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Corporate Police State


Postby SACTO ADMIN » Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:36 am


SACTO Media Group is the principal broadcasting Corporations for Santiago Anti Communist Treaty Organisation. Created by Admiral Carlos Radder's order, SACTOMEDGP is responsible for reaching out to thousands of freedom fighter crusading against the tyranny of communism around the globe, who sees the truth on the evil of communism and other expositions of communist crimes, alongside from news from all SACTO fronts.

Here you will find the truth about red plague - and how to cure it! SACTOMEDGRP broadcasts 24/day, 7 days per week!
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Postby El Cuscatlan » Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:58 am


Terrorist conspiracy busted

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Josefina Vasquez (
11.25.2022 17;09 | Santiago de Cuscatlan, El Llano state

BOEP posing after action
Photo courtesy of Guarda civil.

City, Location - As the Burmese conflict gets worse and worse, Gran Cuscatlan's internal affairs get also more and more tense. Today at 02.00 AM Paramilitary police unit called BOEP raided homes of over 23 communists who were accused of conspiring against the state, illegal possession of explosives and attempt to cause a communist revolution. 14 of the communists were quickly found guilty and executed, 9 by being crushed under steamroller, 4 by hanging and one by slow slicing. Another 8 of them were sentenced to be sent to camp zero in Riysa for lifetime imprisonment, with loosing Cuscatlani citizenship. The last one was found innocent and released, but will be under careful observation of Officina Anticommunista Nacional (OAN) - Intelligence agency which was created to counter communist threats in Gran Cuscatlan.

The raids begun today at 01.30. Black clad policemen quickly attacked and seized the suspected communists. Inside their homes, BOEP found over 200 arms units, including AK-74, AK-12, Ak-47 and other mostly soviet arms, which were probably to serve the communists as means of starting their own guerilla organisation. Alongside them, over a tone of explosives were found, mostly home made, which were presumed to serve as a material to build IEDs. The communists were quickly arrested and moved to court, which in quick session found almost all of them guilty of conspiracy against the state and sentenced most of them to death. 9 of them were executed by being crushed under steamroller. After they were placed tied on a road, the steamroller ran over them, leaving only blood in it's wake. By coming slowly it allowed them to feel every inch of their body being grind. Rest of them, with exception of their leader, got merciful death by hanging. Their leader however, Eduardo Ortega, was executed by slow slicing. According to many, this was disgusting sight. The communist leader was placed on a pole, and then his body was slowly sliced by few people with machetes. He was dying for over 10 minutes, in extreme pain and torture. His mutilated body was then thrown into rubbish bin and moved to rubbish storage area.

After the communists were executed, riots started in Santiago. People were angry that communists were conspiring against the people, and begun rioting, demanding finding and execution of every communist that hides in the nation. Few overzealous citizens using their legal guns formed a militia and begun hunting commies on their own.

"This is a matter of Cuscatlani honour!" says Pedro Alvarez, Llanero and militia member "The commies conspire against us and must be removed so we may live freely again. Death to communism!"

It is unknown how many people were wounded in riots, as Police is currently evaluating the damage. It is estimated that Militia members shot at least 12 people suspected of sympathizing with Souriya Al-Assad. Caudillo Ferreira currently announced that every commie that dares to come to cuscatlan will have his legs cut. The situation is currently being evaluated.

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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Ghant » Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:27 am

ImageThe Opinion Magazine for Free Thinkers
Foreign Policy of Dai Nihon

The rise of Dai Nihon as the vanguard of the right and the nemesis of communism has taken the world by storm. Where did Shogun Kojiro come from, and what is his agenda? What is the endgame of Dai Nihon, and is it sustainable? Does the foreign policy of Dai Nihon have long term viability?

Emperor Go-Shunyan named Prime Minister General Maki Kojiro of the Imperial Diet as Shogun of the Imperial Armed Forces. It would appear as though this move is one made in order to consolidate military power within Dai Nihon. This move was predicated by nationalists overtures to unite several different nations under the banners of Dai Nihon. The move was supported by the National Revival Society (NRS), and many are left wondering if what is taking place is a power grab by the NRS, one that consists of the undermining of a democratic society in favor of a right wing military state.

It would be prudent to examine the nature of politics in Dai Nihon from the time prior to the rise of Shogun Maki Kojiro, to better understand the motivations behind the NRS and the general’s own agenda. Perhaps then, the foreign policy of Dai Nihon might make more sense and provide a better illustration of where the country came from, where it is now, and where it is going.

In the 1970s, Dai Nihon was lead by the Liberal Democrats, who, as it is understood, were ineffective in government. Due to this perceived ineffectiveness, the people themselves grew weary of the political left, associating them with being at odds with the traditional society of Dai Nihon. In a sense, one could argue that the Liberal Democrats attempted to bite off more than they could chew, and this led to the masses becoming inflamed against them.

As the old adage goes, if you bed the stick too hard to fast, it will break. The only way to bend the stick without breaking it is to bend it slowly and steadily over a protracted period of time. Alas, the Liberal Democrats it could be argued tried to do too much to fast, and what that created was a situation were the people were more favorable to the right, and those potential leaders that espoused the opposite values of those previously in power. Which, in the modern context, would be Kojiro.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Kojiro himself has publicly proclaimed his opposition to the left and has personally championed the cause of the right. Well, why wouldn’t he? The people generally seem predisposed of late to a right-wing national programme, and Kojiro, being as much a politician as he is a general, capitalized on this.

