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PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:05 pm
by Great New England Confederation
Interstellar News Network
New England Edition

King William Announces Full Support for Scotland, and Deployment of newly formed Emergency Response Fleet under way

ImageRefitted Prince Kevin in orbit over Earth, one of several vessels that have already arrived
The past few weeks have been truely harrowing and disturbing, with the attacks, and defacto genocide declared against the Scottish, the problem was brought to head government officials as soon as the knowledge of the events was agailible. Almost immediately, the senate has begun putting forward a order for a declaration of war against this terrorist group. However, this was not fast enough, and before too long, King William learned of the problem, he ordered the deployment of the recently formed Energency Response Fleet, comprised of both Navy and Starfleet ships of nearly every male and mode available, from old battlecruisers to hospital ships.

While Forces have not yet set foot in Scottish territory, medical personnel and humanitarian aid personnel have already begun making preparations to receive wounded and ill, as well as to deliver emergency rations to those who need them. Starfleet has also issued a warning to those terrorists who intend to make additional attacks against the Scottish people. The Fleet stands prepared to fight, its torpedoes prepares, and troops ready to come to the defense of the Scottish people. Those terrorists who currently plague Inverness have one chance to leave, they will not be given another, those who choose to stay and fight will be annihilated, even if it takes years, if not decades.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:08 pm
by Kingdom of Derita
Jonathan LeCastle dies at the age of 122


Jonathan LeCastle in 2036

ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

Levian Felber (
18 January 2088 | Vesenaz, Principality of Geneva

Jonathan LeCastle, the first Prime Minister of Derita and Prince of Geneva died Sunday, 18 January 2088 at the age of 122 years and 319 days old, making him the oldest verified man in human history. Born in 1965 as a commoner in isolated Derita, LeCastle would go on to shape the world, earn himself the title of prince and father the descendants of whom many today sit on thrones. Serving as head ambassador and chief minister for the Emperors of Derita from 2001 to 2021, his over two decades in power were unparalleled for a man of his station, becoming the architect of the Mervielleux War (2015-2020) and shaping the modern world as we know it with his creation of the Congres de Viena, and his design of the Concert of Power, a political methodology that still dictates the foreign affairs field to this very day.

Having married the love of his life Hélène Dreyfus, he had one son, Napoleon LeCastle who went on to marry a princess. Through his son LeCastle is survived by 10 grandchildren (Including Petite Dauphine Christine of Genes and Grand Duchess Auguste of Selesburge), 40 great-grandchildren (Including King Leopold of Beilany, Kaiser Wilhelm of R.E.B and the Duke of Angoulême), 103 great-great-grandchildren (Including Queen Adelaide II of Scots, Crown Prince Karolos of Cinyras, Crown Princess Emily of Connuriste and the Duchess of Alençon), and 28 great-great-great-grandchildren (Including Crown Princess Adela of Espana).

After serving under the King-Emperor, LeCastle would go on to be the de facto ruler of Great Hyruke from 2021 to 2025, before retiring from politics and for his efforts, was made Prince of Geneva, were he governed for over three decades, shaping much of modern day Geneva. In 2058 LeCastle and Empress Alice of Connuriste over saw the transfer of control of Swiss territory from Deritain to Connuriste heads whilst Geneva retained its autonomy whilst embracing this new friendship. He then abdicated his position in favor of his great-granddaughter, Charlotte, who later became Empress of Connuriste. LeCastle, losing his eyesight and then his wife in 2062 faded into obscurity until recent years when his great-grandson Charles LeCastle rejected his title for the LeCastle name and moved to Geneva were he married Pauline de Mauléart, who earlier this month gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Marie-Louise LeCastle.

LeCastle's state funeral is set to take place next week on Sunday. There his long awaited last will and testament, held by the Official Council of Geneva, shall be read. Till then, his body will lay in state at the palatial Chateau de Dreyfus in Geneva for people to pay their respect to this giant of history, Jonathan LeCastle.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:35 am
by Aellyria
Disappearances in Scotland

"Mysterious disappearances of local scots can only be described as nefarious" says one local man. Local scots around Inverness and the villages nearby have been disappearing in the night, the disappearances have been linked with the Aellyrian Terrorists that have been plaguing the area recently. The Aellyrian Clan Council has once again denounced the actions of these rouge raiders. In other news the Clan Council has announced it will allow a representative from the Alien peoples of the Colonies to have a seat on the council, a very controversial move but one that is met with enthusiasm from the High Chieftess and her supporters as it will "place Aellyria into a more modern era"

In happier news Andreas Aeylgarn and Erik Aeylgarn have both turned five this year much to the High Chieftesses delight, they will be celebrating their birthdays by beginning the traditional Aellyrian education, which will most likely be taught by a clan elder, as it has for hundreds of years.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:23 am
by Aellyria
Be our Guest!

