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Postby Uprea » Wed May 18, 2022 4:52 am


12th Edition of 2022, Mid May

Government reacts to Lofthus passing "Project Shield"

18th of May 2022,
Vasca, Federal Republic of Uprea

Following the controversial presidential signing of the "Project Shield" Bill by lofthusian President Palubiak, the Government of Uprea has reacted immediately. Government Officials had already expressed their opinions on the signing of the bill and supported the voices of civil rights leaders protesting in Lofthus. Now that the bill has passed and the representatives failed to stop the bill passing, the Government of Uprea has released a statement going into immediate effect.
We have simplified the statement into several points relevant for uprean citizens in Lofthus or planning a trip there.
1. Uprean Citizens are advised to leave the country of Lofthus before the 01st of June, where the drone assignment starts.
2. Travel to Lofthus is restricted. Citizens still wanting to travel to Lofthus will require a document signed by a government official stating, they have been made aware of the fact that they will have to submit to 24 hour surveillance by a foreign government after reaching Lofthus.
3. Lofthusian Citizens can request a three months "Immediate Effect Visa" to Uprea with no obligations needed.
4. Uprean Embassy Efforts are shut down and closed until further notice.

The Government has underlined that all these effects will stop, once the bill is signed out of law again. A Violation of Personal Rights to this extend otherwise, can only be responded to in this way in order to protect the rights of uprean citizens. While not many uprean citizens are currently known for being in Lofthus, several airlines have made special flights available for uprean citizens to return home.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabriel de Rosario on the topic:
Despite our best efforts, President Palubiak has still signed the controversial bill called "Project Shield". This is a bitter day for everyone who values personal rights and a hard gut punch to the crumbling columns on which the lofthusian democracy stands. In order to protect uprean citizens we have enacted the following to give uprean citizens the possibility to come home free of charge. We will not allow for uprean citizens to be spied upon against their will, when they have done nothing wrong.

For more information, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In other News:
- Parties to split up coalition in Belantica.
- Havalland makes immigration process easier as a response to Lofthus "Project Shield".
- Gaillimh Ciarrai Minister of Justice, questions neutrality of international newspapers.
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Postby Alteran Republics » Thu May 19, 2022 11:48 am


Altera voices 'Major Concern' over Lofthus' Shield AI


    Lofthus’ stab at the personal security and surveillance market with its 'Shield AI' has raised debate about the close monitoring of citizens with drones.

    Lofthus is rolling out a controversial programme that will allow personal, government owned drones to continuously monitor citizens, as it pushes forward with innovations to their homegrown technology industry.

    While CCTV and face recognition technology has long raised eyebrows among civil rights groups, the nation said it was pushing ahead with a drone surveillance programme it claimed would decrease crime, cut costs and provide more security for its average citizen.

    “I love the people, and I love my country. Lofthus will have the lowest crime rate in the world,” President Palubiak of Lofthus said.

    In a recent publicity video, Lofthus also claimed the surveillance system would be more non-intrusive and that no human would ever video footage taken - a curious statement, as security departments would require access to solve crimes.

    The first pilots will launch in the nation within seven days of the original announcement, this week, with the Lofthus Drone Company expected to have drones rolling off the production line and into use in a remarkable production timeline.

    A spokesperson for the LDC said a nationwide rollout was part of its “near-term plan”, and that the company was having “encouraging conversations with potential partners”. In the meantime, it will focus on launching the technology across the nation - as it aims to produce over 100,000 units a day.

    The scheme is equally seen as part of Lofthus’ efforts to enter the domestic drone and data markets - with a potential plan to export the ideas overseas.

    Some comparisons to the Shield AI and drone technology have been made to programmes with the United Commonwealths; namely surveillance drones utilised by Public Security - and data collection services managed by Horizon and the Rheynn for Information.

    Cashin Hogell, a spokesman for the Alteran Privacy Watchdog - an independently funded body that monitors and publishes information on information privacy and citizen rights in Altera - commented on the comparisons.

    "Whilst it is not secret that information gathered by the Alteran Government is utilised by security forces and financial markets - namely through the use of the Social Credit Scheme - the scheme is optional and data collected can be deleted or omitted upon request, whilst camera-equipped drones does not monitor citizens routinely; rather than to monitor busy, public spaces to quickly identified known criminals or terrorists."

    Moirrey Stowell, a senior partner at law firm Kneale and Wright said: “The Reiltys Council themselves have recognised the data and security concerns that come with the use of biometrics and drones. If a government, such as the United Commonwealths, intends to further closely monitor its citizens, it has to carefully balance the rights of the citizens, with the potential to reducing crime.

    "What is implemented in Lofthus, however, comes straight from the pages of an Orwellian nightmare. If successful, it would set a bad precedent for the region. Whilst the intensions for good may be there - it comes across as a hasty and poorly thought attempt to monitor its citizens."

    There are also debates about how the data could be used to track, screen or monitor unsuspecting citizens - genuinely believe it is for their own protection.

    While it seems Lofthus have taken steps to protect and encrypt this data, as the use of drones to monitor environments become more commonplace the use of such data is likely to evolve and it will inevitably become harder to protect individuals' rights to privacy,” Stowell said.

    Criticsm of the rollout of 'Shield AI' has not just come from independent bodies. Many nations have now joined together to voice concern, alarm and outrage at the implementation.

    Asmund Quark, Alteran Praetor for Justice, joined his counterparts in Uprea, as well as the Commonwealth of Republics, in voicing concerns for 'Project Shield'.

    "The role of the Government is not just to protect its citizens from crime, but also from tyranny from both foreign and domestic governments. The implementation of Project Shield is a blatant violation of Lofthusian civil rights and I continue to implore their government to reconsider their actions."

The following is a paid advertisement.
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Postby Lesva » Thu May 19, 2022 4:39 pm


Lesva backs Lofthus against international pressure

Throngist Movement Party of Lesva has expressed support for the leadership of Lofthus against international pressure over certain security projects the country wants to develop

First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva Giva Tesin, who has recently replaced current new Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Throngist Republic of Lesva Pacton Inca, has said that other countries should stop pressuring Lofthus over the projects the country is developing or plans to develop. The First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva expressed this criticism during a session of the Supreme National Carto, where the First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva spoke from a podium before other Members of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva:

"Lofthus is an independent and sovereign country, which has the right to develop whatever kinds of projects it deems necessary, without other countries meddling in their internal affairs or overall telling them what they can or cannot do. This especially concerns the projects related to the sphere of national security. Any responsible leadership would develop as many possible projects revolving around an evolution of security technology to ensure the safety and peace of its' citizens from internal dangers and possible outside aggressors. Lofthus is doing everything right and even giving us, other leaderships of the world, an example of what we should be doing in our country and how we should be investing our energy into our people's security. The criticism aimed at Lofthus to me appears to be hiding an inferiority complex. Let us not be jealous of the innovative talents, creativity, discipline and the result of hard work of brilliant minds designing and creating these projects over in Lofthus. As I have mentioned before, let us observe it as an example of what we should be doing. Therefore, the Throngist Republic of Lesva supports "Project Shield" and 24-hour police drones in Lofthus, the right of that country to develop and use such technology for the sake of providing its own security and keeping order and Lesva will diplomatically defend the sovereign right of Lofthus to pursue such wanders. I would like to address President Palubiak of Lofthus and tell him - Mr. President, you should have no doubt that you did the right thing by approving these projects and signing off on them. As a true leader, you took the responsible step for the well-being of your nation. You were delegated the responsibility by your people and you used that responsibility in a paternal way to ensure that the State uses all its' resources to better the lives of the people of Lofthus. Ignore critics inside and out. You have our support, because we understand your intentions."

In other news
  • Minister of the Lesvan Armed Forces Noie Verant: "It would be irresponsible for Lesva to consider an individual nuclear program at this point. Such things should be considered only in parallel with the consultations with our allies in the Eastern Tripartite (ET) - Balnik and Aprosia. We cannot yet rule out the possibility that maybe we will one day be able to convince our allies to reconsider and we will reach an agreement with Aprosia, where it will be willing to share its' nuclear weapons with Lesva."

