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Postby Nurbaria » Thu Nov 26, 2020 9:09 am


By Alistair Michaels
November 26th, 2020

Miracle. An utter miracle. These were the words spoken by Liberal Party chairman Stefan Depaillier when the Chief of the Electoral Commission stood before the nation for a televised statement officially confirming the election result. Liberal had secured the second-most seats in a single election in their entire history as the Conservatives were subjected to the political equivalent of being hung, drawn and quartered. It was an utter embarrassment, the aftermath of a campaign tainted with numerous scandals and controversies coming to light along with "a complete disconnect from the electorate", left the Conservatives with a mere 58 seats - a horrifying loss of 111 seats nationwide. Most of these losses were swept up by the Liberal party who gained 63 seats this election for a total of 189, whilst losing virtually none of the seats they held prior to the election.

For the first time in their history ACTION! has representation in the House of Commons with two members as the Greens double their seat total to six, the New Democrats gain four and the Civic Platform twelve. This election has also set the record for the most parties represented in a single Parliament - eight.

The current formation of Parliament
Red = Liberal, Blue = Conservative, Orange = Civic Platform, Light Blue = New Democrats
Purple = National, Green = Green Party, Dark Blue = Bloc Heraultois
Yellow = ACTION! and Grey = Independent

The Liberals easily passed the threshold for a working parliamentary majority, with a 14 seat buffer afforded to them. Leader of the Liberal Party Sterling Ramsay was received by a 22,000-strong crowd at the Liberal Convention, held this year at the Phoenix Arena in Halifax as the path to 33 Portchester lies dead ahead. He spoke of how "15 years of Conservative government had drowned the country" and that the "Liberals had won the battle for the nation's soul". Nicolas Osgood, leader of the Conservative Party had reportedly telephoned Mr Ramsay to concede the election, admitting defeat.

Osgood is set to resign as party leadership seek for him to "take the noble" way out and open the door for a new leader to come in. It was the worst Conservative performance in an election ever and Osgood had to watch helplessly as 111 seats were torn from him and with it his tenure as Prime Minister. He issued a statement earlier this morning saying he was to meet with the "backbench 20", a grouping of Conservatives that hold significant power and influence within the party, to assess his options - or rather, option.

Our political correspondent Max Mather can see "no other alternative" for Osgood as he has just "led the Conservatives to their biggest parliamentary embarrassment ever". Pressure was already mounting on Osgood to resign following the wake of the Battersea and Walkenshaw scandal, in which lucrative contracts were allegedly given to personal friends of Osgood for some yet-to-be determined personal benefit, likely a future cash sum; in essence, bribery.

Parliament is set to assemble next week, starting with the King's Speech. Parliament will then vote on the King's Speech which has, by convention, been a de facto confidence motion on the government, its passing is an almost certainty.

Meanwhile, the Bloc Héraultois maintained their seat total with a net change of zero, and have sworn to oppose the government at all opportunities and seek concessions and benefits for Hérault - a promise they have made every election since they entered into Parliament in 1997.

The Conservatives will for the first time since 2002, enter into Official Opposition as the Civic Platform, New Democrats, National, Bloc Heraultois, the Greens, ACTION! and two independents join them.
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Postby Biaten » Sat Nov 28, 2020 6:47 am

Saturday 28th November 2020
Hachen Times
Republic of Biaten


Government Releases Budget

Yesterday, Minister of Finance Jaden Hochberg unveiled a new budget, worth 60% of Biaten’s economy. Before the National Diet, the Minister of Finance outlined the budget, referring to it as a “budget that will help to deliver a more equal society” and a “budget that will give our economy a major boost”.

In the budget, it is stated that the projected GDP by New Year will be 44.7 billion Thalers, up by 0.9 billion from the previous year. The budget also states that government revenue will be 24.8 billion Thalers. However, for the first time since Chancellor Siegel took office, the government will also be seeking loans of 1.8 billion Thalers.

“This government will, for the first time in a decade, issue bonds, and use the money from those for a stimulus package of 1.8 billion Thalers that will help boost economic growth, which has been slow in recent years” said the Minister.

In the budget, the government announced that the stimulus will be used to finance several infrastructural projects, including the construction of a second nuclear power plant in western Huonia. The package would also contribute towards the recently-proposed Wealth Distribution Fund and investments in “green technologies” to “do our part to tackle climate change.” The budget would also increase spending on all areas of spending except for spending on regional governments, spending on defence, which is set to be cut by 100 million Thalers, housing and parliamentary and executive expenses.

The Minister ended his speech with the slogan of the Ministry of Finance “May the Lion steer the Bull”.

Attached to the budget were newly-proposed tax rates, with the rate of tax on earnings above 150,000 Thalers being raised from 55% to 70%, as well as legislation for the Wealth Distribution Fund.

The budget was widely support by Social Democratic MPs, with one MP, Mary Warren, calling it the “budget that will make our country wealthy”. However, it faced widespread criticism from the opposition. Leader of the Opposition and Chairwoman of the Communist Party Mattie Everly disapproved of issuing of bonds, saying that they would “put us at the mercy of the bourgeoisie”. The National Revolution Party and the Democratic Party also criticised the budget over the concern that the government has not yet secured the 1.8 billion. The Conservative Democratic Party strongly condemned the budget. Leader of the Conservative Democratic Party, Garfield Debenham stating that the budget would “leave us with a lot of debt that would take us years to pay off” and that the newly-proposed tax hike would “lead to a brain drain and kill jobs”.

The budget is set to be debated and voted on in the following week by both chambers of Parliament.

Former Minister of Defence sentenced to 20 years

Former Minister of Defence Tony Madison was arrested last month for conspiring the arrest of dozens of political activists by corrupted members of the military. Today, he was sentenced to 20 years with the possibility of parole after 10 years after he plead guilty, as well as a 25-year ban from holding any public office. He was convicted for money laundering, with the money used to pay the soldiers, criminal breach of trust, abuse of power and violating the constitutional right to freedom of speech.

21 of the 46 commanding officers who participated in the conspiracy have also been found guilty and sentenced, although most have received lesser sentences than the former Minister.

Because of his conviction, Mr Madison’s seat in the National Diet is now vacant, and the country does not yet have an officially-appointed Minister of Defence. Usually, when a seat in the National Diet becomes vacant, the party selects a replacement to fill the vacancy. However, the former Minister’s seat, Eadshire, is a one-seat constituency, and the Election Act 1869 states that a vacancy in a one-seat constituency should be filled through a by-election, so he will be replaced in the National Diet through a by-election, which we expect to be held in the spring of next year. Meanwhile, the replacement of Mr Madison as Minister of Defence lies solely with the Chancellor, for he has the sole power to appoint and dismiss any Minister. An official replacement is to be expected in the coming weeks.
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Postby Segentova » Sun Nov 29, 2020 4:48 pm


Nonidi, 9 Frim. CCXXVI | Sunday, Nov. 9 2020
Nouveau Toulon

Remembering one of Segentova's greatest. Former Chief of State, Amos Perot dies at age 92
Today Segentova has lost one of its greatest political figures of the last 50 years. Former Chief of state, Amos Perot has died in his sleep after suffering a brain aneurism. He was hospitalized earlier this fall after suffering a stroke in his home. Mr. Perot will be dearly missed by a nation that grew to love him during his six-year tenure from 1992 to 1998.

Perot during The Chief of State's new years-address in 1994 (Photo: Archives of the Office of Chief of State)

Elected as a result of a hung parliament following the 1992 election, Mr. Perot was one of the few men who have reached the position of Chief in history without the backing of any major political party.

Born near Nouveau Avignon in 1928 as the 4th of 6 children, he rose from his humble beginnings as the son of a Smallholder and seamstress, the suffering and misery that the great depression and First Imperial war wreaked throughout Segentova influenced Perot early on. After witnessing his neighbors get evicted from their property at age 16, he decided to study law. It was at university that Perot became involved in politics, first taking part in debates with other students during his time at the legal faculty of Jankowski-University. As elections had been suspended during the war, the 1950 elections were the first held in over 10 years. Not since 1938 had there been a general election. Though there was consensus among all the parties to rebuild, and there existed an informal agreement to run off the same platform, the political climate nevertheless remained heated and extremism was rife following the war. It would be in this climate that Perot would find himself drawn to the centrist ideas that would come to define his later career. His interest in politics peaked, he would go on to finish university and open his own legal practice in Nouveau Avignon in 1955, where he would practice for the next 20 years, eventually marrying a woman he had met at university, Eugenie Beauvoir, and fathering three children, Amos Jr., Margot, and Henri.

