The First Age of the Coalition: Exodus

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The First Age of the Coalition: Exodus

Postby Kauvara » Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:28 pm

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"There comes a time in every nation's history where a change must occur if the nation is to prosper."
-Gaius Kauvus, from his book Kauvara in the Modern World

12:01 HOURS

Emperor Aleksandr Or’yan, accompanied by the ever-present Gaius Kauvus, began to speak to the assembled crowd of millions.

“People of Kauvara. Children of the Fox. The minds of this world. We are leaving. We are not meant for a world such as this. It is one of blood. Of violence. Of senselessness. We understand what it means to defend ourselves, and to fight for others. Let none deny our resolve. I ask you this: in the entire history of Kauvara, when have we ever backed down when civilian lives were at risk? I'll tell you.


In Aldard, we lost over 1,000,000 of our brave soldiers fighting the forces of Kommandoria, O5vx, Patoma, Aulszreich, Draviousa, and even the legions of Ralkovia, a tragedy our military has never fully recovered from. But we saved 7,000,000 innocents.

In the Darksnow War, our brave pilots placed themselves squarely between the Kommandorians, Lolzieristanis, CDSPians, and Sovietyetans. We lost entire squadrons of our brave pilots. But we saved 2,600,000 innocents.

Around the world, our special forces have been the wrench that keeps the gears of war from moving, saving untold millions of lives. Kauvara is the definition of freedom and helping those who cannot help themselves.

However, it is now that we must depart this world. We must carve out our own destiny amongst the stars. We must break free of this world’s bonds, its shackles of violence.

In the Sovietyeto, genocide reigns. The sharpness of your bayonet matters more than the sharpness of your mind.

In the Socialist Provinces, war is the only language understood. They seek blood where none has to be spilt.

In Kommandoria, a person is no more than a number. A devoted number, but a number nonetheless.

In China, while they are on the rise, a person is a statistic. Their soldiers are disposable. Their workers drones.

In Lolzieristan, crime lords reign supreme. The people are nothing but objects to be exploited by a corrupt government.

People of Kauvara. Children of the Fox. The minds of this world. Our Exodus begins today. The Coalition Fleet currently holds orbit over the world, awaiting your arrival. We have already established our stations throughout the system. Only one challenge remains: Mars. We are going to build a new home for ourselves there. One far away from the pointless mud, blood, and tears of this world. Rest assured, there will be more where we go. Life will not be easy. It may be decades before we can establish ourselves on the Red Planet. But rest-assured: we will be victorious. Only 40 years ago, we were at the throats of our neighbors, vying for supremacy over our land. Look at what we have accomplished by uniting? This is an unparalleled Golden Age for Kauvara. And we will ride this age to Mars and beyond.

The ships of Coalition Navy stand ready to transport us across the stars, to Mars and beyond. The soldiers of the Coalition Marine Corps will be our guardians, ready to stand against whatever lies on Mars and beyond. The scientists of the Coalition Science Division will guide us in whatever we find on Mars and beyond.

People of Kauvara. Children of the Fox. The minds of this world. Mount up.”

With Or’yan’s words, great Lunar-class ships descended from the heavens all around Kauvara, landing and extracting people by the thousands, bound for the Fleet of Righteous Exodus. Hundreds of thousands of dropships and gunships pierced the skies, extracting people with supreme efficiency, bringing them up into orbit.

A Lunar-class frigate descending over Vulpes Central Park


12:54 HOURS

“Go! Go! Go!”

The Aureliae Family moved quickly, being ushered by Coalition Marines into the back of an Eagle-class dropship. Hundreds of the sleek shuttles were landing and taking off every minute, efficiently extracting everybody from Danik. Gunfire was erupting in the distance as the Danik Guardian Regiment was evacuating, losing the city to the beasts and monsters of the seas. They were one of the last families to leave, boarding the final transport. As it lifted off, they looked back down at their home. A squad of guardsmen was engaging a Scylla on 3rd Street, their outdated M4s ripping into it. The beast screamed, and lunged at the guardsmen. A Raven-class gunship swept it with rockets and autocannon fire, ripping it apart as it was about to descend on the soldiers, before extracting the beleaguered men and women. The city itself had been picked clean, with only a few scraps of technology left. Soon, the rear door closed, and they left Earth, boarding the CMCS Spirit of Fire.

Victor-068 lifting off from the Danik coastline


12:54 HOURS

“Look out, here comes more of them!” cried Guardsman Ludo Valens.

A pack of Fyrtan velobeasts was charging a pack of civilians, soldiers of the Fyrtan Guardian Regiment lining up, opening fire into their mass. One of the velobeasts dove, ripping a guardsman in half, before being gunned down by his fellow soldiers.

“Fall back! Fall back!”

More beasts charged out of the treeline, moving quickly towards the pack of fleeing Kauvarans. Valens thought they were finished. Suddenly, from on high, a Navy squadron of Hök Fighter-Bombers streaked out of orbit, lighting up the treeline with a thunderous clap, flames incinerating the beasts.

The heat of the explosion made Valens fall backwards. Another velobeast bound on top of him, its talon extended, ready to slice him open. A series of shots impacted in its flank, before it fell off of him. A pair of hands picked Valens up, and dragged him into a dropship with the civilians as it lifted off.

Valens looked down below. The city was lost. Beasts stalked the streets and buildings. Fyrto became like a scene from Hell, with the demons stalking the flames of what was once a paradise.

The dropship continued upwards, docking with the CMCS Pegasus.

A guardsmen being ripped in half


12:54 HOURS

“C’mon, climb! You have to keep climbing!”

Civilians were frantic, climbing up the industrial spires to reach the waiting dropships as fast as they could. Coalition Marines were being deployed, covering the escape of the civilians as winged Garudas and Dartdragons picked at the civilians. One of the Marines shouldered an SMTL-1 Tactical Laser and fired, blowing apart one of the Garudas. As he aimed at another, he was swarmed by Dartdragons, their tiny mouths literally eating him alive centimeter by centimeter, before all that remained were some bloody bits of bone and ballistic armor.

“We’re almost there! Hurry!”

The dropships were only a dozen feet away. Their doorguns were ripping apart swarms of Dartdragons. A Garuda grabbed one of the dropships, however, tearing it in half with its mighty talons, casting the debris off the spire before being shot apart by autocannon fire. The civilians and soldiers mounted up, sealing the doors quickly. Dartdragons scratched outside, trying to get in. One of the soldiers banged on the hull. “That’s Grade A tungsten-titanium, you little bastards! You ain’t getting through!”

The ships ascended, docking with the CMCS Griffon.

An Eagle-class lifts off from one of the towers


12:54 HOURS

“Gentlemen, we have to leave! NOW!”

Guardsmen of the BGR streamed into the halls, evacuating the delegates from each nation, escorting them to their nation’s helicopters. “Your pilots will take you to the airfield, where a KHT-4 will take you wherever you wish to go. This city is lost. You must evacuate!”

The helicopters lifted off, taking the foreign delegates to the airfield. The Kauvaran delegate, Kyle Phillips, stayed behind. “Guardsman! Get the civilians out of here! And somebody hand me a rifle!” he yelled. A soldier tossed him an aging Kommandorian M-4 Carbine. “Better than nothing…” he mused, as he made his way to the extraction zone.

Driving through the now abandoned city, Phillips and the guardsmen watched as pristine desolation passed by them. The International Quarter, once home to a multitude of different nationalities, was now deserted, its inhabitants aboard the CMCS Jormungandr. The international market, once the biggest area to buy commodities in-person (a rarity in the electronic, networked Kauvaran nation), lay bare, civilians taking everything they would with them. They finally reached the airfield, the great gates opening, then sealing behind them.

“Welcome, sir! You might wish to get aboard!” said a Marine, motioning towards the dropship.

“Yes, yes of course. After you, though, son,” Phillips replied. The group boarded the dropship, and made their way towards the CMCS Sphinx, as Phillips contemplated Kauvara’s future, his armor resting upon him.

Phillips contemplates Kauvara’s future aboard a dropship


12:54 HOURS

The city was barren, already having been long-since evacuated. The once-proud naval base now lay in ruins, its ships half-sunk or salvaged for the construction of the Coalition ships. A hydra stalked the remains of the destroyer IKS Fox’s Will, searching for silverfish to feast on.

A massive Kauvaran sea serpent stalked the waters outside the drydock, waiting for the hydra to come out, before being itself eaten by a Leviathan.

There’s always a bigger fish…



The Coalition Marine Corps Fleet

Captain Matthias Gavenson and his best troops entered the briefing room. On the wall was the flag of the 13th Infantry, Gavenson’s new command. It was time for their first mission of importance. Gavenson thought back to Mars, staking out a claim. To Io, building shipyards. To Thalassa, building sensor stations. Now it was time to do something big.

“Attention!” called out one of the sailors. Gavenson snapped to salute, as the Emperor himself, alongside the ever-present Gaius Kauvus, walked in. “At ease, gentlemen,” he said. Gavenson relaxed.

“I’m sure you’re all curious as to what we’re doing here. Captain, I’ve ordered you to assemble your men for one reason. The Administratii found something on Luna. Something big. You all are to go in and secure it, find out what it is, and extract it to the Loytyo. Captain, I trust these are your best soldiers?”

Gavenson looked around at Sydney Dunn, Haruka Yamashi, Julius Kydno, Sara McGran, Yelena Federova, and Jayrus Tiberyon. “Yes, sir. These are them.”

“Excellent, Captain. We-“ Or’yan was cut off as a loudspeaker sounded.

“Sir, we are approaching the drop zone,” said the voice of the ship’s captain. “Deployment in 5 minutes.”

“Well, you heard him, Gavenson. Get moving,” the emperor said, smiling.

“Alright, you miserable lot!” Gavenson called out. “Move like you got a purpose!”

The team made their way to the armory, suiting up, before getting into an Eagle-class dropship. “We are go for drop, ladies and gentlemen. Hold on your butts!” the pilot called out. The massive hangar doors opened, and the ship flew out, heading down for the Prizyetsi colony of Luna.


12:54 HOURS

The so-called “City of Light” had gone dark. No sound could be heard. The great gates were sealed, the trains disabled, and the citizens evacuated up the elevator. It was almost eerie. A skyraptor flew across the perimeter, before being destroyed by the automated defenses before it could even get one meter inside, piercing the quiet with a thunderous roar. And then everything was quiet again, save one noise:

A single ship was being moved up the elevator. It was empty, with a message inside:



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We're a PMT/FT nation of humans. That's right, just humans. Not psychic supermen, nor crazy cyborgs, nor massive mutants. Just normal human homo sapiens trying to make our way in this insane galaxy full of wonders, horrors, and everything in between.

