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by Grandes Terres

26th March 2024

MIT announces $50 billion fund for new public transport in Italy's most congested cities

Today the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Danilo Toninelli, announced a new NAF$50 billion fund that has been secured by the MIT to be put towards drastically improving public transport across Italy's most congested cities, most notably Milan, Rome, Naples, Palermo and Cagliari, all of which have been rated as the top 5 most congested cities in Italy. As well as cities with the worst congestion the fund also aims to tackle air pollution by getting cars off the road through improved and expanded public transport, this will mainly target cities in the Po Valley which has some of the worst air pollution in Western Europe such as Turin and Monza, which don't have particularly bad traffic but suffer from extremely poor air quality, some of the worst in Italy and Western Europe as a whole.

Due to the large size of the fund granted to the MIT by the government the largest and most congested cities in Italy such as Rome, Milan and Naples will all be receiving significant expansions and modernisation to their metro systems in order to make travelling and commuting within the cities faster, easier, more accessible and more enjoyable than before, taking significant traffic off the streets of Italian cities. Smaller cities such as Cagliari and Palermo will see significant investment in expanding and improving their light rail systems which have proven to be extremely effecting at reducing congesting in the past decade that they have been installed for. Meanwhile every city that experiences above average congestion and air pollution will see new fleets of hydrogen and biofuel buses be rolled out in their communities along with new routes to cover a greater number of commuters, tourists and residents within cities across Italy. All cities that the fund is targeting will also see investment in new segregated cycle lanes, new bus lanes and carpool lanes to make bus public transport faster than driving, encourage cycling and encourage carpooling particularly during the morning and evening commute.

MIT Minister Danilo Toninelli has also negotiated with Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, the state-owned holding company that manages infrastructure and services on the Italian rail network and is the owner of Trenitalia, to guarantee the modernisation of stations and rail infrastructure and reopen unused stations within cities to increase the frequency and coverage of local train services within the metropolitan areas of cities to give another mode of public transport that will reach more people than before and reduce car use and thus air pollution and congestion.

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Danilo Toninelli announced the CCF to the press whilst on a tour of car manufacturing plants across Italy: Image

March Issue

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by Bendicion

Avanroa Eagle News Network is a news network based in Melbourne Australia. The news agency is the top-grossing news agency in Australia and employs 2,500 employees and staff. The agency is ranked as one of the most unbiased networks in the globe and has significantly given out high-quality content as of late. More than 5 years in operation, the agency builds cooperative collaborations with well known Australian agencies for better quality news
Navy dispatches taskforce for international goodwill visits
March 13,2024 | Roger Peterson
ANS Mediterranean, shown here, the lead ship of the naval taskforce
will ironically be sailing on its namesake the next few weeks.

BALABAC CITY - The Navy has sent a taskforce composed of two Ocean-class stealth frigates, ANS Atlantic and ANS Mediterranean, to visit several nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea for some goodwill port-call visits for 4 weeks. Alongside the two frigates will be a total of 350 marines that will be stationed in Tripoli Naval Base in Libya after their Mediterranean Tour has finished. According to the Navy, these goodwill visits are intended to show military and business partners that the Australian Navy is capable of responding to a wide area of operation theaters.

The taskforce has already left Gwandar Base en route to the Suez Canal. Its first stop will be in Libya where it will be making a week-long port call with the Tripoli Naval Base. Soon afterward the taskforce will head to Messina, Italy and stay there for another week. Afterward, the task force will head for Nice, France. En route to the location, the Navy has said that the two frigates will be conducting boarding training exercises.

Many politicians in the government are going against such a display of force in a volatile region. Many opposition groups are accusing the Australian government of leaning towards Europe than focusing on building its neutral stance on the world stage. Prime Minister Morrison responded to critics on his session with the Legislature House, stating that the task force 'is a symbol of peace in a region beset with a new cold war'. Critics downplayed this, suggesting that Morrison is an 'opportunist' and a 'two-faced liar'.

|| Navy chief discusses the possibility of encountering migrants at sea || Stopover in Lebanon: May be likely || Task force to help in anti-piracy operations as it nears Guld of Aden ||

Australia forges new deals with East African Commonwealth
March 19,2024 | Jessica Nate Sanchez
Representatives from the National Farmer's Federation and the
EAC government take a photo after signing the multi-million ATA deal

DAR ES SALAAM - Multiple agreements were made between the East African Commonwealth and Australia in the past few weeks. Multiple AusGroup corporations such as TransGen Inc, Helios III and Holtz Construction were able to expand operations in Africa paving the way for more investments from Australia to enter Africa. Meanwhile, the government was able to sign a huge $500M Agricultural Trade Agreement with the EAC, providing much needed markets for Australian farmers back home still dealing with the low domestic demand.

Another huge deal agreed upon was the signing of a Military Defense Agreement with the EAC. Such an agreement was unanimously welcomed by many members of parliament. The military also expressed great satisfaction to be able to conduct joint operations and training exercises with the EAC military. Alongside this, the EAC expressed its intentions to be able to station an Amity Fleet in Australia, as well as make Australia the location for the Amity Fleet's Shipbuilding and Repairs Agency (SRA), thus enabling the local shipbuilding industry to create more jobs.

Economists on both nations welcomed these rise of diplomatic and business relations. However many are still held on the idea that Australia is trying to find another strong foothold to its influence on the African continent ever since the TACT was dissolved. This has been denied by the military as well as the government, stating that the relationship between Australia and the EAC is mutual and not self-serving to both nations.

||Navy to open anti-piracy operations in EAC using Saildrones || Sharp End contractors in EAC being denied by company || Talks regarding Amity Fleet finally settled according to PM Morrison ||

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by New Metropolitan France

The Continental Standard

Long live Europa

Deadlock broken: DEU continues to advance progressive agenda

Following eleventh-hour talks initiated by the Germanic Union, which successfully revived a modified version of the original French proposal, the DEU has officially adopted an EIM Refugee and Asylum Policy. In an Assembly debate which lasted for several hours, the Soviet delegation agreed to work towards a compromise after the potential humanitarian cost of European inaction was emphasized; a new cap of 800,000 suggested by Moscow was then agreed upon by Germany, France, and the URT. Together with modifications to ensure that likely high-demand areas receive additional coverage from the recently created Bureau for Regulated Migration, the new policy is a triumph for European solidarity as initial disagreements were overcome for the common good of Europe and displaced peoples.