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Postby TotoMishin » Fri May 20, 2022 5:00 am

Mishian Observer
20th, May, 2022

President Signs 3 Execeutive Orders In Response to Lofthus's "Project Shield"

Last night, while confirmation came that Lofthus had signed off on "Project Shield" a plan to assign a 24 hour drone to each individual within the country, President Mark Sergojovivic drafted and signed 3 executive orders in response to the act, now viewing it as an immediate human rights crisis. Executive orders were used instead of regular legislation as they have the same legal power and are much quicker to enact, needing only the President's signature. Where as, legislation would have to work it's way through parliament and at the quickest would only be voted next week. Leaving it as a bit too late response. The use of drones in policing has been heavily criticised by members of the Lower House and the President's Cabinet. Citing concerns over lack of transparency and privacy violations. The threat of hackers is also a worry, with such sensitive information having the potential to fall into the hand's of illegal operatives. The executive orders will most likely be upheld when they come under review in a month's time. Below are the excerpts of the executive orders:

Executive Order MS303A: Regarding Citizens of Lofthus and TotoMishin

  1. Citizens of TotoMishin residing in Lofthus must leave by the 1st of June at the latest
  2. Dual citizens of Lofthus and TotoMishin are required to restrict their Lofthus citizenship
  3. Citizens of Lofthus wishing to enter TotoMishin up until the 1st of June will be permitted to do so via available routes
  4. After the 1st of June, citizens of Lofthus wishing to enter TotoMishin may do so under refugee or asylum seeker status pending a review and approval of such status

Not many Mishian citizens are known to reside in Lofthus nor citizens of Lofthus in TotoMishin, therefore the impact of this executive order will be minimal in this regard. It also makes clear that people fleeing Lofthus will be granted either refugee or asylum seeker status once "Project Shield" becomes active. Current available routes of entry from Lofthus to TotoMishin are existing commercial flights.

Executive Order MS303B: Regarding Trade and Travel with Lofthus

  1. No Mishian based flight operators may schedule flights to Lofthus past the 1stof June
  2. All Mishian based flight operators are banned from conducting commercial flights to Lofthus after the 14thof June
  3. All Mishian based companies that export to Lofthus must cease after the 1st of June
  4. All companies that import from Lofthus must cease importing by the 31st of December

Lofthus imports some steel and auto vehicles from TotoMishin but the full extent of the economic damage will be probably be moderate as Lofthus is high on many Mishian exporter's lists. Likewise, TotoMishin does not import many items from Lofthus, except from small amounts of agricultural products. This executive order makes a distinction between scheduled flights and new flights. In this case, any flights scheduled beyond the 1st of June and before the 14th of June are currently allowed to be conducted, yet no new flights may be scheduled after this. There may be some exceptions for flights to pick up diplomatic staff, but these will likely be private charter.

Executive Order MS303C: Regarding The Use of Drones

  1. Any Mishian individual or organisation attempting to smuggle surveillance drone parts into Lofthus will be charged with aiding Human Rights violations
  2. Any individual or organisation attempting to smuggle surveillance drone parts into TotoMishin will be charged with aiding Human Rights violations

The specific charge in this case will be aiding Human Rights violations, which in Mishian law can be punished with up to a life sentence. It is unknown so far whether that would be the case here, until a case is actually confirmed.

This article was made using funds from the government of TotoMishin

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Postby Belantica » Fri May 20, 2022 11:58 am

Belantica Voices Concerns Over Lofthus Drone Program
May 20, 2022

Recently within the distant nation of Lofthus, their President Palubiak signed into law "Project Sheild", which mandates that autonomous drones are set follow and monitor their citizens and any visitors within their nation in an attempt to "eliminate crime". When the news broke, concerns and criticisms came in from across the Isles, and several nations are already enacting measures in response to Paluiak signing this into law, which is set to begin on June 1st.

In response, the Belantic Ministry of Foreign Affairs has elevated the travel advisory status for Belanticans travelling to and from Lofthus. In addition, it has published and provided guidelines to Belanticans currently in Lofthus:
-Belanticans are advised to leave Lofthus before June 1st, 2022, when Sheild AI goes online
-Those who do not have a flight from Lofthus to either Belantica or a friendly nation can contact the MFA in person, online, or over the phone to obtain free airfare out of Lofthus
-Those already with prepaid or scheduled flights can contact the MFA after payment to receive compensation
-Starting Monday, anyone travelling or wishing to travel to Lofthus will require a visa and sign a statement understanding they will abide by Lofthus' drone policies during their visit
The MFA has also allowed for residetns of Lofthus in Belantica to extend their visa, and is implementing a framework to accept asylum seekers pending approval and background checks. The MFA is also advising any Belantic companies to begin cutting ties in Lofthus, despite not much trade occurring between Lofthus and Belantica.

Naturally there has been a lot of negative responses in the Belantic political world, as many Belanticans value their privacy. Many current MPs have already spoken out against such mass surveillance such as Tory MP Daniel Huelett who said "such drones are a blatant violation of a human's right to privacy, and it is clear that the President of Lofthus has went against the wishes of the people he represents, and effectively turn Lofthus into a pariah state, a democratic country that he cut off from the rest of the free world. While there is some time left, I encourage the people of Lofthus to mount as much pressure on his government to peacefully overturn this law. Belanticans understand how important our personal privacy is, and we believe it is a fundamental human right that we shall never allow to take hold of here."

During the Liberal convention, most of the VIPs and members didn't support Sheild AI, however one MP named Sakk Dujimon did mention that it could "be a good idea." He was subsequently booed off of the stage he said that on, and has since withdrawn his statement saying "I didn't realize that people wouldn't like that, I thought they would be okay since tech companies already spy on them anyway to make money." Within other cicles, the BUP said that it hates the ideas of "flying apies", with one member saying they "should set the factory on fire, can't have them drones if you can't make 'em!"

Mark Young, an up-and-coming star in the left-leaning circles said that "action should be undertaken." He added that "The drones are not just the statist putting their boots on the necks of their people, but give yet more oppurtunities for the capitalists to leech off both the people and the state to raise their own wealth even more, while leaving the population ever poorer and more oppressed. Normally I would call for peaceful demonstrations, but I feel that it's time for the people of Lofthus to openly express their frustration. I'm calling upon the truckers of Lofthus to help their brothers and sisters to assist in any way: cause jams on the highways to prevent the drones from shipping out, wreck trailers and trucks in the yards to disrupt their expedition, if you're hauling those pesky flies, dump them out the back or into the sea, I heard seawater and electronics don't like one another, and generally just cause as much disruption and delays to LDC's supply and distribution chains as possible. For the workers of Lofthus, I suggest to call a general strike and shut down the economy. While it may hurt in the shirt term, LDC and your President will have no choice but to repeal his appalling law and understand that he, as their leader, is subject to the will of the people!"

Queen Katherine commented saying that "Having all those drones will visually pollute the land, they will be annoying by being in the way and constantly buzzing, and remind me of flies. I would never allow such drones to be used in such ways, since I and millions of others who live in Belantica would hate it. And while drones can be useful for police use, it is important that we do not abuse such tools, and only use them for more specific applications that require a lot of ground to cover. If anything, the way to reduce crime is actually through a solid network of public and social services, a large and effective police force, building relations between citizens and the police, and creating better economic and living conditions. All of that can happen, without having to trample on basic human rights. Also for the record, as Queen of Belantica, I hereby declare that if I'm ever in Lofthus, no such drones will be allowed to follow me, I will have one of my guards take it out, and I'm sure other leaders will agree with me."

Other News
-Some raise concerns of comments from Belantica encouraging the escalation, "what we should do is use dialogue, not torches and pitchforks", while others say that it is necessary to prove a point
- One foreign correspondent commented on the Lesvan response: "Of course they would back Lofthus' government, Throngists are jack-booted thugs so it fits right into their mantra"
- Belantic votes against the Resolution to disband the League
- MFA say that application to the ROS is "still underway"
- Swanson couple accidently buys 700-year-old bust at a flea market
- Belantic Rail to unveil new western comprehensive plan by the end of July. "We have big ambitions to revive rail travel in the west" said a spokesman for BR Group and BR West
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Postby Stosal » Fri May 20, 2022 7:41 pm


Pro Domino Scribimus

Volume 20, 2022


High Cardinal reacts to Lofthusian 'Project Shield'

Lavinio Corelli, Foreign Affairs Correspondent

High Cardinal Amator Isaia backed the Lofthusian President's 'Project Shield' order, stating he admires the use of modern technology to fight crime. He also criticised other nations' responses to the news in the press release, accusing them of inciting instability and being in league with organised crime.

The presidential order by Mr Palubiak intends to fight crime using advanced drone technology. It has led to violent riots in the streets of Lofthus, which most Stosalic analysts believe to be caused by international incitement. Lofthus is one of the first nations to take such widespread measures to fight rampant corruption and crime, and Palubiak took decisive action on a crucial problem. Below are some excerpts from Isaia's press release:

Amator Isaia wrote:I admire President Palubiak's willingness to take strong and decisive action against such a key problem in his nation. His program is projected by our analysts to nearly wipe out crime in Lofthus, which could save millions of dollars and hundreds of lives annually.

Amator Isaia wrote:I also condemn the international reaction to this ground-breaking legislation. Foreign powers are trying to intervene in Lofthus' internal politics, and we back Lofthus in standing against foreign influence.

Amator Isaia wrote:The rioters are funded by international crime groups and violent terrorists, the exact people this program is going to target. Do not be fooled by these rioters that say they represent the public, they are merely protecting the interests of the criminal organisations that damage society.


Bishop Senezo hospitalised

The Venerable Bishop Senezo has been hospitalised after having a fall this morning. We pray for his good health, and our best doctors are working to prevent a third death of a Bishop in a month.