Today, Grand Chieftess Nesaenna has opened the doors to her winter palace, where she once was married to the leaders of the world and their children. She wishes to foster relationships between Aellyria and the rest of the world. She realizes that Aellyria's reputation has been damaged severely by the actions of a few and wishes to amend that. In a nationally televised speech she encouraged the leaders of the world to bring their children to this event in hopes of fostering relationships between the future rulers of the world and greater areas of space. In doing so she hopes to show that not all of Aellyria is so horrible and that many may like the agricultural lifestyle enjoyed by many Aellyrians. She hopes that many of the international community will come despite the actions of Aellyria in the past.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:53 pm
by Northe Scotland
Siege of Inverness!
The city of Inverness and surrounding areas have been sealed off from the rest of the country by the Queen's Army.

The Queen of Scots' army has officially sealed off Inverness, the ruined city still under heavy construction after being destroyed entirely just two years prior as it and the surrounding areas have been set alight by 24 hour bombardment by the combined efforts of ground and air forces. The brutal policy is estimated to have condemned the lives of up to seven thousand people who live in the construction areas of Inverness and the towns of Smithton, Leyscastle, Leachkin and Clachanharry to perish alongside the so called Anthgar Rogues. A necessary cost that the Queen is will to pay against savages and subhumans. The siege has lead to the roads blockaded, the River Ness being dammed up and the Leyscastle Airstrip, the only such airport in the area on account of the city of Inverness's destruction two years ago. The Moray Firth and the Beauly Firth sealed off by the Russen Navy, with no fear of escape north as the Kessock Bridge has yet to be rebuilt.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:05 am
by Great New England Confederation
Interstellar News Network
New England Edition

147th Assault Corps Deployed to Inverness in Orbital Assault

RCA Soldiers On the Assault After Deploying from their Gunships
Today marked the beginning of official RCA involvement in the conflict in Scotland, as New English soldiers once again made landfall in Scottish territory. The Assault, Commanded by Commander Vassalian Hugarin, veteran of both the Insectoid and Corsair Wars, was spearheaded by aerial assault troops of the 147th Assault Corps, lead by the commander personally, and was preceded by a ferocious aerial and orbital Bombardment by New England Aerial and Orbital Forces, including several terrifying orbital phaser strikes, the orange beams of highly energized particles melting and vaporizing entire groups of buildings, creating terrible blast waves of vaporized and sublimated materials that caused further damage.

The commander during the opening landings

After this horrifying Bombardment came the true assault, as gunships and dropships began descending from orbit in the dozens, and making for three major landing zones cleared out by phaser fire, Zone Alpha, in the Northern Section, Zone Bravo, the Western Section, And Zone Charlie, in the Southern Section. The first troops finally hit the ground at 0700 hours, fighting to gain a foothold in the city, while vehicles and other heavy equipment was brought down afterwards, including Two Hunter Class Titans, the massive legged Vehicles using their starship Grade weaponry to provide horrifically heavy covering fire for the soldiers on the ground, the thunderous roar of their weaponry able to be heard of many miles.

Titans Vindication And Virulant supporting RCA Forces during the landing

Starfleet has made a request for all civilians in the area who are able to make their way to one of these three zones, where the civilians will be lifted out to waiting hospital vessels to be treated for injuries and kept in orbit or relocated to refugee ships for safe refuge until the conflict is over, and has warned that any assault made against craft attempting to evacuate civilians will result in a terrible retaliation from the fleet above.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:15 am
by Aellyria
The Rouge Clan Lives!

