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PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 2:37 pm
by Jahe Davmwoem
May 19, 2016
Imperial Government News Organization
Jahe Davmwoem


Carpestan has officially threatened the Imperial People, for something that they are not responsible for. This outrage will not be tolerated. Here is their threat.

"As of now, I am issuing an order for crippling economic sanctions on the rogue nation of Jahe Davmwoem and am using my power to increase the presence of our military across our northwestern coastline. If this action continues, Carpestan will treat this as a declaration of war and make the necessary moves, along with our ally Keomora, to strike back and retaliate with full force."

As every human being with common sense knows, the Legion is not supported by the Imperial Government. Carpestan represents the true wishes of the Keomora Block, to use disasters as an excuse for expansion. Our surging economy will do better without those masters of greed within them. We WILL stand up to them, they may attack, but we will hold up in the fields, in the villages and cities, in the Holy Mountains. We will defend our homeland!

Here is a message for those Imperialist Pigs,



PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 3:22 pm
by Livorino
The Livoran News Link
Keeping you updated

International News

News Briefs
Jahe Tourist Checks
For an uncertain amount of
time, citizens from Jahe
Davmwoem will be checked
more than other tourists for
dangerous items or connections.

New exhibits at the Livoran
Natural History Museum

The Livoran Museum is getting a
couple new exhibits which will
most likely be attracting to
tourists. These include Coral
Reef exhibits and aquatic
dinosaur fossils.

Tourists leaving better
reviews than ever

Tourists in Livorino have
been leaving better reviews
steadily over the past few
years. This most likely is
do to the improvements
business and the government
has been putting forward.

Livorino Denounces Jahe Davmwoem

Livorino, while liking to stay more neutral in international issues, has had no choice but to denounce the nation of Jahe Davmwoem, which is threatening regional stability by threatening another nation with nuclear weapons.

The nation of Carpestan underwent a terrorist attack by members of the terrorist group Legion of Dawn from Jahe Davmwoem. Their president has issued economic sanctions and has stated that if this continues to happen it will be treated as an act of war. It is unclear if Jahe Davmwoem supports this terrorist group or not and thus Livorino cannot take a stance on whether Carpestan is in the right or wrong here. The Prince, Spartaco di Livorino has made a statement in regards to this,

"While our nation is one that supports peace, diplomacy, and neutrality; we cannot remain neutral on an issue like this. Nations like Jahe Davmwoem cannot try to destroy the Isle's ways of life, especially by threatening nuclear war for a problem that they should be seeking to control. While we wish that we did not have to denounce them, we hope that this and the most likely plethora of international denouncements and sanctions will prove to them that they must change the way they handle such issues."

Livorino supports Atnaia in its Evacuation Orders

With the disaster that happened to Merrit Isle by the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami, it is unclear whether the nuclear reactor there will be safe. It is thus a necessity to protect the civilians nearby and the Livoran government has stated that it supports the Atnaian Hegemon in his decision to evacuate those. Hopefully the civilians will be able to return to their homes, but it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to items such as nuclear reactors.

Domestic News

New Optical Fiber Cables being laid between Livorino and Capri

As many Livorans know connections for items such as internet, landline phones, and other information technologies, have been rather slow when it comes to inter-island communication. This has been frustrating to many who need to work between isles, to those who have families on both islands, and to many others, especially the government.

Thus the Livoran government in partnership with business is investing in building a bulk of fiber optical cable between the islands which should immensely boost speed and strength. It should be done sometime in June, and will not cost very much from the infrastructure budget, which is a good thing for the tax paying citizens.

PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 3:28 pm
by Grand Eurassia

Eighty Years of multiples, the western republics unite once again
From the late 1800's the nation of Grand Eurassia has been there, standing diligently, a beacan of hope, progress, tolernce, progression. But in 1936, that all changed. Differing ideals and cultures broke the nation apart, and in a series of civil wars the former Grand Eurassia became 6 break away states, named Eurakan, Asiatic, Asanna, Bunikol, Topee, and Kesanla. These nations struggled became extremely friendly with one another over time, trading massivelly and protecting each other to stay alive. Borders were open for the 6 nations, and they worked extensivally together to maintain a joint space program.
Well today, that all changes. On 2 PM EST, May 19th, 2016, the 6 nations democratically voted to unite once again, and remerge as the Grand Eurassia.

Quickly the capital was put in the historic city of Sempiterno, with the populat figure, and mayor of Sempiterno, James K. Harving in charge as the President.

How long will this new nation last? How well will it work together? can it keep up and thrive with its closest neighbor to the east? We may never know, till its too late.

article by Allison Pewds,
The Winstown Journal

PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 3:35 pm
by Domanania
May 19, 2016
Federation Broadcasting Channel

Sanctions against Jahe

After disturbing reports from the country of Jahe, many Doman politicians have clamored for some kind of action to be taken. Marcius Brenshal gave an address to the official congressional decision to nearly the entire federation.


"We have had many struggles in the past year dealing with terrorists. They have led to the thousands of deaths of innocent people of both our country, and others. So with reports of the heathens of Jahe funding such horrible criminals is an act we can not let go unpunished. Not to mention the development of dangerous nuclear weapons. Had they not been hasty to threaten the sovereignty of other nations, we would leave them with a warning. But, with our new ally Keomora being threatened as well, we can not let this stand. As of today, the People's Federation of Domanania will stand with Keomora against the heretical people of Jahe. We have cut off all trade with the heretics, and should their tradesmen press out boarders, they shall regret it deeply. We can not let these imperialistic heathens threaten our allies, nor the greater Western Isles."