The DEU Assembly, acting as an engine room for continued integration, also passed a special EIM regulation; "Ozone Protection". The new law will ban CFCs and HCFCs, materials which are proven to be significantly damaging to the Ozone layer and thus being responsible for significant negative externalities, including in the field of public health. Europe continues to be a world leader on major environmental issues, with the DEU's emissions trading scheme called for under its Climate Stabilization Compact showing positive signs at this early stage of development.

Published 28 March, 2024

Other news:

Academy of European Defense and Military Strategy to open in Strasbourg.

Public works projects unveiled for Bay of Biscay coastline.

Latest troop rotations to CAR begins.

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by Bengal and Assam

Self Defense Forces sail to Andoushima, claims rightful Kawanese territory

By Staff Correspondent, Denise Min-Soo


Today, a fleet of 5 Maritime Self Defense Force warships, including the helicopter carrier Izanami sailed to Andoushima at the break of dawn from Mikata Port. While initially believed to be a long range patrol, the Ministry of Defense and the Prime Minister's Office released a joint statement, at 9 in the morning that the fleet went on a "reclamation mission" to Andoushima.

At 10 AM, live footage came in from Andoushima, as a flag raising ceremony took place along the coast as the Midorimaru and the Tiger on the Bay flags were raised. Following that, the ceremonial governor of Andoushima Prefecture, Choi Young Soo gave a speech, saying that "We Kawanese have came back here, this time to stay".

He proceeded to say that the government is planning to make a deep sea port in Andoushima, and that a settlement will be made soon.

However, although most of society welcomed the move. Certain parts of society didn't. As KawaReturnToUK, a group that advocates for Bengal to return to British rule, and the left wing People's Party of Bengal held protests. However, recent polls held this afternoon show that they are a small minority. Regardless, many Bengalis do not want a military conflict to occur with the UK

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Australia in the Andamans!

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by Bendicion

Avanroa Eagle News Network is a news network based in Melbourne Australia. The news agency is the top-grossing news agency in Australia and employs 2,500 employees and staff. The agency is ranked as one of the most unbiased networks in the globe and has significantly given out high-quality content as of late. More than 5 years in operation, the agency builds cooperative collaborations with well known Australian agencies for better quality news
BREAKING NEWS: Australian Navy secures Southern Andaman Islands
March 20,2024 | Jessica Nate Sanchez
A marine climbs down to a waiting RHIB during the initial landings on Chowra Island.
Australian Marines declared the island secured after an hour.

HOBART – Three hours ago the Navy announced that one of the naval frigates participating in its naval task force bound to tour the Mediterranean, ANS Atlantic, had actually been diverted to the Andaman Islands along with 50 marines to secure control of the southern Andaman islandsbetween the Ten Degree and Sombrero Channels. At of this moment, Navy officials have stated that only one island, Chowra Island, has been secured by a 50-marine force, who landed using the ANS Atlantic's RHIBs and established a beachead. An AH-17 Raider also gathered reconnaissance on the island from the sky.

Canberra was constantly bombarded with questions regarding this action. Several sporadic protests led by activists arrived outside the Legislature House's parliament building as news of the annexation spread through the internet, television and radio. Police were able to set up a perimeter line to hold the protests from entering the building.

After calling an emergency cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave his statement in a brief interaction with the press:
The Andaman Islands are a key strategic area that is imperative to the national security of Australia as well as of our allies, as such our naval assets have arrived to those said locations in order to protect and secure our country's security as well as those of our allies in the region. I assure our citizens as well as the international community that the Andaman Islands are in safe hands.

Many are speculating that this annexation, or what the military calls simply as 'securing' ,of the Andaman Islands is a mutual move between Australian and Bengal governments,whose fleet of 5 Naval vessels landed on several major islands in the Andaman archipelago and have raised their flag on the area they have long claimed.

It is still not known what kind of ‘peaceful’ means the southern Andaman islands will be intended for. However, many are sure that the Australian military will be making the islands a key strategic base of operations in the Indian Ocean for its navy.

||Many opposition groups condemning annexation of Andaman islands by Bengal and Australian forces || ‘Islands will be used to secure trade routes between Indian Ocean and South China Sea’, military officials say || More information still to be received from Andaman landing party || “No human contact”, phrase from marine Bravo Team leader Cpt. Diaz as marines landed on Chowra Island || PM Morrison to give official speech to Legislature House regarding recent annexation of Andaman islands ||

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by Grandes Terres

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by Calindelo

The Andaman Islands
03, April 2024
Indonesian Coast Guard patrolling the waters around the Indonesian province of Aceh.

Recently, Bengal has claimed the Andaman chain of islands, and the government have talked about contentious
schemes regarding the said group of islands. Initially, the government of Indonesia remained neutral and refused to
side with either British India, or Bengal, as the government saw no justifiable or discernible cause to intervene. However, Bengal's use of excessive military involvement by sending a fleet consisting of six ships to "reclaim" the islands. Indonesian President, Kuwat Bojing Sudjarwadi, called for a press conference and expressed displeasure with the government of Bengal, as he called the actions of Prime Minister Suzuha Itai as "unprofessional" and "imperialistic" as the government acted in "an undiplomatic manner". President Sudjarwadi has also stated that several patrol ships of the Indonesian coast guard to patrol the waters of the northern seaboard of the province of Aceh to observe Kawanese movement in the region, and "... to keep the citizens safe if Bengal decides to claim Sumatra as Kawanese next." Surprisingly, President Sudjarwadi did not mention the involvement of Australia in the supposed invasion of the Andaman Islands.

In Other News...

