis Center will host the month long event. This will be the first time since the city was renovated that it will be hosting a major event.

Philippines Intervention?

While talks in the DRC point to a possible stabilization of relations in Africa, the same cannot be said in the Pacific. The Philippines has been rapidly destabilizing the last few months and it looks like the country could descend into a civil war between the communists CCP and the Democratic PDP. Further, extremist groups appear to be gaining support for their ideals and building support. The entire country could explode into a DRC style conflict any day now, something the Amity Fleet would seek to prevent. While it would be outside the African Continent, the Fleet recognizes The Philippines as a hub of naval activity in the Pacific and a strategic central position. A civil war within the nation could have untold repercussions on the global economy via the shipping lanes and cause a major shift in power in the region should foreign nations intervene. To try and stop this from occurring, the Amity Fleet has sent a message to President Joriz Fajardo and the leaders of the CPP to organize a meeting aboard an Amity Fleet Vessel to act a neutral ground. This meeting would attempt to address the concerns of all parties and attempt to reduce tensions in the country. The Amity Fleet is hoping that bringing an outstretched hand over an armed vessel will see a peaceful resolution of the issue.

|CV Odyssey Nears Completion | GEI Considers Locations For First Mission | Afrika City Revitalization Project Declared a Success |

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by Bengal and Assam

“We can’t depend on our allies to protect us all the time. Kawa must stand up for itself.” New Destroyer for MSDF on the Way

By Staff Correspondent, Alex Tanaka

[align=center] Image

The Ministry of Defence held a press conference today where it announced how it will use next year’s budget allocated to it by the government. According to the spokeswoman, the MOD has requested the government to increase its budget to 30 billion NAF$, a 5 billion dollar increase from the previous budget in which the Bengal Self Defence Force acquired new ships and fighter aircraft.

After informing the press of the usual allocation of a good amount of the money for the up-keeping of the Self Defence Force and many MinDef assets across the country, they revealed that the extra money is for R&D of the rumoured NextGen submarine, and also, unanticipatedly, a new generation of Destroyers. The sulprus left will be used to buy more fighter jets from other suppliers, or “assisting indigenous companies such as KeiCo or Mitsurugi to procure the license from AusCorp for the production of the F/A-19 aircraft at home”.

According to spokeswoman Mayuri Nakami, the next-generation Ume-class destroyer will cost 164 billion Kawanse Ren(about 1.5 billion NAF$) per ship, and that it will be unveiled in 2029, after a 5 year R&D period.

A circular provided to members of the press outlined that the Ume-class battleship, one of the latest additions to the Maritime Self-Defense Force will be considered a “Guided Missile Destroyer”, and it will be “ready for ballistic missile defense(BMD) from the time of its commissioning. Its standard tonnage will be 8,500, while it can withstand a full load of 10,550. As of now, the government will issue requests to Bengal’s main shipbuilders, namely Mitsurugi and KeiCo, to come up with a design based on the spec-requests provided by the MSDF.
The circular says that the boat “must have a length of 170m, 4 gas turbine engines, a speed around 35 knots.” In terms of armanet, it will have a Type-45 Naval gun in a stealth mount, 16 missile mounts for Type-20, 2 20mm CIWS, 2 tubes for Type-70 torpedoes, 95-cell Type-41 VLS, different sort of standard and anti-ballistic missile. It will be able to carry one helicopter in a small enclosed hangar in the back.

A sudden expansion in the Self-Defense Forces come after the Empire of Japan reinforced its commitment to uphold the Ishihara Doctrine, which the Japanese government says will keep the West out of Asian affiars, while what it does in reality is intervene in internal relations between different countries, and bolster Japan’s imperial ambitions.[/align]


PM Itai criticises Ishihara Doctrine after Japanese involvement in Andoushima

By Nagano-Chou(PMO) Correspondent, Mikoto Sakai


While giving a press-brief at the Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs PM Itai once again criticised the Ishihara Doctrine. She said that “the Andoushima Crisis was an internal dispute between the UK and Kawa.” And that Australia, and more importantly, Japan shouldn’t have got involved.

[box]The Kawanese and the British people, and governments, enjoy a powerful and brotherly relationship that stretches back for 200 years. We and the UK could have solved this dispute peacefully ourselves. The Empire of Japan is in no position to interfere in the internal relationship between two countries, especially two countries that share a common history, and has impacted each other’s cultures in a good way. The Ishihara Doctrine has no reason to exist, for it only solidifies Japan’s imperial ambitions. As long as it exists, in a possible future, we may be fighting another war in the Pacific.

The Ishihara Doctrine was unveiled after the appointment of Shintaro Ishihara as the Prime Minister of Japan. It was originally aimed for keeping the West out of Asian affairs. However, in the eyes of many Asian countries, especially those that suffered the atrocities of Japan during the Second War War, it’s a stepping stone to Japan restarting its Imperial ambitions.

May Issue

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by Bendicion

Avanroa Eagle News Network is a news network based in Melbourne Australia. The news agency is the top-grossing news agency in Australia and employs 2,500 employees and staff. The agency is ranked as one of the most unbiased networks in the globe and has significantly given out high-quality content as of late. More than 6 years in operation, the agency builds cooperative collaborations with well known Australian agencies for better quality news
House passes Pacific Initiative, environment groups celebrate
May 6,2024 | Roger Peterson
Geoffrey Henson, bottom right, converses with Tongan kids in an education
caravan organized by his NGO One Pacific. One Pacific is one of the
many NGOs operating in the region that will be given support
by the Australian Government.

CANBERRA - Supporters of the Pacific Initiative are in celebration in Australia and abroad after the Legislature House finally ratified into law House Bill 774 as the 'Pacific Initiative Mission Act of 2024'. Many environmental groups have applauded the Australian government for finally taking steps into combatting the effects of climate change.

