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by Royal Genes
The Queen's Wrath


The Queen has raised an embargo on New England

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Joanna Zahay (
19 January 2087 | Gênes, Gênes

Queen Adela has struck with a fury at those who have dared to betray her trust as she responses to the shattering of the Ousamane Palace Treaty between Gênes and New England as she has ordered an embargo on all New English products, and ordered the immediate deportation of New English expats. The Treaty of Ousamane Palace was completed in 2085 and over saw the marriage deal between King William's son, then Crown Prince Alexander and one of the Queen's great-granddaughters, Marguerite de Condé.

The Queen was shock to discover that Princess Victoria of Galicia, the real estate mogul and apparent political master had organized a royal coup of power, making her daughter, Victoria of New England as the new heir apparent. Informats also reported that a the new Crown Princess will marry Prince Alexander, all done without any notice to the Queen. The ascendant path of the House of Sherman over the House of Julie at the expense of the House of Valois been seen as a personal insult by the Spider of Excalibur, Victoria of Galicia.

Queen Adela was very hurt upon these discoveries and even had her portrait of her and King William, of which her portraits of her and other world leaders she has met with great pride, publicly burned in front of her Court. This was followed by several orders, placing an embargo on New English products, freezing all New English assets in Gênes and ordering the immediate deportation of all New English citizens in the kingdom and its dominions. These deportations orders are made with the fact that they, those being deported, may not take their assets with them, which are to be confiscated.

The fury has not been solely directed at the New English either, but at the Spider of Excalibur's family, in the form that she can best get her hands on, in her sister, Jeannette of Galicia. Jeanette of Galicia was the Queen's granddaughter-in-law, second wife of the Petit Dauphin. Key word being was. In the days following this betrayal orchestrated by Jeannette's older sister, the Queen over saw the dissolving of her marriage to her son, done so with the eager blessing of the Patriarch on the grounds that the Petit Dauphin's marriage to her was done before his conversion to the true faith.

The former would be queen has been dismissed from Court, stripped of Gênoise titles and allowances, separated from her children and escorted out of the country to nearby Beliany and has been banished from the country for the next eighteen years. All contact between Jeannette and her children has been banned. It has not yet been discussed if the Petit Dauphin will remarry for a third time. The embargo is set to be put in place at Her Majesty's pleasure, thought it is unsure what would ever convince her in the near future.

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by Royal Genes
Catherine d'Aurelains,
The New Petite Dauphine


The beautiful Princess Catherine d'Aurelains, future queen of Gênes

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Joanna Zahay (
8 February 2087 | Gênes, Gênes

Queen Adela and her Court welcomed a new Petite Dauphine with the ceremonial arrival of the young and beautiful Princess Catherine d'Aurelains, the second eldest daughter of Prince Jean, Duke of Aurelains as she married her grandson, the zealous Petit Dauphin of Gênes. The day was filled to brim with ceremony and lavish celebrations in the penthouses of the capital city.

In the wake of the ripping apart of the marriage between the Petit Dauphin and Princess Jeannette of Galicia there was questioning over the future of the Petit Dauphin's love life. It was however, quickly decided that he would remarry, this time in a traditional Gênoise Orthodox wedding ceremony.

Thus became the search for a bride, and His Royal Highness choose, quite well might we add, the beautiful and young Deritain princess, Catherine d'Aurelains. Catherine is the second daughter of Prince Jean, Duke of Aurelains and his wife, Infanta Elisabeth of Espana, Duchess of Aurelains. Catherine's older sister also married a Gênoise prince, Christopher de Conde, the Petit Dauphine's first cousin.

Thus, the new potential future Queen of Gênes is a granddaughter of the King-Emperor and Tsarina of Derita and Russlande. Catherine, a skilled poet, musician and sailor, so popular among her generation of Deritain royals was said to have been thrilled at the Petit Dauphin's proposal and converted from Catholicism to Orthodox.

Sailing aboard a yacht from Derita, Princess Catherine d'Aurelains, accompanied by her father and mother, as well as her elder sister, the charitable Princess Theresa, and her ever charming younger sister, Princess Elisabeth; they arrived in the glittering capital of our fair kingdom. In a televised ceremony following royal tradition, the Princess disembarked, dressed in Gênoise clothes and Valois colors.

Catherine quickly captured the hearts of the court and in the wedding ceremony, overseen by the Patriarch himself, she was the embodiment of purity and demigoddess beauty that reminded so many of the Queen in her youth. Though twenty-seven years the Petit Dauphin's junior and younger than all of his children from his first marriage, the new Petite Dauphine was a diamond at his side.

The Petit Dauphin and Petite Dauphine, presented to the empire at the foot of the Queen's throne, kissed and to the cheers of all Her Majesty's subjects, prepared to embark on their honeymoon tour of the dominions, starting next week.

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by Communist Espana
King Luis II of Portugal dies!


King Luis II of Portugal dies at age of 44

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Jacquleine Haverez (
15 February 2087 | Lisbon, Portugal

Luis II, King of Portugal of the House of Anhalt-Bernburg died this Sunday afternoon at the age of just 44. The news was announced by his widow, Queen Dowager Eugenia.

"It is with great sorrow that I have to announce my husband's death, the King of Portugal, this morning. I hope you will send your prayers to him."

It has not been confirmed what is the cause of death. Reports on the King from December has stated that he was healthy. It is not clear if his son, Prince Joao, the Duke of Beja, will take up the titles after his father as King of Portugal as Joao VII of Portugal due to his young age of just 16.

Luis II's reign over Portugal, the so called 'sister kingdom' of Espana was a eventful and in many ways disastrous, marked by his usurpation of the throne from his cousin, Matthieu, now Emperor consort of Polonge, and for many years served as the puppet of his mother, the hated Princess Maria Raphaela. Yet, just last year he marked his silver jubilee.