French Indochina to renounce claims of Indonesian islands in the Spratly's

Possible FTA with the DEU in the works

Japanese companies interested in modernizing Indonesia's water sanitation

Indonesia's possible deal with Argus CyberSecurity

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by The East African Commonwealth

The Afrika Times


The Commonwealth Condemns Bengal's Annexation

The EAC made its stance clear on the issue of the Andaman Islands and the maneuvers by both Australia and Bengal today following a government announcement this morning:

.....The East African Commonwealth officially condemns the actions of the nation of Bengal on the Andaman Islands as a hostile act of aggression and a deliberate hostile act toward the native peoples of the islands. The region was part of the British Dominion of India as early as the 1850's and there has been no indication that the British have relinquished that claim, making this an act of war against Great Britain without provocation. Further, the isolated tribes on the islands have been ignored and their rights as sovereign citizens have been abused as they were not given a say in the matter of annexation unlike the people of the ABC Islands which faced a similar incident a few years ago. Further, these tribes remain protected under international law as uncontacted civilizations and as such direct contact with them in this way is not only harmful but it could kill them as these tribes have not been exposed to the sickness and diseases of the rest of the world. The EAC recognizes the actions of Australia as a counter to this force and therefore does not regard the act as hostile, further we will support Australia should Bengal feel that it need to use force to asset its claims.

The EAC offers talks to try and prevent conflicts over this issue and resolve problems with all parties.

CV Venture Arrives in Syracuse

Early this morning shortly after the government announcement on the Andaman Islands the CV Venture pulled into her home port of Syracuse for the first time. The crew of the vessel was on deck upon arrival lining the rails in their blue-white dress uniforms and on her mast flew the flag of the EC flying alongside the flag of the URT. Upon mooring the vessel, Captain Adla Muta met with the Mayor of the city at the docks and shook his hand. Further the crew of the Venture gifted the Mayor and the city with a gold plaque with a lion and eagle impressed on it, meant to be a symbol of peace and cooperation between the URT and EAC. The vessel then began to offer tours to the population. In the afternoon, the crew of the vessel is to meet with the administration of Syracuse and Sicily for a welcoming dinner in the city's town hall. Captain Muta called the arrival, "A promising start for the future of relations between our two nations.

However, with the recent actions in the Indian Ocean, the CV Venture may be deploying to the region to hold possible talks over the Andaman Islands, putting a hold on the missions for the vessel in the Med. We will continue to report on this as the situation develops.

| DRC Talks Stall | E-Tech Prototype Solar Generator Online | African Nationalist Unhappy EAC Is not Expanding it's Influence |

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by Orostan

The end of the Lebanese dictatorship has heralded the organization of new elections in the country, ironically promoted by the deceased dictator's family. Both the Communist Party and Socialist Party of the FSR have announced their full support for the Lebanese Communist Party in the upcoming Lebanese elections, praising their record on fighting against the dictatorship and for proletarian democracy. The valiance of the Lebanese communists in agitating and organizing against the Lebanese dictatorship cannot be overstated, and the Lebanese communist party is generally seen as anti-revisionist in the FSR. Communist partisans that helped liberate France and other western European countries from fascism and bourgeois dictatorship did not see their contributions properly acknowledged after the war's end, with the United States seeing to that. The official Federation release on the Lebanese transition to democracy states that the FSR will support and be friendly towards any democratically elected friendly government, and has urged the Lebanese transitional council to not fall victim to "bourgeois corruption". The People’s Assembly has also voted to formally recognize the new liberal democratic government of Lebanon.


The Bengali police officers responsible for the escort of the Bengali prime minister has officially laid the blame for a "pin attack" on a left-wing opposition party and a right-wing party. Both parties happen to oppose the current Bengali prime minister. The attack itself was characterized as the placement of pins along the road the prime minister was to travel on, intending to destroy the tires of the PM's cars and cause a crash. The outlandish nature of this "attack" and the accusations was not noticed by major Bengali corporate news outlets, unsurprisingly, despite the little chance for this "attack" to succeed even when it hit its mark. While VIPSEC, Bengal's security attache for the prime minister claims there were no pins prior to them scanning the roads, pins in enough quantity to have a good chance of piercing the tires of a passing car would no doubt be noticed by any competent security team. The blame placed on the rightists and the leftists for the attack likely belongs to the incompetence of VIPSEC.

It is already well known, and revealed by the World Worker, that the Bengali government is particularly corrupt and subject to media manipulation. Their removal of Federation engineers constructing a rail system for the purpose of accepting an Italian offer to build a road network instead was driven by a corrupt leadership and bureaucracy. The Bengali people paid for an objectively inferior transport system due to their leadership's corruption, and the Bengali media response to the revelations provided by the World Worker to the people of Bengal was noticeably muted. What is going on in Bengal today is a symptom of an utterly dysfunctional government which is just as much corrupt as it is insane, judging by recent Bengali actions on the Adaman Islands.
Other news

- Professor says Italy still a mistake, just less so
- Uncontacted tribe spotted worshiping worshiping unexploded Zackrothian missile warhead
- Brasilia to invest in a "Common Support Aircraft" for the Federation Navy

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by The East African Commonwealth

The Afrika Times


Amity Fleet Goes Global

The Amity Fleet at first started out as a small project involving one ship, but it has quickly expanded from a small localized group to an international organization in the period of two weeks. The fleet has been officially expanded to 7 ships, six of which are currently under construction. Three of these ships already have home ports in San Martinia, Mauritania, and Canada from which they will be conducting global operations. The missions these ships will undertake are the same as the Venture, exploration, aid, and diplomacy. The only difference is the scale of these missions. While the Venture will continue with her first series of test missions, her sister ships will start out with large scale missions. The CV Odyssey will be conducting a vast scan of the seabed off of the Falkland Islands to map the seabed and map hydro-thermal vents, the CV Endeavor will be conducting a large scale aid mission to supply the nations of West Africa with solar refactors for power and water, and the CV Explorer will be mapping and monitoring fault line activity in the Pacific to develop better early warning systems for Typhoons and Earthquakes. The Amity Fleet has stated that all of their research and mapping data will be public domain and any nation may have access to it. The Fleet has also stated that any of its humanitarian missions welcome additional manpower, supplies, and funding from the international community.