Construction begins of new church in Alosal

The Lucian Church has announced the commencing of construction on the new church in South Alosal. The South Alosal diocese had been earmarked for a new place of worship due to rapid growth in the area. This project is expected to be completed early 2023.

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Postby Havalland » Sat May 21, 2022 9:00 am

The Royal Cryer

Havalland Invites refugees

Havalland has made an effort to make travel to Havalland easier and cheaper.
But as the situation in Lofthus continues Havalland has pushed to give all Lofthus citizens currently in Havalland the option of refugee status, allowing them to stay in Havalland and gain citizenship.
Travel to Lofthus has been given restrictions, needing a signed agreement understanding the situation in Lofthus and to comply with their laws while there, we at the Royal Cryer advise not traveling to Lofthus at all.

By the Kings decree all Lofthus citizens seeking refuge may fly the Royal Airlines for free and protected under the crown.
“I will even house them in my castle if I must, until they become full citizens, it is my duty as king to protect all in my realm and I will do so.” Said his majesty Leon Wolf III.

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Postby Lofthus » Sat May 21, 2022 1:28 pm



President Palubiak releases video explanation to media outlets a top of Government Tower concerning the personal 24-hour police drones he signed into law.

He said,

"Hello citizens of the world, My name is President Palubiak. I am the proud protector and president of The Democratic Republic of Lofthus. Recently, the technological achievement, Shield AI, has made national headlines and caused massive destruction all over this beautiful nation. To my dearest citizens, you must know that I love you, and you only know I am doing what's best for the country. This is just the first step to Lofthus becoming the technology capital of the world. I am doing my civil duty as your protector and president to protect my people. I truly do not believe that Shield AI is an invasion of privacy. No information from anyone will be in any human hands. Frankly, we have spent so much money on Shield AI that the servers are some of the hardest to break into in the world. But, my dear citizens, you must remember that I am not running an oppressive dictatorship, you are free to move out of the country or leave anytime you wish. It is your choice to leave behind your culture and nation. To the foreign governments, thank you for expressing your concerns over Shield AI, your opinions have been heard. Thank you also to the nations of the world who are interested in saving lives and preventing crime. Lofthus is not committing a human rights violation, because people still have privacy. A robot scanning binary code does not violate privacy. Citizens of Lofthus, Shield AI is coming to help. Rioting and purging won't do anything. And soon, you will be caught for doing those things. Trying to hide from the drones, or trying to break them, will be almost impossible and just get you in trouble. If you don't like the drones, you are free to go whenever you like. Soon Lofthus will be a utopia, one with amazing technology, a safe population, beautiful landscapes, and filled to the brim with amazing and smart people like you. Lofthus was once a nation of exploitation, ruins, sick people and an oppressed population. Now, it will be the opposite, as we build skyscrapers taller, make our trains faster, take care of our environment, and have a healthy and rich population. The more you try and fight things like this, the harder it will be to get to that amazing future. Be the citizens Lofthus Needs. Be proactive and make Lofthus the best country in the world. I hope for the sake of Lofthus that the people can stop being violent and stop destroying this amazing country. More information about Shield AI will come soon, as the first shipments of drones are being shipped. I am working on other projects as well to help the country. I will tell you more about those break throughs as they happen. I love you all, thank you. -President Palubiak

Palubiak also through out the idea of selling the drones and AI systems to other countries or cities.

"B*** S***!" Says Vikki Kay, Mayor of Fedic as she told reporters. "Palubiak doesn't care about the people or the country! He only wants whatever sick and twisted agenda he is pushing, one that involves a dystopia where he is on top. I don't buy it, not even for a second! If he really wanted to help his people he would put money into social reform, and programs to help people so they don't have to commit crimes. I never would have thought that Lofthus would turn down such a dark path. The president needs to realize that the people aren't rioting just because they are mad, They are rioting because they are grieving. Grieving because the nation that was once so good to them has suddenly took a sharp turn down a dark path. The people are in morning, and the only way they can show him is through destruction. It's just sad. I hope Lofthus can recover from this."

As riots and protest continue, it is advised to stay away from downtown areas or areas with a high population density.

The Lofthus Army has surrounded government tower in efforts to keep protesters away from the building. The army has shut down the surrounding area.
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Postby Yursea » Sat May 21, 2022 2:17 pm

The National Informer
Son of former Military Leader defeats Better Yursea Candidate in election for Prokmont by Adler!

Charles Hull celebrates with supporters in Encechester after the election is called for him.

Shocking results from the district of Prokmont by Adler's special election today. With Conservative Party Donor Charles Hull winning the district with a resounding 46% of the vote. Many Political Commenters have pointed to vote splitting between the Green Party and Better Yursea Party, both candidates selected for the race have called Deputy-elect Hulls to concede the election and congratulate him on his victory. Many of the younger generation may not understand the significance of this election, with Charles' father having ruled the country via Military rule for a few years. Ewan Hull, Prime Minister of Yursea and head of the National Defense Committee ruled the country from 1965 to 1989. Ewan's 24 year reign only ended after being killed by a sniper, whose identify has still not been discovered. Charles was 30 at this point and was a editor for the Encechester Daily News, after hearing about his fathers death he immediately left the country, waiting for four years before returning. Charles has led a quiet life up until this point, only coming into the public eye whenever he'd attend the Conservative Party Gala or release a new book about his experiences. Charles ran on a populist agenda, targeting lower class votes with promises to lower government taxes on various goods like paper and gas. This payed off, with voters being heavily upset with the Better Yursea party, who'd held the seat for 10 years at this point. Reports coming in from the Better Yursea HQ paints a picture of mass confusion and chaos as none were prepared for this. Charles has stated he is not like his father, and intends to improve life for his district, but many are still cautious about him, that including Conservative Party Leadership.

Other News:
  • Many nations voice concern over new Security AI developed by Lofthus.
  • Two Catholic Priests found dead on Unsate Shore, Yursean Archbishop condemns the violence.
  • Voting takes place on Resolution No. 24, Dissolution of the League of the Western Isles. Yursea votes against.
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Postby Utou » Sun May 22, 2022 12:12 pm

State Premier Maemura shrugs off "Lofthus-mania"


In recent weeks, the media of the world has been overtaken by wave after wave of hyperbolic reaction to the Lofthusian announcement of Shield-AI security drones which promise "24-7 surveillance" across the country. Ambassadors hav been recalled, applications for refugee status granted, and a whole raft of other developments which seem aimed at isolating the nation from the capital markets of the world. Speaking to reporters on the situation, State Premier Maemura was quick to bring a degree of sense to the conversation.

"Firstly, I want to say that this project is not a step far beyond the status quo as exists in many of the countries who have been so vocally up in arms about it. Many countries, I dare say most countries, already have a large degree of cctv cameras across the nation which can be siezed by the police with a single warrant. Your movements are already being tracked around, this does remarkably little to actually shift this dynamic to what can be considered dystopic. That is, of course, where the divide in this issue lies. I believe that much of the world has bought into a sales pitch whch cannot come close to the reality. 24/7 patrols all across the nation, to the degree which has been promised, would bankrupt a nation in minutes, esecially when the need for power to fuel these and the massive crews of pilots needed are factored in. Though the project labels itself "Shield AI", AI technology is not nearly advanced far enough for this to reach the scale which its developers certainly wish for the world to believe in. Feasibility speaking, and judging by the drones appearance and use of wings instead of the more energy-efficient rotors, these are primarily aimed as scare tactics in event of major disturbances and for constant patrolling only in high crime areas, and even then nowhere near on the scale promised. Ten million drones is a joke, such an expense will bankrupt the economy as if these products have the capacities required they would be around $100 each.. This is not a rendition of the popular Utounese anime show Socio-Pass, though I do not doubt that His Excellency Mr Palubiak would love for it to be so. This project is a storm in a teacup, and the fact that nations are willing to extend refugee status to people who will have some drones look at them but not to the victims of civil wars across the isles speaks to the fact that this action is nothing more than the extension of hegemony. I would call upon Lofthus to withdraw this project, as the consequences of these hypocritical and hyperbolic actions by other states will likely lead to ruin, but would advise the rest of the world to calm down. What you are seeing here is the development of a fancy CCTV camera with wings, and not some dystopia worthy of television. If they are dedicated to such frivulous wasting of state resources, I would call upon the citizens of Lofthus to vote him out in the next election. Someone who spends at least a billion dollars on an unfeasible vanity project is not fit for public office."

Following the speech, Maemura and other upper party cadres visited the Isoyama Fishing Collective, to investigate innovative new fishfinder sonar technology which will allow fishermen a better picture of fish stocks, permitting more sustainable aquacultural activities. The visit also included a trip to the town of Yamashita, where managed retreat contingency plans have been acted upon following the retrograding of beaches in the area. It is hoped that the plans seen here will help guide Utou's climate change response plan, as the island nation has many areas at threat.