With the death of Luis II, there is question on if Portugal shall survive under the teenage Joao VII, son of the late king and his second wife, Marie of Wied.

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by Dutch-Empire
The Adelaide Peace Accords!


Belian white poppies used as the Accords symbol of peace

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Zeila Nangellan (
26 February 2087 | Lisbon, Portugal

Peace is the order of the day as images of the Empress of the Dutch and the King-Emperor of Derita, alongside the Kings of Cinyras and Espana and the Tsarina of Russlande and Queen of Gênes signed a peace treaty not only avoiding the ever looming fear of war between the Dutch and the Deritains, but instead showing a sudden about face, sealing an alliance between the six countries in a form of ushering in a new world order.

Beginning as a semi-casual semi-secret meeting between Prime Minister Varies the Younger and Prime Minister Michelle Wissink in Adelaide in Beliany, it soon bloomed as a last minute effort to avert the ever looming threat of war between the two nations that had been barreling towards one another for months now. The war that would break out, it was reason, would be one of annihilation, with neither side willing to let the other survive if they came to blows. Varies and Wissink thus figured that war could not happen.

Thus came the work of public servants and prime ministers of all monarchies in this neo-absolutism era that we live in. Convince their respective masters to come to the negotiation table. Neither monarch it is said, wished to travel to meet to the other, but with some help from the King of Cinyras and Queen of Gênes, they agreed to meet in Adelaide in a meeting hosted by Crown Prince Baudouin of Beliany. The two rulers of the two empires arrived in the city.

They were joined by the King of Cinyras, who in character, quickly charmed everyone as he became the leading voice of peace and, shockingly, the idea of a six nation alliance, calling the gathered monarchs the new Great Powers. The King of Cinyras in alliance with the two prime ministers went to work in convincing the others. Hosted among the social elites of Adelaide and Beliany in balls and concerts, they slowly started to turn the opinions of the two sides.

The conference was joined by two more players from each side, the Duke of Alencon (loved in Derita and hated in the Netherlands) and Princess Stephanie (worshiped in the Netherlands and vilified in Derita). Here, the two opposites, joined forces and further turned the opinions against war, towards peace and towards alliance. With this two young royals, seen by so many as the symbols of the two sides in their personalities and actions, turning against their mother and grandfather, it became clear that this strange option was the only choice.

It was, most surprisingly, the Tsarina of Russlande who was the first to sign for peace and friendship , followed by the King of Cinyras, the the Queen of Gênes, then the King of Espana, with the Empress and the King-Emperor finally signing at the same time. This new peace treaty, the Adelaide Accords or simply the Accords, tie the six nations into what has been remarked by the Prime Minister (Michelle Wissink) as the strongest alliance in the world.

One critic, Representative Daantje Karmigel however has called this peace treaty and alliance as the "Cake Cutting Treaty", saying that "They have brought peace and turned us into partners of a cartel. The Empress and King-Emperor are cutting the galaxy into slices, and the Cinyroite King is the one who handed them the knife", suggesting a splitting of the world into respective spheres of influence for the signers of the Accords.

Champions of the Accords assert that it is better for the galaxies two premier superpowers to work together as friends and govern from a shared through over an era of peace after the expensive Eacusian War, pointing out the need for recovering and consolidation. With Derita as an allies, said Senator West Asbury, "our shared interests and goals are instantly achieved and all else are made to bow at our feet. Enemies become gnats. And peace is far better for profits."

The full agreement of the Accords has yet to be released, but it is known that the Queen of Aogau is to be restored to her throne, whilst the Deritains have revoked their support for Prince Jahain, recognizing the Empress as master of Dattan and respecting her hegemony over the continent of Eacusia. It is unknown what boons have been given to the King of Cinyras and Queen of Gênes, though we are certain they received some. We'll just have to wait to see what happens next.

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by Great New England Confederation
Interstellar News Network
Galactic Affairs

First Contact on the Frontier
The Alien Vessel over Singarus III
Today marked what is hoped to be the beginning of the first of many peaceful meetings with alien civilizations. This all started when a New England vessel arrived over the earth like world of Singarus III, conducting a standard explore and survey operation. However it would seem that Starfleet was not the only one who had plans to explore the system, and thus the faithful meeting would take place. The vessel, a Prince Kevin Class Exploration Cruiser, began talks with the crew of the vessel, and while the actual details are not yet known, it is known that the meeting when phenomenally well, especially when it is put into comparison with past contact situations, where there was barely a meeting to begin with, before breaking down into armed conflict. One can only hope that this is but the first of many such talks and meetings

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by Kingdom of Derita
Variés the Younger re-election following Adelaide Accords!


Variés the Younger waves to cheering crowds in Port Victoria

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Jean-Paul Nsanayto (
5 March 2087 | Port Victoria, Celestial Empire

Variés the Younger returned to Derita to the sound of resounding cheers and celebrations in his honor as the Great Peacekeeper for his herculean task of bring peace and friendship between the Deritains and the Dutch. This was met with great excitement in the height of election season and saw Variés and his Modéré Party re-elected into the office of premiership, welcomed once again by the King-Emperor to serve the nation. Variés the Younger quickly went before the nation, stating on one of his famous speeches that "the principles of peace shall be raised on the pillar of the Celestial Empire, the Dutch Empire and their allies."

Whilst Variés was in danger of being replaced with his more war-hawk predecessor, the Duke of Angouleme this election season as the threat of war loomed between the two superpowers. The pacifist Variés was seen as ineffective against the ever expanding borders of the Dutch Empire. However, with his monumental last ditch effort for each flipping the world on its head and turn the only great enemy of the nation into a valuable ally, saving his premiership and maintaining his stance of the Celestial Empire being the great Protector of Peace in the international community.

