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PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 12:51 pm
by South Baggnagia

Foreign Ministry: North Baggnagia agrees to diplomatic talks with South Baggnagia over an avoided airspace clash


JUGAC, SOUTH BAGGNAGIA – In a secret Jugac–Silcenda agreement the North Baggnagian leadership has agreed to diplomatic talks offered by South Baggnagia. These are the breaking news coming in from the government at these moments. The agreement from North Baggnagia was announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Baggnagia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiated talks yesterday in the afternoon after the Congress of National Sovereignty of South Baggnagia gave such orders. The proposal for diplomatic talks was given by Foreign Minister Candidate Mina Symank and was accepted after much debate, controversy and disagreement. The South and North have been holding consistent talks for two and a half days and now the Foreign Ministry confirms that the North has agreed. The agreement to talks has come not only from the North’s diplomat but from Marshal Jan Tillich. The North Baggnagian leader and his diplomats are ready to meet Chairman of the Presidium of Congress of National Sovereignty of South Baggnagia Gustav Feldt and South Baggnagian diplomats at one of the Joint Security Areas on the border. For Chairman Gustav Feldt these would be second official talks with the North Baggnagian leadership after he met the previous North Baggnagian leader Chief of State Fran Hapenic at the same location. That was the first thaw between North and South. Now South Baggnagia wants a second one and one that could last longer. The hope is that the first thaw was cut short simply because of the change of leadership in North Baggnagia as an unfortunate coincidence.

This morning the North Baggnagian media spoke of the airspace incident of yesterday but there was not a single mention of diplomatic talks between North and South. It is doubtful that the North’s media will announce these talks too until they have happened. But under the previous leader Fran Hapenic the North’s media also did not announce the talks and they still successfully happen. For North Baggnagia it is probably a question of image and that is why their media is not covering it as extensively. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that the agreement is officially reached even with media silence from North Baggnagia like last time. The Congress stresses that the North’s media coverage is not of importance. Jugac and Silcenda reached an agreement verbally but the diplomats on both sides are still negotiating a date. Chairman Gustav Feldt hopes that until the day of the meeting comes the Congress of National Sovereignty will have voted Mina Symank into the office of Foreign Minister and she can lead the diplomatic delegation at the talks.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:53 am
by New Vesvai


National Renewal (NR) Party Leading In The Polls

In the campaign season towards early general election Adi Letago’s National Renewal (NR) is a clear poll leader. It is one of New Vesvai’s newest political parties and positions itself as a party created by New Vesvai’s recent Silver Revolution. NR is a political party that was formed by Adi Letago and associates. Adi Letago is celebrated as the hero of New Vesvai’s Silver Revolution because he led the protests that ousted the previous AIT-led government. This personal contribution of Letago himself drives the popularity of the party. But Letago and his associates want people to vote not just for the Party of Revolutionaries but for its electoral program too.

Domestically NR advocates for free healthcare, free education, LGBT rights, gender equality and animal rights among other things. On foreign policy NR supports New Vesvai joining SOWEFTA, pursuing closer cooperation and an official strategic partnership with MDAA, and finishing the border wall with the Dominion of Vesvai for national security. Letago also personally wants to see whistleblower and former Intelligence Directorate agent Kaleo Aitebi to be awarded and celebrated as a national hero who risked his life to expose the deposed government’s secrets. Ideologically NR describes itself as liberal and civic nationalist.

New Vesvai does not have a law that requires for the government to form a coalition with runner-up parties. By this liberty if NR keeps up these poll numbers and ends up winning it can become a single ruling party. So can any other party that ends up winning a clear majority. Only an evened out result among many competing parties would naturally require a coalition to be formed. The transitional government says it won’t be voting on changes to the systems and requiring a coalition because the transitional government does not have a mandate for such major changes. Acting Prime Minister Raio Foranel said straight up: “[T]he Supreme Court only gave us a mandate to keep the seats filled and New Vesvai running until a post-revolution new government is elected.”

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:17 pm
by The Layfetian Republic
The Layfetian Decision 2020


With the last of the three Executive Minister debates over, it is only a hop and a skip away from October 2nd - Election Day, Former President of the University of Mirvain Anthony J. Benson with Former Mirvain State Attorney General, Austin H. Whitaker as his running mate from the Capitalist Party coming out of the last debate strong. Former Deputy Layfetian Ambassador to Rukonia, Spencer L. Hastings with Former Layfetian Ambassador to the United Sunalayan-Assembly Francisco Lascano-Bravo from the Union Party barley leading in the polls. The race is one and the campaigns are now in their end games and it is anyone's guess who will win with the Layfetian public divided.

The Benson/Whitaker platform includes privatizing Layfet's state owned corporations, reducing taxes, ditching the Libfray for the Aurei, rebuilding the military, recalling "overstretched advantages" to certain groups, rebuilding Layfet's infrastructure, reducing the size of the government and its spending by cutting programs, returning powers to cities and states, redefining Layfet's alliances, selling the Willow Rose Launch Center and open more areas for economic activity.

The Hastings/Lascano-Bravo platform includes maintain a balance between private and state owned industry, remaking the tax bracket, keeping with Librfary, but introducing the Aurei for use in customs and government functions, maintaining the current military, protecting women and the disadvantaged, put more funding to science and education, reorganizing certain agencies of the government by compartmentalizing and reducing waste, moving Layfet away from its alliance with Keiz and strengthen its alliance with the VU, Rhodevus, and Librira and changing national park boundaries.

While we can safely report that current Counsel to the Executive Minister Ruth E. Runnings (P) will be the next Attorney-General with former lawyer Josh Mannings dropping out due to a recent sex scandal involving his niece and subsequent disbarment and that the Director of Layfet State Affairs will also be Layfetian Space Agency Director Amy E. Campbell (U) being the only person running for the position.

An international Nordipolica Post discovered that citizens in Umbrellya and Calva prefer Benson to take the position while other citizens in Dormill and Stiura, Makenzie and Athabaska, and Librira prefer Hastings to take the reigns. But it remains undecided elsewhere and it will all go down on October 2nd.


-Air Layfet closes reopens routes to Sunrisia.

-Benson and Hastings complete international tour

-Susan Polster says she won't endorse either candidate

-Edmond Dantes, former Executive Minister endorses Hastings

-Alex Terms, former CEO of National Robotics and Sir Graham Magnev of Capslandian Southwestern Rail endorse Benson

-Cataland State sells state owned land.

|HASTINGS - 51% |BENSON - 49%

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:13 am
by North Baggnagia

His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich watches testing of surface-to-air missiles near the South after cancelling diplomatic talks


NORTH BAGGNAGIA/SOUTH BAGGNAGIA BORDER – His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich has honored the North Baggnagian Holy Army by presiding over the testing of the nation’s surface-to-air missiles. The testing was done closer to the South and the batteries are kept their by the order of the Great Leader. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich accused the South’s collaborator colonial leadership of having sabotaged a diplomatic exchange that was reached. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich and the South’s authorities agreed to speak personally on the situation that recently happened. The South was provoking the North Baggnagian Holy Air Force to fight by trying to invade North Baggnagia’s holy skies and flying too close to the Holy planes. The Great Leader humbled the South by agreeing to give the collaborators a change to explain themselves.

This morning His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich declared that the South has sabotaged the agreement. The South’s planes with foreign imperialist planes are occupying the skies near the Motherland. The planes of the South and the imperialists keep growing while they call for diplomacy. The enemy tried to fool His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich and the Baggnagian people. The Great Leader declared that North Baggnagia will not take the bait and lay down its guard believing in diplomacy while the enemy militarizes. The growing presence of the South’s planes and imperialist planes threatens the Motherland. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich watched as the North Baggnagian Holy Army tested surface-to-air missiles by the Great Leader’s order. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich declared this to be a message that the North Baggnagian Holy Army is ready to shoot down the enemy planes and sees this undercover militarization of skies. The North Baggnagian Holy Air Force is ready to bomb the enemy’s land forces threatening to invade the Motherland. The North Baggnagian Holy Army is ready to attack at its fullest and destroy the collaborators together with the imperialists in the South if the enemy decides to speak with North Baggnagia through force.

His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich warned the South and the imperialists that the diplomatic talks are cancelled. The Great Leader warned that if the South and imperialists want to get back to the table they should then pull their planes and forces back because North Baggnagia will not submit and will not be intimidated by force.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 4:28 pm
by Sunrisia

2 Rival Groups Of Sunrisian Nationalists Hold Opposing Marches And Demonstrations In Orentan


Flags used by the first group of Nationalists. From left to right: Kingdom of Sunrisia (flag was later also used by the short-lived Absolute Democracy of Sunrisia), Republic of Sunrisia, Democratic Union of Sunrisia (this flag is also called the Union Banner), and the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia (present day).


The only flag used by the second group of Nationalists – the National Flag of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia, in their parallel and competing marches and demonstrations against the rival first group of Nationalists. Through their protest against the first group of Nationalists and the first group’s use of other flags, the second group of Nationalists show support for and allegiance only to the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia.


Controversial flags not used by either of the rival Nationalist groups and in neither of the rival marches and demonstrations. From left to right: North Sunrisia (design based on the flag of the Republic of Sunrisia), South Sunrisia (design based on the flag of the Kingdom of Sunrisia, which was also used by the short-lived Absolute Democracy of Sunrisia), and the Provisional Republic of Sunrisia (design also based on the flag of the Republic of Sunrisia). Law not determined yet on whether these flags can be legally desecrated.