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Postby Prizyetsa » Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:33 pm


The year is 2025, and the world is plunged into a period of bloody wars, injustice and genocide. A small band of nations have joined together to leave this world for a better, brighter future among the stars. Calling themselves The Zephyr Coalition, they have thrown away their petty differences and worked together to create technology which one could have only dreamed of. After achieving the colossal goal of constructing a space elevator, the Coalition was now ready to begin their exodus into the starry heavens, away from the violence and corruption of the world. The first destination was Luna, the jewel of the moon, followed by Nova Vulpes, on Mars.

These events came to be known as the Exodus.

Only time will tell if the Coalition’s dreams will come true.



And as I reinvent myself and I'm constantly curious about everything, I can't wait to see what's around the corner...

-Pam Grier


05:00 Nexus Astrum Shipyards, Earth Orbit

The orbital gleamed like a diamond with the reflected light of the sun. The large collection of rings, domes and solar panels was a breath taking sight, even for someone who saw it every day, like captain Solland on board the Tera. The Tera was the Coalition’s newest heavy destroyer of the Löytyö class, which had just been completed the night before. Although it’s construction was over, it still had a series of trials to complete, after it’s engine shakedown, which was on the schedule for this morning. Solland usually enjoyed a cup of fresh tea in the mornings, but unlike on board Centralis Station, the artificial gravity hadn’t been activated on the Tera yet. As he entered the bridge, he checked up on his fellow officers, which all manned their stations as they were ordered. “Good morning everyone.” he called out, floating across the bridge. “Are we ready to break off?” The ops officer turned on her swivel chair to face the captain. “Aye sir, Centralis Command is awaiting the okay to pop our seals.” Solland pushed off one of the walls towards the command chair. “Inform CentCom that the Tera is ready to break off. Request that they send us on a course towards the moon so that we can start up our engines.” The ops officer nodded, and swiveled around to face her console and relayed the request. Solland maneuvered himself into the command chair and strapped himself in. The bridge was located at the front of the ship, and had a 270 degree view of it’s surroundings. Solland sat in his chair and gazed out into the stars,waiting for the response from CentCom. The ops officer turned again, with a smile on her face. “T minus 60 seconds t’ill break-off, sir.” Solland felt butterflies in his stomach. This was the Coalition Navy’s second ship launch, and he was at the helm of the most powerful ship the navy had to offer. As the ship slowly passed by the huge support beams which made up the orbital shipyards, more and more of space became visible to him and his crew. As the Tera neared the end of the line, the glass which made up a large section of the bridge’s walls automatically polarized, and all the structures of Centralis Station were marked by green and orange outlines. The pilots both put on their helmets, and lowered the visors. For them, the helmets made navigating much easier, as they then had a 360 degree view of the ship and it’s surroundings. As the Tera finally made it to the end of the dry-dock, remote controlled tugs turned her 90 degree to the left, and started accelerating her into the black emptiness of space. “Releasing in 10...5, 4, 3..., mark.” the ops officer called out as the bridge crew felt the gentle lurch of the docking clamps releasing the Tera, and sent her drifting into space. “We’re free.” The ops officer called out to the captain. “Navigator, what is your current heading?” Solland called out, his veins pumping with adrenaline. The Navigator, checking his panels, answered with extreme preciseness. “Our current heading is 12,01,98. We are due to intercept the moon’s gravitational field in just under 19 hours at our current speed.” He announced, flicking his hair to the side. “Sounds good.” Solland looked over to the engineering deck officer. “Are we ready to start up out reactors?” He asked. “Yes sir, battery is ready for reactor surge procedure. Awaiting your command, sir.” The engineer help his finger to a switch and awaited the order. “Well, here goes nothing I suppose. Start the surge procedure.” The ship rumbled as the fusion reaction started in the rear of the ship. “Reactors reading green after initial surge procedure. Bringing the reactor down to 10% for stage 2 warm up procedure... Reactor at 10%. Beginning the reaction hike to 60%... 15%... 25%... 40%... we have reached 60% reactor output. Everything seems normal. Preparing battery for reactor 2 surge protocol, awaiting order to continue, sir.” The engineer finished his report. Solland waited a few seconds, as the lighting on the bridge got brighter, and the humming sound of the reactors slowly faded. “Commence reactor 2 surge protocol.” He finally told the engineer. “Aye sir. Surging reactor 2.” he replied, flicking a switch. The rumbling was back, this time more violent than before. “Bringing reactor down to 10% for reactor 2 stage 2 warm up procedure. Reactors are in the green, preparing to hike reactor 2 power output to 60%... 25%... 40%... output hike complete, we are now running on our own power. Diverting power to thrusters.” Solland let out his breath. “Thank you lieutenant. Can we please activate artificial gravity?” he called out, and moments later, he could feel himself being attracted to the floor. “Thank you misses Marï.” he said the ops officer as she held her thumb up from her station, shooting the captain a playful wink. “So, navigator, please bump us up to 50% best speed, adjust course and display our travel time. Thank you” he called out, unstrapping himself and making a quick walk around the bridge before walking off to the passenger quarters to check up on the Administratii team he was carrying on board. “I’m going to go check on our package.” he announced, waiving his hand over his shoulder.



The moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars.

- Arthur C. Clarke


11:34, CNS Tera, Halfway Point between Earth and the Moon

Solland had toured his ship, making sure to take time to talk to every one of the 132 man crew. It was his opinion that the best way to command was through respect and friendship than through the traditional “iron fist” method many of his fellow officers used on board other ships. So far, it was working. He allowed many of the men to address him by his first name when not on duty, and tried to remember as many of his men’s names as he could. This was, in his opinion, the only way to properly command any post or ship properly.

As Solland was making his tour, he stopped to visit the guest cabins on the fourth deck, which were the only guest cabins in use during this trip. He knocked on the door, and was greeted by a young female Brigadier General in a dark grey uniform. As soon as she realized who Solland was, she presented a crisp salute, and clicked her heels. Solland laughed and told her it wasn’t necessary, explaining his philosophy to her, and she nodded, and relaxed. They talked briefly, and then Solland moved on.

He sat on the bridge, thinking about the young lady in the dark grey uniform. “What is she doing on this ship?” he thought to himself. “Someone with her reputation would get a private shuttle...” he caught himself thinking out loud. Marï turned, obviously having listened in on his moment of open thought and smiled. “Who’s that important Markus?” she asked smiling. Solland said nothing, and sipped his cup of tea, glad there was artificial gravity. Ahead of them was the moon, in all it’s glory. Although Solland had seen the old footage of the Apollo missions, he never thought he would see the moon as beautiful as this. “Comms, please contact Luna, we are on our final approach towards the South Pole.” Solland said, looking over the comms officer’s shoulder. “Aye sir.” the officer replied, typing in the message. Solland walked over to his chair and strapped himself in. “Ops, send out the standard reentry procedures to the crew. Pilots, please take us in on a course to Shackleton Crater.” The lights dimmed, and the bridge descended into it’s combat position within the superstructure of the ship. As the Tera entered the moon’s atmosphere, she began to shake and rumble as she gained speed. Finally, a series of thumps and hisses indicated that the ship had safely entered the moon’s thin atmosphere and was now preparing to land on a pad in the middle of the crater. The Coalition started terraforming the moon shortly after an ancient artifact was found near the planet’s Southern Pole region, to the extent that most space debree would burn up in it’s newly created thin atmosphere. This, unfortunately, meant that ships had a bit of a bumpy ride coming into Luna, but that was a temporary issue. The Tera carried supplies and equipment for a smaller orbital elevator and station with which ships could dock in the future. The colonization of the moon had somehow been kept a secret, which only the top brass of the Coalition knew about. Now Luna would serve as a new home for millions, a symbol of pride for all of Prizyetsa and the Coalition.

The city was huge. Made up of several habitats, each named after a sea on Earth, Luna could house over 50,000,000 people, and have room for more. The center of each habitat was filled with a park, filled with trees, plants and birds from their previous home, and each habitat had a different climate in order to grow all sorts of plants which would not have grown otherwise. In the outer rings of each habitat, were green skyscraper greenhouses, which grew everything from rice to corn, to broccoli, and everything in between, in order to feed the millions of future inhabitants, as well as the newer colonies spread throughout the stars. Water was either generated, or imported from other colonies, and huge storage tanks beneath Luna could hold billions of gallons of water. Since Luna was a closed system, the water was purified, and added back into the huge reservoirs. Luna was the most high-tech location in the galaxy...


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Postby Kauvara » Mon Oct 24, 2011 5:03 pm


Echo-382 departs from the squadron

Matthias Gavenson sat in the back of the dropship as it descended towards the dropzone. He had a picture of Ilanii in his hand, looking it over. "Did she make it out...?" he wondered to himself. He was cut off by an exchange between Sydney Dunn and Jayrus Tiberyon.

"All I'm sayin' is, we have no idea what we're going into down there. Remember Thalassa? You almost got frostbite because they didn't tell us everything!" Dunn said, teasing Tiberyon as she loaded her sniper rifle.
"Zip it, Syd! What do you think is going to happen? They just need a little extra security, that's all," he replied, shouldering his shotgun.
"Yeah, but the emperor himself briefed us!" Haruka Yamashi interjected, checking the wiring on her engineering gear. "That doesn't mean nothing is happening!"
"What is everybody, scared, or something?" Yelena Federova slyly called out, cradling an assault rifle in her hands as she loaded bullets into her clip. "I swear..."
"Yeah, I know, right?" Sarah McGran teased, an assault rifle between her feet. "Jeez, it seems these folks are nervous, Yelena!"
"Hush, Sarah," Julius Kydno said, checking the sights on his assault rifle. "We're going in. Orders are orders. Right sir?"

Gavenson sat, looking at the picture. The soldiers all looked at him. "So, uh... You gonna tell us who she is, Cap?" Dunn asked.
"Oh, I, uh-" he stammered back.
"Aaaaw, Cappie's got a crush on somebody! 'The Hero of Aldard!' C'mon, hero! Can't face a girl?" Yamashi teased.
Gavenson was grateful he was wearing his armor, or else the whole squad would see how red he was.