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by Austeira
Duke August von Hohenburg kicks off drive to "MODERNIZE".

At the summer local of Urbino, the favored city of the young Duke as he has stated I'm numerous interviews, August von Hohenburg, Duke of Austeira and heir to the throne of Austeira held an open discussion with the people, an unusual and never before seen act for a monarch of the nation. The Duke wanted to hear the people's thoughts on modernization within the nation, how they as a people could progress and what could be done to make it easy on the people. While many voiced the concern that modernization would lead to the destruction of the soul of Austeira, the Duke assured the citizens of Urbino that everything would be done to preserve the lifestyle of the nation. Of course, inevitably the discussion attracted a bit of a criminal element with some treasonous citizens asking about things such as a republic and the ideas of forgein feminism that have always tried to corrupt the moral stronghold of our nation. However in his most charasmatic ways the Duke helped those few to realize that those views were simply incompatible with a true and right Austeira. Eventually the discussion was back on track, leaving only the aunnocement that the Duke would soon be launching a "Future Development and Enhancement Committee, in the city of Urbino no less, whose sole purpose would be to evaluate and agree on certain programs and projects that would bring Austeira gently into a new era of prosperity, of course it would be overseen by the Duke himself who assured the people he would have veto power in order to keep the committee in check. This announcement has been met with mixed reviews at most as the general public is mistrustful of industrialization and many other so called modern philosophies.

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by Great Hyruke
Penelope Chambers calls for “Women to protest in Austeria”


Penelope Chambers, actress turned advocate

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Cornelius Blackthorn (
5 March 2087 | Londres, Great Hyruke

Penelope Chambers, once famous for starting in comedy films and for being the swashbuckling antagonist in the form of the Queen of Pirates of the Van Essa series has been flipping switch over the last few years. Chambers was notably one of the largest private citizen donators for the reconstruction efforts in Scotland flowing a failed uprising there that left an entire city leveled. Chambers now has turned into an advocate against sexism in nations that oppress the rights of women.

Chambers says she was “physically sicken” when she heard that the Duke of Austeria told his citizens that the “idea of democracy and gender equality are incompatible” with his nation. Chambers says that she immediately knew that she could not stand aside as women were once again mislead by the ignorant and sexist ideas of a man. Allied with Helen Blackthorn, daughter of Prime Minister Andrew Blackthorn and rising political star in her own right, She vowed to speak up for the women who can’t.

Together they formed Bodichon International, an organization designed for the promoting the equality of women and advancing the status of woman across the globe and to the stars. Blackthorn has agreed that “The list of Aesia’s crimes against women are long and silent” and that Austeria’s backwards view is one case of a continent and even global example of women being held back and oppressed by the silence of the society that they live in. It is thus the design for island nation of Great Hyruke to lift women up from these places.

Bodichon International made grand debut online as Penelope Chambers and Helen Blackthorn took pictures and wore light blue, the traditional Hyrukian feminine color, with the hashtag #AusteiraNeedsQueens, calling for Austerian woman to break the social barriers put in place by Duke August. Chambers has clarified to mean that she believes the women of Austeria should protest against the Duke and take matters into their own hands as independent women and human beings in order to get the equal treatment in society they deserve.

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by Kegara
Crown Princess Nalla returns Home!


Crown Princess Nalla marched into the capital as Dutch forces leave the country

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Chriki Kamaria (
5 March 2087 | Kasar, Kegara

Crown Princess Nalla marched into the capital of Kegara at the head of a small detachment of soldiers as she returned home after two years of exile after she was forced to feel when Dutch and Cinyroite forces seized control of the nation. Princess Nalla was forced to flee to Dattan, and then again, travelling to Aogau, Nukasta, Great Hyruke and finally Derita as she was left alone without a friend of her own countrymen or woman at her side. In the Court of Fontainebleau, Nalla found friendship in fellow exile in Queen Sa'ea of Aogau and with the visiting Princess Eirea.

Then came the Adelaide Accords, setting peace to be the style of the day, and as per Article 12 of the Accords, the Dutch and her allies agreed to vacate the Kingdom of Kegara and the allowance of a Genoise escort to deliver Crown Princess Nalla to her home. With this, the 25 year old princess left for Genes, arriving in the metropolis and joining a detachment of the Milanese Army, the all female warriors under the command of General Soga and boarding the airship the Restorer, given as a gift for the Crown Princess by the Queen of Genes and set for Kasar.

Arriving in the capital, the situation was not simply that of having to deal with Dutch and Cinyroite soldiers, but also with the puppet regime of Queen Tabia, widow of King Faisal V, who with the help of Prince Christaan and King Enrikos II had seized control of the nation, holding King Faisal VII as her straw man. Queen Tabia and her handful of personal loyal guards prepared to fight off Nalla, threatening a civil war, but as Nalla reached the palace, she marched up the steps alone, daring the guards to strike her down. Amazed by the heiress' bravery and commanding nature, they fell to their knees.

Having turn Queen Tabia's last line of defense against her, and with the dowager without allies, Crown Princess Nalla marched into the throne room of the palace and had Queen Tabia's own guards tear her down from the throne and arrest her for her crimes against Kegara including but not limited to: conspiracy with the King of Cinyras, construction of a secret police, abuse of human rights, corruption and treason. The dowager was taken away whilst King Faisal was freed from his house arrest in his apartments in the palace and brought before Crown Princess Nalla, his fiancee for the first time in two years.

With the power of the King, Crown Princess then ordered the arrest of the Cinyroite soldiers, taking 200 Cinyroite men, stripping them and clasping them in chains and parading them through the streets to be brought to kneel at her feet. 200 men, Nalla stated, for the 200 women gifted like objects to the King of Cinyras by Queen Tabia. Nalla, who seems to host a cold hatred for the King of Cinyras in particular and his nation in general, has demanded that the women be returned to Kegara, and threaten that each day that her demands aren't met, a Cinyroite man shall lose his head.