Orentan, the national capital of Sunrisia, is again serving as an arena of ideological marches and demonstrations. In Sunrisia’s current historical period, the national capital and other cities across the country have primarily seen the domination of marches and demonstrations by Nationalists, Neo-Isolationists, Anti-Globalists, Anti-Colonialists and other sub-categories fitting into the same umbrella and amalgamation of ideas as these aforementioned ideologies. However, today, Orentan, which is the metropolis that combines a cyber-punk style, ancient Sunrisian architecture and our nation’s cultural values and inheritance from ancestors, is seeing Nationalists, the ideological proponents of Sunrisia’s current path, once again “organizing and leading the party.” Nevertheless, rather than march as one like they did before, the Sunrisian Nationalists have broken up into rival groups. Apparently, there are now different types and categories of Nationalists in the country, who might see eye-to-eye when it comes to bigger picture, but are divided by smaller differences. Or, they might actually not see eye-to-eye and approach Nationalism from different angles.

Today, one such Nationalist group is holding the “March of All Sunrisias” in Orentan. Right now, this march is only happening in Orentan, but they are calling onto their brethren to hold the same march in Ucinda, Lucera, Aestin and other major cities. They believe that the “March of All Sunrisias” will unite the country in celebration and remembrance of Sunrisian history. In the “March of All Sunrisias”, the Nationalists, supporters and fellow participants are carrying flags of 4 Sunrisias that existed throughout history. In this way, they want to visually display the evolution of the Sunrisian state throughout history. The displayed flags are of – the Kingdom of Sunrisia, the Republic of Sunrisia, the Democratic Union of Sunrisia and present-day Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia. The flag of the Kingdom of Sunrisia was also used by the short-lived Absolute Democracy of Sunrisia, which was founded after the Republic of Sunrisia fell in a coup d'état. The Absolute Democracy of Sunrisia itself would be later be divided into North and South. The Democratic Union of Sunrisia rose from the ashes when North and South were reunified following revolutions in both halves. The flag of the Democratic Union of Sunrisia is today referred to as the Union Banner. Today, it is used sometimes, although rarely, used as an accompanying banner positioned next to the flag of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia. The Presidential Standard is based on the Union Banner and serves as an altered version of the Union Banner, but there has been a rift among the Sunrisian Nationalists on whether the Union Banner should be given influence or exposure. Many support changing the Presidential Standard to a different and original design, while removing the Union Banner entirely as an accompanying banner to the national flag. They believe that the Union Banner can be displayed during national celebrations and mixed in with other flags and banners, without being singled out. The Nationalists, who organized and participate in the “March of All Sunrisias”, claim that this is their show of love for Sunrisian history, which is as patriotic and well…Nationalist as you can get, according to their argument.

However, it does not seem that all Sunrisian Nationalists think the same way. There are parallel marches and demonstrations being held by Nationalists, who swear allegiance to the present-day Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia only. They have also declared their love for Sunrisian history, but believe that “real” Nationalists, which was “a jab” at rival Nationalists holding the “March of All Sunrisias”, should only be allegiant to the present-day Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia. At their parallel marches and demonstrations, only the flag of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia could be seen. According to these particular Nationalists, the flags of the Kingdom of Sunrisia, the Republic of Sunrisia, the Democratic Union of Sunrisia and present-day Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia – all belong in a museum. Today, there is only 1 flag and 1 Sunrisia – the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia. The rival Nationalists, who support allegiance only to the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia and speak against the “March of All Sunrisias” held by other Nationalists, have called upon their own brethren and called on them to hold parallel marches of allegiance only to the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia, across the entire country.

During these competing marches and demonstrations between rival Nationalists in Orentan, rock, alternative rock, grunge, post-grunge, metal, alternative metal, nu metal, gothic metal, gothic rock, emo rock, punk, punk rock and other music leaning towards the dark and the macabre, was played on both sides. They were played during the marches and demonstrations through speakers, and also during the concerts at these competing gatherings of rival Nationalists. The only song that united them was the National Anthem of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia.

Speaking of other things that unite these 2 rival groups or types of Sunrisian Nationalists, the reassuring thing is that these different types of Nationalists are similar in their rejection of ideals linked to radical nationalism, such as xenophobia, supremacy, chauvinism and other evils. The Constitution of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia rejects these ideas and as proponents of the countries and the nation’s ideologies, all different types of Sunrisian Nationalists are united by mutual rejection of those evils. All of them defend the idea that anybody can become a Sunrisian if they want to join our society.

Probably the final thing that also bridged the gap between the 2 rival Nationalist groups, is that there were 3 controversial flags/symbols from Sunrisian history that were not used in any past demonstrations and not now on either side. Those symbols are – the flags of North Sunrisia, South Sunrisia and the Provisional Republic of Sunrisia. All 3 are highly-controversial in Sunrisia and have not been displayed anywhere or overall used in public, including in any marches, demonstrations, protests or mass gatherings and events. The 3 flags have remained ignored completely, despite their design being based on some historical Sunrisian flags that are being used in today’s “March of All Sunrisias.” The flags of North Sunrisia, South Sunrisia and the Provisional Republic of Sunrisia, or their replicas, can only be seen in a history museum today.

There have been calls to publicly desecrate the flags of North Sunrisia, South Sunrisia and the Provisional Republic of Sunrisia, but that has not been done so far in public. There is not a clearly-determined law that would allow or prohibit the desecration of controversial historical symbols of Sunrisia, referring specifically to these 3 flags, although it could be applied by some to other historical Sunrisian symbols as well.

In other news:

  • State visit by President Jall Cvīcli of Creperia continues, despite demonstrations in Orentan.

  • Spokesperson for the Department of International Relations Elén Spêctrá-Fâmína: “Sunrisia is watching the situation between North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia. We believe that the talks can be held between both halves of the divided nation without our participation. However, we think the surface-to-air missile tests by the North Baggnagian regime are ill-timed after both sides have agreed to negotiate.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:15 am
by South Baggnagia

Diplomatic talks sabotaged: South Baggnagia militarizes the border from its own side after North Baggnagian surface-to-air missile tests


NORTH BAGGNAGIA/SOUTH BAGGNAGIA BORDER – The South Baggnagian Protection Army has held a new mobilization and has stationed forces at the border with North Baggnagia. The border is undergoing intense militarization. The army is flooding the border areas and the number of military aircraft to police the airspace is increasing. The decision to take such a move was made with the recommendation of the Ministry of Defense of South Baggnagia now led by New Defense Minister Stanislaw Šturm. The Congress of National Sovereignty of South is defending this action by saying that North Baggnagia started first. The North began surface-to-air missile tests at the border with the South and stationed those batteries there. In their state propaganda Marshal Jan Tillich himself threatened to shoot down South Baggnagian Protection Air Force, strike land forces of the army and overall destroy “the South and the foreign imperialists.” The foreign imperialist part is referring to Sunrisia but Sunrisian Department of International Relations apparently has shaken these threats off in their yesterday’s response even after North Baggnagia threatened to destroy or drive them out.

Since Jugac and Silcenda agreed on diplomatic talks South Baggnagia tried not to make a single military move and limited military presence or activity on the border. New Minister of Defense Stanislaw Šturm recommended to increase the number of South Baggnagian aircraft policing the skies after the airspace incident. But the Congress postponed this action specifically not to agitate either side after the North Baggnagian leadership agreed to negotiate. The plan was to stay away from military activity until the day of the diplomatic talks which was not yet determined. Depending on the outcome of the talks more military activity would not have even necessary if the North and South learned peace. But the North went the exact opposite. They saw South Baggnagian pull-back as weakness and used the excuse of their being too many South Baggnagian planes near the border as a reason for surface-to-air missile tests and cancellation of diplomatic talks from their side. South Baggnagia specifically did not take any new military moves and the number of aircraft was the same as before. Even if it agitated the North they only reacted with an airspace provocation and later agreed to talk about it. Now the North’s leadership is using whatever excuses to avoid diplomacy as if they have nothing to say or excuse themselves of.

The troops of the South Baggnagian Protection Army are mobilizing forces along the border, bringing in weapons, vehicles and other tech. Only professionals are present while South Baggnagian conscripts are training and serving safely in the nation’s southern regions away from the tense border. The Congress of National Sovereignty called upon Sunrisia to become more active again in following its defense pact obligations. The allies are expected to join their forces into the mobilization.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:55 am
by Daredland

United Confederal Assembly rejecting the Germanic Union’s pro-Englean law proposals

Emblem of the Germanic Union

Lower house National Council and the upper house Council of States have been rejecting bills lobbied by the opposition Germanic Union coalition. GU has been calling for a set of bills it wanted to register for the MPs to vote but both chambers of the United Confederal Assembly of the Daredi Confederation have been rejecting all of GU’s proposals. Bills proposed by GU and their mere ideas have been especially rejected by the Pro-Liberty Front of a Western Corentian Daredland (PLFWCD) coalition which is seen as an arch nemesis and ideological polar opposite to GU. With lack of support GU members did not even bother to register or draft their bills. GU members simply believe that they are going to have to put more effort into the propaganda of their ideas and proposal to get public support. The United Confederal Assembly is too stubborn according to them. Members of PLFWCD went even further in bashing GU by asking why the coalition member Weniges Representation Front (WRF) party is still allowed to run in the elections and be part of the Daredi government even in the opposition. PLFWCD MPs called out WRF as a political wing of the Weniges militia that Daredland recognizes as terrorists and also called WRF an Englean proxy in the Daredi government with the rest of GU. Needless to say it was a noisy day in the lower house National Council and upper house Council of States but there was no brawl between MPs.