The official order is as follows:
I. All trade shall be halted between the two nations.
II. Should a trade or military vessel be found threatening to enter Doman waters, it shall be captured and ransomed off.
III. Any act of war shall be met with full prejudice.
IV. Any threats against Domanania's boarders or trade shall be an act of war

PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 4:42 pm
by Covonant
May 19, 2016
Covonantian Broadcasting Commission
Coventry, Covonant

The Union Sanctions Jahe

At a press briefing a few moments ago at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Tilonius Vesa has announced Covonant's intention of placing sanctions on The Holy Empire of Jahe Davmwoem. Mr. Vesa noted that the actions of Jahe over the past few days have been of grave concern to the Union and the country felt it best to address the situation.

"I know we have been silent on the matter from the onset but we have been assessing the nation and have grown concerned over the past few days. With the government in Jahe lack of interest in the terrorist attacks that have occurred in The Empire of Keomora and their aggressive response to the attacks have caused us to be concerned. Following the attacks on a Carpestanian newspaper by terrorist groups coming out of Jahe our concerns have grown more. Why we are concerned you may ask, and why sanction Jahe?. The Jahe government knows of the operations of the terrorist groups Legion of Dawn, and our intelligence services have confirmed the Jahe governments' involvement with this terrorist group and the fact that Jahe has been too slow to sufficiently suppress this group or showed greater empathy towards the nations the terrorist have sought to shake, the Union wanting for peace and stability to reign by the authority from the Consul (Parliament of Covonant), and approval from the Prime Minister have put in place economic santions on Jahe. These sanctions includes:

    1. No goods from the Union should be traded in Jahe, nor shall goods from Jahe be permitted into the territory and controlled island of Covonant.
    2. There will be a ban on travel for citizens of the Union to Jahe, and from the citizens of Jahe to the Union with immediate effect.
    3. There will be a ban on transactions to Jahe from Covonant, and from Covonant to Jahe.
    4. No sea vessels from Jahe should enter Covonantian waters, if any vessels is found to bear the flag of Jahe will be met with Covonantian force.
    5. No Air craft of any sort from Jahe shall enter the Covonantian airspace. If any craft unauthorised enters the airspace of the Union, it shall be met with Covonantian force.

When asked whether Covonant is willing to go the route of military invasion or war, the Minister had this to say.

"The Union at this time does not want to be seen as an aggressor nor are we. It is not my place to say whether military options are a resort we wish to take, the Union however will do whatever we can to assist our allies. The Union however would like to express our demands to the government of Jahe to desist from its destructive path for the good of its people. The Government of Covonant demands that Jahe recede its nuclear warheads to zero, desist from testing nuclear weapons and to desist from carrying out nuclear test, we demand that the government place greater efforts in curtailing the actions of the legion of dawn."

The Minister expressed that the Union will do all in its ability to answer to the calls of its allies in the face of their sovereignty being challenged.

The Ministry of Defense has ordered the stationing of troops to Keomora

Following his visit to The Empire of Keomora, the Minister of Defense, Batiatus Sula arrived earlier this afternoon. The CBC caught up with the Minister at the Ministry of Defense. He expressed his approval in the treaty that was signed between the Union and Keomora and expressed that the situation in the country with concern to terrorism and Jahe is tense.

"We have to see how best we can use our influence to solve a crisis that may be detrimental for our allies and for the Western Isle at large. Covonant pledges to support our allies and while expressing our support hopes that this does not lead to a break out in war."

The Minister expressed the concerns of the Keomoran government who has requested Covonant's assistance with troops.

"The government of Keomora has asked for Covonant's assistance with troops, which the senate has agreed to and the Prime Minister has given his support to. We are seeing to it that 1500 of our men and women in our forces will be stationed in Keomora. It is not to be perceived as a means to war nor as the Union interfering in inter-regional affairs, but based on the treaty signed the Union is obligated to assist Keomora and the request from that government. We hope that our presence will help as a deterrent by Jahe to make moves towards Keomora."

Gloria Stiles-Reporting

A Growing Threat? New Dictator's Plans of Developing a Weapo

PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2016 5:27 pm
by Bloody Yellow Stars
May 19, 2016
BYS News Broadcast
New Starsia, Bloody Yellow Stars

A Growing Threat? New Dictator's Plans of Developing a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Pictured above is the city hall of New Starsia, the capital city of Bloody Yellow Stars, where the new dictator stood to speak to the city's people.

Today, news broadcasts everywhere turned their attention to Leader Nemesis, who stood outside of the New Starsian City Hall. Thousands of the city's residents gathered to hear her speak as they had done yesterday. With her charisma and her seemingly endless ambition, the new dictator has already shown to appeal to the people.

"As a dictator, I do not believe in government use of deception." Leader Nemesis addressed the crowd. "Withholding information at the people's expense is a grave dishonor and a permanent stain on the government's relationship with the people!"

This was followed by an announcement that many find shocking.

"I will be working closely with a team of the nation's most brilliant scientists!" The dictator then announced. "With the rapid scientific advancements of Bloody Yellow Stars, we are developing 'Punishment', a great weapon that will make us Starsians a force to be reckoned with!"