By the 1970s the ALDS, founded by Jàcome D'orey et Avignon Sr. in the runup to the 1950 general election, had held power for the majority of the last 20 years. Become increasingly embroiled in corruption scandals, which would lead to their first major defeat since their founding in the special-election of 1978, called by then-Chief Adrien Thaddée Pingeot as a result of the cabinet's inability to pass the budget for that year. The election would result in a majority the Opposition, forcing the ALDS to concede power to a coalition of the Labor League and Social-Liberal Party, but also saw Amos Perot elected to the Chamber of Deputies as an independent in his home-district of Raymond VI-Department. During his time as a deputy, Perot gained the reputation as someone who was very solution-oriented and a worker with a can-do attitude, and quickly became a darling among his constituents. Following the 1986 general elections, he would make the jump to the senior seat of Raymond VI-Department in the Senate, which would catapult Perot onto the national scene.

The next general election, held in 1992 would result in a hung parliament, with neither the ALDS nor the Labor-Liberal-block gaining a clear majority of seats, as probably the most visible independent in the senate, enjoying respect from both blocks, Perot would be approached by the Presidium of the National Convention as to whether he would entertain the idea of a nomination to the position of Chief, which he would ultimately accept, winning by 4 votes and replacing the incumbent, Thomas Gauthier. Presiding over such an unstable political situation, Perot recognized the need for a cabinet that was palatable to both sides of the aisle, as such he would draw relative unknowns and newcomers to the political scene from both blocks into his cabinet, who would later go on to become more widely known in later decades, including the current Chief of State, Pierre Delacroix who was 36 at the time and served as Minister of Infrastructure and Utilities. This strategy would, however, eventually result in Perot's fall from grace as his cabinet's inexperience only fuelled his detractors, leading to a majority for the Labor League and Social-Liberals following the 1998 election. Following this defeat, he willingly stepped down and retired from politics after declining to run for office again in the elections of 2004, while still making regular appearances both in public and in the media.

Perot leaves behind his widow and 3 children, Segentova is sure to miss the man who came to define a turbulent period in her history. His body will receive a state funeral in full honors sometime in the coming month in accordance with him being a former Chief of State.
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Postby Martenyika » Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:41 pm

Monday November 30, 2020
RKT - Royal Kessa Times

Escalation in Hazhariland Leads to Deadly Firefights
Bazhi Litha is just one such militia leader and organizer
defending their communities from predatory criminal organizations.

The Hazhariland region is once again been gripped by violence and instability, as local militias have chosen to fight back against organized crime. Over the past 36 hours the number and overall seriousness of violent incidents have increased sharply within Hazhariland. Firefights continue to break out in response to local defiance.

The latest government confirmed death toll already sits at 15. Government authorities have not yet specified the identities or affiliations of any of the deceased, however a source with the militia leader Bazhi Litha claims to have witnessed "several" more criminals die than are officially confirmed. According to this source, Litha and his militia were involved in the initial engagements when a well-armed gang attacked his town, revenge for refusing to pay tributes.

President Zubele went on the offensive in Hazhariland in January and February of 2020, leveraging National Guard and Mountaineer troops to fight entrenched organized criminal elements. However, this kind of heavy handed, militarized government involvement tapered off in March, leading many Hazharis such as Bazhi Litha to fend for themselves. The government is expected to intervene with military forces as soon as possible, but so far there has been an increased deployment of the Gendarmerie in the northwestern region.
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Postby Mokov » Mon Nov 30, 2020 8:21 pm


International: Mokov Falls to 'Regimentalism', Outside Observers Claim it is Fascism or Nazism
Artan Kesalar | Island of Mokov, 11-30-2020, 5:28 PM

Disturbing news from Mokov, as an apparent coup d'état has taken place in the capital city of Ivanozavodsk following a two hour siege of the Gold Palace. There are no precise numbers for the casualties of the siege, but current estimates place the death count at well over one thousand. The exact events leading to the end of the siege are currently unknown, but what is known is that during the fighting, Tsar Zvonimir IV was captured by the Gvārdyy Zelenzyy Revolutyonyy and forced to surrender control over Mokov to Pavel Markeviç at gunpoint. This was broadcast to the world in a short video, that shows the Tsar and his family surrounded by what look to be paramilitary soldiers.

Regimentalism, the ideology of the GZR, is not a recent invention, having its roots in the writings of Igor Markeviç back in 1910. Regimentalism focuses on an extremely stratified society, under the absolute rule of the state. The closest ideology to Regimentalism is unfortunately, National Socialism. Worries abound about the extreme racism espoused by the GZR, and many experts predict a genocide of some form to be carried out within Mokov. Updates will come as we get them.

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Postby Thromsa » Tue Dec 01, 2020 8:50 am


Tax reform in Henri IV? A chaos born

By Jennifer Leo Sanford
Tuesday - 1st December 2020
PAU — Last week's announcement by François-Marie Traver, Chief Minister of Henri IV, of a reformation in the state's tax system generated a mass of protests and today, the general strike in the state surfaced.

The government's proposal created a new tax bracket for the income tax, an added special fuel tax, and an increase in social security taxes for workers and employers. The Labour-Conservative government coalition had expressed their opinions on a tax reform after the state's 2018 election, but the matter wasn't disclosed until last week.

Camélia Forest, General-Secretary of the Syndicate Federation of Quatrier Workers, expressed that the increase was extremely unjust, as it means a company will spend £2121 and the worker will only receive £1674 on the new social security scheme, and this will be a burden to employers, resulting in an increase in unemployment, and the added bracket will mean even less will reach workers' pockets. The largest labour union in the state called for two days of general strike, halting the State economy at a rate of 76% of workers currently in strike. Forest added that new strikes may happen, but she understands that it will result in a massive burden for employers and employees.

The scheme received widespread criticism inside the Conservative Party whose sole purpose in the coalition was to remove the Chartist Party, Gabrielle Séverin, leader of the Conservative Party, may be requested by her party to step down.

Elizabeth Todd, a tax lawyer in Henri IV, mentioned the measure is, actually, againt the Charter of Henri IV, since the Charter imposes that taxation must be proportional to the State's needs, and that the State's finances have been for several years very healthy with several years of surplus. The lawyer indiated that she has initiated an action againt the government in the Tax Court of Pau.

Le Courier spoke with Adolphe Pierre, Assitant Judge of the Administrative Chamber of the Administrative Council of Pau, and his opinion strictly follows Todd's approach, calling her "a reference, and even the most knowledgeable in taxation in the University of Henri IV, having even been the Tax Law Professor of all judges in the Tax Court of Pau".

Other popular news:
- The misterious murders in Saint-Thérèse and the 2010 murders in St. Alban's Church: connected?
- Gathering in honour of deceased Amos Perot in Orleans.
- Protest in the Northern Island against police violence.
- Anne-Laure Lécuyer vs. Kent K. Lyon: an online box fight reaching Parliament.

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Postby Havalland » Tue Dec 01, 2020 9:21 am

The Royal Cryer

Trouble in Mokov, the King responds

Today King Leon gave a speech about the current situation in mokov a historic ally of Havalland. “Today, December 1st in the year of the lord 2020, I awoke to the news that mokov has fallen and the Tsar is dead. As I speak to you now the supposed regimentalists sit in power an ideology of hate and depravity has seeped itself into mokov and into the Mesder Sea, to the false government occupying mokov expect no mercy, war is inevitable, Havalland will not allow this ideology to spread even if we must glass mokov and rebuild it from the ground up, we will win for we have the strength of Havalland and the will of god on our side, Deam vult!”

Havalland has warned these vile pretenders, any act of aggression towards anyone in the isles will be seen as an attack on havalland and these regimentalists will feel the full strength of Havalland, the Havallish people have protested since the news hit to intervene but the speech put their minds at ease. All trade with mokov will cease and any mokovi immigrants who have entered the country within 5 months will be brought in for questioning.