The proposed bills by GU that were rejected: 1. Recognition of the Englean Kaiserlich leadership which would re-recognize the Englean state from the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg to the Englean Kaiserreich. 2. Removal of the status of occupied territories from the land controlled by the self-declared Weniges Reich. 3. Stopping the investigation and prosecution of ex-Chancellor Friedrich Schäfer (now separatist Weniges and possibly Englean politician). GU did not even bother proposing a bill that would recognize the Weniges Reich as autonomous or sovereign because that is something that all parties and coalitions in the Daredi government and opposition are presently rejecting except for GU itself. The rest of the GU parties had to disappoint their coalition ally WRF.

The prominent opposition force that is the Germanic Union is struggling in the United Confederal Assembly. As a coalition of three openly pan-Germanist and pro-Englean parties: the Black Eagle Party (BEP), the Weniges Representation Front (WRF) and the Legion of Germanic Daredland (LGD) the GU feels outnumbered. All the other parties and coalitions in the government and opposition support a pro-Western Corentian trajectory for Daredland. This orientation was born from the Flaming Revolution and most citizens support it. GU is the only one looking eastwards but more so towards the Engleans specifically. GU is especially bickering with the Pro-Liberty Front of a Western Corentian Daredland (PLFWCD) which is a pro-Western Corentian coalition that led the first government of the Daredi Confederation after the Flaming Revolution. PLFWCD achieved associate membership for Daredland in MDAA and SOWEFTA much to the dismay of GU.

Today’s government of Daredland which is also the second government after the Flaming Revolution is led by the Legacy Protection Movement coalition. LPM positions itself as more moderate than both GU and PLFWCD. Unlike in the first general election after the Flaming Revolution GU has this time won some percentage and seats to be part of the LPM-led government as an opposition force. That was not the case in the first general election and GU had not part in the PLFWCD-led government with no votes gather. But even with GU now being an opposition force that holds seats in the Daredi government LPM is still the leader. LPM supports a pro-Western Corentian foreign policy but a less belligerent attitude. More so PLFWCD still plays a big role in the LPM-led government even if PLFWCD saw anti-corruption protests against its government and had to call for a snap election. PLFWCD was downgraded from its leadership and previous popularity but it remains highly influential in the government. Presently GU is still outnumbered in its leanings to the point where GU members want to negotiate with the Engleans separately. This could win them some points for trying to be peacemakers but it could easily cause even more distrust towards them as an Englean proxy in Daredland.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:59 am
by Frasian Viceroyalty

Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen Landtag Approve Bill on Daredland; Kaiserreich Set to Meet with Sunrisian Officials


Köthen, Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen, Englean Kaiserreich – In a surprising turn of events, reports originating out of the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen have indicated that the Kingdom's Landtag (the legislature of each Englean state) has voted to pass a bill that would recognise the Weniges Reich as the sole government present within the territory that formerly was known as "Daredland." In addition, this bill would also recognize the Daredi Germanic Union coalition as the sole governing party. When questioned, Minister President Eckard Wegner stated; "As the Germanic Union finds itself outnumbered by parties operated by the Occupational Government of Daredland, we here must stand in solidarity with our brethren. As the Imperial Government is attempting to create a reasonable agreement with Sunrisia and the Occupational Government for the sovereignty of the Weniges Reich, the Kingdom is able to use its Rights of Autonomy within the Imperial Charter to formally recognize the Weniges Reich. The Occupational Government of Daredland has shown that it prefers its Western occupiers over its own people, and wishes to alienate those of Germanic heritage. We must respond, and as of today, we have." With the passing of this bill, the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen will restrict communications involving Daredland with members of the Weniges government. This decision makes the Kingdom the first state within the Kaiserreich to officially take a significant stance on the Daredi-Weniges situation, as many states have chosen to align with the Imperial Government's current policy of peaceful Weniges sovereignty. It is important to remember that the decision of the Kingdom is independent from the decisions of the Imperial Government.

In other news, it has been confirmed that the Kaiserreich will be beginning talks with the Sunrisian government sometime this month. These talks were hinted at by Reichskanzler von Scherzinger earlier in the month, with the Reichskanzler wishing to attempt new negotiations between the two hostile nations. These talks will be the second between the nations, with a remarkably low number originating between the hostile relations between the nations and the split of East and West Corentia between the Kaiserreich and allies and the MDAA. These talks will most likely involve Sunrisian inquiries about the DCZR situation, which will be entering the ACIS Central Council for approval this week, and the Kaiserreich's requests in terms of the Weniges Reich situation. As the Kaiserreich does not recognise the legitimacy of the current Daredi government, it was decided to enter discussion with the primary source of Daredi support from western Corentia. The Auswärtiges Amt has assigned Edmund Weingaertner as the Special Envoy to Sunrisia for these discussions. It is currently unknown where the discussions will be held, but it is likely to be a neutral state.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:00 pm
by North Baggnagia

His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich deploys tanks towards the aggressive South, orders for more troops, vehicles and aircraft


NORTH BAGGNAGIA/SOUTH BAGGNAGIA BORDER – By the order of His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich the North Baggnagian Holy Army has positioned several tank brigades near the South. The Great Leader ordered for the North Baggnagian Holy Army to send in more troops, more vehicles and heavy artillery, more weapons and more planes in the South’s direction. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich wants to see the North Baggnagian Holy Air Force cover the sky so that the enemy sees no clouds, no birds, no stars but only our nation’s planes. The Great Leader wants even the North Baggnagian Holy Navy to get ready and move against the South’s shores in case of war. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich wants the Brave Soldiers of the North Baggnagian Holy Army to stand near the South at a formation of a human tsunami that can wash away the enemy-controlled territory.

His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich is furious and says that the enemy will never intimidate North Baggnagia through strength. Whatever the enemy sends in the Motherland’s direction North Baggnagia will have a number higher than that infinitely. The Great Leader wrote an Executive Order. The North Baggnagian Holy Army will no longer be pulling back. All the forces that the North Baggnagian Holy Army is now mobilizing will be standing at the border from now on by the Executive Order of the Great Leader. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich said that if the enemy wants to escape doom they will be forced to crawl to the Great Leader himself and repent. If His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich shows mercy then the newly sent forces will be pulled back from the South. Until then the North Baggnagian Holy Army will stay in its current battle positions. The Great Leader threatens to raise the Defcon status to another level.

His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich promises that North Baggnagians don’t have a sense of fear. Today they stand ready to destroy any enemy. The Great Leader says that North Baggnagia is acting out of mercy for the enemy that will be destroyed. As the Leader of All Baggnagians His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich does not want to harm fellow Baggnagians in the South when the North Baggnagian Holy Army marches to destroy the collaborationist authority and the imperialist occupants. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich has given the South one more chance to repent.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:23 pm
by Meinlaussheimr
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Interregnum Period Continues as Council Still Can't Reach a Majority Vote

Following the unfortunate passing of High Chieftain Lanzaöntúr Setêímr Petér Báopétistû sór Lanazôteš Dan Gekiwa Faïšdan Norál two weeks ago, the Council of Chiefs and Captains did not have a plan for who among them would become the next leader of the Roämars, with the Council being divided between three main candidates. These candidates can be considered the representatives of the current cultural divisions forming in Meinlaussheimr. Chief Dúlar Nědiüf Saïn Gupúronar sór Dunátuklár is held as the greatest voice of the traditionalists that wish to preserve the ancient practices of the Roämars, such as the nomadic lifestyle they are best known for. Chief Kéla Marijár Annemarijn Nomade sór Kilaséla is supported by some progressives for her desire to draft an update to Gudir's Law, the old lawbook that is used by the Roämars, and her support of a potential membership or possibly an association status with the VU. And lastly Captain Dukker Salazar, who wants to heavily industrialize Meinlaussheimr, since there are only a couple major cities and several mines in the countryside that are still being mined by hand. Captain Salazar also claims to have "truly, absolutely, massive plans" to "make Meinlaussheimr the best it can be".

The Roämari People are no strangers to long interregnum periods between High Chieftains, but normally these long periods are due to long travel times for the chiefs of some far-flung tribes on the other side of the continent (or world for that matter). But our current circumstances are rather unique because the Council is already all in the capital because of a standard meeting mere hours before High Chieftain Setêímr passed on to the next life.

In other news
  • New Friends! A moderately-sized caravan of non-Roämar nomads from Western Ventismar are formally requesting to be officially recognized as an honorary Roämar tribe.
  • Get your horses moving! The Celebration of Welno-Paushun in Salís is only two weeks away!
  • Should we boycott? The offensively named metal band Kaker DeathStar is planning on ending their Ventismar tour for their new album, "Caravan From Hell" in Meinlaussheimr. The band has poor relations with most Roämars on account of their name that features an ethnic slur against them, and several Roämari critics have called out their recent single, "Your Kid, My Stew", calling it "racist and tasteless".