Commentary immediately followed when the crowd dispersed.

"This is madness!" Head of the Department of Foreign Relations Brian Williams cried out in an interview. "From what is known about the project now, this weapon will only bring war and destruction! This dictatorship is a step backwards and is not what Bloody Yellow Stars was built upon. This nation was created to escape the violence and persecution of our oppressors, but here we are taking a step towards becoming what they were!"

Clashing opinions, however, were also made apparent.

"This project has great potential," Political Scientist Vincenzo Lombardo countered. "With 'Punishment', we'll no longer be a powerless nation, subject to pressure from others. We'll grow stronger and more confident, and after the Dark Starsian Revolt, public confidence is just what we need. Leader Nemesis is truly bringing us a bright future."

With the "Punishment" project already gaining national attention, it is only time before it gains attention from others.

"We'll be ready to receive such attention," Leader Nemesis addressed these concerns in a private interview later on. "With 'Punishment', Bloody Yellow Stars is heading towards a Golden Age!"

The future looks like a shining one for Bloody Yellow Stars, but for some the future brings uncertainty and possible danger. Only time will tell.

PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2016 12:33 am
by Bhikkustan
The Samadhi Sun
Presenting the News of the Khanate

Special Vesak Issue


Today is possibly the biggest day of the year for most Bhikkus. Today, the entire nation celebrates as one, rejoicing in the great and wise teachings of our lord Buddha. The day started around 5 in the morning with a mass meditation and chanting in the main town squares of each city, where local monks conducted religious rites for all that visited. The. In samadhi, an enormous procession of monks and laypeople marched down the road towards the Royal palace, where a joint singing of the national anthem was held.

Elephants in the early morning parade in Samadhi

Vendors were at the side of the streets selling food to the festival goers, and the atmosphere was intense, one of fervent devotion but also fun. Even Fatima bint Haman, a Muslim citizen, said that the event was "really eye opening and fun, not only a show of faith but of patriotism." Once this singing was over, monks traveled the streets and gave prayers while many went home to give gifts or celebrate with friends and family. The local temples were overflowing and many people received sermons and gave alms.

A procession at Maijlong monastery carrying the shinbone of Samita, the disciple of Buddha who brought Buddhism to Bhikkustan in 500 bc.

Among the processions was the carrying of the shinbone of Samita, a disciple of Buddha who travelled with Siddhartha Gautama himself and brought Buddhism to Bhikkustan. This holy relic was carried in a ceremonial vessel, and was met by fanatical devotion. People threw rose petals in front of the monks, and holy water was sprayed from a truck that followed behind the bone. In Samadhi crowds were surprised when Surevi Khan himself appeared at a small temple and helped lead a sermon.

Royal Temple Samadhi

Later in the day, Khan Surevi gave an address to the crowd. Here it is:

"My honoured Compatriots and fellow members of the sangha, I wish you a very happy Vesak! Today we celebrate the birth of our lord Buddha, who taught us the way to attain enlightenment. I hoped that today will be a day of peace and understanding between people, and here in Bhikkustan it certainly has been.

Yet overseas, some of our regionmates have ignored the peaceful message of the great teacher. In the nation of Bloody Yellow Stars, they have chosen to build new weapons. This is a travesty. They name it punishment, and I can assure you that if it is ever used karma shall provide that to them. Also the nation of Jahe Davmwoem has chosen to threaten Carpestan and our allies Keomora. This is another terrible idea. Threatening war in the name of religion is a terrible thing, and those who do it forsake the protection that their religion provides. We must also pray for the people of the Pacific Peace Union, who struggle under a dictator who aims to destroy any large refuge of moral decency in her nation. I pray for those wise people who dare to rise up against her, and cast the agent of Mara out.

But enough chatter on such terrible topics. Today we celebrate a great occasion, one which is core to our nation's strength and integrity. Our brothers in Moukere have toiled hard to survive for the last few years with no outside support barring ours. I encourage all of those citizens who chose to live among the Western Isles to provide donation. For that is the spirit of Vesak. I am proud to announce a plan to improve infrastructure in Moukere tenfold over the next few years. I also send out a proud invitation to the leader of New Aapelistan to visit our country. I wish to drive out wage gaps and provide the people with better conditions, more pay and better hours. To achieve this I plan on adopting a socialist economic policy.

Thank you for your time, my people! And a happy Vesak to all!"

Khan Surevi addresses the crowd with his Bhumhalese wife Dharmendra.

PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2016 7:00 am
by Jahe Davmwoem
May 20, 2016
Imperial Government News Organization
Jahe Davmwoem

Eutristan Special Forces invited to help in fight against Legion!
Invites extended to others!

We have decided to allow our allies Eutristan to enter Jahe Davmwoem under guidance of Imperial Captains to fight the Legion of Dawn. This step will hopefully show to the world that we are committed to fight these radicals, who disgrace the name of Christianity. They will be allowed to help locate and destroy their hideouts within Jahe Davmwoem.

While our government is still in Protocol One, if nations reverse their accusations and sanctions against us, we will happily consider allowing their soldiers to come in under the same terms as Eutristans. Their acceptance or denial of this offer will show their true intentions to the world.
If Carpestan reverses their threat, we will disengage Protocol One.