Finally, Nalla freed the Princess of the House of Kitwana, the carriers of the royal blood line and was able to embrace her family. The king was once again in the company of his loving grandmother whilst Nalla reunited with her mother, both women named Sanaa, as well as her grandmother, Princess Ramla. The dowager even as the King's aunt, was, naturally, not among the familial celebrations. These celebrations were met with the declaration of a new national holiday, Nallayatua, as the country launched fireworks over the capital city in honor of the arrival of their future Queen.

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by Cinyras
King Enríkos gives into Kegaran Demands as Approval rating plummets!


King Enríkos reaches approval rating lows amidst hostage crisis

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Giana Natassos (
April 23, 2087 | Nikosia, Cinyras

After weeks of playing the role of the unfazed and aloof monarch, a royal role that has never quite suited him, King Enríkos has broken down under public pressure to send the 200 Kegaran women that had been invited into royal service at the palace back to Kegara, bringing a somewhat dissatisfied ending to the Cinyroite-Kegaran Hostage Crisis.

The crisis began when Crown Princess Nalla of Kegara unlawfully imprisoned two hundred Cinyroite soldiers and demanded that the corresponding Kegaran women who have been enjoying life in the service of the King as ransom. The madwoman then threaten to execute a man for every day that her demands weren’t met.

At first King Enríkos ignored the threat and demanded the hostages returned. And neither side would budge. Cinyroites stood with their king until the horror of Nalla’s threats started to come true, and the nation watched in horror as a new man was killed in the name of the King’s defiance.

Rapidly the King’s approval ratings, carefully monitored and recorded by his Royal Council, started to go down at an unprecedented level. As the days turned into weeks and more and more men died, horror rapidly turned into anger, directed not towards the Kegaran princess but instead to our very own Cinyroite king. This was compounded with a new issue. Hunger.

Kegaran during its occupation by Cinyroite soldiers was, apparently, secretly used to feed Cinyras, whose domestic production for food is among the lowest in the world. Kegaran labor and agricultural products were thus used to cheaply feed the kingdom and elevate necessary imports. Protests broke out and revolt was threaten in the plantations.

With Kegara no longer under Cinyroite guidance, this elevation collapsed and the country now faces its largest food shortage in history. Even with imports from Makonia, Racraigua and Dattan, it is estimated that only a little over a quarter of the population can be adequately fed. This has also sent the King’s popularity into the gutter.

Thus the King has broken his aloofness and announced that a deal has been struck between him and Crown Princess Nalla to return all the women, in exchange for the surviving men. However this has not and seems unlikely to swing people back to his side. The consensus so far is that this is too little too late. And as the Kegaran get their people, the remaining 151 Cinyroites shall return to a country on the brink of starvation.

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by Kegara
Ascendancy of the Queen!


Kasar was alive at the announcement of Queen Nalla ascending the throne

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Chriki Kamaria (
25 April 2087 | Kasar, Kegara

Kegara has a new Queen, and long may she reign! The announcement came this morning of the abdication of King Faisal VII and the ascension of his cousin and heir and former fiancee, Nalla Kitwana. This has been met with a resounding cry of approval as Nalla has for years now been far more popular and beloved compared to her cousin. King Faisal himself has said of the new queen that "she will be a greater king I could ever be."

The 23 year old King Faisal became the second monarch in Kegaran history to step down from the throne, the last one to do so was his grandfather, King Hodari VII (Queen Nalla's great-uncle) who abdicated from his first reign in 2058. King Faisal shall remain a member of the royal family, though his children won't be. Kegaran tradition dictates that the monarch is a son of a female member of the House of Kitwana, it is for this reason that the Princesses of Kitwana, women who can trace through their matrilineal line to the first king's eldest daughter, Princess Ayubu, have been held at such great importance.

Since the marriage of King Hodari VI to Princess Oyana in the 1860's inter-familial marriages between Kitwana Kings and Kitwana cousin princesses maintain a secure line of succession. It was following this tradition that Princess Nalla was betrothed to her second cousin, Faisal. However when this betrothal was made, it was noted that Faisal and Nalla were the only children of their generation. This came just a few years following the unexpected death of Faisal V who died young and without an heir, and death at a young age of Faisal VI, thus, with Faisal VII being a child and the product of many generation of inbreeding, there was fear he may not live long enough to produce a successor.

Princess Nalla meanwhile came from a healthy female line and she became the only Kitwana capable of producing the next generation of rulers. Thus it was decided that the throne would pass to Nalla should her fiance predecease her. It was for this traditional rule that Queen Dowager Tabia, born as a Princess of Kitwana as aunt of Faisal VII attempted to produce a child with the King of Cinyras, to usurp Nalla's position. The traditions do not take note nor care for the father of the children of Kitwana Princesses. Thus with the breaking of the engagement of Faisal and Nalla, Faisal's royal line ends with him.

Following Faisal VII's abdication, Nalla was immediately proclaimed the first Queen of Kegara by her grandmother, Princess Ramla, the eldest living Kitwana princess at 78, alongside Faisal VII's grandmother Princess Sanaa and the mother of late Faisal V, Princess Kakena. The military forces of the nation quickly swore their undying allegiance to Queen Nalla. A simple enthronement ceremony, which officially marks the start of a Kegaran monarch's reign was made, with Queen Nalla for going the usual lavish trappings of previous kings. Queen Nalla's reign has begun with her own new motto of Autocracy, Autarky, Automation, promoting the neo-absolutism philosophy popular in Aesia where she was exiled, military self-sufficiency and modernization and industrialization of Kegara.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:08 pm
by Seidang
Operation Red Poppy


Syaoran, Emperor of Seidang

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Vưu Nam Hưng (
30 April 2087 | Buôn Ma Ria, Seidang

Fighting comes to a close in Seidang after the arrival of Crown Prince Quang at the head of a army of forces from the Grand Alliance. As an impressive coalition of Belian, Cinyroite, Dutch, Deritain, and of course, Seidanese soldiers landed in the east and northwest, they cut down the Chanchaist, the traitorous supporters of Crown Prince Quang’s cousin, the pretender Prince Kong. With a combined force of 225,000 the Grand Alliance swept over the nation, crushing the Chanchaists.