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 5:43 pm
by Sunrisia

Sunrisia Again Promotes North Baggnagian Sanctions From Individual To State Ones: Sunrisia Warns That It Would Defend South Baggnagia


The Convet of the Nationalist Republic of Sunrisia has urgently voted on a fresh legislation authorizing to strengthen sanctions against North Baggnagia. The legislation has ordered to promote the individual sanctions that Sunrisia has imposed against the regime of North Baggnagia and those associated with it, to state ones against the actual country of North Baggnagia. This is the second time that Sunrisia promotes the North Baggnagian sanctions from individual ones to state ones, with the last time that was done having concluded in a productive diplomatic outcome. Usually, Sunrisia chooses to keep the individual sanctions only against the regime in North Baggnagia, so that only the dictatorship of the country takes a hit and not the citizens, whom Sunrisia wants to support against oppression with its’ policy against the North Baggnagian regime. The sanctions against North Baggnagia have been promoted from individual to state ones, including last time and this time, during rapid hostile escalations with the need to undermine the strength that the North Baggnagian state could use for an aggressive foreign policy, especially in the heat of the moment. After the Sunrisian lawmakers voted in favor of a legislation to promote the sanctions against North Baggnagia from individual to state ones, the bill travelled to the desk of President Válîd Sâlúbĕr. The head of state is still with President Jall Cvīcli of Creperia, who is still on a state visit to Sunrisia, but is wrapping it up. President Sâlúbĕr promised to sign the strengthened sanctions into law immediately, as a major step of retaliating and also deterring the increasingly-belligerent North Baggnagia.

We remind that this strengthening of sanctions is linked to the escalation of tensions between North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia. After a recent incident between both countries on the border between their airspaces, both sides seem to have agreed on diplomatic talks. However, just as the South and the North relieved the tensions and were preparing for a diplomatic engagement, the North Baggnagian regime tested surface-to-air missiles at the border with the South without provocation, thus subsequently sabotaging the diplomatic talks that were agreed on and forcing South Baggnagia to mobilize for defense, rather than focus on diplomatic engagement that the North unilaterally pulled out of. Moreover, the North Baggnagian Military left the surface-to-air missile batteries at the border, while the state propaganda of the regime was projecting hatred and hostility towards South Baggnagia and also our country. In response to South Baggnagian defensive stance, more aggressive rhetoric and literal military maneuvers came from North Baggnagia. The regime has begun militarizing the border, pointing fingers at South Baggnagia and Sunrisia to justify their militarization. The North Baggnagian state media quoted and paraphrased Dictator Jan Tillich as promising to destroy South Baggnagia and Sunrisian forces in the country.

With the kind of situation that has developed, Minister of International Relations Edén Sȏlítûdá advised that President Válîd Sâlúbĕr call Chairman Gustav Feldt of South Baggnagia. Minister of Security Vírân Spêctér promised to contact General Emér Pârsīná, the Commander of Sunrisian Forces – South Baggnagia (SFSB). National Defense Consultant Clîpăs Dépúlsên said that if North Baggnagia starts clearly pushing for an open military confrontation, then he would advise to call up a National Defense Council meeting specifically to discuss the current escalation between North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia. Minister of Security Vírân Spêctér reminded that the Mutual Defense Treaty (Sunrisia–South Baggnagia) obligates Sunrisia to protect South Baggnagia from external military attack. The Minister directed the message at the regime and additionally reminded that Sunrisia has 23,000 combat-ready military personnel in South Baggnagia and that is just in Sunrisian Forces – South Baggnagia (SFSB). That does not include the Sunrisian half of the Joint Task Force (JTF) with South Baggnagia and also the subdivision of SFSB, which is Sunrisian Army – Neodvisni. Minister Spêctér said that the current number of forces “can take on” North Baggnagian forces in case they attack, before the Rapid Reaction Units (RRU) and other reinforcements would have to be deployed to North Baggnagia in case of a military conflict. Right now, Sunrisia will not be increasing the number of its’ forces.

Emissary for Adversary Exchanges (EAE) of Sunrisia Avér Inîmīcâ advised that the North Baggnagian regime get back to the diplomatic talks with South Baggnagia that the sides had originally agreed on. The Emissary stated that the North Baggnagian side has been the only one changing the status quo and balancing on the violating of a signed cease-fire between the sides, without having any actual excuse for its’ belligerency. The Emissary stated that as a diplomat, he hopes to see the North Baggnagian regime get back to the negotiations it originally agreed on with South Baggnagia.

In other news:

  • Authorities in Orentan say that the opposing marches and demonstrations by rival Nationalist groups in Sunrisia’s capital have been peaceful.

  • The state visit by President Jall Cvīcli of Creperia to Sunrisia is approaching conclusion.

  • Emissary for Adversary Exchanges (EAE) of Sunrisia Avér Inîmīcâ and Special Envoy to Sunrisia Edmund Weingaertner of the Englean Kaiserreich should meet in a neutral location by the end of September.

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by Capsland

BREAKING Helen Maple MP Secures SDP Leadership in Final Leadership Vote

Helen Maple remains a controversial figure in the SDP with some SDP MPs threatening to resign


What most consider a 'far-left activist' and former Trade Union Congresswoman, Helen Maple, has secured the leadership of the Social Democratic Party in the final vote of the 732,433 members of the Social Democratic Party.

It was an exceptionally close race with Helen Maple receiving 308,180 votes - 53% of the total 581,472 votes submitted by SDP members. With her rival, ex-banker Geoff-Dundas Litten MP only securing 255,847 votes - 44% of the total vote. The norm for most SDP leadership ballots being an overwhelming majority for the winner.

So what does this mean for the future of the party? What were Helen Maple's pledges to members? Analysis by Dr Sebastian Mayor.

It seems as though the membership has gone against the initial preference of SDP MPs in the National Parliament. It was only in late July when the plurality of SDP MPs chose Ms. Maple's rival, Geoff-Dundas Litten MP, to be leader but he still failed to gain an absolute majority within the party. Litten was seen as the natural successor to Barbara Giles, even being endorsed by former Executive Chancellor, Horatio Eldbridge. He was part of the SDPs 'inner circle' and represented the classic face of the SDP.

However, Helen Maple, it seems, has managed to tap into a deep disconnect of the SDP membership of the established 'inner circle' and utilise it to her advantage. It became clear Maple was using this tactic when she went against all convention and turned down a request to take part in a televised leadership debate to instead tour the northern coal mines of Capsland.

This - quite abnormal - tour of Capsland's coal mines coupled with her constant pledges to "reinvigorate the national mood" gave her a leading edge and clearly took the SDP establishment by surprise. Some SDP MPs called this a "dangerously populist and divisive move".

Her pledges were very locally focused and all over the place. It regularly seemed as though she often made on-the-whim promises depending on wherever she was. Promising to reopen and re-nationalise the CapslandSteel steel mill in Garddrin, previously the largest steel mill in Ventismar before its closing in 2001, she also promised to try to repeal the 'PALS2 Agreement' and fight for a "better deal" within the Ventismarian Union on terms favourable to Capsland such as massive VU rebates and a cease to further Ventismarian integration.

Promises didn't end there. In the last legs of her journey she visited Goldwyn, - an ardent unionist, she said she would immediately go into talks with the Goldwyn nationalist Liberation Party about the future of the Goldwyn legislature. Currently the Liberation Party is in power in Goldwyn's parliament with the support of the SDP, if Ms. Maple were to rescind support for the Liberation Party, it'd most likely end in another snap-election for Goldwyn which would be the third election in Goldwyn in 2 years. However, leader of the Goldwynian branch of the SDP, Pierre Dumont MGP (SDP), has said if he were forced to pull out of the confidence and supply arrangement in Goldwyn he would resign from the SDP and continue supporting the Goldwynian executive to avoid another election. This situation will probably be the first test of Helen Maple's leadership and could shape the future of the SDP.

Helen Maple MP starts her tenure as leader tomorrow, with former leader, Barbara Giles MP, taking to the backbenches once again.

In other News
- Nashwell spending review scheduled for next budget: More money for Nashwell or the beginning of cuts?
- Interview: Winston Gargoel-Frederick Ferdinand MVP, chief whip for Ventismar Sovereignties, openly debating expelling Layfetian Nationalist Party from Ventismarian coalition
- Trade Union Congress holds celebratory dinner in honour of Helen Maple's victory
- Prime Minister of Rewland, Sir Anthony Finest (SDP), says he is "watching developments closely" as Ms. Maple announces victory

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by South Baggnagia

Cease-fire violated after North Baggnagia shoots down a South Baggnagian jet


NORTH BAGGNAGIA/SOUTH BAGGNAGIA BORDER – The military stand-off between North and South Baggnagia has surpassed 24 hours now. Both militaries have been armed and ready but nobody fired the first shot until now. For a moment it seemed that both sides understood how hard it was to reach a cease-fire that was signed by both and the consequences its collapse would bring. But both sides understanding those consequences seemed too good to be true. The North Baggnagian army shot down a jet of the South Baggnagian Protection Air Force. Thankfully the pilot managed to eject before his plane was hit and caught fire as it was moving towards the ground to crash. The pilot had parachuted himself somewhere at the border zone. The South Baggnagian army is now looking for the pilot to evacuate him and give him medical attention. It is important to find and evacuate the pilot because if he was injured then the army does not have much time and he needs urgent help. The border also remains a highly intense zone since this shoot-down so the pilot needs to be taken to safety in case events escalate. The South Baggnagian Protection Army has not disclosed the identity of the pilot yet.

The South Baggnagian jet was shot down by one of the surface-to-air missiles that North Baggnagia tested at the border and which led to this escalation in the first place. All parts of the South Baggnagian armed forces were ordered to stay on the South’s territory so there was no way there could’ve been a violation that allowed for the North to rightfully shoot down the South’s plane. It was nothing more than a provocation from the leadership according to the armed forces. With this shoot-down North Baggnagia formally violated the cease-fire that was signed by North and South Baggnagia during the first official negotiations at the common border. North Baggnagian leader Marshal Jan Tillich also disgraced the legacy of his predecessor Chief of State Fran Hapenic. He was the one who signed the cease-fire on North Baggnagian behalf. There is no reason to doubt or question if this shoot-down or the entire provocation and escalation was orchestrated by Marshal Jan Tillich. The behavior of North Baggnagia has clearly become more aggressive since Jan Tillich took over from Fran Hapenic after the former’s death. It cannot be just a coincidence.