The Amity Fleet has not just expanded its fleet and operational scale, but its operational base, logistics, and assets abroad. Earlier this week the fleet established Amity Fleet Command in Zanzibar which oversees the operations of the fleet as a whole. Fleet Admiral Masud Kutoa was given command of the newly formed Command and took little time to make the small organization into an international entity. Mere days after being given command, the Amity Shipbuilding and Repair Agency (SRA) was established in Hobart Australia after talks with the Australian government. The SRA will develop and repair all vessels for the fleet as well as act as an operational hub for the Pacific and Indian Ocean for future fleets. A few days later Amity R&D was established in Vancouver Canada to act as the Fleet's main research headquarters. The R&D will research technologies meant to improve living standards, medicine, create non-lethal weapon alternatives, and develop green energy alternatives. Lastly, today Admiral Kutoa and the Amity Fleet established Amity Fleet Academy in Paris, France. Situated in arguable the diplomatic capitol of the world, the four-year academy's campus will specialize in teaching international relations, linguistics, communications, archeology, oceanography, marine science, physics, engineering, and medical science. Students who attend the college will graduate with a four year degree and have the opportunity to enlist in the Amity Fleet, but are not required to do so. Further, anyone of any nationality may attend the Academy so long as they meet the requirements for enrollment. Out of all of the steps Admiral Kutoa has taken to expand the Fleet he has referred to the Academy as his greatest step saying, "This will not only ensure the future of the Fleet, but allow cooperation between nations on a level we have not yet seen."

The Fleet is still establishing two more branches and home ports for three of its vessels. Construction of the Academy is expected to start at the end of next week with the SRA and R&D starting at the end of this week.

| Smaller Amity Vessel in Development | Military Developing Non-Lethal Rifle | Antarctic Expedition Planned |


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by Bendicion

Avanroa Eagle News Network is a news network based in Melbourne Australia. The news agency is the top-grossing news agency in Australia and employs 2,500 employees and staff. The agency is ranked as one of the most unbiased networks in the globe and has significantly given out high-quality content as of late. More than 5 years in operation, the agency builds cooperative collaborations with well known Australian agencies for better quality news
Australian Navy gives details of operations in the Andamans
April 7, 2024 | Jessica Nate Sanchez
ANS Atlantic coursing through the Ten Degree Channel
HOBART - Several weeks after Australian forces came to 'secure' the islands between the Ten Degree and Sombrero Channels, the military once again called a press conference to publicly announce the events happening in the Indian Ocean.

Navy spokesperson Carson Schmidt declassified situation reports from the commander of the ANS Atlantic, Captain Victor Gainsborough, to the press .Gainsborough outlined in the sit reps that on the first day the marine landing contingent landed in the northwest corner of Chowra Island and went up the island 100m away from the beach. The contingent reported no encounter with any individuals upon landing. The marines established a small communications center near the beach. The AH-17 that circled the island did not spot any human activity. Over night, the Captain kept in touch with the marine squad leader to report of activity they would encounter. The next day, the marines were given orders to relay a message to the Bengali forces that they were to withdraw their forces from the northern Andaman islands for the security of the region. Soon afterwards, the marines were extracted from Chowra island back to the Atlantic.

The Atlantic sailed to the nearest Andaman island taken by the Bengals and subsequently using the ship's loudspeaker system relayed the message that the Bengali Navy should withdraw their forces from the island. Since then the ANS Atlantic has been waiting for the Bengali forces to announce their withdrawal.

The military released the reports to clarify what the Atlanticand the marine contingent were actually doing in the Andamans.

|| PM Morrison's session with Legislature House rescheduled || Navy yet to declassify more details next press conference || Atlantic launches Saildrones

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by Grandes Terres

7th April 2024

PM Conte issues statement discouraging Bengali actions in the Andaman islands

Today Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte released an official video statement to the press regarding the rising tensions in the Indian Ocean caused by recent actions taken by the Bengali government to attempt to 'reclaim' the British territory of the Andaman islands, which are governed by the British India territory. As a DEU member and fellow European nation the Italian government has expressed its support
for the British government in maintaining its sovereignty over the Andaman islands, whilst condemning Bengal, whom the Italian government also considers to have cordial relations with.

His his video address the Prime Minister stated that "It is the wish of the Italian government that the Bengali government ends its so-called 'reclamation mission' in the Andaman islands and that both sides agree to a civil end to this confrontation. The intention of the Italian government is not to alienate the Bengali government through threats nor remain quiet for the sake of diplomatic relations but to encourage the Bengali government as a cordial partner to cease its interference in the Andaman islands against a European ally of Italy." Despite the Prime Ministers cautious words he warned that "Any further escalation of tensions by the Bengali government via its attempted seizure of the Andaman islands will result in the summoning of the Bengali ambassador and an official condemnation of the Bengali government in writing from President Sergio Mattarella."

In his statement the Prime Minister ruled out Italian or URT military involvement in any potential conflict that could arise for the time being, but did not rule out non-military measures of dissuading the Bengali government from entering conflict.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:40 am
by Great Oyashima
The Rising Sun - 日の出

Ishihara Doctrine Invoked

”Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” - Sun Tzu

22 March, 2024 -- The Andaman Islands are a British territory located within the Bay of Bengal. Unfortunately, Australian and Bengali interests brought Man’s wretched thirst for conquest to this island chain. Prime Minister Ishihara vowed to defend the Asia-Pacific against threats both abroad and internal, he has invoked the controversial Ishihara Doctrine.

With Australian forces withdrawing the Bengal troop contingent are all that remain. Bengal is much more adamant about their claim to the Andaman Islands so their forces remain. The Ministry of Defence has confirmed several naval squadrons from the Imperial Navy have been dispatched towards the Andaman Islands to fulfill an ultimatum for the remaining Bengali troops, leave. The MoD has made it quite clear that refusal will result in military consequences for Bengal.

Australia has not quite escaped from the eyes of the Imperial Government. The Foreign Office has confirmed that proper diplomatic penalties will be taken against the Australian government for their part in the seizure. Foreign Secretary Takei Waka stated that the Bengali government would not perform such a bold move without foreign support and that Australian timing was far too punctual to be dismissed. Australia has escaped greater criticism from the International Community.


D.T. · 1 second ago
Obvious interference by Australia! Let’s hope Bengal has a brain!!!

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JackSummer · 36 seconds ago
Those Japs better have a real big guns coming at Australia.

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Kawa1! · 1 minute ago
Apparently the Australians backed out...