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Postby Lesva » Mon May 23, 2022 1:11 pm


Lesva decriminalizes intercourse for money

Throngist Movement Party of Lesva votes to decriminalize intercourse for money, using it as an alternative term for the "world's oldest profession" and guaranteeing special protections


Throngist Movement Party of Lesva has decided to decriminalize intercourse for money in the Throngist Republic of Lesva. Members of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva at the Supreme National Carto of the Throngist Republic of Lesva have voted overwhelmingly to decriminalize such payable activity for all genders, when it comes to providing such a service or paying for and receiving such service. This is a second decriminalized acts in the Throngist Republic of Lesva in a short while, as the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva has previously decriminalized cannabis in the country, including buying and selling. Decriminalizing "intercourse for money" was specifically the term used in the vote as a substitute for the words used abroad such as "prostitution" or "sex work." Instead, the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva has decided to adopt its' own term for the "oldest profession in the world." Under the new law of decriminalized intercourse for money, there would be no criminal penalties for providing or receiving intercourse for money and this activity would be legal, however organized activities such as brothels and pimping would not be legal and intercourse for money, such as selling and buying, would not be regulated. The new law includes rights and special protections to prevent human trafficking.

In other news
  • Throngist Movement Party of Lesva considers renaming the Lesvan Armed Forces to differentiate the current revolutionary military from the one that existed before the Saela Spring and the founding of the Throngist Republic of Lesva.

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Pro Domino Scribimus



Stosal Insider 'reporter' apprehended

Sezzo Corelli, Head Security Correspondent

A reporter working for the Stosal Insider, a media organisation dedicated to slandering and spreading rumours about the Stosal government, was apprehended in Julias yesterday. They are the first traitor to fall in Operation Truth, a crackdown on false journalism in Stosal. Early intelligence suggests Ernesto Ameidei was in a leadership position at the organisation, and has been uncooperative with law enforcement so far. They will face the Supreme Court in early July, but their guilt is all but certain. Their role in spreading misinformation carries a jail sentence of up to 20 years.

It is expected more rogue journalists will be caught in this operation, which has the goal of complete destruction of Stosal Insider and other fear-mongering organisations. New laws restricting internet access to protect against the threat are expected to pass the House of Cardinals tomorrow, and it is expected further investment in the prototype Stosal Intranet is to follow. The new laws will outright ban the use of virtual private networks and similar tools to bypass restrictions, and will begin rolling out Intranet access among some high-risk groups.


Senezo recovers after short hospital stay

Bishop Senezo has left hospital after a fall scare late last week. He was rushed to hospital in a stable condition.

Stosal votes against League Resolution 24

Stosal's delegate to the League Avetio Rosalva voted against Resolution 24, a bill to dissolve and reform the League, in his first vote since appointment.

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Lesva renames the Military

Throngist Movement Party of Lesva has moved forward with renaming the Military to differentiate it from the armed forces that existed prior to the Saela Spring and the founding of the Throngist Republic of Lesva

Throngist Movement Party of Lesva has moved forward with what the Party intended to do before in regards to the Throngist Republic's armed forces. That intended action was to rename the Military. The Throngist Movement Party of Lesva at the Supreme National Carto of the Throngist Republic of Lesva voted to rename the Military into the Lesvan Throngist Armed Forces, which would be the official title of the National Military encrypted in the Basic Statue of the Throngist Republic of Lesva from now on. The purpose was to differentiate the current Military from all the previous armed forces that existed in the previous incarnations of the Lesvan state or countries and territorial formation that exited on the territory of present day Lesva before the events of the Saela Spring and the founding of the Throngist Republic of Lesva. Subsequently, the name of the Ministry of the Lesvan Armed Forces would also be renamed into the Ministry of the Lesvan Throngist Armed Forces and so will the position of the Government Official currently heading the Ministry, which is Honorable Captain General Noie Verant, the Minister of the Lesvan Throngist Armed Forces. The same applies for the position of the Chief of the General Staff of the Lesvan Armed Forces, a position from now on known as the Chief of the General Staff of the Lesvan Throngist Armed Forces currently held by Honorable Lieutenant General Cito Pacaita. Both Minister of the Lesvan Throngist Armed Forces Captain General Noie Verant and Chief of the General Staff of the Lesvan Throngist Armed Forces Lieutenant General Cito Pacaita were personally present at the Supreme National Carto, when the vote was taking place. When the vote was completed, President of the Supreme National Carto of the Throngist Republic of Lesva Taica Berislavić declared the vote as has having passed and all Honorable Members of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva stood up in a standing ovation, including Minister of the Lesvan Throngist Armed Forces Captain General Noie Verant, Chief of the General Staff of the Lesvan Throngist Armed Forces Lieutenant General Cito Pacaita and, of course, First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva Giva Tesin, who then proceeded to thank and congratulate the Party.

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The Society Adopts New Imperalist, anti-Isolationist Foreign Policy

The Orwell Society has had a long-standing policy of isolationism ever since its inception in the mid 1800s, refusing to participate in foreign affairs and trade no matter the size or magnitude. Under the new leadership of a new Big Brother, the former Minister of Peace Donovan Xavier, that will soon change as the Society gradually opens up trade and diplomacy with other nations of the world. With that, an extra 10% of the government expenditure will go to defense (being taken out of the public transport, administration, and social policy budgets), bringing funing for the Ministry of Peace to 22.3% of the national budget.

Related: The Ministry of Peace constructs new weapon manufacturing factories and several new shipyards.

"This is a new dawn for the Orwellian Empire. For far too long have we as a nation closed ourselves off from the rest of the world, appearing weak and cowardly. For far too long have we watched in the shadows, observing but never taking action. One way or another, the world will know who we are. One way or another, they will see the Orwell Society as we truly are. A hegemony. An empire of infinite strength." - Big Brother in a nationally-televised speech and military parade/rally.

Related: An in-depth look at the transition of power after the previous Big Brother's untimely death.

As of now, the Orwellian Armed Forces will begin to establish presence overseas in far off lands. In other news, the military conscription draft has been modified to enlist 9.2% of the population, up 3% from before. That, along with increased funding, revised training methods, and the appointment of a new Minister of Peace and revised administration, is set to drastically increase the strength of the Orwellian military.

Related: Administration has been revised; new Minister of Peace and Surplus appointed; different, more qualified cabinet.

Many may ask the workings of this new "imperialist" policy - and the answer is not as simple as it may seem. Imperialism is often defined as a policy of expanding a nation's territory and/or influence by the means of military force; however, while the government's new policy is certainly prepared for military expansion, diplomacy is also sought for. The Ministry of Peace will begin to look for other nations seeking protection or trade but are of similiar authoritarian ideology and nature - or at least accepting of authoritarian ideology and nature.

"This is a new chapter for our great Society. We can only go up from here. We will make our mark on this world whether this world likes it or not. This is a new age." -Big Brother concluding his speech.

Related: Big Brother makes a nationally televised speech after military parade in Airstrip One - nation watches in awe as their new leader introduces a "new age".
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Postby Laeden » Fri May 27, 2022 10:00 am

Arcadia, 26/05/2022

LAW The Lièvremont case is finally judged by Laeden's Supreme Court
The researcher appealed to Laeden's highest court after being found guilty for illegally tampering with human genomes and conducting unethical medical research.


After being convicted in the ordinary court and having the conviction endorsed by the High Court of Arandor, Professor Pierre-Louis Lièvremont, from the Illyrian Technology Institute, filed a Constitutional Complaint with the Supreme Court of Laeden, seeking to overturn his criminal conviction. The professor's defense argued that the research developed by him, in the area of ​​bioengineering and genetic manipulation, is aimed at improving human beings and improving the health of the population in general. He argued, the defense, that these objectives are in line with the general guiding principles of the Laeden legal system, being constitutional and, consequently, not being able to be the target of state punitive power.

Chief Justice Gilles Saignes appointed an extraordinary commission, consisting of Justices Casper, Alphenor and Lecne, to consider the case. The commission, chaired by Justice Alphenor, also had the illustrious presence of the Archbishop of Pontmercy, the eminent Ernest Leclère, accompanied by Father Gaspard Affré. The presence of the clerical delegation was due to the fact that the Catholic Church participated in the trial as an amicus curiae, a legal term used to designate third parties interested in a given legal discussion, and who want to participate in the debate by bringing information of high technical, scientific, moral value. or philosophical that can collaborate with the decision of the judges.

In their manifestation, representatives of the Catholic Church initially argued that the human condition is a reflection of the divine, and that, consequently, it is inherently immoral to proceed with studies and experiments that can structurally modify a human being in its most basic aspect, which it's your genetic code. It was questioned whether the real purpose of these experiments is to really provide more health to people, or if behind this discourse there are less noble interests that would be linked to the interest in genetic manipulation. The representative also pointed out the enormous harmful potential of the manipulation of genetically modified organisms if they proliferate in the form of laboratory isolation, which could become new pathogens of potentially lethal diseases for human beings. Last but not least, the Catholic representative argued that even if genetic experiments are successful and cures for new diseases are found, or methods of improving cognition and the physical condition of human beings are safely and efficiently developed, the gene therapy needed to do so would likely be expensive and unaffordable for the majority of the population. The technological and genetic revolution, therefore, could end up deepening the systemic social inequalities that are observed in virtually all societies in the world, including Laeden's.