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Postby Essena » Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:50 am

The Essenian Post
"News You Can Use"
Essena | Politics | Business | Health | Technology | Opinion

A Historic Election Has its Contenders
By: John Carmichael

Four years have passed since Essena voted for their independence. It also has been four years since Essenians have voted for their leaders in government. But that has changed as the "Four Year Promise" made by The Council has come to a close with the coming election for Parliament and for Chancellor of Essena. Prime Councilor Christopher P. Benjamin said this to say, at the press conference announcing the election, “It is time for The Council to rest and for Essenian people to take the reigns of their destiny and rule.”

Two political parties have started making headlines in the news to grab the attention of would be voters, the conservative leaning Federalist Party and the liberal leaning Representative Party. Members of the outgoing Council are not eligible to run due to a promise not to. The Federalist Party has chosen 58 year old James G. Whitmore to be their Chancellor nominee while 62 year old Nathaniel Cruz will be their Presidential nominee. The Representative Party has chosen 57 year old Abraham Moore to be their Chancellor nominee while 62 year old Jean Flores will be their Presidential nominee. The election will be held on November 2002. Essenians all over are excited for their opportunity to steer the ship of state with their vote. Gladys Horn, a Essenian citizen, said this “Today after years of being under other people’s rules Essena now has their to rule there way, our way.”
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Littolyo Responds to Bloody Coup in Mokov

Postby Littolyo » Tue Dec 01, 2020 1:21 pm


2020 December 1
Drake Responds to Bloody Coup in Mokov

Arennica—A violent coup has shaken the Mesder Sea nation of Mokov, with Tsar Zvonimir IV forcibly removed from power. In his place stands now an avowed regimentalist regime, the Gvārdyy Zelenzyy Revolutyonyy, which threatens to unleash atrocities on Mokov’s ethnic minorities.

In light of these disturbing developments, President Leon Drake released a brief statement, excerpts of which are provided below:

“We are greatly concerned by the violent overthrow of Mokov’s government by a fascist movement that has endorsed violence against minorities, and are watching carefully for any sign of an incipient genocide in Mokov.

“The Littolyen Embassy in Ivanozavodsk will remain open as long as we remain able to guarantee its security, but all consulates in other Mokovian cities have been closed indefinitely. Littolyenair jets are currently evacuating the last Littolyen citizens from the country, and while we don’t expect armed conflict, the fascist regime’s intentions are unclear and Littolyen forces in nearby Havalland and Martenyika have been placed on alert.

“We will engage with the Gvārdyy Zelenzyy Revolutyonyy Regime, and are working with partner nations across the region, including at the League, to form an appropriate response.

“I want to stress to the regime that any atrocities against Mokov civilians would be considered a red line that would prompt a firm response from Littolyo. We will not stand idly by if innocent people are harmed.”

President Drake’s statement was followed by a flurry of similar statements from other Littolyen officials, and a spokesperson for Senate Leader Melanie Blout disclosed that numerous senators are already working on a raft of sanctions against the new regime.

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Postby Mokov » Tue Dec 01, 2020 1:28 pm


More News from Mokov, Tsar Zvonimir IV Confirmed Dead!
Artan Kesalar | Regimentalist State of Greater Mokov, 12-1-2020, 12:30 PM

Following the violent coup that overthrew the Tsar yesterday, the world has been watching the situation in Mokov closely. Now, one of our sources within Mokov, who we will be keeping anonymous for their own safety, has confirmed that the recently deposed Tsar Zvonimir IV is in fact dead. According to our source, shortly after the broadcast in which he surrendered and abdicated, Vozhd Pavel Markeviç shot the Tsar in the back of the head, and ordered the body to be cremated. The status of the Tsar's wife and his eight year old son is currently unknown. More details as they come.
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Postby Corindia » Tue Dec 01, 2020 2:10 pm

League Confirms Willingness to Unleash Extremely Harshly Worded Letter if Mokov Coup Continues

International District, 2:30 PM:
Secretary-General of the League of the Western Isles Cirasephona Alfethis Refihhlia has confirmed the League's willingness to swiftly act in its strongest capacity to stop the extreme right-wing takeover of Mokov in a speech to the assembled delegates to the League earlier today. This action, likely to be composed of a "two, or even three page letter" filled with "extremely acerbic language and potentially mild shaming", can be expected to arrive within the month if the previous government of Mokov is not restored to power and the leaders of the coup do not step down and allow order to be restored. Noting the intentions of the as of yet entirely unrecognized government to establish a state which has been described as "fascist", Refihhlia also promised that any communications with the regime would be "completely, utterly, and entirely disapproving, until they either decide to restore democratic government or it's inconvenient for us to continue snubbing them, whichever comes first".

UPDATE: 3:05 PM:
Upon being informed of the execution of Tsar Zvonimir IV, Secretary-General Refihhlia convened a closed session of the League Council of Extreme Passive Aggressiveness (LCEPA) to begin drafting a post script.


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LT-Massie Basing Agreement Imperiled in Littolyen Senate

Postby Littolyo » Tue Dec 01, 2020 5:50 pm


2020 November 25
Massie Basing Deal Imperiled in Senate

Senators prepare to vote on a series of proposed amendments to a military basing agreement with Massie on Wednesday afternoon.

Arennica—When the conservative National Party took control of the Senate early this year, President Leon Drake braced for new opposition to nearly all parts of his ambitious agenda. One notable exception stood out: his plan to rebuild Littolyo’s place on the world stage with a series of military bases around the region.

As Mr. Drake’s proposals on healthcare and education stalled amid unified resistance, he quietly pivoted to focus more on his security goals. Littolaestaff aides worked closely with the hawkish senators of the new majority to secure a tranche of basing agreements with Biaten, Havalland, Martenyika, and Serpens Land, inching closer to Mr. Drake’s goal of operating one overseas base for each of the military’s six regional combatant commands.

It was always the part of his agenda about which his liberal Littolyen Party was least enthusiastic, but many suspect it was also the reason he was able to siphon a significant number of votes from his conservative opponent in the 2018 presidential election. When the agreements with Biaten, Havalland, and Martenyika were announced by surprise last month, National Party senators crowed that the deals would never have happened without their support.

So it came as a shock to many when a revolt erupted against Mr. Drake’s latest base negotiations, this time with Massie, among conservative lawmakers in the Senate this week.

The path that these particular negotiations have taken has been long and tortuous. When news of a potential Littolyen base leaked from the Massie Prime Minister’s office last month, it ignited a popular outcry in the island nation and threatened to scuttle the deal entirely.

Littolyo sent Defense Secretary Raul Forters to Massie on an “emergency mission,” as one unnamed official put it, to rescue the negotiations. It now appears that he was met with some measure of success, as nearly a month later, Massie’s parliament has forwarded a proposal to Littolyo.

That proposal was in turn spurned by many National Party senators, who objected to a list of demands tacked onto the deal by Massie’s rambunctious parliament, including preferential trading terms for Massie and direct Littolyen investment in the region of Mosel, where the base would be located.

The deal, being pushed by the Drake Administration and a narrow coalition of only the most centrist senators from both parties, is now under fire from both the left and the right.

Jack Riesling, firebrand conservative of Camreal and the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has been one of the most outspoken senators in opposition to the deal since it was unveiled on Monday. “This is a raw deal for Littolyo,” he fumed. “We offered them 100 million lyres a year—which, by the way, is more than the entire region of Mosel’s annual budget. Now they want us to disadvantage Littolyen companies by offering them special trade status? No thanks."

On the other hand, much of the Littolyen Party sees the deal as a frivolous waste of taxpayer money better spent elsewhere. “This is not what most of us had in mind when we voted for President Drake,” said Barbara Ananas of Bayland State, one of the most senior Littolyen Party senators and ranking member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. “We are now well on our way to half a billion lyres a year in new military spending for these bases alone. Meanwhile, more than a million Littolyens are already living in poverty or are in danger of falling into poverty. How does that make any sense?”

Pundits and political observers were shocked by the ferocity of the conservative backlash; some now believe the deal faces only the narrowest of pathways to approval, if there is any hope at all.