The new initiatives and missions listed under the Pacific Initiative will be handled by an agency, the Pacific Development Authority (PacDev), which will be under the joint control by the Department of Home Affairs and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. According to the latter, the new initiatives will officially be undertaken by the end of 2024. However, the Department of Home Affairs will be sending initial teams to different countries in the South Pacific. This is in order to determine the prospective missions that will be launched under the Pacific Initiative Mission on each individual country.

According to sources from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Pacific Development Authority will be given an annual operating budget of $1.55B for 2024-2026, which will be taken from the budget for Technical Aid. The budget will be used for helping conservation projects, technical aid to national government specifically for government projects that are aimed in combating climate change and preserving biodiverse areas. Portions of the budget are also being allocated to select environment non-government organizations.

|| Fiji, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, being screened by DFAT agents || Saildrones monitoring low pressure area in Philippine Sea || Australia National Line contracted by government as partner for the Pacific Initiative ||

Australian representatives visit Central African Republic to observe situation
May 6 ,2024 | Jessica Nate Sanchez
Military escorts will be present in safeguarding the security
of the Australian observers throughout the entire tour

BANGUI - A special observer team of Australians is currently in the Central African Republic to tour the country to understand the situation and inspect living conditions of the people who had just been affected by a bloody civil warnot long ago.

The special observer team is composed of 29 men and 54 women who have experience in social working, public health, and community service. The team will be visiting towns and villages along the RN2 roads linking the capital, Bangui, and major population centers like Grimari and Sibut for two weeks. Afterward, the team will make a stopover in the town of Bambari for 3 days before once again visiting towns and villages along the RN5 road up until the town of Bria for two more weeks. The special observer team will then be transported from Bria's airstrip by an Air Force C-130 back to Bangui where they will meet with local African and French authorities for a situation report.

The special observer team will be joined by a military convoy composed of the 2nd Inf, Battalion of the 8th Inf Division. The convoy will also be monitored by French and Australia UAVs.

|| 'Security in Nigeria is intertwined with securing Africa', Scott Morrision || Third batch of Australians troops, composed primarily of 12th Mech. Inf. Division, being withdrawed from Nigeria given grand farewell ceremony by the FRN || Australia not in the position to mediate in DRC Talks ||

Almost 600 Balabac rebels sentenced to 10 years in prison
May 7,2024 | Isaac Livinston
Family members of the incarcerated Balabac rebels cry as
the High Court declares its verdict

CANBERRA - More than 5 months since the Balabac Crisis ended, rebel prisoners that had been taken by Australian military forces have finally been sentenced by the Australian High Court.

The High Court sentenced the 584 Balabac rebels taken in as prisoners to 10 years in a maximum prison facility in Western Australia. Photos of misery and utter despair were seen on the prisoners' faces as well as their loved ones who had gone all the way from Balabac to witness the sentencing. Many of the families of the prisoners were shocked by the sentence as some family members said that the Australian High Court will have ruled out a lesser sentence to the prisoners as promised by officials in Balabac.

The Chief Justice, Susan Kiefel, was quick to respond to these comments.
I am very sure that this was the right call for both sides. These men were the leaders and organizers of the rebellion based on the numerous pieces of evidence and testimonies presented by the prosecution. The family members have the right to be dismayed, but it is our duty to protect and enforce justice.

These are not the prison sentences related to the Balabac Crisis. Back in Balabac, the island's head court has sentenced more than 4,000 people to shorter sentences, the highest being 6 years and the lowest being 8 months of community service.

||Balabac returns to normal || 1st and 2nd Bttls of the 7th ID withdraw to Balabac Military Base || Navy captures 3 boats off Sulu Sea, 49 arrested for smuggling illegal products

Schematic designs of New Aether aircraft revelead to public
May 12,2024 | Adam Diaz
Schematic design of the AE-200 showing the front,
back and top views of the plane

SYDNEY - Aether Aerospace has finally revealed to the public that it has been undergoing development of a new airliner aircraft. Aether Aerospace revelead the name of this brand new aircraft, the AE-200. Schematic desgins were also presented by Aether to the media.

Seating ranges from 63 to 78. The AE-200 comes in three versions: Series 200, Series 201, and Series 202. The Series 200 is limited to 68 passengers, the 201 to 75 passengers, and the 202 to 85 passengers. The AE-200 also has three fuel/weight options: standard, ER, and LR. The ER version has an increase in fuel capacity as well as maximum weight, which in turn increases the range.Maximum speed is Mach 0.85 (903 km/h; 488 kn) at a maximum altitude of 12,500 m (41,000 ft). Depending upon payload, the AE-200 has a range of up to 3,620 km (2,250 mi) with original engines.

The AE-200 is still far from being a real product, the company expects that a prototype will be made by the start of 2025. The AE-200 is designed to be a competitive fuel-efficient regional jet airliner.

||Aether Aerospace design team still working with scientists on improvements to AE-200 design ||

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by The East African Commonwealth

The Afrika Times


End of the DRC Civil War

In the early hours of this morning, May 9th 2024, the Hyper Democratic Movement of the Congo officially dissolved. In its place rose a new civilian government known as the Republic of Katanga, a new independent nation created from the former Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Republic has officially declared that it no longer wishes to govern the rest of the Congo region and instead has relinquished its claims on the rest of the DRC. This means that the new nation has withdrawn itself from the civil war as a whole making the SRC unopposed as leaders of the territory once under control of the DRC. The Republic has maintained military readiness on the border but has stated that there is no longer a state of war in Katanga. The former HDMC's dissolution included their conflicts as well, pulling the nation out of the war for the DRC. Shortly after the declaration of the establishment of the nation the East African Commonwealth, Australia, Canada, and Japan have all recognized the sovereignty of the nation and its existence. Further, Canada, the EAC, and Japan have all guaranteed the independence of the new nation to safeguard it from would-be aggressors. Canadian and EAC troops have been given military access to the nation and both nations have pledged economic support to rebuild the Republic. While many speculate what the SRC response will be, for now the war is over and the ideals that the HDMC fought for remain intact in their new nation. Talks between the Republic of Katanga and other world powers are ongoing as aid continues to arrive in the nation.

| EAC on Military Alert | CSN Involvement in Katanga Considered | EAC offers reconstruction aid to SRC to Ease Tensions |

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by Saif Fara
Lebanon's Constitutional Now Being Written

The National Transition Council has announced that delegates from Lebanon's pronvinces for the Constitutional Convention have been elected and are now beginning to draft the constitution. The constutional convention will have 16 total delegates, two per province of all 8 of Lebanon's provinces.