Looking at the cockpit as the craft descends

"Alright, boys and girls! We're about to land!" the pilot called out.

"Saved by the bell..." Gavenson thought to himself as he pocketed the picture. "Alright people, let's move it! Get tactical!"

The soldiers began checking each other's weapons and armor, ensuring it was all sealed and ready for zero-atmospheric work. A red light turned on, filling the cabin with a dull glow. "10 seconds!"

Gavenson felt his seals get checked by Kydno, who was standing behind him. The light turned green as the ramp went down. "Go! Go! Go!"

The squad filing out of the dropship, establishing positions.

"What the..." Dunn muttered. "I thought this place was supposed to be desolate?"
"Nope," Yamashi responded. "The Coalition Navy has established this area as a basic terraformed location so that research can be done more effectively."
"How do you know that, Haruka?" Kydno asked.
"Didn't you hear?" she responded. "I was briefed by Operative Ilanii Illanson, of the Naval Intelligence branch."
Gavenson froze at those words. "Ili... Wha-?" He was cut off.
"Captain! C'mon, let's move! We gotta get inside the facility!" Tiberyon called out.
"Right, right. Move it, people! Get inside!"

The Marines filed inside the facility, awaiting their Naval Intelligence liaison.
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We're a PMT/FT nation of humans. That's right, just humans. Not psychic supermen, nor crazy cyborgs, nor massive mutants. Just normal human homo sapiens trying to make our way in this insane galaxy full of wonders, horrors, and everything in between.

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Postby Prizyetsa » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:26 am

Ilanii had monitered the shuttle ever since the CMC Vulpes had gotten near the moon. As the shuttle left he hangar bay, Ilanii left her quarters along with her team at the mysterious facility simply named "Luna Sector 35", 60km North of Luna. As the shuttle came into view, Ilanii walked out onto the pad to greet the Kaurvaran soldiers.The moon was cold this part of the day, but her new combat armor offereda new and improved heatinf system built specially for the harsh environments of space, including up to an hour of breathing time.

OOC Picture by Meganerid on Deviantart. He's really tallented, and I suggest you all go take a look. Here's a link to his page. :D
Check it out!

As the shuttle neared the pad, Ilanii braced herself for the wash of it's thrusters. The Eagle came descended untill it hovered a meter above the pad and the aft hatch opened with a hiss, letting out the team of Kauvaran marines. "Welcome to the moon. No small steps here boys, Prizyetsa's already made the giant leap for mankind." she said in a playfull voice, holding her hand out to Gavenson, who she recognized even through his viser. "Nice to see you again." she said as their hands met. After the handshake, she led the team to the facility's main entrance which was guarded by Naval Infantry, much like Gavenson and his team. The two men saluted, and let the group through, into an airlock which could easily have acomodated a few vehicules. Ilanii accessed the holo-console and sellected the "presurize" option, which shut the door. Soon, a quiet hissing noise could be heard within the chamber, and after a few seconds, the light turned green, and Ilanii removed her helmet, lettig down her long strawberry-blonde hair. The rest of her team left their helmets on, and went over and started talking to the Kauvarans, exchaniging weapons, and equipment. For some reason, every time Prizyetsi and Kauvaran soldiers came together, they repeated this ritual, ever since the Aldard days. Ilanii led Gavenson to the edge of the lobby, and through the door to the actual facility which lay within. The open space was huge, and like nothing he had ever seen before. "The crater is 30km wide, 10km deep. The artifact is another 5900 meters down. Robotic diggers should get there any moment now, and that's why we're here..."
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Gavenson looked down the deep passage, whistling. "By the Fox... Long way down. What did you find here, exactly?" he asked.
"Something that will change the course of humanity as we know it, Matt," she responded.
"Wha-?" Gavenson was cut off as the heavy doors to the turbolift opened. It had arrived. "Kydno! Tiberyon! McGran! You're with me! Yamashi, I want you coming as well! We might need your engineering expertise! Dunn, Federova, stay up here with the Administratii and Naval Infantry. The elevator can't fit all of us."

One of the Administratii approached Ilanii. "Ma'am, requesting permission to take the place of these Marines. We can more efficiently prote-"
"Permission denied, Lieutenant," she responded. "While the Marines may not be as efficient as we are, they are well-known for their adaptability. Something we'll need when the anomaly is unearthed in the next few minutes." She looked to Gavenson. "Besides, I trust these soldiers with my life." Gavenson polarized his visor to hide the smile he had on his face.
"Understood, ma'am."

"Well, Captain Gavenson. Shall we?" she asked.
"Indeed," Gavenson responded. "Fall in, Marines!"

At his words, Kydno, Tiberyon, McGran, and Yamashi got into the elevator. "After you, ma'am," Gavenson said to Ilanii. She discretely rolled her eyes, then entered the elevator. Gavenson followed, activating the switch.

The entrance to the turbolift

The descent was a long one. "Damn, Ili..." Gavenson thought to himself. "It's good to see you again... I'm glad you made it out of there OK..." The elevator become colder and colder as it descended. "Damn, Yelena would love this," Tiberyon quipped. "That Sovietyetan loves the cold. How about you, Haruka? This isn't like Yokohama, is it?" Yamashi was shivering, even in her armor. "Sh-sh-shut it, Jayrus!" she harshly replied. "L-l-let's see you s-s-survive somewhere cold! R-r-remember Thalassa?" The whole group laughed, remembering back to how Tiberyon almost got frostbite on the moon of Neptune.
"Whatever," he replied. "I bet-" he was interrupted by the elevator suddenly stopping.

"We're here," Ilanii said. "Here's hoping the diggers finished the job, and this door doesn't open into a wall of moon rocks." She hit the switch to open the door. It slid open with a hiss of hydraulics. Gavenson was in awe with what he saw. It definitely was not a wall of moon rocks. A great room stretched out before him. No. "Room" did not do it justice. It was a massive artificial cavern. Holographic bridges stretched out across chasms that seemed to descend into the darkness forever. Bits of dust and rock drifted down from the ceiling, falling hundreds of meters before disappearing into the darkness below. "Come, Captain," Ilanii said, interrupting Gavenson's revery. "Right. Alright, Marines! Move it! Let's not be too careful! I want a tactical spread, ready to take on anything. Rifles up, heads on a swivel! Yamashi! Keep that computer active. I want readings of radiation, contaminants, anything. Tiberyon! You're on point!"
"As always," Tiberyon grunted as he smiled and took his position at the head of the group, his shotgun raised and scanning.

The group moved through carefully, the massive cavern belying its width. They approached the first of the holographic bridges. Tiberyon looked down. "Uh... Squad? The bridge. It's see through," he said, chewing his cigar. A bit of ash fell off, the glowing embers cascading down, falling atop the bridge. They were caught by it, their smoldering forms sending out pulses of energy on the bridge. "Well, it can hold something..." Tiberyon muttered. "Hey Cap, take a look at this!" he called out to the rest of the squad. They huddled around the embers, watching them smolder as they send out little pulses along the blue light. "So now what?" asked Kydno. Ilanii stepped forward. "Major!" Gavenson called out, grabbing her arm.
"Captain, how are we going to figure out what this place has in store if we're unwilling to take a few risks?" she responded. Gavenson slowly let go of her arm. "Alright, Major Illanson. But, with all due respect, we're here to protect you. Lieutenant Tiberyon?" he yelled.
"Uh, yes sir...?" Tiberyon asked, nervousness permeating his voice.
"Watch my back. You're in charge if this thing decides it can't hold me," he ordered. "Matt, no!" Ilanii yelled, grabbing for him. But she was too late. Gavenson put his boot onto the bridge with a tenuous first step. Blue ripples of energy pulsed around his armored boot, but it held. "Well, squad, let's move, then!" The Marines moved ahead, going past him. As Ilanii started moving past him, he caught her arm. "Hey, Ili. Watch the 'Matt' stuff. I know you miss me, but c'mon," he teased. It was Ilanii's turn to blush as the squad moved forward.

"So... anybody want to tell me what the hell all this is? Holo-bridges, endless ravines..." McGran asked.
"Who knows?" replied Tiberyon. "Maybe it's some kind of evil temple or something. Those spirits are gonna getcha, Sara!"
"Lock it down, both of you!" Kydno interjected. "Focus on the mission. Right, sir?"
"Right, Kydno. However, I'm also a little curious as to what this place could be," Gavenson mused.
"I think that's our answer ahead, Captain," Ilanii stated, pointing at a central structure.
"What the hell...?" Tiberyon breathed. Even he was impressed, struck beyond words.

It seemed to be the end of the chamber, with an ancient space-faring construct hanging in the middle. Below it was some kind of computer. "Sir, I'm getting some weird readings off of this thing," Yamashi stated. "Whatever it is, it still has power. And it's off the scale."
"Does it match the readings from the surface teams?" Ilanii asked.
"Yes, ma'am. Identical. Only this time, they're much stronger. And they seem to be linked to whatever that is below the construct. It's as if it's controlling the construct," Yamashi replied.
"Well, then," Ilanii said. "Shall we take a few more bold steps?" Gavenson nodded, and the group began making their way across the holographic bridge.

The group makes its way to the source of the readings.
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Ilanii took point in front of the group. As she did, Matt extended his hand to her shoulder, and in a gentle voice said, “Shall I go in fro-” he was cut off by Ilanii smacking his hand off her shoulder. “No, I am an Administratii captain, not a simple major! I think I’m perfectly capable of handling myself, like the time me and my team were ready to blow your brains out in Aldard, wouldn’t you agree? Do your job, and let me do mine.” When she finished, she was still furious. He stepped forward to say something, but she shoved him away and continued towards the artifact. Gavenson noticed that his mouth was open, and quickly regained his composure. “What was that about captain?” Tiberyon asked over a closed chanel. It was obvious that it was a joke, and Gavenson didn’t reply, and walked a behind Ilanii, leaving enough distance so that she wouldn’t rip his head off.

“Captain Ilanii is heading forward, distance to object is 28 meters and closing.” one of the Administratii operatives, a sniper, said, looking at a small screen. Hundreds of meters ahead, a small drone was following Ilanii and Kavaurans, keeping close watch while three Administratii operatives stalked the group from a closer distance. “Ha, look at that, Ili just shrugged off their leader... give me a sec to upload the footage to BatNet... there, you guys will love this!” There was a pause as the soldiers opened the file, followed by giggling and laughing over the closed network. “That is hillarious, keep us posted, man!” one of the operatives said. “You know I will, Jåddar...” the sniper resonded. “Ili is at the objective...”