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:52 am
by Bengal and Assam

PMO releases new statement regarding acquisition of Andoushima, amid demonstrations at home and objections from abroad

By Staff Correspondent, Madobe Nanami


Prime Minister Itai today has released a new statement regarding Bengal’s recent aquisiton of the Andoushima isles. She has announced that the military personell will be withdrawn from the islands, since her government “won’t let the hard earned friendship between Kawa and Australia break down” over the islands.

Some days ago, as the Self Defense Force landed on a few islands of the Andoushima Isles and planted the Midorimaru and the Tiger on the Bay flags of Bengal, the Australian military also moved in, securing the Southern Islands, making people all across the world suspicious that this was a joint operation. However, yesterday’s actions by the Australian military made it clear that it was not so. The Australian Naval vessels stationed in the islands ordered BSDF personell to get out and a minor firing incident between the Maritime Self Defense Force ships and the Australian Naval ships stationed there.

There were demonstrations both For and Against the move by the government. For example, pro-British organisation KawaReturnToUK hailed this as a move to avoid a prolonged war with the “Mother Country” according to event organizer Daniel Cho, who’s demo attracted about 25 thousand people. Another example of those against the move was the National Party of Bengal, the former ruling party that toppled from power following the Railway Protests. According to organizer Takashi Iwakuni, “Andoushima is rightfully Bengali. The government has betrayed the expectations of the Bengali people”. However, his demo barely attracted about a thousand people.

The future of the island remains unknown, as the UK has reaffirmed its sovereignty over the islands, as she did multiple times in the past, however doesn’t even maintain a settlement on it.

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South African Collapse #1

PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:04 pm
by Lebismoa
A letter...

My dearest Boko, today the stock market crashed very severely. Billions of dollars lost is what they are saying. Johannesburg is being destroyed by riots and now the military is involved. I am worried about the stability of South Africa and think that dark times are ahead. I am scared for my safety - and yours of course. Please stay safe in Cape Town. I believe that the protests and military are coming there.



Today the stock market crashed in South Africa. South Africa’s biggest stock, the SAEF, plummeted 73.9%, effectively ruining the economy. Rioting has begun all around the country and President Mandla Marais has made an announcement that everything is under control. The opposition’s party has their doubts with the inexperienced leader.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:08 pm
by The Russian Federated States


TASHKENT - With every day, there are less and less similarities between the first dictatorial Soviet Union and the new reformed Soviet Union led by the President Aleksandr Dibrov and his cabinet armed with packets of unlimited reforms. And the new welcoming policy radushiye, or hospitality, is one of them.

Introduced by politicians a few weeks ago, it was originally meant to be the call that would attract people from other countries to come to the Soviet Union and compensate for a big shortage of skilled workers in vast, sparsely populated areas such as Kazakh SSR, Siberia, and the Russian far east which is being developed jointly by San Martinia and Russia. These days radishiye is used to encourage help for the hundreds of thousands of refugees coming to the Soviet Union from countries like Galicia and Afghanistan. And thousands of Soviets have pitched in; they take food and clothes to the camps, take refugees to meetings with the authorities in their own cars, pay their fares, foot their medical bills, teach Russian, translate forms, share couches and bikes, act as nannies, open up soccer clubs, schools and kindergartens for refugee kids, and go on demonstrations against isolationists across the country. Kremlin has already set up temporary camps and schools to teach the refugee children Russian and introduce them to the Soviet culture.
But as the Soviets share their bread with the refugees, Presdient Aleksandr Dibrov made clear in his speech on Monday that he expects France, Germany, and the URT to also open their borders and the same amount of effort in accomodating the refugees as the Soviet Union is making.

In another news

-more Russian bombers arrive to the UK
-More Soviet citizens are gathering on the Soviet-Afghan border demanding the same benefits as the government is giving to the newly-arrived refugees.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:13 pm
by British Home Nations

BBC World News
23 March 2024
Bengali Seizure of Andaman Islands Surprises Government, Commons Outraged

PM George Vickers announces MOD and Cabinet statement and strategy to the House, 23 March 2024


Westminster and Whitehall erupted into outrage today as intelligence and military reports came in describing the seizure of the Andaman Islands, an island chain in the Bay of Bengal that is part of the British Overseas Territory known as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, by the Kingdom of Bengal and Assam. The Australian naval and marine forces were in fact securing the Nicobar Islands, south of the Andamans, as confirmed by MOD officials earlier today.

During the ending of the Raj in the late 1940s, the Andaman Islands were an abolished penal colony transferred to Britain in exchange for exclusive oil rig contracts in the area by the newly created Dominion of India. During the Second World War, it was a proclaimed territory of the pro-Japanese Indian Free Army until it was reclaimed by the Allies a few months after the War in the Pacific ended.

Since being an BOT, the islands were largely inhabited by indigenous peoples who had little to no contact with outsiders, and the few coastal settlements that are welcome to outsiders host lodgings for the oil rig workers in the Bay of Bengal. Two months before the Bengali seizure an evangelist from North America was killed by a hunter party of a tribe on North Sentinel Island.

MOD and the British intelligence community believe that Bengal seized the islands largely for the oil rigs as well as for nationalistic reasons. While the additional official reason of a deep sea port is also confirmed, Commonwealth and European infrastructure experts indicate the islands are not an excellent location given the propensity of tropical storms and hurricanes in the region as well as the large number of indigenous people on the islands.

Prime Minister Vickers (C-Southampton) announced that after meeting with the heads of the services and the Cabinet at Chequers that His Majesty's Government will, firstly, issue a deadline for the Bengali Self-Defense Forces on the Andaman Islands to leave (12 PM, GMT +0, 26 March 2024) in order to minimize contact between the BSDF and the indigenous population. Secondly, HM Government proposes talks in a third country between the United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Bengal and Assam, and the Dominion of India regarding the status of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Whitehall will discuss a possible location with its European and Asian partners.

In addition to the diplomatic efforts, a RN squadron led by HMS Conqueror II, one of the UK's newest aircraft carriers and fifth carrier in the fleet, will be deployed to support the exclusion zone set up by the Japanese and Australian naval forces as of 20 March 2024.