The rapporteur of the case, Justice Alphenor, began the exposition of his arguments soon after, agreeing, in many parts, with the amicus curiae. Justice pointed out that uncontrolled genetic modification and beyond ethical parameters can have as a final conclusion the creation of beings whose genome is so modified that they cannot even be considered human. The creation of new species, in addition to representing an attack against the concept of humanity and being potentially destructive to humanity as a whole, is not included in the scope of fundamental rights and principles of the Laeden Constitution, so that the researcher's activity violates both ethical and moral precepts as well as legal and constitutional ones, deserving, consequently, the severe reprimand of the State. The Justice argued that although the legislation on the subject is nebulous, as there is, in fact, no specific law to deal with biotechnology issues, the Supreme Court could not fail to appreciate the merits, since judges are not given the right to choose or select the cases they wish to judge. For this reason, the Justice celebrated the participation of the Catholic Church as amicus curiae, for having provided strong ethical and moral arguments that could help in the formation of the judge's conviction about the case, and that cannot be a priori discarded, especially in the case in question, which lacks clear and unambiguous legislation. At the same time, Justice Alphenor conjectured that Laeden's resources, both human and financial, should be devoted to building a more just, fraternal and egalitarian society, and not in pursuit of unattainable dreams or technical-scientific ambitions such as genetic engineering. , machine intelligence, artificial exploration and other extravagances.

Next, Justice Casper spoke out, arguing that advances in genetic engineering studies represent a unique possibility of improving the physical and cognitive conditions of human beings, which, as a logical consequence, leads to an improvement in the quality of life of these human beings. beings, which should be the main goal for the Laedenian State. Justice condemns the conduct of studies in an unethical manner and without complying with regulations and strict safety parameters, but, on the other hand, celebrates the fact that Laeden has qualified professionals who can put the country at the forefront of the study of the human genome and its improvement. . Casper argues that technological techniques and tools have been used, to a greater or lesser extent, to improve human life for centuries. Makeup, medicines, surgeries, prostheses, and many other items are common in the modern world and allow human beings to operate beyond their usual conditions, or adapt to limitations and obstacles in their lives. The study of genetic engineering, therefore, cannot be seen as fundamentally revolutionary, since the basic premise behind it is already a reality in the contemporary world. If genetic engineering is not revolutionary in its fundamental aspect, however, it certainly is in its scope, since it presents the possibility of making profound changes in the human being, from manipulating embryos to present desirable physical traits, to fighting viruses and degenerative diseases in adults. Justice concludes that it is naive to think that moral arguments can, indefinitely, impede the march of progress, and that, consequently, the law should not be interpreted as an obstacle to the performance of the noble scientific activity. For this reason, Casper favored Professor Lièvremont's appeal.

The last pronouncement was made by Justice Lecne, who argued that the attribution of defining general and specific parameters and norms for scientific and experimentation activities falls on the Legislative Power, together with entities representing research groups and technical and regulatory agencies, not falling to the Supreme Court draw this kind of line. Furthermore, the Supreme Court must always judge in a way that is restricted to the legislation, and resist the impulse to be carried away by one's passions and convictions of a philosophical and spiritual nature when considering a case. On the topic of genetic manipulation, Lecne recognized the enormous potential of this new technology, along with other technologies such as the integration of machines and humans, for example. Justice, however, pondered in depth the risk of these new technologies collaborating with social divisions, and concluded emphatically that discoveries with such potential should have their fruits reaped by Laedenian society as a whole, and not just by a restricted class. of individuals who enjoy favorable financial conditions. Lecne also pointed out that the episode represents a moment of enormous advancement and development of national science, which is commendable, and that it would be up to the Laedenian State to offer Professor Lièvremont safer and more transparent conditions for conducting his research. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the irresponsibility of carrying out research of this nature in inappropriate environments, which makes the teacher indeed deserving of state sanction, albeit to a lesser degree.

In view of the exposition of the decisions of each of the Justices, the Court agreed to maintain the conviction given to the Professor, mitigating it and fixing it only on the payment of a fine equivalent to 5,000 dollars. The Court also referred the case and decision to the Science and Technology Committee of the Laeden Senate, for discussion of the case and the subsequent drafting of a law to regulate biotechnological activity, genetic manipulation and the conduct of other types of research. .

INTERNATIONAL Laedenian delegation arrives at Dociara
Personally led by the Chairman of the Senate, mr. Delacroix, the Laedenian delegation has arrived in Roendavar to discuss numerous topics after the Sunset incident shook the relations between Dociara and Arcadia

The Laeden delegation arrived this morning at Athelaai Aragonus Airport in Augostheilas. From there, they were escorted by local authorities to the city of Dociara, where they were housed at the Laeden embassy, ​​on Av. Malanthies, 4-6, Lascien District. Chairman Delacroix received an invitation to address the Hall of the Tree at an official session of the High Council. However, the Laedenian delegation unfortunately arrived late, due to numerous protests that were organized by local political groups, who were demonstrating against the Laedenian occupation of Sunset Isle. At one point, the driver of the Laedenian delegation got lost, and it took the intervention of local security authorities to rescue the car from Laeden's entourage (which was surrounded by protesters) and take it to the correct destination.

At the Hall of the Tree, Delacroix gave a long and passionate speech on the importance of defending human rights, the rights of self-determination, improving the population's quality of life and increasing social investments. Delacroix said that Roendavar, in many ways, serves as a parameter and a model that Laeden follows and on which Laeden is inspired and that, for this reason, he feels deeply honored to be able to visit the country and get to know better the people and government of Roendavar. Delacroix pointed out that some warmongering and expansionist attitudes do not reflect the wishes of the majority of the Laedenian population, thus making a subtle criticism of Proconsul Maurice Galland and the way he dealt with the crisis on Sunset Isle. Delacroix reinforced Laeden's immense interest in seeking new partnerships and alliances with Roendavar, and assured that Laeden will strive to be a reliable partner and a nation that respects basic human rights standards, pillars that must guide the action of all countries and of all states.

After finishing his speech, Delacroix insisted on talking separately with some members of the High Council, greeting everyone and clarifying doubts or even listening to criticisms, without contesting them or retorting in any way.

After talking with the High Council member representatives, Delacroix met with the Thronai of Roendavar for a meeting, at which he spoke mainly about strategies for repairing relations between Laeden and Roendavar. Delacroix insisted on seeking a political and cultural approach to Roendavar, showing himself, in this regard, to be very different from Consul Gaspar d’Albignac, whose diplomatic approach is almost exclusively economic or, to a lesser extent, scientific. Delacroix expressed the importance of Roendavar for the construction of Laedenian national culture and reinforced that he considers it absolutely appropriate that more Roendavar artists come to Laeden, as he believes that culture is an important bridge for rebuilding trust and friendship between the two nations. Delacroix also addressed the recent expansion in the entertainment industry in Laeden, and invited companies from Roendavar that operate in this sector to consider investing in Laeden, making culture and entertainment tools for economic approximation and, consequently, for common prosperity. of the two nations. Delacroix tried to show as much sympathy and cordiality as possible, and he knew how to listen to criticism of Laeden's foreign policy, even though he had no power over decisions about the Sunset Isle adventure. At the end of the meeting, he reinforced the interest in building partnerships and invited the Thronai to visit Laeden whenever they wish.

At the end of the day, Delacroix had a formal dinner in the presence of Celion, at the Palace of the Life God, in the Iralanen district. In keeping with tradition, Delacroix offered Celion a Laedenian flag as a gift and as a gesture of friendship and respect. Laeden's representative also offered some Laedenian wines from illustrious brands for Celion's personal collection. During the dinner, Delacroix reinforced the interest in cultural partnerships with Roendavar, as well as pointing out that the Laeden market was promising for Roendavarian capital, especially in the clean energy and waste treatment industries. Delacroix also suggested expanding tourism between the two nations by easing visa requirements, and seeking greater cooperation in academia through university partnerships between higher education institutions in Laeden and Roendavar. When asked about issues related to the environment and respect for the rights of natives, Delacroix personally committed to following the actions of the Laeden government and ensuring that the country followed the strictest standards of environmental responsibility and human rights.

Delacroix will remain in Dociara for two more days until he returns to Laeden. During this time, his adviser informed that he intends to meet with other political and social leaders in Roendavar to discuss matters of common interest, and that he will also have conversations with the local business community to attract investments to Laeden. For security reasons, the press office informed that Delacroix will not carry out any tourist tour, and will be staying at the facilities of the Laedenian embassy.