Here are the results of the delegate election: 7 delegates total, backed and endorsed by Amal's "Cedar Movement" were elected to the constitutional convention, 4 delegates total backed by Admiral Aladeen and the military were elected, 3 delegates total supported by communist countries and the refounded Lebanese Communist Party were elected, and 5 non-aligned delegates were also elected.

Alamuddin "Amal" Aladeen's Cedar Movement won the most delegates total, running on a platform to promote democracy, non-sectarianism, unicameralism and social liberalism. Even though they have the biggest number of politically aligned delegates, Cedar Movement-backed delegates will still have to work together with the 4 military backed delegates and 3 pro-communist delegates in order to pass any version of the Constitution.

While the National Transition Council has announced it will not involve itself in this process, it did set the rule that all 16 delegates will have to all unilaterally agree to every single detail of the constitution or no version of it will pass. The National Transition Council did admit in a public statement that it did not expect the beginning stages of Lebanon's democracy to become politically divided already.

The return of the Lebanese Communist Party, backed by Orostan and other communist countries no matter the politics of it, is however a positive thing for Lebanon. There is great hope in the country that the days of political suppression will see its end. Fear about a military coup right now is not as high as it was before the delegate elections, since now the military has a seat in the creation of the Constitution. Admiral Aladeen, Amal's brother, has threatened before "any means necessary to restore the greatness of Lebanon."

Amal and her brother Aladeen, have not been seen together since before their father's death. It is widely speculated that the two children of the late General Saddam are now estranged because of their varying views on the country's future and who should be in charge.

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by Grandes Terres

25th May 2024

Average cost of new electric cars lower than ICE cars for first time in Italy

Today official figures released by Istat (Italian National Institute of Statistics) revealed that for the first time in history the average cost of buying a new car in Italy has dipped lower than the average cost of buying a new ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car in the country. Istat reported that the average cost of buying a new ICE car was Ā32,773 whilst the average cost of buying a new electric car was
ENEL has rolled out its ENEL X charging system across Italy and Europe
Ā31,439, a difference of Ā1,334 for consumers. Environmentalists has praised the news, claiming that "making electric and other sustainable vehicles more affordable upfront to consumers will make them the new standard and will accelerate the decline of ICE vehicles in the market.

Stock in the major Italian automobile manufacturer FCA jumped in value after the announcement by Istat due to the companies innovative and market-leading push for full EV adoption that has seen it selling more EV's than ICE vehicles since 2022. FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne hailed the announcement by Istat, saying that "Our company's ambitious and risky decision to push for EV's more than other global vehicle manufacturers has paid off within Italy, and within the coming years as fuel prices rise and taxes on polluting vehicles rise further globally the trend seen here will likely follow throughout Europe and then the rest of the world, setting up FCA to be a frontrunner in the global car manufacturing industry into the future and securing the stability and profitability of FCA for the future."

Despite the fanfare from environmentalists and Italian auto manufacturers, some within the opposition and the government itself have warned that the changes to new car costs seen in Italy are the result of heavy government incentives and taxes, with billions of tax payers money being poured into subsidies for Italian car manufacturers who switch to EV innovation as well as subsidies to the consumer for buying EV's, hydrogen fuel cell or biofuel vehicles on top of the subsidies for buying Italian-made vehicles that already exist. Contrasted to the heavy taxes being laid upon ICE vehicles including multiple taxes at purchase such as the Vehicle Emissions Tax, Environmental Damage Tax, Air Pollution Tax and Carbon Tax etc., it is clear that Istat's data is simply the result of government intervention in the market through taxes and subsidies, which can dramatically change the average new car cost data.

Countering critics, the government says that its actions are entirely justified in interfering with the market for new cars as it is "high national importance that the environment is protected and that every step possible is taken by the government to limit factors that contribute to global warming and climate change within Italy as well as encouraging global action through encouraging global Italian companies such as FCA to embrace eco-friendly innovation in the EV field whilst discouraging the continued mass sale of ICE vehicles in the market."

Mourning | Portuguese Republic

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:55 pm
by Lusophone

BREAKING: Former President Marcelo de Sousa is dead at age 76

Marcelo Robelo de Sousa, the 20th president of the Portuguese Republic and Left Coalition presidential nominee, has died at age 76.

His death was announced by his family Friday night. The former president's declining health had been kept secret in recent months.
"Marcelo Robelo de Sousa, a civil rights leader, public servant, and 20th President of the Portuguese Republic, died on 29 May, 2024. He was 76 and is survived by his three children and their spouses, grandchildren, and two siblings,"
the former president's office said in a statement.

The family said funeral arrangements would be announced "as soon as is practical."

President Sara Palveiro sent a lengthy statement just past midnight on Saturday on behalf of her and the First Family.
The Palveiro family and I join with a grieving Nation to mourn the loss of former President Marcelo de Sousa, who passed away last night. Through his essential authenticity, disarming wit, and unwavering commitment to faith, family, and country, President Sousa inspired generations of his fellow Portuguese to public service. Along with his full life of service to country, we will remember President Sousa for his devotion to family. His example lives on, and will continue to stir future Portuguese to pursue a greater cause. Our hearts ache with his loss, and we, with the Portuguese people, send our prayers to the entire Sousa family, as we honor the life and legacy of Marcelo Robelo de Sousa.