The Prime Minister stated today to the House that "...we thank our regional friends and partners to ensure a secure and peaceful solution to the crisis in the Bay of Bengal. Particularly to our Commonwealth partner Australia and our naval ally the Empire of Japan, as well as Indonesia and Italy for their statements of support and hopes for a peaceful solution."

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:09 am
by Calindelo

*OOC Note: Posts from the "Biro Inteligen Nasional Indonesia" are only made only for player comprehension of events, and is not public information.*

Operation - Pembebasan
Found footage of Moro Muslim Liberation Front fighters - Circa: ???

After observing the contemporaneous events that are unfolding in the Republic of the Philippines, the Biro Inteligen Nasional Indonesia have concluded that the MMLF is not a threat to the national security of Indonesia, but we have deduced that the Moro people are victims of years of Filipino oppression and it is of our best interests that we, the Indonesian people, help our fellow Muslim brothers on their fight towards freedom and rightful autonomy. Of course, supporting a supposed "terrorist organization" will be viewed as morally wrong by people throughout the world, we
have decided that the best course of action is to conceal communications and actions between the Government of Indonesia and the MMLF, and to classify information regarding "Operation Pembebesan" to "BINI TOP SECRET CLASSIFICATION - 5"

We believe that the most preeminent approach to assist the organization is to lend weapons, equipment, and explosive devices to the MNLF. We begin by supplying them with said equipment by illegally crossing
the maritime border between Sabah and Tawi-Tawi and using the porous border patrol of both the Philippines, and our own, to our advantage. Shipments will arrive in Jolo island and will be distributed throughout Mindanao, or elsewhere, as the equipment will entirely be the MNLF's responsibility. Ill-advised, we are still debating if we would send BINI agents to various MNLF camps to train the Moro recruits, we will keep this dossier updated.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:58 am
by Grandes Terres

7th April 2024

Astaldi agrees NAF$14 billion contract to build high speed rail in Segentaea

Today Italian infrastructure company Astaldi announced that it has agreed a NAF$14 billion contract with the government of Segentaea to build a 950 km high speed rail line connecting the capital Tripoli with Segentaea's second-largest city Glusagos-Benghazi. The high speed rail will also connect to the cities of Khoms, Zliten, Misrata, Sitre and Ajdabiya along the way allowing travel between Segentaea's two major cities in around 4.5 hours in including the stops mentioned, allowing the possibility of businesspeople and workers to commute between the two cities, something that was originally reserved for those who could afford daily air travel.

The railway is to be operated by the Italian state railway company Trenitalia, a subsidiary of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane which operates railway lines across Europe. By being operated by Trenitalia the new railway is able to offer cheap tickets and discounted season tickets due to the size of the company meaning that an initial loss can be made on the Tripolitania-Cyrenaica Express.

Astaldi has opted to install its 250km/h track over its faster track as it is far more cost effective for a country like Segentaea that has a relatively small population relative to other countries that have high speed rail. The project is Astaldi's second high speed rail project in Africa after it signed a NAF$30 billion deal with the government of the EAC to build a high speed rail line across the countries between its major cities. Paolo Astaldi, Chairman of Astaldi, released a statement following the announcement of the new project in Segentaea stating that "Astaldi is proud to be expanding its work in Africa to Segentaea and hope to work on future projects with the Segen government such as bridges, roads, hospitals and other infrastructure that Astaldi is a world leading construction company in. We also hope that our operations can be expanded to other African countries and are open to all opportunities to build up Africa's infrastructure to the world-class status it deserves."

Map of the route of the Tripolitania-Cyrenaica Express: Image

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:40 pm
by The East African Commonwealth

The Afrika Times


The Venture Begins Mapping Mission

With the possible diplomatic crisis in the Indian Ocean resolved without incident, the CV Venture has departed from Syracuse to begin a fifteen day mapping mission of the seabed 40 miles south of the city. This survey will be a multi-purpose mission and encompass both a test run for the crew and the vessel itself and a show of how effectively the Amity Fleet can operate. This mission will focus on exploration as well with all six ROVs being deployed to the seabed both for scanning and monitoring purposes. The 100 square mile survey zone will be thoroughly scanned and searched for both natural and man-made features such as shipwrecks and lost objects.

| DRC Talks Go Silent | President Nuru Visits DEU Assembly | Academy Construction Expanded to Ten Facilities |

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:21 am
by Bengal and Assam

Troops return from Andoushima, Lt.Col Daniel Wong honored.
Govt to go to diplomatic table with the UK.

By Chief Correspondent, Daniel Wong


This afternoon, the 5 ships that left for the recovery of the Andoushima Isles, a territory disputed between Bengal and the United Kingdom, returned to Izohama Port. They disembarked after following standard ship-disembarking procedures.
The Reclamation of the Andoushiman isles was a failed operation by the Self Defense Forces, as external pressures from Europe, Australia, Japan, and internal pressure from Pro-British or pacifist groups such as KawaReturn2UK and WeAreOneWorld has forced the government to call back the troops. Another controversy regarding the operation was released by internal sources from the Imperial Palace, that the military operation was done without the consent of the Mikado, and that she was uninformed. Legal groups say that the move was unconstitutional as the Mikado is the Commander-In-Chief, and that “such operations require the approval from the Mikado in the form of a Heaven’s Mandate”. However, pro-govt legal groups say that since the Andoushima Isles are “rightfully Bengali territory, such domestic operations do not require the approval of the Mikado”.

According to sailors disembarking, they thought that they would be jeered at by the crowds at one of Bengal’s most important trading and ferry port. However, they got a hero’s welcome, as the crowds cheered for them instead.

Meanwhile in Chuo-Minato, Lt.Col Daniel Wong, the commanding officer who led the operation was Honoured by the Prime Minister by induction into the Order of the White Lily, the 2nd highest honour given by the State to a civilian or military individual who contributed to Bengal. Its only 2nd to the Order of the Cherry Blossom, granted by the Mikado herself.

In a related news, the Foreign and Commonwealth Ministry has given out a new Press Release. Spokeswoman Kye Young-Soo said that Bengal “is always ready and welcome to diplomatically resolve any issue. We welcome the United Kingdom’s invitation to diplomatically find a solution to the Andoushima Question”.

