The Tyrannian Fascist Manifesto (MT, Open)

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The Tyrannian Fascist Manifesto (MT, Open)

Postby Old Tyrannia » Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:57 pm

Official Statement from the Office of the Prime Minister of Old Tyrannia

In response to the growing influence of dangerous Left-wing and capitalist ideologies around the world, the Imperial Government, led by the Imperial Fascist Party for the first time in 50 years, has decided to begin distributing the original manifesto of the Party in other nations around the world, in the hopes that either our own unique form of the great Fascist worldview will appeal to the citizenry of other nations where other forms of the ideology do not and thus that this manifesto will lead to new Fascist states arising all across the globe, or that at the very least other Fascist movements and nations will gain a greater understanding of the Empire, their unflinching ally in the everlasting war against the subversive forces of liberal democracy and socialist tyranny, by understanding how the Empire's version of our shared ideology differs from and relates to other forms of Fascism such as Falangism, National Socialism, Italian Fascism and so forth.
Vivat Fascimo! Vivat Caesar! Vivat Imperium!

Manifesto of the Imperial Fascist Party
A Version of Fascism With Tyrannian Characteristics

First published 24th January 1934


WITH the fall of the Tsar in Russia, the Kaiser in Germany, and the Sultan in Turkey, we of the Right here in Old Tyrannia fear for the future of the Empire. The Redfront advances slowly, consuming the hearts and souls of the weak-minded and desperate, who find themselves trapped between an uncaring and isolated old guard and a destructive yet seductive new ideology, that of Communism.

IN these dark days, a new ideology has stepped forth for those who love their nation and recognise the evil of the Left and the decadence of the Old Right, embodied by the Communists and the Monarchist Party. This is Fascism, born as our civilization itself was in the heart of the Eternal City of Rome; yet the Fascism of Italy and Mussolini cannot be applied to a very different political situation here in the Empire.

THUS, the Imperial Fascist Party of Old Tyrannia presents the Tyrannian Fascist Manifesto; this is Fascism adapted to the situation of Tyrannia.

1. The Place of the Emperor
We recognise that the roles of Duce and Fuhrer in the new Fascist States of Italy and Germany are merely an attempt to emulate that which the Empire possesses already; a strong central leader, a charismatic figure who unites our people and leads them towards the future. This leader is the Emperor, the central figure around which Tyrannia revolves. Our Emperor is placed by God at the head of the Empire. He is our supreme and unquestioned Leader, and thus we have no need for a Duce or Fuhrer like figure. The leaders of the Fascist Movement remain the Emperor's eternally loyal subjects.

2. The Corporate State
With the rise of the Communist and Capitalist systems, the old feudal system has dissolved. No more does the Emperor possess ultimate economic as well as political control. The economy no longer serves the purposes of the State. What is more, with the rise of the Capitalist model, the concept of Class War has also arisen, as the workers rebel against the Capitalist class and the Capitalist class exploit and oppress the workers. Fascism shall break this cycle by creating the Corporatist state. In this economic model, different classes cooperate for the sake of the State, which maintains harmony between groups of conflicting interests. The Corporatist State ensures the workers have suitable working conditions and receive the bare minimum they need to live, while the wealthy are able to produce a profit and need not fear the power of unions. Industrial action becomes unneccesary.

3. Race and Culture
We Tyrannians have never been concerned with the ideal of race as is emphasized by the National Socialist movement in Germany. It is the recognition of the Tyrannian Fascist Party that in reality a nation must not be ethnically homogenous in order to thrive. Rather, cultural ideals and identity are what makes a nation superior to its rivals. We recognise that the corruption of bourgeois capitalist society in Europe and the United States stems from the inferior individualist, secular and materialist society that exists there. Tyrannian Fascism believes that the culture of the Empire and the greater Tyranno-Roman civilization that it represents is superior to this modern culture as it is based not upon individual gain but loyalty to the Nation and a functional, well-organized society. Thus, we declare that we are not racial supremacists, but cultural supremacists.

4. On War and Expansion
It is a key tenet of Fascism that war and expansion are vital to the continued prosperity of a nation. The Empire has stagnated for far too long due to its peaceful coexistence with its neighbours, and now finds itself technologically and economically inferior to the barbaric nations that surround it. The Imperial Fascist Party recognises that all peoples and nations are in competition with one another; we thus strive to ensure that is the Tyrannian Empire that emerges the victor in this ongoing struggle, as the Lord our God ordained. We Fascists do not for a moment doubt the divine destiny of Tyrannia to rule the lesser nations of this Earth, through culture, media, economy and war. The neccesity of extending the Empire through conflict is self-evident. Those who die in the name of such a just cause are to be regarded as martyrs; it is not wrong to fight for a just cause and bringing enlightenment to the lesser nations of the world is a just cause.

5. The Totalitarian State
Fascism requires that all aspects of life be subjugated to the benefit of the State. In other Fascist nations possessing a secular society, this has led to an aggressive campaign to subdue religious authority. By contrast, we Tyrannian Fascists see in our own nation a society in which spirituality and the State are already inseperably linked, a system dubbed 'Caesaropapism' by historians and political scientists. The Emperor is recognised as being ordained by God; the Church preaches loyalty to the State. Thus does Tyrannia present a vision of a world in which secular and religious authority exist in perfect harmony. With religion already aligned with the Emperor's cause we Tyrannian Fascists concern ourselves with subduing powerful corporations and businesses so that they may benefit through their existence not merely the shareholders, but the State and, through the State, all of society. In addition it is the clear belief of the Imperial Fascist Party that we must eliminate all subversive elements in society. Anything that is free of State control may become a starting point for such subversive elements. Trade unions, clubs, pressure groups, political parties; all must be absorbed into the all-encompassing state. There can be no independance from the State, for we are all united within the State under the benevolent guidance of the Emperor and the Party.

6. The Reincarnation of Absolutism
'Liberal' democracy is inherently weak, for it creates a situation in which no government is in existence long enough to achieve anything. Furthermore, it is inherently linked to egalitarianism, the idealistic and dangerous thought that all people are and/or should be equal, which undermines the functioning of society. Society requires hierarchy in order to efficiently function. The bourgeois liberal and democratic ideology is as corrupting as the Left-wing ideology; both seek to undermine the nation-state, both seek to destroy all contemporary spritual culture, both strive to infect the Imperial state with barbarian ideals that will lead to the failure and ultimate destruction of our nation. The Fascist ideology represents a new way in which the traditional authority of the Emperor may be re-enforced; traditional absolute monarchy is no longer workable in the modern world, but through the framework of the authoritarian single-party state as demonstrated by Italy and Germany a new form of monarchical rule may be implemented in place of liberal democracy.

(OOC: Open to IC comments, criticisms etc. Feel free to respond with your government's response. Please note that this doesn't neccesarily reflect my OOC politcal ideology.)
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