Ilanii reached out and waved her hand over what she assumed was the control pannel, and lights flickered, and came to life. Ilanii whistled. “I’m going to lift my visor for a better view.” she announced, pushing a button on the back of her helmet, and with a hiss, the front of her helmet lifted up, showing her face. “Tell your techy to come up here. And the fat guy.” she told Gavenson wit ha smile. Gavenson motioned the two marines to go forward and look at the machine. “Am I really fat?” Tiberyon asked in a rhetorical manner. Ilanii stepped back and let the two look over the device, and moved over to Gavenson, crossing her arms. “I’m not a child, I don’t need to be protected. You’re a soldier, and thats your job, I understand. But so am I. I know how you feel Gavenson, I really do. I know how it feels to loose your team...” Before Ilanii could say more, she heard footsteps, and looked behind her. “Why is your team behind those rocks, misses Ilanson?” a female voice from behind said. Ilanii immediately recognized the voice and spun around, saluting. “At ease soldier. Why are with these... marines?” she asked again. The famale wore a dark grey dress uniform, with a set of golden stars on it. Her greying hair was tied back in a neat ball, and her pale blue eyes pierced every one of the soldiers there. “Commander, I felt the situation called for a more-” Ilanii was cut off this time. “A more what?” The commander asked. “A team that would be more adapable, m’am.” There was a pause which seemd to fill the cavern in an erie silence for ages. “I see. Get back to your team topside. I’m sure the marines can handle transporting the object.” She then turned to Gavenson. “Try not to break it. I’m sure that whatever it is is quite important.” she said before walking off.

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"Damn spooks..." Tiberyon muttered.
"Zip it, Lieutenant!" Kydno barked. "They are superior officers! Show some respect!"
"Yeah, but they treat us like shit, Julius. How can we respect them?" Yamashi responded, looking for some sort of handhold on the Device.
"Well, at least they're competent soldiers. Those guys definitely live up to their reputation..." McGran muttered.
"Yeah, but it's just because of their shiny armor and toys!" Tiberyon growled.
"Enough!" Gavenson called out. "They are some of the best soldiers in the Coalition. While they may lack our adaptability, they are all specialized for their roles. I personally fought with them in Aldard. However, we Marines are more adaptable. We are perfect for going into the unknown. And believe me when I say this: the only reason we were even called in is because Ilanii-" he cut himself off, realizing he had said too much.

The squad all looked at Gavenson. "So... 'Ilanii,' huh?" Yamashi asked.
"A little informal, isn't that, sir?" Kydno queried.
"So, sir... That our mystery gir-?" Tiberyon was cut off as Gavenson angrily grabbed hold of the Device and began sliding it forward by himself, the screech of metal drowning his voice out.

The other members of the squad grabbed hold of the Device, trying to move it forward. "By the Fox, this thing weighs a ton!" Tiberyon grunted, doing his best to push it. After what felt like forever, the team of Marines finally reached the turbolift. Gavenson's arms and legs felt like they were on fire. He looked back, expecting to see a jagged track where the metal screeched along the surface. But there was none. This metal was something far beyond anything humanity had ever seen, that much was certain.

"Fuck... Somebody... hit the button..." Tiberyon gasped.
"Hey... Hey, Jayrus... Was that Adminsitratii lady right... about your weight...? Ha... haha..." Yamashi teased.
"Sh...shut up... Haruka..." Tiberyon growled.

Kydno activated the switch, and the elevator began ascending. Gavenson activated his radio. "CMCS Vulpes, this is Captain Gavenson of Foxtrot Squad. Requesting vehicle drop. We have a large package we have to transport to the monorail station, and we'd appreciate a truck or something to carry it."
"Roger that, Foxtrot. Echo-382 is en route," a voice responded.
"Confirmed. Thank you, Vulpes Command."


The Marines loading the Device onto the truck
The elevator finally reached the top, coming to a halt. The doors opened, a truck waiting outside. It's hydraulics lowered the bed. "Alright, Marines, just a little further!" Gavenson called out. "Move it! Syd, Yelena! Give us a hand, would you?"
"Da, right way sir!" Federova responded, running over.
"What the hell is that thing, Cappie?" Dunn asked, her voice skeptical.
"No idea. It isn't for us to question, anyway. Just load it up. We gotta take it to the monorail," Gavenson responded. The group of Marines hauled the device up the ramp and onto the truck. "OK, we got it!" TIberyon called out. "Somebody hit the hydraulics! Let's get this thing moving, already!"

Kydno stepped into the cab and activated the switch. With a grinding hiss, the gears began shifting and turning, moving the Device upwards slowly. The bed of the truck angrily began to whine, the rising slowly moving upward, much slower than it should. "Uh... sir?" Kydno called out from the cab of the truck. "I'm getting emergency readings all across the board! I don't think the bed can take much more of this!"
"What the hell...?" Gavenson muttered. "It isn't THAT big... What is this thing made of, anyway...? How dense could it possibly be?"
"Sir, I did some scans. The metal that composes this... thing... definitely is NOT something we've discovered. It matches no known element, nor any synthesized compounds," Haruka stated, evidently hearing Gavenson muttering.
"Sir, it's about to break!" Kydno called out. "I don't know if it can hold!"
"C'mon, hold together..." Gavenson breathed.
"Jeez, Jayrus! This thing weighs more than you do!" Yamashi called out.
"Haruka, I swear to the Wolf I'll-" Tiberyon was cut off as the Device ground to a halt, the hydraulics locking up as they finished their ascent.

"Thank the Fox..." McGran muttered.
"So, shall we continue?" Dunn asked.
"Mount up, Marines!" Gavenson called out. The troops loaded up on to the truck, and Kydno started the engine. The truck lurched forward, bound for the monorail station, the sun beginning to set.
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Ilanii, followed by her team, escorted their commanding officer to the monorail station. Noone said a word as they entered the monorail car and sat down. The whole team could see that Mette-Mari was dissapointed in Ilanii for chosing Kauvarans over the Administratii. "Why?" she finally asked Ilanii. "You know very well that we have trained you to be superior in every way." Ilanii said nothing, staring down into her lap. She didn't have to. Mette-Mari already knew the answer from reading Ilanii's service profile. "I'll let you out in the Med habitat. Report to the Tera in three days. We believe that what you recovered... nevermind, I'll explain to you on the Tera. Have a nice weekend." Mette-Mari said, getting up from her chair. Ilanii shot up and saluted as she left the car, accompanied by two honor guards. After she had left, Ilanii sat down again, staring silently out of the window. The grey rocky plains were almost flat, and it comforted her in some strange way. As the train entered a tunnel, she could feel it descend into the rock. When it popped out of the other side, It was inside the Med habitat.

Medi habitat

The Mediterrainian habitat, or simply "the Med", was a breath taking habitat mainly used for living spaces, and was essentially a giant ring around the original Luna settlement. To Ilanii, it was home. She owned a two-story apartment in the Skäliänen district, a short walk from rail line nr 29, which brought her to the central "Bårrents" habitat, a giant recreational biosphere with a tropical climate. Visiting the Bårrents habitat was Ilanii's favorite recreational activities, and she often went swimming in it's central lake. At night, there were hundreds of restaurants to choose from, each with fresh foods grown on Luna, with all kinds of food from the different cuntries on Earth. Thre were also dozens of clubs, pool halls, pubs and other places to spend the evening, including 4 3-D movie halls, which played movies all night long. It seemed like paradise...

Ilanii got off the train, and waived to Mette-Mari as the monorail pulled away and sped into the tunnel. Ilanii let out a sigh, and went to the chaniging rooms to get out of her armor, and back into civilian clothes. When she emerged, she wore an elegant green summer dress and sandals.The only thing that didn't fit with the outfit was the black duffel bag. The temurature in the Med habitat was kept around a pleasant 25C during the day time, and around 15 during the night. Her team came out as well, laughing and joking around, all carrying their black duffel bags containing their armor and weapons. "Hey, we're going to Bårrents, you coming with?" asked Jaddar, the sniper. "No, I'll stay here for awhile." the team understood, and left, laughing and joking amongst one another. Ilanii waited for 15 minutes for the next extra-Luna train to arrive...

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The truck pulled up the monorail station just as it began to pull away.
"Dammit!" Kydno cursed. "We missed the train..."
"Heh, don't worry about that one, Julius," Federova responded. "Full of prizraki!"
The squad laughed. "Yeah, no place for us Marines!" Dunn called out.
"I hear that..." Yamashi muttered as she scanned The Device.
"Hey, Haruka. Give it a rest, will you? You've been prodding that thing ever since we loaded it up on to the truck," Tiberyon said.
"That's the thing, Jayrus. There's something... odd happening with this thing," she replied.
"Odd how, exactly?" Gavenson asked. "Odd as in dangerous?"
"I can't say for sure, sir. It's just being steadily increasing in output as time goes on," she stated. A train began pulling into the station. It was a sleek white craft, almost seeming to hover along the monorail as it silently slowed to a halt.


"Well, then we'd better deliver this thing, and fast. Load it up, Marines!" Gavenson called out.
Tiberyon groaned. "Fuck, we gotta haul this thing again...?"
"C'mon, big guy. Just a few more meters," Yamashi teased. Kydno backed the truck up to one of the cargo cars and the Marines pushed The Device inside, the metal screeching. The floor of the cargo car was cut up and scratched badly by The Device, but The Device itself bore no scars. "What is this thing...?" Gavenson thought to himself. "Ilanii... What did you find...?"
"Alright, it's in! Time to ride in the lap of luxury. I've heard these things are almost luxury liners!" Dunn called out.
"Yeah, too bad we're Marines, huh?" McGran said. "We get to ride with this thing!"
Dunn groaned. She was hoping to ride in the actual passenger cars themselves. It was at that moment that she began to miss a certain CDSPian very much. "Max... One day, we're gonna ride this thing together... We're gonna see the stars together..." she thought to herself.
"Hey, Syd! You coming?" Gavenson called out.
"Yeah, sorry Cappie! On my way!" Dunn replied, knocked out of her revery. She stepped up onto the train, sealing the door behind her.


Train-8492 departing from Luna Sector 35
The ride itself almost felt weightless as the monorail streaked across the lunar landscape. Although they could not see much from the cargo car, the Marines could still make out glimpses of the pristine landscape. The only sounds permeating the car were the steady clack of the rail sections, Yamashi's scanner going over The Device, and a few whispers as Marines talked back and forth.