In a statement, President Sara Palveiro's press secretary said the president has already designated DD MONTH 2024 as a National Day of Mourning, adding that the Palveiros would attend his funeral.
The President and First Family were notified late last night of President Marcelo de Sousa’s passing. President Palveiro is scheduled to speak with the Sousa family this morning and offer her condolences on behalf of herself, the First Family, and the entire country," Palveiro's press secretary said in the statement. "A state funeral is being arranged with all of the accompanying support and honors. The President has designated DD MONTH 2024 National Day Of Mourning. She and the First Family will attend the funeral at the Lisbon Cathedral, Lisboa.

Later in the day, Palveiro said a military aircraft would be sent to Sousa's hometown to pick up the casket of the former president to bring him to Lisboa. The president called it a "special tribute that he deserves very much and it's my honor and he'll be really missed."

Marcelo de Sousa and Sara Palveiro has had a contentious relationship recently. Prior to his death, Marcelo de Sousa was running for president again and Palveiro regularly took shots at the former president, slamming him as "Creepy Uncle 'Celo."

The former president had several health scares over the past year, including one just days after he got the Left Coalition's nomination. Sousa was secretly admitted to a hospital with a blood infection.

Sousa began experiencing health problems during his presidency. Back in 2016, he rushed to the hospital twice in three months, one time for his cardiac arrests and the other time, where he was treated for an irregular heartbeat. His public fainting from his cardiac arrest is what prompted public concern and calls for him to not seek re-election then. Doctors that same year diagnosed him as having Graves disease, a thyroid condition that, by coincidence, this however had been kept secret until it was released to the press and public today.

Sousa experienced a recurrence of the irregular heartbeat in February 2000, when he was attending a reception in the Azores. He spent a night in the hospital, but smiled and joked with reporters the next day.

In November 2012, he was admitted to a Porto hospital for bronchitis and a chronic cough. He was expected to return home well before Christmas but remained hospitalized after the holiday. Officials said he had a high fever and had been placed on a liquids-only diet.

In 2017, the former president was secretly admitted to an intensive care unit to "address an acute respiratory problem stemming from pneumonia," according to the release from his office today.

Planning for the former president's funeral has been made and a date will soon be set. All presidents prior to leaving office have their state funerals appropriated. Marcelo de Sousa's office has also invited foreign leaders whom Sousa had worked with during his presidency to his funeral. Countries and individuals that have been invited include leaders of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei (New Yumanza), France and Indochina (New Metropolitan France), Minister of Education of Greece, Empress Léone Martine Fregantes, in stead of the late Great Consul Maxvellein Relhopen Fregantes (Fregantes Empire), Angela Merkel and leaders of Germany (United Democratic Christian States), San Martinia (Anxiety Cafe) and Japan (Great Oyashima).

The Left Coalition's party leaders are currently holding emergency meetings to discuss who will assume the party's nomination to face off with Sara Palveiro in the run-off election now that the former president has passed.

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by Grandes Terres

2nd June 2024

Cape Thetis government accused of 'environmental crime' for encouraging growth of Cape Thetis satellite towns which 'sprawl over precious habitats'

Today the Italian environmentalist group Rientrodolce accused the Cape Thetis government and San Martinian government of an 'environmental crime' by encouraging the growth of large satellite towns across the Mitre peninsula in order to act as commuter towns for Cape Thetis and to a lesser extent Ushaia. The development of the towns has seen the construction of large shopping malls, industrial estates, business parks and sprawling suburbs over the untouched landscape of the Mitre peninsula, causing untold damage to the local environment and ecosystem by displacing wildlife and destroying vast swathes of forest, according to Rientrodolce.

In response to the public criticism from Rientrodolce, the government of Cape Thetis has released an official statement rejecting the strong rhetoric from Rientrodolce, stating that "While environmental losses are inevitable with the growth of new towns to accommodate Cape Thetis' unprecedented population growth, stringent environmental preservation protocols have been put in place to mitigate the environmental impact of this necessary urban expansion as much as possible. Mitigation measures include the careful moving of animals and their nests to new protected locations, planting new trees to replace felled trees and creating new nature reserves to give animals and plants a permanent ecosystem forever among many other measures. We believe that the environmental mitigation measures we have taken are in line with Italian and San Martinian law and even exceed legal requirements in many areas."

Asked whether a review would be held into the construction of 29 satellite towns across the Mitre peninsula to act as satellite towns of Cape Thetis the Cape Thetis government said that "While we believe that criticism is critical to holding any governing body to account, today's remarks by Rientrodolce do not amount to any level of evidence or consensus that would justify launching a review into the Cape Thetis Metropolitan Plan."

The newly built town of Cavallari, 90km from Cape Thetis and built for a population of 60,000, which was used by Rientrodolce as an example of the decimation of the environment on the Mitre peninsula: Image

Other News

- President Mattarella sends letter to family of Marcelo de Sousa mourning their loss

- Government criticised for not taking action against international money launderers using Italian banks

- MoD expected to announce new fleet expansion plan in coming months

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by The East African Commonwealth

The Afrika Times


Venture Surveys Battle Site

With approval from the Italian Government, the CV Venture and its crew continued the excavation of the Hellenistic vessels found on the seabed north of Malta. After two weeks of excavating they have identified three of the vessels as Roman due to several pieces of equipment onboard the vessel consistent with Roman Legions. The other four vessels were identified as belonging to Carthage, one of Rome's greatest rivals in the early years of the empire. The ROV teams managed to retrieve artifacts and pieces of the vessels for study, preservation, and carbon dating. These artifacts include a few preserved oars, part of what appears to be a figurehead, and a few unidentified items corroded by salt water. Initial estimated for the ages of these ships is well over 2,000 years old but more accurate data is expected to be found after the artifacts are carbon dated. For now the expedition has come to an end and the Venture is now steaming toward Syracuse to give the materials to the Italians for both research and safekeeping.