Other News

International: The Laedenian government also announced the arrival of a new ambassador to the nation, appointed by the Ahnslen government. Mr Daniel Kerrasta landed late last night at Arcadia International Airport before being taken to the Ahnslen ambassador’s residence not far from the embassy. The Government, by a statement early this morning, announces that it will receive the ambassador during a special official dinner to be held at the Counsil Gaspar d’Albignac, who will be present at the event and personally greet the official. Given Laeden’s political, economic and cultural proximity to AInslie, the arrival of a new ambassador is always an event of note for the government - especially considering the importance of relations with the ally from Gael.
It is also said to mark a shift in the way Ahnslen-Laedenian relations will be conducted into the future, with a clear gear change from the Ahnslens shown merely from the incoming ambassador’s resume. Kerrasta is a retired Captain from the Ahnslen Regional Stability Force, having served in peacekeeping and anti-crime operations in Keverai in 2017. After he stepped down from that, ACEGAD approached him in order to stand for a by-election in the Dallaran seat of Jannerow. He considered the offer, which was presented to him by confidante and close friend former Prime Minister Andrew Kenzai before declining, paving the way for a local candidate to run instead. He then accepted a high profile role at Ainslie’s foremost national security thinktank, the Ahnslen Centres for International Security (ACIS), where he became a well known name in the defence community because of his charisma, personability and technical expertise. A week ago, he stepped down from the role in order to take up the position of Ambassador to Laeden from Ainslie. The appointment of Kerrasta seems to be a signal of Prime Minister Gifford’s interest in deepening the relationship between the two nations, owing to the prominence of their presumably hand-picked candidate. It also seems to suggest Ainslie’s enthusiasm in making Laeden a close partner in thwarting organised crime, a scourge Captain Kerrasta has personal experience of given his time in Keverai. Despite the politics surrounding the appointment, Kerrasta was all smiles yesterday at Narara Airport where he was sent off after a small press conference with Foreign Minister Gerslin.“I’m looking forward to this opportunity to serve Ainslie and further our interests with a friendly government. There is much ground to cover and much to do and I am enthusiastic to be a part of making that happen from Day One.”

Military: Proconsul Maurice Galland announced joint training with the Hyukai Navy. A detachment of five ships will leave Illion tomorrow, departing for the Eterna Sea, where naval exercises will be carried out in order to increase the level of readiness and technical training of the militaries of the two countries. Internal sources say ASW will be one of the main focuses of joint operations. After the difficulties the Laeden Navy had in detecting submarines during the Sunset Isle crisis, improving naval capabilities in this area became a priority for the Laedenian military. The exercise with Hyukai represents, for Laeden, an opportunity to improve his capabilities in this area, in addition to collaborating with an important political and economic partner. At the same time, some senior Navy officers will follow the training and, later, will meet with their counterparts from the Hyukai Navy, to discuss improvements and advances in combat doctrine, training and the organization of naval forces. Proconsul was anxious and confident in this partnership, and assured that both nations will benefit considerably from this type of collaboration in military matters.

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The Truth of Costavozka
May 18th, 2022
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Encourages Citizens to Leave Lofthus After Project Shield Announcement

NEW EDEVAR, May 14 -
The Costavozkan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after an announcement of personal police drones being released, has encouraged Costavozkan citizens to leave Lofthus as soon as possible and to avoid the country until further notice. The announcement has also triggered the Ministry of Internal Affairs to consider allowing more Lofthus citizens to apply for refugee status. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially condemned the action of Lofthus but remarked that “… the reduction of crime is a notable goal, but this is not the way to do it. …”. This is the first time that the Ministry has officially condemned an action of a nation independent of the Costavozkan Federal Government. The Costavozkan Federal Government, however, has not been silent on this issue. There is rumor of a possible bill to allow the Ministry of Internal Affairs to bypass a review from the Council of Costavozka in making changes to border admission requirement changes, effectively placing the ministry in full control of the border, ensuring that if the MIA resolution is passed by the ministry, it will immediatley go into effect. A round of sanctions toward Lofthus are also being drafted, as well as a travel ban to the nation. Polls have shown that the vast majority of the public support everything but the sanctions. Time will tell what the fate of relations with Lofthus will be.
Submarine Construction to Resume, Navy to Conduct Drills

WESTFORD, May 16 -
A source within the Costavozkan Armed Forces has revealed to reporters at The Truth of Costavozka that production is to resume on Project 72 submarines and that completion of the Project 74 is to be expedited. Two more of the Project 72 Diesel Electric Attack Submarines are currently planned to enter service, with new modernizations. A task force, led by the CNS Costavozka (CVN-991) is to conduct operation drills in the international waters of the eastern portion of the Argean Sea as soon as June 7th. The task force is rumored to comprise of all of the Project 73 missile cruisers and all of the Project 74 missile submarines, as well as two of the Project 72s. The duration of these drills has not been confirmed as of now, as is the reasoning behind them, however, there is proof that they were unplanned prior to the start of May, leading to speculation that this may be in response to the announcement from Lofthus, however the source has denied this as the case.
Economic Reforms in Review

NEW EDEVAR, May 17 -
The Costavozkan Council is considering a new bill that proposes extensive economic reforms, in an effort to boost the economy after a recession hit the nation in 2019. The reforms would encourage foreign business to enter the nation and would remove some of the restrictions on big business. Whether or not these reforms succeed may help determine the lasting effects of the 2019 recession. Many within the government are split, with supporters calling it a new dawn for the economy, while critics claim that it could encourage monopoly and unfair business practice within Costavozka- and some even resorting to outright calling the supporters of the bill corrupt and power-hungry. Should the bill pass and become law, there will undoubtedly be rewards for the Costavozkan economy- but what price will our nation have to pay for it, if any?

|| Other News: Border, trade restrictions to relax on July 14. | Costavozkan Space Program and Ministry of Sciences? Costavozkan Council in debate over possible government expansion. | Ministry of Economics eyes further relaxation of trade restrictions. | Costavozkan Armed Forces put on heightened alert. | Costavozkan Armed Forces, Ministry of Internal Affairs brace for border traffic increase. ||
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|| The Truth of Costavozka: August 12, 2022: MOST RECENT ARTICLE | Ministry of Transportation announces creation of national airline- Air Costavozka- to start operations in Fall 2022. | Ministry of Economics eyes further relaxation of international trade restrictions. | Costavozkan Navy, United Republic Navy of Solaryia to hold joint naval drills in Karnali Sea.||

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Postby Ivolshok » Sun May 29, 2022 4:51 am

The Worker's Weekly - News of the World and Ivolshok
Issue 2,874 | May 29th, 2022 | §2.00

3 Sentenced over Illegal Crypto Farm
May 25th / GOROKHOV: Three residents of Gorokhov have been sentenced to 10 years each for running an underground crypto-ring, marking the first criminals of new law. §200,000 worth of digital coin was seized along with dozens of computers. Original plans for 20 years reduced following plea of no contest and cooperation with authorities.

The NPA were tipped off by a local maintenance technician upon noticing unusually high electricity consumption in his block. After receiving a warrant, police broke into the flat. Two were captured without issue, one had to be chased down after fleeing out a fire escape. Inside over 30 custom mining rigs hummed. No other illegal activity was detected. The NPA captian made no comment, but an insider reports that the group may have been working for a regional gang. Crypto mining has been illegal since February of this year following reports of the digital currency being used to bypass trade restrictions, pay criminals, and launder illegal money. Following the buy back program in late March, anyone holding or using crypto is liable for felony illegal trade. The Technician is to receive §5,000 fee for assisting in their capture and the NPA urges anyone with knowledge of crypto usage to report them to the anonymous tip line.

Percentage of Formal Education Grads to Increase
May 28h / KORODSK: Reporting a lack of suitable candidates for specialized technical and support positions the Education Ministry is planning to increase University approval rates from 28% to 30%, for a planned addition of 500,000 graduates.

Following on from 2009's increase, this will mark the 4th increase in the last two decades. The minster announced the plan yesterday saying "The growth of the high-tech and chemical industries sectors are demanding more and more of our skilled Ivolshok students. This program is rapidly accelerating Ivolshoks transition to a high-skilled economy, and we have only our strong leadership in the Material Commissariats, and the tireless work of our students and workers to thank for this". Currently 1 in 6 formal education positions is unfilled and an additional 1 in 20 is filled by an overqualified candidate. Refineries on the Eastern Seaboard are operating at 40% capacity, and shut down for the nights.

INTERNTIONAL: Lofthus Mania Doesn't Shake Leadership
May 22th / KORODSK: Nations around the Western Isles are reacting to Lofthus's new Shield AI program with scorn and sympathy, but Officials in Korodsk are taking a more even tempered approach.

Premier Husk was stopped by journalists coming from a cabinet session for comment on the matter, offering a terse and non-committal response; "The actions of Lofthus in this matter are morally and politically repugnant, but seem practically flawed, and we implore the people of Lofthus to resist attempts to defile their natural rights where they will offer no benefit to society or themselves, but at this time Ivolshok offers no changes to it's positions or agreements."