The Congress of National Sovereignty of South Baggnagia has compared this shoot-down of a South Baggnagian jet to an act of war. South Baggnagia will not move forward to retaliate because escalation and an emotional response might be a trap set by the North. Still the South Baggnagian Protection Army is now in battle readiness mode. The Congress thanked ally Sunrisia for its toughening of sanctions on North Baggnagia for the neighbor’s aggressive attitude and asked that the Sunrisian forces stand with South Baggnagian forces according to the defense pact. The border will now be watched 24/7 in South Baggnagia. Chairman of the Presidium of Congress of National Sovereignty of South Baggnagia Gustav Feldt called out to the North and reminded Marshal Jan Tillich that his leadership can still choose diplomacy. Threatening the life of a South Baggnagian soldier is already a testing of patience but since the pilot is presumably alive diplomacy is still on the table. Most of the Congress is not entirely on the same page as Chairman Gustav Feldt and call for a stronger approach towards the North.

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by Eikangaard

Communists Take Rurskaad Bay Choke Point, Offensive Peters Off

The Communists have taken control of the Rurskaad Bay Chokepoint early this morning, officially taking the position that the Republican Armed Forces decreed it could not lose. As the Republican Army desperately rushes troops to the front, they are now gearing up for a further push south by the Communists. "This loss gives the Communists access to a narrower front." Said Military Analyst Jans Fulgersen during an interview with EMN News. "This narrowed front will give the Communists the ability to reorganize and bolster their forces for a renewed push southward. While this would give us time to gather our own forces and try to hold back the tide, we must face facts that if we continue to play this war defensively, we will surely lose."

It appears that the Armed Forces have taken this ideology to heart, as they are currently gearing up for a major counter-offensive which they hope will break through the Communist lines for a push northward. "If we can break through the Communists lines," Said General Mikael Turbrusten. "then I have no doubt that we can push north and end this war as the victor. However, I must send out a plea to our allies abroad, especially in the Ventismarian Union. The faster this war is won, the fewer of our countrymen are killed in the line of duty. They should not be made to die at the hands of the terrorist monsters who started this war."

Rurskaad Bay Taken, Defensive Line to be Established

The National Defense Army has succeeded in its plan to take the Rurskaad Bay Choke Point, allowing for a more easily defensible frontline. This is crucial as most top military officials believe that the Republic's allies in the VU are likely about to declare war and strike at the EUSR. Prior to the establishment of this defensive line, the Socialist Republic was dangerously exposed to VU strikes. Now, however, they believe that they may be able to redeploy forces to other locations throughout the country to hopefully respond to an eventual VU attack.

"The chances of our nation soon being at war with most of Ventismar is high." Said Field Marshall Mikkenen. "Since the political squabble between ourselves and the Republic began, most VU-aligned nations have sided unwaveringly with the Republic. This means that the VU, to protect its interests, will likely intervene in their defense. We must be ready to repel such an attack."

The establishment of a defensive position around Rurskaad Bay makes attacks via a land-route far more difficult, and naval invasions have been, historically, quite costly for the attacker outside the use of overwhelming force. It has been noted that the current defensive plan makes it unappealing for the VU to get involved outside of moderate support for the Republic, as such a large invasion may be seen as too costly. For this reason, the People's National Defense Army states that further offensive actions against the Republic are not planned.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:24 am
by South Baggnagia

North and South Baggnagian drones openly battle each other


NORTH BAGGNAGIA/SOUTH BAGGNAGIA BORDER – The collapse of the cease-fire has now led to the first lengthily escalation of fighting. It is the best of the worst scenarios possible because at least the soldiers on neither side are engaged. North and South Baggnagian drones have been sent to battle at the border instead of personnel. Armed drones are locating each other’s targets and firing at them. The battle started when the North Baggnagian forces had sent some of their drones to strike land and air targets on the South’s side. The South Baggnagian Protection Army responded by sending their own drones to destroy the North’s drones and strike North Baggnagian land and air targets if they join the fight. Right now this engagement has escalated into an interesting battle of armed fighting drones between each other. The remote-controlled aircraft of the North and the South are destroying each other and crashing into the ground one after another like falling stars. Interestingly enough the armies of North and South are just left to stand and watch this….craziness.

On some good news from the frontline the South Baggnagian Protection Army has located the pilot whose plane was shot down by the North Baggnagians. In an intense zone that the border has now become after the cease-fire’s collapse the troops have evacuated the pilot on a land vehicle. Evacuating him in a medical helicopter was too risky because the North Baggnagians might shoot it down now that the cease-fire is not in effect. The pilot is being taken to the nearest medical facility of the military. So far the army says that the pilot does not appear to have suffered any major injuries but looks exhausted and dehydrated. He might have suffered some first degree burns from the explosion of his aircraft that was fired at. The slightly damaged clothing from the fire seems to suggest burns. The army still has not revealed the name of this hero but the troops say that the priorities are elsewhere now. Stay tuned.

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by Daredland

Konföderaleswehr increases security control of the Weniges demarcation line after the vote in the Englean Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen


Territories occupied by the self-declared Weniges Reich shown in red.

In the Daredi Confederation all attention has been aimed at the issues concerning the demarcation line with the self-declared Hasperan Republic. The issue has been so intense that it was causing rifts within the government and disagreements among top officials. Dealing with the self-declared Hasperan Republic has pretty much pulled away the Daredi government’s attention from dealing with the self-declared Weniges Reich. At the moment neither of the Confederal Ministries are focused on the self-declared Weniges Reich in the same capacity as the self-declared Hasperan Republic. Towards the self-declared Weniges Reich the policy has pretty much been the maintenance of the status quo and having the military guard the demarcation line from Daredland’s side. The self-declared Weniges Reich has been pretty much stonewalled by the Daredi government for some time except for the opposition parties that retain the reputation of being pro-Englean and pan-Germanist. As ironic as it may sound ignoring the self-declared Weniges Reich by the Daredi government still does not mean the recognition of the seizure and secession of Daredland’s eastern territories by Englean-backed militia under a Weniges flag. But that period of stonewalling has now been interrupted. The government in capital Freihat has been forced to briefly turn away from the self-declared Hasperan Republic and look back eastwards at the self-declared Weniges Reich.

Confederal Ministry of Defense and Protection of the Daredi Confederation informed the public that the Daredi Konföderaleswehr has tightened security of the Daredi side of the demarcation line that separates the self-declared Weniges Reich from the rest of the Confederation. This move is a Daredi reaction to the vote in the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen, a state of the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg. The Landtag of the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen has voted on Monday to recognize the militant leadership of the self-declared Weniges Reich as the sole legitimate government of all of the Daredi Confederation. In the same bill the Landtag recognizes the opposition Germanic Union coalition as the sole governing party in the Daredi Confederation. The rest of the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg and the Imperial Government currently in control of the Englean state further upholds the policy of recognizing the current government of Daredland as “Occupational Government.” The Englean state of the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen has gone the furthest out of all the states of the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg. Not only has one of the Englean states just recognized the Englean-backed militia leadership in the Weniges Reich as the sole legitimate government of Daredland but it has also recognized the Germanic Union as the sole legitimate party in Daredland. Simultaneously and quite paradoxically the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen seems to now refer to “Daredland” in quotation marks as if it no longer recognizes not only the “Occupational Government” but also the Daredi sovereign state as a whole. In that case it seems counter-productive to recognize other political structures as parts of a sole legitimate government in a territory that you appear to no longer recognize as existing.

That is the only conclusion that can be made from the Englean media which covered the story of the vote in the Landtag of the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen. They reported: “[T]he Kingdom's Landtag (the legislature of each Englean state) has voted to pass a bill that would recognise the Weniges Reich as the sole government present within the territory that formerly was known as "Daredland." In addition, this bill would also recognize the Daredi Germanic Union coalition as the sole governing party.” – A fragment from Frasysk Nasjonalekrante. Ostfriesische Zeitung, a publication from the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg.

After all these news from the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg the Daredi Konföderaleswehr has been tightening security on the Daredi side since this early morning. The military remains directly responsible for duties that are similar to border patrol at war time except that the demarcation line is not a legit international border. It is a demarcation line separating an occupied and militant-controlled territory of Daredland from the rest of Daredland. That is why the military handles the duties of controlling that perimeter and not the Daredi Border Guard. Up until the brief armed conflict in the pre-revolution Daredland that originally birthed the self-declared Weniges Reich the Daredi Border Guard patrolled the Daredi–Englean border. Today Daredi jurisdiction has no access to the Daredi–Englean border because the Daredi side of that border is controlled by the self-declared Weniges Reich. Daredland still has no access to it. The Daredi Confederation cannot control how many forces, armaments or other supplies the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg sends to the territory occupied by the Weniges militia. All hope is on Daredi reconnaissance and operations by the Daredi intelligence agencies to track that influx if it’s indeed coming in. Many in Daredland doubt that the self-declared Weniges Reich would have lasted without Englean sponsorship.