Amity Fleet Prepares South American Operations

With the CV Odyssey less then two months away from launching, Amity Command has begun drafting missions for the vessel during its five year mission in South America. The volatile continent is a hotbed for potential conflict and diplomacy with the FSR and San Martinia sharing a tense border in the South and Puertollano jousting with European powers in the Caribbean to the north. There is also the issue of environmental monitoring with San Martinia looking into scaling back their national parks and the possible long term effects of the Zackarothian fungus in the Amazon Basin and it's tributaries. Lastly, there is the mapping missions around the seabed which Amity Command is interested in continuing due to the find off Malta. The CV Odyssey will operate west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the South Atlantic Region and represent the Amity Fleet and the Commonwealth in the Western hemisphere.

A New African Way

Earlier today Rais Nuru made a public statement following the creation of the new nation of Katanga and on what the future of this nation will be:
....for years now Africa has been known for one thing: violence. It has been the one constant in Africa since the dawn of time, tribes would fight for dominance and the right to claim land. Then, Africa fought each other with aid from Europeans who colonized the lands of the Continent. Then, when much of Africa was freed from colonial rules what happened? More violence and fight over old wounds and petty differences. Even in the modern era it is all the same. The CAR, Nigeria, Mauritania, and the DRC, all wars started over petty differences in ideology or because of old wounds over colonial rule. Now, for the first time in recent memory, an African war has ended not through bloodshed or the banners of a rival faction being flown over a city, but through peace. The formation of the State of Katanga is the first step forward in a new way for Africa, a way of peace over violence, and the EAC will not interfere in the establishment of this nation. Katanga and its administration will be free to make its own choices and while the EAC will stand by their side to protect them and help them we will not infringe on the sovereign rights of both the government and the people of the nation.

I am sure someone will claim were are imperialist and that Katanga is a puppet of the EAC but to be frank I do not give a damn. For two centuries the world has told Africa what is right, what is wrong, who to follow, and who to hate and as a result our home has been shattered by war. If the world is not going to allow Africa to make its own judgements and choose its own path then the Commonwealth will do all it can to ensure that Africa has a say in its future, even if all it can do is ensure the right of choice for a young nation rising from ruin in Central Africa. And well, if giving the people the right of choice makes me an imperialist then I will gladly take that title if it means protecting the freedoms of the people of Africa.

| Canada to Send Support for Katanga | IME Considering Mission to Nigeria | E-Tech Suffers Setback on Solar Generator |

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by The Underground Movement Union
Canadian Journal

Canada pledges support to Katanga, aiming to rebuild the country whilst providing humanitarian and anti-corruption
April 2nd, 2024
Written by Hammond Devlin

Canada pledges to help Katanga through rebuilding, and even building the new nation.

After much discussion with his advisory and with East African officials, the President of Canada Lucas Stones, has recently given an order to mobilize about 1,000 soldiers; mostly including military police, engineers and instructors, and lead by Colonel Miles Rennell, into Katanga to help with anti-corruption and to manage Canadian aid and contribute to peace in the region. They will assist in the distribution of humanitarian goods; food, water, medicine, tents, building materials and the sort, and oversee reconstruction/construction. The military police will keep a close eye on local officials as to guarantee neither are obstructed, and ensure Canadian companies maintain fair wages and working conditions. Canadian Agriculture, rail/road infrastructure, mining and construction firms both local and Canadian have been hired to help rebuild, and even build upon the nation's infrastructure and economy, with costruction of apartments, hospitals and schools being a major focus as with help creating jobs to allow Katanga to fully tap into its untouched resources. They will also assist in the training and development of local forces. When asked about Canadian involvement in Katanga, Rennell told press "It is to help ensure peace in the region. As time has shown, the division of Africa as it stands has left it a point for war between ideological powers. Through peacefully separating nations from each other, of which have no ethnic or cultural unity whatsoever, we open the possibility for peace in the long term."

Vegetables, Grain, Meat: The Canadian Diet [MAY 12]
Canadian Air Doctrine: Would it really work in a modern war? [MAY 24]
Military exercises between Canada, Pacifica and Japan soon to take place in Hawaii [MAY 27]
Canada sells weapons to Libya: 40 Monarchist tanks and 55 F-20's for about a billion dollars [MAY 5]

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by Great Oyashima
The Rising Sun - ライジングサン

Excercise Nautical Strike Commences

“I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.” - Sophocles

3 June, 2024 -- Sailors and Marines of the maritime forces of Canada, the United Republics, and the Directorate came together in the Hawaii Islands to conduct an extensive two week naval excercise to prove the strengths and to signal weaknesses of the respective forces. The three maritime powers brought to bear considerable naval power and they will take turns playing the BLUFOR and OPFOR in random scenarios throughout the excersise. Each state committed a similar fleet composition for the excersise. However, without notice, the three powers unveiled the jointly developed Honor-class cruisers suprising senior and junior members of the services alike. The reported fleet compostions are as listed.