"Hey, Sydney... Vy pechal'ny. What's wrong? Missing that certain somebody back on Earth?" Federova whispered to her fellow squadmate. "I overheard you making a transmission to somebody before you shipped out. 'Mark?' 'Mike?'"
"Max..." Dunn whispered. "Max J. Shore... He's a... Yeah... He's somebody special, Yelena..."
"What's the story between you two?" Federova asked.
"A story for another time," she replied, her voice tinged with sadness. Federova could take a hint. She put her arm around Dunn's shoulder, and didn't say another word.

Kydno watched the two Marines comfort each other as he sat against the wall of the car. He was pensively looking at a pair of dogtags in his hands.

McGran noticed the look on his face and sat down next to him. "Hey, everything OK, chief?"
"Sarah? Yeah. I'm alright," he replied. He was lying. McGran could tell.
"Thinking about Rick again?" she asked. "I know losing him was hard. Hell, the poor kid died in my arms. But remember what he died for. He saved us, Julius. He saved the world."
"I know... You're right. It's just... He would've loved to see this, you know? He was always reading those science fiction novels. This was his dream. It's too bad he didn't live to see it..." Kydno replied, his eyes welling up.
"He is seeing it, Julius... He's up there right now, in the Fox's Embrace, looking down on us. He's watching us as we plunge headfirst into the unknown. And you know what? I bet you he's smiling right now. Not because he gets to see us, his friends, be on the forefront of humanity, but because his badass commander is crying!" she teased.
"Heh... Dammit, Sarah. You're right. You hear that, Letkov? You ain't getting to see this again! Keep watching, boy, because we're just getting started!" Kydno said aloud. The squad looked at him. He and McGran laughed as Kydno pocketed Letkov's dogtags.

Gavenson looked away from the two soldiers. It was good to see Kydno laughing. He had become so serious ever since the Kommandorian Anomaly when he lost one of his soldiers. "Loss..." he thought to himself. He remembered back to Aldard, where he lost his best friend and mentor, Marcus Kazden, as well as a multitude of his other friends. He was one of the 1% of the Kauvaran-Prizyetsi soldiers to survive the conflict. But there was another who survived. One he owed his life to. He pulled out the picture of Ilanii again. He almost lost her in Aldard, and then again on Rennesoy. He didn't want that to ever happen again. When they were down in the cavern, he did what he thought was best. He sighed. Ilanii could take care of herself. He knew that. But sometimes... he just felt compelled to protect her. He didn't know why. But all he wanted to do was be there for her. Keep her safe. He wondered if she felt the same way. The steady beeping of Yamashi's scanner kept steady metronome with Gavenson's thoughts...

"So, is that constant scanning finding anything, Haruka?" Tiberyon asked, standing up and walking beside her. "What are looking for exactly, anyway?"
"Anything," Yamashi replied. "Anything... terrestrial. Anything human. Anything bloody comprehensible! But nothing! Kuso!" she yelled, kicking The Device. It began to hum with power.
"Uh... Haruka? What did you just-?" Tiberyon was cut off.
"I have no idea! Uh, squad?!?" Haruka said, panic tinging her voice. The Marines were already on their feet. The Device was beginning to shake as it hummed louder.
"What the hell happened?" Gavenson called out over the hum.
"I have no idea! I was doing a deep-scan, applied some scientific physical kinetic force-" Tiberyon gave Haruka a look as she said that "-and it just started freaking out! Sumimasen!"
"What do we-?" McGran was silenced as the thrumming suddenly stopped, great beams of light erupting from The Device as it suddenly became a holographic projector. Stars and planets were projecting around the car in some sort of map. Writing appeared in some strange script next to them. It was badly damaged. "What the hell...?" Gavenson muttered.

The Device erupts, displaying a map of some sort


"Oh shi-!" Gavenson was cut off as the doors opened. There stood Ilanii.

"Uh... Hi, Captain..."
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Ilanii stared at the marines, who stood in front of the device trying to hide what they had done. "K'yavari nä setti dod nä..." she muttred to herself as she stepped forward, her bag still on her the shoulder. "The Kauvarans are dead now..." She put her hand on Matt's shoulder and gently pushed him out of the way to get a better look. The holographic image of the heavens was projected all over the walls of the car and the rail station. She looked around in amazement untill something caught her eye. "This is us." she said, pointing at one of the hundreds of dots. When her finger met the tiny point, the light expanded to show the system in detail. "Its some kind of map..." she thought out loud. A pluck of her strawberry blonde hair fell into her face, and with an elegant movement, she swiped it out of her face. She turned to Gavenson. "I have to tell Mette-Mari." Gavenson nodded. He understood the chain of command, and knew that the Administratii were even more serious about following it than anyone. Ilanii reached into her bag and pulled out a communication device. She tapped the screen and dialed a number, then raised the communicater to her ear. For a moment she was silent before telling the while story to Mette-Mari. Minutes later, a group of soldiers in black uniforms arrived in the station, and took the device away. Befroe their leader left, he took Ilanii aside for a moment and said something to her which infuriated her. Gavenson, who had been watching the whole ordeal, had never seen Ilanii this angry before, not even in Aldard when she had killed a Kommandorian soldier with her bare hands after he killed Låni, her childhood friend. The squad leader saluted to Ilanii and quickly walked off. Ilanii walked back the group, who were now standing by a support pillar, and aproached Gavenson. "Consider you and your squad lucky. The Administratii wanted to lock your ass up for messing with the device without the orders- or even the clearence. This is Luna, not Mars. Anything found here is under the juristiction of the Prizyetsa Luna Colonial Authority, not the Coalition." she turned to Haruka. "You're a nice girl, but you need to learn to keed your damn hands to yourself." Ilanii then turned to Gavenson, gave him a paper with her adress and left the station.

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Postby Kauvara » Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:29 pm

19:46 HOURS

"Captain, I..." Yamashi began.
"It's OK, Haruka. You only did what you thought was right. I'll take the blame for this one, not you," Gavenson replied, walking off.
"Sir, where are you going? We need to rendezvous with Echo-382. She's coming in to pick us up and take us back to the Vulpes," Kydno interjected.
"Captain Ilanson has to give me a debriefing about what happened," Gavenson replied, tossing his rifle to McGran.
"Uh huh, I'll bet she does! Srazu poluchitʹ yee, sir!" Federova called out. The squad laughed.
"Hai, go get her, Taii!" Yamashi yelled after him as he quickly walked away. He quickly moved towards another tram, and stepped inside. The rest of the squad made their way to one of the landing pads, where Echo-382 descended and extracted them.

"Next stop, Alt Kirkegata, Building 290," a voice said. "Arrival estimation time: 4 minutes." Gavenson sat back, his armor weighing him down slightly. Other passengers were giving him looks. He felt out of place here. He had been in war for so long, he felt like he didn't belong amongst civilians anymore. "Well, certainly not here, anyway..." he thought to himself. "Arrival. Alt Kirkegata, Building 290. Please stand clear of the doors." Gavenson stood up, his armored boots leaving heavy footfalls on the floor of the train. A child was looking up at him with wide eyes. His mother quickly ushered him away, but he kept his eyes glued to Gavenson until he went out of sight. Gavenson laughed, then stepped out of the train, approaching the Hab Building.

Building 290 as night falls, the artificial sky darkening
He entered the building, making his way up. The building was immaculate. The hallways were a sterile white, much more than Gavenson was accustomed to. Less than 24 hours ago, he was ushering civilians into an Eagle-class dropship in Danik, hoping to get his fellow Kauvarans off-world before the beasts overtook the city. He was dead-tired. He had every right to be. But something was compelling him forward, compelling him to find Ilanii, to see her again. "Room E... Room E..." he muttered to himself. He finally found it. He pressed a button on the side of his helmet. The monocular computerized overlay switched off, its projector retracting into the helmet, along with the ballistic eyewear. He unwrapped his facemask, pocketing it. His dirty blond hair was slightly disheveled, his usually-stark brown eyes slightly dulled, even his chin beginning to have slight signs of a 5-o'clock shadow (a rarity for the young, clean-shaven captain), stark reminders of how crazy the past 24 hours had been, and how the insanity had taken its toll on his body. "From Danik to the moon, Ilanii..." He clipped his helmet to his hip, taking a deep breath. He hadn't spoken with Ilanii candidly like this since Rennesoy. In all honestly, he had no idea how she even felt. He knew he cared about her, but... how did she feel? His thoughts were running rampant. "She seemed upset when he tried to protect her earlier. Was she angry? Maybe she doesn't feel the same way. Why am I even here right now? I've no reason to be here. No logical one. But... something compelled me. I want to be here. I want to see her. Why? What is this? What are these feelings? She is way out of my league. She's a classy intelligence officer. I'm just a grunt in the Marines. This can't work. What am I doing here? What is this?" The door clicked. Gavenson froze. "How does she always know?" It opened, Ilanii standing before him.
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We're a PMT/FT nation of humans. That's right, just humans. Not psychic supermen, nor crazy cyborgs, nor massive mutants. Just normal human homo sapiens trying to make our way in this insane galaxy full of wonders, horrors, and everything in between.

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Ilanii was now wearing a pair of flannel sweatpants and a baggy shirt. Her strawberry blonde hair was worn up in a ponytail, and she held a spoon in her free hand. "I thought that was you I heard." she said as she turned and walked into the apartment. "Don't forget to take off those boots. And your armor can stay by the door too." she called out from beyond the corridor. Gavenson followed her in, and was amazed at the size of the place. The entry hall lead into a large open room which contained the open kitchen with a view over the "West" Med habitat's parklands, with more apartments on the other side. The open living room opened up to a balcony, from which the view was even better. Ilanii's furniture was both elegant and minimalistic, a perfect mix of both worlds to create the perfect atmosphere in the room. In the middle of the room was a white couch set, with a glass coffee-table in the middle. The table was crowned with a glass vase containing fresh white flowers. Gavenson had never seen Ilanii from this perspective before.