Also as a rare show of goodwill from our part to governments that do not really deserve it, we will send information we have gained on Political Leaders and Banks that have been corrupted by them to Keomora and Carpestan if they retract their previous statements and show in a true light what we do to fight these radicals.

PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2016 7:12 pm
by Veracroce
May 21, 2016
Veracroce International Broadcasting
Provvidenza, Veracroce

Veracroce begins Voting

Veracroceans line up as voting gets underway

Elections for the 16th President and 29th Assembly are underway in Veracroce. This election is unique, as not all national political parties are being represented. The Communal Reform party has chosen not to continue running this cycle, and instead has backed the Independent Union. Additionally, the Change party, resultant of a merge between the Social Deomcrats and Worker's Guild, is making its debut, hoping to unite the left-leaning citizens in the country against the centrist and right-leaning factions.

In a final speech to the nation, President Giovanni Falco urged citizens not to vote hasty or based on emotions, but to think, and vote, by reasoning out which party and candidate will be the best for the future on the nation. Many believe it was a final push to help Vice-President Valerio of the Advance party.

Citizens have taken up the charge, and police have had to escort campaigners away from voting places on charges of illegal campaigning.

Voting and tallying is expected to be completed Sunday.

PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2016 11:20 am
by Mitjevalia
May 21, 2016
Official Daily of Mitjevalia
Paladòuc, Mitjevalia


Lighter skies: Mitjevalia set to unveil military airships capable of carrying 200 personnel and traveling up to 170 km/h without the need for a runway

● Work is underway to make ð21million ship for the Domestic Affairs Department
● Terraferma Motors is developing it. It could be ready by 2018
● Two models: Larger one will travel 140 km/h and smaller one goes 170 km/h
● Can withstand temperatures up to -40 Celsius

Two concepts for the new military airship: the one on top is an unknown design,
while the one below is based on the civil version, currently in service.

The military version of the Mitjevalant Vanera airship will be ready by 2018, Terraferma Group said yesterday. The project, which is still unnamed, is a variation of an undergoing project to adapt the civil version, currently in use, for cargo uses. In that case, though, it would be used to carry personnel and military vehicles, among other materials. The finished version will carry a payload of 66 tons at a speed of 170 km/h maximum up to 5,500 m with a range of 3,000 nautical miles (5,556 km).

Terraferma Motors has invested two decades to develop its new airship technology, prove its performance and ensure there are compelling economics for various markets who would benefit from using this platform. In 2014 the group built and flew the technology demonstrator known as the DT-438, which successfully demonstrated all the technologies needed to make this real. The next step was to complete all required WEA certification planning steps for a new class of aircraft, with the construction of the first commercial model in 2016, the same year it entered service as the Principality's first new-generation airship for regional travel.

PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2016 5:49 pm
by Domanania
May 21, 2016
Federation Broadcasting Channel

Doman Troops go to Train

Following the recent deceleration of friendship and mutual defense between Domanania and Keomora, Marcius Brenshal has ordered that 200 Doman troops go to Keomora to train with them.

The training will last several weeks and will cover airborne and amphibious warfare tactics. 200 infantrymen, 20 T6-C's 5 TR-6's and 1 Mountain Class Assault Ship shall be sent over to commence training. These are some of the men who, a few months ago, stormed the beaches in the PPU and captured Voyageur. They are well versed in Doman tactics, but this is being taken as a great chance for the sharing of tactics between the two great nations!

Doman Troops during practice

PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2016 6:27 pm
by Doubi
The Doubminion Post

Shipwreck Found Just Off Doubi's Coast

Recently a team of Doubi divers have uncovered a vast ancient shipwreck from approximately 1700AD.
It is said to be an old Doubi cargo ship which was carrying gold and silver. Most of the artifacts have
been sold to collectors or sent to museums but some are still up for sale.
The ship measures 52 metres by 19 metres and weighs 500 tonnes.
The cargo is estimated to value just under two million dollars.
Nations can purchase some of the old coins etc if they want.

Recently Doubi scientists have
been asking random people
what they think a certain
emoji means. The results
were incredible, nearly
everyone read emojis
differently, this has been
one of the many recent
tests involving phones
and other newer devices to
see how things work


PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2016 8:59 pm
by Keomora
May 21, 2016
Keomoran Political News Network

President Darkwill addresses Parliament in a joint-session

Madam Empress, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chancellor, members of Parliament, distinguished guests and fellow Keomorans,
Two days ago our ally, the Republic of Carpestan was attacked by the Legion of Dawn, the same terrorist group that savagely ransacked our city. And when Carpestan, within its right as a sovereign state, emplaced sanctions and warned Jahe that it will not tolerate the continuous activity of the legion within their border, was met with threats of nuclear annihilation. This we find a gross misconduct of international diplomacy. We condemn Jahe, a nation unwilling to listen to reason or the security of the Western Isles. And thus both Houses of Parliament, in thanks of Congressman Zayne and Senator Yang have placed appropriate sanctions against Jahe which involve:

1) The complete embargo of all Jahenian trade
2) A ban on travel for citizens of Jahe to Keomora and vice versa
3) A ban of transactions between our two countries
4) Any Jahenian vessel found within Keomoran water shall be captured or sunk
5) Any Aircraft originating from Jahe found entering Keomoran airspace shall be seen as a hostile military aircraft containing nuclear warheads and shot down.