3 Dead in Home Fire near Astrova
May 28th/ ALMAT: A house fire in the rural town of Almat has left three dead and one in critical condition. UFA are looking into the cause of the fire. Engineers to study the collapse and see if improvements can be made to stop such a tragedy from occurring again.

9:08 local time neighbors called the UFA, reporting smoke from a rear window. By 9:10 first units had arrived and began extinguishing the blaze. But within few minutes the building became unstable and units were pulled out after rescuing the unconscious father, Pete Ivanosk from the basement. At 9:15 the building collapsed into itself. Following the extinguishing of the fire dogs, workers, and neighbors began shifting the rubble. The mother, Erin, and two children, Lily age three, and Omar age eight, were pronounced dead on the scene.

* More Choclate? Subcommissariat approves increase in luxury foodstuff production
* Emplyoment Figures improve compared to last month, rebounding from early year slump
* Laeden Trade? Ministries meet to discuss bilateral import/exports before delegation
* SPORTS: Slammer 3-0 Knights
* LIFESTYLE: An Interview with Kelly Blue on her new book "Where the Sun Rises"

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Postby Stosal » Sun May 29, 2022 6:15 am


Pro Domino Scribimus

Volume 21, 2022


Ahnslen Foreign Minister to visit Stosal

Mario Sezollo, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Internal Minister Nico Sodaro has approved the immigration and religion permits of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ainslie, Aaron Gerslin. Gerslin is slated to arrive next Wednesday, and will be greeted by the Supreme Council of Stosal, led by Foreign Minister Calinari Rizzo. Rizzo announced the visit to the Stosal Insider in a press release, in which he welcomed the minister to Stosal, and hoped for a productive meeting.

The visit is rumoured to revolve around a partnership to modernise Stosal’s outdated weather monitoring systems, a move which would improve regional safety with extreme weather events as well as aiding the shipping and trade sector. Ainslie is a world leader in the weather monitoring sector. Another talking point is believed to be aviation safety improvements, again updating the aging systems currently in place.

The diplomatic meeting has not been without internal controversy. Senior figures in the Church have criticised the Stosalic government for being too open with heathens and heretics, and straying from the historic principles. However, other powerful people within the Church have praised the decision, saying the best way to spread the word of God is to be diplomatic. Fierce debate on this topic is expected in Monday’s Holy Council session, as well as among the followers who elect them.

The visit will be the first diplomatic meeting in Stosalic shores for years, a sign of the recent weakening in Church influence in foreign politics. The High Cardinal and Dux Ecclesiae are expected to comment on the coming days.


Palubiak stays strong against criticism

Despite fierce international resistance and suspected interference, President Palubiak of Lofthus is holding firm on the revolutionary Shield AI program to crack down on crime. The international reception has not been fully negative however, with nations including Lesva defending the program. The expected implementation date of the drones is June 1st.

Two Insiders workers arrested

Operation Truth is proving a massive success, as two further Stosal Insiders workers have been apprehended. Internal sources state they were distributors of the false journalism, and they are said to be cooperating with law enforcement. Senior Insiders member Ernesto Ameidei was arrested early in the week, and will face court on July 4.

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Postby Lofthus » Mon May 30, 2022 3:59 pm


Mayor Vikki Kay of Fedic leads Protest Outside of Government Tower Over 24-Hour Police Drones

Image Image

With Assignment of Shield AI starting tomorrow, Capitalist Mayor Vikki Kay of Fedic has become the face of the Anti Drone Cause.

Thousands gather to protest outside of Government tower in Lofthus's Capital Flomo today on May 26th 2022. The Lofthus Military kept the protesters a safe distance from the building.

In her speech at the protest Kay said,

" We are gathered here today in protest of these disgusting Shield AI that our criminal President is trying to enforce on our democratic population. We are gathered here today because we are trying to stop the horrors that may come after this. I do not believe Palubiak has good intentions, no I do not. He said it himself, This is the start of something, the start of a path to dystopia. What's next Palubiak? You want to make Lofthus a dictatorship? Tattoo bar-codes under our eyes? Who knows? But right now, he is trying to take away your privacy. He wants to watch your every move. While you shower, While you sleep, he wants to watch your children while they change. Palubiak if your watching me right now, know this. We are not going to give up. We will keep fighting you no matter what. We will start a civil war if we have to. Because we love our nation, we love Lofthus. And we are not going to sit here and watch you ruin it. We will not let you ruin it for everyone. Palubiak you are a criminal. Palubiak you are the enemy of the people, and you will be fired. When you are fired, there will be an emergency election and I will be running for office to fix this horrid problem you have caused. It is a matter of life or death of the nation". Mayor Vikki Kay

Reports say that this protest was relatively peaceful under Kay's watch.

Related News:

LDC reports that on June 1st assignment of Shield AI drones will begin in large cities such as Flomo, Fedic, and Wago.

Many are under investigation for death threats towards President Palubiak.

Palubiak Increases Military Spending by 100 Million Dollars.

Support for The Socialist Party of Lofthus falls from 61.2% to 10.7%. While support for The Capitalist Party of Lofthus rises from 23.1% to 54.8%.

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Postby Lesva » Tue May 31, 2022 5:07 pm


First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva Giva Tesin visits Lofthus

First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva Giva Tesin arrives in Lofthus to show the country support against international pressure over Project Shield


First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva Giva Tesin has made his first official visit abroad since taking over the position of Head of State from predecessor and current Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Throngist Republic of Lesva Pacton Inca. However, the first official foreign visit was not made to one of the Eastern Tripartite (ET) allies like Balnik or Aprosia. First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva Giva Tesin instead travelled to Lofthus, which is a country currently experiencing international pressure and having encountered some domestic unrest by inside enemies for its' Project Shield, where Lofthus aims to create technology guaranteeing domestic security for starters, including 24-hour police drones and potentially other projects. Lesva declared support for Lofthus, arguing that the country had a right as a sovereign state to develop whatever projects it wanted and that the government of Lofthus was behaving more responsibly than any other leadership, because it was prioritized investing in innovative technology that would guarantee its' citizens' safety, which is something that every government in the world has an obligation to do.

First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva Giva Tesin arrived in Lofthus with more security personnel that was originally planned to be sent. It was increased because of the aforementioned unrest being provoked by internal enemies of Lofthus, most likely with the leaders of the unrest being foreign agents and the unrest itself being sponsored from the outside by foreign parties that are hostile to Lofthus or are being unhappy with Project Shield. Such unrest on the streets is currently escalating in Fedic, Lofthus, being escalated and let by the Mayor of Fedic Vikki Kay, who might as well be a foreign agent working for the enemies of Lofthus abroad. However, it seems that local authorities and law enforcement are currently handling the situation. First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva Giva Tesin intends to meet and hold talks with His Excellency President Palubiak, the Officials of the Administration of the President, the Officials of the Government and Cabinet, and possibly with lawmakers.

First Secretary of the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva Giva Tesin reiterated that maybe Lesva could adopt some sort of experience from Lofthus and learn from Project Shield, maybe even convincing Lofthus to teach Lesva how to create the Throngist Republic's own equivalent of Project Shield or at least something similar, as well as offering for Lesva and Lofthus to possibly start cooperating in the future on new security projects and developing technology for varied purposes.

In other news
  • Minister of the Lesvan Throngist Armed Forces Noie Verant: "The Throngist Republic of Lesva is in need of anti-missile defense systems. Several of them in fact. That includes systems that could work against ballistic missiles, including short-range, medium-range, long-distance and ICBMS. Eventually we could start trying to manufacture our own, but until then, we should consider buying them from Balnik or Aprosia or both. We also need any form of an effective shield against nuclear and hydrogen bombs."

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Postby Havalland » Wed Jun 01, 2022 8:38 am

The Royal Cryer

Havalland welcomes refugees and celebrates Coronation Day

Last night His Majesty King Leon Wolf III visited the Kingston airport welcoming a plane full of refugees from lofthus, shaking the first hand to come off the plane, a mother and her infant child. The king greeted the group with open arms, letting them know he would do everything in his power to make them feel at home and that the Havallish people will always have open arms for any who suffer under tyranny.

Later today a military parade was held in honor of Coronation Day marking the third year of his majesty’s rule, Leon has become a very popular king in Havalland keeping true to the ideals of the nation and a sense of loyalty to his people. His majesty has given a lot to his people from charity to volunteer work, though most see his international interactions the people really care about how he runs the nation.
The crowd was large and the parade was cheerful. being televised live was the first glimpse of the RS-21, Havallands new multi roll aircraft soon to be pressed into service, the new aircraft lead to RS-19s over the parade in a grand display.

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Postby San Jimenez » Wed Jun 01, 2022 6:33 pm


San Jimenez, June, 2022


Weeks ago, Lofthus, another nation in the Eterna Sea, introduced a new program labeled “Shield AI”. The purpose of this new program is aimed toward bringing security to the country and reducing the crime rate. As reactions and opinions began to rise, many nations, excluding Throngist Lesva, condemned the program. Pro-capitalist Mayor Vikki Kay of Fedic, rallied around by supporters, staged a peaceful protest in the Lofthusian capital of Flomo in opposition to the new program. After Lesva’s First Secretary Tesin’s visit to Lofthus, President Canone announced that he had written a personal letter to Mayor Kay that detailed his support for her and the anti-drone movement.