Akadesu: Bengal takes its baby steps towards territorial imperialism... How sad
/AoiSAKURA: Its our islands, so we've got all rights to take them back
/[color=#FF0000]Akadesu[/color]: @AoiSAKURA you're wrong. Those territories belong to the UK, which itself is a nation built on Imperialism.
/Kazutoki: We were a British Overseas Territory ourselves until 1969. Andoushima was administered from Minato until then

Withdrawal from Nigeria

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 6:06 am
by Bendicion

Avanroa Eagle News Network is a news network based in Melbourne Australia. The news agency is the top-grossing news agency in Australia and employs 2,500 employees and staff. The agency is ranked as one of the most unbiased networks in the globe and has significantly given out high-quality content as of late. More than 6 years in operation, the agency builds cooperative collaborations with well known Australian agencies for better quality news
Australian Troops from Nigeria to be awarded for their service
April 7,2024 | Arthur Cranpim
"Back by Christmas", the motto of many service personnel in Nigeria
as they await their trip home back to Australia

HOBART - Exactly 2 months since theFederal Republic of Nigeria was created from the French PSAN and Australian TACT, the first batch of servicemen from Nigeria, almost 5,000 men and women, arrived at the Hobart Military's base docks on board 4 Canberra class LHDs. They were greeted by a welcoming party consisting of the Prime Minister, the Defense Secretary and the Armed Force's Chief Commander. Families of the troops were also present to greet their loved ones. The military prepared food and festivities for the returning servicemen and women.

This now brings the total number of personnel that have returned to the country at around 10,000. The military is planning on contracting Australian National Lines for 5 cruise liners in order to transport at least 12,000 servicemen per batch back home. The Army has also cooperated with the Air Force in using 20 transport planes to transport about 1500 personnel by air. With about 60,000 servicemen still waiting to return home, the added number of ships and aircraft will help speed up the process. The military aims to have the last batch of servicemen return to Australia by at least end of November.

By the first week of December, the returning servicemen will be awarded for their service in Nigeria with a special medal. In order to cover at the huge number of troops, the awarding of the service medal will be down by military division starting with the first combat troops to arrive in Nigeria. The service medal's name has not yet been revealed by the military.

|| FRN Military to increase manpower from 500,000 to 600,000 men || Military equipment valued at $2.5Bn to be given to FRN, says PM || Air Force and Navy reassures families of servicemen in Nigeria of future pullback ||

All rights reserved Bendicion. Do not copy this layout without asking.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 2:29 pm
by Grandes Terres

15th April 2024

State Forestry Corps to be tripled in size to counter hunting, illegal felling and unlicensed truffle hunting

Today the government announced that it will be tripling the size of the State Forestry Corps (CFS), which is responsible for protecting Italy's natural resources, the environment, countryside and ecosystems, especially national parks and national forests, from its current size of 8,500 to 25,500 at an additional cost of Ā476 million per year. Many have criticised the decision, claiming that that amount of money would be better spent elsewhere such as on welfare which is seeing its budget squeezed tighter every year as the population grows but the budget is frozen.
Officers of the State Forestry Corps tracking unlicensed truffle hunters

Despite the criticism the government, environmental protection and animal rights organisations have reaffirmed the importance of expanding the CFS as they claim it is 'essential' for it to expand in order to continue carrying out its specialist duties which include arresting poachers and hunters, investigating environmental violations, illegal building, counterfeit foods, safeguarding protected animal species, enforcing endangered species laws, and preventing and fighting wildfires through 17 regional commands and its fleet of 35 fire-fighting aircraft.

The government has seen the expansion of the CFS as a key task due to the strict environmental and animal welfare laws that have been passed over the last decade, such as the Absolute Hunting Ban, Extended Felling Regulations Act, Extended Endangered Species Protection Act as well as the Absolute Firearms Ban which has been difficult to enforce in rural areas due peoples ability to stash firearms in discreet locations for use in illegal hunting and poaching after the Absolute Hunting Ban also came into force.

As well as these typical roles the CFS also has the unique task of tracking down unlicensed truffle hunters in some regions of Italy, particularly in Piedmont, an area renowned for its high-value truffles, where many people disturb the sensitive soil and ecosystem of Piedmonts 'truffle forests' without applying for a permit to truffle hunt, which involves being briefed of environmental preservation and truffle hunting protocol to ensure that the balanced ecosystem required for truffles to grow is not damaged. The CFS invests considerable resources into regulating truffle hunting in Italy and the government claims that this personnel and equipment boost will help to alleviate pressure on the CFS.

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Libertario88 · 5 minutes ago
They're boosting their gun-taking capabilities with these extra rangers! Resist them!

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End of April Issue

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:54 pm
by Bendicion

Avanroa Eagle News Network is a news network based in Melbourne Australia. The news agency is the top-grossing news agency in Australia and employs 2,500 employees and staff. The agency is ranked as one of the most unbiased networks in the globe and has significantly given out high-quality content as of late. More than 5 years in operation, the agency builds cooperative collaborations with well known Australian agencies for better quality news
AusGroup Fund announces capital investments has reached $500Bn
Apirl 16,2024 | Isaac Livinston
AusGroup Fund has outperformed even Australia's own sovereign fund
SYDNEY - AusGroup Fund, AusGroup's own wealth and investment fund recently disclosed its total amount of capital has reached $512Bn . The Fund posted that since April 2020, foreign and domestic investors poured in about $50Bn worth of capital. AusGroup Fund's emergence as a credible destination for investors wishing to invest across a vast array of corporate shares, real estate, and other assets has enabled it to surpass even Australia's own SWF, Future Fund, which is hovering at just $100Bn worth of assets.

More than 70% of the Fund's capital is classified as 'working investments' while the rest have been deposited into Australia's central bank, which is significantly helping stabilize the AUS$ against foreign currencies. About 60% of these working investments have been poured into helping AusGroup companies expand their operations. About 30% of investments have been used to buying real estate, procuring companies through mergers, establishing local subsidiaries and buying shares from large conglomeratesto rising startup companiesacross the globe. The remaining 10% of investments have been set to finance development/construction projects that include constructing infrastructure, developing real estates, funding product development, financing prospective startups, and etc.