As it is common knowledge Jahe has offered concessions if the sanctions are lifted. We find their offer insulting and their efforts insincere which forces us reject them on the basics that the Legion of Dawn has operated for too long and unhindered. Thus the Legion of Dawn is a Jahenian problem. If any special forces are to be sent there it should be with continued sanctions as they had enough time to at least curb that threat. We will also keep the sanction until they:

1) Demobilize their troops.
2) Cease their threats and remove their nuclear weapons
3) Dismantle their nuclear weapons program

In addition we have also classified Jahe as a rogue state due to these criteria’s:

1) Directly threatened the sovereignty of Keomora and her allies
2) The reckless pursuit and testing of nuclear weapons in spite of international opposition
3) Ignored, supported, and funded a major terrorist group within their own country
4) Threatening another country using weapons of mass destruction
5) Extreme abuse of civil rights
6) Disregarding the sovereignty of other states using any means possible
7) Threaten the security and stability of the region

To the rogue state of Jahe we say this: no longer shall we allow ourselves to be held hostage by the threat of nuclear Armageddon! No longer shall we do nothing as Jahe pursues its despotic goals throughout the Western Isles. No longer shall we expose ourselves to fear. Today we rise in defiance. In defiance of tyranny, of absolutism, of a government that would sweep away all progress that we have fought with our blood, sweat and tears to achieve.

In these dark times we would like to thank our allies, the nations of Carpestan, United Great Britian, To Quoc Duc, Covonant, Grand Illon, and Domanania for their continues support. Together they have shown a resolve unprecedented in the history of the isles in the name of stability and peace. Whether through peace or war we must succeed. Failure is not an option. The eyes of history are upon and hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2016 2:14 am
by To Quoc Duc

The Tổ Quốçi 3rd Armor Brigade Combat Team Moving south through the city of Lý Hà.

Tổ Quốçi Armed Forces Activate Reserves, Deploy to Jahe Border

Cộng Hòa Hàng Ngày (Daily Republic)
Bảo Đốc, Tổ Quốc Đức

Ostensible state sponsorship of terrorism by Jahe have prompted an international coalition of nations to prepare for an intervention. The Keomoran government sought To Quoçi approval for the conduct of an intervention. Initially reluctant, the To Quoçi government has conceded to joining the coalition and has correspondingly called for the mobilization of four reserve brigades, the 12th, 13th, and 14th infantry, as well as the 4th armor brigade. While the To Quoçi army has not yet ordered full mobilization, which would mean mobilizing an addition twelve brigades, just shy of 60,000 men, the current mobilization has only ordered 18,000 men to their units. This is in addition to the movement of the professional 3rd armor brigade, and 6th infantry brigade to join the 8th infantry brigade for a total of 31,543 men being sent to garrison the Jahe-To Quoçi border.

Reserve Soldiers of the 2nd battalion, 13th infantry brigade assemble before deploying south

Currently, the 8th infantry brigade is on full alert along the border, with battalions managing crossing points across Tay Ngai and northern Phuoc Song provinces. In order to better consolidate their position, the brigades will form a line from the tri-national joint border with Carpestan to the gulf of Phuoc Song. The infantry brigade's armor battalion has mobilized as well, parking along the highway leading west in preparation to cross the Jahe border should the order come to do so.

Map of the To Quoc-Jahe border

An unnamed source from the To Quoçi Ministry of Defense has stated that the current plans for invasion call for a three pronged assault, with the majority of brigade's crossing the border to seize critical infrastructure, while To Quoçi Marines land from the Gulf to the north. Meanwhile, elements of the elite 10th Infantry Brigade (Airborne) would conduct an airborne combat drop well behind the border to prevent Jahe military reinforcements to those units which To Quoçi forces engage during the initial invasion. So far, no government entity has spoken on the matter in any official capacity, leaving the public curious as to what reservations the government may have about this operation.

4th battalion 8th Infantry Brigade armor units are at full operational readiness

It is unclear what may spark this conflict and cause the To Quoçi Armed Forces to receive the 'go' order and begin an invasion of Jahe, or what post-war goals are hoped to be achieved by the invasion. More on this story as it develops.

PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2016 3:22 am
by Grand Illon
May 22, 2016
GIBC- Grand Illonese Broadcasting Company
Arkhindopolis, Grand Illon

The Royal Government announced that a press conference will be held at the Royal Residence today. The press conference will tackle the several issues that the country faces now. More details will come shortly.

PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2016 9:53 am
by Eutristan
March 22nd, 2016
Eutristan News Network
Ambridge, Eutristan

Eutristan Releases Opinion on Current International Situation
King William James Speaking on Various Issues the Country Faces

After weeks of anticipation, the Eutristinian government has finally released its stance in the crisis currenty going on. Taking to the stage looking rather angry and frazzled, King William James spoke upon various issues, but one took all the spotlight; the stance on the Jahe-Keomora Crisis. Although merely a fraction of his speech, it spoke more than any other subject that had been visited. Here is the transcript:

Now we hear of tellings that Jahe is a rogue state, a danger to the Isles, an unstable regime. Now let me tell you this; I know Jahe better than any other diplomat in this region. I'm the only one whose been there, whose seen the people, whose met with the government. And let me tell you, Jahe was a wonderful place. The people, they were kind and polite, and did not show any desire for violence. Their Emperor, he didn't seem insane, he in fact felt quite understanding of everything I said.