Lead by a start studded group of famous military leaders, Crown Prince Quang, Prince Duy, marched on the Capital with the Duke of Alençon, the Kings of Cinyras, and Hautjie and Dasselaar against Prince Kong. They were also joined, notably by the Crown Prince’s fiancée, Princess Angéle of Derita. With overwhelming forces and having surrounded the last remains of the supporters of Kong, they crushed them. Prince Duy, the younger brother of Kong and ambassador to Beliany, was given the task of subduing his own brother, which he did.

With Prince Kong in custody, the Liangst proclaimed that Emperor Liang had been restored to his rightful place on the throne. However, this would prove to be a false conclusion, as the forces of the Crown Prince clarified. Prince Kong was brought before the assembled imperial family and the military leaders who’d freed the capital. Found guilty of treason, he was condemned to die in the traditional method of killing Seidanese royalty. Sealed in a sack of velvet, he was beaten to death by sandalwood cudgels and tossed into the Hoadao River.

From the walls of the ancient holy city, the Group addressed the nation, condemning the leaders of the Chanchaist, however the citizens who’d join in the movement were pardoned by Crown Prince Quang, viewing them as having been misguided sheep, driven to desperation do to the tyranny of his father’s reign. At this announcement, Emperor Liang rose from his seat, clearly furious and surprised, and even going as far as to insult the Crown Prince. Liang snapped stating: “Treachery! Betrayal! I am the Emperor, I will not be toppled by my own son—” and was promptly pushed off the wall by Princess Angéle.

Emperor Liang fell 35 feet to his instant death. As Empress Dowager Ngan cried out in horror and the nation stood silent in dumbfoundment, Princess Angéle seized control of the situation and, seemingly unfazed at having just defenestrated the Emperor of Seidang, proclaimed the Crown Prince as the new Emperor of Seidang, as Syaoran I. When this was not met immediately cheers, Angéle gestured to the Deritain and Dutch armies assembled outside the capital. Subsequently the air was filled with cheers in the marking of the reign of the new monarch.

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by Great Hyruke
Birth of new Princess of Connuriste


Emperor Connor II and Empress Charlotte's newest granddaughter

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Barbara Zurbrügg (
May 1, 2087 | Lausanne, Connuriste

Young Princess Amélie has received a sibling for her birthday, as she'll now have to share it with a little sister. Princess Joséphine of Lorraine, wife of Prince George of Connuriste has given birth to her and her husband's third child, a daughter today in Lausanne.

The child was born at 12:41 am in the Empress Alice Royal Hospital. Both the Princess and her child are doing well. Prince George was present for the birth. The new princess is fifth in line to the Connuriste throne.

The Princess weighs 3465 grams and is 50 cm long. Prince George said in a press release from the Royal Court, “We are thrilled about the new addition to our family. Amélie and Georgie are looking very much forward to finally meeting their new little sister”

The new Princess of Connuriste name will be announced by her the Royal Palace in the coming days, though its been rumored to be Marguerite after her maternal aunt. A christening is expecting in around three months with Prince Rafaël (the fiancé of Crown Princess Emily) widely tipped to be a godfather.

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by Cinyras
Cinyras in Crisis!


Nikosia brought to a standstill as its fulled with protesters

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Genea Giagaga (
May 7, 2087 | Nikosia, Cinyras

As the kingdom enters the third month of the food shortage crisis, the country begins to fall apart as millions are plunged into a state of perpetual hunger and protests begin to clog the streets of the capital, calling on the king to do something. Something the young and now extremely unpopular king has no intention on doing. Locking himself in the great palace built by his grandfather and namesake, Enríkos II seems to be either pretending to be oblivious to the suffering of the people, or truly is. This has gained him no favors as his popularity drops to a record low 39.1%, a bit more than the number of people still getting food.

The food crisis is the largest to ever hit the country, hitting hardest in the countryside, where once fruitful fields of crops have been replaced by massive plantations of enrikosvilla operated by The Cinyroite Garden, or TCG. And while the sale of enrikosvilla has made the country rich, that wealth has not been distributed equally across the nation. The greatest profits have been going to investors not in Cinyras, but in Selesburge. One disgruntled employee has stated that the only man to profit from TCG in Cinyras is the King himself. Even as those working in the plantations earn more than those not, their salaries are put to little use as stores run out of food to actually buy.

Even with the start of humanitarian efforts by Connuriste and New England, 57 million people are in desperate need of food supplies. This is mostly fallen upon people in the countryside furthest from the ports where food can come in through. This has lead some desperate individuals to attempt to eat enrikosvilla and kiberries from the TCG plantations. At best, TCG agents have found said individuals and arrested them, of with this has happened to 21 people. 3 people have been killed attempting to escape TCG agents. 37 people were found dead in TCG fields, dying from improper consumption of the plant.

Horrifyingly, one man was sent into a heated rage, going on a raping spree, assaulting and raping seven women before being brought down. This sickening scene has raised questions in the safety of TCG's product and employee safety. All the while, law abiding citizens starve, with 2,116 confirmed people dying of starvation in the last two months. That number is expected to rise dramatically in the coming weeks if nothing is done. And in the capital, less directly affected but still suffering, thousands of food refugees have migrated into Nikosia, swelling the population and, ironically, worsening the food shortage in the city.