Canadian Navy:
Newfoundland-class Aircraft Carrier (Constitutionalist)
Honor-class Cruisers (Saint Overbeck, Wilcox)
Superior-class Frigates (Defender, Griffin, Saint Michael)
Quebecois-class Destroyers (Miller, Gladwyn, Phelps, Kellogg, Kingston)
Columbia-class Amphibious Transport Dock (Hawking)

United Republics Navy:
Republic-class Aircraft Carrier (Republic)
Honor-class Cruisers (Guardian, Defender)
San Bernardino-class Frigates (National City, Arcata, Stockton)
Stalwart-class Destroyers (Miller, Gladwyn, Phelps, Kellogg, Kingston)
Columbia-class Amphibious Transport Dock (Hawking)

Directorate Maritime Service:
Osaki Ryuzaburo-class Aircraft Carrier (Takahata Masafumi)
Honor-class Cruisers (Honor, Merit)
Maya-class Destroyers (Maya, Matsuyuki, Umigiri, Ariake)
Submarine Squadron 7

The first day was more likened to a demonstration than an actual excersise. The DN Honor and Merit provided several civillian defence officials and naval officers with an awesome live-fire drill of the toted HELLADS, High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System. The cruisers were conducting the routine defence manuvers for a carrier battlegroup when 30 mock cruise missiles traveling at hypersonic speeds and multiple attack vectors screamed towards the carrier battle group. The automated fire control systems of the vessels came to life painting the missiles then the 300 kW lasers fired on the incoming threat. Seconds later the threat was eliminated and the carrier battlegroup sailed on. The Directorate is slated to act as the OPFOR first and will be conducting operations to knock out BLUFOR land installations and weapons to pave the way for expeditionary forces. The coming weeks will prove which force is prepared for next generation naval warfare and if the investment in the HELLADS system is rewarding or just another flashy peacetime weapon.

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Word on the street is these new cruisers are suffering power shortages as the vessel struggles to maintain power for the entire ship and the laser. Perhaps they're too immature for deployment?

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Friend competion eh?

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Send Her Back | Portuguese Republic

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by Lusophone

'Send Her Back:' Kemi Taliscas condemns Palveiro's inciting of racism ahead of run-off election for the presidency

Oluwakemi 'Kemi' Taliscas MP has assumed the Left Coalition's nomination for the presidency since the death of former President Marcelo de Sousa. Taliscas previously suspended her presidential campaign towards the end of the Left Coalition's primaries to pave the way for Sousa's nomination and joined his campaign as her would-be Prime Minister.

The Left Coalition's leadership in a statement released, said that
Kemi Taliscas, in addition to being picked and vetted by former President Marcelo de Sousa to lead the parliamentary coalition as Prime Minister, is not just the runner-up for the nomination, but a proven woman with effective skills as member of parliament and legislator with a background as a prosecutor, who can best present the case against five more years of Sara Palveiro.

President Sara Palveiro did not waste a second to start laying attacks at her new opponent as the run-off election draws closer. Palveiro and her most ardent supporters have, once again, made the subtext into blatant, blaring text.

The fallout began with Palveiro’s racist tweets demanding that Oluwakemi 'Kemi' Taliscas, the Left Coalition presidential nominee, “go back” to the “crime infested places from which she came.” (Taliscas for the record is a Portugal-born citizen, with a background of Angolan and Indian descent.) Days later, Palveiro again decried Kemi Taliscas at a rally on Wednesday evening. In response to Palveiro’s attacks, the crowd chanted, “Send her back.” Soon after, she told the audience, “if they don’t love it, tell them to leave it.”

Portugal is now deep in the Palveiro cycle of racist invective, in which the president says something offensive, waits for political allies to either quietly condemn the comments or embrace them with explanations of how they aren’t offensive, and then says something else egregious mere days later. It has continued apace.

Before the rally, some Frente Nacional members and Os Conservadores backers had hoped that perhaps Palveiro could separate policy disagreements with Kemi Taliscas or accusations of misconduct from their ethnicity, place of origin, or race. Other right-wing supporters even argued that perhaps Palveiro meant that Taliscas and the left should love Portugal (in a way they deem fitting) or leave the country, and that her remarks didn’t come close to demanding their forced deportation.

But Wednesday’s rally made it crystal clear what Palveiro meant by her tweets and, perhaps more importantly, how Palveiro’s biggest supporters interpreted them. Even as some of her supporters continue to debate the best possible interpretation of her comments — or even the most desperately hoped for interpretation, however unlikely — what this incident showed, again, is that Palveiro thinks her supporters want to hear racist invective, and she is more than prepared to give it to them.

Taliscas, who is set to debate Palveiro in the final presidential debate a few days before the run-off, did not cower down from Palveiro's attacks. Asked at one of her campaign's town hall event if she thinks the president is 'scared of her,' she took the moment as an opportunity to address the barrage of comments from the President and her supporters:
It is vile. It is ignorant. It is shallow. It is hateful, and it has to stop. It has to stop. You know, one of the most powerful, powerful tools in the hands of the president of the Republic is her voice and she is abusing it. Instead of understanding that the greatest power and strength you can ever show, express, or display, is to lift people up, she uses it to beat people down, to belittle people. To bully people. To diminish people, and as far as I’m concerned she’s a coward. She’s a coward and she’s a bully and she’s an embarrassment.

To be clear, there were many on the right (more specifically the Os Conservadores) who criticized or condemned Palveiro’s tweets, though markedly few in Parliament. They condemned Palveiro’s Sunday tweets as xenophobic and thoughtless at absolute best, and, in any case, deeply damaging to her reelection hopes (which will depend on voters who lie outside of Palveiro’s very small base). But others, both in Parliament and in right-leaning media, seemed to alternatively embrace the tweets wholeheartedly, downplay their importance, or excuse the remarks. Some argued, as the deputy director of communications for Palveiro's re-election campaign did, that perhaps she didn’t mean what she clearly seemed to mean.

Palveiro’s vitriol against Kemi Taliscas however, has not been focused on her views or allegations of misconduct. (For an example of what that might have looked like, right-wing media outlets have produced a list of concerns with Taliscas, including allegations campaign finance violations.) Rather, the president’s ire is laser-focused on the MP's purported un-Portugueseness for inadequately loving the country in which they were born which is far from the case from Taliscas, because she was born here.

But this entire news cycle has happened before, and will happen again, and will create the same result. Palveiro will say something racist, and many on the right will object, decrying a lack of civility on all sides. Palveiro’s biggest defenders will then try to explain how her comments weren’t racist but actually incredibly sensible.