But what is the link between the Daredi Konföderaleswehr tightening the demarcation line security and the vote in the Landtag of the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen? Special Representative for Interactions with the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg Niklas Böhler has a response that can be read as the official government’s explanation:

“If the Englean state of the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen has switched recognition to the Weniges separatists and pro-Englean and pan-Germanist parties in Daredland as parts of the sole legitimate government of Daredland then it creates a dangerous situation. It means that the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen looks only to the Weniges separatist leadership and pro-Englean parties in Daredland as the sole government of Daredland that regulates the relations between our nation and the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen specifically. In that case the Weniges militia can invite over armed volunteers or some other equivalent of a military force from Anhalt-Köthen not only into the self-declared Weniges Reich but the rest of Daredland too. In the eyes of Anhalt-Köthen that would be perfectly legitimate from their autonomous law because the sole legitimate government of all of Daredland would be inviting armed formations from Anhalt-Köthen to the territory it supposedly legally governs. That is dangerous. It is also alarming that Frasysk Nasjonalekrante. Ostfriesische Zeitung has referred to the name of “Daredland” in quotation marks. I won’t repeat the full sentence but there was a phrase in that publication that called us: “[T]he territory that formerly was known as "Daredland."” This hints that the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen might not even recognize Daredland as a nation which by this logic means that Anhalt-Köthen could perceive us as a territory without any sovereignty or legal status. And that would make it even more open for an armed incursion into the rest of the Daredi Confederation. I’m not making any suggestions here but just laying out the risks. Believe me when I say that the Confederal Ministry of Defense and Protection of the Daredi Confederation and the Daredi Konföderaleswehr are well aware of all of this and well-prepared.

The Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg remains a national security threat to the Daredi Confederation in its entirety but the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen even more so than the rest of the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg. If there was ever a possibility that Daredland could abolish the visa regime with the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg then that possibility has now drifted away from reality all because of the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen who ruined this possibility for the rest of the Englean nation. The visa regime will definitely have to stay in place for national security and we can’t single out which states of the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg we do have a visa regime with and which we do not. It’s either all or none. Right now it’s for all and I imagine it’s going to stay that way. That being said the decision for the rest of the Englean Imperial Government currently ruling over the Englean sovereign state not to follow through with the decision of the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen brings hope. This leaves an opening for some form of normalization in the future. We would urge that the Imperial Government in the Kaiserlich-Controlled State of Engleberg pressure its nation’s territory that is the Kingdom of Anhalt-Köthen and not allow it to take military action. I can’t say anything more than that at this point.”

On another note the Confederal Minister of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced People of the Daredi Confederation Andrea Färber also released a statement. She said that the tightening of security on the demarcation line by the Daredi Konföderaleswehr would not interfere with ensuring a safe passage for defectors and refugees crossing over from the Weniges Reich into Daredi-controlled territory across the demarcation line. The Daredi Confederation has not been sending humanitarian supplies to the self-declared Weniges Reich like it has been doing with the self-declared Weniges Reich. But there is also no official law or command to the military to blockade the Weniges Reich. Deciding on a clear strategy would cause much drawn-out debate and division in Daredi government and society. So for the time being there’s probably a natural assumption that the Englean sponsors are sustaining the self-declared Weniges Reich while their proxies are in control.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:35 pm
by Rhodevus
Rhodevus Blocks Production of War of Flowers Movie

Blue Light Productions, one of the largest movie studios in the country has gone to the courts to fight against the Rhodeve government. For what? The forced cancellation of an upcoming historical action move called Underground. Underground, to be directed by George Castaillo with Andrew Sugli, Quinn Stacy and Monty Fissher set to lead was set around the War of Flowers in the late 1970s.

The official reason issued by the Department of National Security states that the reason the production of this movie has been barred is due to ‘the potential to release classified information regarding events, troops movements, strategy and/or tactics during the War of Flowers from 1977 to 1979.’

Blue Light Production’s senior chief financial officer told the press before court proceedings are to begin, “the government’s statement is complete malarkey. The war happened, what? Half a century ago? Most potentially classified information would have already been released to the public by now or become irrelevant. Let’s face it. The feds just don’t want to spark any tension with Independencers or monarchists. I can right now start making a movie about James [Wolff]’s life or about the James’ Wars in their entirety, with the queen, or [General Sir] Richard Weivar or even [General] Timmel as primary characters and it will slide ride through into production. Maybe even with a little monetary compensation to help keep it accurate.

“But the War of Flowers? No, that’s too crucial. Too classified. It’s government censorship, that’s what it is. And that’s what we will be fighting in court.”

Independencers are a colloquial nickname for supporters of The Free Galaria Party, Le Parti de la Liberté (Freedom Party) and Kingdoms of Flowers Party, all of whom support the independence of the Ile du Fleurs from Rhodevus.

The War of Flowers from 1977-1979 was a militant attempt at gaining independence after the Failed Referendum, which saw a 49.5 to 50.5 split in a vote for independence. After initial clashes between police and pro-independence protesters and later, clashes between RRMP and protesters, 40 warships were sent to the Ile du Fleurs in order to end hostilities and the call to arms and open war by communist, republican and monarchist independencers. The official end to the war was on June 3, 1979, although soldiers would maintain a strong presence in the autonomous IdF area until 1981.

While support for independence has decreased substantially, since the late-1970s, pro-independence movements are still around and support for independence is commonly between 5-35%.

Queen Diana has remained silent on the matter, which many have come to see as a statement by omission. Her representative did state, “were the queen to support the Ministry of National Security and its cancellation as an official decree, this entire case can be thrown out of court. In this regard, the monarch’s rule is still quite absolute.”

While currently in Provincial court, Rhodevus v Blue Light Productions may progress to federal court.

Rhodeves themselves are mixed on the issue. Currently “#MovieOfFlowers” and “#FightBlueLight” are trending on Tweeter nationally in support of Blue Light Productions. One fan said in a tweeter post, ‘Let’s open up the War of Flowers to the big screen. Loads of stories to tell. Could give WWII a run for its money.’

Opening statements by both sides in court are set to begin on Friday.

In Other News:

-Rhodevus states it will not get involved in Eikangaard, unless asked to by the USA. Recommends others do the same

-Rhodevus to attempt to speak with Sunrisia about reduction of tensions between both nations and potential to reopen lines of communication through embassies or consulates

-Fire at Rhodevus’s Maple Syrup Reserves. 14 million NSD in damages and lost product

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:46 pm
by South Baggnagia

North and South Baggnagian soldiers now engaging in an open battle after the cease-fire collapses


NORTH BAGGNAGIA/SOUTH BAGGNAGIA BORDER – The drone battle is over. North and South Baggnagia have both lost a significant amount of drones in this fire exchange. But that now unfortunately means that actual living soldiers are next to fight. The collapsed cease-fire has escalated into a third phase of escalation. First was a shoot-down of a South Baggnagian plane, then a battle between the North and South drones, and now open border clashes between the South Baggnagian Protection Army and the North Baggnagian Holy Army. North and South Baggnagian troops have exchanged first open fire since the collapse of the cease-fire. Border clashes have begun. The armies are taking the lead in firing at each other from across the border while taking cover. Weapons systems are being used by both sides at moments when they see an opening to jump out from behind cover and open fire from the weapons systems. Tanks are rolling forward and bullets are bouncing off of them. South Baggnagian troops have been ordered not to have their tanks come too close to the North’s border. Bullets obviously can’t take the tanks so the enemy side is using bazookas which can quickly destroy the tank. In that case the troops are trying to cover the tanks by taking the attention of the enemy. Bazookas and rocket launchers are being used against enemy soldiers piled up in a single comfortable spot to strike. Aircraft is trying to provide cover fire for the land forces but it is too vulnerable for the other side’s surface-to-air missiles. This is especially a high risk and their accuracy is undisputed after a South Baggnagian jet was shot down by the North and this whole mess started. From remote areas troops are trying to decrease the number of enemy manpower by sweeping through them with machine guns. Right now things look chaotic.

The command of the South Baggnagian Protection Army is now trying to reach the command of the North Baggnagian Holy Army and convince them to pull back heavy artillery. They want to degrade the battle to a gunfire exchange from defensive positions. That would minimize the intensity until a cease-fire is reinstated. The Congress of National Sovereignty of South Baggnagia has called for a cease-fire to be called again by both sides. Chairman of the Presidium of Congress of National Sovereignty of South Baggnagia Gustav Feldt said he wants to somehow contact North Baggnagian leader Marshal Jan Tillich and agree to stop the madness at the border. The Chairman wants to meet with Marshal Tillich at one of the Joint Security Areas as they were originally supposed to but this time also to sign a new cease-fire agreement since this one collapsed.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 12, 2019 2:54 am
by Sunrisia


President Válîd Sâlúbĕr Threatens To Strike Military Targets In North Baggnagia Without An Open Invasion If The Regime Does Not Agree To A Cease-Fire



The National Defense Council has held an emergency meeting to discuss the escalating situation between North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia. The meeting was called up by the initiative of National Defense Consultant Clîpăs Dépúlsên, who recommended that President Válîd Sâlúbĕr call up the meeting ASAP. The President was now free to respond appropriately, as President Jall Cvīcli of Creperia finished his first official state visit and departed Sunrisia. Immediately after the foreign guest left, President Válîd Sâlúbĕr rushed to signing into law the extended sanctions against North Baggnagia that were approved by the Convet. Afterwards, the President went by the advice of National Defense Consultant Clîpăs Dépúlsên and called up a National Defense Council to work out a strategy. Prior to that, Minister of Security Vírân Spêctér contacted General Emér Pârsīná, the Commander of Sunrisian Forces – South Baggnagia (SFSB) and its’ sub-division Sunrisian Army – Neodvisni (SAN), and said that they be ready to join the South Baggnagian forces in battle if the North’s regime makes an open military move. Commander-in-chief President Válîd Sâlúbĕr approved of the message sent by Minister of Security Vírân Spêctér. What followed was the National Defense Council meeting.