Ilanii's living room

Ilanii grabbed a bowl of rice covered in what smelled like red curry, and sat over on the couch, her bare feet not making a single sound. She took a small sponfull, blew on it cool it down and took a carefull bite. After chewing ans aproving, she looked over at Gavenson. "There's more on the counter, help yourself if you like. And please, take a seat. I'm off duty." Gavenson let himself slack a bit, and turned over to the kitchen, where he found two pots, one with rice and one with the curry, which made his mouth water. Gavenson hadn't had proper food since he was posted on Mars. With a full bowl of Ilanii's food, he walked over and sat on the couch next to her's, and started eating. "This is amazing..." he said between bites. "I havn't had food other than rations in a long time." he added, after another bite. Ilanii smiled, and watched Gavenson shovel away the curry. "So, hows life Matt?" she finally asked when Gavenson had finished his food. Gavenson leaned forward and put the bowl down on the table and sat back, sighing. "Busy I suppose. Yourself?" Ilanii looked away. "I've been... alright I guess. Busy as well." Gavneson understood. "I see." he sighed. "Anything I can do?" he asked, trying to comfort her. "No Matt, it's alright." She smiled.

All of a suddem the doorbell rang, and Ilanii got up to answer it.

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Postby Kauvara » Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:34 pm

21:12 HOURS

One of the LCA peacekeepers
Ilanii opened the door. Before her stood three Administratii Operatives, bearing Luna Colonial Authority colors. Two were in full armor. The third, the leader, was wearing a LCA field uniform. "Officers," Ilanii began. "Is there something I can assist you with?"
"My name is Detective-Lieutenant Ewout Haswell, of the Lunar Colonial Authority, Mediterranean Division. Stand aside, Miss Ilanson," the man in the dress uniform stated.
"I certainly will not do so unless you give me a reason to within my rights," Ilanii replied, steadfast.
"Miss Ilanson, please, do not make this difficult. We know you are harboring the fugitive," Haswell stated, annoyance permeating his voice.
"The fugi-?" she was cut off, Gavenson walking up behind her in his grey fatigue underarmor.
"I believe they mean me, Captain Ilanson. My apologies, Detective. The captain wanted to give me a more thorough debrief," he sated matter-of-factly.
"Uh huh... No matter. Captain Matthias N. Gavenson of the 13th Infantry, Coalition Marine Corps, you are hereby under arrest for the following charges," Haswell began, pulling out a folder. "One count misdemeanor for improper actions while on-duty by being extremely informal with Captain Ilanson, one count interference with a superior officer when you held Captain Ilanson back from performing her duty, two counts interfering with strict Administratii affairs for replacing the team in Sector 35 and for interfering with The Device, one count misdemeanor for improper actions while off-duty in the form of going through a non-combat civilian residential Green Zone in full battle dress, and one count of desertion for failing to report back to your designated deployment zone of the CMCS Vulpes." He snapped the folder closed. "Have you anything to say before we detain you?"
"Nothing. I accept all charges, and will submit to the authority of the LCA," Gavenson replied.
"Very well," Haswell stated. "Officers? Take him into custody." The two armored soldiers walked in and took Gavenson by the arms. "It appears not all of you Marines are as stupid and foolhardy as I thought..." Haswell muttered. "Miss Ilanson, good day. Thank you for your cooperation."
"Hey, Il- Captain! Could you please send my gear up to the Vulpes for me? I would really appreciate it! Sorry if it's a little heavy! Ask for Echo-382! The pilot is a real sweet girl! Her name is..." Gavenson's voice trailed off as he was escorted from the room.
Ilanii sighed closing the door behind the group. She walked over to start packing up Gavenson's armor. It was covered with cuts from the talons of the creatures that Gavenson put himself in front of in order to protect civilians. "Matt, you idiot..." she thought to herself. She got on her communicator. "This is Captain Ilanii Ilanson. Requesting connection to the CMCS Vulpes," she said to the Administratii operator.
"Right away, ma'am," the voice replied. She waited for a few moments before her call was picked up.
"Captain Ilanson, my name is Colonel Randall Peterson, commanding officer of the 13th Infantry. Your friends have informed me what has happened, and what is about to happen..." a male voice responded. It was old, gravelly, its owner clearly being a fan of smoking and drinking. As she picked up Gavenson's armored vest, a photo fell out. She was conflicted. Should she open it? It was his. Maybe she should respect his privacy. But she was curious...
"Captain, are you there?" the Peterson asked.
"Yes, yes I am," Ilanii responded. "I need you to divert a transport. Specifically Echo-382. Captain Gavenson left his armor here after he was arrested."
"Lady, Echo-382 and the rest of her transport squadron, as well as several others..." He paused. "Hell, ALL of our transport squadrons... They'll be on-station over Luna in about an hour."
"Colonel...? What's happened?" Ilanii suddenly had a revelation. "Colonel... Who were the 'friends' of mine who contacted you...? What is going on...?"


"This is Echo-382 on approach! I have Foxtrot Squad, and they want to come home after being pushed around by a bunch spooks to the comforts of a Lunar-class, courtesy of the lowest bidder!" the pilot called out over the radio.
"Roger, Major *static*! You are cleared to land! Your vector is locked in, and Hangar B is ready to receive you! Careful, though. There's been a lot of movement in the hangars for some reason. Some spook just showed up, spoke with the Colonel, and now the whole place is going crazy!" the controller responded.
"Understood, Vulpes. I am on final approach. Stand by for my baby!" she called back.

The dropship descended, bound for Hangar B, nestled in Deck Four (Staging Deck). A M12 Puma Light Reconnaissance Vehicle sped away from its dropzone, joining the rest of the chaos as hundreds of Marines were moving everywhere, along with their gear and vehicles, ranging from small M12s to M808B Shola Main Battle Tanks to Eagle-class dropships in the massive Staging Deck via the several open subdecks. "Stand by, we're coming in on bay 2, subdeck 3! Hold on, Marines!" the pilot called out.
"Careful, milady! We've had quite enough fun for 24 hours! We're hoping to finally get some sleep without you bashing our heads in with your flying!" Tiberyon yelled up to the cockpit.
"Oh, shut it, big guy!" she called back, eliciting laughter from the rest of the squad. The joy was quickly cut, however, as the dropship lurched to a stop, reaching its destination. "What, did ya'll forget what I said? 'Hold on,' you groundpounders!" she laughed. The rear door went down, creating a ramp to the subdeck. The sounds of hundreds of bootsteps and voices assaulted them. A squad of soldiers ran past the open door, yelling something about a new deployment coming up. Down below, vehicles were moving around, the roar of their engines drowning out most noise, the smell of their exhaust filling the Deck. Even dropships and gunships were moving about in the massive staging deck. "Alright, people, move it! Pile out!" Kydno yelled. The squad rushed out of the dropship, their armored boots thudding along the metal.

Sydney Dunn in her CMCA-2 Medium Combat Armor, cradling her rifle as she stands up to file out of the dropship

The PA system on the ship was making constant announcements. "...eport to Deck Four for maintenance. Delta Squad, 3rd Company, report to Deck Two for habitation assignment. Kilo Squad, 17th Company, report to Deck Three for preparation. Foxtrot Squad, 1st Company, report to Deck One for reassignment. Alpha through Epsilon Squads, 9th Company, repo..."
"Hey, that's us! Did you hear it?" Federova called out over the din of the engines and hundreds of soldiers moving about.
"Yeah, yeah, we ain't deaf, Yelena," McGran yelled back.
"Cut it, McGran!" Kydno barked. "Move it! Get to the turbolift!"
"Damn..." Dunn muttered. "Lieutenant, permission to go to the Communications Center first? I have something I need to send."
"To who, Dunn?" Kydno replied.
"Uh... Nevermind, sir..." Dunn answered, shrinking back slightly.
"If you say so. In any case, the Corps ain't getting any younger! Now move it!" Kydno barked again. The squad began moving towards the turbolifts, piling inside. Federova gave Dunn a look. Dunn turned away, grateful that her mask hid her face.

"So what do you think they want from us now?" Yamashi asked. "We just got kicked around by obake for the past few hours."
"Who knows? I got a bad feeling about this..." Tiberyon mumbled. The lift came to a halt. "Deck One. Command Deck," a voice said. The door opened, and the squad filed out, heading for the briefing center.

Along the corridors, they passed several other squads. The soldiers murmured as they passed by, whispering to each other. Delta Squad, 1st Company passed by. Foxtrot and Delta were from the same Company, so Tiberyon called out to one of the soldiers. "Hey, Fenix! What gives? What's with all the hush-hush? Everybody here has been givin' us the cold shoulder!"
"Didn't you poor SOBs hear? Seems everybody knows but you. Ironic," he answered, laughing.
"What do you mean, Fenix?" Tiberyon said, his voice cautious.
Something happened with your squadleader back down on Luna..." Fenix answered. The whole squad halted.
"What do you mean?" Yamashi asked. "What happened to the Taii...?"
"I think the better question, Staff Sergeant Yamashi," Fenix responded slowly, "is what is about to happen to us..."

21:20 HOURS

Gavenson sat in a private car with Haswell and the two peacekeepers. "Hey, Detective. Would you believe me if I told you that your lack of generosity is actually the most generous anybody has been with me in the past 24 hours? Most comfortable I've been is the shaky back of an Eagle-class dropship," he said. "You should try an Administratii Pelikanii-class Stealth Transport. Far superior to your contraptions. Now be silent!" Haswell responded. Gavenson laughed to himself, and enjoyed the ride, as it entered a tunnel.

The tram as it enters into one of the tunnels

Finally, the train reached the stop. The LCA headquarters. "Stand, captain!" one of the peacekeepers called out, as he and his partner grabbed his arms. They stood him up, and brought him before the door. "The train has arrived at its destination. Please stand clear of the doors," a voice said. The doors slid open, revealing the sprawling headquarters. Administratii personnel were moving about quickly. "Walk, captain!" the peacekeeper called out.
"By the Fox, I though MY vocabulary was bad..." Gavenson muttered.
"Silence! Walk!" the peacekeeper repeated, shoving Gavenson forward.

The group stepped out of the train. Immediately before Gavenson was a statue of Alec Ilanson, with the following inscription:


"Alec... You were one hell of a soldier... Ilanii, she... She misses you... You would be so proud of her..." he whispered.
"Silence, scum! You have no right to address a hero such as Lieutenant Colonel Ilanson!" Haswell barked.
"Detective, I-" Gavenson caught himself. None of these people would know about what he did in Aldard. He was only a subcommander in the 54th Heavy Infantry back then. Most of his contributions were classified. "Just like Ilanii's... She's fragile, Alec... More fragile than she thinks... Her mind is like a message written inside a glass bottle... It's cracked, though... So am I... Faen, Alec... We're going into the unknown... We don't even know ourselves beyond our abilities to kill... I'll protect her, Alec, no matter where we go. By the Fox, so long as I'm alive, nothing is going to happen to her," he thought to himself.