These other countries want to say that Jahe is a cancer on us and we must all remove it before it's too late. They are miserably wrong. The only cancer in the region facing us currently is the Legion of Dawn. They are the ones going out and killing innocents, not the government. "Oh, but Mr. James, they sponsor those terrorists." They sponsor them? Why would anyone who sponsored a group actively look for help in destroying it?

Oh, but this detail did not matter, all that mattered was that Jahe could be remotely linked to this group. And the sanctions, the hatred, it all came down on them. The innocent people of Jahe. The people who have done nothing to deserve what has fallen upon them. The people who will inevitably see their fathers, their brothers, all dead in the field of battle because of a simple misunderstanding.

The funny thing is, these sanctions, these restrictions, they do nothing! Jahe is almost completely self-sufficient. Not only are these sanctions useless, they hint at a larger motive. The motive to destroy an opposing political ideal. The motive to destroy a resistance to the progress of continuous leftism.

"Oh, but Mr. James, they have a nuclear program, a real threat to existence." So does almost every other nation in this region! They didn't even do anything different than everyone else with a nuclear program. And the irony in the situation was that almost every nation that came out and condemned Jahe for its nuclear tests, had nuclear weapons themselves! Oh, but that detail was conveniently overlooked.

Eutristan will not stand for this hypocrisy. We stand with out brothers, the nation of Jahe Davmwoem, no matter what we face. Eutristan is actively sending military force to try to exterminate the Legion of Dawn. The only nation other than Jahe to do so. If these other nations would simply upon their eyes, they could see that they should do the same. The don't care though. It's all a game of dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest. Just remember that, because we won't be forgetting.

PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2016 2:03 pm
by Covonant
May 22, 2016
Covonantian Broadcasting Commission
Coventry, Covonant

Covonant caution nations on growing tension in the region

The Minister of Defense, Batiatus Sula is cautioning other states to be mindful of growing tensions in the region. The Minister was speaking in the Consul late yesterday evening on the new coalition that is in the works of becoming a reality. The Minister noted that nations such as Jahe has disrupted the natural orders of states surrounding its borders. The Minister cautioned other states looking on to be mindful of the events that can unfold.

"The Union at this time have our Navy and Airforce on standby to lend assistance in the event its ally The Empire of Keomora being attacked. I want to caution states that have been sending out news report where they are in support of Jahe and would want to provide claims that the Union and its allies cause for concern are being blown out of proportion. We remain committed to the sanctions put towards Jahe as we believe that once there is less international transactions taking place between Jahe and our nation they can't benefit from our economic and financial activities. These sanctions will hurt Jahe whether propagandist nations want to accept it or not. We want states to see our actions as a means to coerce nations to put aside bullish and antagonistic behaviours."-Batiatus Sula speaking in the Consul

The Minister expressed that the concern Covonant has with Jahe is not only concerning its support and incompetence to deal with Legion of Dawn but also its chauvinistic and egoistic approach to announcing it nuclear armaments programme.

"Though we know Jahe has not done much to curtail the actions of Legion of Dawn, and might I add that the Union is prepared to lend support in curtailing and dismantling the operations of the terrorist groups while maintaining these sanctions. Our greater concerns lies in the fact that Jahe has announced its intent on using nuclear weapons on a ally of the Union. This is in effect a gross misconduct on the goal of obtaining stability through peaceful means. Many argue that Jahe is not the only nation with nuclear facilities, and we accept that fact, Covonant has nuclear facilities but what is not acceptable is the fact that nations will use these nuclear facilities to develop weapons of mass destruction that will affect us all and for that The Union will not allow that to happen as long as our free institutions is still standing."-Batiatus Sula speaking in the Consul

Many citizens have argued that the government is becoming too involved in foreign affairs that will have bad effects on Covonant's image abroad. Many are also fearing that the Union and other states are building up for an eventual war. Vice-President for the Citizens of Covonant Coalition, Amanda Sotke have argued that Covonant involvement in foreign affairs will make it a target from these terrorist group and may find other hostilities at our doorsteps. She implores the government to retract from foreign instances that may lead to war and focus more on domestic issues.

Special Adviser to the Minister of Defense Maximus Grange dismisses the views of Mrs. Sotke claiming them to be too narrow and removes Covonant from its role and place in foreign relations and affairs.

"It is foolish to say we should not have an opinion or not lend assistance to those who are our allies. Covonant cannot say it believes in stability and peace but when instances of regional instability comes to the fore we sit idle by and hope it doesn't affect us. If our mindset is that way, then it will affect us because our growing involvement in international travel and economies will see to foreign events affecting our local scene."-Special Adviser to The Minister of Defense Maximus Grange.

The Union leads the way in forming coalition between nations in the region

The Prime Minister Imperatus Marl have weighed in on the topic of the proposed coalition between nations in the region. He believes it to be a good step towards gaining stability in the region and also protecting Covonant from nation that may seek to antagonise it. The Prime Minister didn't provide much information on the coalition but noted that it is a work in progress and once finalised between the provisional members, the public and the world will be noted of its role and functions and how these nation may go about ensuring their sustainability. The Prime Minister however noted that it is not a coalition that acts as a police for the region. He also wish to make it clear that Covonant does not want to take on that role as a regional police but as a power-broker and a peacemaker wherever the Union can do so.