Since 2017, many on the right, both conservative and not, have responded not to what Palveiro says but to what they think she meant by what she said, viewing Palveiro not as an individual, but a vessel upon which their biggest hopes could be projected. So Palveiro will continue to say racist things, and her biggest defenders will either interpret those racist things in the most positive way possible or embrace her racism wholeheartedly because, as a Journal de Noticias article wrote, “For a critical mass of conservatives, it is a sign that a given act is actually praiseworthy and brave if it draws condemnation from the despised left-wing media.”

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by Grandes Terres

15th June 2024

FSR citizens in Cape Thetis detained after attacks by FSR

Today the Carabinieri round up and detained all 7,142 FSR citizens residing in Cape Thetis after Rome granted permission to the Cape Thetis government to execute a Section 21 Mass Arrest Warrant as well as suspending the detained individuals rights to habeas corpus until the 'Second Fantastic War' is over, thus allowing the detention of the group to go on longer than is normally permitted within the
A merchant vessel sunk in the PoLBM, killing 11 civilian crew
law. The detained group has been split up and will be kept in detention across all of Cape Thetis' military locations, including the recently attacked Neptune Naval Base.

This action by both Rome and the Cape Thetis government is in reaction to the recent attack by FSR forces on Neptune Naval Base and the civilian Port of Luigi Binelli Mantelli, which saw the murder of 161 naval officers at the naval base and 43 civilians working at the base while 52 civilians where murdered at the Port of Luigi Binelli Mantelli who worked on merchant vessels that were sunk in port by FSR saboteurs. Land based missiles were reportedly used against Neptune Naval Base, many of which the Ministry of Defence reports were shot down by land based defences as well as naval vessels in the vicinity of Cape Thetis, however several still hit the naval base, damaging infrastructure and several ships at the base.

Some have criticised the governments actions of detaining FSR citizens at military sites, claiming that the government is using them as 'human shields', however the government has stated that "This action is in protection of the greater good and during times of war it is necessary for actions to be taken for the defence of the Republic." This is the second time that the Cape Thetis government has detained FSR citizens in Cape Thetis, the first time in 2020 when the FSR carried out a series of terrorist attacks against infrastructure in Cape Thetis and all FSR citizens were detained for 3 months, receiving considerable financial compensation after their release.

Other News

- Government condemns FSR attack on Cape Thetis
- PM Conte will not approve attacks on FSR homeland
- Emergency funding approved for Cape Thetis government to repair PoLBM

PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 4:47 am
by Bengal and Assam

Anti-War Protesters hold demonstrations across nation. Demands assurance from government that Bengal won’t got involved in war

By Staff Correspondent, Miles Yoroi(Mikoto Yoroi)
(Due to new guidelines, we are going to use both English and Kawanese names of our employees, and figures involved in our news posts)

The Anti-War human chain spanned all the way from Nagano-ko to the tip of Point Elizabeth in Minato. It spanned for 48 kilometers

Starting from this morning, protests were held across the country condemning the war going on in the Atlantic, amidst fears that the war may go global, and Asian countries may get involved. The war was incited due to provocations by the FSR, and an attack on Europe.

Just yesterday, Prime Minister Susan Itai(Suzuha Itai) has voiced her support for “our allies and partners in Europe” and condemned FSR actions. But she stopped short of declaring the intent of the government to plunge Bengal into war.

The protests were very peaceful, with protesters holding long human chains spanning for miles. The human chains, commonly known as the Kawa Way, are a popular form of protest by the pro-democracy movement of Bengal, seen during the, the No-Independence Demos of 1968, the anti-Junta protests of 1983, the most recent Railway Protests. It seems that it will continue on until the government gives out an official notice, that it will be uninvolved in the conflict.

Due to Server Maintenance, Comments are disabled. Please comment your opinion on the Fc2 post on our page

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by Grandes Terres

22nd June 2024

ASI and GMCI announce initial plans to establish lunar base in 2030

Today the director of the ASI, Roberto Battiston, announced that the Italian government has approved funding to the ASI to begin initial planning and research for the establishment of an Italian lunar base in partnership with the Italian Celestial Mining Group (GMCI), who will be funding all aspects of the lunar mission and base that relate to mining operations that are planned to begin in a trial phase on the moon in 2031, a year after the planned establishment of the lunar base, which the ASI hopes will be in early 2030.

The total cost of establishing a lunar base will be 'phenomenal' according to critics of the plan, however with some of the costs being covered by the GMCI the direct cost to the taxpayer will be significantly lower, according to the ASI. As well as funding for the lunar mission the government has also commissioned the ASI to begin the construction of a spaceport in the middle of the sparsely populated Aspromonte National Park in Calabria, which in the long term will lower costs for the ASI as the high transportation costs of sending lunar modules and other equipment to French Guiana before launch will be avoided.

The ASI claims that a lunar base is needed as a launching port for future space exploration, research and commerce, and says that more than anything "Having a lunar base is an investment in the future and puts Italy at the cutting edge of space exploration and expertise in the sector, which will likely be an economic sector as important as all of todays major sectors combined." Despite this critics still claim that a lunar base will waste billions of Aureuses over the coming years, and see its announcement the year before the next elections in which the current coalition government will likely cease to exist as a way to seal the governments role in space in the history books for 'nothing but vanity'.

ASI director Roberto Battiston announced the lunar base project in a special press conference from the ASI HQ in Rome: Image

PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:35 pm
by Anxiety Cafe
☰ Sections | Clarín Politics

Tierra del Fuego Highway Project

22/6/2024 - 21:35 | Politics |

The national government announced today in cooperation with the provincial government of Tierra del Fuego and the local government of Cape Thetis an ambitious project to expand the highway network in the province of Tierra del Fuego, which will connect with the province of Magallanes in addition to connecting to Cape Thetis. Currently, only two highways service the entire province: one from Ushuaia to Cape Thetis, and another from Ushuaia to the First Angostura, passing through Tolhuin and Rio Grande en route. There is no current connection to the mainland. However, with the ongoing expansion of the Cape Thetis Metropolitan Area, an expanded and updated highway system has become necessary. The expansion of the highway network is set to be built by a consortium of San Martinian and Italian companies.