The rouge clan of Anthgar, the rouge raiders who have attacked Scotland seem to have survived, the current theory being that they fled to the sewers in order to survive the non-stop bombardments of the city of Inverness, but have once again resurfaced in order to intercept and slaughter the remaining survivors who attempt to flee into the safety of the New English. They seem to be dedicated in their cause, however reports have come in that they are only fighting with half of their surviving forces, the question that now should be posed is, where is the other half? Even Lord Anthgar himself appears to be missing from their own going raids, one can only hope that he was killed in the initial bombing of the city.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:17 am
by Northe Scotland
Scots Hunt Anthgar Rogues around Loch Ness


Scotsmen prepare Aellyria hunting party

8,000 Scots have headed north as the start of the Queen’s most dangerous game, as Her Majesty works to combat the fifty percent of the Anthgar Rogues who survived the bombardment through unsealed sewers. The Queen’s Army have shifted south to Loch Ness to where the reported raids have increased and were, despite many local’s concerns and protests several years ago a number of sears empty into. The roughed and underdevelopment region around the Loch has been turned into a hunting ground as armed grounds hunt down Aellyrian pockets, who’ve had a bounty placed on their heads. Literally. One news group found a team of Scots wearing the scalps of 12 Anthgar rebels they found and killed as trophies. The bodies of the terrorists were recorded being undressed, hacked apart and sealed to be sent to the Royal Family. Reportedly Her Majesty has been feeding the bodies of the Anthgar Rogues her armed citizens have killed to her pet tigers outside the country.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:34 pm
by Aellyria
Anthgar strikes back

Lord Anthgar and his rebels have suffered severe losses in their war against the Scots, however they have survived bombings, hunting's and many other attempts to dislodge them from the country. In response to these latest attacks the rebels have taken to burning women and children in the night. No one knows where they go when they retreat during the day, some say they may be hiding in the lake itself or perhaps they have just remained quite in the surrounding wetlands, no one knows.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 8:18 am
by Seidang
Emperor Syaoran marries Angéle of Derita!


The wedding took place at the Grand Palace in the Capital

Sái Bảo Duy (
21 February 2088 | Buôn Ma Ria, Seidang

The Seidanese Royal Family and the family of the Crown Prince of the Celestial Empire gathered tonight in Buôn Ma Ria for the wedding of Emperor Syaoran to Princess Angéle. The imperial couple were married in the throne room of the Grand Palace in the capital, becoming the first couple to do so in nearly two hundred years. Princess Angéle is also the first ever foreign royal to become Empress of Seidang. The Emperor and Empress, 22 and 20 respectively were presented to their people on twin golden thrones specifically designed for them as a symbol of their partnership, as well as the partnership between Seidang and Derita. An official portrait is set to be released of Emperor Syaoran and Empress Angéle as well as a familial portrait showing the Emperor and Empress, the Empress dowager, Prince Hiếu and Princesses Châu and Ngọc, as well as the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Derita & Russlande.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:10 pm
by Atmora

The Duchess of Tecklenburg conducts orchestra!

Radegunde Concert Hall

Radegunde Concert Hall, Bledapestra, Polonge
10 March 2088

    HIH the Duchess of Tecklenburg or more commonly known as Princess Zoë conducted an orchestra today in the Radegunde Concert Hall in honour of late aunt HIM Empress Katherine II of Atmora, Queen of Lieseltania four days after her aunt's birthday on 23 January. It has been nearly 8 years since our people lost our homeland, and nearly 8 years since we fell from power fractured and alone in the cosmos. In these dark times it fills us with joy when we know one of royals are still healthy and alive for the entire senior of succession suddenly vanished without a trace to be found including almost 800 million Atmorans. Princess Zoë now known as the Duchess of Tecklenburg is widely considered by many survivours to be the true heir to the Atmoran throne and all her territories, however she has yet to receive official recognition from the Court of Belvedere in New Sierrapolis but I digress.

    Today at 2045 hours local time in Bledapestra, Her Imperial Highness conducted an orchestra in honor of the Atmorans and her aunt The Empress. The concert hall's 14,000 seats were all filled to listen to the Duchess's music. The concert was opened with a violon and piano duet of Ballade No 1 in G Minor, Op 23 between Princess Zoe and her sister HIH Juliet-Alexandra, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Selesburg. Followed by a lovely piano concerto of ]Piano Concerto No 2 in G minor, Op 22 by Saint-Saëns, Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1 e-minor, Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto no.2 op.18, and finally she finished off her performance with a patriotic and energetic send off with Alexandra's Glory. After her stunning performance her and musicians bowed and left the stage as the crowds cheered.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 2:53 am
by Aellyria
The central nervous center of the colonies


The Council of clans has debated this issue for seven months now, "How should the colonies be run?" most of these colonies are desert worlds, some were icy artic moons and a rare few were jungle paradise worlds. Many of these worlds have no native intelligent life, while some do. Making these worlds a careful balance, these more primitive alien races must be ruled over carefully and they must be introduced into the Aellyrian sphere of influence gently. Thus the Grand Chieftess, Nesaenna has begun to work on a system to run the colonies. This will start with the selection of an administrative world, the logistical and industrial hub of the Aellyrian world. Many argued it should be the homeland itself, while the Grand Chieftess reasons it cannot, as there is to much chaos on this world, to much foreign influence. So this has prompted the Grand Chieftess to name her personal world of Dune to be such a hub.