After the meeting was over, President Válîd Sâlúbĕr walked out before the media at the Presidential Palace for a briefing and a statement. The commander-in-chief had National Defense Consultant Clîpăs Dépúlsên stand to his left, while Minister of Security Vírân Spêctér stood to the President’s right, as the head of state issued his statement. Usually, President Válîd Sâlúbĕr leaves the 2 officials by his side to speak on defense and military matters on behalf of the Sâlúbĕr administration, but this time the President has made an exception and delivered the statement himself:

There is no question that since Marshal Jan Tillich took over as the second and current dictator of North Baggnagia after the death of his predecessor Chief of State Fran Hapenic, North Baggnagia has become even more aggressive than before. It cannot be just a coincidence and that is something that our allies in South Baggnagia have noticed as well. The dictatorship of Marshal Jan Tillich has worked deliberately to destroy the thaw or a state of flawed peace that was achieved in part by the political will of Fran Hapenic before him. It is almost like the Marshal has something to prove or he just wants to dismantle the peaceful coexistence framework that was achieved before his time, simply because it does not give the North Baggnagian regime any room for maneuver, for blackmail or reason to demand a “new and better deal” for the regime. More so, most authoritarian and totalitarian regime have existed on the concept of an external enemy to mobilize the dominated populace around them, with the help of the state propaganda machine, against a common enemy of the nation. With the external threat gone and potential coexistence achieved with South Baggnagia, the North Baggnagian populace might start asking the dictatorship uncomfortable questions about the quality of life, their rights, whether there is a reason to militarize further, etc. Moreover, it destroys the myth and the legend manufactured by the North Baggnagian propaganda that South Baggnagia is actually an occupied half of the country under the control of foreign imperialists and it must be liberated by an ever-growing an arming North Baggnagian Military.

To get straight to the point of what we are talking about at these hours, when the border between North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia is on fire, as we stand speaking here. The provocations from the North’s regime, a lot of which South Baggnagia has appropriately countered or defused, have unfortunately brought the result that the dictatorship was probably expecting. South Baggnagia effectively dodged bullets figuratively and literally, always suggesting diplomacy afterwards. The South never took the bait. However, North Baggnagia has recently shot down a jet of the South Baggnagian Protection Air Force. Fortunately, the pilot ejected on time, but it took a while for him to be found. South Baggnagian media sources informed us that he was exhausted, dehydrated and possibly wounded, including with first degree burns. The anonymous pilot was evacuated from the land location dangerously close to the North Baggnagian border and was removed from there safely towards the medical facility, before the North Baggnagian soldiers could abduct or kill him. We are happy that this situation appears to have led to a happy ending and Sunrisian military medics in South Baggnagia are ready to help in that soldier’s recovery. After the hero is rested and healed, we hope the name of his brave soul will become known.

At this point, however, as much as the South Baggnagian Military showed restraint and did not take North Baggnagian bait, they could no longer ignore the regime’s aggression after their own soldier was struck and nearly killed. We understand the perception that this was basically an act of war from the North Baggnagian side. This decisive moment led to the collapse of the cease-fire that was reached between South Baggnagia, North Baggnagia under the previous dictator Fran Hapenic, and also partially by Sunrisia through the participation of our great Emissary for Adversary Exchanges Avér Inîmīcâ, a talented diplomat. That cease-fire died after the South Baggnagian plane was shot down. That breaking point led to an escalation, where armed drones of North Baggnagia and South Baggnagia battled each other and has now transitioned to open border clashes between North Baggnagian and South Baggnagian soldiers. Step 4 from here is only war if it keeps growing.

I signed into law the Convet-approved promotion of sanctions against North Baggnagia from individual ones against the regime to state one against the country, unfortunately. At this critical moment, we must neutralize the state apparatus and the ability of its’ military industrial complex to further project aggression. As commander-in-chief, without the consultation with the Convet, although I am sure that our lawmakers patriotically stand with the administration in this effort, I approved Minister of Security Vírân Spêctér contacting General Emér Pârsīná, the Commander of Sunrisian Forces – South Baggnagia (SFSB) and its’ sub-division Sunrisian Army – Neodvisni (SAN), and telling our forces to oblige by the Mutual Defense Treaty between South Baggnagia and Sunrisia. I now repeat that personally that our soldiers will stand and are already standing with South Baggnagian soldiers in resisting North Baggnagian aggression. This includes our military personnel from SFSB, its’ sub-division SAN in the exclave of Neodvisni, and also the Sunrisian half of the Joint Task Force (JTF) under a shared military command with South Baggnagia.

This is not the first time we are in a situation like this. There was a brief border war between South Baggnagia and North Baggnagia before. Sunrisian forces fought alongside South Baggnagian forces and together we fought off a North Baggnagian invasion attempt. That was the time, when North Baggnagia actually attempted to invade South Baggnagia and we also took it as a test of our country’s commitment to South Baggnagia and a test to our military alliance. We passed that test, but now the second dictator up North is testing us again. This time, learning from past mistakes, I was told by our defense officials and also asked our South Baggnagian colleagues if the North Baggnagian forces are actually trying to cross any border land, maritime or aerial, which would obviously count for an invasion and force us to prepare for war. So far, I was told that the North is only firing at the South Baggnagian side, while staying on their side. Shells, bombs, missiles, bullets and other artillery is flying across the border and hitting South Baggnagia, but formally the North is not crossing over into the South. The regime might think it is different and more legitimate as long as they stay on their side.

Let me cut to the primary point. South Baggnagia has once again called for a cease-fire, even as this latest escalation of both armies engaging each other took place. This attacking of South Baggnagia still enacts the Mutual Defense Treaty. Therefore, I declare that if the North Baggnagian regime does not accept the South’s offer of cease-fire, South Baggnagia will be forced to strike military targets inside North Baggnagia to damage the country’s military capabilities. We will not be invading North Baggnagia, because our forces in South Baggnagia have ways how to conduct those strikes without cross the border physically. Our army, air force and navy can fire at long distances. I will not disclose specifics, but our targets would be military objects and parts of the North Baggnagian military infrastructure. As I said, those strikes would not only damage North Baggnagian capabilities to further attack, but to fight back. I want to advice that the North Baggnagian regime prepare to evacuate its’ military personnel from potential target zones. The strikes will not be conducted if the North Baggnagian regime accepts the cease-fire, but if we see that the regime decides to keep going, we will contact our South Baggnagian colleagues and they will reach out to the North Baggnagian leadership and command, to tell them specifically which military targets will be struck and where to evacuate from. That warning information will be given to the North Baggnagians closer to the time of the strike, so that they would have time to evacuate, but for now we will keep the strategic objects a secret.

In case the North Baggnagian regime does not accept the offer, I reserve the right to order those strikes as the commander-in-chief straight to the Sunrisian Defense Force (SDF) and specifically to our military stationed in South Baggnagia. I hope the Convet will not be disappointed with me using this power of the presidential office, but if our legislature wants me to consult with them on the possible strikes and get parliamentary approval, I am ready to speak with Members of the Convet even now.

In other news:

  • DEVELOPING: Sálût Érátân, a Conservative Member of the Convet from the opposition, suggests that in case of a declaration of war on North Baggnagia, Sunrisian forces should create a land corridor between mainland South Baggnagia and its’ exclave of Neodvisni.

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by Capsland

Rewland High Court Ruling: Government Acted Illegally in "Missileman" Scandal

The Ruling comes as the Ventismarian Court of Justice Dismisses the Case as a "Domestic Matter"


In a legal case that has been ongoing since late July, the High Court of Rewland has found that the government was "in contempt of Parliament" and therefore "acted illegally in the face of public scrutiny".

The case was brought forward by Michael Scott's family - Mr and Mrs Scott. Michael Scott was the famed "Missileman" that leaked the government's classified papers and attempted to flee to Felsinia to seek asylum from the Capslandian government. It was confirmed that Michael Scott was now in Capslandian custody after a bilateral effort by the Capslandian and Lindian governments to apprehend the man. His current charges by the government are for treason and espionage - government prosecutors are accusing Michael Scott of "using his power to deliberately cause harm to the national security of Capsland". If found guilty, it is expected he would have multiple life sentences without the chance of parole. Charges of treason and espionage haven't been issued since the late 19th century proving how unprecedented the matter is for the legal system.

What does the ruling say?

The Rewland High Court is saying that because the government failed to inform parliament about any such budget changes - money being diverted from ministries to the specific missile project - they acted in contempt of parliament, this will be the first time any such government has been found in contempt of parliament. This means that the government knowingly and deliberately broke parliamentary rules and procedure to cover up the project.

The government's counter argument was simple. Because the project was legally deemed classified by the Military Intelligence Service, the Ministry of Defence, and had the backing of the leadership of the Popular Front and Christian Democrat parties then the government has the right to not inform Parliament on national security grounds.

The Rewland High Court deemed this insufficient as Cabinet was not informed or had given their permission.

The Rewland High Court made an order to the government to immediately publish the project and to initiate a cross-party parliamentary review of the project and of the government handling of the scandal. The order also included the immediate release of Michael Scott and forces the government to pay compensation fees to his family.