“This is really quite extraordinary,” said Ethan Hunt of the nonpartisan Institute for Security Policy Analysis. “With the National Party in revolt like this, I don’t know how Drake will be able to get this bill through. He’s essentially caught between Massie’s domestic politics, nationalist conservatives, and isolationist liberals.”

Asked which way forward might represent the path of least resistance, he was not optimistic: “I guess finding a way to win the conservatives back over seems the least unlikely, but based on the rhetoric we’ve been seeing out of their leadership, that’s really not saying much.”

Hopes for the agreement now appear to ride on the working relationship between the Drake Administration and Senate Leader Melanie Blout, conservative of Corrodenna. Ms. Blout is known is known for her deft political maneuvering and relative pragmatism, and she was circumspect on the deal’s prospects, saying only, “I have some real problems with this agreement in its current form, but I also think we can all agree that a base in Massie would be a critical step forward for Littolyo’s security, and I am willing to do what I can to work with the Administration to make that happen. I hope we are successful.”

Massie lawmakers also demanded that plans for the base be redesigned to minimize the development’s impact on the environment, although a spokesperson for Secretary Forters said that this had always been the plan, in keeping with the Littolyen military’s own stringent environmental rules.

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Postby Littolyo » Wed Dec 02, 2020 12:50 am


2020 December 1
Updates: Littolyo Responds to Mokov Coup

Arennica—Following Mokov’s violent coup earlier today, the situation is fluid and all levels of the Littolyen government are scrambling to respond. A compendium of updates are below:

On the ground:

-Tsar Zvonimir IV is confirmed dead by a reputable source. While the situation around his murder is unclear, he was reportedly shot, possibly by the new regime’s leader himself, Pavel Markeviç.

-Unconfirmed reports are emerging from several major cities as well as rural villages depicting isolated incidents of ethnic violence. These reports comport with the Markeviç regime’s genocidal ideology and rhetoric.

In Arennica:

-President Drake declared an international humanitarian emergency and granted permanent Littolyen residence to all Mokovi refugees, effective immediately.

-President Drake also asked the Senate to pass legislating creating a path to citizenship for all Mokovi refugees. Senate Leader Melanie Blout has not commented on his request and the idea’s prospects in the conservative-controlled Senate are unclear, although Senate leaders across both parties forcefully denounced the coup and regime.

-Secretary of State Leslie Strivers, League Ambassador Marsha Trindl, and the Littolyen Ambassador to Mokov, Morro Rial, have all issued statements condemning the coup, Pavel Markeviç, the Gvārdyy Zelenzyy Revolutyonyy and its genocidal ideology, and the murder of Tsar Zvonimir IV.

-While Secretary Strivers confirmed that Littolyo will not recognize the Markeviç Regime as a legitimate government in Mokov, she has allowed an ambassador from the Markeviç regime to arrive this evening in Arennica, Dr. Iosef Garavchok. This led to the extraordinary situation in which Littolyo is hosting dueling ambassadors from two rival governments of the same country. An unnamed State Department official said that the late Tsar’s ambassador will remain at the Mokovi Embassy in Arennica, while the regime’s ambassador will be put up in office space on the other side of the city.

-Secretary of Commerce Jasper Rold has pledged to work with the Senate to have sanctions against the Markeviç regime in place by the end of next week.

Frantic evacuations continue:

-According to the State Department, there were 614 Littolyens known to be in Mokov at the time the coup began. Of these, 423 have safely exited Mokovi territory, 68 are sheltering at Littolyen diplomatic facilities (primarily the embassy in the capital of Ivanozavodsk), 79 are in contact with the Littolyen government but outside of diplomatic protection, and 44 are unaccounted for. Littolyen officials estimate there may be as many as 100 additional Littolyens in the country unbeknownst to Arennica.

-The State Department is operating evacuation flights out of Mokov every other hour. Diplomatic helicopters are bringing refugees from Littolyen consulates across the country to the embassy in Ivanozavodsk, with Littolyenair flights operating out of Ivanozavodsk carrying refugees onward to Portland, New Hartha, and Petna.

-With most Littolyens safely evacuated, the Drake Administration has announced that it will also begin allowing other foreign nationals onto evacuation flights to Littolyo, who will then be able to proceed onward to their home countries.

-Unconfirmed reports allege that the Drake Administration is negotiating through a back channel with the Markeviç regime to allow limited numbers of Mokovi refugees onto Littolyenair evacuation flights.

-The Drake Administration has opened Littolyen ports and airports to refugees and evacuees of any nationality arriving from Mokov on planes or ships operated by other countries. Non-Mokovis will receive consular support in proceeding to their home countries.

International response:

-Havalland’s ambassador to the League has proposed an embargo of Mokov to be enforced by blockade. In response, Littolyen officials expressed openness to an embargo, but stopped short of endorsing a blockade.

-Ambassador Trindl has pledged to take an active role in shaping a package of League sanctions against Mokov, declaring that “international coordination on this issue will be paramount. It is key that the Western Isles speak with one voice as we reject this barbarism.”

-League Deputy Secretary General Erika Lewis-Smith, a Littolyen, is reported to be working feverishly behind the scenes to support Secretary General Cirasephona’s efforts to forge a cohesive international response.

Military on alert for rescue assistance only:

-Defense Secretary Raul Forters said in a statement that Littolyo is not presently considering armed intervention in Mokov. “While the situation is fluid, at the present, we do not see a role for the Littolyen Armed Forces outside of any coalition that may be authorized by the League.” He did note that this position could change should the Markeviç regime move against Littolyen citizens or property, and that, should a full-scale genocide break out and the League fail to authorize a “sufficient response,” Littolyo might.

-Littolyen military units based at Arens Naval Base in Havalland and Hern Air Base in Martenyika, both approximately equidistant from Mokov, have been placed on alert in case their support is needed in facilitating or protecting evacuations.

-Base commanders at both bases have now confirmed that they’ve received no alerts with regard to potential combat, suggesting the Drake Administration does not anticipate any real possibility of armed conflict.

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Postby Almorea » Wed Dec 02, 2020 10:58 am


Ex-transport chief given 14 years for embezzlement

CAIXTON (APA) - Disgraced former transportation secretary Maisie MacDougall, who was ousted in January 2019 after a federal investigation revealed that she and her associates had hired corrupt accountants to erase millions of dollars from Transportation Department books, was sentenced to fourteen years in prison today by a federal court.

The honorable Judge William T. Blackburn, of the Adashawnee District Federal Court, presided over the sentencing held in Caixton on Wednesday. MacDougall was previously convicted of embezzlement and defrauding the public by a court in Kingsford two months ago, and had since been held under house arrest. Judge Blackburn imposed a minimum nine-year requirement for MacDougall, and also required her to pay $36 million in fines.

Whistleblowers at the Transportation Department first raised alarms in November 2018, leading the Federal Marshals Service to raid the then-secretary's offices, where they uncovered damning evidence of theft on department financial servers. MacDougall was indicted for embezzlement at the end of 2018, and removed by President Alasdair Hallowell at the start of the next year after Federalists in Congress threatened to impeach her.

MacDougall said in a statement that she was "sincerely contrite and deeply sorry."

Hallowell, ROS leader-designate Crawford discuss Mokov

ELLSBURGH (APA) - Former president Andrew F. Crawford, who will take office as secretary-general of the Raedlon Organization of States at the beginning of 2021, met with President Alasdair Hallowell in the capital city yesterday to discuss the situation in Mokov.

President Hallowell and the secretary-general designate, who served as the 42nd president of Almorea from 2005 until 2011, met at Carldon Hall, the presidential residence, with Deputy President Nora Soodalter, the Secretary of State, the Treasury Secretary, the head of the Bureau of Intelligence, and the Almorean ambassador to the League, who attended through videoconference. They gathered to coordinate the Almorean government's policy towards the nation of Mokov, where pseudo-fascist political elements recently deposed and killed Tsar Zvonimir.

In the League yesterday, Caio Zava, the Almorean ambassador, joined representatives from Corindia and Shanzie in denying the Mokovi delegate's right to sit in the chamber. Ambassador Zava, who was reported to be on the outs with the president earlier this year, has managed to keep a low profile, only making occasional interventions into League debates, and hold onto his job.