In other news, Grand Chieftess Nesaenna has also announced the unveiling of A.Q.I.N, a two year top secret military project that has finally come to fruition. The most advanced information network in the known world, using a network of specialized satellites using quantum phenomenon such as quantum entanglement to transmit information across the entire Aellyrian world. This will allow the Aellyrian government to transmit information within a blink of an eye to even the farthest regions of Aellyrian space.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:30 am
by Austeira
A greener tomorrow starts with Austeira

Duke August von Hohenburg of Austeira has announced the new Austeiran green initiative, a new program that will change all of Austeiran energy sources over to hydro power in the next five years. He has given the program around one and a half billion of his own money as well as a sizable government budget in order to kick off this initiative, insisting that as an island nation Austeira should rely more on it's natural, replenishable resources and less on outside markets. The Duke even went as far as to say that they should try to set an example for the rest of the world to rely less on others and more on your own community in order to better themselves.

In other news, Princess Senea von Hohenburg will be visiting communities around the nation to assess the quality of life of the people and discuss what could be done to improve that quality of life. She has long been an advocate for bettering the lives of the common citizen, especially those less fortunate than the average commoner. She will embark on her tour of the nation next week, travelling to every town and city on both islands in order to discuss what could be done to improve the nation, with her will travel Bishop Rossi and the Grand Mufti Mifsud, these two religious leader will represent both the Catholic and Islamic communities and help guide the princess through each. It is no secret that the mother of both the Duke and the Princess was a Muslim woman native to Austeira, and it is nice to see the young princess embracing that side of her heritage. It is a common suspicion of Austeiran conspiracy theorists to claim that the children were both confirmed in the Muslim faith, perhaps there may be some truth to that.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:08 am
by Austeira
The Ivory Tower


Duke August von Hohenburg is very proud to announce the opening of the first public university in Austeira. Following the wishes of his mother on her deathbed, he has announced the first public as well as the first muslim institute in Austeira. Allowing anyone who is interested to get an education, a massive step forward for the nation. The Duke announced today that the Al-Quaraouiyine University will be opening later this year, and applications are now being taken.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:09 am
by Dutch-Empire
Annelijn Pastijn sworn in as Prime Minister as Eigeelinates return to power!


Annelijn Pastijn was originally from the Dutch overseas territory of Saba

ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

Jans van Zabalt (
1 March 2088 | Amsterdam, Dutch Empire

Annelijn Pastijn, Vice President of the Senate was worn into the office of Prime Minister of the Netherlands following this year’s General Election which saw the Eigeelinate Party once again take a majority, 22 years after the last time they held such a spot. The Eigeelinates took 61% of the States-General, the Reginten remained in second with 23% and the Hadel party fell hard from Grace with such 16%. With Michelle Wissink leaving, the nation was greeted with a relative unknown. Pastijn has served as Vice President of the Senate since 2081 and has been a senator since 2073. Pastijn did serve as Minister of Justice under Prime Minister Augustus Aucgate from 2069 to 2071. Pastijn before that was a member of the House of Representatives and even served as Island Governor of her native Saba. With a more than twenty-four year long career behind her, many suspect Pastijn will be a return to classic politics like in the hey-day of Claude Roudouphe.

Prime Minister Pastijn has promised to champion the Eigeelinates party’s goals of reforming regulations on prescription drugs, which many have argued have been made too strict by the Reginten Party and Wissink Administration failed in their attempts to undo this injustice crafted by he predecessive administrations. Pastijn has set a goal to strengthen labor unions against the big businesses that the Wissink Administration let enter the Dutch Empire with their military industrial complex. Prime Minister Pastijn even floated around the idea of introducing the Dutch Identity Database, a security tracking system not dissimilar to the state programs in Great Hyruke and Selesburge, as a way to keep people safe and connect all of the Dutch people across the galaxy.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 3:28 pm
by Polonge
Empress appoints Grand Inquisitor!