Gloria Stiles-Reporter

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by Dechen
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by Jahe Davmwoem
May 22, 2016
Imperial Government News Organization
Jahe Davmwoem



Today in a massive arrest and swift trials/executions 340 men and women who were all a single group of the Legion of Dawn were all eliminated. Due to the massive nature of this, all were not given the normal choice of execution method, rather they were all killed in a long chain of firing squads that lasted all evening yesterday. 5 firing squads switched out each execution, meaning each squad killed 68 of the prisoners. If this does not show to the so called leftist "academics" that we are bringing swift justice, nothing in God's name ever will.

Piet Pondes attacks the whole "Leftist Bloc and their Agenda"


I am speaking on what is clear. The left seeks nothing more than to plunge the world into a system of shared anarchy. They defy our right to defend ourselves, they defy our right to maintain opposite opinions, they defy our right to solve our own problems, and refuse to help our government, rather choosing to wage war onto 20,000,000 innocent civilians.

Let me be clear, your sanctions will not work. We have been self-sufficient almost entirely since we left Keomora. We get the rest of what we do not have through our friend, Eutristan. Soldiers line up on our borders, mindless brain washed people who have been wired to do their so called democracies bidding. My soul bleeds to think of them.

But, although I say I feel for them, I will fight them. If they invade, I will be one of the first to sign on to the militia. If they can not have me, I will bring my personal rifle to the border and fight them myself. This is the same for almost every Imperial. We want peace, but we will fight for our homeland. We will fight in the streets, the forests and valleys, the cities and towns. If they want Jahe Davmwoem, they will have to kill everyone of us.

All of this because they push away a most generous offer. We offered to ask them to remove the sanctions, despite it not effecting us, in exchange for them to be invited to come under the guidance of our captains who know the land and gain justice against those who have killed their children and parents, brothers and sisters. But they refuse. They shamefully use terrorist attacks as an excuse to invade. I have done research, and what I found will shock many, as it did me.

I believe the Keomora Bloc is funding the Legion of Dawn. They already have single leaders supporting them with funding, Keomoran Corporations funding them, who is not to say this is Government ordered? They want to give us a problem, and when we do what we can to fix it, they say it is not enough, that we have to give more to defeat their creations. The legion is their creation. If I was put into a room, Katherine and the leader of the legion were tied up in chairs, and I was given a pistol, two bullets, I would shoot the leader twice and beat Katherine to death with the pistol. She is a threat to the world.

Piet Pondes represents the rapidly growing far-right in Jahe, and many have called for the removal of Baron Cornelis from the position of Civilian Director, to be replaced by Pondes. Ironically, now the people demand to choose a leader, a right Keomora says we should have, but they choose the most anti-Keomoran in the country. This certainly leaves a message.

New Ministry

A new temporary government organization, the Ministry of Truth, has been set up to deal with this terrorist problem. They will investigate all the population to root out the Legion members. It will be lead by the now retired Jasper Kes, former General, Emergency leader of the Government, and one of the original revolutionaries.

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by United Great Britian
May 22, 2016
United Great Britian Administration of Press and Media - Official State Wire ~ UGBAPM-OSW
Govern, United Great Britian

Prime Minister Addresses Parliament in Emergency Address

The edited and summarised text of the prime minister's emergency address is being released to the public for the first time, hours after the address was given:

I am outraged at what Jahe has done in our neighboring nation of Keomora! I call upon you our parliament to ratify the Coalition of 6 treaty and impose immediate sanctions upon Jahe for the expansion of their nuclear program! ...

Jahe, you are welcome to come and negotiate, but you have 3 weeks, before war is declared! ...

Jahe, if the scares you good!

After the speech, the parliament authorized further negotiations on the Coalition of 6 treaty and imposed sanctions on Jahe as requested by the prime minister.

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by Maplou
Sunday 22nd May 2016
Hipster Isle News Network
Hipster Isle, Maplou

Completion of revolutionary transportation system

A new revolutionary transportation system developed by Maplouan Scientists has reduced a 6 hour drive from Twin Lakes City to Border Lake down to a 38 minute journey in a turbulence free environment with vacuum sealed tubes through our bays. We are waiting to see if other countries will soon develop this amazing technology.
Also on a side note, government, please bring that technology to our nice island.

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by Carpestan
The Carpestan Hill

22 May 2016

President Rubinstein Wins Narrowest Victory Of Political Career

President Rubinstein delivers his victory speech outside his campaign headquarters in Ulranov

The deadlocked 2016 presidential election of Carpestan is now finally over after the 7 county election servers were finally fixed. As expected, SEP swept 4 of the 7 counties, while the CSP won narrow victories in Goldstein, Naguib, and Rohaara Counties. The final results of the election are as follows:

CSP - 39.4% (16 seats) --> 7,808,370
FTP - 38.6% (13 seats) --> 7,649,824
SEP - 21.8% (10 seats) --> 4,320,366
EPP - 1.7% (0 seats) --> 336,909

Total Votes: 19,818,197

MP Johanssen delivered his concession speech in his home city of Faraday, wishing President Rubinstein the best on a third term, stating that "The people of Carpestan have made their choice and we have listened. Every time I live through one of these, my faith in the power of the ballot and the good nature of the Carpestani people strengthens more than I think possible. I wish President Rubinstein nothing but the best as he enters office under nerve-wracking diplomatic tensions. We have our differences, we have our similarities. But we are all Carpestanis, now and forever!"