The officials at Carldon Hall decided to support proposed League embargoes against Mokov, according to reports from unnamed officials at the Treasury Department, which would be responsible for implementing these sanctions. President Hallowell also discussed the possibility of imposing direct Almorean sanctions on the new government of Mokov, although treasury chief Mark Parde, a close political ally of the president, advised against the move, cautioning that they might backfire if they were not joined by an international sanctions regime, according to sources.

Carldon Hall released a statement saying, in part, "Almorea condemns the actions taken by the Gvārdyy Zelenzyy Revolutyonyy against the legitimate government of the tsardom of Mokov. The Federal Union calls for the immediate restoration of order to Mokov. The international community in the League should work swiftly to bring pressure to protect the Mokovi people's freedom."

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Postby Mokov » Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:45 pm

Vozhd Markeviç Speaks on the League
| Ivanozavodsk, Regimentalist State of Mokov

Pavel Markeviç walks out onto a large podium emblazoned with the flag of the GZR, and salutes the crowd before him, right arm bent and palm facing up. "Good people of Mokov! We stand at the precipice of annihilation! We have risen up against those who would see us oppressed, and enslaved! But there are those who wish, nay, demand, that we reverse all of this progress! They fear a Mokov that will not grovel before them and beg to be allowed to exist! I speak, of course, of the League of the Western Isles. They desire the total submission of our holy island to their will! But I will not obey! I will not compromise the ideals upon which our glorious revolution overthrew the Tsar! They claim that the revolution does not follow the will of the people, but I ask you, the people, do you support the Regime? Do you consent to my guiding of the nation? If you do not, then I shall step down at once!" The crowd cheers wildly, and starts to chant Markeviç's name, begging him to stay. "Then follow me as I lead our nation to greatness! I speak now to the League. I am willing to work with the League to secure peace, but I will not bow!" Markeviç salutes once more, before stepping down from the podium and returning to the Ryda building, to a chorus of cheers.

Authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regime of Mokov
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Postby Alteran Republics » Fri Dec 04, 2020 8:59 am


6th Gen fighter on the horizon?
Percival Lynds, Altera Innovates | 4th December, 2020

The multi-national Team Merlin, along with the Alteran Air Defence Force, releases new details regarding to the development of their 6th Generation Fighter programme

    The image, shown above, accompanied the news that ‘Team Merin’ has strengthened relationships across the Alteran aviation industry.

    Term Merlin is an Alteran technology and defence partnership formed by Alteran Aerospace, Conway, Rowlands, Caelius Dynamics, Gimstán Robotics and the AADF, and involving hundreds of high-tech companies, SMEs and academia across Altera and the region.

    More than 70 key industry and Government representatives from across the Alteran Republics have engaged with Term Merlin and the Alteran Air Defence Force on opportunities to help develop the AR’s next generation of combat air technologies. The AADF Rapid Capabilities Office and core Term Merlin Industry Partners [AAe, Rowlands, Conway and Verhun Defence Systems] hosted a virtual briefing session to provide a detailed understanding of the work ongoing across the Team Merlin endeavour and the wider AR Combat Air Sector.

    Delegates heard from AADF senior leaders who highlighted how Term Merlin is taking a revolutionary approach to partnership, engaging with a wide range of leading companies, SMEs and academia to bring leading innovators into the endeavour and ensure the AR remains at the leading edge of Combat Air systems development. The AADF Capability leadership team highlighted updates in emerging strategy and identified examples of innovation and future opportunities. Key members from the Term Merlin industry partner community also provided attendees with updates on the programme and explained how Team Merlin is working in radical ways to develop world-leading capability, with a focus on affordability and efficiency.

    What do we know about Team Merlin?

    Recently, engineers revealed some of the latest concepts under development for the Alteran Air Defence Force’s next-generation combat aircraft.


    According to a statement from the CoD:

    Team Merlin is one of the AR’s most ambitious technological endeavours and designed to deliver a highly advanced, adaptable combat air system to come into service from the mid-2030s, though an earlier 5.5th generation aircraft could be brought forward into service from the mid-2020s. This next-generation combat aircraft, which forms part of a wider combat air system, will exploit new technologies as they evolve to respond to the changing nature of the battlespace, addressing increasingly high-tech and complex threats and conflict.

    Among the key insights released:
  • Experts from the Term Merlin electronics lead, Conway AR, are developing new radar technology capable of providing over 10,000 times more data than existing systems. The new sensor, called the ‘Multi-Function Radio Frequency System’, will collect and process unprecedented amounts of data on the battlespace – equivalent to the internet traffic of a large city such as Ludlum, every second. This huge volume of information, processed on-board, will give Merlin a battle-winning edge in combat situations, with the ability to locate and target enemies well before they are targeted themselves. The brand new sensor will provide a wide range of abilities beyond traditional radar, with all-digital technology providing the operator with an exceptionally clear view of the battlespace and of potential targets. Conway has already built complete sub-systems using the new technology and successfully tested them at the Company’s site in Ludlum with a path to airborne demonstrations in the coming years.
  • Separately, engineers at Alteran Aerospace have begun flight testing cutting-edge concepts for Merlin’s ‘wearable cockpit’ technologies, designed to provide pilots in the cockpit or operators on the ground with split-second advantage. The concept sees the physical controls seen in current aircraft cockpits replaced with Augmented and Virtual Reality displays projected directly inside the visor of a helmet, which can be instantly configured to suit any mission. Concepts including human-autonomy teaming are also being developed, where a ‘virtual co-pilot’ could take on some of the pilot’s responsibilities. The virtual co-pilot concept is still being developed, but could, for example, take the form of an ‘avatar’ built into the cockpit to interact with the pilot. Alteran Aerospace has also been trialling ‘psycho-physiological’ technologies, including eye-tracking, to study the operator’s physical and cognitive processes to better understand increasing exertion, stress, workload and fatigue. Alteran Aerospace test pilots are now trialling these psycho-physiological technologies in controlled test flight conditions in a Typhoon aircraft. The results of the trials will inform further development to better understand a pilot’s cognitive behaviour and processes relating to brain activity, psychological rhythms and eye movement to inform further development.
  • Verhun Defence Systems has also embedded one of its Human Factors engineers within this wearable cockpit team, ensuring the early introduction of weapons concepts that exploit these future technologies. This close partnership approach between Verhun Defence Systems and Alteran Aerospace will allow the companies to help to collaborate at an early stage of the programme, shaping how weapons systems information and operation is optimised for the pilot.
  • At the same time, Rowlands engineers have been developing advanced combustion system technology as part of the company’s power and propulsion work. The combustion system is where fuel is introduced and burned to release energy into the gas stream. A next-generation system will need to be hotter than any previous platform, increasing the efficiency of the engine and meaning it can go further, faster, or produce less carbon dioxide. Rowlands has been exploring advanced composite materials and additive manufacturing as part of this work, producing lightweight, more power-dense components capable of operating at these higher temperatures.

  • Image

    These concepts are part of a wider research effort to develop technologies that could be used to create a next-generation combat air system for the Alteran Republics.

    Collectively, the Team Merlin partners are developing more than 60 technology demonstrations in the fields of sensing, data management and autonomy to prove world-leading processes and technologies on the programme.

The following is a paid advertisement.

Note: This article uses extracts and images collected from the UKDF article on Team Tempest
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Postby Ostehaar » Fri Dec 04, 2020 4:53 pm


More Arrests in the Hirten Case; Two Killed in CIB Raid

DECEMBER 4 2020 | FNN security commentator Dina Mahkhjer | Lovsk

The East Lovsk Police Force revealed this evening that six additional individuals were arrested in relation to the Hirten bombings, the last of which occurred only three weeks ago. According to the ELPF release, all suspects are workers of the Rovka port and will be accused of transporting firearms.

In a related incident - two were killed in a CIB raid on a compound in Rovka. Military spokesman said the two were killed in a blast caused by explosives stored there; this is supported by eye witness accounts. Five local residents reported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Lovsk Governor Richter recently suggested transferring more responsibilities from the military to the ELPF in order to diminish friction between the soldiers and local residents. "In the spirit of gradually relieving the Oster military from certain tasks, we started negotiations for the purchase of special equipment for the police force," Richter said last week in a press conference. Last March the ELPF purchased 80 additional Light Armoured Personnel Carriers from the Oster government, and on September the Levenburg Government decided to allow Oster SIGINT contractor ElectroFiber to operate in the eastern areas.