And thus eyes turn to the King and the royal family for guidance... only to be swiftly disappointed. Enríkos has all but gone into hiding, no longer the beloved People's Prince. Princess Adeline has earned for the first time the people's attention, unfortunately in the form of their hatred. This gain through the ill-advised 'Feast of Cinyras', in which the Princess and the Queen Mother tried to prompt the growing of household gardens in Cinyras... by having a massive banquet for themselves and the wealthy nobles in the palace. Partying and gorging themselves whilst the common-folk starved in the streets outside, there was instant outrage as news of the party spread.

Princess Adeline in a last ditch effort to save face, decided to give the scraps of the banquet to the needy, revealing that in the midst of a food crisis the royals have been throwing away literal tons of food. And with the majesty laws that once protected the monarch from critics relaxed by Enríkos himself, he has become the target of cartoons, pamphlets, videos, songs, parodies and more earning him the nickname K.(ing) Soneri, an anagram of his name displaying his offensive opulence in the face of the kingdom's trying times. The most popular imagine of him has been one made to look like he is wearing one of the infamous ostentatious dress of his hated grand-aunt, Queen Veronica.

The late queen of Espana who held parties whilst her country collapsed and told her people to eat cake when they cried out that they were couldn't afford bread seems to have passed on the worst of her traits to her grand-niece and -nephew. In this, the only person who seems to actually be trying to do some good is the King's distant cousin, Karolos de Valois and his wife Theodosia, who have taken to living a middle-class style life, no doubt inspired by Theodosia own middle-class background, and have been hosting food drives even week. It is good to see that someone still cares for the people of Cinyeras.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 1:27 pm
by Union of Sovereign States and Republics
Demonstrations in Belgrade Dying Down
Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia


Students against the government of Slobodan Milosevic, the president of Yugoslavia, have began protesting on the streets of Belgrade, sources in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia say. Even though protests have been happening since 1996, this was the largest protest in the demonstrations. The protests were reportedly cause by voter fraud, with multiple opposition parties taking to the streets.

President Milosevic has promised possible reforms, though many are still skeptical of what he really wants. Even though Milosevic has signed a lex specialis, many still protest the fact that the Socialist Party of Yugoslavia had not admitted any wrongdoing. Both the USSR and many other European countries have condemned some of the protests, and some have even condemned Yugoslavia.

Protests have been recently dying down, though, and less people have been joining the demonstrations. Many still are protesting, though, holding a banner stating that "Belgrade is the World". Many, both in and outside of Yugoslavia, are looking at the protests with a mix of fear and awe.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:34 pm
by Communist Espana
King João VII Kidnapped!


16 year old King João VII disappears, kidnapped!

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Jacquleine Haverez (
8 May 2087 | Lisbon, Portugal

Shock in Lisbon today as the sixteen year old King João VII, who ascended the fragile throne four months ago after the death of his father, disappeared from the royal palace, kidnapped it is believed, by the Cinyroite ambassador, Fortuna Isonala. The disappearance was announced in a panic voice by the king's brother, fifteen year old Filipe.

According to Filipe and his stepmother, Queen Dowager Eugenie reported to officials that King João met with Ambassador and a retinue of Cinyroites in the palace to discuss the ongoing food shortage afflicting Cinyras. Despite Queen Dowager Eugenie's protest, the king and ambassador spoke privately.

The ambassador and the king spoke for roughly an hour and at 9:22 pm the ambassador left after reportedly she and the king had had dinner. The Queen Dowager was told the king retired to bed. The King's brother Filipe however, upon visiting the king's chamber discovered him to be missing. This sparked a search of the palace.

It has sense be suspected that Ambassador Isonala separated the king from his stepmother in order to kidnap him, sneaking him out of the palace amidst her retinue, before fleeing into escape at the Cinyroite Embassy in Aranjuez. Filipe and the Queen Dowager have called on their sister kingdom, Espana, lead by King Antonio to save the king.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:10 am
by Great Hyruke
Her Majesty demands release of João VII


Queen Caroline demanded the immediate release of the King of Portugal following a tense meeting with Cinyroite and Español ambassadors.

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Cornelius Blackthorn (
9 May 2087 | Londres, Great Hyruke

A stunning test of wills played out in front of the nation as Queen Caroline and her most trusted advisor, the Duchess of Wied met with the Cinyroite and Espanard ambassadors to Great Hyruke less than 24 hours after the kidnapping of King João of Portugal. The Queen stood firm and regal against the circumlocuting ambassadors, Cinyras’ Victoria Konda and Espana’s Mía San Martín Garrido.

The Queen invited Ambassador Konda and Ambassador San Martín Garrido to Wattingham Palace in order to discuss the royal crisis in Portugal. Queen Caroline has, for her entire life held a love for Portugal, ruling as its Queen before abdicating over three decades ago. Her loyal advisor, the Duchess of Wied too holds a great interest in the nation, with its young king, João being her son from her fourth marriage.

Amb. Konda and Amb. San Martín Garrido began the meeting with polite bows, and the foursome took to tea in the palace’s Ruby Room, built a few years ago in order to honor the Queen’s Ruby Jubilee. From here, the meeting truly began. Queen Caroline inquired into Cinyroite involvement in the kidnapping of João VII, to which Amb. Konda rudely refused to comment on. When as if an investigation could take place, Amb. Konda gave a harsh no.

The Queen then implored the Espanard Ambassador. She proposed that the Espanard, on her behalf and for the sake of the Portuguese enter the Cinyroite embassy in Aranjuez to investigate and establish if João was in the building. Amb. San Martín Garrido repeatedly responded that the issue was out of Espanard hands. This however only raises the suspicion of the involvement the two nations have in the fate of young João.