President Rubinstein, amidst the cheer of supporters, came out and addressed the crowd, stating the following: "Tonight, after a tense period, once more our great people have chosen their representatives and leaders, and we have listened. I am honored to be elected for a third time by the people of Carpestan to serve this great country of ours. But the truth is, this victory is but a small token. We still have all our work ahead of us."

Minister Romanga Holds Press Conference On Jahe Davmwoem

Min. Romanga (right) addresses the press conference

Minister of Commerce Alan Romanga today held a press conference regarding the current tense situation with Jahe Davmwoem. "Our sanctions towards Jahe Davmwoem will continue to remain in full effect." he said in his statement.

"However, I've discussed the matters with President Rubinstein and have had extended talks and discusssion with Gen. Chakraborty and Minister Visigoth regarding the military situation on our northwestern frontier. We've agreed that as of right now, for strategic purposes, we are scaling back 60% of our troops in that area, but that does not mean that all has been healed. Our country must continue to be on its full guard against Jahe. We must remember that we are dealing with an imperialistic power that has refused to condemn the acts of its radicals, including the Fraternidad tragedy within our borders not a few days prior, and is developing a volatile arsenal of nuclear weapons. We must approach this sensibly and with caution, but NEVER retaliate, NEVER submit. We must not let our sovereignty be assaulted under any circumstance...I repeat...ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!!!"

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by Grand Illon

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by Veracroce
May 23, 2016
Veracroce International Broadcasting
Provvidenza, Veracroce

Results are IN! PC Wins BIG!

New Party Unites Constituancies

The votes are tallied, and the results are in; the Change Party has won! Taking a total of 42 out of 125 seats in the National Assembly, the Change party has successfully united the voters of the former Worker's Guild and Social Democrats parties, and performed astonishingly well for having been two separate entities until about a week ago. Not only did the fledgling party win big in the National Assembly, but they won the Presidency as well.

President-to-be Luigi Zappa announced in a Press Conference this morning "This is a great victory for the Workers of Veracroce! No more will we be shackled to the oppressive machine, while others reap our rewards. Today, we will completely change this nation!"

Giving President-to-be Luigi Zappa a late run, Marco Lombardi of the New Tomorrow party, conceded the Presidential race around 21:00 yesterday. However, he was hopeful that the "inevitable tide of leftism" could be countered, if the Advance party agreed to work with the New Tomorrow party, not against them. The New Tomorrow party's success may be due to rising tensions in regional affairs, causing many Advance party voters to switch.

The Advance party seems to have hit a rut, holding only 9 seats, down from 21. While they did win the previous Presidency, the Independent Union led the congress, if barely. Some believe that the Independent Union managed to lay blame of the divided congress on the Advance party, and succeeded, as the Independent Union did much better then expected, taking 25 seats, up two from 2012.

But the Advance party was not the only loser in the election; the Women's Advocates dropped from 21 to 16 seats. Many of their voters appear to have won over by the Change party. Candidate Viola Ferrero lamented the fact that so many seem to have abandoned the cause of Women's Rights in the nation. "Unlike the bombers and nannies, we actually had a just cause: equality and respect."

The "Punishment" Project: Updates on the Development of the

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by Bloody Yellow Stars
May 23, 2016
BYS News Broadcast
New Starsia, Bloody Yellow Stars

The "Punishment" Project: Updates on the Development of the Weapon from Leader Nemesis

The New Starsian City Laboratory, where initial development of "Punishment" has already begun.

News of the project announced by Leader Nemesis to develop "Punishment," a weapon of mass destruction that will be the first of its kind in Bloody Yellow Stars, have surfaced over the past few days in the form of several broadcasts from the dictator herself. These broadcasts were aimed at answering questions and calming public fears that might be present.

Leader Nemesis first addressed the progress of the project.

"Communication is key when a project on such a large scale is in progress," She acknowledged in one of the broadcasts. "The question of how far we've gotten on 'Punishment' has come up multiple times, and for good reason too. The answer to this is that we are making excellent progress. Although the project has just begun, the foundational work for the weapon has already been laid out. The hard part is just going to be actually constructing the weapon itself and minimizing the problems that come up along the way."

Even then, she is confident that all will go well.

"The only difficulty in contruction will be the time consuming aspect of the process." The dictator then said. "It will take time, but it will all be worth it when 'Punishment' brings this nation a new age of pride and prosperity!"

In another broadcast soon later, Leader Nemesis then specifically addressed the feelings of doubt and uncertainty coming from the public.

"Such concern for our nation is admirable," She praised the efforts of those opposing or feeling mixed towards the project. "Much about the project is still uncertain, such as the decision of the power source and how much damage it has the potential to cause. But we are working to turn these uncertainties into certainties, and your voice will be heard. We continue to welcome questions and concerns and will make sure to respond promptly to the best of our ability."

With the dictator's optimism and her arms open to the people, it seems as though the "Punishment" project truly is a step towards a brighter future. It is with no doubt, however, that the project is one surrounded by controversy. As it continues into its development, "Punishment's" future is just one of the many uncertainties clouding its image at the moment, and only progress will make clear its future.