Protest Against Minister Dulikh Continues Despite Storm

DECEMBER 4 2020 | FNN News Desk | Porohare

Protests against Minister of Defense Aarin Dulikh continued this weekend, despite harsh conditions in the capital due to a cold storm. about 2,000 people demonstrated in front of the Ministry's offices in the city center, and a smaller group tried to block the exits from the Minister's official residence.

The public campaign directed at Minister Dulikh began in early 2020, when he refused to resign following severe corruption charges against him. Many opposition members, public figures and leading columnists already called for his resignation. Musician Aamit Sjeherin, who usually attends the demonstrations, announced recently that he would contribute financially to the protest movement. He ended his statement with the slogan 'Fric did it, why can't you?', referring to former Minister of Rural Development, Aarin Fric, who resigned immediately following the presentation of the 'Land Deal' report.

Minister Dulikh claims that the charges against him have been "contaminated" by some of the investigators and witnesses. "The Minister never gained personal profit from the deals and only worked to position the Ministry's assets in a manner that would promote Oster National Defense interests," the defense team stated a few days ago.

Government Fails to Appoint New League Delegate

DECEMBER 4 2020 | FNN political commentator Alen Maalsjer | Porohare

Opposition representative in the Foreign Affairs committee, Gehl Birkner, attacked chairman Vehes for delaying discussions on the League delegacy for additional six months. Delegate Jeh Maalder and his staff were fired soon after the early-2019 transition of government; the government has refused to name a replacement and instead insisted on replacing members of the committee itself in claims of political bias.

Birkner interrupted the chairman at the start of the meeting, as Vehes revealed that the coalition is postponing the discussion to January. "You [Brahurer's government - A.M.] have been dragging the process in a manner that justifies thorough investigation," Birkner called. Vehes ignored but responded after the meeting. "If Birkner thinks I've done something wrong, he can complain through the formal channels. In the meantime, we have a country to run and his party is purposefully setting absurd conditions on the matter [of committee members election - A.M.]."

Former delegate Thaamas Jeh Maalder has been working for the regional institutions in the I.D. for the past few months, and he agreed to speak on protocol for the first time since the events. "We [the delegacy staff - A.M.] had plans and initiatives, things that followed Prime Minister Dorias' line, that Brahurer probably didn't like."

"More people should read Dr. Si Braant's articles," Jeh Maalder added. Dr. Dehren Si Braant has been one of the Brahurer government's main critics. "Osters are generally not used to such misconduct, but it's happening." He refused to say if he would run for the Darna sometime in the near future.

The Mokov Crisis - Photos from The League
DECEMBER 4 2020 | The I.D.

FNN photographer Mark Lehofer returned from the I.D. with new photos from the discussions on the Mokov Crisis and Resolution 20. "The atmosphere is tense. I could sometimes hear my clicks echoing across the chamber." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel warning, and experts worried as outgoing reports and documentation drops. Read more >>>

"Waiting for the Funeral" - Segentova in Grief
DECEMBER 3 2020 | Segentova

Prof. Si Mehsjer reports on the preparations for the state funeral of former Chief of State Amos Perot. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Bahnisjer confirmed that he would attend the event representing President Den Heyes, who is still too weak to travel. Read more >>>

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Postby Biaten » Sat Dec 05, 2020 12:05 pm

Saturday 5th December 2020
Hachen Times
Republic of Biaten


Budget Passed

Over the past week, the government has been pushing through its recently proposed budget, which has been signed today by President Breitbarth.

On Monday, the National Diet debated on and voted on the budget. The budget faced strong opposition from the Communists, who despised the budget for “putting us in the debt of the bourgeoisie”. The budget also faced opposition from the National Revolution Party and the Democratic Party, who were not comfortable with the government’s borrowing plans, with the Democrats also opposing the government’s tax hike on the top bracket. The budget did, however, face widespread support from the Social Democrats, as well as the Movement for Justice, who are strong supporters of the Wealth Distribution Fund. The budget was voted on in a late-night vote and approved by a vote of 247-217.

On Wednesday, the Senate debated and voted on the budget, though because the government does not hold the majority of Senate seats, the debate was a lot more fierce. What made Wednesday an important day in the history of Biatenian politics was the vote. The vote was returned 46-46, an even split between the ayes and the nays, the first time this has happened since the Senate’s creation in 2018. The Constitution states that, in the events of such a split, the Senate President, who is currently Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Carter Eldridge, will make the final decision on whether the bill passes or fails. Of course, as a member of the government, the Senate President passed the budget.

The budget will take effect as of New Years Day, which is also the beginning of the financial year across Biaten. This leaves the Ministry of Finance little time to sell more bonds to pay for its economic stimulus. It has already negotiated the selling of bonds to several businesses and individuals totalling to around 80 million Thalers, but this will only cover a week’s worth of stimulus spending. The Ministry of Finance has also recently stated that it is seeking to sell bonds to foreign countries and companies.

Foreign Minister Carter Eldridge responds to situation in Mokov

In a press conference in the Chancellery, Minister of Foreign Affairs Carter Eldridge announced today the official government stance on the events happening in Mokov, as well as what action the government is and will be taking.

“I have just participated in a meeting with the Council of Ministers regarding the situation in Mokov. It is clear that this situation cannot be ignored, especially when lives are at risk. Prior to the coup earlier in the week, there were over 500 Biatenians living in Mokov. We have successfully evacuated 27 of them. While it is of course good news that we have successfully evacuated that many people in just a short amount of time, we need to ensure that all Biatenians within Mokov are safe. It is our grave concern that the safety of expats living in Mokov is threatened by the Regimentalist ideals of the Mokovi military junta that has placed itself in control of the country, and so it is imperative that any expats living in Mokov are evacuated as soon as possible. We will reach out to our allies in Martenyika to ensure that any Biatenian expats living in Mokov are safely returned to Biaten via their lands.

Let me make it clear that we do not condone this dictatorship or its actions, nor do we recognise it as a legitimate government. However, the safety of the people must come before the removal of an oppressive regime, and so we will not launch an invasion of Mokov unless we had no other choice. We will instead work with our allies, as well as the international community as a whole, towards establishing stability in the region.”

The Minister was then asked multiple questions, the most notable of which are shown below.

Sachairi Bruce of the Huonian Print: “Vozhd Pavel Markeviç has recently announced that Mokovi will have a plebiscite on whether or not to keep the government. What is your take on this?”

Minister Eldridge: “We support this move by the Mokovi government, as long as the vote is free and fair. However, if there is evidence that this plebiscite is tampered with by the Mokovi government, we will continue not to recognise this government as a legitimate government. We are also aware that Mokovi government has invited observers from the League of the Western Isles. If the League wishes to send observers to Mokov, and the Mokovi government will allow them safe passage to and from Mokov, then we will gladly volunteer observers from the Electoral Commission in such a mission.”

Samantha James of The Mountain Guardian: “What would cause the government to invade Mokov?”

Minister Eldridge: “To launch an armed invasion would be a decision we would not willingly make. However, if the Mokovi begin a genocide against our citizens, or the citizens of our allies in the soon-to-be Western Isles Democratic Alliance, we will have no choice but to take military action. We have spoken with the governments of other countries within the WIDA, and they are all in agreement with us on this.”

Kevin McConnell of the Cranford Gazette: “When will the Chancellor appoint a Minister of Defence?”

Minister Eldridge: “The appointment of a new Minister of Defence will be announced within the next week. The Chancellor has a few choices to choose from, all of which have served in the military or worked for the Ministry of Defence, and has considered each choice carefully.”

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Postby Balnik » Sat Dec 05, 2020 2:21 pm


Politics|Gael: Balnik Faces Energy Troubles.
December 2, 2020

In the last few months Balnik has been faced with a building energy crisis. All throughout the country the government has been struggling to keep up with the growing energy demand as the nations industrial sector continues to grow, especially in the Rustov valley region. Failures in nuclear energy projects, oil expansions, as well as dwindling gas imports are all factors in the falling energy supply.