Cardinal Csongor Mészáros, 1st Grand Inquisitor of Polonge

ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

Szilvester Kolály (
5 March 2088 | Amsterdam, Dutch Empire

Her Imperial Majesty appointed the first ever Grand Inquisitor as she and Prime Minister Coanda over saw the reshaping of the judicial system. Thus today saw the signing of the First Amendment to the Constitution of 2081, dictating that the judicial branch of governance shall be one to uphold the religious purity and obedience of the nation as well as to insure that the laws of the constitution are being upheld for the greater good of the people of Polonge under the careful and divine guidance of the Crown and God. The Inquisition shall be a council of seven holy men and women appointed by the empress from candidates selected by the National Assembly and be the chiefs of justice. Serving as the first Grand Inquisitor, the swing vote should there be need for one, is Cardinal Csongor Mészáros.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:26 am
by Aellyria
Terrorism in Scotland spreading!

Unfortunately Lord Anthgar and his terrorists are still roaming the wilderness of Scotland, popping up out of the darkness and disappearing, somehow spreading outside of the nearby city of Inverness and seeming to spread farther south as they go. Small villages that are not even on the map are being completely destroyed, burned to ash. Grand Chieftess Nesaenna once again condemns this rouge clan and its followers.

In other news, strange reports from the Explorers Society of the Galaxy have come in from the edges of the galaxy, with private exploration vessels seeming to vanish off the communiques of the society and whole crews disappearing leaving their ships drifting back into the civilized universe, dead and adrift. The Society is currently launching a private investigation into the matter.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:52 am
by Mantara
Mantaran Architectural Renaissance!


The New Henele Institute of Technology

ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

Uluwehi Kaila (
March 14, 2088 | Mantara City, Mantara

Palakiko Henele, Kuhina Nui of Mantara and Regent for Crown Prince Kaiko and famous enforcer of Keʻelemakule Law, interested once again his mandate of rapidly educating and advancing the island nation and to catch up in the second wave of industrial revolution to take to the stars and the revamping of Mantara itself. Kuhina Nui Henele has this done so with the reforming of architectural designs and regulations to better connect Mantaran communities and open up places of thought, science and exploration. Over 900 construction or reconstruction projects are planned to take plan in Mantara City alone in order to change it into an eco-friendly metropolis from which can serve as the center of learning for Mantaran stellar expansion and economic director of resource procuring. The first completed of these projects is the Henele Institute of Technology, designed by Mantaran architect Haulani Makaiau, who was appointed as the official State Architect in 2085 and built by the Deritain Martin Construction Company. The new Institute is designed to produce smarter, better or innovative and creative students. Mantara, which has one of the strictest and most intense school systems in the world in its search to become a geniocracy, has pushed much of the funding for new public works to be centers for learning, with many places such as museums, libraries and a spaceport. This onslaught of project comes in tandem with plans for reconstructions in Aogau as part of a five sister commercial and economic alliance with Mantara, Aogau, Selesburge, Beliany and Makonia. The Henele Institute has been given a space-grant with its academic focus on accounting, astronomy, avionics technology, engineering, and physics. Over a thousand native trees were planted on what was previously blank lava flow and patches of meadow. Henele Institute is constructed from 100% recycled steel, bamboo, is a certified green space with hydro solar and wind power generators. This eco-friendly mandate is to be the basis of all future architectural projects in the country. With Mantara’s breathtaking natural beauty being one of it best qualities, it is up to the Mantaran people to protect it even as projects take place. The First Class of the Henele Institute will be arriving through its doors next month.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:43 pm
by Great Hyruke
Prince Arthur dies at Sandersfield House!


The Royal Family has entered a period of mourning for the Prince of Éirea

ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

Uma Harrisfield (
March 18, 2088 | Londres, Great Hyruke

Great Hyruke's Prince Arthur, orginially from the Netherlands and extremely popular in the country, was found dead in his Londres home by his valet, Wilbur Whitlock this morning. Mr. Whitlock was looking to wake the Prince of Éirea and found him not breathing in his bed, presumed to have died in his sleep. Official doctor reports have yet to be released to the public record, but it is suspected that the 21-year old Prince died sometime around 6 am after going into cardiac arrest.

This happen after Prince Arthur returned to his home at Sandersfield House alongside his wife, Caroline, the Princess of Éirea, affectionately known as Princess Cece. The Princess and Princess of Éirea were reportedly last seen and photographed together getting into their private town car outside of the Russen Embassy in Londres having attended a party for the visiting Grand Duke Nukai by Ambassador Lydia Ryndina. According to sources, Princess Cece was taking breakfast with her and Prince Arthur's son when Whitlock discover the Prince.