After circling around the topic for far too long, the Queen abruptly rose and stated that if Cinyras would not cooperate and Espana not intervene, for the safety of the public and status of world leaders, she would do so herself. The Queen warned the two ambassadors that if João were not released within 12 hours, Hyrukian Special Forces would find him and rescue him themselves.

As of now, the Hyrukian guards at the Hyrukian Embassy in Aranjuez has in effect in all but name, blockaded the Cinyroite Embassy in Aranjuez. The consul there, Sienna Austin has dared the Espanards to attempt to remove her and her diplomatic entourage from around the Cinyroite embassy. This, she claims, would be an admission of guilt, that the Cinyroite kidnapped João and the Espanards know about, and are protecting them.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:56 am
by Cinyras
Lèse Majesté Returns in Cinyras


King Enríkos cracks down on protests in Cinyras.

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Genea Giagaga (
9 May 2087 | Nikosia, Cinyras

1,142 people were arrested this morning as King Christanos ordered soldiers into the streets of the capital with his usual campaigns. ruthlessness that struct terror into the hearts of millions during his brutal. Their crimes? Defamation, insulting and threatening the King and his family. The Lèse Majesté Laws have returned with vengeance.

The Lèse Majesté laws were disregarded by Enríkos II in the beginning of his reign, back when he was beloved by all. They protect the King and the Royal Family, more specifically the king, queen and heir apparent, from those who would dare defame, insult or threaten the royals. This for decades protected the King from critics.

The reversal came as more and more protests grew in Nikosia, with people throwing coins at the palace windows. This was done in mark of the fact that theoretically many could effort food, if there was any. This was also done in response that whilst the crisis unfolded, Enríkos was more concerned with the minting the new coins that bear his handsome profile.

The chief minister of the nation, the well liked, but just as much feared husband of King Enríkos, seeing the treacherous slander against the king, ordered the Lèse Majesté to return and outright outlaw public protests. And then he sent the army out on the people, sending the crowds scattering.

Dissent, it has been stated, will not be tolerated and must be smothered in their crib for the security of the nation. Those found guilty of break these laws would find themselves imprisoned for 15 to 20 years. And as the small but elite Cinyroite defensive forces brought the hammer down on those who dare protest, the King turned his attention to Great Hyruke.

Stating that the Queen of Great Hyruke is plotting against him and the nation, and attempting to undermine his authority in a time of crisis, the King dismissed the Hyrukian ambassador, Ivyrose Mason, from the palace, sending her aggressively escorted by guards before being abandoned into the crowds of the food crisis refugees.

"There is but one King in Cinyras, and it is not Caroline" Enríkos II snapped when he read the report of the Ruby Room meeting between Ambassador Konda and Queen Caroline, in reference to the Queen's threats of intervention. Despite the crisis, the King has warned the Hyrukians of the dangers they face if intervene goes through.

With the new Lèse Majesté laws, the old videos, songs, and art being strictly censored. Replacing them has been the imagine of Enríkos II standing over a lioness, reminiscent of images from the War of '44 that famously 'Tamed the Lion of Hyruke'.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 8:55 pm
by Great New England Confederation
Interstellar News Network
International News

Starfleet Responds to the Cinyorite Food Crisis, Dispatches Ships to Deliver Nuch needed Food
NES Prince Kevin delivering a load of food from Necromunda to Cinyras

It has been a well known truth for some time that Cinyras has been suffering from a major food shortage, and to the shock of his majesty and parliament alike, no one has come to the aid of the slowly starving nation, a situation that severa worlds within New England had themselves been subjected to during the great disaster. The Relief Order came as no surprise to anyone, as both Parliament and King William moves starflee and affiliated forces into action, bringing as many starships into the relief effort as was possible. In the need over eighty starships, led by the Prince Kevin, loaded up food from the planet of Necromunda and made way with great haste towards earth.

Today those ships arrived, and began offloading the crucial supplies to wherever they could, while Starfleet personnel swiftly set up distribution centers, in conjunction with Cinyorite Authorities. While Starfleet can’t say that the supplies will be enough, they have confirmed that those ships will make as many runs as is necessary to keep the Cinyorite people fed until the crisis can be solved.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 22, 2019 7:25 pm
by Communist Espana
Prime Minister Juderías Assassinated!


Marco Juderías, Prime Minister of Espana

Jacquleine Haverez (
8 September 2087 | Aranjuez, Espana

Tragedy strikes the nation as the Prime Minister of the country was found, shot outside his Aranjuez country home. Marco Juderías, previously serving as foreign affairs minister before taking office in 2085 and known to be close with the young king, seen as many as a political mentor for the monarch. Juderías was found having suffered three shots to the head and chest, his personal body, Esteban Montoya Cruiz having also suffered a fatal shot to the head. Juderías' assassin or assassins have not yet been found, but interregnum prime minister Jose Juan Velazquez has ordered an investigation bring justice to Juderías. Juderías was just 62 years old.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 6:43 pm
by Beliany
Baudouin announces birth of Daughter!


Queen Cecile Hospital

Lallie Liebaar (
1 October 2087 | Bleugate, Beliany

Prince Baudouin announced, in the night from Thursday to Friday to the press, that Princess Diane Marie-Sofie Auguste Cécile was born at 9:58 pm by cesarean section. Visibly very moved, his eyes red and dressed in a green hospital coat, the Prince explained the evening he had lived and the birth of his daughter whom he attended, "very calm" , did he -he indicates.

Around 18:30, while he was at a meeting of entrepreneurs near Eeklo, Princess Sofia called him to tell him with tremolos in his voice: "We must return" . The Prince immediately took the direction of Coudenburg Castle. The princely couple knew since June that the child would be a girl. For a fortnight, the baby was examined every day via monitoring. Princess Sofia was visited daily by her gynecologist. Thursday night, she advised the Princess to take the direction of the Queen Cécile Hospital in Bleugate.