One of the main undertakings of the project will be the new mesh highway network in between Tolhuin and Cape Thetis, to better serve the metro area. The metro area, consisting of twenty-nine towns, is expected to have a combined population of near three million. Many of these residents will be wealthy Italian citizens who commute to Cape Thetis for work, and so require such a network in the area.

The other main undertaking of the project is for the first time, mainland connections to Tierra del Fuego. Previously, residents seeking to travel between the mainland and the island had to undergo a thirty to forty-five minute ferry ride across the Strait of Magellan. The new project seeks to eliminate this ferry and replace it with two bridges across the First and Second Angostura, respectively (the two narrowest sections of the strait). This allows a road connection between the cities of the island, like Cape Thetis and Rio Grande, and far away ones on the mainland, like Santiago or Buenos Aires.

The island's population of more than eight million, mostly concentrated in Cape Thetis, have praised the project, and its implications for the area. The island is the largest in area in South America, and has had booming population growth as Cape Thetis has grown. This project is expected to help eliminate any barriers to further growth.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:49 pm
by United Democratic Christian States
Germanic Times

- 2027 Elections - Bismarck Doctrine - Internal Policy - Foreign Affairs - Education - DEU - GUAF Central -

Breaking: 5x Bundesliga Player of the Year Marco Reus to retire for head coaching position at FC Salzburg.

Marco Reus, once the best German Footballer alive, and the Borussia Dortmund all time leading goal scorer with 175 goals over his 12 years with the team. Has decided to retire and coach the Austrian league team. Saying “Father time catches everyone eventually. I’m blessed to have made it this far and I can’t wait to see where God takes me in this next chapter of my life.”

Reus who came off a disappointing season only scoring 6 goals in 15 bundesliga appearances as injuries kept him sidelined for much of the season was competing Serge Gnabry and Joshua Kimmich, both of whom play for rival FC Bayern Munich, for the Bundesliga player of the year title since the 2018-2019 season. With Reus winning the title 3 times and scoring 50 goals over the 5 seasons prior to the 2023-2024 campaign.

UPDATE: Marco Reus has also told reporters that player development will be of utmost importance during his tenure as head coach.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:20 am
by The Russian Federated States


MOSCOW - Kremlin announced on Wednesday its plans to start a multination campaign in southwestern Europe and send additional troops to the region as tensions with the FSR and its supporters continue to rise.

Soviet Ministry of Defense is developing the operation, dubbed Operation Olive, to ensure freedom of the European allies “in light of recent events in theBay of Biscay region,” the Ministry said.

The campaign’s goal is to de-escalate tensions in international waters, specifically focusing on the Iberian region, the spokesman said.

“This maritime security effort will enable nations to provide escort to their vessels while taking advantage of the cooperation of participating nations for coordination and enhanced maritime domain awareness and surveillance,” the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Moscow announced plans to move forward with the operation while also confirming that it has begun sending Soviet troops troops to Portugal to counter any threat from potential enemies. The planes and ships carrying the soldiers will be arriving through England as the last time.

PresidentAleksandr Dibrov announced Thursday, he has authorized the deployment of troops to Portugal to ensure “our ability to defend our forces and interests in the region from potential, credible threats.” The deployment is at the negotiation with all the parties involved, the Presdient said.

This move by the Soviet Union shows that Moscow will not tolerate any socialist dictatorships interfering in Europe and will do everything in its power to prevent any form of violence and despotism on the continent of opportunities.

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by Grandes Terres

4th July 2024

Ministry of Defence announces ship replacement plan for oldest vessels in use by the navy

Today the defence minister Mariastella Gelmini announced the 2019 Fleet Review, which will finally see the decomissioning of all of the Marina Militare's oldest ships, excluding mine-hunters and older auxiliary ships, after years of speculation that the ships would soon be for the chop. The fleet review specifies the allocation of funding for 3 new LPD's to replace the San Giorgio-class, the details of which have yet to be announced, as well as funding for 8 new guided missile destroyers to replace the Durand de la Penne-class which also have not yet had details released about yet. The decision to create a new class of guided missile destroyer to replace the Durand de la Penne-class has come under heavy criticism due to the recent commissioning of the navy's new Pinotti-class guided missile cruisers, which critics claiming that it would be most cost effective for a new order of Pinotti-class cruisers to be placed rather than funding the development of an entirely new guided missile destroyer that will have a similar role. The MoD responded stating that "The development of a next generation guided missile destroyer is essential as despite the growing size of the Marina Militare it has relatively few destroyers and this new class of destroyer will act not just as a smaller version of the Pinotti-class, but as a flexible multi-role destroyer class that will be primed for both offensive and humanitarian missions, not to mention the new jobs that will be created and the jobs that will be maintained by developing and building new class of destroyer."

The fleet review also confirmed that Fincantieri will be responsible for the design and construction of the new destroyer and LPD classes as well as the construction of more FREMM frigates and PPA global patrol vessels. The cost of the fleet renewal is currently being kept under wraps as the cost of the two new unannounced ship classes is not yet known, however the cost of the new ships of existing classes is estimated at just under NAF$10 billion alone, with a similar cost likely for the two new ship classes.

Fleet retirements:

- Maestrale-class ASW frigates x 8
- Durand de la Penne-class guided missile destroyers x 4
- San Giorgio-class LPDs x 3
- Sirio-class patrol vessels x 20

Fleet replacements:

- FREMM frigates x 8
- Next generation guided missile destroyers (TBA) x 8
- Next generation LPD (TBA) x 5
- PPA global patrol vessels x 20

Defence minister and former PM Mariastella Gelmini announced the fleet renewal plan whilst visiting veterans in Trento: Image