Prince Arthur was born 29 March 2066 to Empress Anna Charlotte of the Dutch and King Henrique II of Espana as their youngest son and second to last child. Arthur first came to Great Hyruke as an infant in the midst of the Second Spanish-Dutch War, were a month before his birth his future wife had been born to Prince Philip and Princess Marie. Arthur returned to Amsterdam the following year and the end of the Third Spanish-Dutch War.

In 2084 the then 18 year old Prince Arthur anonymously joined the Dutch Armed Forces and went on to fight alongside General Hautjie during the Eacusian War, playing a crucial roll in the defeat of Aogaian forces and the capitulation of the country. Arthur was awarded the Military Order of William and made a commander of the order for his feats of excellent military bravery, becoming the youngest recipient of the chivalric order. Arthur later successfully captured the county of Ondas after a siege and served as administrator of Ondas.

In 2086, Arthur and Cece were married, with Arthur becoming the new Prince of Éirea. He quickly charmed the nation with his dashing good looks and pleasant and polite personality and together their marriage was a mark of Anglo-Dutch friendship. Prince Arthur was an active royal, attending almost a thousand charity events since becoming Prince of Éirea and famously being very open and down to earth with the public, using video interviews and vlogs to connect with the people.

After getting married, the princess and prince did a tour of the country and were met with universal adoration everywhere they went, in large part to Arthur's electric personality. The following year, the couple was blessed with a beautiful baby boy, named after his father and there were hints that more would soon be on the way. However now tragedy has struct with the unexpected death of Prince Arthur just eleven days before what would have been his 22nd birthday.

The death of the much loved Prince of Éirea has sent many into a tailspin by the sheer unexpectedness of it. Prince Arthur was a young and healthy man, and it has led many to want to know the full official doctor's report concerning his death. Royal events have been cancelled for the next two weeks and certain programs postponed in the next few days as the nation tries to come to terms with this horrible loss of the People's Prince.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:50 pm
by Atmora

Marchioness of Ravenswood recalls all Imperial forces back to the ACS for service.

Princess of Wied's Own Rifle Regiment

Atmoran Polongian Command, Bledapestra, Polonge
18 March 2088

    Regent Lady Ravenswood in preparation for the civil war with the rebelling Atmoran admirals, has issued a recall of all Atmoran service members both past and present to arms, for those roughly 2.1 million service members currently on Earth they've been ordered to redeploy to the Allied Connuriste States until transportation can be arranged back to their new stations.

    In Polonge there currently 1.4 million troops from the Sixth and Ninth Atmoran Armies, the Third Mizuhese Army and the V Westphalian Army Corps their commanding general Field Marshal William, Count of Altena has been recalled for service by the Lord Regent, it unknown if he has responded but it is expected that the old Field Marshal will lead his men into the fray of war to quell this rebellion. And roughly 725k troops are being recalled from the defunct Atmoran Central Command mostly from the Seventh Army Group and the V Army Corps under the command of Field Marshal Jan-Hendrik Metselaar.

    Reports are also coming in as Atmoran troops are being pulled out of their respective Terran outposts that HIH the Duchess of Tecklenburg is working with the Atmoran Embassy in Polonge to provide aid to Atmorans wishing to go to the new Atmoran capital of New Sierrapolis. It is unknown how many Atmoran diaspora will follow as the Atmoran Armies leave for the ACS but the Connuriste Immigration Service is prepared for a large influx of people of the course of the year.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:30 pm
by Kingdom of Derita
Duke of Alençon proposes new Federal Constitution


Prince Alexandre, architect of the proposed Federal Constitution of the Celestial Empire

ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

Levian Felber (
20 March 2088 | Massalia, Celestial Empire

The Celestial Empire’s favorite prince makes a bold return to center stage as he takes a break from military affairs and comes with something he briefly dabbled in Mantara, political reformation. Prince Alexandre, the Duke of Alençon at just 26 years old has entered the ever mysterious world of Deritain politics. For many of the most experienced of politicians, they would not dare such a step. The Imperial manners of governance over the last century have been one of shifting rules and left in the eyes of many, to be unclear in the position of the spectrum of authoritarian to liberal on which it lies. The Duke of Alençon is here to change that.