Several Administratii personnel saluted Haswell as he strode forward. One of the sergeants walked up. "Sir, is this the fugitive?" the sergeant asked. He got right up in Gavenson's face. "I hope this... Marine didn't give you too much trouble..." he snarled. Gavenson bit his tongue.
"No, sergeant, the fugitive is well-secured. We have the situation under control. Thank you, sergeant," Haswell responded, rapping Gavenson's fatigues with his baton.
"Understood, sir. Just let us know if this one gives you any trouble," the sergeant said. "We'll take care of him." The group continued. As Gavenson passed the sergeant, he locked eyes with him. They would get along well... The peacekeeper pushed him forward, walking upstairs.

They passed a squad of off-duty Administratii soldiers stashing their gear. One of them jumped suddenly, his phone ringing. "Jaddar here. What's up, Captain? ... Uh huh ... What?!? ... Yes, ma'am, we'll be right there!" He hung up. "Hey! Our captain needs us! Something happened to a friend of hers, so we gotta..." his voice trailing off as Gavenson was walked away. "Jaddar..." he thought to himself. "Where do I know that name from...?" The group continued up to another floor, the third and final one. It was the administrative floor. They continued down the hallway to the final room. "The head of this place...? What the hel-?" he was cut off as Haswell opened the door. "Get inside, captain!" he barked. He closed the door behind Gavenson. "Please," a voice said. "Take a seat, Captain Gavenson. I have already spoken with your Colonel Peterson. You and I, however... We have much to discuss..."
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We're a PMT/FT nation of humans. That's right, just humans. Not psychic supermen, nor crazy cyborgs, nor massive mutants. Just normal human homo sapiens trying to make our way in this insane galaxy full of wonders, horrors, and everything in between.

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Administratii Headquarters, Baltisk Habitat, Luna

“Well Mr. Gavenson, have a seat.” the woman repeated. Gavenson said nothing and stepped forward, sliding the chair back so he could take a seat. As he sat, the woman took a sip from her tea glass, her eyes never leaving Gavenson. When he was seated, she leaned forward in her chair and crossed her arms on the dark wood desk. “I trust you know who I am, Mr. Gavenson?” she asked him. Gavenson looked at her, confused. “I’m afraid I don’t understand. I know you are an officer, but I have no clue who you are.” he replied. The woman sat back, letting out a sigh. “Rude as always.” she thought out loud. “My name is Mette-Mari Henneson, and I am the head of the Prizyetsi Administratii.” Gavenson sat up straight, but said nothing. “Now at the moment, you’re under our custody, Mr. Gavenson. As it stands, it doesn’t look like you’ll be getting out soon either.” Gavenson drooped his head. “I know.” he said. “This is why I have summoned you. I have a... proposition to make to you.” Mette-Mari finished. There was a brief pause. Gavenson sat up, trying to regain his composure. “What is this offer?” he asked. Mette-Mari grinned. “Seeing as you, or rather the 13th, have been a thorn in our side during your brief stay, we want to rid ourselves of you. As much as I’d enjoy imprisoning you, that wouldn’t go over too well with the council, so this is my offer. You become an expeditionary unit under Administratii command. I’ve contacted your superiors, and they leave the choice up to you.” Mette-Mari looked Gavenson over. “What will your decision be, Mr. Gavensn?” Mette-Mari said as she stood up, and left the room.

Med Habitat

Jaddar ran down the street, the rest of the squad close behind him. The closer to Ilanii’s apartment they got, the faster they ran. Ilanii met them at street level, her armor and weapon in her duffel bag which she wore over her shoulder. “Glad you could all make it. Mette-Mari called and told me what she is planning...”

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Postby Kauvara » Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:25 pm

22:01 HOURS

Gavenson sat, thinking. Option one: prison for him and half the 13th. The other half would get an even worse fate, the worst fate a Marine in his or her prime could get: deactivation. They'd be sent as reserve units, guarding Mars or scrubbing the decks on some transport. But option two... While Mette-Mari Henneson might've meant it as a punishment, going into the unknown was what Gavenson lived for. What the 13th lived for. What the Marine Corps lived for. It was no question. He activated his communicator. "Gavenson to Vulpes command, come in command," he said.
"Roger that, Captain, I hear you. This is Colonel Peterson. I trust you met with the head ghost?" a voice responded.
"Yes sir, I did. She said that the 13th has already been briefed," Gavenson answered.
"Indeed we have, Captain. You should see the ship right now; damn thing is swirling like a beehive," the colonel quipped. "So what is your answer?"
"Sir... We're going in. The 13th will be the forefront of humanity, sir!" Gavenson said, his voice sounding more excited than he meant.
"By the Fox, Captain Gavenson, calm down. You sound like a CDSPian with a new rifle!" the colonel teased.
"Uh, r-right! Sorry, sir! I will be back shortly! Request Echo-382, sir!" Gavenson said breathlessly. His excitement was getting the better of him.
"Of course. I'll route Major-" the colonel was cut off, the line cutting out.
"Sir? Sir? Ah, Wolf it... I'm going to see the stars!" Gavenson called out to nobody in particular. He quickly walked out the door, ready to move out, before almost running right into Henneson. "Director Henneson, ma'am! I-"
"You'll take the job. Excellent. Get back to your ship. Now. Your pilot is coming down now. Meet her outside at the landing pad," Henneson replied.
"Lieutenant, request permissi-"
"Permission denied, Captain. Get to the landing pad," Henneson interrupted, agitated.
"Yes, ma'am!" Gavenson said, quickly walking towards the landing pad. Henneson watched him leave. "Captain... I may not like you on a personal, or, faen, even a professional level, but... For the good of the Coalition... Good luck, Matthias..."

22:46 HOURS

Gavenson stood in his fatigues, waiting for the dropship to arrive. Two Administratii soldiers stood nearby, muttering to each other and looking at Gavenson. "Hey, you," one of them called out. "Marine."
"Yes, I am. What can this Marine do for you?" Gavenson replied.
"You're Gavenson, right?"
"Uh, yeah..." Gavenson began wishing Echo-382 would arrive faster.
"Wasn't it you who accidentally triggered that thing? On a train?" one of them asked, laughing.
"Y-yeah... That was me and my squad." Gavenson looked skyward, trying to find the dropship.
"Ah well. It looks like the Director let you out, in any case. Where are you off to now?"
Echo-382 lands on Pad 2b
"I-" Gavenson was cut off as Echo-382 descended, the sound of the engines drowning out his voice, the heat of the thrusters washing over the trio. "C'mon, captain!" came a friendly voice over the radio. "Don't just stand there like a Kauvaran swamprat! Hop on!"
"Sorry, but I gotta get moving! Director's orders!" Gavenson called back, mounting up into the troop bay.
"'Director's orders?' Since when did you take orders from her?" one of the soldiers called out.
"You'll find out soon! I'm sure she'll tell you! See you on the other side of the galaxy! Hit it, Major-" he was interrupted as the pilot hit the engines, her voice laughing as Gavenson was knocked sideways by the sudden uplift. "Dammit, Major! I was about to look so badass! Whatever, let's go!" The back door sealed, and the ship ascended towards the CMCS Vulpes.

23:07 HOURS

Echo-382 and Delta-907 on approach to the CMCS Vulpes

The dropship docked with one of the moorings, the ramp going down. "Thanks, Major. I'll see you soon!" Gavenson called out from the troop bay of the Eagle-class. "Hey, Captain!" she called out. "Uh... Don't expect life to be normal around here."
"Yeah, I already got that speech from the Colonel. Stuff is going down. Have you been briefed?"
"Oh yeah! We're goin' deep into the unknown! Lookin' forward to haulin' ya'll's foxy asses across the stars, Captain!"
"Uh, wha-?" Gavenson was slightly flustered at the "foxy" comment.
"Don't get excited, now, Gavenson! Your squad. Foxtrot Squad? Damn man, long day?" she laughed. "Now go on, get outta here! I'm sure your squad will want to see you! They're on Deck 2, the Habitation Deck! Room 84!"
"Thanks, Major-" his voice was overpowered by the sound of a squad running by, their armored boots pounding on the metal.
"No problem, Captain Gavenson! Now get movin'!"

Gavenson walked down the ramp. As he made his way to one of the lifts, everybody he passed just looked at him. He created a swath of silence as he moved forward. He was about to hit the button, when he stopped and turned around. Dozens of pairs of eyes were watching him. "Alright, alright. Yeah, I know what you're all thinking. 'This is a suicide mission,' right?" Nobody answered. The Marines looked at each other. "Well boys and girls, isn't this what we signed up for? We're gonna break mankind's barriers! Us! The Marines of the 13th Infantry! 'The Lucky 13's,' eh?" he called out again. The Marines laughed. "Now c'mon! You aren't gonna do anything impressive just standing around watching some ugly son of a Wolf wait for an elevator! Get to it, people!" he yelled.
"You heard the man!" a master sergeant called out. "Back to work, ye pioneers!" The Marines all laughed, and the noise resumed. The elevator finally arrived. Gavenson smiled, walking inside, pressing the button for Deck 2.

23:20 HOURS

Tiberyon gives Gavenson his signature skeptical look
"By the Fox, we're doing what?" Tiberyon muttered angrily. Gavenson had just finished explaining to his squad what had happened back down on Luna.
"Calm down, Jayrus," McGran called out.
"For once, I agree with the rest of the squad," Kydno admitted, half-smiling. "I feel a degree of predilection towards the coming months as well." McGran grinned at him. Kydno instantly lost his smile, turning away, trying to hide his happiness. McGran rolled her eyes contently.
"Yeah, you big lug! C'mon, it's the adventure of a lifetime! We're gonna see the unknown! Whole new worlds! We'll be at the forefront!" Dunn told him excitedly. "I can't wait to get going!"
"Get going. Yes. Uh, question. How?" Yamashi interjected, her voice slightly agitated.
"Wh-what do you mean, Haruka? The Vulpes will be our steed as we-!" Dunn was cut off by Yamashi.
"Yes. But how? The nearest extra-system planet is in Alpha Centauri. Travel time? 50,000 years," Yamashi stated. The entire squad went silent.
"Da, the zhenschina has a point, folks. Chyort, I've been wondering that myself," Federova stated after a long pause. The cold reality set in over Foxtrot squad. How were they going to go in...?