It is unknown what plans the government has to solve the crisis, however Dovesti, Andre Chernobog has confirmed that Balnik does have a plan to fulfill the needs of nation and has outlined subsidies to Balnika Aija Duska Prirodno, the national oil and gas industry. Dovesti Chernobog has also confirmed that the new oil refineries and power plants being constructed in the north will be related to the falling energy levels. Military forces are assumed to be involved with the new operation.
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Postby Domanania » Sun Dec 06, 2020 12:04 am


December 5, 2020
Federation Broadcasting Channel

The Razorback is Launched

Earlier last month Halitron Electronics announced a new smartphone. It was announced to be a cheap alternative to other phones, and even more so for students. Today, at 10pm Tawunt standard time, carriers across Domanania opened their doors to hand out the phone to eager customers, who were lined up around the block.

Many buyers were pleased with the small design, responsive touch screen, and upon booting it up, many found that instead of the Halitron Electronics OS that the previous phone had, it instead operated the Canvas OS. Canvas OS is a company based out of the Alteran Republics that has been providing software for smart devices since 2008. Many users of popular regional phones were pleased to see a familiar system.

However, not all buyers had positive things to say. Some students, who had been promised a discount for the phone found that many stores could not validate their student credentials and therefore could not offer them the discounted price. It is estimated that close to 2,000 students were unable to acquire a phone for the promised price. Many individuals were also upset to find the Canvas OS operating on the phone, upset that such a domestically minded company could think to use foreign software on their devices. These voices are few in number, but have been issuing complaints to the company. The head of media for Halitron Electronics had this to say:

"We are upset to hear that some systems were unresponsive for many students. We assure you that we are working with carriers to resolve the issue. If you input your credentials into our website, we should be able to validate your purchase. We are proud of all the hard work our dedicated team put into this project, and hope that many people will see it for the accomplishment that it is."

The head of media answered several questions about the phone, namely its projected life span before they begin to roll out a new phone. They insisted that this phone will be top of the line for five years before they seek to produce a newer, more up to date version.
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Postby Nhoor » Sun Dec 06, 2020 6:03 am

Jora li Nhórili monarcíya mey Gehermhach pw Bajwrey. Cleca òt henna déqhahen Lesta wnho Yasytwnwn.
The Dominion of Nhoor is a monarchy in the Western Isles. Click here to view the Factbook.
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Postby Shanzie » Sun Dec 06, 2020 7:18 am

Saint Christopher Daily Post
Saint Christopher, Bamora, Shanzie

Black Out Strikes Al Shera, Parts of Northern Sanghora Leaving Millions Without Power

Late in the evening of the 5th of December, Varshala and Balshera as well as most communities in between suffered a major power outage which is still ongoing. Millions are currently without power as city officials scrambled to find the issue in their grids throughout the night. However, the Ministry of Energy notified the governors of both Sanghora and Al Shera that the failure was not in their individual grids, but in one of the two main power plants feeding Northern Shanzie. The failure caused a cascade of failures down the line that the Energy Ministry is racing to repair.

When the power went out at 8 P.M. in Balshera, it left most of the city in the dark on a luckily mild night. Temperatures didn't fall below 23C the whole evening. Despite this, city officials in both Balshera and Varshala were racing to activate back up systems. However, those failed when the stress started to blow transformers throughout the cities. Starting at 6 A.M., just before the Ministry of Energy announced the failure causes, both the federal and state authorities began distributing fuel and generators to those who needed them. Stockpiles were empty by the early afternoon.

MoE officials made a statement following the stockpile's depleting.

"At 8 P.M. Saturday night, two boilers ruptured at the second Central Main Coal Plant supplying most of Al Shera with power. Following the Rupture, Al Shera and Sanghoran state governments implemented emergency power outage procedures to maintain power to vulnerable parts of Varshala and Balshera. This overloaded lines in both city grids causing a secondary power failure. Due to the magnitude of the issue, we cannot give a reliable date of power restoration. We will update the public as soon as we can ascertain the severity of the situation and what will be required to restore power."

Meanwhile, citizens are stuck without power for the third time this year and many any are taking to social media to complain and share videos of the transformers blowing in bright blue lights across the city. Many of the posts trending on multiple sites are taking aim at the governors and party heads of Sanghora and Al Shera for allowing the issue to go on for so long. Others take aim at "systemic racism" as part of the reason Saint Christopher never has similar issues.

Soon after the MoE statement, the Workers Coalition (made up of the Shanzian Workers Party and the Revolutionary Workers Party) made a joint statement condemning the inaction of the right wing.

"As representatives of the citizens of the Federal Republic and as representatives of the states from which our people hail, the failure to repair our power grids and to ensure that the power stations are safe, effective, and clean rests squarely on the shoulders of our right winged colleagues in the Conservative majority. For years, they have shot down energy bills that would have prevented the massive power outages that have struck Yonghe, Varshala, and Balshera at various points this year. We call upon Parliament to fix this issue and pass our proposed energy overhaul bills as soon as possible!"

The bills presented by the Workers Coalition would have spent nearly four billion over three years and would have targeted energy grids, built up back up systems in each city, and begin the replacement of Coal plants with natural gas plants. Conservatives called the bill "outrageously expensive" and condemned it for proposing the use of Oster companies. The National Workers Coalition, which consists of the Faith and Reform Party and the Shanzian Conservative Party, eventually passed a much cheaper bill in 2019 that simply maintained the current grid and gave the plants money to replace their boilers over the next five years due to the "fragile" state of them.

Despite these measures, power outages happened on scales larger than ever in Shanzian history in the Spring and Summer of this year. Now, as summer turns to fall, this black out threatens to last for weeks.

This has been the Saint Christopher Daily Post

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Postby Roendavar » Mon Dec 07, 2020 10:48 am



Politics and International Relations
December 7, 2020

Althanius Hall in New Dociara District, Dociara City, which will serve as the NISC's headquarters

DOCIARA CITY- Representatives from the five countries of the Utopian Kingdom of the Union of Roendavarian States, the Union of Thromsa, the Republic of Segentova, the Alteran Confederation, and the Western Magarati Federation convened at the Althanius Hall in Dociara City on the 7th of December, 2020, to sign the Treaty on Northern Isles Security Council, formally acknowledging the newly-formed Northern Isles Security Council.

On the morning of December 7, 2020, at around 10 AM, representatives from foreign countries arrived at the Athelaai Ion International Airport in Vladivesti City, Andavar State. These included the Alteran Praetor of Foreign Affairs, Ginny Yi-Nu, the Segentovan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jàcome d'Orey et Avignon III, the Thromsonian Deputy Prime Minister Violette d'Andorra Tasse, and other delegates from the Western Magarati Federation. They arrived in Dociara at around 11 AM. At 3:30 in the afternoon, the foreign representatives, along with Roendavarian counterparts, most notably Roendavarian Ialthelius of Foreign Affairs, ai-Felius Learna Thaelmeris Iscreforulien, met at Althanius Hall in order to convene for the signing of the Treaty on Northern Isles Security Council. Afterwards, they were treated to a state dinner at the Royal Palace hosted by i Florin Celion Faunus Eleos Caenalron Iralethias. They are currently staying at the Selcumen Mansion in Iralanen District.

The Northern Isles Security Council, also known as NISC, is a product of a series of diplomatic talks between the five nations regarding mutual concerns, especially on regional peace and security, international cooperation, and the promotion of stability in the Western Isles. While its mechanisms are still yet to be released to the public, it is expected that the NISC will focus on solving current regional instability, confront growing power blocs, and foster cooperation between nations to avoid future conflict.

ai-Felius Learna Thaelmeris Iscreforulien was asked to comment before the meeting at Althanius Hall regarding Roendavar's plans and motives in joining the newly-formed organization. She told HMN in an official message that,

"As of now, Roendavar acknowledges that more should be done in the realm of peace and stability in the Western Isles. We cannot disclose the results of much of the talks between the five founding members but let me assure the Roendavarian public that this organization shall be for the cooperation of nations for our mutual benefit."