“We must be the ones to rise to the mantle of leaders of the free world. In these times of growing senses of collective obedience in favor of ‘security’, as opposed to the rights and wants of individuality and self determination, we have to be the beacon of hope,” said the Duke of Alençon at the foot of the massive Colossus of the Empire, the shining statue representative of liberty recently erected in Massalia, several miles north of the old capital of Port Victoria. According to Prince Alexandre, the rise in militant and reactionary regimes across the globe and the galaxy calls for a balancing force, the rise of a meritocratic direct democracy, laid forth to set a path for other nations to follow in.

Thus it is with the Duke of Alençon’s new proposal, the Federal Constitution of the Celestial Empire, drafted by himself, Lord Clármont Rohan, Régis de Rochette, Princess Adela of Sevoya, Monique d’Oyadaha, and Marie-Tiyara de Manassé; the Duke wishes to present the method of turning the Celestial Empire into a direct democracy. “Technology makes things like this easier than ever,” Prince Alexandre told millions watching from his livestream in Massalia, “and the same tech that is being used to build up oppressive regimes can be used to tear them down. Basically everyone has a phone and those who don’t can be provided one, we have the resources, so let’s use them.”

Following the Duke of Alençon’s proposal, the Celestial Empire would be divided up into manageable municipalities, communes, and cantons. Each would of council législatives who over see the establishing of referendums, running of civil service tests and designing the methods of which to best follow the will of the people. They would propose laws and optional referendums would allow for a direct vote for the people via paper ballet or electronic app. The people would also be able to propose their own laws and constantly rank members of their councils. The executive branches, overseeing the bureaucracy carrying out of the will of the people and approved plans of the legislative would directly voted for by that community’s mandatory referendum.

Meanwhile, on the Federal level, the entire Sovereign State of the Empire would be turned into one single electorate, with direct voting for seats on the Parlément of the Celestial Empire, with the people becoming the constitutional courts. Any citizen would be allowed to challenge a law or act passed by the Parlément and with enough signatures, spark a national referendum. With each law that is proposed or drafted by the people of by the Parlément, a referendum would decide the outcome, placing the faith of the country in the hands of the people. And were exactly does the Crown come in to all of this? Well many were wondering that exact same thing. It has long been the fear that democratization would mean the end of the monarchy as we know it, but the Duke has a solution.

“Every great group of people is in need of a great Leviathan to lead them. Democracy, no matter how direct, is nothing if there is not a representative of the people who can efficiently act on the will of the people,” Prince Alexandre said which asked about his position on monarchy in this new federal system. As he puts it, “The Crown is the chief executive, able to appoint those who have proven themselves capable through service in executive positions from the top down and checked by the approval of the people.” In this scenario, the Crown would in action be able to pass laws and appoint officials as an absolute monarch would with the approval permission of the people before or after the fact, servicing as an unbiased leader that can best act in the needs of the country based on the issues presented by the people.

Nobility as well would be changed, with its titles remaining hereditary, any privileges and positions would be merit-based through carefully made tests and reviewed portfolios, allowing for even non-aristocrats to rise up the ranks. Will this new constitutional idea be adopted and see the rise of a unique blend of monarchical meritocratic direct democracy in the nation? Perhaps. Adoring to several sources, the Duke of Alençon and his husband have been testing this form of governance in the Duchy of Alençon with the hundreds of thousands, even millions of Makonian refugees who’ve made Derita their home in the last decade with astounding success and high approval rating. Prince Alexandre has suggested that his app for this form of governance, designed by Maria-Tiyara de Manassé be used as the platform for the first referendum to decide the constitution’s adoption or not.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:00 pm
by Centrostate
March 22nd, 2088

Numerous Centrostate corporations under trial for export-tariff avoidance.

In newly unearthed documents by the Taxation Board, 23 of Centrostate's leading manufacturers collectively owe an estimated 11 billion units to the State.


In what is being dubbed one of the worst economic scandals in recent memory, the executives of 23 Centrostate-based companies face state prosecution. Earlier this week a separate investigation into the Hickman-Innsbruck Arms Manufacturing Plant uncovered incriminating documents regarding vast unprocessed export being sent out of the country from unregistered ports. These illegal ports, while promptly shut down, gave information of the twenty-two other treacherous businesses involved with these despicable acts. The "Schreiber List", which documents each of these companies, which ports they used and how much they owe the state has been since drawn up in response to these underhanded business tactics coming to surface. The "Spectre Goods", the manufactured products produced and sold without any knowledge of the government, have undoubtedly hindered our great economy unnecessarily. Overall, a disgusting national inconvenience.