Prince Baudouin attended the delivery. On several occasions during the press conference, he congratulated the medical team who performed the caesarean section. The child presented himself in a seat, the umbilical cord tied twice around his neck. "I am a fighter pilot, I was very calm," he told reporters. "The caesarean was still something," he said.

The delivery went very well. Caesarean section was performed in "semi-emergency" , explained the doctor of the Princess, Mrs. Gisella Aoama. Princess Diane weighed at birth 2,930 kilos and measured 49,5 centimeters. She was born two weeks before term. According to the formula, the mother and the child are both very well. After the birth, the Prince called King Leopold who was in the mountains. "In an hour, too impatient, he was there," said the Prince. Prince Consort Maximilian, currently in Polonge, has decided to return immediately to Beliany. Around 01:30, when the Prince came down to meet the press, he had just given the first bath to his daughter. He said he was delighted for Princess Sofia and himself as well as enchanted for Beliany.

Who does the little princess look like? "To me of course. It may be better for her to look like her mother, " replied the Prince with humor. He then described his daughter as "all cute, with black hair and a round face, a real little woman," he explained.

The name Diane was chosen because it was the name of the great grandmother of Prince Baudouin, who "was a woman of character. She may be an example for her, " he concluded. In addition, the Prince added that he was very happy that this is a girl and that he will be very proud that she will one day climb to the throne. The Prince still hoped she would be "a good queen, but first a real woman . " "Diane" means "Supplier of Beneficence and Wellness," explained the Prince.

Regarding the godfather and godmother, the prince said that the couple wanted to appeal to the "new generation" . They are the eldest son of Prince George, Duke of Clarence, Louis, and the middle sister of Princess Sofia, Adela, who were chosen.

On several occasions, the Prince also thanked the population for the warmth and kindness with which this pregnancy had been followed. Princess Sofia needs rest, said her doctor. She will have to stay another five days at Queen Cécile Hospital. Prince Baudouin intends to stay the night from Thursday to Friday and the days to come with his wife. "After what we did, we deserve a short week of vacation," he added. Finally, to the question "How many children do you want? " The Prince entered twice: " We'll see, we'll see "

PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 7:34 am
by Aellyria
Clan gone rouge

Today in breaking news, Lord Anthgar of the Anthgar clan has taken his forces against the will of the High Chieftess and the council of Aellyria and has taken his forces to Scotland, having hit the beaches. He says it is the will of the old gods and the last dragon to Scotland destroyed. They have currently hit the city of Inverness, showing that they once again have not headed the warning of the clans and the chieftess, but instead have decided to follow their glorified idol Maelyx who inspires even after death. In other news there are strange reports of non-human combatants fighting along side these Aellyrian rouges. The Clan lord leading them has declared that they, "The cult of the Last Dragon" will right Scotland with fire and steel.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:56 pm
by Royal Genes
Air Strikes Respond to Aellyrian Terrorists


Air strikes

ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

Joanna Zahay (
7 January 2088 | Gênes, Gênes

The Air Force has already carried out as many airstrikes in Inverness in the first seven days of 2088 as it did in all of 2087. In an email Monday, Col. Menessas Kastari, a spokesman for Gênoise Scottish Command, said that today an airstrike in Inverness brought the total number of airstrikes in the African nation to 479, the same as the total done world wide fighting terrorists in 2087.

“The 479 for 2088 are all in support of the restoration of peace in the region,” Kastari said. “It is imperative that pressure is maintained on violent extremist organizations to create conditions for further political and economic development in the region.” In a Sunday release, SCOTCOM said the airstrike targeted suspected Aellyrian militants in the highlands region of Scotland in and around Inverness, which the command said is creating a virtual hailstorm boundary.

SCOTCOM said several suspected Aellyrian extremist group members who played a key role in the group was killed, but that no civilians were believed to have been injured or killed.

The strikes are designed to create organizational confusion in terror groups such as Anthgar Rogues and remind its members that “they will be persistently and relentlessly pursued and where necessary, permanently stopped,” he said. Kastari also said airstrikes are just one part of the strategy to fight terrorists. The Gênoise military and other international partners are working with Scots to strengthen the nation’s defense capabilities and institutions, and create opportunities for economic development, to undercut terrorist groups’ ability to disrupt Scotland.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 7:20 pm
by Great Hyruke
Prince Vigeli welcomes new Baby Sister


Vigeli looks over his newborn sister Siana

ImageSHARE THIS: Image Image Image Image

Barbara Zurbrügg (
11 January 2088 | Lausanne, Connuriste

Prince Frederick and Princess Hannele welcomed their third child and first daughter into the world in the wee hours of the morning at Saint-Prex Municipality Hospital. Now, several hours afterwards Fredrick and Hannele returned home to present their baby girl to her older brothers, Nicolò and Rayan and older half-brother Prince Vigeli.

The beaming mother said that “she is named Siana, it means “plentiful springs” in Maasai and her second name is Adela, after Frederick’s sister and her daughter, the Princess of Asturias. The young twins Nicolò and Rayan were so happy to see a new addition while Vigeli was “thrilled with his new baby sister and has nicknamed her Si-yah, as in ‘Hi-yah Si-yah’”.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 12:08 am
by Aellyria
Lord Anthgar Strikes Back

Today the rouge forces led by Lord Anthgar struck back today, launching a hit and run guerrilla attack on local community buildings in Inverness, killing numerous unnamed civilians and leaving a recorded message detailing their end goal, to put an end to the Scottish race, which they have deemed a stain on the planet for to long.

In other news, High Chieftess Nesaenna offered her deepest condolences to Scotland for the rebel Lord's actions and has requested that the Aellyrians under supervision from other nations be allowed to deal with these rebels.