No one can doubt that Kojiro is an intelligent man who can properly structure an argument that favors his agenda. For instance, in one public address, he proclaims that there are two directions that Dai Nihon can go in- one being Marxism and the other Traditionalism. Simply put, Traditionalism comprises the cultural and social beliefs, customs and practices of the people of Dai Nihon, the same set of values that the people have lived by since antiquity, and what people have come to know and trust. Marxism, then, represents something foreign, something alien, and most importantly, something that is a dangerous…a threat to the very fabric of Dai Nihon.

Because Kojiro structured his argument in this way, naturally it compelled the people of Dai Nihon to flock to his programme of promoting cultural nationalism and opposing Marxism. But what does this opposition consist of? Does it extend beyond Dai Nihon into foreign nations?

Why yes…as a matter of fact it does.

Kojira maintains a carefully crafted image of promoting the traditional culture of Dai Nihon and opposing leftism. This image requires not just a domestic policy agenda, but also a foreign policy agenda as well. Which, needless to say, is rather ambitious.

Firstly it consists of brazen defiance of international law. Kojira has stated on record that the only law he means to care about is Nihonese law, with international law being something that matters not. But why is this? Simply put, it is part of the nationalist, anti-leftist agenda.

There is the belief among the leadership of Dai Nihon that leftism is evil. Because it is framed in such a way, it cannot be reasoned with, negotiated with or given any air of legitimacy. Rather, the programme consists of it being stamped out and destroyed, with Dai Nihon being the sword bearer.

The Shogun justified the rise of the militaristic state in Dai Nihon as necessary in order to combat the evils of communism, associating militarism with words like courage, virtue and good, and communism with evil, erosion, and cowardice. International law, therefore, exists as a potential tool that communists can exploit and use to either defend themselves or as an instrument to advance their own agenda, which Dai Nihon will not tolerate under any circumstances. As such, the perception is that any left-wing government anywhere, is a potential threat to Dai Nihon…a threat that needs to be curbed.

The endgame here should be evident, and it is quite ambitious. The Iron Pact with Riysa and Flardania consists of language pertinent to this agenda. Namely, limited the spread of communism abroad and eliminating leftist threats. Dai Nihon benefits from this agreement by acquiring oil from Riysa, which it can then use to fuel its war machine. In addition there is close military cooperation.

When one puts one plus two together, the three that it equals is a war machine meant to achieve one goal- the proliferation of the Nihonese Empire at the expense of other Asian nations with opposing ideologies, such as Cedoria. With the war machine primed and the resources needed to fuel it, the plan is to eradicate communism wherever it appears and wherever it is practical to target for termination.

The Emperor of Dai Nihon proposed a “Greater Dai Nihon Co-Prosperity Sphere,” with the goal of growing the Empire of Dai Nihon and bringing other Asian peoples under its banners. Flardania has agreed to become a part of this sphere willingly, while nations such as Cedoria may be brought into it by force.

Of course, this aggressive policy of expansion and anti-communism begs the question, “when does it end?”

That depends on what happens in Majuguo which, for all intents and purposes, is a litmus test for Nihonese foreign policy. Majuguo was labeled as a failed state by Dai Nihon, having been ruined by totalitarian socialism. As a result, Dai Nihon invaded under the pretext of being a stabilizing force that the people of Manjuguo needed in order to avoid oblivion.

It stands to reason that should this campaign succeed, that the regime in Dai Nihon will be emboldened and turn its sights elsewhere. Should it not succeed, then it is entirely possible that Dai Nihon falls back into a reserved pattern, which could hurt the standing of the Shogun. Because, as it stands, the regime depends upon its ability to project force abroad. Simply put, the campaign in Manjuguo must succeed, if Kojira is to maintain credibility within Dai Nihon.

This is often the case with highly nationalistic and militaristic states, in that the viability of their regimes domestically depend upon their ability to achieve their foreign policy objectives. And for Dai Nihon, that means “defeating” their communist foes. So, it is reasonable therefore to assume that they will continue in their foreign policy agenda until such a time as they can no longer sustain their foreign policy agenda.

Therein lies the double edged sword. The rhetoric that Kojira is using is widely popular with the people of Dai Nihon because it is seen as effective. That can only be maintained for as long as Dai Nihon succeeds in implementing its programme abroad. However, it stands to reason that eventually, there will be some setback to Nihonese ambitions, for not every military campaign can succeed for perpetuity. When that is, or under what circumstances that will come to pass, remain unknown. When one foreign policy objective doesn’t go as planned, how will people at home react to that? It is less a matter of if and more a matter of when. When it does occur, we shall see just how truly committed the people of Dai Nihon are to their current regime.
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Jan 03, 2015

Landstrider Air Force Base Operational in Ghant


By Annabelle Barca

IZOTAN, Ghant— One of the main objectives in an alliance with the Empire of Ghant for the Allied States of New Edom was having an Air Force base in northern Acheron, with advanced early warning systems for an area otherwise difficult to patrol. This has been achieved to great celebration.

It is a tense time for Northern Acheron, with tensions building about the fate of the occupied former nation of Nekulturnya being decided in Everton, Alizeria. But in the meantime, Landstrider Air Force Base, centered largely around maintaining maritime air patrols and maintaining a fixed radar array will serve as national, allied and regional security.

Since the time of socialist Norvenia's incursion into the Cornellian Region, and since multiple communist incursions including those of Carpathia and Moldova as well as multi-national Anarchist Brigades that acted as insurgents in New Edom's Bara Province, there has been concern about maintaining border patrols at all points of the compass. This has at last been achieved.

Good fortune and prayers accompany Major-General David Shinhusar, the new base commander, in his tour of duty commanding nearly 10,000 personnel in what will be the coldest deployment in the Department of Defense.

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