"It is a difficult situation to grasp," dictates Taxation director Brüning in a public statement this morning. "Centrostate has and always will find pride in legitimate and universally beneficial trade. For such selfish and inconsiderate action to take place upon the homeland is nothing short of enraging. We are working with Central Administration to reinforce the sacred art of trading - with necessary legislation, we will be able to root out what remains of this problem before it has any more long-lasting effects on the economy. Until then, we should see that these crooks are put to justice."

To compliment the word of the Taxation Director, an official statement from the Inner Administration reminds citizens that "In times such as these, it is important to adhere to the Centrostate principles. If you know of an employer or business partner who engages in tax avoidance or other immoralities toward the state, show no hesitation in reporting them to your local authority. There is no room for the noncontributing."

Smuggled goods include:

    Weapons and ammunition
    Tools and hardware

The state advises that any who know of or suspect the location of unchecked goods within these categories should report them immediately to local authorities.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:39 am
by Kingdom of Derita
The King-Emperor suffers bout of cerebral anaemia due to fatigue

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Levian Felber (
23 March 2088 | Fontainebleau, Celestial Empire

The King-Emperor of the Celestial Empire suffered an episode of severe cerebral anaemia last week, the Imperial Household Agency announced on Tuesday.

The King-Emperor had been undergoing a regular health check-up when he was unable to continue standing up at one point. The cerebral anaemia is believed to have been the result of fatigue caused by the health check-up. He has since recovered.

Both the King-Emperor and Empress underwent routine physical examinations at the University of Vanessa Hospital last week. The King-Emperor became unwell as the Imperial couple were about to have dinner on Thursday, after undergoing tests in the morning and the afternoon. He was treated immediately by the imperial doctor and has been resting ever since. A further check-up scheduled for Wednesday was postponed.

The Imperial Household Agency also announced that Empress Alara was told that some of her tests had to be redone. Further results of the examinations will be made public at a later date, as is common with the Imperial family.

The King-Emperor has been facing political tensions with his own grandson as the Duke of Alençon proposes the controversial “Federal Constitution” which would reorganize the government of the empire. This also comes in the 67th year of his reign, and raises some concerns if the stress of ruling is catching up to the 95 year old monarch.

The King-Emperor has never expressed any desire to abdicate, and went as far to say in 2059 that he would never do so. Many can’t help but wonder if the last thirty years have changed that sentiment. The next in line to the throne is the King-Emperor’s eldest child, Crown Prince André, followed by the Crown Prince’s eldest son, André, who had his first son last year, also named André creating three generations of royal heirs.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:37 am
by Aellyria
A New Dynasty in Aellyria!

In a shocking turn of events, The Grand Chieftess Nesaenna has turned the nation on it's head once again. To further cement diplomatic relations between the Aellyrian people and colonists and the Empire of Thule she has married the Thulian Crown Prince, Prince Irelin Dyantith combing the two royal houses into one. What does this mean in layman's terms though? Plainly speaking, it means that the children of the Grand Chieftess will be heirs to both the High Clandom and the throne of Thule. While Aellyria has already conquered the Thule and their moon, it was a tentative peace at best, now cemented in stone by this marriage. The wedding will be publicly broadcast across the Aellyrian worlds, as it will be taking place on the Grand Chieftesses personal world, it is not yet known whether it will be a public wedding or a private affair for the two families. While some Aellyrians have voiced their disagreement with this marriage, we at the Aellyrian Globe consider them to be bigots and narrow minded, it is clear to us this is a sign of progression from the extreme racism of the Aellyrian past. While doctors confirm that pregnancy will be possible, medical experts have also stated they will be closely watching any future pregnancies of the Grand Chieftess'.

In other news, the Grand Chieftess and the royal house will be relocating to her personal world of Arakas, the desert world that holds the paradise moon of Thule in it's orbit.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:24 pm
by Aellyria
The Ivory Academy now accepting foreign applications

The Ivory Academy, to many known as simply the Academy will now be accepting foreigners much to the outcry of many of Aellyrias elites, one parent was overheard during the announcement saying "We already have to accept the poor ones now they want us accepting the foreigners as well?" The Academy is known throughout Aellyria not only for their brilliant education in fields ranging from Aeronautics and Physics to Military and political education, but also for their reputation as a place for young wealthy and noble born Aellyrians to meet and make connections will now be accepting foreigners into their ranks much to the dismay of our nationalist elite.