Gavenson walked over to his bunk as the rest of his squad talked amongst themselves. Spirits were low. Were they tricked? No, the Administratii were above petty stuff like that. They fought for the good of the Coalition, not themselves. He finally got to his bunk. On the bed was a box, listed from Captain Ilanii Ilanson. "Ah, that'll be the armor. Thanks, Ili," he thought to himself. He opened it, pulling out each piece. "She's a good girl..." He fastened on his shoulder pieces. "One far beyond me and my league..." He picked up his arm protectors, clipping them on. "What are these feelings I keep getting when I think about her...?" He grabbed his knee plates, attaching them to his boots and fastening them behind his legs. "Hell, I already miss her, and I only said goodbye a few hours ago..." He clasped together his utility belt. "I can't help it..." He checked his helmet, pressing the button on the side, ensuring everything was in order. "I just want to be with her..." He grabbed his chest plate, pulling it on to himself. "I want to be there for her..." He picked up his vest, attaching it to the chest plate. "By the Wolf, Matt, what is wrong with you...?" He reached into his vest pocket. "She's way out of your league..." He checked his other pocket. "You're a Marine, and she's intel..." He checked another pocket. "Where the hell is that picture?" Gavenson began to become stressed. The picture was an accidental one taken by his helmet feed during the mission in Trayban during the Aldardan War, when the two of them met. He had kept it ever since. He began searching all his pockets. Nothing. "Oh, no... Where is i-?"

Suddenly, the Vulpes lurched hard, accelerating forward with a massive burst, then coming to a hard stop. "Ow... What the fuck...?" Tiberyon grumbled. He had been thrown into a metal bunk structure, his back taking the brunt of it. Everybody else got up, no pain sustained. "Why is it always me...?" he continued, carefully straightening out. "C'mon, Jayrus, if it wasn't you taking all the hits, then I'd have to," Yamashi called out.
"Haruka, I'd gladly take a hit fo-" he stopped, realizing he'd said too much. The whole squad was looking at him, smiling. Yamashi was oblivious.
"What do you mean, Jay-?" she was interrupted as the automated PA system burst to life.

"Beta Squad, 16th Company, report to Deck 4 for damage control." Normally, this would not have been felt by the passengers. "Zulu Squad, 3rd Company, report to Deck 2 for damage control." Artificial gravity was able to compensate for most maneuvers. "Wilco Squad, 12th Company, report to Deck 1 for medical control." But this was no ordinary maneuver. "Indigo Squad, 20th Company, report to Deck 5 for damage control." It was as if the ship just had something coupled to it. "Velo Squad, 8th Company, report to Deck 5 for medical control." Something with immense power...

The PA system suddenly cut out, then came back on, the voice of Colonel Peterson sounding throughout the ship. "Attention all hands. Attention all hands. Marines, sailors, and personnel of the Vulpes, this is Colonel Peterson. I have an announcement to make. I'm sure many of you have questions. 'Where are we going?' 'Why are we on Alert?' 'Why are spooks coming in and out constantly?' 'What aren't you telling us, sir?' 'What's going on?'" He paused. "'What the hell just hit us?' Well, it's time you heard everything..."

22:24 HOURS

EVA engineers from Luna remove a refined version of the Device from a CMC Eagle-class transport, mounting it on the Vulpes

A team of engineers in EVA suits from Luna were knocked back slightly by the pulse released from the Device as it melded with the engines of the Vulpes.
"Come in, Luna, this is Henriksen," the engineer said into his radio.
"Confirmed, Luna here. Has the Elstadt-Sasaki Drive been mounted?" a voice from Luna replied.
"Roger that, command. It merged successfully. It is now within the Vulpes. We encountered a major burst of energy when it met the engine block of the Kauvarans, but it was nothing that was unanticipated by Dr. Elstadt and Dr. Sasaki. We're alright," Henriksen stated.
"Excellent work, team. A shuttle is coming to pick you up and bring you back down groundside. Come on back!" the voice on the radio responded.
"Understood. We await the rendezvous. We'll get clear of the engines on the Vulpes, and meet the shuttle 1 kilometer away on a lateral vector. Henriksen, out."
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We're a PMT/FT nation of humans. That's right, just humans. Not psychic supermen, nor crazy cyborgs, nor massive mutants. Just normal human homo sapiens trying to make our way in this insane galaxy full of wonders, horrors, and everything in between.

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Postby Prizyetsa » Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:32 pm

The Jadarson Pub, Luna Orbital, Luna

Ilanii sat on the observation deck of Luna’s orbital station gazing out into the black abbiss at the ships which came and went about their business. Over Luna’s horizon was Earth, like a corrupt blue pearl which gleamed in the night. Ilanii stared at it, pondering over her past. Aldard... Darksnow... Gavenson... What was she doing, thinking like that. Maybe it was age playing games with her thoughts and feelings.But maybe, just maybe, her thoughts were right. She should tell him how she felt, and soon...

PLCA Headquarters, Baltisk Habitat, Luna

Luna command room's conference hall

The PLCA headquarters was a bee hive of activity with scientists and administration workers scurryng about, preparing for the departure of the Vulpes. Deep within the facility, in the colony control room, workers and controllers all sat at their designated stations, each assigned an individual job. Hundreds of individual voices could be heard speaking in all the Coalition languages, as they managed the colony’s daily business from climate control to the operation of the space-elevator which rose like a diamond thread from the center of the colony, hundreds of meters above them. Overlooking this great hall was a conference room which was the heart of operations for the whole colony and the “air-space” around it, which was even more chaotic with military officers and senior administrative workers running about. Sitting in one of the seven command chairs on the “bridge” was the lady in the dark grey uniform, Mette-Mari. She sat deep in her chair, her legs crossed with her hands neatly folded on top of them. She sat, silently watching over the hall, and listening in on the officer’s conversations, taking mental notes of everything they said. After many minutes of sitting silently, she stood up, pressed the folds out her uniform and walked off of the bridge. As she left, another young Administratii officer walked in, not even acknowledging Mette-Mari’s presence. “Arrogant children...” she thought to herself. “I remember the days you could be shot for something like that...” she thought, out loud this time. As she entered the main hall, the guards stood up straight and saluted. “Madam Kormo!” they said in unison. Mette-Mari raised her hand, signaling them to slacken as she walked further into the hall. As she passed the first few stations, she stopped every now and then to check the consoles, and make sure everyone was doing their job. Once satisfied, she returned to the control room and sat down again.

Luna command center main hall

Elsewhere in the “Citadel”, a man in a long dark grey labcoat walked through the sterile hallways towards to the control room. Locked in his teeth was a paper clip, which protruded through his lips. He often chewed on paperclips when he was lost in deep thought. In his coat pocket, he carried a platinum disc labeled “Anthra”, a newly developed AI to be carried on board one of the new navy ships being built; the Errina. Today was to be its first trial...

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Postby Kauvara » Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:40 pm

23:54 HOURS

The bridge of the Vulpes

"Well, it's time you heard everything..."

Colonel Peterson addresses the soldiers and crew of the Vulpes
Colonel Peterson continued speaking into the ship-wide communications. "The spooks have been driving you all crazy. Hell, that Kormo lady was about to get decked by yours truly. But, ladies and gentlemen, as always there was a method to the madness of the Administratii. A plan that they have had in motion since the very beginning. Calm down, conspiracy theorists, because it is not sinister. At least, not too sinister. We are about to become the forefront of humanity. That burst you just felt was the Elstadt-Sasaki Drive, the first of it's kind. It was designed from the Device uncovered less than 24 hours ago. Doctors Wilhelm Elstadt of Prizyetsa and Doctor Shun Sasaki of of Kauvara. From what I'm told, it was a remarkable self-construction. Damn thing seemed to mold to exactly what we needed as soon as the good doctors unlocked it. I have no idea what that could mean. But you know what the best part is, Marines? We are going to find out. We are going into the deepest blackness of space to find out just what the hell we uncovered. Who built it? Why did they build it? How is it possible that we can use it so easily? Why was it on Luna? Why is it so powerful? What further applications does it have? And, most importantly, is there more out there? This is why we are going to the Epsilon-Eridani System.

A Marine listens to the broadcast in on Deck 2: Habitation Deck
Yes, that far out. The journey will take us six months. However, this new drive has ushered us into a new age. Octovian colony ships will soon have similar ones, ones that are even more effective than this one. The Coalition will spread across the stars, ladies and gentlemen. So what role do we play in this? Why is the Vulpes being sent to the Epsilon-Eridani System? Surely we do not plan on colonizing it so quickly, right? Right. That is not what we are going there. According to the stellar map that the Device displayed, there is a planet in the Epsilon-Eridani System that once belonged to whoever the hell built the Device. We are going in to secure it for the Coalition. We will then be followed by the ACNS Löytyö will then follow us once we confirm the jump area is clean of any debris. We gotta make sure it gets a clean jump. Those pretty little Navy ships can't take a few hits, ladies and gentlemen! And even if they can, why send in the prim and proper Administratii first? We are the Marine Corps. The Shield of the Coalition. This is what we live for. Being the first to go into the unknown. It is what we do. We go in, get in there, and do what has to be done with a rifle in our hands, mud on our boots, and a smile on our lips. That is our duty. That is what we signed up for. Hell, I'm jealous of you Marines. I have to sit in the ship and coordinate you ground pounders! You boys and girls get to be the ones to make the great, bold leaps for mankind. I'll be cooped up in this tin can! So get out there, Marines! Let's move out!"

Peterson closed the channel to the rest of the ship, turning to the bridge crew. "Navigator, set coordinates to 03h 32m 55.84496s by −09° 27′ 29.7312 degrees! All hands, brace for warp jump on my mark!" He looked to his watch. 23:57. 23:58. 23:59. "Mark!" The ship lurched, disappearing into subspace, bound for the Epsilon-Eredani System, 24 hours to the minute after it descended into the city of Danik to extract survivors. The Exodus had ended. The Second Age of the Coalition was at hand.

The Vulpes disappearing into subspace, as seen from the Administratii control center on Luna

We're a PMT/FT nation of humans. That's right, just humans. Not psychic supermen, nor crazy cyborgs, nor massive mutants. Just normal human homo sapiens trying to make our way in this insane galaxy full of wonders, horrors, and everything in between.

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