Thromsonian Deputy Prime Minister Violette d'Andorra Tasse spoke in front of international media at the steps of Althanius Hall immediately after the meeting, stating,

"These past months the Isles has seen a move in the power chains. My Union certainly worries about the events happening to the Mokovi people, and we fear they escalate further. On the other hand we, too, feel worried about the rise of certain regional blocs that may pose a threat to regional stability. Thromsa has been an advocate for peace, and shall remain one. In order to achieve peace, and dignity for all Peoples of the Isles we engaged for the creation of this Council, and are truly pleased of the welcoming nature of the Roendavarian people here in Dociara after such constructive talks with our, now Council partners, to constitute and sign the Treaty."

In Segentova, in an unforeseen turn of events earlier this day, Chief of State Pierre Delacroix delivered an unexpected address, a baton resting firmly on its stand at the head of his desk and a stern look on his face. Here is an excerpt from the address:

"Fellow citizens, as you may have noticed on the news recently, certain nations have participated in, or committed actions that could be seen as destabilizing to the delicate peace that exists in the Isles. As your Chief of State, it is my sworn duty to protect this nation, its constitution, and its people. My administration and I will not sit idly by and watch idly as bad actors continue to destabilize the region, hence we have jointly decided to take decisive action with fellow like-minded nations across our part of the region and signed an agreement of mutual-defense with the Alteran Republics, Kingdom of Roendavar, the Union of Thromsa, and Western Magarati Federation. "

Reactions in Roendavar to the announcement of the NISC were mixed, although a vast majority of them were appreciative. Andavarian Thronai ei-Fel. Caltheirn Therilis Valcaretherion expressed hope that the NISC would bring an end to the constant conflict and chaos in the region and that the NISC would be a way for Roendavar to find new willing allies in the Western Isles. Meanwhile, on the High Council Opposition, Vastarosi Thronai ei-Fel. Victrius Agrezilian Eisecresil commented that these may jeopardize Roendavar's neutrality and may drag Roendavar into conflict whenever and wherever it may be.

Reactions in the diplomatic world drew surprise. Segentova and Roendavar have always kept each other at arm's length, but their sudden alliance may prove to be a testament to the current tense situation in the Western Isles. Meanwhile, Thromsa and Roendavar continues to come closer into a deeper friendship, hinting at a possible separate bilateral agreement between the two. Altera, while generally an outlier, is seen as a major player in the region and their involvement would prove significant in the budding alliance. There is growing concern over the WMF's involvement, however, there is yet to be an official response from their government.

As growing unrest and conflict continues to grip the Western Isles and the League in a deadlock, the five countries of the NISC are positioning themselves in the midst of the Western Isles, hoping that cooperation and the rule of law will be enough to temper the fires currently raging. While the future is uncertain for the Northern Isles Security Council, it is for certain that it will have a role to play in the following weeks, months, and even years in the Western Isles.

A full copy of the treaty can be found here.
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Postby Littolyo » Mon Dec 07, 2020 6:39 pm


2020 November 14

Former residents of Dovrone wait to vote in the village of Withe, in what today became the state of Dventeri.

OOC disclaimer: this is an article I meant to write last month about an event that took place then, but I never got around to it. Sorry!

Gamballa, Dvaltu—In a remarkable and historic election, the 1.8 million residents of the former nation of Dovrone voted in a plebiscite to rejoin Littolyo as the new states of Dvaltu and Dvrene. The vote, coming in by a margin of 56-42, completes a historic journey for the region and cements what is sure to be cornerstone of President Leon Drake’s legacy.

Located in the lush Dvrene Basin, the area existed throughout history as two of the major pre-Littolyen kingdoms. They were founding members of the Continental Confederacy, widely seen as the direct predecessor state to Littolyo. The territory was seized by Khas-Kirati invaders in the 1100’s, becoming the Tharuhate Hangate which existed for centuries before morphing into a corrupt dictatorship known as Dovrone in the 1800’s.

For nearly a millennium, the people of Littolyo have viewed the area as stolen land, and its inhabitants as essentially their kidnapped countrymen. But while modern Littolyo’s founding fathers dreamed of one day uniting the entire family of Littolyen lands as a single republic, the idea lay largely dormant until the last decade or so, when rising national pride brought renewed interest in manifest destiny.

As for the residents of the land in question, interest in rejoining Littolyo began to gain steam in the mid 1900’s, as the increasing corruption of the Dovrone regime produced a decline in their standard of living that coincided with a marked explosion in prosperity for Littolyens just across the border.

The opportunity for reunification first opened on October 11, when Dovrone’s dictator was overthrown in a military coup. President Drake immediately negotiated with the coup leader to allow Littolyen peacekeepers into the nation, and at first, it seemed that stability was possible.

But in a series of rapidly unfolding events, the murder of two Littolyen Times reporters by the Dovronian military—apparently displeased with their reporting on the coup—prompted Mr. Drake to declare the military junta next door “a clear and demonstrated threat to the safety of Littolyen citizens.”

He sent in the Littolyen military to put down the coup and stabilize the country while an election could be organized to determine the country’s future. But in a twist, the Littolyen Senate took the opportunity to pass surprise legislation creating a pathway for the territory to be restored to Littolyo through a vote of its people.

A month followed in which various pro-Littolyen organizations campaigned frenetically for reunification—their case boosted significantly by President Drake’s pledge to spend billions bringing the former Dovrone’s infrastructure up to par with modern Littolyen standards—while the Drake Administration launched an emergency effort to deploy voting equipment throughout the countryside.

Other organizations opposed to reunification advocated for a new state re-rooted in Khas-Kirati culture, but their arguments were largely neutralized by the Drake Administration’s embrace of Littolyen multiculturalism, and in the end, the vote was not particularly close.

Dovronians, virtually all participating in democracy for the first time in their lives, lined up before dawn to cast their votes on election day, and initial estimates put turnout at above 70%, despite a measure of widespread skepticism as to whether their votes would be honored; numerous pro-reunification voters thought it likely that polling places would be infiltrated by regime forces, while those opposed distrusted the Littolyen voting machines.

But whatever doubts may have been harbored by the voters were not borne out in reality. At the request of the League, Littolyo allowed any country that wished to send elections observers, in addition to a non-national slate of observers from the League itself. Ioudaia sent the largest delegation of observers, dispatched to polling sites across the territory. When all was said and done, all observers returned a clean bill of health on the election’s fairness and integrity.

With the election behind him, Mr. Drake turned his attention to the future. “We have a lot of work to do to uphold our promise to the people of Dvaltu and Dventeri, who are now full and equal Littolyen citizens,” he said. Outside observers noted a number of strategic benefits the election’s results brought Littolyo, including the addition of millions of acres of prime farmland to a nation notorious for its anemic food production, as well as full ownership of the naval and coast guard bases Littolyo had long leased on the southern coast.

As the sun set the day after the election, the Littolaestaff announced that Mr. Drake had appointed interim governors of both states, while new elections for permanent governors would be held in two months’ time.
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Hyukaian News

Postby Hyukai » Mon Dec 07, 2020 8:46 pm

Sergei Learey Mall opens in Kaita

This morning, the newly built Sergei Learey Mall opens in Kaita. The mall was built in 2014 but was only finished last month. "After 6 years of building this giant mall we have finally finished it.", said the Project Manager. The mall is the 2nd largest mall now surprassing the Kleist National Mall. The Western Coffee Co. which is one of the largest shops in Hyukai, is planning to build an outlet there. "It is a great place for a coffee shop.", Clark Hope who is the CEO of the Western Coffee Co. replied. "People can work and relax there. Plus, it will give us more money-er I mean the customers will love it. Yeah, they will love it." Some other well known companies are also planning to make a shop there meaning it would be the busiest mall in Hyukai.

Investigators say that Masaka Dassault Falcon crash caused by total Electrical Failure

After a deadly plane crash that killed 27 people on a highway including a foreign Minister of Interior, Investigators from the Hyukaian Transport Accident Committee said that the Dassault Falcon 50 had a total electrical failure that disabled all hydraulics, computer systems and engines. According to the Black Boxes the plane attempted to turn back to the airport and when they couldn't, they tried to land in a large patch of grass in Masaki Grand Park. But they were too far and they crash landed on a nearby highway, It hit several vehicles before hitting a van and sliding off an embankment. This accident came just months after another deadly helicopter crash that killed a Hyukaian Ambassador.
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