”As president, I could not allow San Jimenez to remain silent on the restriction of human rights in a foreign country,” President Canone said, “especially a country which resides in the same sea as our own. What Mayor Kay has done has given San Jimenez a path towards rallying with those who stand opposed to this restrictive program.”

Representatives in the State Synod offered their support for President Canone but warned that no further action should be taken to escalate any tensions that could arise. In an interview with the Gran Teran Gazette, Representative Gallo said, “San Jimenez has never been negatively impacted by the presence of Lofthus in the region and I hope the president is wise enough to ensure that stability continues.”

Many question whether or not President Lucas Canone will further advance his opposition towards Shield AI although it is not likely.

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Postby Scaedia » Wed Jun 01, 2022 7:05 pm

Online Edition

Temperatures Continue to Sit in Record Highs, Heat Wave Emergency Declared

BEJORN --- The National Weather Service of the Republic of Scaedia has officially declared the recent rise in temperatures a heatwave. Temperatures hit an all time high for the month of May on the 30th, where they reached as high as 33°C in Bejorn. Unusually hot weather has come sporadically throughout the month of May, but now as temperature continually increase the National Weather Service deemed it to be potentially dangerous. Areas in the north of Scaedia where weather is typically milder this time of year have also experienced a tremendous increase in average daily temperatures. These areas are particularly susceptible to the dangers of intense heat, as many homes lack air conditioning or the power to maintain an air conditioning unit's continuous use.

Elderly citizens in the cities of Tafde, Dan, and Bejorn have been advised to avoid leaving the house as much as possible. The Gendarmerie has been deployed as a peacekeeping force in these areas to assist in the distribution of water, sunscreen, and household appliances such as fans. Family members are advised to maintain contact with any elderly family living alone to ensure their safety. This is particularly important as in the past the most common victim of heat-related deaths were senior citizens living alone who were unable to cool their houses down effectively.

Livestock farmers are especially concerned for their cattle right now, as many farms are currently caring for recently delivered calves. The Daet has approved emergency funding to help farmers who may not have the ability to properly protect their cattle from their heat. The emergency funding comes in the form of grants delivered to rural farmers. Rural farmers in Scaedia often allow their cattle to roam somewhat freely, which may pose a risk to their safety in these extreme heats.

Meteorologists do not expect the heats to reduce any time soon and warn that droughts may occur soon. Water rationing plans have been drawn up by many cities in Scaedia in preperation.

President Assures Citizens that Shield AI Will Never Come to Scaedia, but Has Merits

ALLIN --- President Ashi Banglar recently released a statement to the press assuring the citizens of the Republic of Scaedia that the Shield AI of Lofthus, and 24/7 surveillance in general, shall never be pursued by the Scaedic government. Banglar's statement condemned the program and argued that no properly free nation in today's world could allow such a breach of privacy towards civilians. However, Banglar's statement also said that the government of Scaedia believes such impressive technology has its place in crime prevention in public areas that may be home to dangerous behavior.
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Postby Lesva » Thu Jun 02, 2022 4:42 pm


Lesvan dissidents abroad and governments-in-exile condemn Throngist regime's support for Lofthus in "Project Shield" and announce support for the international community's stance against "Project Shield"

Image Image

Flags used by Lesvan dissidents and two governments-in-exile.

While the international community condemned the controversial "Project Shield" announced and developed by the government, or more specifically the administration of President Palubiak, of Lofthus, the Throngist dictatorship in Lesva became a lone supporter of the government of Lofthus and its' plans. Even the Throngist regime's allies in Aprosia and Balnik have so far stayed reluctant in voicing their support or opposition to the Shield AI in Lofthus and are retaining ambiguity whether they are on the side of the international community or on the other side. However, the Lesvan regime has jumped ahead to self-isolate itself as a supporter for any innovations, as long as they are repressive. The Throngist regime even announced interest in possibly adopting the experience of Lofthus and possibly developing similar technology for Lesva in order to better police the citizens under the rule of the Throngist dictatorship. The new dictator or rather figurehead representing the Throngist Movement Party of Lesva - First Secretary Giva Tesin even personally visited Lofthus to further demonstrate Lesvan support for what the government of that country is doing and to possibly observe some of the technology of Project Shield up close. The visit comes just as protests against Project Shield started facing protests against it in Fedic, Lofthus led by that city's Mayor Vikki Kay, who herself has already received some international support. Meanwhile, people are reportedly relocating from Lofthus out of fear of their country becoming a police state and some countries are opening their doors for refugees or expats from Lofthus. Meanwhile, without much surprise, the Lesvan regime's propaganda called protesters foreign agents with foreign sponsorship, while failing to provide any proof. First Secretary Giva Tesin came to Lofthus with higher numbers of security personnel than had been planned to be sent before, because the new main face of the Throngist dictatorship had concerns for personal security from the protests in Lofthus.

Meanwhile, high-profile members of the Lesvan expat dissident community in Ainslie condemned the Throngist regime's support for Project Shield and hints at possibly implementing similar technology in Lesva in cooperation with Lofthus, if the administration of President Palubiak agrees to "cooperate." The high-profile Lesvan dissidents have also spoken out against Project Shield, 24-hour drones and higher surveillance by AI in Lofthus, aligning themselves with the popular opinion of the international community, as well as voicing support for Mayor Vikki Kay of Fedic and the protesters there. The two Lesvan governments-in-exile - Council of the President of the Republic of Lesva in exile and the Lesvan Presidential Republic government in exile, gave two separate statements apart, but both essentially had the same message, condemning the Throngist regime for supporting the Project Shield in Lofthus, "toying" with the idea of bringing a similar program over to Lesva and also opposing for Project Shield to be implemented in Lofthus itself, instead supporting the stance of the international community against the program. However, unlike the high-profile Lesvan dissidents, the two governments-in-exile did not declare their support for Mayor Vikki Kay of Fedic and the protesters in her city, causing criticism towards both governments-in-exile for their failure or even refusal to do so.

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Postby Lofthus » Fri Jun 03, 2022 6:22 pm


Lofthus Police Arrest Thousands for trying to Destroy Their Shield AI Drones and Prisons Say They are Almost Full.

Image Image

As Drones are being introduced in the nations largest citys, police are having a hard time keeping up with everyone trying to break their drone.

Some ways individuals report trying to destroy their drone are, smashing, burning, shooting with illegal weapons, and more. LDC says that it just isn't worth it.

A Statement made by an LDC Representative(Identities have been made privet for safety)

"Attempting to break or destroy a government assigned drone will not complete the goal people are trying to accomplish. It was already made very clear to the public that breaking a drone on purpose is considered vandalism and conspiracy to commit a crime. Shield AI's revolutionary technology already has everyone's facial identification in it's system. The AI is able to recognize when one breaks it on purpose. Attempting to destroy it will only lead to ones imprisonment. If destroying a tiny piece of technology is worth losing ones freedom well then to each their own."

"Excuse me?" said Mayor Vikki Kay in response to LDC's statement. "I don't even know where to begin on this. First off, this statement seems so childish and unprofessional. Second off, people don't care about getting arrested because you have already taken their freedom away. Wake up LDC! Why do you think there is such a pushback to all of this? You are taking away the freedom of the Lofthusian people. I am going to wait as long as possible to get a drone assigned to me. I fear Palubiak will be watching me as I try to get him fired. Just know this, if i die under mysterious circumstances, Palubiak and LDC will be the ones with blood on their hands. But I mean, they can't arrest every person in Lofthus, so Thank you to the brave ones making this harder for Palubiak." Mayor Vikki Kay.

Prisons stationed around Flomo, Fedic, And Wago report that they massive influx of prisoners is filling up cells fast.
Flomo City Prison Capacity: 81.5%
Fedic Correction Center Capacity: 92.3%
Wago Penitentiary Capacity: 74.9%

So the Law & Order Chairman of Lofthus is asking Palubiak for more money. When Reporters asked him why he wanted more money he said,

"Lofthus' crime rate was relatively low before this, but now that everyone seems to think it is a good idea to break the law, our prisons are filling up like it's the most popular place in town. Our police force can barely keep up with everything. I want to increase the number of cells in our prisons, as well as increasing the salary of cops and prison staff by about 65% to encourage more to take up the profession and keep peace in Lofthus. All I need is for Palubiak to sign off on it. But he is too busy buttering up Giva Tesin Of Lesva, oops, did I say that outloud?" Garrick Thomson, Chairman of Law & Order.

in other news:

-Giva Tesin of Levsa Visits Lofthus.

-Foreign Governments express support for Mayor Vikki Kay.

-Many take to the wilderness in search of secret LDC factory.

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