The Rewland High Court also ruled that the involvement of the Lindian government in the situation was unlawful in respect of Capslandian law however there was nothing they could legally do. They have since sent their findings and deliberation to the Ventismarian Court of Justice.

The government has said they will appeal the decision and immediately send it to the Supreme Court for review. It will then be up to the Supreme Court to either uphold the Rewland decision or scrap it entirely.

In other News
- Socialist-Bloc and SDP Declare "Victory for Michael!"
- Rewland and Goldwyn Branch of the SDP Reportedly in Open Revolt in Response to Helen Maple's Ascension as Leader
- Multiple Cabinet Ministers may Resign in the Coming Weeks
- Protesters Outside Parliament Calling for David George's Resignation

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by North Baggnagia

His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich declares cease-fire after border clashes


NORTH BAGGNAGIA/SOUTH BAGGNAGIA BORDER – His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich has declared cease-fire on the border with the South which has transformed into a war zone. The Merciful Great Leader of All Baggnagians said that the South is still inhabited by Baggnagians just like in the North. The North Baggnagian Holy Army must not march forth with destructive force if there is a risk that fellow Baggnagians are hurt. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich has even honored the enemy by showing them His Mercy. The Great Leader knows that the South’s authority and the imperialists will not win this battle. To ease their pain and allow them to exit with some dignity left the Great Leader ordered for the guns to stop shooting. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich has given a chance for the enemy to spare their lives for now and for Baggnagian land no longer to burn by artillery or shells. The Merciful Great Leader thinks not only of All Baggnagians but the world’s people too. The Decision of His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich to end the fighting has been made not only for the good of All Baggnagians but also for the people of other nations. The Great, Powerful and Merciful wants to spare this part of the world from chaos. This part of the world known as Nordismar. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich pointed to the chaos in Eikangaard and said that Baggnagia shall not become the same zone of horror.

His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich ordered the North Baggnagian Holy Army to stop firing. To the authority of the South and to the Sunrisians the Great Leader offered the Honor to talk with His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich Himself In Person. Not every mortal is given the gift of such Honor in this world but the enemy shall be granted that. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich has recognized the fighting spirit of those to the South and says that He would lie by saying that it does not deserve some respect. No more bullets, bombs, explosions and flames of fire at this moment, says the Great, Powerful and Merciful Leader His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich. The Great Leader extends an olive branch. His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich is ready to talk and gives the other side the Privilege to say what they have say. Today all of North Baggnagia and the world applauds the Great, Powerful and Merciful Leader His Excellency Marshal Jan Tillich for His Peacemaking and Humanism. On North Baggnagian side all will now be quiet.

Bashbe to Supply Uranium to Smoya

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by Bashbe
In light of the recent oil embargoes enacted upon Smoya by many Western powers, President Bashir Al-Fayaz has decided to supply the nation with a consistent means to supply the Smoyan's desire for a growing nuclear arsenal. This is in exchange for Smoyan munitions and arms, which will prove to be incredibly useful with the Bashbar missions throughout the Middle East in order to secure their oil interests. Although the nation itself is plentiful in oil, it seeks to become a much more dominant power on the global scale. Many of these nations within this region are prone to instability and thus are receiving aid and council from Bashbe.

There have also been talks of a Smoyan-Bashbar pact in the near future, in order to promote prosperity and a strong alliance between the two nations. Bashbe is one of the few Islamic republics and nuclear powers within the region.

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by South Baggnagia

North and South Baggnagia declare cease-fire, new diplomatic peace talks under negotiation


JUGAC, SOUTH BAGGNAGIA – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Baggnagia has confirmed that North and South Baggnagia have agreed on a new cease-fire and again on new diplomatic peace talks. New Minister of Foreign Affairs Mina Symank is personally participating in a dialogue with the North together with other South Baggnagian diplomats. Unlike last time South Baggnagia is not the only side announcing the cease-fire and diplomatic talks. This time the North Baggnagian state media also announced Silcenda’s interest in cease-fire and dialogue. North Baggnagian leader Marshal Jan Tillich personally voiced those wishes which he did not voice before. Now that Marshal Jan Tillich openly spoke of it there’s probably a logical silent permission for the rest of the North Baggnagian leadership and the state media to openly speak about diplomacy. Right now it appears like the possible new peace talks have the most potential to happen and succeed comparing to all previous ones.

At the moment the new declared cease-fire is only verbal but officials of North and South Baggnagia need to meet and sign a new cease-fire. It needs to be supported by a new legal document and create a new two-sided obligation according to diplomats. The first cease-fire that was signed was violated with the border clashes that broke out in the last two days. Technically the legal document of the first cease-fire or its obligations did not disappear anywhere but both sides have pretty much agreed that the cease-fire has fallen apart. Just to be safe the South Baggnagian diplomats recommend the signing of a new fresh cease-fire that will this time be followed legally by North and South Baggnagia and more seriously than the last one. Now the North and South diplomats are negotiating the date of the new peace talks at one of the Joint Security Areas at the border. Until the date is decided and those peace talks actually happen North and South Baggnagia will most likely keep their forces mobilized at the border just in case. It is definitely a risky situation and creates an atmosphere where shots can be fired again at any moment. This creates pressure for the diplomats on both sides to agree on the date of the peace talks as soon as possible.

At the Congress of National Sovereignty of South Baggnagia there’s hope that new clashes will not break out because of the unprecedented good will shown personally by Marshal Jan Tillich. There is genuine belief that both sides are interested that there be no more shots fired even if they will keep larger number of forces at the border until the peace talks. Chairman of the Presidium of Congress of National Sovereignty of South Baggnagia Gustav Feldt already said that he is ready to meet with Marshal Jan Tillich at any moment. The Chairman will wait what the South Baggnagian diplomats will report to the Congress of National Sovereignty after a deal on the date is reached.

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by Rhodevus
Kingstown Daily
Blue Light Productions v Rhodevus Begins

The first day of the provincial court case has come and gone. Opening statements and testimony have been heard by the presiding judge, jury and admitted members of the press and it looks like this case may prove longer than originally thought, by both sides.

Originally, this case looked to have been formed around the basis of the freedom of speech laws, as described in the constitution of Rhodevus. But, as statements were given, the real laws being argued involved not only freedom of speech, but Rhodevus’s Statute of Military Secrecy and Article 414-C. The Statute of Military Secrecy was a series of laws passed in the 1910s regarding the spreading of information which may be important to Rhodeveus’s national security. The most well-known article of this series of laws involves the 50-year clause, in which all military secrets pertaining to a conflict or confidential operation must be open to the public by at most, 50 years from the conclusion of the event. Article 414-C is an amendment to this law, which allows for the continual classification of documents for up to 100 years, if agreed to by the reigning monarch.

Blue Light Productions has argued that almost all information relating to the War of Flowers has already been released to the public. From the number of ships and troops, casualty rates on both sides and even locations of confidential missions and weapons used. “All the information needed to make an accurate, if a little more cinematic, film, has already been opened to the public. A primary script, which will be presented to the judge and jury in the coming days will show this court that there is no military secrets being revealed. And if any were, it can only be considered fictional. Correlation does not equal causation, as it were.

“Blue Light Productions will prove to the court without a shadow of a doubt, that the forced cancellation of the production of the feature length film to be titled ‘Underground’, is not in violation of the Rhodeve constitution, nor the Statute of Military Secrecy and Article 414-C. It will prove to the court, that the basis for the forced cancellation of the feature length film to be titled ‘Underground’ was done with malice and hidden intentions in order to hide information and public awareness which may inadvertently promote Fleurian independence.”

What was notable to the court, was the final statement regarding Fleurian independence, as if the court rules in favour of Blue Light Productions on this, then the Rhodeve government will have broken Freedom of Speech laws, which explicitly allow for pro-independence movements and independence awareness. With the next referendum scheduled for February of 2020 and territorial elections for May 2020, this may be seen as an attempt by the Rhodeve government to further hide pro-independence movements in the Ile du Fleurs. With a continual decline in voters during the referendum, as well as a decline in support for independence, it could potentially be seen as a move to end the bi-annual referendum practice entirely.

Will this court case spur on pro-independence movements in the Ile du Fleurs? Members of the Free Galaria Party believe so. Current leader of the FGP told the press, “Independence has been on the minds of Galarians and Fleurians since annexation. The Free Galaria Party since its establishment in 1754 has worked tirelessly to regain our independence. This case just shows another way in which the federal government has been working to demote independence. We won’t allow Galaria and the Ile du Fleurs to fall to history.”

This statement came with notice that a 3-way alliance may soon be formed between the Free Galaria Party, Freedom Party and Kingdoms of Flowers Party. The three pro-independence parties in the Ile du Fleurs have been working on a mutually beneficial platform in order to not separate independence voters and to gain greater recognition in the Governor’s Council and Rhodevus at large. Currently, the three parties make up 5 seats on the council, which accounts for only 2% of the seats; the Free Galaria Party holding 3 of those seats. It is believed with the continual development of this court case, as well as the start of the election cycle in the coming months, pro-independence seats are expected to rise.

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by The Bohin
[ size=150]President Sugmei to go to North Baggnagia[/size]

The Bohin’s Supreme Leader, President Sugmei departs from Sugmei City to the capital of Baggnagia this afternoon. The esteemed leaders of both nations will meet to discuss important issues such as trade, military might and their place in the international world. It is expected that The Bohin and North Baggnagia will enter into some sort of alliance or partnership which will be mutually beneficial for both nations.

There was no press briefing for this historic meeting, but it has been assured that once the meetings have concluded, the media and therefore the world will be informed of what transpired.