In spite of growing operations, AusGroup has been accused multiple times in cases of corruption and red tape. The possibility that AusGroup can also be used for money laundering has also sparked controversy. However, AusGroup has without a doubt play a significant role in Australia's economic progress, as well as those of other countries.

||AMSP records lowest sales since 2018 || ANL wins bid to transport material for Canadian multinational project || TransGen to build new shipyards in Sri Lanka, plans to invest a billion dollars in Sri Lanka economy || Helios III invests $400M to build 15 production/assembly plants in India for producing low energy usage electrical appliances like fridges,washing machines and etc|| Qantas opens new hub in Bombay, no flights scheduled yet || Argus wins bid to be EurOS distributor for whole Indian subcontinent ||

DEU approves to remove tariffs on Australian products
Apirl 18,2024 | Arthur Cranpim
New Free Trade deal with Europe could spell wonders
or doom for the continent nation

CANBERRA - The Australian population can now enjoy the advantages of having free trade with Europe and its territories. With tariffs removed, Australians now have the opportunity to buy European products such as accessories, pastries, and beverages at a more affordable price. This situation can now happen after the recent DEU Assembly voted in favor of removing tariff restrictions from Australian products under the DEU-Australia Extended Relations Accord (ERA).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave a speech to the Legislature House after the House voted to ratify the DEU-Australia Extended Relations Accord (ERA).
This is a great day to celebrate with our friends in Europe. May this deal be the first of many more deals that will see our two continents forge ever-greater ties. I am proud to say that our goal of achieving a greater and broader role in the international business community is finally taking into fruition. To the House, we can proudly say that we have made history.

The tariffs not only allows European products to enter Australia tariff-free but it also allows Australian manufacturers and farmers to export their own products to a new market tariff-free as well.

However, not many economists are all positive with this deal. AusGroup as well is not too keen to see the domestic market flooded with much more affordable European products. It will be a matter of time if the ERA will indeed work or not.

| Visa Waiver Program with United Kingdom, only available for those residing in the British Isles || British India signs $2.5Bn Agricultural Trade Agreement || Germany/Benelux becomes biggest DEU exporter to Australia

Joint partnership between Italy creates Aether Aerospace
Apirl 20,2024 |John Bracken
Aether Aerospace, a joint partnership by AusGroup and CDP
ROME - AusGroup Fund spokeperson Daniel Parsons announced that AusGroup has partnered with Italy's CDP Equity on a joint aerospace venture, Aether Aerospace.

Negotiations have already been completed. Aether Aerospace Australia will be in charge of manufacturing the main fuselage, landing gear and tail of planes while Aether Italy will be in charge of designing wings and avionics systems. The interior designs were also given to the Aether Italy team due to a large number of Italian design companies to choose from.

Aether Aerospace is reportedly working on a new jet airliner project. Supposed schematics of this new jet airliner have been reportedly leaked in some websites.

||AusGroup and CDP each have 25% shares || 10% of Aether Aerospace shares sold to Bengal Government || IPO for 40% shares of Aether sells fast in Sydney Stock Exchange ||

Navy declassifies cluster locations of its Saildrones across the Pacific
Apirl 23,2024 | Aaron Williams
Saildrone clusters in the Pacific. Each blue cluster can
consist of 30 to 50 operating Saildrones

HOBART - The Navy recently disclosed the locations of its fleet of Helios Saildrones operating in the Pacific. Navy spokesperson Carson Schmidt told media that this information was disclosed in order to notify the public after repeated reports from individuals reportedly spotting Unidentified Floating Objects.

The picture shows that the majority of these so-called 'clusters' are heavily concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the South China Sea, the Timor strait, as well as near several Micronesian nations. The navy did not comment on why these clusters were located on where they were.

Many defense analysts are suggesting that the declassifying of such information might actually be to use it to 'spook' individuals involved in the smuggling and human trafficking operations, acting as a deterrent for the Navy in curbing known routes for such illegal activities. Others are saying that not all of the blue dot clusters shown in the picture may have any Saildrones operating and that the navy is using the picture to give out a pseudo effect.

The Navy currently operates around 3,250 Saildrones around the globe, most of which's locations have been kept secret by the Navy.

|| Helios III not allowed to sell Saildrones if not approved by government || Saildrone spotted in African Atlantic coast || Government willing to procure 200 more Saildrones ||

All rights reserved Bendicion. Do not copy this layout without asking.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:54 am
by Grandes Terres

19th April 2024

Avio announces development of new HBT100 commercial jet engine designed for Aether Aerospace

Today the CEO of Avio, Giulio Ranzo, announced that the company is currently undertaking a project to create a cutting-edge, high efficiency commercial jet engine which will be named the HBT100 (high-bypass turbofan 100) and will be designed for Aether Aerospace's new commercial aircraft and will directly compete with similar-sized engines produced by the global aviation engine manufacturing giants Rolls Royce, General Electric and Pratt and Whitney. Avio has received significant subsidies from the Italian government in order to prioritise the development of the engine and help deal the billions in costs involved in R&D and development of the new engine which is currently being produced in a prototype state prior to testing on aircraft.

The company says that the Avio HBT100 will be an extremely versatile engine and can be easily be scaled up in size to accommodate the creation of larger engine models for the future when Aether inevitably begins the development of larger commercial aircraft. As well its versatility the company says that the engine will be at the cutting-edge of fuel efficiency and quietness as well as being able to function normally with up to 50% of its fuel being aviation biofuel mixed with 50% jet fuel, which experts claim could reduce air pollution caused by air traffic by 50-70% if rolled out globally across all aircraft in the future.

In order to receive significant subsidies from the Italian government for the development of the HBT100, Avio has had to officially commit to investing in the 'future of aviation engineering', which includes leading research in electric and hydrogen jet engines as well as researching into 'the permanent replacement for the jet engine'. Many have called these commitments 'underwhelming' as the government has only required Avio to commit to 'research' and not the actual development of any alternatives to conventional jet engines. But nonetheless the government has insisted that its action of requiring a pledge from Avio shows its commitment to the "green future of transportation and the reduction of CO2 emissions from the aviation industry into the future even as the market grows."

The Avio HBT100 prototype currently being produced for initial flight testing: Image